They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Drum Beat Of War Pounds In The Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast election fallout now a 'war situation'

An estimated 200 dead and thousands who have exited the country in anticipation of violence.
Indeed this has been a costly election.

All nations in the region should seek to focus upon building up the people's confidence in the INSTITUTIONS by making them more transparent.

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast — A top ally of Ivory Coast's internationally recognized leader said Friday that the country is already in a "civil war situation," and urged the incumbent leader who refuses to cede power to step down by a midnight deadline.
The United Nations has said that the volatile West African nation once divided in two faces a real risk of return to civil war, but Prime Minister Guillaume Soro told reporters that the country is already at this point — "indeed in a civil war situation."
"This is what's at stake: Either we assist in the installation of democracy in Ivory Coast or we stand by indifferent and allow democracy to be assassinated," Soro said at a news conference hours before incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo was expected to make an address on state television.
Soro cited more than 200 deaths and said 1,000 others had been wounded by gunfire. Human rights groups have accused Gbagbo's security forces of abducting and killing political opponents, though Gbagbo allies deny the allegations and say some victims were security forces killed by protesters. The U.N. has confirmed at least 173 deaths.

The Scott Sisters Released From Mississippi Jail: Analysis

The news that the "Scott Sisters" were freed from their life sentence over an armed robbery in which $11 was transacted was the main topic of the "Fight The Power" radio station yesterday.

I have never seen a group of people who are able to take a "victory" over which their could be:
  • Bipartisan
  • Multi-racial
  • North and South agreement
.....over and instead successfully factionalize it to the point where their base of ideological adversaries are made to wonder if "any good deed can go unpunished".

The key points that cause me the anguish I feel when I listen is that so many of their perspectives are totally arbitrary.  If "their enemies" were on trial - they would be arguing the 180 degree opposite position.

1) "Commission Of A Felony With A Firearm" Is NOT Connected To The Amount Of Money Received In The Crime

 The most frustrating point of their argument is their attempts to assign the duration of the prison sentence to the amount of money transacted in the felony robbery.  Since the person in question had only $11 in his pockets this is not worthy of a long sentence.

I wondered if this same person - in HIS OWN ACTIONS - had just withdrew $1,500 in cash from the bank and the Scott sisters "scored" with their good timing - if this would be a worthy amount?   You see the "Leftwing Arbiters of Justice" see that it costs (my estimate) $75,000 to lock someone up every year - how can you justify spending this amount over $11?

They can't bring themselves to see that was the FIRE ARM, not the amount transacted that triggered the sentence.  (Note: It is reported that the Scott sisters did not have the firearm.  They were engaged in the conspiracy to direct the robbery victim into the proper place in which he was robbed of his $11 at gun point.)
 It was their past criminal records that triggered the long sentence.

2) The Fact That The Release Is Conditional On The Kidney Transplant Shows That This Is Not In Fact "Justice"

 My expectations are far short of me demanding to hear any outward praise of Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.  Not one bit in fact.  Yet it is frustrating to hear people who are resolved to find some method by which they undercut the intentions of their ideological adversaries.

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour:
  • The Good ole boy from the South
  • The Republican
  • MISSISSIPPI - God Damn!
  • The man who threatened to consolidate 3 Black colleges into one for cost savings purposes - thus messing up their marching bands
  • The man who just last week tried to diminish the ignorance of the White CCC organizations in Yazoo City MS
He DID NOT let these two BLACK women out of their life sentences out of any spirit of great concern for Black people or his altruism.

This was a "political" move - they said en masse.  (Only Obama and Democrats act with purity when they do something that is favorable to the Progressive-Fundamentalists)

As I listened to the radio show  I questioned the scenario by which Gladys Scott, the BLOOD SISTER of the ailing Jamie Scott would refuse to donate a kidney to save her sister's life.
  • If she told the "Klansman Governor" - "No I want ABSOLUTE justice.  You can keep your half-hearted attempt to make good among Negroes.  I will wait until you release me from this injustice that the CCC jury inflicted upon me 16 years ago WITH NO CONDITIONS" - then her sister will die.
  • If she tucks her tail and her pride and agrees to partake in the life sustaining surgery - her sister lives and she obtains her freedom  
 The Cherry Picking Of Judicial Indictments

As I continue my studies of the antics of the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" it is beyond obvious that they operate upon the foundation of the INDICTMENT against their ideological adversaries.

For them there is greater UNITY to be had in the battle to free two Black women from the jail of injustice so that one can have a kidney transplant than it is for them to make note of all of "Street Pirate assaults" in which the slashing victim has lost a kidney after being shot or stabbed in the back.  The fact that a "protected person" did the street pirate slashing functionally nullifies their effectiveness.

I hear attacks on the "backwardness" of "Mississippi God Damn" yet in their "Rachel Maddow-esque" style they can't bear to see that when they talk negatively about Mississippi - they are talking about BLACK PEOPLE as well.  The best way for a White Liberal Snarling Fox and his BQPFRC partner in ideological crime to call Black people IGNORANT - is to yield the notion of their IGNORANCE to that of common understanding and instead BLAME THE 'CONSERVATIVE' SYSTEM for making them that way.

This is how the INFERIORITY of Black people are put into play of a TRANSACTION.  They don't have the dignity to refuse to put our honor into play as such.  They fail to see that the "Least Of These" will NEVER become the "Unleast of These" by making such transactions.

Mississippi as a whole and the 16th District of New York as a smaller polygon which has as high of a rate of impoverishment  are not going to change until the people who stand to benefit the most from such reforms are engaged in the process of their own salvation.  This means living up to standards of behavior and thus not committing crimes.  This also means setting up a rational system of criminal justice for those who do.

  1. Human Rights Org - Victory! The Scott Sisters Freed!
  2.  NAACP Petition To Governor Barbour
  3. Free The Scott Sisters - Activist Group 

Univ Of Connecticut's Woman's Basketball Streak Ends At 90

Stanford Defeats UConn - Ending Streak At 90 Games

No disrespect to the woman's basketball team of the University of Connecticut for not posting about their team surpassing the winning streak of the UCLA men's basketball team.  I saw their head coach on "60 Minutes".  I saw the stories about the record being broken.  I simply never got around to posting it.

90 games in a row is a tremendous accomplishment in any sport.  Of course woman's basketball doesn't quite have the consistent level of competition as found to a greater extent in male's basketball.  Still this is a noteworthy accomplishment.  There are other powerhouse teams (Tennessee, Standford, Texas) that UConn has to contend with over time.

The "Street Pirate" Who Got Bumped Off Of The Front Page Due To Another More Egregious Action

In a perverted sort of way accused killer Tamario Wise should consider himself fortunate.  The accused killer in the "Virginia Highlands" murder (a section of Atlanta) had been the focus of public outrage.  His actions trigged a blanket of fear in the elite, liberal section of the city where walking and jogging is commonplace.  Tamario Wise was found to be a career criminal.  His robbery of a young couple and murder of the male was the top story last week.

The violent actions of Gregory "Killa Mu 2" Favors this week has successfully bumped Wise off of the front pages.

The sight of two career criminals engaged in murder is going to result in pressure for the criminal justice system to error on the side of public safety, not allowing those who clearly have displayed a propensity to conduct "serial street pirate attacks" to roam the streets.

The DNA of Tamario Wise' situation matches that of Gregory "Killa Mu 2" Favors and so many others - young Black male, lacking education, limited employable skills.  They turn to crime as a means of "making a living".

With so many key institutions that should have DEVELOPED these individuals being in "favorable hands" today - this situation is not going to change until those who are now averse to waging SELF INDICTMENTS begin to see that without such TRANSPARENT SCRUTINY the rightful public outrage and THEIR OWN response challenging "racism" merely keeps them employed as activists and defenders of community honor in the short run.  It fails to produce a long term solution to the growing problem.

Indeed Taramio Wise is a product of benign neglect.

The Brewing Scandal Over Gregory "Killa Mu 2" Favors - Why Did They Go Against The Recommendations And Let Him Out?

(Note:  I am making some end of year upgrades to my video recording and archiving system.  It is not yet operating as it is supposed to so I don't have the video clips to represent the tone of outrage that is present in Metro Atlanta over this event.  )

Who allowed multiple felon Gregory Favors out of jail a few weeks ago over the objections of so many who warned otherwise?

The Fulton County Magistrate Court and their use of the "Rocket Docket" as a means of expediting the court cases of criminals charged with non-violent felonies appears to be where the problem resides.

The murderous actions of Gregory Favors are most certainly going to cause the politicians who are going to suffer the heat for this police man's murder to substantially tighten up on the "rocket docket".

The mayor of Atlanta, the Fulton County District Attorney and other officials are asking for an investigation of the actions of the Magistrate Court.

From The Article

The premature release of Gregory Favors, charged Tuesday in the murder of state trooper Chadwick LeCroy, underscores a "serious crisis" in the operation of Fulton County's Non-Complex Criminal Court Division, according to a letter signed by District Attorney Paul Howard, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and APD Chief George Turner.

Favors, arrested three times this year after trying to flee police, obtained bond in Fulton County each time against the recommendation of a pretrial services officer. Such inconsistencies are not uncommon within the division -- the so-called "rocket docket" -- that was created to expedite "low level" felonies, wrote the three local leaders in a missive addressed to Fulton Chief Judge Cynthia Wright.

Reed, Howard and Turner want Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Carol Hunstein to oversee a commission that will study whether the Non-Complex Division's philosophy of "moving cases" squares "with the best interest of public safety." In the meantime they want the division's operation temporarily suspended and case responsibility turned over to 16 superior court judges, "as is done in every other jurisdiction in Georgia," the letter asserts.

I have to be transparent and say that thus far I have not heard a peep out of the local "Concerned Black Clergy" on this matter.  I assure you that they are reading each news article on this matter.  They don't have their next meeting until Monday.

The funeral procession for Trooper LeCroy is today (Friday).   If there is a drumbeat in which the "Black criminal threat" is driven as a problem that must be checked - we will then hear from the CBC.

Notice again - that these "Street Pirates" are would be "Pillars of the Community" who SUFFERED from "Benign Neglect" and a diluted social and cultural framework within which they were incubated.  Instead of focusing upon an outward and defensive disposition these groups should show their worth by implementing more ENDURING and COMPREHENSIVE solutions within.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Differences In How Black And White Democrats Party Switchers Are Handled

Associated Press: Georgia Democrat Makes Klan Comment Over Party Switcher

Back in November the news that two Georgia "Democrats who are Black" that became "Republicans who are Black" initiated a week of 'hate speech' on the "Fight The Power" radio station in Atlanta.  They were called  "traitors to their race" and more than a few people issued tacit death threats, one using a can of "Raid" to purge the "cockroach".  "They now stand with the enemy" and "they are opportunists" were the most common claims.  I remind you that one of the switchers is a popular political analyst on the local Black radio talk shows and newspapers who held no elected position.  The other is a county commissioner in Hall County GA which has a population of 7,000 Black people.   They should fear not because the far larger counties to the south of Hall with more than 600,000 Black people in them have retained their "Democrat who are Black" machine leadership despite a choice few of them deserving purge from office.  It seems that as long as their remain "on the team" - the results that the people (suffer) experience is of little consequence.

This week there is news that a Georgia "Democrat who is White" has switched parties and has triggered an attack from of "Democrat who is Black".  The different race of the party switcher has triggered a different type of taunt.

It appears that the Republicans taunt Democrats as "Baby Killers" for their Pro-Abortion stance.  This party switcher was called as such just a few weeks prior during the Nov 2010 elections when he campaigned as a Democrat.  Now that this same person has become a "Republican who is White" - his former Democratic colleagues are calling him names.  These names, however, are race specific.
State Senator Robert Brown (D-GA)

It appears that as James "Bubber" Epps changes his stripes he will have to "conserve up" on his views about Abortion and then cut some eye slots in his prized 500 thread count white sheets as he joins the pro-KKK party, this according to his former Democratic colleague State Senator Robert Brown.  

This means that there are Klansmen in the Democratic Party at present and they merely can "show their true colors" as they 'come out of the closet', wearing their new gear in joining the GOP.

Unfortunately with the city of Macon suffering major economic struggle and its schools struggling to make the grade too few of Senator Brown's constituents who will shout an "Amen" over his Klan comments will say much about their fate under the machine that is failing them locally.

Georgia Developing Racially Identifiable Parties
Sadly it appears that after years of calling for racial unity by the Democratic Preacher Rev Joseph E Lowery as he asked all races to "drop their foolishness" and join him under the Democratic Party tent of righteousness, the effort has failed.  "Democrats who are Black" make up the largest portion of senators and representatives in the Georgia Legislature.

The largest cities (and metro-Atlanta core counties) are dominated by Democrats.  The state level institutions are now firmly in the hands of the Republicans.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Am Not A Journalist - WHY Haven't Those Who Are Focused Upon These Attributes Of Yazoo City Mississippi TODAY?

Yazoo County Mississippi Detailed Demographics    (Please read to get a feel of the county)

Thanks to the inability of Mississippi Governor Hailey Barbour to connect with the realities of the suffering and oppression that transpired in his state when given an open microphone to speak frame a period in the past per his own narrative the small town of Yazoo City Mississippi has been in the news.

As with former Virginia senator George Allen - a self inflicted "foot in mouth" has given those who are among their respective ideological and partisan enemies enough ammunition to insure that Barbour will never dare to set foot into the rink as a US Presidential aspirant for the Republican Party.   Indeed this is a "Mission Accomplished" moment among the "Lampblack Yellow Journalist Press" and their "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Blogger Understudies".  For the same people who report more upon Republicans like Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, Steele and Boehner their targeted coverage on the outrage against the favorable or at least benign remembrance  of the Conservative Citizens Council of Yazoo City MS was a worthy story for their front page coverage.

I Get Curious When I Hear "Indictments Of The Past" For Future Positioning But Silence About The Present Condition

Just as Mississippi Governor Hailey Barbour was given a comfortable environment during his interview with a conservative magazine.  He was asked to recount a particular moment in time and sculpt the narrative, using any words or points of emphasis of his choosing.  Bourbor failed because he did not connect with the reality of the situation at hand.

As I observed the flurry of articles, television commentary, editorial cartoons and conversations about Barbours comments there was one radio report that drew my curiosity.  A civil rights reporter from Mississippi made the case that while Yazoo City did in fact integrate without violence - they did so in 1970 AND most of the White kids had departed the public school system for private - Christian academies, thus avoiding placement inside of the classroom with Black students.

So much focus upon the CCC.   Not a single mention of Yazoo City and its public schools TODAY.

What Is The Status Of The Public Schools In Yazoo City?
Yazoo City is a very small town in middle-western Mississippi.  It is housed within Yazoo County MS.

 Per the 2000 US Census - Yazoo City -
  • Has 14,550 citizens
  •  Has a racial make up of:
    • 28.7% White
    •  66.9% Black
    •  0.2% Native American
    •  0.6% Asian
    • 7.8% of the above races who are classified as Hispanic
  •  An income level of $19.893
  • A poverty rate of 40.2% 
Yazoo CITY School System Statistics

Yazoo COUNTY School System Statistics

That statistics indicate that the public schools inside of Yazoo City are stratified in the "underperforming" category.  The Yazoo County schools that apparently ring the city schools appear to be one category higher than the city schools though still marginal in their performance.

Private School Attendance
With respect to the indictment about the exhodus to private schools - it is critical that we make note of the population of these school as a means of appraising the relevance of this issue today.  The summary statement is that private school attendance is a mere 26% of the total population of school students within the city.

Analysis & Commentary
My goal is not to force anyone to change their mind.
My only agenda is to bring forth sufficient information to allow those who are seriously interested in leveraging the positive changes that have transpired between "back in the day" and the present to their community's advantage.

In my view the local institutions are most critical in this development process.
Simply put the results that are today rendered by the Yazoo City schools and its 99% Black student body is not in line with any reasonable assessment of what is necessary to insure that in 40 years conditions for the community in Yazoo City will be any different from today.   All of this WITHOUT a "CCC of 2010" to thwart their development.

I have the opinion that "indictments from the past" does not substitute for "directed outcomes" applied TODAY.  Yes it is true that there is a popular belief that Republican governor Hailey Barbour has a disposition that is incompatible with the development of the Black community or at minimum that he is insensitive to our plight.  The fact remains, however, that there is abundant evidence that the network of adults who are running the Yazoo City Schools today and managing the academic careers of the students in the role of their parents are doing equal or greater harm to the successful disposition of the students of the school system than the publicized comments of Governor Barbour.   While Barbour has likely received only a spattering of their votes of support - those adults that control the communities appear to operate with impunity.

Again -WHY is it that I have seen no other journalist make a visit upon the story of the quality standard of education in Yazoo City?

I Support The "Corporate Premise Security Equality Project" Sponsored By "The Parallel Hood"

I support the "Corporate Premise Security Equality Project".
I stand with the activists in attempting to exert a measure of equality in how corporations treat customers of different class backgrounds.

Please be aware of what is happening around you.

Corporations are sending messages to people without your awareness.
Over at "The Parallel Hood" there is a movement called the "Corporate Premise Security Equality Project".

It details how two different corporate offices from the same cable company has a vastly different set of security devices per the stereotypical profile of the respective customer base at each location.   The locations are for equipment pickup & exchange and bill payment services.

  • The "Least Of These" had plexiglass and surveillance cameras meant to separate the customers from the customer service agents.  The author of the real world account overheard several people at this location paying off past due bills of several hundred dollars in attempts to get their service restored
  • The "Winners In This Capitalistic System" had an office without security devices at their location.  The location was brightly lit and the lobby was more open and inviting - giving the image that the corporation appreciated them as customers.
I personally plan to support the efforts of "The Parallel Hood" in calling out this corporate bias.   We need EQUALITY and not marginalization.

GA State Patrol Officer Murdered By A Career Criminal - Keep Your Eye On Atlanta's "Concerned Black Clergy" - Not On The Fulton County Judicial System

Some would say "The front page of the AJC web site - 'IS KINDA DARK' ".

This is the viewpoint of those who have kept a more adept eye on the "coverage" of crime committed by Black  assailants than they are with the fact that there is a SHAMEFUL amount of crime that is taking place in earshot of their hollowed sanctuaries.  They appear to monitor the news media with the concern that they slander Black people by focusing too much on crime and they only show "Black crime".

Sadly it is their "congregation" of honest, hard working Black people who suffer the most from their close proximity and ensnarement with the Street Pirates who terrorize them in pursuit of their lust for private property.

If Only Gregory Favors Was As Literate As Mumia "Killa Mu" Jamal

Gregory Favors murdered Officer LeCroy in Fulton County Georgia after he was pulled over for a busted headlight and he crashed after a short police chase.   As the officer walked up to the wrecked car - his service weapon still holstered - Gregory Favors fired at him at least 3 times - hitting LeCroy in the neck - leading to his death. This is what the Georgia Bureau of Investigations has said.

When the authorities came to the house of Gregory Favors to arrest him - he denied his involvement.

In 2010 we have "Dash Board Video Cameras" - and unlike when Mumia "Killa Mu" Abu Jamal murdered Officer Faulkner - the murderous actions of Favors was caught on video tape.

The murder trial for Gregory Favors will be held in Fulton County.  There is a favorable array of prosecutorial and judicial officials.  The judicial activists on the left should have little concern about a "fair trial" for they played a strong hand in assembling the people who will run the trial into place.

The only thing at play is "Life In Prison" or the "Death Penalty".  With "Court House Killer" Brian Nicholes getting a life sentence in Fulton for murdering 4 people instead of the Death Penalty - the odds favor that Favors will live a long life in jail.

Injustice Through Activism

Today as I listened to a radio show in which the despicable and racist antics of the CCC of Mississippi and how they wouldn't know justice if it came up and bit them like a copperhead snake - the indictments read off by the journalist who had been following the CCC sounded eerily like the antics expressed in the name of "LEFT wing Injustice" surrounding those who side with the killers of police men, rarely mentioning anything about the "human being" who was a civil servant and the family that was left behind.

  • The CCC funded the legal defense for the killer of the great Medgar Evers - CHECK
  • The CCC was so doggedly focused upon their ideological entrenchments that they did not care about the (public) policy outcomes of their antics - CHECK
  • The CCC abused the processes in the justice system as a means of ultimately undermining the process of justice - CHECK
In as much as I believe that all people are 100% equal - it must be said that a group of "equal people" pursuing their interests also act in similarly bigoted ways.

I get the feeling that there is a consensus among some thought leaders within our community that the best way to compensate for the shame that they feel when they see the antics of Gregory Favors broadcast all across the news - as is the case in Metro Atlanta right now - is to find an INDICTMENT against the "authorities" where they have "assaulted" Black people:
It appears that this is a cathartic movement meant to counter the potential claims that "SEE Black people are criminals.  Despite all of their claims about RACIAL PROFILING - this dead cop shows what happens when you try to treat them EQUALLY in a traffic stop".

My personal opinion is that BOTH SIDES of this proxy battle are ignorant and wrong.
In as much as justice is "arrived at" through a continuing process of managing the course and heading of the system that seeks to express it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Count Them One By One" - The Struggle For Voting Rights In The South

"Count Them One By One" Author On Good Morning America

I have no control over how various people choose to ingest the painful history of this nation and apply it to their own lives today.

As for me - the sight of the black and white vintage film of these past violations of justice, human rights and the hijacking of any notions of a constitutional government make me appreciative that I live in the present where the historical tracks that we are presently laying down for some future generation will be viewed in "high definition color" and played on the eventual replacement of "YouTube" that they will be treated to in an effort to relate to us - their forefathers.

The tale of a voting registrar who's ultimate contempt for transparency in his job and the constitutional rule of law is truly despicable. The use of "poll tests" as a precondition for voting - the registrar choosing the questions should give EVERYONE pause as to how too much power in a group of human beings' hands - corporate, religious, cultural or GOVERNMENT can only lead to absolute corruption.

I respect most the people who chose to go against the grain. The establishment powers have their way only by the agreement that they extract from the oppressed populace. The injury suffered from standing up is made to be far greater than the benefit that is to be received by standing up ability to suggest one's own equal human standing as a living being per God's creation and constitutional rights per the man-made government which purports to allow certain "rays" from God to pass through the government unabridged and unmolested.

The registrar was indeed a "molester of justice". The network of them who operated upon the notion of "White supremacy" in the South had less respect for the US Constitution than the Street Pirates who I call out as the primary assailants today. Not only where these past "Justice Molesters" doing crimes against the US Constitution - they were given the fiduciary duties per the positions that they held to transparently uphold the tenants of the US Constitution.

They used the power and potential deadly force of government to maintain a system which they fooled themselves into believing was a just and necessary one. All the while they left scores of individuals who had been helping run their economy for centuries ultimately UNDEVELOPED - at a time when the entire region needed economic and social innovation to insure its growth and to diversity its economic base.

Today I Watched French TV In Which A Black Man Who Is The Head Of One Of America's Largest Banks Defend His Relationship With The President Of The United States Who Is Black

SIDE NOTE:  The world of Internet television is upon us.  I suggest that everyone purchase a Roku Internet TV device or download Boxee (free) in order to gain access to news from around the world - some broadcast in English.

(This is the French broadcast of France 24 - viewable on your computer.)

Today I listened to a Black man -  Richard Parsons -Chairman of the Board of Citigroup - the bank holding company of CitiBank.

The English speaking host of France24 questioned Mr Parsons regarding his comfortable relationship with the Obama Administration, having served as an economic policy advisor on Obama's transition team.

The interview noted that at a time where there is mass unemployment in America, Wall Street has returned to giving large end of year bonuses and having company Christmas parties.  He asked if his (Parson's) involvement with the government forces that are charged with regulating his actions amounts to collusion against the interests of the people?

Parsons adeptly answered that his company is in the business of making loans in an effort to expand the economic activity in this country and to make an honest profit in the process.  It is against their interests to look toward the government for financial subsidy.  These funds are evidence of some problems with the business and regulations accompany the assistance.  His interests is in mitigating and managing the risk that they are exposed to.

At a time when there is mass diversion upon the CCC of the 1960's and those who wish to "turn back the clock" - lost upon too many individuals seeking to leverage these type of indictments for their own purposes is the fact that a powerful Black CEO and banking titan has conferred with a Black president - assisting him in getting his administration up to speed.

It is also true that some of the people who are prone to tout both of these "advancements" are not so "advanced" that they are willing to include these two individuals as a specific claim that their collusion is proof that we are living in a "corporatocracy", thus having voiced their opposition to this relationship back when they were drunk with "hope" that "change" would have their condition far different than our present collective circumstances.   The photograph of these two powerful Black men together yet receiving criticism would have more likely drawn a defensive disposition.

Monday, December 27, 2010

What Is The Cause Of The Recent Spike In Party/Bar Shootings In Georgia?

From The Local Headlines On December 27, 2010
In The Past Two Months:

With all due respect, and not to make light of ANY of these murders - As I listened to a local radio show on Friday night as they talked about Frederick Jermaine Carter, the young Black male who was found hanging in Mississippi they went on to list the names of:
From these past indictments as to the compromised integrity of the officials in Mississippi the commentator suggested that we not believe the official classification of the death as a suicide.

I am going to allow the multitude of people who will involve themselves in the Frederick Jermaine Carter case to do their thing and not leave any stone unturned.

As the forces in Metro Atlanta for civil rights and social justice have their collective attention focused upon the "Strange Fruit" that was found in Mississippi - 374 miles to the west - I plan to keep my eye on the bumper crop of "Strange berries" that seem to be found closer to the ground in the places that have been vacated per this westward focus. 

It seems that while these "Strange berries" bleed red when they are squeeze - they don't prove to be as succulent as the "Strange Fruit" that is found in trees. 

While these Metro-Atlanta civil rights activists have mastered the technique for harvesting"Strange Fruit" from the trees - these "Strange Berries" that are found growing abundantly in their home communities have THORNS that prick them and cause them the great pain of "SELF INDICTMENT". 

The "Strange Fruit" and the "Strange Berries" have one thing in common:  They were both fertilized by the mindset that possessed great IGNORANCE and HATRED.   Each also festered in a community eco-system that provided complict protectionism from the time that they were seedlings.

The last and most shameful common denominator is that in both cases it is a BLACK MAN'S LIFELESS BODY that these fruits and berries are shaped like.

View Larger Map

Growing Anarchy In Mexican Towns

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Sadly - the force of "political correctness" and the will of some people to maintain their position on the top of the mountain called "moral indignation" causes blindess.

After watching a series of "Howard Zinn" documentaries during my vaction time after assisting my capitalistic corporation make money - I am not surprised of the stance that many people in America who don't want to deal with the truth about what is happening in Mexico today and how these conditions could easily spill over into this nation if we don't effectively manage our own affairs.

How many people inspect this situation in Mexico from the stand point of Mexico as a nation who failed to enforce their laws and root out corruption now find themselves as a hot bet of misery for the innocent citizens who now live in anarchy and chaos?

Which Song Does A Better Job Of Communicating Male/Female Relationship Drama w/o Violating This Frederick Douglass Afro Sheen Commercial?


Please use this commerical from "back in the day" as a reference to the pride and standards that used to be enforced WITHIN the Black community.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Now please consider these two music videos which tell of some "drama" between a male and female in a relationship.  

Which of these two videos are further beyond the admonition presented by the Frederick Douglass character in the AfroSheen commerical?
Appraisal Criteria:
Is what is CLAIMED to be the "most hateful word in America" used in the song.  That word is "Nigger".
  1. Is the song profanity laced?  
  2. Is the profanity that is used a part of the gimmick which makes the song popular?
  3. Which of the songs was nominated for a Grammy - thus enhancing its credibility?
  4. Which of the songs possess the Ignorant/Stereotypical/Degrading content that Black people used to say was attractive to the White people who hold the balance of the award panel - that we as a people should call them out for?
  5. Which of these songs would more likely appear in Spike Lee's "Bamboozled"?

Looking At The Front Door - Main Source - 1990

"Fuck You" Cee Lo - 2010

Remember That Housing Voucher Chaos In East Point Georgia? It Is A "Crime Scene" Once Again

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

3 (Black People) Shot At "Central Station Sports Bar" - The Site Where 30,000 People Stood In Line To Get Their Housing Vouchers

You have to be a "local" who knows the various "Mission Accomplished" areas where our people are highly concentrated for the name "Central Station Sports Bar" in East Point Georgia to mean something to you.

This is the location that was borrowed by the East Point Housing Authority  back in August 2010 to hand out housing vouchers.  30,000 people showed up for the event.    On this blessed Christmas weekend 3 people were shot at the Central Station Sports Cafe in East Point early Sunday.

These "Street Pirates" are males who grew up in this same community.  The prevailing messages that flow through this community (and others) failed to matain firm grasp upon the "conscious attention" of these young males - challenging them toward more productive ends.  Ends that are more in line with the NEEDS of the community.  These young males are needed to eventually hold up the standards which the community seeks to live up to.  These standards are those which all young people who follow them will benefit from.

This was a senseless shooting.  The gun man figured that at this time the 3 people in his gun sights were the most significant threat that faced him.  He thew away any thoughts of the consequences of his actions (ie: potential life sentence or execution).  He failed to think about the consequences of his bullet fired hitting a 3rd party not related to the beef.  Most of all - He failed to appraise the VALUE of the life of the "person who looked like him" and who is encased in the same circumstances as he.

The conscious upbrining that he was afforded failed to teach him the art of "conflict resolution".   Though I, a Black male, personally own 3 firearms this fact does not significantly increase the possibilities that my OFFENSIVE actions which I INITIATED against some other human being will appear on the news.   For me I would be throwing away more positive things that I have to protect than what these few minutes of apparent satisfaction in extinguishing the life of an adversary would bring to me.

IF there was ever a time for certain activists to make the argument about "separation from community" that certain actions (and policies) bring forth and cause injury - THIS - would be that time.  Yet the message needs to be directed toward the "Street Pirate" and not just the "Criminal Justice System".

The Difficult Task Of Human Resource Management For The Duration

The two recent actions which drew attention to the "Central Station Sports Bar" in East Point Georgia should be seen as a symptom of a larger problem.  No one should be satisfied with the notion of "There THEY go again - doing what they do best".

My argument is very different from that.

I make note of the forces who are making the best advantage of this situation.
After attending the East Point Housing Voucher event first hand in August I said to my frieds - "If the powers that be had a VOTING BOOTH right next door to the voucher distribution center - the majority of the people in line would vote in the manner that they were told to do IF this assured them the successful acquisition of a voucher.

People fail to note that this very phenomenon is taking place in the "vote harvesting" areas that run the length of "Main Street" and "Metropolitan Avenue" on the Southwest side of Atlanta.  The carpet bombing of campaign signs during election time hide the truth: These areas, which are largely composed of poor Black people are targeted by the political establishment that control them.

As long as these people are kept below the threshold at which they will riot due to their grievances FEW people in the Black Establishment will note the lack of COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT that takes place within these polygons.  I personally believe that certain leaders have contented themselves that if these people are going to be "poor and ignorant" AT LEAST they can be tapped for their reliable votes if the establishment powers go through the motions with the goal of showing that they care for these - "The Least Of These".

These "pawns in the game" fail to see how complict their are in their fate. 
They entrust their community development efforts to "confidence men" who ultimately seek to set up that polling place next door to "Central Station Sports Bar" to have these people do their bidding.  There is just more of a time lapsed gap in their "quid pro quo".

The Black Female Is Most Complicit And Suffers Most From The Dysfunction

In the picture above of what was reported as 30,000 people I can say with my own eyes as a reference that 98% of the crowd was Black and that no less than 95% of them were Black females.

Many of them were simply looking for shelter, likely in protection of their children.  I am not one to fault someone for doing what is necessary at a time of crisis.  The point that needs to be called out, however, is than these crises are "The New Normal" for many of them.

The POTENTIAL regenerative effects of a new generation is being squandered.  Though they are one more decade away from slavery to the point where those who hearken back to these days as they put on a 'Confederate Ball' receive scorn - the community as a whole has failed to take full advantage of their FREEDOM - their FREEDOM to instill a new set of consciousness within their progeny who are raised within the protective womb of a community that they now control.

The fact that these institutions that are under their control has not produced outcomes that are more inline with their desired higher standard of living is cause to inspect the real agenda of the people who now control the institutions.

The Black female's participation in the voting process and advocacy in general exceeds that of Black males.  They were the heart and soul of the Civil Rights Movement just the same.  They worked as "foot soldiers" as the male leaders received the bulk of the credit.

If we stitch together these facts of their heightened involvement and also note that they are made most vulnerable in environments where security is of heightened uncertainty - it is rational to conclude that these community resources who are proven "agents for change" also have a vested interest in adopting more effective 'CHANGE MANAGEMENT' skills in order to close the gap between the maintenance of the key institutions in their community and the outcomes that are in line with their interests.

The #1 power that they have is to channel "organically constructive" thoughts into the minds of those new human beings that are provided with life after they exit her body. 

This is not an indictment of the people in the area who are in desperate need of housing and who are attempting to make the best of their situation at hand.  These people merely have the misfortune to be ensnared in an area where Street Pirates roam, terrorizing the community with every slashing.

AJC Story
One of the shooting victims has died, Chandler said. No information is available on the other two victims, he said.

The sports bar is located in the 3100 block of Southeast Main Street.

Police do not know the motive and detectives are working on the case, Chandler said.

How Our Local "Human Resource Development" Institutions Fail Our Community Competency Development Interests

A recent report entitled "Minorities In Higher Education" that was put forth by the American Council on Education was analyzed by Harvard Professor Stephan Thernstrom.

Prof Thernstrom reads past the notation in the executive summary about the growth in access by minority students.  He touches upon the more compelling issue of performance and retention once the college workload is placed upon them.

It is stunning that this fact-studded 125-page report contains not a single word about the level of academic skills members of various minority groups have at the time they apply to college.

The quote above dares to ask the question that the activism for access has not focused upon enough - "Are the feeder academic institutions who prepare students for a higher education adequately preparing them for the college level demands?"

Prof Thernstrom goes on to say:
Any serious analysis of how various racial groups are moving ahead in the educational system must look at how well prepared they are to advance to the next level. The assumption of the ACE report is that minority groups should have made even more gains in higher education than they did over the past decade, but the authors never ask whether minority students currently leave secondary school with stronger skills than they had a decade ago. The answer is apparent in a quick glance at the evidence provided by the National Assessment of Educational Progress and the College Board. It shows plainly that racial gaps in cognitive skills at the end of high school today have not been narrowing in recent years. Indeed, the black-white gap in mean SAT scores, for example, has increased by 14 points, and the white-Latino gap by 7 points. Similarly, the most recent NAEP Trend study found that the black-white difference in reading scores at age 17 was as wide in 2008 as it had been in 1996, and in math it had shrunk by only an insignificant one point. For Hispanics, the gap in math was identical in both years, and the reading gap narrowed by a very modest 4 points, from 30 to 26.

Prof Thernstrom's analysis echo's what I have been arguing for an extended period of time:  On the subject of "Black Community academic advancement" there has been a greater push outward to either take control over local institutions or force college level institutions to provide access than a legacy of focusing upon ordering the key human resources who will benefit from a more coordinated elementary and secondary process to become more engaged in obtaining improved outcomes:
  • The Adult Parents of Students who are the managers of their children's academic career
  • The Students themselves
  • The Adults in the Eco-System who can provide gap coverage in support of parents
  • The Adults on the Teaching Staffs
  • The Adults in the School Administration and Political System
Today we are more likely to hear calls for unity among these groups as they gather for a protest on the steps of the school board administration to fight against austerity cuts.  Or - in the case of Chicago - a powerful local reverend calling upon students to travel to a nearby wealthy school system and threaten to register for classes unless the state does something to provide for the local school system.

Initiatives which call upon all of the human resources itemized above to achieve higher performance results based upon the application of an enduring set of corrective actions are fewer.

Those with a civil rights activism spirit are more likely to fight against the standardized tests that the report from American Council Of Education use to index minority performance standing.

I am made to ask - "What is the downside in the effort to organize the community human resources, enlisting more people in the project to fortify the academic preparation and attainment of THEIR OWN CHILDREN?".

If you reject the testing - why is setting up a more aggressive regimen for reading as a means of lifting up the proficiency levels a bad thing?  If "teaching to the test" is a sign of bad public policy - what should we call those policies which fail to prepare students for tests that index their results with other students who matriculated through a more effective system of academic propagation?   The students who have these skills that are being tested will ace the tests, regardless of how many they are presented for their appraisal.  

2011 - A Year Of Institutional Development Focus
If you are tired of me talking about "institutions" in the context of "Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development" on this blog thus far, you have not seen anything yet.

In the year 2011 this will be my major theme.
The challenge will be to wrest control of the consciousness which seeks to promote ideological and partisan operatives into the seats of these institutions, replacing them by first replacing the CONSCIOUSNESS about these institutions and their bottom line necessary in obtaining the higher standard of living that our community seeks.

The expansionary track where more political power is said to lead to better outcomes in the future must be turned around. POWER comes from the effective function of local institutions which prepare human resources who will go out into the world en masse and execute what they have learned per this preparation.

This also means that theories that are popular but which has failed to deliver the needed results must be purged. In short EFFICACY must trump POPULARITY. The "unity" must be around the SYSTEM that has been proven to achieve results, not around the entrenched METHODOLOGY which is more in line with the mass ideology.
The system affords a given methodology to run its course, it merely applies TRANSPARENT assessment of the results and the ability to allow these methods to continue or toss them out from continued use because they are expired and ineffective.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Say It Ain't So: Singer Teena Marie Dead At 54

Singer-songwriter Teena Marie dies at 54

My subscription to the Rhapsody Music Service has provided me with opportunity to reach back and enjoy quality music from the last 40 years.   One of those artists that I have rediscovered is Teena Marie.

There are certain artists where the studio engineers and the use of synthesizers are not required to bring them star power.  Their natural vocal talents carry them along.  Teena Marie is one of them.

Add her to the list of talented artists who have died too soon.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Technological Least Of These - How Peddling Black Inferiority In The Advanced Technology Space Fails Us

The Interviews Progressive-Fundamentalist Activist James Rucker: New Rules Exclude Key Ways Blacks Get Online

Please note the two key elements of the title of the piece from "The".  It contains the words "Blacks" and "Exclude".

While I can't confirm that it was Mr Rucker - founder of progressive-fundamentalist activist group "The Color Of Change" who provided the label to the interview piece - the person who did should have gone ahead and made a "Whites Only Sign" using an flat screen LCD computer display.  This is the image that they were shooting for in their carefully selected words.

I find it stunning that people who have the tremendous capability to "read between the lines" to find even a hint of a slight against Black people in the political space by our popular enemies appear to oblivious to other gems that are dropped for us to feast upon.  This done by those who seek advantage by keeping us in a defensive posture.

When I view the aggregate antics of certain activists I can't hope but think of the words stated by Carter G Woodson regarding the "back of the bus" and how certain people can bore a hole through any wall that is placed which blocks their access to it.

When we note that many of these same people proclaim that technology is the great equalizer per its ability to provide access to information for the edification of the consumer - their antics should be brought into question even more.

Welcome to the latest instance of the METHODOLOGICAL divide that exists between those who have differing viewpoints.   My outlook as a "Black Conservator" promotes the notion that a resource which is of value should be ACTIVELY pursued as it is prioritized against all other alternatives that prove far less productive.  It appears that James Rucker has the belief that something which has the value of uplift should be ADVOCATED for.  Those who are out of the loop should have "RIGHTS" to access this technological uplift.  From the movement to provide them access as "SOCIAL JUSTICE" is carried forth - new rights are created and a suite of "redistributive policies" that have regulation which will control for DISCRIMINATION will be put forth.

The Progressive points to "The New Deal" as their trademark legislative work.  The TVA brought electricity where there was kerosene lamps.  Later on the "Universal Service Fund" brought land line telephones where there was only universal US mail service.  They argue that a network that has universal coverage is of higher value because of the functionally maximized number of nodes on the network through which information is exchanged.

My argument is not against the taxation that is used to build up the fund to do these things.  Of course the sparse population and longer cable infrastructure runs weaken the business case for these rural places.   My primary argument is the tired, conspiratorial rantings that we often hear promoted by people who think as they do.  All of this fear is for no other purpose than to have the government strengthen its hand in relation to business.  In their view when "progressive run" government is in place then the "people's voice" is expressed where they would otherwise be silenced.

How To Move From The Transactional Indictments To The Big Picture

 My response to the views of Mr Rucker is effective (in my opinion) because it forces him to move off of his moral stance on this one issue in which he warns the consuming public to not TRUST big business as they have screwed us (or has been racist against Black people) in the past.

I itemize the last several stances in which "Social Justice" was brought to Technology and then note the ultimate solutions that was found and - most important make the reader aware that the "Social Justice ACTIVISTS" were not the "solution providers".:
  • "The Digital Divide:  The claim that the lack of computers or Internet access due to economic concerns or the rollout schedule of the telecommunications companies left poor Blacks in an "Internet-free Ghetto" as others were greatly benefiting from their use of this new world
    • SOLUTION:  I see the Netbook of today (low cost laptops) as the ultimate solution that was arrived at.  Even the new Google Chrome netbook comes with FREE Verizon Wireless access up to 100Mb per month before a subscription cost kicks in.   Prior to this point eMachines (for example) sold very inexpensive desktop computers to the public.   With respect to coverage - time was the answer.  With infrastructure build out as a multi-billion proposition bond financing of these projects require that the first round be cost justifiable via the subscription take rate.  This first build-out pays for the future build out projects.   
    • SOLUTION: Around the world the "Internet Cafe" model has been wildly successful.  The shared use computer allows a center to invest in equipment and scarce telecommunications links - optimizing the use of these resources and charging those who use them.  JOBS are created among the cafe administrators.  A culture of collaboration is created among the users.  Taxes flow as a result of economic activity.   Sadly the "shared use computer" concept has not been adopted as a COMMERCIAL enterprise in most inner cities in America.  Instead the "Government Option" of placing them into public schools and public libraries is more popular. 
  •  The Gap Between Software License Fees Between The United States and The Developing World: Large software companies like Microsoft were documented as having pricing in which American versions of Windows or Office cost $400 while they sell the same functionality in the impoverished nation of Bangladesh for $79.    (Note - if these were TAXES then the cost gap would be justified as "Progressive Taxation").  In their indictment they pointed to pharmaceutical companies that "sell high" in America's unregulated market yet cave to foreign governments who regulate or price cap the very same chemical compounds in their home nation.  The high prices in America shut out the economically vulnerable within who can't afford these fees as a barrier to obtaining a home computer.     
    • SOLUTION: The Open Source Software movement is thriving.   The Linux OS is a free alternative to Microsoft Windows.  The suite does most of what Microsoft Office can do and it is also free.   Various programmers used their talents to create an eco-system of software that perform any number of tasks.  The Open Source Software Movement is freedom in action. 
    • MISSED OPPORTUNITY - Unfortunately there is no popular initiative amongst activists like 'Color of Change' in which Black people are asked to put down their picket signs (or in these days - stop filling out online petititons to get some Fox News personality's advertisers to stop spending money there) and instead DEVELOP software as the ultimate fight against the "corporate machine".   Many of the players in the OSS movement develop skills that afford them a place within a salaried or contract employment position OR they can start their own entity - selling software via the expanding "App Store" environment.
      • I was happy to see the minority representation at the recent "Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Developer Kickoff".   MS has a vested interest in getting as many developers as possible lined up to produce software on their platform which will be competing against Apple and Android and BlackBerry and Palm.  They gave corporate and individual developers alike a STORE FRONT by which to feed their families after applying their intelligence toward making compelling software solutions for offering to the general public.   
    • The Municipal WiFi Fiasco - The last major "social justice" move in technology happened about 5 years ago.   The plan at that time was to "stick it to the major telecomms" by having cities construct their own 802.11 wireless networks.   Free or greatly reduced rates of Internet access was to be offered in competition to both the $39 per month DSL and Cable subscriptions and the $59 per month wireless cellular offerings, both of which economically shout out 'the least of these' due to profiteering.    After about a year of flexing and grand media coverage these initiatives crashed and burned.  It seems that credentials in "technological activism" does not always translate into sound business models.  After hundreds of millions of dollars spent these systems were not profitable.  The commercial broadband operators dropped their entry level access services down to as low as $14.95 per month, further eroding the value of the municipal offerings.  Today many of these same cities have their basic financial viability in question per their own eroded revenue base.  
      • SOLUTION -  The commercial broadband operators dropped their entry level access services down to as low as $14.95 per month, further eroding the value of the municipal offerings.  Today many of these same cities have their basic financial viability in question per their own eroded revenue base.  The coverage map that Verizon Wireless blasts on a daily basis gives us a hint  at the pervasiveness of high speed cellular wireless coverage today.  Every "urban ghetto" in America is painted as red as the ubiquitous "suburb with more resources" that resides nearby.  
In summary what should be a tale of continuing PROGRESS that is acknowledged, however reluctantly, by Mr Rucker instead is seen as a possible retirement of his relevance.   His general disposition is that of INDICTMENT, thus he positions himself as the arbitor of the "Black permanent interests" keeping watch over all corporations and Republican politicians.   A "Media Matters In Black-face" indeed.

It is important that I make note again that the SOLUTIONS to the problem that Mr Rucker and other "technological social justice activists" had stood - unbought and unsold - a few years ago did not arrive upon the Black community via their hands.  Instead it was the forces who saw an OPPORTUNITY in "underserved markets" who ultimately filled the void.   Sadly much of the equipment is made in China but that is another story.

If nothing else - please note that the very same corporations that Mr Rucker and others sought to "stick it to", hitting their revenues using municipal WiFi are the same corporations against he has a new disposition in his defense.  NO LONGER is he questioning the available access to the Internet by Blacks and Browns - his "Least Of These".   Instead he has initiated a slight of hand and promotes his concern that the WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS THAT THEY DO NOW HAVE  will be intentionally slowed.

Just Because You Don't Respect Economic Fact Does Not Mean That They Are Not True

In my former job with one of these evil telecomm carriers I survived several rounds of  staff reductions "cuts to the bone".  All of this as a result of the collapse of the "Internet Bubble".  Business slowed and the price points for the services that were being sold was slashed into fractions.

A large parade of individuals who had been making 6 figure salaries were ushered out of the door just like the union represented people making $55K per year.   Some of the same people who appeared to be rising through the ranks of management that were identified as benefiting from "White Privilege" by my Black peers who congregated on occasion were left go as well.  (I am thinking about a few of them as I type).

 The way the "badge of honor" works within the prevailing Black Political Consciousness Enforcement Model - Mr Rucker who stands against the exploits of big business - STANDS FOR BLACK PEOPLE.

Me - who has an inside view, however, am a "co-conspirator" on behalf of the same big businesses who are screwing Black people - according to them.

I have seen with my own eyes Black account executives and sales managers who doggedly go after large bonus checks  per their sales only to VOTE for people who's dogma would like to see the corporate entity that is paying for their upper middle class lifestyle brought down to size.  These places are where the "Black Flight Progressive" work.

Beyond the point about personal benefit - even Mr Rucker acknowledges the VALUE that the Internet has brought to the nation and the world.  Yet they are loathed to make note that in their pursuit of PROFITS in their business operations the value that he now is attempting to distribute more equally was established.

I don't coward from my "struggle" - however imagined - against those who ABSTRACT THEORIES do our communities ultimate harm.   They produce a virtual labor strike - holding resources off of the marked as they wait for some magical point of an agreeable compensation package.  This when they NEED to be working to build up collaborative resources by which they saturate a market with TALENT and slowly take it over.  Positioning themselves to be able to call the shots against their long time adversaries.  (Oh wait - I may have just described the China model).

The key point of understanding about Mr Rucker and those who think like him is that their strength is the INDICTMENT.  This is what they transact upon.  From this indictment they can bring resources into the communities that have been "economically disenfranchised".

One man's "Economic Disenfranchisement" is another man's FLAWED STRATEGY where the KEY INSTITUTIONS that they now control have not been able to prepare these EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS to obtain the COMPETENCIES necessary to slowly but surely enter into these places where value is created in the economy.   FaceBook has created several millionaires and at least one billionaire - all without charging any of its large Black base of users a penny of money.  (Note - I saw FB gift cards in Target and have no clue what they are.  Despite being a technologist I have NEVER responded to any of those "Farmville" or "Mafia Wars" requests from my friends.  I have no idea what these games are all about.  It would be great if people stopped sending them to me.   :-)   )   I suspect that the prepaid cards are related to the games that are available.

It is time to retire the Mass-Indictment model, leaving it for the areas where it truly is appropriate.  In the world of advanced technology and communications this type of "social justice" model is akin to demanding new 'Ipads' for inner city school children when they have been found to mostly be 4 grades behind in their reading proficiency level.

While it is true that technology is merely a tool by which learning can be conducted upon - it is also true that the present array of TECHNOLOGICAL GRIEVANCES are merely the latest space within which the grievance based activists choose to operate.

I challenge everyone to check my theories against their with the possibilities of ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT being the primary measure of the respective worth.

The Selective Memories Around The Concerned Citizens Councils

The recent discussions about the Concerned Citizens Councils as prompted by the fond memories elicited by Mississippi governor Hailey Barbour provided yet another chance for our nation to discuss its painful past with regard to race relations.

It is easy to see that Gov Barbour suffers from a psychological condition that most people do.  They don't want to make an indictment against their own people when they are/were in the wrong.  In doing so they compromise their own credibility in the eyes of those who are able to take a more dispassionate view of their actions.

It goes without question to see that the purpose of the CCC in Mississippi and elsewhere was to retain the present stratification of power at that particular time.

They did not do this by agreeing to develop a transparent system in which people, regardless of their race are allowed to compete on an open track.   The "supremacy" of White people being expressed by their incremental performance advantage after the referee fires the starter pistol and makes sure that all runners maintain their own lane as striped upon the ground.

In my book THIS would be evidence of the supremacy in the performance of that particular set of people who show their advantage.

Instead - in the eyes of the CCC and their array of partners - they maintained a scheme which retained their advantage by suppressing any ORGANIC growth of those who did not fit their definition of the "in crowd".

That poor, uneducated and dependent Black neighbor in the distance - who stayed on his side of the tracks -could not match the "superior status" of the CCC member.   Not because of the intrinsic inferiority of him as a human being but because in his "ignorant" form he was never tapped for his full human potential.

When the scope is cast upon the entire state the damage from this failure to develop a portion of their vital human resources renders the entire state behind other states who's systems within are more effective.

As I typed this last portion I was also made to think of my previous comments regarding the scheme of "nationalizing" certain standards as a point of obfuscation.  In the spirit of remaining consistent I should add that is it important to have scaled up goals that are executed as locally as possible.  Thus Mississippi's productive state in aggregate takes place as each local module of that state does its part in the increase.  The desire for the larger container district to improve does not remove the obligation for the local forces to do their part.

The CCC ultimately had no care for the interests of the state or the development of human resources within.  Their desire for a hierarchy and their place at the top was only relative to the little world within which they lived.  The fact that the vast array of Whites at the top where little better than the individuals in other states who are in the middle was of no consequence to their entrenched bigoted views.

When the great Booker T Washington talked of how no man can rise too far above the pit within which he chooses to oppress some other man within - he clearly was talking about the CCC of Mississippi and those who thought like them.

If Malcolm X Were Alive In 2010 And STILL Seeking The Protection Of The Black Community

Today Brother Malcolm might be looking under the sofa cushions WITHIN the house to monitor the threat to his interests in addition to looking out of the window.

Malcolm X 1963 Talking About The Forces
Who Are Murdering Black People Yet
Demanding Our Silence And Complicity As
Proof Of Our Allegiance To The
National System 
The Projection Of The Malcolm X Consciousness In 2010, Observing The Antics
Of  The Forces Who Are In Power Over The
Places Where Black People Are Being
Murdered And Assaulted By People Whos
Consciousness Is Constructed From The
Dysfunctional Messages That Are Maintained
Inside Of This Space.  They Demand
That He Be Silent And Complicit In Support
 Of Their Attempts To Deemphasize These
Assaults And/Or Maintain "Black Unity" By
Having The Collective Agree To Focus
Upon Some External Force So That No Internal
Establishment Power Receives Criticism
For The Carnage On Their Watch, Thus
Allowing Them To Proceed Unchecked In
Their Question To Retain And Aggregate
If violence is wrong in America, violence is wrong abroad.
If it is wrong to be violent defending black women and
black children and black babies and black men, then it is
wrong for America to draft us and make us violent abroad
in defense of her. And if it is right for America to draft us,
and teach us how to be violent in defense of her, then
it is right for you and me to do whatever is necessary to defend our own people right here in this country.

Malcolm X
November 1963 
If it is wrong for our long time EXTERNAL enemies to violently assault Black people,
leaving our communities in a state of terror, violent assaults upon Black people is wrong
at the hands of this EXTERNAL adversary
and is aggressively protested as such as
shown in the black & white Civil Rights film
footage shows us.

If calling out those who assail Black people
with their violence that they rain down in our
communities today is a sign of racial disloyalty
then it was wrong for those who you still praise as "Civil Rights Leaders" to have done
the same against the establishment leaders of
their day for covering for the assailants of
the Black community instead of repudiating

If it is wrong for our long time EXTERNAL
enemies to convene into organizations like
the CCC to cover for these assailants and to organize politically to protect the machine
under which so many Blacks are assaulted
then it is also wrong for the present
establishment system to look at who is
assaulting our people today and either
tacitly support or remain silent about the
messages, the culture, the repetitive actions
- all which PRODUCE the depraved state
of consciousness as represented in the
"Street Pirate" - a would be "pillar of the
community" who now functions as the
main ASSAILANT to the community.

Despite all of the tears of Black women
seen on television after receiving an assault
upon themselves or a loved one at the hands of a "Street Pirate" the  Establishment Machine
 does not recognize that its past failure to
mold the human resources that are raised up
within the zone they have struggled to grasp
control away from their EXTERNAL
adversaries is evidence that their focus to
grasp these seats of POWER was not done
to create a zone of protection for Black
people where these assaults happen at a rate
no more than what is seen in other places
where we are told the people are motivated
by greed and hatred.  Instead my appraisal
of the situation makes me believe that their
quest for these seats of POWER was for no
other reason than to aggregate POWER.

The tears that flow today are the same tears
that were shed by the actions of those we
acknowledge as our long term adversary.
It might be that both assailants are possessed
with the same spirit which must be defended
against regardless of its residency on the
outside or the inside.

In response to his "threats" to their interests to maintain
their power Malcolm X was targeted both by the US
Federal Government's FBI and The National of Islam
as well after he began calling the failure of both of them
to live up to their own standards. 
In response to the critical words made by Malcolm X In 2010, despite them being
spoken in support of the rights and protections of the Black community -
who proclaim themselves as well to be
pursuing their POWER for none other than
the pursuit of the "Black Permanent Interests" saw Malcolm X 2010 as a
threat to them because of his criticisms.

It is THEY who failed to see their new role
are now failing the interests of the Black
Community after a long struggle to take
control over the key institutional seats of
power - obtaining these seats by their
observations that others had failed Black
people when they sat in these same leather

In their demand that others see Blacks as
EQUAL - they fail to see how much
people who have POWER yet who don't
respect democratic institutions where transparency and free speech are key - this
regardless of their race. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

16 Cities Risk Bankruptcy In 2011

16 Cities At Risk For Bankruptcy In 2011

  1. San Diego, CA
  2. New York, NY
  3. San Jose, CA
  4. Cincinnati, OH
  5. Honolulu, HI
  6. San Francisco, CA
  7. Los Angeles, CA
  8. Washington, DC
  9. Newark, NJ
  10. Detroit, MI
  11. Redding, PA
  12. Joliet, IL
  13. Camden, NJ
  14. Hamtramck, MI
  15.  Central Falls, RI
  16. Patterson, NJ 

Benton Harbor Michigan Becomes A Ward Of The State

Benton Harbor Commissioners, mayor to file lawsuit against financial manager

Final Call - March 2010 - Commissioners In Benton Harbor Resist City Take Over

Let me set the record straight up front by specifying my knowledge of the present situation in Benton Harbor before I go on.   I only learned of the assignment of a Financial Manager to the city as appointed by the governor after reading the most recent edition of 'The Final Call' newspaper.   From what I can tell the city is in dire straights.  The city had to agree to this arrangement as part of a larger austerity plan.

The Local Leadership Seek To Protect Themselves Against The Larger Establishment

The most recent article about Benton Harbor from the recent "Final Call" is not on line yet.  In reading it I could not help but note how the local leadership of the city is seeking "community unity" as it FIGHTS against the actions of the financial manager that was imposed upon them by the state.  My key point is that even as "favorable people" become the ESTABLISHMENT and unfavorable results are obtained - those who are in power are able to escape damnation by calling for UNITY in the community as they fight against the external threat.  The fact that this present governor - Jennifer Granholm - is a Democrat just as all of the local politicians in Benton Harbor does not bode well for the assumption that the new Republican governor will have a "constructive" relationship with the city.

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Again - my goal is not to debate the party issue.  I am interested in understanding the dynamic by which the rank & file who is made to suffer after their years of loyalty given to the machine they have put into power allows the machine to retain its confidence and credibility with the masses.   It seems that the people are enforcing a dogma rather than a set of effective outcomes.

The words said by President Obama - "Don't give them the keys back" never seems to apply to these favorable machines.

I am not suggesting that they flip over to become Republicans.
I am merely wondering why they continue to invest in the "American Political Domain" for their development instead of a more organic alternative.