They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama,The Poster Child For The Progressive & C-SPAN

In listening to a C-SPAN analysis of the presidential "State of the Union" speech I saw a rare moment to connect to some irony based upon the comments of various callers who individually talked about the subject of "transparency" but few of them connected it all together.


The truth is so evident - The Progressive Sees Barack Obama As Their Poster Child.

The irony that I speak of is the difference in "chatter" that can be heard regarding Obama and C-SPAN in relation to the question of "Transparency".

This past week President Obama entered the lion's den.  He was invited to and accepted the invitation of House Republicans to their retreat in which they plotted strategy.  Obama agreed to come on one condition - that the exchange be broadcast upon "C-SPAN".  His handlers made the case that this would advance the concept of TRANSPARENCY that the administration has staked their claim upon. 
Let us all agree - Obama is a talented speaker.  Give the man a microphone, a camera and a teleprompter and he will deliver an impassioned message.  This is not the point that I have come to debate.

The key point of irony that I wish to advance is the arbitrary "victories" that some people take AS THEIR OWN.  Indeed - having one many, Obama, stand in a room full of Republicans (sorry - mostly White men) and artfully handle their questions for his advantage is another feather in his cap.  For those who were looking for the one on many debate to turn into a smack down - which it was not - the victory is that Obama came out holding his own.

The frustration that I have is that some of the people proclaiming "Obama Kicked Republican Booty" were not among those who said much when the promises to show the HEALTH CARE NEGOTIATIONS ON C-SPAN was pulled off of the table.

Most certainly there is a need for a QUALITATIVE appraisal between which of these two viewings is more germane to the "permanent interests" of the person at hand.  Indeed I may be missing the point: Barack Obama IS the "Permanent Interest" of some people.   They live their lives vicariously through is own fate as president.  Some have even noted the necessity to make sure that he is happy so that he can carry forth "our" efforts.   

Despite the fact that the Democratic Party had:
  • The Presidency
  • A Sound Majority In Tue US House Of Representatives
  • A Filibuster-Proof 60 Votes in the US Senate
the failure to pass their key legislation has been shifted off of the questions of LEADERSHIP by Barack Obama and his ability to marshal his Democratic Party forces toward a victory over to the claim of obstruction by the Republican minority who was at fault for derailing the progressive agenda items.

In keeping with tradition - the MINORITY always suffers from the framing of their guilt by those who have the power of majority and willing operatives within the press.

"Follow The Money's" Twin Brother Is "Observe Where The Drought Of Money Is"

"Follow The Money".

I can think of no other term upon which indictments of some entity or individual are built upon.  It is spoken from the perspective of the researcher seeking to show "daylight" upon incestuous behavior.  A spider's web of interlinked interests between operatives.  The money is the lubricant which greases the skids and allows some scheme to operate.  This quote appears to have come from the movie "All Of The President's Men", a book surrounding the Watergate Break-in that eventually sunk President Richard M. Nixon. 

Another term that has entered into our lexicon is "Show Me The Money".
This term is spoken from the perspective of the individual who stands to gain money from an individual who seeks to do an exchange.   "If you really value what I have..........prove it with the cash that you tender my way". 

In my effort to broaden our language where there is a sparsity of words to adequately model real world circumstances that need to be brought to light - I would like to introduce a new term to our lexicon:

"Observe Where The Drought Of Money Is"

This phrase is also spoken from the outside observer as well.  Unlike "Follow The Money" which seeks to indict individuals and entities - "Observe Where The Drought Of Money Is" is an indictment of the SYSTEM that exists in a certain domain OF FREE PEOPLE.

These free people being "equal people" are a wellspring of potential wealth.  Too often the aggregate forces that bear down upon them suppress their individual ability to operate in means that allow them to express their productivity.   In aggregate, the natural synergy that is extracted as two or more of these same people collaborate (CO-LABOR) is squandered.

Please be clear - in my calculus - there is no such thing as "Creating Poverty".  You can't "create cold".   Instead just as one "removes heat" to create an air conditioned containerized space - one can only keep the human being idle and/or asunder from his organized system for producing the energy known as productivity.  "Wealth" is merely a system of "generally accepted accounting principles" upon how this "wealth" will be measured.  It affords comparative studies across regions. 

I make reference to the necessary conjunction of "free people" because indeed the slave is productive.  He is not the recipient of his productive ends.   Those who the system allowed to "own him" received the proceeds.

Today's Observation

In today's world some people are inclined to make comparative note of the WEALTH OUTCOMES and thus center their advocacy upon the discrimination or violations of "social justice" that these imbalances provide evidence of.   As a result some of these same activists are pleased if the system merely takes abundant resources out of the system where it was produced and shift it to where there was scarcity.

The over all goal of this redistribution is the recognition that - inside of this containerized space - there exists a MINIMUM standard of living below which none of the protected members shall be allowed to fall.

The rather ironic point that is rarely discussed by those who are active in this way is that despite the fact that these masses of people having achieved their FREEDOM from serfdom, slavery, 'wage slavery', and lack of collective bargaining the places where the entity upon which most of their scorn is heaped has vacated ......... the POTENTIAL energy and productivity from the "free and equal" human being is not being tapped.

"Observe Where The Drought Of Money Is" attempts to understand this conundrum.  The question of "is the absolute freedom" that is advocated for really a benefit IF it is not tied to the realities of the real world?  

Clearly in the world of "Yin and Yang" of labor and economics - Slavery is the "Ying" because the laborer is "owned" and thus has no right or freedoms.   As I see it those who are "SYSTEMATICALLY Unemployed" are the "Yang".   They are NOT WANTED.   There is no "exploiter" of their labor to be found and thus their potential withers on the vine, waiting to be picked. 

The irony, as I see it, is that those who take the most active stand against the "CORPORATE - consumers of labor" have failed to erect a system by which those who are "SELLERS of labor" can market their goods in the market by which they receive an inflow of needed resources.

In the most perverse sense - some seek to retain their moral high ground with the knowledge that they have purged every risk and point of exploitation from the backs of the labor force.  In addition they have maximized the entire pay package that is received from this sale item.   The new language of "Observe Where The Drought Of Money Is" demands that we inspect this irony and apply corrective action with the goal of removing the abstract theories that have, in fact, hurt those that were intended to be helped.

This same is true with regard to banks and other financial services firms.   Surely the activist cannot be seeking to destroy the banks.   One only need to look where the world's "UNBANKED" people reside to also see poverty.   Yet despite the function that the banking system serves - they are targeted as the "evil" which as "CREATED POVERTY".   Actually while listening to a student who was smitten with the words heard during a lecture with Dr Cornel West - she said that "CAPITALISM CREATES POVERTY".  A concept that seems antithetical to me.

The only rational goal of the activist is to CONTROL, not destroy the banks and/or capitalism.  They seek to leverage the power of government by which (in their view) the PEOPLE'S VOICE will be used in the name of "democratic socialism" to reprioritize the efforts of the banks, transitioning to a more socially redemptive outcome.

All of this sounds good.  Unfortunately INTENTIONS are very different than OUTCOMES.

The unfortunate outcome is "Observe Where The Drought Of Money Is".   In its purest form "money" is the measure of economic value.   Whereas in the bartering system the glaring inefficiencies of having to bring to market a sufficient amount of one physical good in exchange for another people's physical goods that was desired by the seller proved unworkable.  Currency allows value to be transfered to a standard unit where one's confidence in this paper (or electronic bank balance) allows them to accept it as they relinquish their own property (or service).

My frustration with certain people of a certain ideology when it comes to the societal valuation of EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS is that they too often look toward the greater society and demand that THEY prove that these "people" are "equal people" by applying monetary value toward their uplift.

It is clear that the twin brother of this notion is that within this containerized environment within which they live - the "Observe Where The Drought Of Money Is" framework illustrates that the people, as bound to whatever system of beliefs and culture they are fused to, are NOT producing organic value by which they can receive VALUE as they exchange the resources that they posses in the marketplace.

The "struggle" is ONLY a matter of promoting the theory of "WHO MADE US THIS WAY".   The present struggle fails as we note the importance of having a state of INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY in this space.  The main mission is the assignment of historical liability and to make the efforts at redistribution more permanently fused within our society.

What is the result of this theory when the corporation by which our labor is arranged is gone but the government which purports to express equality through resource allocation remains?

ANSWER - Expanding government as it too "Follows the Money Creation" where ever it may go.

AJC: Poverty Moves Fast Into The Suburbs

AJC: Poverty moves fast 
to suburbs

Poverty is growing quicker across the Atlanta region than just about anywhere else in the country.

From Butts County in the south to Dawson up north, Walton in the east to Haralson out west, the number of poor people grew exponentially faster the past decade in the suburbs than in metro Atlanta itself.

In 2000, for example, 76 percent of the Atlanta region’s poor lived in the suburbs. In 2008, 85 percent did. Only five U.S. suburbs notched a greater rise in their percentage of poor people during that time period, according to a myth-busting report by a Washington think tank.

And all that happened before the recession tore a hole in metro Atlanta’s civic fabric, with layoffs and foreclosures sundering once-stable communities.

More than half a million people in Atlanta’s suburbs now live below the poverty line. Put another way, one of every eight suburbanites is poor.

Poverty, of course, isn’t new. Atlanta and its near-in suburbs‚ Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, DeKalb and Clayton‚ have dealt with the financial scourge for years.

What’s different, according to the study by the Brookings Institution, is the speed with which poverty has spread across the 28-county Atlanta metropolitan area. And it’s everywhere.

In Canton, 30 miles from downtown Atlanta, white-collar Joes compete with teenagers for jobs stacking shelves at the grocery store.

In Marietta, near the Square, a Hispanic preacher counts dozens of unemployed construction workers.

In Buford, hidden behind the antebellum mansions along Main Street, 25 boxes of donated bread are picked clean within the hour at the food pantry.

“It seems like there’s a new crowd here every time I come,” Marcus Miller, 32 and unemployed, said after filling a grocery bag Wednesday at the North Gwinnett Co-Op. “There’s diversity in these faces; they’re not any specific race. It doesn’t matter if you speak English or not. They’re all here. The elderly. The young. It doesn’t matter who you are.”

Poverty’s rush to the suburbs portends far-reaching social, political and economic consequences.

Yet, while the suburbs suffer, Atlanta stabilizes: its poverty rate remained the same between 2000 and 2008‚ compared to a 25 percent increase in suburban poverty, according to the Brookings report released earlier this month.

Time For Progressives To Put Their Theories Into Action: Attack George Soros' Green Plans w/ The IMF


The mission of BLAX News is to bring forth contrasting information with the goal of taunting Progressive-Fundamentalists to consider how their theories play in the real world.

There are a few key words that I need to list:

  • George Soros
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • Global Banks
  • Green Economy
  • Developing Nations
  • Economic Hit Man

 I was made aware of a situation that is unfolding right before our eyes by  Maria Bartiromo on CNBC's "Wall Street Journal Report".

Billionaire progressive financier George Soros fielded a plan to inject $100 billion in to the world's "Developing Economies" through the institutions of the IMF to fund "Green Economy" initiatives in these same nation.

This news is important because of the two conflicting forces in the story above (which were never at conflict in the first place - only overlooked by popular agreement).

First you have the forces of light: the "Green Economy" and George Soros.  Both of these are said to be driving to make the 21st century one full of progressive values and a greater portion of global economic equality and justice.  The theory is that since so many wars have been fought over "carbon based resources", the shift to renewable energy sources that are produced locally will have the double benefit of reducing "Global Warming" and will lift these nations due to the productivity gains that access to energy will bring for them.

Playing the role of "Dark Seth" in this tale is the "International Monetary Fund"  and its insidious history of appearing to apply "butter" upon the lands where the "guns"  have cleared a path through.   In effect they are seen as the "economic snare" by which poor nations are strung up by the toe.

All of the elements upon which the "conscious progressive" stands against are present in the mix.  Will they choose to take the "Green Movement" away from the global capitalists and keep it "green"?   Or will they continue to operate as ground forces while the well connected men like Soros, Al Gore and Maurice Strong of the United Nations?

Standing in the role of the VICTIM are the developing nations around the world.  Their cause appears to be the context by which this money will flow under the guise of "helping them" into the 21st century.

Please don't take my words as an indictment or as ME putting forth my own opinions.  You see - I spend more time reading leftwing, muckraking publicans and media than I do any rightwing news sources - despite me being right of center.   I actually like the spirited muckraking of a "Democracy Now".

Presented before you is a slurry of matter akin to the forming universe within which we live - according to the science documentaries that I watch.   The planetary world as we know it today was formed by the collisions of this matter as gravity and proximity fused them together.  From chaos came the order that we know it today - so they say.
    What part will the progressive have in protecting their 'green space' from those who refuse to pick up after their "capitalist dogs"?   OR is "capitalism" intractably behind the "Green Movement"?  The intent being to foment a different type of capitalism?

    Saturday, January 30, 2010

    Obama At The Republican Retreat - But Who's The Bigots?

    Hat "Stolen" From Jack And Jill Politics

    Here is a letter from someone named Craig Hickman who watched President Obama's interactions with the "White men" who populated the room as Republican legislative officials.

    From Craig Hickman:

    I just watched the replay on C-Span (minus the vacuous commentary by the propagandists – liberal and conservative alike) and I’m reminded of an admission a straight white male writer wrote in a review of one of my performances in the Boston Globe circa 1995: he didn’t know whether or not he wanted to fuck me or kill me.
    That’s exactly what I saw in all those white men in that room (and a few of the women). They are enamored of this man and it makes them weak. WEAK, I tell you.
    Weak. That’s why they keep trying to say HE’S weak.
    Projection of the highest order.
    All of them came across as punks. Straight up punks. And when Obama was finally done slapping them into place, they looked like they wanted to suck his dick.
    You see the way they look at him when it was all over? Eric Cantor may as well have turned around and bent over.
    That’s the white man’s burden, right there. Why you think they had to castrate us when they tied us up to the fucking trees?
    Because they’re insecure and weak as tissue paper, that’s why.
    I don’t give a shit what he calls himself, the white man has NO IDEA how to handle an intelligent, wise, and yes, ARTICULATE Black man who PUTS HIM IN HIS PLACE.
    Sorry for the explicit rant. Well. No I’m not. It needed to be said.
    That’s all.

    There is no need to guess what the tenor of the posts in response to the letter were. 

    (Excuse my French) The parallel for this letter would be a female standing in front of a group of men and someone observing "They all wanted to fuck her" and they know it.


    As much as some people "self-chum" themselves in their closed circle that they indeed are correct, mostly by seeing other standing with them and stimulating them on - they lack outside inspection of their own views which might set them straight.

    As the theory goes - the Conservative Party of the Republicans - the "White Man's Party" seeks to retain the system of economics in America that has the White man with most of the economic resources.   The Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalists have one goal - FAIR ALLOCATION OF RESOURCES AMONG ALL DESERVING AMERICANS.

    Everyone knows that the powerful centralized system will be the "decider" on who gets what.

    What we can't insure is that the productivity and prosperity that we have in our market system will be maintained.   One of the primary goals of this blog is to point out the areas in America where these theories have been implemented and the resulting erosion that has taken place.   Ironically despite them claiming to be in it "for the people" - it is the people who suffer the most once they wage an all out frontal assault upon capitalism.

    What should we make about the letter and the sentiment that is agreeable to this group?

    Ultimately the bottom line of the letter is Either you agree with President Obama or YOU are a contemptible fellow.  You have ulterior motives BECAUSE .....WE can't see any possible reason why a rational person would disagree with him.   Look at us.  We agree.

    Indeed these are some of the people who populate the "Diversity Movement".

    If you want to see intolerance - look at the FUNDAMENTALISTS on both ends of the spectrum.

    (Note - I, of course, will be accused of "Defending The White Man".  It is merely the modern version of being called "A Nigger Lover".  The goal is to enforce unified thought. )

    Friday, January 29, 2010

    The Black Community and Obama

    Which person within the Black community undermines the chances of us actually attaining or "Permanent Interests"?

    1. A person who is critical of President Obama and does not credit him for anything positive.  They actively taunt Obama on his failure to lead and get passed certain legislative initiatives that they themselves actually oppose.  They dismiss the benefit of the positive emotional based impact that he has had for Black Americans and others in the nation and around the world.  A positive outlook on the future is important for a people to turn their skepticism into hope
    2. A person who is defensive of President Obama and they actively work to defend his policies and focus upon the antics of the critics of the president and his policies.  They believe that Obama's policies have the best intentions.  Those who are unwilling to change America "for the better" and thus who stand in the way of Obama implementing his agenda is the reason for Obama's difficulties.  Thus, one year later they are still very supportive of President Obama, their frustrations are rooted in the intransigence of  America and its institutions.
     My answer to the question is rooted in the "trick question" that I received at a job interview during college.  I was asked "Is it better to come to work a half hour early and start working or to be a few minutes late?".  I said "early".  The old man said "Wrong!!  I want you here on time every day.   Accuracy is better than overshooting the runway or falling short of it".

    Thus the answer to the two scenarios above is that the Black Community is best served by a system of evaluation of Barack Obama and any other politician or leader in which they are ACCURATELY evaluated but DISPASSIONATELY evaluated with reference to an immutable reference.  If there was ever a time for the Black community to adopt the long heard chant "No Permanent Friends.  Only Permanent Interests" it is now.   Failing this the operatives inside of our community will leverage the "Soul Brother-ness" of Obama as COVER for advancing their own ideological and partisan interests.  All without challenge.  To challenge a "Brother man with power" is said to be disloyal.

    "You feel more comfortable with a WHITE MAN in power - Don't you?   You hate yourself and your race."

    The flaw in this group think tactic is that is ASSUMES that Barack Obama and the Democrats fully encapsulate "Black Consciousness" and what is best for our community.

    The only thing that one can say, without proof otherwise, is that Barack Obama , the Black Establishment and the Black voting block represent what is POPULAR or Popularly ASSUMED to be the "Best Interests of Black people".


    I have no aversion to yielding that the package of thoughts and images that is "Barack Obama" is attractive to most Black Americans AND that they are fully intelligent human beings who can justify their disposition with respect to their own system of rationalization.

    My only demand is that these same people be willing to put their system of rationalization up for SCRUTINY and open to TRANSPARENCY.

    The "bigoted White Southerner" is seen as the reference standard for intolerance by most Black people.  When a "60 Minutes" camera crew sticks a microphone in his face and asks this person to LOGICALLY explain himself we all are treated to one of two responses:

    1. A Hostile Response And Refusal To Be Interviewed - The person feels no compulsion to "explain himself" to anyone, especially those who are inclined to disagree.   "That's the way I think, take it or leave it, but you have to deal with it" is their viewpoint.   This allows them to wallow in their own bigotry and ignorance.  In doing so they retain their little piece of POWER that they believe they have.
    2. Agreement To Be Interviewed But An Irrational Set Of Thoughts Displayed - Bigots depend on the non-judgmental acceptance of fellow bigots to maintain their network of bigoted thoughts and behavior.  As the "enlightened masses" listen into the antics and rationalization heard in the interview, all are made aware of the disingenuous and dishonest person that is on camera.  Ironically upon seeing the video the "fellow bigots" will be made proud that their views are being aired.  

    With reference to the bigoted Southerner, America in aggregate saw that these people need to be bound by a  FRAMEWORK that was greater than their own machinations and self-indulgent control.  That framework was the US Constitution and the notions of "human rights" and "civil rights".

    The bigoted White displays his "ignorance" via his irrational hatred of Black people as a threat to his way of life and the need to keep the Black stratified economically and academically below him.

    The bigoted Black displays his "ignorance" via his irrational hatred of White people AS EXPRESSED by his claims of ubiquitous RACISM  imparted by Whites. This is the case even in places where the segments of Whites which are contemptible to him have departed and people of his own choosing lead the way.   In his logic his "hatred" is merely a "secondary hatred" that was triggered by the original hatred of him by others. 

    The Unfinished Work From The "Civil Rights Movement"

    If you listen to those who believe themselves to be wearing the "cloak of Martin Luther King Jr" today they will likely tell you that "Economic RIGHTS" is the unfinished task that we must focus upon.  In doing so they are allowed to continue with their EXTERNAL struggle.  This outside focus is what they are most attuned to per their organizations.

    In my observation the "Next Phase" of the "Black Community Development Movement" exists in "inner-space".   The need to bound the human resources within our community to a framework that is primarily targeted toward obtaining our "permanent interests" per their individual actions is paramount.

    Failing to erect this framework makes our community susceptible to the antics of the "snake oil salesmen" who operate within our "secret space" but for their own agenda that has not proven to advance our permanent interests DESPITE the popularity of many of their initiatives.

    Regardless of how appealing "popular notions" might be to the masses - if they can't be proven as the course to the attainment of our permanent interests - they are merely a draw upon our sympathies in the context of our present state of mind.

    The people must decide if their are in it to build themselves up or to merely continue a permanent struggle.

    In either event - they must content themselves that they have done all that was necessary to deliver themselves to the status that they one day find themselves in.  Or they must change their course to obtain different outcomes.

    Thursday, January 28, 2010

    Chris Matthews Is Not A White Man

    It is not hard to notice that the "Colorblind Society" is a "threat" to some when it portends to take away the tenuous advantage that they have constructed based on their victim status.

    The same concept is a notable and lofty notion when it purports to show that the subscriber has "evolved" when it is applied in a different context.

    There is no greater notion by which "trust" that the American people and our institutions have advanced is jettisoned as the regime of 'Trust but verify' is implemented with regard to the demands that we code our race on government forms so that such a notion can be legislatively enforced if the data reads otherwise.

    I maintain the case that people like Chris Matthews will label the fact that 96% of all Black voters voted for Barack Obama. The indictment IS NOT that there is such a racial correlation in this vote though. Instead we should note that this vote comes after a series of PREVIOUS VOTES have erected the establishment machine that presides over the Black community into power and thus they now control the key institutions. These are the same institutions that Black grieve about. Thus triggering another round of "voter unity" with the hopes that "Trying Harder" will surpass the policy and ideological flaws that are resident.

    As long as Blacks vote in a way that is favorable to Chris Matthews - we should not fear being called "RACIST" in his view.

    I am sure that Chris Matthews also has "a best friend who is Black".

    Please note - I did NOT say that this was a "racist" statement.
    It is ironic, however, that this statement denoting "color blindness" was triggered only because Barack Obama is a Black man.

    If only Mr Matthews would prevent his MSNBC co-host/operatives from seeing RACISM at each protest rally against the President of the United States and return to the understanding that this is "nothing personal" as he had when the last White man was in the office - then I would believe that Mr Matthews really believes what is says and is not merely a partisan opportunist.

    Obama's Student Loan Releif Plan - "When Affirmative Action Was White - 2009"

    Please note - I am arguing this point from the perspective of what would be argued by my frequent debate and ideological adversaries IF the following scenario was in place in the context of a proposal made by a President:

    1. A resource that has a consumption rate that is highly correlated to both race and class in America
    2. Some evidence that past and present "racial discrimination" has exacerbated the "divide" in consumption of this resource
    3. A plan to transfer the burden of costs incurred for this consumption of this exclusive resource from the backs of the beneficiary over to the government
    4. Past economic evidence which shows that as the government acquires such debt a "triangulation effect" takes place by which the establishment that controls the costs of this resource merely raise the price of it, knowing that the government will simply come to the rescue some time in the future
    5. Since this financial resources to gain access to this scarce resource must be paid on the FRONT end and these programs which transfer such debt to the government happens on the back end........the unintended consequence of these programs is that those people with fewer financial means as they apply for access to this resource which has inflating costs are gated out.  Those who did have the resources up front pass through.  They receive higher salaries as a result of their interaction with this scarce resource.  They have their debt burden removed and shifted over to the general tax payer.
    6. The person who was "gated" is trapped with less earning power for having been unable to scale the financial obstacle that the ever inflating costs have constructed for him.
    Thus the class stratification cycle is maintained.

    The one tip that I will forever be grateful to Cornel West for providing me with is his the opening comments gave on a C-SPAN presentation which reviewed the book "When Affirmative Action Was White".

    To be sure the original goal of Dr West was not to provide me with the material that I gleaned for my indictment.   Instead his goal and the goal of the book was to show that past SYSTEMATIC and STRUCTURAL POLICIES had worked to perpetuate and exacerbate the imbalance of economic power between the classes and the races.

    When I read the book I was in concurrence of the argument.  However I observed an addition indictable offense.  The "White Liberal" also had latent racism within his agenda.  Indeed as policies such as the "GI Bill" or "The New Deal" were crafted to help the lower class - there were amendments added to specifically deny Blacks, Latinos access to these resources.  For example - since these groups were disproportionately represented in the agricultural sector - the vested interests of the owners to not allow their labor forces to rise up economically and thus leave had a disproportionate impact on these poor racial minorities.

    The indictment was that the White Progressives drove home their desire  to implement these policies, prioritizing this implementation over fairness across the racial boundary lines.

    I did not agree with all of the framing put forth by Ira Katznelson or Pro Cornel West who gave color commentary in his speech, attempting to connect advantage provided through legislation then with the hypocrisy of seeking to shut it down in its modern form.  The fact remains, however, that the framework that is contained in my list above closely approximates the dispassionate analysis that the Progressives would render upon any program.

    Blacks today are far less represented in colleges than are Whites.  Thus it is incontroverible that the policy proposed by President Obama last night would benefit more Whites than it would Blacks.  The double edged sword which complements this fact is that indeed the university systems will be more inclined to raise their tuition in the future rather than stream line their operations when they run into future budget crunches.  They see the pattern where the government swoops in and rescues them.

    Where are the "Disparate Impact" Opponents of today?

    USA Today: "The USA Is Broke. Here's Why" - Why Would You Grow Dependent On This Source Of Entitlement?

    USA Today: The U.S. Is Broke. Here's Why

    I can only report the warnings from credible individuals, map them against POLITICIANS who have little credibility and then ask the same question to you:   Knowing what you know - WHY would you increase your dependency upon this entitlement source who has a big time "credit card debt" while showing little evidence that you intent to increase your ORGANIC abilities to achieve and maintain the standard of living that you desire?

    It is very simple.  We have looked toward the centralized government for an increasing amount of financial resources.  I am calling out social entitlement activists and the business executives as well.  Both have the same self-serving motivations that are attributed to their "humanity" rather than their evil.

    The job of the government is to say "No - we can't afford it" when they are aware of the perilous results that will be suffered when they can't seem to do so.

    The real problem is structural.  If we return back to the notions of our federation then these expectations that are now centralized would be distributed back toward the periphery.

    The challenge for any community who desires a higher standard of living will be for them to align their human resources within their domain in support of this goal.  

    Automatically some people fear that pockets of prosperity for those who leveraged their advantage would sit right next to pockets of poverty and exploitation among the "least of these".   I counter that they should consider the condition of both groups if and when the central government collapses under this fiscal blizzard.  Having failed to develop a community based means of productivity they will surely be impaled when this same requirement is forced upon them per their lack of vision of what the future holds.

    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    Alvetta Peterman Thomas : Jobless black men are in crisis

    President of Atlanta Technical College:
    The economic downturn has an unprecedented number of Americans agreeing that too many of us are unemployed and underemployed. As the numbers of unemployed rise, one population segment is more at risk than others: African-American males. As 2009 ended, the unemployment rate for black men was a staggering 17 percent, which is almost double the 9.5 percent rate for white males.

    National statistics show that fewer than 41 percent of black males graduate from high school, and fewer than 4 percent attend college. Low education has a proven effect on the likelihood that individuals, particularly males, will be arrested and/or jailed. African-Americans comprise 27 percent of Georgia’s population, but they are 68 percent of the state prison population. Conversely, high school and college graduates are more likely to occupy their time with career-track employment and positive community contributions.

    Often referred to as “the most progressive city in the South,” Atlanta is known for diversity, its role in the civil rights movement, and for the largest consortium of historically black colleges and universities in the country. But for all of its progressiveness, fewer than 21 percent of our African-American male high school students go on to college.

    While pundits and intellectuals debate the causes of this crisis, I submit that the entire community must actively come together to support and provide opportunities for African-American men. It is impossible for Atlanta to sustain its reputation as a global leader if all of her citizens are not provided the opportunity to earn a living wage. The strength of Atlanta rests in citizens whose education and skills make them productive and competitive.

    Atlanta Technical College recognizes the role that we must play in strengthening our economy by recruiting, retaining and graduating African-American men. In February 2009, we launched the Atlanta Technical College Institute for Males, or AIM, designed to advance positive educational outcomes for African-American men. We have set robust goals for this program, and we are in pursuit of solid partnerships to address this crisis. We are working with community, business and elected leaders to increase African-American educational success and to implement mentoring and career counseling for African-American young men in metro Atlanta high schools.

    In addition to AIM, Atlanta Technical College’s Georgia Fatherhood Program is working to provide a support network for African-American men and other students hardest hit economically. The program provides educational and financial counseling and job placement assistance for noncustodial parents with court-ordered child support. Providing mostly African-American fathers with the tools and resources to obtain gainful employment creates opportunities to support the well-being of their children and contribute to the economy.

    There are many students who are becoming who they were meant to be because of the support of these programs and others like them, but there is much more to be done. Therefore, we consistently seek innovative, progressive initiatives that will enable all students to be leaders in the community. Civil rights attorney Charles H. Houston wrote, “Without education, there is no hope for our people and without hope, our future is lost.” I am convinced that the “people” includes all of the people. Those who are out of sight because of lack of access to educational resources and services cannot be out of mind.

    Alvetta Peterman Thomas is the president of Atlanta Technical College, which is having a summit today on African- American male education with Fulton County.

    CBS Radio In Atlanta - WVEE Releases Quiet Storm Host Joyce Littel For "Jock-Less" Format

    Exclusive interview with Joyce Littel, formerly of V-103’s ‘Quiet Storm’

    I have to admit - I have not listened to V-103 In Atlanta since I "grew up" and got serious about life.  I refuse to listen to music that calls me names while the "beep" does not mask the word since they made it rhyme with another?  Surely there are not too many words that rhyme with "Jigga" or "Go Figga".

    I refuse to subject myself to an entertainment culture that welcomes in the "Voice Of The Street Pirates" when the news segment details the news of the latest assault upon the Black community that was rendered by a Street Pirate who was "Icy Like Gucci" or "Down with Young Jeezy".

    I must also say that I can think of several other DJ's in the house that I would have gotten rid of and instead put in a computer that has more consciousness and dignity about themselves than do the people who I am thinking of.

    With that said - I am disappointed to hear that Joyce Littel was released.  It appears that the "jockless" format saves money.

    If there was ever a time for a "Quasi-Socialist" to PRACTICE HIS THEORY - this would be the time!!!   Why can't one of the other "franchise players" that are clocking more than enough to allow them into the top 1% of income earners in America agree to "break Littel something off" so she can stay?

    Cornell West - Barack Obama's Left-Wing Magnet & Shackle

    Hat tip to the "Denmark Vesey Blog" "Cornell West Grabs Barack Obama In His Digital Collar"

    I believe the blog post title to be an inaccurate analysis of Dr West's functional result upon President Obama and his hope for America. This capitalistic engine of the world.

    Dr West leans upon President Obama for failing to create JOBS for the masses of the unemployed people.  Dr West's ideological and economic ideology is an anathema to the notion of wide spread job creation in a MARKET SYSTEM that demand of skills and services from a highly qualified workforce and thus creates jobs in response to such consumer demand.

    During the recent state of "full employment" that this country enjoyed we did not hear Dr West complaining about employment.   Instead he was complaining about:
    • The Digital Divide
    • The American War Machine
    • The Need For America To Share Her Fortunes With Her International Neighbors
    One can't take Dr West "seriously" on in this present point in time of high unemployment unless we evaluate his disposition over time.  Over time he has been a constant critic of America, opportunistically adapting his criticism in the context of the present point in time.

    When America's financial, technological and consumer driven forces conspired together in the late 90's to foment the "Internet Bubble" - Dr West's disposition was that "Poor and Black people were being EXCLUDED from the Internet revolution - the great equalizer"

    How does one talk about the forward progress of information exchange that the Internet indeed brought forth without mentioning the critical financial resources that were necessary to "front the money" so that this technological architecture could be built?

    It is an intellectual and economic dishonesty that is akin to "taking your share of the golden eggs from the goose in the name of 'Social Justice Rights' and yet complaining about the environmental damage that the geese feces hath rendered upon society". 

    The key point is that Dr West and other "Anti-America Institution Americans" must be made to do is to IDENTIFY THEIR OWN CONSUMER RELATIONSHIP with the BEAST called "America".  Such a strong relationship should degrade their ability to retain the moral high ground which they seek to stand upon - condemning all others for their excesses.


    Those on the left who are more "honest fellows" would prefix the tail of their disappointment with the first year of the Obama Administration with some analysis of the veracity of their sentiments felt between November 4th at 10pm and January 20th at 20 noon - when Obama took the oath to become president.

    In this zone of time, space and reality there exists a few perspectives:
    1. What you anticipated as the range of possibilities that the future would bring per the forces at hand to bear them out
    2. What others, in aggregate agree is possible as an outcome 
    3. The ACTUAL resulting outcomes based on the dispassionate rendering by the REAL WORLD
    I contend that Dr West and others had a "model" in their mind that was too far askew from the domain of POSSIBILITIES that could have been expressed.   With their over reliance on the "power play" and a heavy dose of "if you don't agree with me then you are evil" form of political gamesmanship they set out to bring their dreams into reality.

    America is a flawed nation and they were going to "fix it".  Their "fix" is rooted in leftist dogma.  Those who dare hold on to the character of American institutions are dinosaurs, rooted in America's past which is:
    • Material Greed
    • Jingoistic Hatred
    • Economic, Academic and Social Racism
    • Imperialism
    • Systematic Murder
    Note that despite Dr West's verbal "criticism" (his compatriots will call it "absolute criticism".  I call it mere admonishment for Obama to MOVE TO THE LEFT and not be bound by the INSTITUTIONS of America) of President Obama his plan does NOT include a strategy to imperil his presidency.  

    To insure that Obama does not receive a second term for a Progressive-Fundamentalist would be like them travelling over seas and burning their American Passport.  In both cases THEY PLAN TO RETURN into the "belly of the beast" despite their grievances.

    Dr West's "power" comes from stringing people along about the future.  Missing in much of his though are real world PROCESSES by which to move the masses from where they reside at present - inside of the belly - over to a new place that is more favorable.  His plan is to use the framework of "they DO give a damn what you think" (the twin brother of "They Don't Give A Damn What You Think" which thwarts West from convincing the jihadists to put down their weapons) as a means of doing INTERIOR DECORATING OF AMERICA with the hopes that America will have more "curb appeal" to the rest of the world.  This others not having to do a DAMNED THING in the way of change themselves.

    Where as Dr West is a reference standard for "Blame America First" he is conflicted because the rocks thrown at the White House today might strike a figure of the Obama family.  (Attention Secret Service & Media Matters - this was not a threat just an analogy)

    George W Bush Impregnated Us, Threw Us Out Of Our Homes and Fired Us So We'd Suffer As Black People

    Do you see that man to the left, using the baby as his shield?


    NOT based on his accomplishments but instead based on the impact that he has had upon the mental consciousness and focus of the Progressive Fundamentalist (regardless of their race).

    If you listen to their claims:

    • Bush has impregnated thousands of teen-aged girls and caused them to have abortions
    • Bush tricked people of little means to move into homes only to steal their money and then foreclose upon the house as they are booted upon the street
    • He enriched corporate stock prices, triggering them to hire people only to get them accommodated to a certain standard of living and then giving them a pink slip
    George W Bush is not only evil - HE IS POWERFUL!!!!

    I wish this post was 100% sarcastic.  The truth is that as we listen to the arguments and complaints from some people - the title of this post is not far off from what they constantly rant.  If its not Bush then it is the entire American imperialist beast.   Their affinity to the present office holder has merely tempered their scorn of the beast.

    What has triggered this post? 
    Answer - the latest news that teen pregnancy and abortions are up in the year 2006 from previous lows.

    Without taking a breath to think about their response - Planned Parenthood "acted stupidly" and shot out a response that I have heard from many Progressive reproductive activists claim over the years:  Abstinence Only is the cause of this uptick in pregnancies.

    "Woman's Media Center: - "Free Speech Suppressors" Who Will Be Cheered Rather Than Attacked

    Woman's Media Center

    In the mind of Jehmu Greene, president of "The Woman's Media Center" believes that it is DECISIVE for CBS to play the commercial that shows that Tim Tebo's mother telling of her CHOICE to refuse the advice to abort her child.  Instead this child grew up to become the leader of a championship college football team.

    This is in line with previous notions made by liberal women which argues that the right for a woman to abort a child in her womb equates to the "Empowerment of Women".  Their argument is that no government or societal force should put their hands on a woman's body and force her to have a child that she does not want.  I get it folks.

    My problem is with the notion that we should dis-aggregate the entire process of reproduction:
    • A male-female relationship
    • Copulation
    • Fertilization
    • Gestation
    • Birth 
    • Child Rearing

    It is quite ironic that Jehmu Greene is also a former leader of "Rock The Vote" a progressive "Get the young people out to vote for the Democrats" group.

    Note how the "Rock The Vote For The Democrats" video below makes sexual intercourse a CONDITION of one's ideological agreement with the female who is engaged in casual sex.

    "If you are against government health care - YOU GET NONE FROM ME".

    I actually like how Ms Greene presents herself in person.  She does not fear stepping into "conservative lions dens".  Despite my disagreement with her perspective I applaud her for doing so.

    (Note: I am technically "pro-choice" because I don't want the GOVERNMENT to regulate what a person should do with their body. I do believe that abortion snuffs out the life of a living being that if left unmolested and able to complete its gestation - would turn into a full fledged human.

    I support cultural, religious and societal cajoling AND SUPPORT to allow a woman to carry the child to term. If the person chooses not to do so - no sanction should be made against her. Far too frequently - the MALE is a co-conspirator that our society fails to admonish for his part in the situation.

    It is also clear that a woman in a long term, married relationship is far less likely to abort as the couple will see this child as an addition to the family)

    Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    Inspection Of The Atlanta Civil Rights Establishment - Part 2 - "Connecting The Dots"

    I am able to take criticism. In fact I rather enjoy it.
    Scrutiny allows me to do a bit of introspection. I can evaluate the claims against the model of the world as I know it and adjust my model based upon the "constructive feedback" received.

    My recent focus upon the antics of the "Martin Luther King Center For NON-VIOLENT SOCIAL CHANGE" generated a bit of debate on the "Booker Rising" blog. Some said I did not "connect the dots" between the street crimes in Atlanta and the obligation that the King Center has to address it. Another person said that I basically built up a straw man ("crime in Atlanta") for the purposes of attacking Black Democrats. This was merely a continuance of my obsession to attack Progressives - it was alleged.

    Of course my view is - THIS AIN'T ABOUT ME!!!!
    What we are seeing is the tactic of "Keeping your adversaries on trial" (ME).
    Despite the fact that these critics all agree with me that the Black community is being terrorized by my real focus - murder and assaults which trigger the following results:
    • Terrorized Black residents who have to look at the "police line" in their community
    • Metro area news viewers who make note of  where the pockets of crime are and make sure they never make the mistake of going into these places
    • Declining property values and empty restaurants and businesses because of safety fears
    • and of course "Black people crying on the television news" - grieving over the death of a loved one 

    Ironically - the origins of the "Civil Rights Movement" was to hold the ground upon the dignity of the Black community and to address the SYSTEMATIC assault upon the people within.

    It is clear, however, that many of those who criticize my expose on the assault by Street Pirates are merely protecting the ESTABLISHMENT.  This time an establishment power "within the Black community" that they favor.  Not even this wave of assault upon actual Black people are going to force them to actually go against the people who assumed power based upon the notion that Black people have a right to:
    • Live in their communities without fear of violence
    • Not have our businesses threatened by damage or theft of property
    • Have schools in which the academic environment is fostered rather than suppressed 

    With this in mind I was driven to write a "Part II" to the previous focus upon the self-indulgent focus of the  Black Civil Rights, particularly in Atlanta.  As "Rome Burned" around them - they focused on protecting their church edifice as the community burned down.

    Upon hearing the claim that I failed to "connect the dots" about the King Center, I recalled the news clip from the morning news about the planned protest march by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) - a sister organization to the "King Center", both of them located in the "King Compound" in Atlanta.

    I allowed this news clip about the SCLC to run long.   It opens with 2 local "Street Pirate" assaults that serve as "dots" on where the focus of the civil rights organizations should be. If the murder of a Black man where "Street Pirates" break into his home and SHOOT HIM IN THE HEAD AS HE SLEPT is not a "civil rights violation" akin to when the Klan broke in and "STRUNG UP" the Black man.....because they believed that they COULD GET AWAY WITH IT - then maybe it is me who is out of line.

    According to the story the SCLC march was planned for 4pm later that day. It was done in support of the organization as they move forward beyond their recent problems.

    You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

    When the 5pm news came they ran a feed of the SCLC protest. Thus I got a better understanding of the SCLC protest:

    You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

    There are the "dots to be connected"!!

    Members of the SCLC are holding a PROTEST MARCH.........AGAINST THE SCLC!!!!!!!

    I didn't pick up the previous notation that this was a protest march by one faction of the SCLC against another. I thought that it was a pep rally where they would unify against a common threat.

    It is clear that they need a common threat to retain the guise of unity. Now that I see what happens when they lose focus I am less bothered by them digging up old ghosts to focus upon. My mission, however, is to get them focused upon more RELEVANT enemies in line with today's challenges confronting our community: STREET PIRATES and the CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS they render.

    I warned you all that there would be days like this!
    When the "Actor-vists" have WON in the areas where they were most focused upon - they would lose their way.  They benefit most from a "common enemy" to unite them.    Within the elected government of the City of Atlanta - EVERYONE IS A DEMOCRAT!    There is no motivation to protest against the mayor or the city council.   This leads to too much contention at the Georgia State Democratic Party weekend and at the NAACP and SCLC award banquets.    With unity the seating at the banquet table is less challenging.   Have you ever been a banquet coordinator that had to populate 50 tables where there were factions fighting each other?   You would have to be careful to not seat two enemies at the same table.

    It is far easier to keep them both focused on a common, EXTERNAL enemy.
    Dr Ronald Walters - I feel you man.  You are correct about the need for the Black body politic to stay UNIFIED.   Fracturing is not good...........for the Black Establishment's agenda.

    If the Black Community fractured it WOULD be a good thing.  As long as the fracture was made between:
    • Those who were content in protecting the people who have PORTRAITS HANGING ON THE WALL - that comes with their election into office
    • Those who have their consciousness focused on obtaining and retaining the PERMANENT INTERESTS of the Black Community

    Here are some other relevant news stories that were played during this same news cycle, again CONNECTING THE DOTS.

    Please note the references to "TAKE BACK THE COMMUNITY". You know that this is now a "racist term" per the "Tea Party" protests.

    You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    Sen Evan Bayh - The Democratic Party Has Swung Too Far Left - No Black Leftists Are Publicly Agreeing

    LA Times: Far left has taken over Democratic Party, Sen. Bayh says

    This post deserves to be a "BLAX News" posting to show the contrast between now and then.  I don't have my video archive at my disposal just yet for a ready reference so I will hold off.

    Please recall a short time again loyal Black Democrats (ie: Roland Martin) were telling the Republicans that they have too many "right-wingers" in their party and they need to be more open to centrist Republicans.

    I assure you that one thing you will NOT hear from the "Black Establishment" is that "Indiana Senator Evan Bayh is right.  Our Democratic Party needs to moderate from our far left disposition.  If we were more in the center our party would cast a wider veil over more people".

    Such a set of words are an anathema to the Black Establishment operatives.  Their entire goal is to move the Democratic Party to the left - WHERE THEY RESIDE.  Such a hard left move by the Democrats will allow these operatives to drop the denial and suspicions that despite the rhetoric of certain Democratic Party officials they remain as defenders the status quo.   The Progressive Left dreams of a day in which America will be radically reformed with leftist, quasi-socialist policies and sentiments.

    Despite their emotional connection to the Democratic Party they claim that the party  is not "PROGRESSIVE" enough for their taste and thus they deny their deep seated emotional connection to it.   Again - despite the party receiving the monopoly majority of their votes.

    Despite them warning other Blacks who think about becoming INDEPENDENTS the threats to the "Black Interests" if they leave the Democratic Party and the Republicans have an easier pathway into power.   "Please come to your senses man" is a likely refrain.

    There are two names that one will never be called in Black America (OK - 3 now that I think about it)

    1. "You are a left-wing extremist"
    2. "You are carrying the water for the Democrats"
    3. "You have sold out to Barack Obama where you care more about his political fortunes than you do your own permanent interests". Black America Would Be Better Served By A White President (aka: Sold Out To Obama)

    NJ.COM: Would a white president better serve black America?

    The more accurate title for this article is "Too Many Black Americans Have Sold Out Their Own Permanent Interests To Obama"

    Despite the attention grabbing title I DISAGREE WITH THE FRAMING OF THE ARTICLE.

    Instead of the author noting the continued "oppression" of the Black man and Obama's silence over "Racial Profiling" the bigger indictment is against the BLACK VOTER.   Despite having favorable people elected to power - their FAILURE to deliver has not resulted in their removal.

    This is not a problem with the Black and/or Democratic official but the ideological bias of the Black voter who looks elsewhere for resolution.

    Monday, January 25, 2010
    After Scott Brown's stunning upset victory over Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts senatorial election Tuesday, many pundits have started speaking about how troubled Barack Obama's presidency might now be. Their consensus seems to center on whether the Obama White House is capable of getting any significant legislative packages -- health care-related or otherwise -- enacted by Congress.

    Although I have similar concerns about President Obama's future effectiveness as a national leader, I'm writing today to posit the question of whether -- through the first year of the Obama presidential term -- black Americans would have been more effectively served by having an individual in the Oval Office who was white. An incendiary question for sure, but nonetheless, one that needs to be considered.

    Before I am accused of any black-on-black "crime" for even raising such a question (I am black), consider that in a Jan. 15 New York Times op-ed by Clyde Haberman, "For These Three, the Audacity of Nope," the focus was on President Obama's reticence in supporting three black men who are/were contemplating their candidacies for mayor of New York City, governor of New York State, and U.S. senator from New York. (Those candidates are, respectively, William Thompson, who lost his bid in the November 2009 election; David Paterson, who was encouraged by the Obama administration not to run again; and Harold Ford Jr., who was also urged not to run.) Consistent with Princeton University Professor Cornel West's Martin Luther King Jr. Day address in Atlanta directing black Americans to hold President Obama accountable, the time has fortunately arrived when it is no longer taboo for black Americans to analyze the policies and actions of state and national leaders who just happen to be black. As implied by West and President Obama himself, it is probably black Americans' civil and moral duty to engage in such review.

    So would the 95 percent of black Americans who voted for Barack Obama have been better served during 2009 had the president been a white man? I would say yes. And here I speak not to how the president has fared relative to his policy initiatives (or lack thereof) respecting, for example, immigration reform, expansion of gay/lesbian freedoms, health insurance overhaul and military expansion in Afghanistan. (Yes, I am aware that black Americans stand to be affected, either directly or indirectly, by choices made by the White House with regard to such policy advances.)

    What I'm writing about today goes far beyond that. It's my postulation that black Americans are unjustifiably (perhaps even irreparably) compromised by not being able to politely engage the White House in public conversations about problems sometimes unique to Black America, because the top dog there is a black guy who seemingly thinks it would be impolitic to discuss such matters. Among those issues would be the unabated national epidemic of racial profiling of black men by law-enforcement personnel. The publicity attached to, for example, the unwarranted stops of black drivers by the New Jersey State Police and, most recently, the baseless arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates have brought additional focus on a practice that continues to unnerve black communities throughout America.

    Next for consideration by the president could be the phenomenon by which, for example, black New Yorkers are seven times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana possession notwithstanding surveys that have demonstrated whites to be heavier users. Equally troubling is that in New Jersey, almost 80 percent of incarcerated men are black even though blacks don't commit that large a percentage of New Jersey's crimes.

    Moving on to issues of unemployment and economic vitality, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert noted in his column "Blacks in retreat" (see Page A8) that more than one-third of black children are living in poverty. He further wrote that while unemployment for whites is 9 percent, the rate for black Americans is 16.2 percent.

    Problems such as these could require substantial governmental response. And if prospective governmental response can't even get to the drawing board because the head man won't publicly discuss the underlying problems, why support having him in office?

    Finally, consider this: If President Obama were able to magically replace President Truman in 1948, would he -- as the president of the United States who just happened to be a black guy -- have had the courage to sign the executive order of that year that integrated America's armed services? Or consider, if President Obama were able to similarly replace President Johnson in the 1960s, whether he would have had the intestinal fortitude to usher through the U.S. Senate those legislative initiatives that Johnson subsequently signed into law as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Something to think about, eh?

    Donald Roscoe Brown is a lawyer who writes and lives in Ewing.

    Dekalb County GA Police Upgrade Guns To Match The Firepower Of The Stret Pirates

    AJC: DeKalb police beef up firepower

    Last year they got Tasers.
    This year they are getting .40 caliber pistols and more assault rifles.
    I am impressed.

    In a gun battle you either have the necessary fire power to defend yourself or WISH you had the necessary fire power to defend yourself against an assailant who was a bit more forward thinking and less bound to the political correctness that only the people who "give a damn what someone else thinks about them - and their guns" seem to worry about.

    The police command staff of Dekalb County GA receive a "star" for this one.

    AJC Story:
    Gangs and drug traffickers have ditched their pistols for assault rifles and other military-style firearms, leaving police outgunned.

    To beef up its arsenal, DeKalb County Police is trading in its 9 mm handguns for .40-caliber weapons, which are more effective.

    Last week, the county commission approved the purchase of 1,200 Smith & Wesson .40-caliber handguns to replace the force’s Berettas.

    “A common weapon on the streets is a .40-caliber,” acting DeKalb police Chief William O’Brien said. “We’re a little behind the times with the 9 mm.”

    Most officers in the metro area, and across the nation, carry .40-caliber handguns. Some, like DeKalb, give officers the option to carry higher-powered weapons as long as they are trained.

    For O’Brien, the problem was two-fold : The department’s 9 mm Berettas were more than 20 years old and no longer manufactured.

    “We couldn’t replace them,” he said.

    Officers on the streets also found their 9 mm guns could not compete with those in the hands of criminals armed with .40-caliber handguns and assault rifles.

    “We got some pretty heinous weapons,” DeKalb District Attorney Gwen Keyes Fleming said. “We’re seeing AK-47s, street sweepers, military style weapons. It’s not just your mom’s pistol any more.”

    Last year, the county tested weapons from four different manufacturers who submitted bids.

    “We brought all of the weapons to the range,” O’Brien said. “Officers could go shoot each one and fill out a survey. This model was chosen by the majority officers.”

    Commissioner Lee May said he was pleased the decision was made by officers, not the administration.

    “They chose what’s best for them,” he said. “It’s about the officers being safe.”

    The $207,475 contract will pay for 1,200 guns, holsters and magazines to outfit the department.

    Atlanta Police officers also carry .40-caliber Smith & Wesson guns. The department is considering arming its force with assault rifles, but is still doing research on the benefits of the weapons, said Officer Otis Redmond, a police spokesman.

    Grio: Coakley Ignored Black Voters At Her Own Peril....But What About The Black Community?

    Coakley ignored black voters at her own peril By Talia Whyte

    I will allow you to read the article at the link above.

    As I read this article I came up with some critical questions that Ms Whyte failed to ask.  Not of the Democrats but of the Black community.

    As Ms Whyte states - indeed "Black" is synonymous with "Democrat" at this point.  The present Black Establishment worked to make it this way.

    My question of the Black voter in Massachusetts amounts to: "What did the other voters in your state see that you did not see?".

    Today I watched "Washington Watch" on TVOne in which they made note that there are "Democrats" and then there are "Obama voters".  We should not confuse the two.  This article forces me to ask the same question that I had when I watched the show - Why is it that the Black voter must be MOTIVATED to come out and vote?  It lends to the notion that the Black voter has two modes - "irrational exuberance" in which he will show up en masse to the polls to vote for the Democrats and unmotivated by the Democratic candidate in which  he simply will stay home.

    The fault of this orientation resides with the Black establishment that have inculcated our people as such.

    In the wake of this orientation in which the Democratic Party is the benefactor of our hope and the Republicans are the main recipient of our scorn - the Black community's permanent interests remain as unmet as ever.

    Let me add another article to the mix:  NY Times - Bob Herbert - Blacks In Retreat.

    Present trends are not good. Communities of color are being crushed economically and the national news media have not fully focused on the carnage. The official unemployment rate for blacks is 16.2 percent and could well pass 17 percent before the year is out. The real jobless rate is far more ghastly. The Boston-based group United for a Fair Economy noted that even “college-educated black men are nearly twice as likely to be unemployed as their white, college-educated counterparts.”

    In some poor neighborhoods, a man or woman with a traditional full-time job is the exception, not the rule. In five Midwestern states — Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Oklahoma — the jobless rate for blacks is at least three times as high as that for whites.

    Some decades ago, you would have heard a sustained outcry against such dire conditions among blacks, and there would have been loud demands for policy changes designed to bring more black Americans into the economic mainstream. You don’t hear much of that now. Too many so-called black leaders are much more interested in invitations to the White House and positive profiles in mainstream publications than in raising any kind of ruckus that might benefit people in real trouble.

    What the politicians and today’s civil rights types won’t tell you is that we’re looking ahead to many long decades of grief and strife in America’s black communities because of our failure to respond effectively to the horrendous impact of the Great Recession and the policies that led up to it. Black Americans are going backward economically, and right now no one is stepping up to stop the retreat.

    Absent in Mr Herbert's analysis is any INTROSPECTION or OBSERVATION about the ESTABLISHMENT MACHINE within the Black community.

    If the economy of the Black community is as Mr Herbert says - why is it so easy to "Nationalize" the blame and the hope for a rescue? Plain and simply - Why did you all vote for the local establishment that is in power when you make them so IRRELEVANT in your present focus?

    This is merely another instance of my observation "Looking past the Local Democrats and attacking the National Republicans".  When Democrats slip up and take the national control as well - they have no recourse but to keep talking about the need for jobs and economic reform to their favored leaders.  Their resolve and "moral indignation" gets stripped away because ultimately - they make it clear that despite their grievances - they have no intention of landing a body blow upon the people they helped put into place.

    The South African Version Of The "Minute Men" - Raping Zimbabwean Women As They Migrate

    You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

    There is little doubt that most of you have heard about the right-wing and RACIST operatives that guard the US border against the incursions by Mexican immigrants that illegally cross into this nation.  The American press made sure that you heard about the malicious and "racist" intent of these Minute Men.

    Watch the video and note the tale of the "South African Minute Men" and the "Zimbabwean Minute Men".  One group rapes the women who exit Zimbabwe for opportunity in South Africa.  The other group rapes this same group of migrating women as they make it onto South African land.

    Does anyone wonder why this news has not been propagated by the press with the same vigor as is the case with the American Minute Men?

    Fulton County Georgia - Failing To Deliver Upon The Promises And The Growing Need To Do For Self In The Wake Of Budget Cuts

    Here are two videos related to Fulton County Georgia.

    First we have an incident where a Black inmate was allegedly set on fire by a prison guard.
    I have no love for this killer of 2 children.  I don't even know if any of the claims of what the security guard has done are true.

    I do know that if this situation was not in Fulton County but in Douglass County to the west OR if the jailers in question where majority White and not majority Black - as is the case with the Fulton County Sheriff's Department  - you would have heard about this situation nationally.

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    Next we have a "Reverse Tea Party" as consumers of the Fulton County "Drug Court" protest against planned budget cuts due to the $54 million hole in the county budget that must be addressed.

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    If there was ever a time for the community from which these people come from to step up and express the value of these people it is right now.  The government coffers are bare.  They are going to be so for several years.  Instead of outsourcing these tasks of drug rehabilitation upon the government dime it is time to develop this capacity within.  There is an abundant number of churches with the educated people who can do this.  These churches also have the financial resources to accomplish this task of rehabilitating the human resources within.

    A King Center On Every Continent - While Violence Rules 5 Blocks Away

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    This announcement from a few weeks ago was stunning to me.

    It seems that the Black church is not the only force that likes to build monuments as a means of proving its greatness while so often forgetting about the people outside of its doors.  I have no intractable problem with these people.  My only issue is that they largely serve to 'pat each other on the backs' and to aggregate power on behalf of the Democratic Party more than they are really interested in fixing the issues that are present within our community.

    I have noted over time the presence of a poor and violent community in walking distances of the "King Compound" in Atlanta. It seems to me that they would be better served if they focused their efforts to bringing peace in this God forsaken area nearby than by spreading their wings internationally and running up "frequent flier miles" in the process. (Not to mention the carbon footprint issues).

    Understanding The Statist - Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Corporate In The Context Of Corporate Political Speech

    Some things are more connected than they first appear.
    It comes as no surprise to me that:
    • President Obama seeks to recover from the Democrats recent losses by ramping up his attacks on corporations and banks to the delight of his left wing base
    • That Nancy Pelosi and other leftist Democrats attempted to strengthen the hand of government in health care coverage by attacking Health Insurance companies
    •  Where the Progressive/Statist is strongest - the manufacturing base is weakest after having been attacked as the enemy for so long
    The Supreme Court ruling which opined that the government is not allowed to limit corporate speech is an assault and a threat to those who seek to shift the power in America from corporations over to the government.  In their view "government is the people".   This is their view despite so many fundamental points of proof to the contrary.

    Before I go further let me state my view.  I believe that an eco-system in which government and corporate entities are in alignment for the benefit of this nation and they each assume their proper role in our society and economy that this is best.   I support reasonable regulation of corporations by the government as indeed they are tasked to manage the playing field.  At the same time we are clearly seeing that the government is not the engine for job growth.  Companies that are in the marketplace, fulfilling customers demands for products and services and thus employing people in support of this is the proper disposition.  The banking and finance system is necessary to raise the necessary capital for expansion.   All of these forces define the ultimate standard of living that we as Americans live within.  Take away any of these forces and the entire system will collapse.

    I believe that it is irresponsible to spin out of balance in one's support or attacks upon any of these forces itemized above.


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    This video shows a debate over the policies of the Obama Administration and the related attacks on the bank.  I actually believe that the Democratic leaning woman won the debt.  Not because of the facts that she brought out but because of how the Republican-leaning debate opponents cowered when she put up the notion "either you are with the banks & their profits or you are with the American people".  

    For some people "defending banks" is like defending the "free speech rights" of a racist or standing for the fair trial of a child molester.

    Erica Payne, the Obama policy supporter affirmed the special taxes upon the banks.  She puts for the preposition that the BANKS are who caused our economic meltdown and thus they must pay for what they did.   She makes note that we should not look at the money lent to them by the government and then the portion that they paid back.  Instead we need to look at the aggregate ECONOMIC HARM that they have caused the entire economy.

    Again - I applaud her for her rhetoric because she brushed back the other 2 debate participants and the host who is also against the bank tax.

    What they all failed to do is to upend her contention.  If one argues that the banks destroyed the economic value that exited the economy over the past 2 years WHO assisted in building it up in the first place?  The truth is that none of the recent booms in our economy (Real Estate or Internet) were purely organic growth.  The financial system and the banks within it played a central part in these economic good tidings.

    She also attempted to discredit any attacks upon the automakers who also received a pay out from the government BECAUSE........they did not pay million dollar bonuses to their executives.  This is a preposterous justification for her policy stance and was in truth a slight of hand.  Robert George should have stuffed that claim but instead he allowed her to spin.

    As a Black man I just committed a cardinal sin in not damning the banks as I stand upon some moral high ground "for the people".  Just as I curse the police when they are behind me as an individual I assure you I also curse the banks when they try to adjust my credit card interests rates.   In response I work to defend my own financial interests against what they try to do by having relationship with another bank in case the first one "acts up".

    The  bottom line of the fake argument put forth by Ms Payne is that only the banks are responsible for our economic issues.  Anyone who has read this blog over time knows the network of people who sought both profits or loans that enabled them to acquire property when they should have never been allowed in.  The only reason why Ms Payne blames the banks is because, yet again, they are the "authority that should have known better" and thus they receive the brunt of the blame.  When it comes to the individual who operated as the consumer seeking a loan, the mortgage broker who signed up for the "get rich quick scheme" last month or the complicit "home inspector" none of these people's offenses rise to the level that the equal human beings with a business card representing the bank have done.

    Where Banks Are Not Present The People Are Economically Weak

     When I hear a claim made by a debate adversary I always run the "counter-claim" through my mind to insure that their original claim passes the smell test.  Such is the case with the "evil" known as banks.

    As with so many other anti-capitalistic rants I must conclude that the purpose of these people can't possibly be to destroy the banks.  This would be like "lynching the goose who's golden eggs they like confiscating via taxation".   It is clear that their only goal must be to tenderize the banks to the point where they give up more of their goods to the public coffers.

    Look around this nation at the places where there is a high number of "unbanked people".  These are not economically prosperous places.  Instead the individual people pay more for the financial services that they do consume.  In addition small businesses that are unable to get start up capital never open their doors.  Existing businesses that don't have access to a credit line can't make it through a rough patch when times are slow or can't take advantage of an opportunity for expansion because they don't have the funding.

    Also note that the most strident critics in the government of the banks  make demands that these same "evil" banks enter into these same communities and make loans so that there might be some increased economic vibrancy within.

    Shifting The Risk

    A few years ago I noted the propensity of the 'community activist' types to shift the risk from their backs over to the banks.  At present the profile of the community is beyond the bank's risk budget.  As loans are made at terms that are not favorable to the bank - doing business is a money losing proposition.  The entire system of derivatives, hedge funds and credit default swaps was created in the context of SPREADING THE RISK into the market.

    When President Bush rendered his attempt to add more homeowners in the country the banking industry responded with many of these tools that eventually lead to our market collapse.  The risk that the borrower represented did not change.  The risk to the individual bank who in the past had to sit on the loan for 30 years was bundled and sold in the secondary market.  This prompted loan originators to lower their standards and accept ore loans because ultimately they were not the ones to suffer if and when the underlying loans went bad.  Ironically the seemingly profitable segment attracted cash from varying segments of the investment community that was looking to take advantage of these favorable returns.  When the bottom fell out the interconnectedness of these investments causes a widespread collapse that was global in nature.

    I have come to see that "shifting the risk" is not a tendency of the "community activist".  In fact the equal human beings that wear a Wall Street suit and tie have the same motivation for government handouts as do the poorest of citizens among us.

    The job is for the government to choose to give either of them money or to refuse to do so.

    In summary - the endless rhetoric by the anti-establishment people is far too simplistic.  These are all very complex systems and situations that we are dealing with today.  Those who resent corporations, banks and  profits would be better advised to fight against the nationalization of government and then corporations.  This is the source of your problem - not the opposing ideology.  These high stake games of "winner take the whole nation" and where the President of the United States has a daily imprint upon the most mundane elements of our lives IS THE PROBLEM.  We need a more distributed architecture were our strength is at the edge within our communities.  The nation is strong as the productivity of each of these communities is tabulated and aggregated into the whole.