Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yet Another Black Establishment Bloger Looks Past Who Is Running Our Community To Hit Upon The Black Conservative

The Loop 21: Are Black Conservatives Sellouts?

Another day - another Black Blog site that focuses more on Black Conservatives, Republicans and Rush Limbaugh than they care to focus on who is actually running the Black community and the grievances that our people still have.

Remember the model that I have documented folks:

The "Black Blogger" is a part of the "Black Press" and thus this piece is merely executing upon their duties to refract our attention in a way that they favor.

My response to the hit piece:
Devona Walker - Do you notice that the focus of your critique of us
"dastardly Black Conservatives" focused on Dick Cheney and the
"International domain"?

Why not come back "Within the Black community", make note of who has the
dominate power within, the results that we are receiving from these key
institutions that we receive our civic services from that they control and
WHO HAS SOLD OUT our "permanent interests" on the way to political power

Of the key issues that we suffer from in our community:

* Quality Education
* Safe Streets
* Thriving Local Economies
* Healthy Lifestyles

WHICH ideological faction has proven most deleterious to our cause as a

Do you find it ironic that the same story that said that we Black
Conservatives are "minuscule" in number also did not bother to talk about
the force that is abundant in number?

Why are so many Black blogs focused more on Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh,
and Sean Hannity? IF "proportional representation" is your concern with
regard to Black Conservatives - you should make note that the views of the
people listed above have already been purged from WITHIN THE BLACK
COMMUNITY - and possibly you would benefit by doing some introspection on
the prevailing views and if they are in fact working for us?

I have previously analyzed and dismissed the passage from Cornel West:

He too suffers from the inclination to obfuscate as you do.

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