They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Stinging Rebuttal Of The "Phiadelphia Inquirer - Philly Crime Series" From Jody Of The Field-Negro Blog

My Progressive-Fundamentalist and frequent debate adversary from "The Field-Negro blog" opines the following in her dismissal of the detailed expose' from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

As for the series in the Inquirer... the reaction of folks around me is a bit different than yours Field.... the articles ASSUME that the arrests are all legit. That is a problem. There is no mention of the fact that people are arrested for things they didn't do all the time. They make it seem that the ONLY reason they are not found guilty is the DAs office... not wrongful arrests... which are a problem. One I see literally every day.

Also, they wrongly and fallaciously argue the few represents the many. No one disputes that the problems exist, but some of what they cite as the "norm" is not. It just is not. Interesting, the authors of the series are not the writers that cover the courts every day and I know of one attorney that called the writer to complain that DOES cover the courts, and he disavowed having anything to do with it.

I am not going to analyze my friend Jody's response as many of you would expect me to.  (Building up a "Progressive" straw man and then tearing it down.  Nope I am not going to do it.)

Instead I want to measure Jody's response in the context of the standard analysis of those who are defensive of a system and thus wave off any criticism there in.

We all know the narrative of how the Southern establishment fought tooth and nails over time to defend their indefensible way of life.  While it was a party for those who received protection from the system - the Blacks caught hell universally and the "Poor White Trash" suffered economically as their bondage toward the system that stifled their development also had them operating as the primary executors of the physical oppression of Black people.

Jody and other Progressive-Fundamentalist are not protecting the "system" of law enforcement, business or the classical protection racket that we are used to seeing.


The cover they provide is in the way of explaining away the destructive results that is born out of the eco-system that is entrenched on the streets of Philadelphia.  Thus is done in the context of their protection of the political and ideological establishment that reigns supreme within.

Jody and others, however, face one insurmountable fact: They are staring the order in the system that they worked so hard to assemble - RIGHT IN THE FACE.  Philadelphia, like so many other large cities, is a "single party town".  Thus while we are likely to hear generalized pronouncements about the system: "ie: the American system has ALWAYS oppressed the Black male - what we see is merely a modern form of the usual", we will not hear Jody and others make note of the fact that the present "OPPRESSORS" stood in judgment at the polls and were found worthy by Jody and the prevailing balance of her ideological soul mates that now run Philly.

Jody claims special insight in that she deals with many court cases each day where a Black male is wrongly accused of a crime.   I have full confidence that this is the case.

My challenge to Jody's world view is to ask this fundamental question:  As we all read the newspaper series that attempts to MODEL the real world conditions on the streets of Philadelphia - are we able to factor out the claimed inaccuracies and agree that there is a massive problem that extents far beyond the claim of INJUSTICE and the drive to OPPRESS THE BLACK MAN as the main driver?

Today the Chief Executive Of the City of Philadelphia is a Black Man (Nutter)
Today the top Legislative officer in the City Council is a  Female (Verna)

In a few short weeks the top Prosecuting Attorney in the city will be a Black Man (Seth Williams)

Once again we see the pattern of:  THE GRASP OF ENCUMBANCY but the DENIAL OF ACCOUNTABILITY.

I must ask again - What good does it do our community to seek this POWER over these institutions when we allow the forces who strung us along to escape from the results that are delivered?

The Consequence Of This Defensiveness

With the process of obtaining power by attrition via their political activism AND by remaining amorphous regarding their willingness to peg a specific force for the cause of the problems that they are always struggling to defend against - Jody and those who think like her effectively decouple the functional purposes of their activism from the actual delivery of results on the ground for the benefit of those they purport to be working on behalf of.

They are forced to depart this "field of battle", as they run to the state and national legislature to WORK ON BEHALF OF those who are in need at the local level.  Since they are not planning to topple the local establishment that they assisted in assembling this outward expansion is their only option.

The flaw in the Black community is that we failed to seek "earnest money" at defined check points along the way as we assisted in the construction of this present order.   Now we are asked, one more time to "keep the faith".   Help the establishment to make one more run at our national enemies.  Though they have moved away - their personal safety deposit boxes have retained the resources that we need for our fix.  The quest is to break open these treasuries and spread the resources out in a more fair apportionment.

The key flaw is that the education and productivity is not made as the ESSENTIAL ELEMENT of this movement to be successful ALONG THE WAY.

Instead enhanced education and productivity of the aggrieved masses are positioned as the future FRUIT OF their successful conquest.   

(Please re-read these two sentences to insure you understand the differences)

In summary they want to WORK ON BEHALF OF BLACK PEOPLE.
They need to get the Black community aligned so that all of its efforts are PLACED IN LINE WITH OUR PERMANENT INTERESTS.

  • What good is it that you now run the schools when this has not enhanced the quality and quantity of the graduates? Are they now better positioned to be the professional service agents in their own communities?
  • What good is it that you now have a favorable regime over BOTH SIDES of the criminal justice system?  Are your communities safer?
  • What good is it that you now have the RIGHT to health care?   Can the aggregate productive capacity in the domain that you now control produce the financial resources necessary to deliver these services?

These type of challenges to the Progressive orthodoxy is not going to be asked from a loyal insider.  They are too smitten by their apparent election day victories and apparent progress forward.

I only ask all of you to lay out the point in the future where Philadelphia experiences a massive revolution and correction once your systems that you have locally are made more entrenched nationally?  Help me out.  I can't see it.

BLAX News: The Tale Of Two Black, Off-Duty Officers - Which Incident Will Receive More Press?

Off-Duty Black Cop Arrested By 2 White NYC Police Men
(Hat Tip: Booker Rising blog)

Off-Duty Officer In Philadelphia Shot In The Leg By Street Pirate
(Hat Tip - Black Political Thought)

BLAX News Network analysis.

Two incidents involving Black police officers.
One is VICTIMIZED by two fellow officers whom are White.
The other is VICTIMIZED by a Street Pirate who chose not to make use of "non-lethal weapons".

Sadly only one of these incidents has injured the "Black community's SOUL" and thus is more likely to be propagated through the Black Establishment media sources.

It is the evidence of "Black Community Suppression By White Police Officers" (Authority Figures) that has more legs to it. The theme of "See now you see what we were talking about despite you being an insider" is a far more compelling story.

The Black cop who was shot in the leg as his friend was murdered by a Street Pirate is merely "another Negro who got himself shot". After all -WHOM are they going to protest against? The Street Pirate, like Al Queda does not have a capital building or a corporate headquarters to have a protest march against or sue.

Barack Obama Thwarted The Election Of The First Female President - Women Should Be Pissed!!

DNAInfo: Gov. David Paterson's Dad Claims Andrew Cuomo Lacks the Black Votes to Beat His Son

No my blog headline is not real. BUT it logically follows the arguments made by Basil Paterson, father of New York Governor David Paterson.

If Black people are expected to have a "long memory" in regards to how Andrew Cuomo acted as a spoiler against the election of the first Black governor of New York, Carl McCall then it stands to reason that the "Black Guy In Chief" acted as a spoiler to the ascendancy of this nation's first female "Commander in Chief".   Thus women should be pissed and take it out upon Barack Obama in 2012.

If this sounds ridiculous to you - AND IT IS - then why is it that the comments from Basil Paterson will GO UNCHALLENGED in the press?

Worst of all note the PATTERN.
Black people are not asked to consider their economic standing under the tutelage of the present governor and render their votes accordingly in the next election.

Instead we are a "special interest group" and thus we should vote our SENSITIVITIES.   Andrew Cuomo can't be attacked for being a "Republican" thus the new justification for not voting against him (and/or "voting for the Black guy Democrat") is because he dissed Black people back in the day when he dared to run against the last anointed Black person. 

Whereas the words "You are a credit to your race" has been retired because it is offensive - "Voting your race" enjoys frequent use within the Black Establishment.   To be sure - this force is active amongst all people.   The point remains, however, that only WHITE PEOPLE are shamed for suggesting that their base do so publically.   For the Black politician in New York state or Memphis - such violations go unchallenged.

Is the Black voter an EQUAL voter with equal expectations put upon him?

If our interests were being served as these schemes are conducted - this would shut me up by default.  The fact that these operatives are allowed to go unchecked AS our interests are derailed makes the resulting silence unacceptable to those of us who seek to deliver upon these interests rather than to empower the Democratic Party and/or Black Establishment.

"Come To Philadelphia - For The Restaurants, The Theater, And To Be A Criminal.'

Philadelphia Inquirer Series: The Breakdown Of The Criminal Justice System Of Philadelphia: Tens of thousands of Philadelphia fugitives are on the streets, abetted by the city's deeply flawed program.

This is an excellent series put forth by the Philadelphia Inquirer.   They inspect a particular element of the system (courts or bail system) and then present a real world example of how the breakdown in the system has translated into terror in the community or another tick mark in the "murder count" within the city.

I struggle to understand why no other "Black-themed" blog has picked up on this series to fully analyze the details contained within as they so frequently translate into the injury of our community's standards.  This series paints the picture of domestic terrorism.  Black people are suffering disproportionately.

The fact that the narrative that we hear at the national level that tells the tale of the 'hard knock life' suffered by the masses due to amorphous claims of misalignment of societal resources varies so much from the scene painted by this series and others like it suggests that there is complicity in the cover up.

The national narrative fails to mention the most important agent in the matter:  THE WILLFUL STREET PIRATE!!

No Respect For The Law.  No Respect For The Community No Respect For Himself

From the article:
In his first arrest as an adult, the 18-year-old Timothy Scott was accused of taking part in the 2006 carjacking of a $30,000 Audi A4 stolen at gunpoint in Mantua from three Haverford College students.

Police arrested Scott some time after the carjacking when they spotted him standing next to the open door of the stolen car - and he took off running when officers approached.

That arrest was tossed out because police couldn't tie Scott to the actual carjacking. The city later paid Scott $25,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging that he'd been falsely arrested and that his cystic fibrosis had gone untreated while he was in custody.

A year after the carjacking arrest, police say, Scott stole a Dodge from a used-car dealer and auto-repair shop near his home.

Three days after the theft, the shop's owner, Alfred Mosby, spotted Scott in the Dodge. By now, one side of the car had been badly damaged. Mosby reached into the car and grabbed the keys, and he and Scott began to fight, Mosby said in a recent interview.

Police briefly handcuffed Mosby, thinking he was the car thief, but soon afterward arrested Scott.

About a month after that arrest, police said, Scott confronted Mosby in court and threatened him, saying, "I know where you are and I'm gonna f- you up." Scott now faced a second case, of witness intimidation.

Over the next year, both cases collapsed.

Mosby, 55, said he showed up for hearing after hearing, only to find them postponed.

"The system is messed up," Mosby said.

Indeed, records show that the trial in the car theft was rescheduled six times - and the witness-intimidation case, seven times.

After a while, Mosby said, he simply got worn out. He was losing valuable time repairing and selling cars.

"Time," he said. "I couldn't continue to run back and forth, back and forth."

To make matters worse, Mosby said, a judge kicked him out of one hearing because he was talking too loud. Mosby insisted he had been speaking quietly to a potential customer.

"I left," he said. "I had to go to work. I'm not going to sit there and be humiliated."

Finally, disgusted, Mosby decided to settle the whole thing privately. At a court hearing, he took Scott aside and told him he would drop the case if Scott paid him $5,850 to repair the Dodge. Scott agreed, paying him $40 on the spot, and promising more later, Mosby said.

Mosby said he stopped pursuing the case, but Scott never paid any more money.

As he turned 21 last year, Scott racked up more arrests - and a series of bench warrants as he failed to show up for court.

One pinch was for cursing at police and trying to block them while they made arrests in the summer of 2008. Scott was found guilty and given two years' probation.

In another arrest sheet that summer, police called him a "drug dealer known to carry firearms."

Investigators said this after police arrested him on the street, where they said they found him with 13 vials of crack. He was released without having to put up any money.

Within five weeks, Scott was apprehended on a second drug charge. Again, he was released without having to put up any money.

Two weeks later, he was arrested again on a third misdemeanor drug-possession charge. This time, the court said he had to put up $100 - 10 percent of $1,000 bail.

Before he came up with the money, Scott got lucky. As the result of a routine move by the city, he was let out of jail in the fall of 2008 under a "special release" petition to relieve prison overcrowding. Scott didn't have to put up any money.

He was one of about 2,000 inmates released yearly under a twice-weekly review process that has been going on for more than a decade.

Within five weeks, he would skip a court date. He was a fugitive.

What I see in Timothy Scott is a person who is living in the immediate moment.
He will do anything or make any promise in order to get through the present desperate circumstance.  This includes stealing a car because he needs transportation.  This also means promising the victim of his car theft restitution for the damages done as a means of escaping prosecution.  When the heat is off - he fails to pay as promised.

The City of Philadelphia as at least 47,000 "Timothy Scotts" walking their streets.   Many, many more simply have not yet been identified as such.

How does a CIVILIZED environment remain as such when so many residents within willfully flaunt the law and standards there in?

There is a continuing claim that these are among the "forgotten people" in society.  They have not been given the resources from the nation to allow them to take a different course.   I would argue from a substantively different angle.

This series highlights the fact that the criminal justice system in Philadelphia and most other cities is not configured to handle a large quantity of people that stream its way.  Those who are career criminals eventually learn how to use the systems flaws against it and for their own advantage.  There is often a defense attorney that is complicit in this action.

We are seeing is a breakdown in the integrity of the system that because the people who reside inside of the domain of the system's authority have lost respect for operating within the confines of this system.  The agents of authority who are deployed to enforce the rules have been over run.

The system cannot function with so many assaults upon its integrity.
As an inevitable result - everyone living under this system will have a degraded standard of living BECAUSE the centralized and authorized agent which was commissioned to maintain the rules cannot bear the load that has been outsourced to it by the array of adults who have failed to do their jobs at the periphery.  (Parents, Community Leaders, Teachers, Preachers, Politicians).

My Cordial Debate With Francis Holland On Black Male Employment vs Incarceration

From The Response To A Previous Post That Was Triggered By A Discussion Upon The "Jena 6"

Francis Holland says:
While specific legal gains were made for the Jena Six, we know that we have a national problem of systematic injustice that results in Black unemployment being twice that of whites and Black prisoners being half or more of the prison population when we are only 12.8% of the populace.

(Note - my goal is not to discredit anyone or make excessive use of mockery and slander. [Well at least not on this particular blog] Instead my goal is to engage in a structured debate about what ails us and to challenge some of the conventional wisdom that has driven us up the mountain that we have struggled to get up. Some elements of this modality simply does not work once we reach a certain plateau and WE become the managing order in the domain.)

With respect to the paragraph above which expresses the words of Mr Holland and reflects upon the strategy by which many Black people seek to FIX our community's problems (specifically Black males) I disagree with this tactic and I will conclusively detail why.

In this statement there are two key constructs:
  • Injustice Rained Down Upon Black Males which channel them into the "Prison Industrial Complex"
  • The question of the Employment Of Black Males in Productive Jobs
Allow me to challenge Mr Holland's reasoning.
If there was a situation where the City of Philadelphia  were to control for the "injustice" struck against Black people - would such governance against the authorities in Philadelphia keep Black males out of jail in that particular city, instead allowing them to remain on the street as upstanding and productive citizens for their communities?

Some of you may think that I am exploiting Mr Holland's words as if it is a pure serial alignment.  (ie: First we will fix the injustice and then after this oppression is gone the Black males will blossom into their natural character).   My rebuttal is that indeed this is what functionally happens BECAUSE the Black Establishment which is abundantly leftist tend to operate within the confines of their STRENGTHS.   These strengths happen to be the milieu of "struggle".  Thus they will be seen "struggling" against the injustice of the "criminal justice system".  Then they will be seen "PROTESTING" for jobs!!  

This appears rationale because, as they no doubt make note - IF these Black men are to remain out of jail they need to have productive means of expressing themselves.  They are "criminals" because all other channels for productive ends have been closed as they have been economically isolated.

In both cases we must make note that they go to the "trough" of the AUTHORITY that appears to be over them in both cases and make demands upon this force.  The "authority" that has maligned the system of justice.  The "authority" who has the resources to create jobs for the people.

My challenge to both of these perspectives upon "authority" is that - Today, more than ever this AUTHRORITY is...................YOU!  

YOU have pushed "THEY" out of office and out of the domain which you now live in your highest concentrations.   This "YOU" is not always a "racial YOU".   Instead it is more often an ideologically compatible "YOU" that was seen as worthy of your vote.   You have already purged those who are offensive to your spirit out of office where you have most control.

The City of Philadelphia (along with Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and so many others on my "Progressive Cities" list) is a symbol of the political victories that have been won via this same type of political advocacy in which the prevailing order was demanded upon.   Inserted into these offices over time were "People who care for us and have our best interests in mind".

The only problem with this entire agenda in total today is that with your favored people in power at the LOCAL level (per the previous victories), Mr Holland and others can no longer look to stand against these LOCAL AUTHORITIES to purse their grievances.  They are already "BFFs" in place and they are on the same song sheet.  Their failure to deliver is no longer down out of RACIAL and IDEOLOGICAL HATRED of Black People.    Instead their incompetence is due to LACK OF RESOURCES.  Their challenge is due to the NATIONAL misalignment of resources that has been the case since the founding of the United States.  Mind you - I am speaking in the mind of the progressive in the above paragraph.

All of this line of thinking above establishes the base logic for the Progressive-Fundamentalist.   From this he will leverage his local political power base which is now working "for" the people, speaking in their voice to lobby as a united front against the NEXT RUNG OF GOVERNMENT, demanding that they provide adequate resources.   

Thus this next rung of government is expected to use its taxing authority to act as a "resource spreader" as a means of eliminating the imbalances within its domain.   Whereas the old local establishment has moved outside of the city borders and took their resources with them - the new political establishment, though FAVORABLE to those who remain, do not have control over the MEANS OF PRODUCTION (and Finance).  The progressive seeks to counter-act the willful departure to the suburbs or rural parts of the state by engaging the state to tax and then redistribute thus "shaving the rough edges off of capitalism". 

(Note: If I have molested in any way the way that YOU ALL think - please let me know.  My goal is to model your behavior and make it more EFFECTIVE.   This is what I do with companies in my professional capacity.)


The main criticism that I have with the model of activism that has been documented above is that it primarily focuses UPWARD.  It draws upon some notion of "social justice rights" that the nation owes those at the periphery.  The rank and file will be SERVICED after a more fair system of distribution of "resources" and "justice" is apportioned. 

The human resources known as "Black males" are functionally kept out of the employment market segment where they might be EXPLOITED until there are jobs for them that are up to the standards that modern day America demands.  These jobs have a specific:
  • Labor Rate
  • Benefits Package
  • Safety Standard
  • Working Hours
  • Environmental Standards
With these standards all impacting the bottom line of the "Consumers of Labor" in aggregate, it is incontrovertible that these attempts to improve all conditions associated with production also price certain jobs out of the market.   This is called "corporate greed" in modern parlance.  Call it that if you will.   The bottom line consequence remains:  FEWER JOBS FOR THOSE WHO NEED JOBS BUT LACK THE SKILLS TO DO SO.

I make the case, even more provocatively, that in this closed system of give and take - as the hurdles were lifted upon the "consumers of labor" the doors of the prisons were opened wider.   The proper evaluation of the COSTS of raising the standards that are enumerated above is to document the exposure that the PRISONER has to these same references.

  • What is the pay rate for the Black male prisoner?
  • What "Health Care Package" does he bring to his family?
  • Is his "work place safety" in prison assured?  Or does the authority have to clear out the shanks that threaten him?
  • Does "solitary confinement" pay overtime after an 8 hour shift?  (What about the "upline" for whom the  street corner pharmacist works for and gets his drugs?)
  • The "Environmental Discharge" from the prison is the human time bomb that is let back into the "societal river".

You see folks - I will not win an "NAACP Image Award" for bottom lining the painful truths as I have just done.  The Progressive will always have the advantage over me because he is allowed to ADVOCATE for a better living for all without ever having to stand and account for the derivative products resulting from him "whacking a mole" who's heads has been raised on the side of the board where he is most strong.

I did not advocate for the disassembly of some of the hard fought labor protections.  I only dispassionately documented the CONSEQUENCES of some of them.  It is fully documented that "capitalism requires exploitation".   Far less articulated is the consequences from centralized social order in the name of secular progressivism.


The same people who WORKED FOR FREE on behalf of "Barack Obama", spending endless hours and sending in their own checks to achieve and end appear to have a problem when a corporate "consumer of labor" similarly accepts mass labor and leverages it for their own purposes.   Thus I conclude that the "offense" is NOT that one does not get "paid" for their labors.  The problem is that in the normal "labor vs ownership" model - the OWNER retains too much of the benefit from the labor.

If the corporate model is so repugnant to so many of you - Where are the modern day "Marcus Garvey's"?  During the height of the "American Apartheid" system Garvey did so, leveraging our right to assemble for our private interests all without seeking to take over the government with quasi-socialist ends.  The "ownership" question was settled because the collective benefited from the effort.  

Indeed it was "injustice" that doomed Mr Garvey's efforts (in addition to shoddy accounting practices).  Unlike the movement behind Barack Obama - Mr Garvey's effort was "non-governmental" in nature and instead based upon jobs, pride and community development.  This was the last great "organic" development effort in Black America.   Mr Garvey did not receive one dime in "federal income redistribution" to move forward.  At a time when the notion of "redlining" was defined - he succeed because the people who the banks receive their funds from via checking and savings accounts - put their money DIRECTLY into his effort and not the bank.

In summary being "anti-corporate" and pro-government jobs has failed in the past and will fail again.  The exploding national debt that such a play will run up is going to one day force you to develop a more LOCALIZED plan once the nation goes insolvent after decades of being all things to all people.

One day the Black community will either benefit from the choice of having developed a more effective local, distributed means of labor demand and "law and order" OR it will realize that it should have done so once the central government that we turned to for such services implodes.  At that point in time in the future we will see that the 'centralized government SERVICE' model was just as much of a period of LOST TIME as SLAVERY was.  Both similarly hijacked our "Self Determination", proving to be a set back to the development of the necessary human resource management systems necessary to achieve a certain end.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How To Properly Appraise "Black Folks And Their Views From Political Opinion Polls"

How To Properly Appraise "Black Folks And Their Views From Political Opinion Polls"

First the relevant story:

CNN: Poll: Obama still very popular among African-Americans, but 'thrill is gone'

Second my analysis of this CNN story:

CNN has failed again to "get it right".  This is the case with so many other mainstream journalism entities.  They pegged the opinions of Black people upon two typical attributes:

  1. The POPULARITY of a given political figure
  2. Their OPINION about "race relations". 
I assure you that the average Black person would not care about what other races "thought about us" IF our children disproportionately dominated the enrollment at all of the top universities in the nation.  Not one bit - assuming that our people were safe from physical assault due to racism.

Thus, once again - there is no hint made by CNN or other public information agency to tie Black people's POPULAR THOUGHTS on a given matter to the "brass taxes" of what really matters to our communities.

Instead of repeating "what matters" to Black people I will repost a comment that I made on the "African-American Clarion Call" blog in response to the general question asked to all Americans: "Is America Headed Upon The Right Course?".

Third My Opinion:

I disagree with your posting.
Not on the facts presented but on the scope.
The scope on the item that is being appraised.
The scope of the people being asked.

Here is my point:
Change the scope of the people being asked from “All Americans” to “Black Americans”.

If you keep the appraisal upon “America” – this group will produce a graph that has an abrupt distortion in the plot line.

The plot between Nov 2008 to Jan 2009 and beyond would experience a substantial jump toward the positve.

NOT because the results of their children’s education have improved
NOT because they are measurably safer in their communities.
NOT because their economic outcomes are better.

The ONLY force that has changed is the election of a favorable person to them that they must “save face” on behalf of.

All of these type of polls are merely POPULARITY CONTESTS.

I reported about a Black woman in Georgia the day after her home flooded this past fall. In the television report she told of her distress over losing her home. She thanked the shelter hosts and THANKED PRESIDENT OBAMA. She mentioned that "it was good to have a presidential administration who was concerned for her wellbeing".   The only problem was – This was a LOCAL “first responder” effort at the time of the interview.

Unlike in New Orleans - FEMA was able to do what it is configured to do – come in AFTER THE FACT and hand out checks for mid-term shelter or repairs to their homes. FEMA is not a "first responder organization".   FEMA handn’t even come to the scene yet but this woman, being wise to the stakes at hand for Obama's image after seeing Bush attacked after Katrina – made sure she expressly thanked the new president for helping her.

The key strategic problem is that Black people can’t have our “satisfaction” keyed based on the presence of a politician or party in office at a given time. We have too many “ideological bigots” in our midsts that are willing to commit “jury nullification” to skew the results.

I also underscore the need for a shift because as a people I am convinced that we can help this country most by HELPING OURSELVES. The increased productivity within the Black community will be averaged into the nation’s productivity.  The improved schools per our reformed management effort improves American's standing.  With this understanding people are inclined to SELL THIS TO AMERICA and thus ask to be SERVICED.   What we need to do is to SELL THESE NOTIONS TO OURSELVES and begin to better manage the local human resources that we have control over - because they are US!!!

To appraise the Black community’s standing we must first define our key permanent interests and measure our standing compared to it:

* Safe Streets
* Quality Education
* Thriving Local Economies
* Healthy Lifestyles

For me as an individual – the greater indictment is the fact that the present Federal government regime ALSO is in power in every single Black community (or where Blacks are 35%+ of the voting base). The synergy of policies between local and national, while favorable to the Black Establishment forces  – masks the abject failures that have taken place locally as the local institutions can no longer satisfy the demands of the people who put the machine into power at the local level decades ago.  Thus they are now seeking to NATIONALIZE their efforts.

Black people need to be forced to DISCONNECT our ‘racial development’ consciousness from the American Political domain and shift it over to the “Community Cultural Consciousness & Competence Domain”. The only way to do this is to manage by permanent interests not by POPULARITY .

In closing the only VALID poll at this point is to ask Black People:

Do the present state of affairs of the key institutions that you have leverage upon and which you look toward for Civic Services effectively POSITION YOUR COMMUNITY FOR A FUTURE that is more productive, proficient and peaceful in that your key human resources are deployed to achieve this end?  Since THEY are the key beneficiaries - who else should perform these tasks?

Detroit On Film


While I agree with the general sentiment of the video - I do believe that the author is overgeneralizing. For example - there is no question about it that organized labor has driven up the cost of doing business in the Detroit and other "Rust Belt" cities they were not alone in their conspiracy. The corporate capitalists deserve their share of the blame for making agreements that ultimately caused the collapse of the companies and the region.

I don't make a wholesale rejection of "Progressivism/Left-Viewpoints" (yes it is true as hard as it might be for some of you to believe).  Instead it is important to analyse the CONTEXT by which it or any alternatives is applied.  In as much as it is clear that "Progressivism is not ORGANIC" when this theory "wins" and thus is the only game in town the results are very predictable.  Progressivism needs some force to struggle AGAINST.  Take that opposing force away and it will fall just as a man who seeks to push against the wind after a wall has been removed will fall on his face.

Progressives fail to make note when they, by necessity, must switch from revolutionaries and rebels over to fielding a system by which their goals can be obtained inside of the 4 walls that they now control as the ESTABLISHMENT.

Still the point must be made as is the case in the film. The most popular narrative for Detroit is that "corporate greed" caused companies who were not about to pay a "Living wage" to their employees to pull out and go overseas. While this did occur in some cases it does not adequately define what has happened in total. Many firms shut down after losing their solvency. Some moved to lower cost Southern states.

It is true that the language which adequately depicts the fault that Progressive forces have played in the manner is undefined. After all they were working in the "best interests" of the people for better pay. Right?

The truth is that the best deal is not one that temporarily maximizes your advantage. Instead it is the deal that proves to be most enduring. The deal where your interests are addressed AND you are positioned for a more abundant future.

Instead we see a Detroit that is reverting back to its natural wilderness state because the departure of man from its borders has removed the forces of productivity that once manicured the land.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Self-Prescribing Black Establishment & The Million Little Cuts That Kill Us

Francis Holland blog: "Jena 6" - On The Right Side Of History

From the Francis Holland blog: counts the Jena Six March among the ten most important events for Black people of the last decade, saying:
We didn't know what to expect of course and there's no way anyone could have truly predicted the events of the early 2000s. It's definitely been a roller coaster. As we close out the decade and await the imminent arrival of 2010, here are the ten stories that have shaken us up and changed the way we see this country, the world and ourselves.
It feels good to have known political news when I saw it and to have participated in helping to write and catalyze the enormously successul petition and organizing for the Jena Six March, as well has having announced in writing in 2006 and then on YouTube in April 2007, that, 'It's time to end the 43-term white male monopoly of the presidency.'

Not everyone agreed with me initially, particularly many jaded Black bloggers, that it was time for a president who is not a white male, but virtually everyone who is not a Republican or a right-wing independent eventually realized the truth of this proposition.

This post along with the prioritized list of "important stories in Black America during the 2000's" highlights the problem that the power to "self-prescribe' one's own tonic" presents to our interests as Black Americans struggling to obtain and maintain the standard of living that we desire.

In the mind of "The" and Mr Holland of AfroSpear fame the actions of a few Black males and a White district attorney in a small town in Louisiana had a more significant impact upon Black Americans than did the daily slashing upon our collective epidermis suffered by our community from other "less noteworthy" self-inflicted wounds from forces from within.

In the bifurcated threat assessment that is present among some Black Americans - no "Street Pirate" will ever be able to do anything that threatens the interests of the Black community to the scale at which J. Reed Walters - the district attorney of Jena Louisiana did to threaten our collective spirits. (Note: The PBS Series: "The History Detectives" ran an episode today that featured a fund-raising stamp associated with the "Scottsboro Boys".  They were the group of Black males who indeed suffered from the race driven injustice of a small town, racist White criminal justice system that attempted to railroad them the rape of two White women in a railroad box car in Jim Crow-era Alabama.   I  strongly suspect that the Civil Rights Establishment was seeking to make the "Jena 6" into the modern day "Scottsboro Boys".  The key difference is that the "Scottsboro Boys were COMPLETELY INNOCENT.  The story was a complete fabrication)

I am still on a quest to define the formula that models the number of assaults upon Black people by  "Street Pirates" that equals the assault of ONE White man in the authority of a police man, a district attorney, a judge or a jailer.  Thus far not even the aggregate impact of individual pirate attacks in total in just one large metro area  out of many around the nation can trigger such a large protest march where thousands of interested souls are willing to drive more than 9 hours to attend the rally which tells the Street Pirates:  "NO MORE!!!".

In my view the "Jena 6" diversion is not worthy of mention in the top 10 list of "important stories" for the decade with respect to Black America.   If the "HIV Epidemic" made it to the list despite the fact that this threat has metastasized via one interaction where "body fluids" were exchanged at a time - then so should merit the gross number of "Pirate Attacks" upon the Black Community during the decades.   In addition the fact that these CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS did not register on the radar of the Black Civil Rights establishment should also be noted.

There is no other event that took place in the decade that had more "Black people crying on the nightly television news" than what these serial pirate attacks around the nation hath triggered.

In just ONE DAY in ONE CITY'S newspaper - the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

US Education Secretary Arne Duncan's Accomplishments In Chicago Questioned

MSNBC article: Some critics challenge magnitude of Duncan’s accomplishments in Chicago

To those who follow the "muckraking" done by this blog this should not be news to you.

I have called out Arne Duncan's results in Chicago along with the present establishment powers that manage the educational institutions in the city.   They manage to graduate only 52.2% of all high school seniors.  The fact that 87% of all Chicago Public Schools students are Black or Hispanic means that this unacceptable rate has an undue and deleterious impacts upon minority students.

Lump this as yet another bit of evidence of the misaligned system of political activism by the Black "rank and file" and Black Establishment.  Instead of working to resolve our most pressing challenges by properly managing the key local resources that are already within our domain of control - they have chosen the path of political power aggregation via expansion.

I believe that the failure to graduate more Black students in Chicago has a direct bottom line impact upon the Black male unemployment rate as I have highlighted in a post a few weeks ago.

Arne Duncan vs Rod Paige

During my efforts at monitoring Black talk radio (WAOK AM in Atlanta) and an assortment of Black Progressive-Fundamentalist blogs one sad fact is obvious.   The sustained attacks that were cast upon US Education Secretary Rod Paige and the "No Child Left Behind" has totally evaporated.   With both Paige and "NCLB" being attached to the Bush Administration they were subject to attack per the broader agenda of the Black Establishment.   Now that Duncan has replaced Paige yet "NCLB" remains the more favorable and Democratic Obama Administration has caused all of the "Red Cross"-like agents in the Black Educational Advocacy movement to put down their guns and return to rendering aid on the battle field, removing the masking tape that had covered the cross on their helmets as field medics.   These Black Establishment operatives have switched from their unsatisfiable disposition and scrutiny of the opposition administration back to their insatiable HOPE that given enough of our community's support we can finally achieve the academic equality that is hoped for.


Power Retention Not Academic Ascension 

The African-American body politic has got to have the lowest index between its defined political/ideological loyalties and the resulting benefits to their own PERMANENT INTERESTS of any group in America.  The facts show that there is a greater interest in "power aggregation" (ie: collecting official portraits upon the wall) than there is in the actual attainment of effective results from the institutions that are now under favorable control.  What other conclusion does the strong series of facts lead one to indicate?

The art of the "one off" focus was at play in the previous opposition to "NCLB" and the current opposition to Charter schools.  Those in the establishment fear that the adversarial forces seek to strip them of their POWER by removing Black and/or Progressive school system administrators or by disemboweling the teacher's unions.   It is clear to me that the issue is not these assumed threats which must be challenged from the perspective of the parents of the students who consume these educational services.  Instead there is a need to prevent the incumbent educational establishment from "self-prescribing" the arguments that assist in explaining away the reasons for these shoddy results.  Instead they must be subjected to the will of the community in line with the attainment of actual results.  Not the INTENTION to do so.

An Indictment Of The Entire Eco-System

Ultimately this situation in Chicago (and Baltimore and Washington DC and Philadelphia and Cleveland and Detroit and St Louis)  can't be exclusively attributed to the political struggles between the school establishment and their reform adversaries.  It is the array of adults in the entire eco-system who's priority purpose needs to be the management of the outcomes of the academic process for the members of their own community that should be held accountable.

In as much as the next 30 years of their community's existence is being fomented by the education and preparation imparted upon the young people sitting in the seats at these schools this failure of alignment will prove fatal to the community's permanent interests.   Despite the inclination toward obfuscating outward - the damage will be up close and personal.

I have previously spoken about the need to develop language around the costs of the aggregate choices made by the "Black Community" and certain "Rust Belt" cities that are with us today.  Add the present state of the public school infrastructure to this checklist of damages.   Despite having "favorable people" in power after decades of political struggle the interests of the people are no more advanced now than when the struggle was initiated.  The most substantive change is the loss of inclination to hold the power who sit in the seats of power accountable for the same failed outcomes.   Why upset one's "Permanent Friends", troubling them with consideration of those pesky "Permanent Interests"?

Find a common enemy and struggle against him - UNITY will be maintained.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Voice Of The Black Bloggers - RiPPa's Blog Talk Radio Program

Audio Report:  RiPPa And Friends - On Health Care

I have stated before - the best way to understand your ideological adversaries is to put them on stage and allow them to talk.

As you listen to the audio report linked above make note of a few things that you DON'T hear but also the assumptions that you do hear carried out as follows:

  • PRIVATE PROPERTY - It does not exist in the world of RiPPa and other Quasi-Socialists.  People need HEALTH CARE - there is some money inside of the "taxing district" that is MIS-ALLOCATED fairly and thus it is time to set up a legislative regime to get the money.  PRIVATE PROPERTY BE DAMNED.
  • LEVERAGING OF POWER OVER POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS - I have framed my opposition against "Multiple Taxpayer Paid Health Care" in terms of "MINDS AND MONEY".  None of the speakers in this debate argued that the HEALTH CARE NEEDS of Black people and the working class people might be addressed by leveraging the control over the ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS that more than 95% of African-American students are inculcated in.  Instead they use their vertically assembled power (local, federal and state) to extract $520 billion in new taxes (in addition to increased Medicare payments) to deliver these needed services

If you listen to every one of these bloggers - they are speaking from THE LEFT.
Their disappointment with Health Care reform, Obama and the Democratic Party is not in abject terms.  (ie: They would NOT kick them out of office on any uncertain terms - leaving the offices open for their ideological adversaries to step in)  Their arguments are FROM THE LEFT!!! 

When the Democrats fail, despite having control over every single institution within Black America - THEY HAVE FAILED because THEY DID NOT FIGHT FROM THE LEFT hard enough.  The solution is not to step back and reevaulate leftist assumptions.  These Progressive-Fundamentalists do not question if their theories while out of power might have been miscalibrated to the realities of the structures that be.   (Even when they have a 60 seat majority in the Senate and a majority in the House - coupled with control over every single political and social institution where Black people live)  Instead it is to show the Democrats the flaws in their decision to moderate. 

If you learn nothing else from reading my blog - please learn that criticism upon a given entity must be noted for the ideological spectrum from which it has come.  

None of these bloggers are going to reject the health care reform that they are critical of BECAUSE this is a net inflow of resources with respect to their local eco-systems which does not have the capacity to order the human resources within their domain into a framework that can allow them to leverage these resources for their own benefit.  Thus the irony is that they hate upon "insurance companies" and national political processes when the main reason why they are subjected to these processes is because ITS NOT THEIR DAMNED MONEY!

Note how "social justice RIGHTS" are nationalized as an incumbent service that is to be provided by a "civilized society".  Despite having this control of the local institutions after several decades of struggle they are no more capable to do to provide these services as they were 50 years ago.  Thus the otherwise balanced flow that ebbs and flows from an EQUAL human being is so frequently unilaterally projected upon the society.  Thus society is challenged:  "If you love me and see me as an equal then prove it via your resource redistribution using government power to do so, feeding me as you would feed your brother."

The complementary and irrepressible twin that is rarely talked about is the need for this same ideological order to PROVE THEIR OWN EQUALITY by ordering themselves with the proper level of academics, economics and social control over the human resources under their tutelage to deliver to SOCIETY - beings that are EQUALLY FINISHED per the refinement that the eco-system that they now govern has produced.  Instead the "struggle for nationalized resources" IS the milieu of their entire political agenda.  As such there is no "final victory".  There is only "struggle" against those who are defined as "selfish" as they seek to protect that which THEIR OWN SYSTEM has assembled for them.   Mind you they "sole" their fortunes.  The progressive-fundamenatlist's recalibration of the wealth distribution system is not "theft" but "justice".

The measure of the integrity of such a system, however, would be for them to package their framework of ideas and take them to Honduras, Haiti, Chad or Laos and seek to "VOTE" the people into the living standards that "social justice" rights offers them.

This fact clearly shows that theirs is not an "organic" initiative that attempts to fertilize and blossom the aggregate talents of the constituents in question.  It is only a "SERVICING" orthodoxy where NEEDS are met through government power and control over what was otherwise private property that was "misallocated" within someone's safe deposit boxes.

The Insurance Companies As The Goat

I have previously dismantled the rather irrational diversion upon the insurance companies as the targets of left wing angst.  This industry that makes $16 billion in profits pales in comparison to the net new $90 billion per year that will be spent upon health care.  If the claim that they deny service for the benefit of their bottom line is so then they have failed miserably by ranking up such a relatively "small" base of profits.  

Why worry about if the Insurance companies are going to profit in the servicing of your body when this money did not originate from your our ability to generate financial resources toward these ends? (Executive summary : Its Not Your Money in the first place).

This fact can be borne out using the host's (RiPPa) own economic background.  Someone who feels that his money is being misappropriated by a private business would immediately stop sending payments into this black hole lest his losses mount.   Since the progressive-fundamentalist knows that he is receiving a net gain from this health care nationalization effort he doesn't dare scrap the bill and thus squander that which he says are 'crumbs'.   These crumbs are more than what he had the day prior.

The notions that deals were made with the health care insurance industry and the pharmaceutical companies with them acting as the greedy bad guys merely and simplistically plays into leftist thought and populist "Mau-Mauing" that running rampant.  They spoke nothing about how the "Blue Cross and Blue Shield" of Michigan received favors.  These entities in this particular state have the United Auto Workers abundantly represented on their boards.  A significant portion of the clientele for this insurer are union members with "Cadillac Health Care Packages".

I don't mind politics.
I do mind the robotic use of "good and evil" against those who do the same thing that your interests would have you to do if you had the proper political positioning to carry it out in support of your own agenda.

I pointed out that in New Orleans contracts were let to clean up the streets in the Black community as the people who did not receive the contracts WATCHED from their front windows.  They got their streets cleaned and their houses gutted - the main points that the Black Establishment drove for.

The key point that they failed to observe until after the fact is the need for a package deal of
  1. The identification of "Services Needed" for the masses to live at a high Standard of Living
  2. The Financial Means by which this can be accomplished" (Making them as 'organic' as possible)
  3. The innate need to engage your own constituency in the servicing as a means of developing COMPETENCY within the people - which will tend to perpetuate the cycle as the living standard is retained

The persistent theme among the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser is that they prefer "being in receipt of benefit" than they care to make note of the incumbent need for the 3 points needing to play a part.  They don't see the harm that comes from the "fried fish" distribution efforts that so many of their political schemes turn out to be.   As they "win" more control over the institutions and "flight" takes place their failure to develop fiscal and academic underpinnings trigger the very desperation that drives their need for political expansion.

45, 000 Americans Die Each Year For Want of Health Care - Debunked

My friend RiPPa has stopped using the claim that was spread by MSNBC and AfroSpear which said  "Obama is more threatened than other presidents" after the Secret Service head testified before Congress and denied that this was true.   Yet he continues with the claim that 45,000 Americans die from want of health care each year.

Do a Google search and make note of how this report has been "run with" in the progressive circles.  It was constructed for no other reason than to support the call for nationalized medicine.

The methodology of the report has been called into question.  It has been shown to be lacking in its scientific validity.  (Junkscience)

In this longitudinal study:
  • The person was asked if they have health insurance - no effort was done to verify this as true or not
  • The report fails to notice that some individuals obtain and lose overage throughout a time interval
  • At the end of the study period anyone who died and who reported to lack health care insurance at the begging of the study was assumed to have remained in this state - once again - no independent verification attempt was made to attest to their enrollment status.  Merely word of mouth is sufficient
The goal of this number, and the timing of it is to allow those who have picked up upon it to make the claim that they VALUE the lives of these 45,000 people a year, that society has failed them at their time of need and thus "nationalized health care" is necessary to save their lives and give them a fighting chance.

I personally wonder if we created some sort of  "Ebay auction" service by which the fate of these 45,000 people could be addressed via PRIVATE channels if these same "caring" people would be willing to ante up their own dollars where their purported compassion can be expressed?  Even if their labor was encumbered for free in the rescue of these people - they'd grieve about being exploited without pay.

Instead they desire to have "society" to express the value of these people via the tax and redistribution system of government.

This entire line of argument is based upon a few claims that will never be borne out:
  1. That there is no real "resource constraint" for health care in this nation but for greedy operatives in the private sector
  2. That the savings delivered by nationalizing care will more than pay for abundant care for all (See John Conyers for this claim)
  3. That limitations upon "End Of Life Care" as a means of directing resources to the "young" is not a part of this 45,000 number

The Obama Defense Protection Racket

In the "Blog Talk Radio" report the brother from Iowa is worried about the Presidential Election in 2010 and how public criticism of Obama will possibly negatively impact the prospects of an Obama victory.   I have noted before about how some people who 3 years ago believed that this "racist nation" would never elect a Black man as President have a new saying "IF we allow Obama to fail in his first term these RACISTS will never again allow a Black man to become President".

In both cases they are in service to what "Racists Think" while they fail to enumerate how their permanent interests have been fulfilled thus far per this ideological and politicial disposition that they cleave to.

If someone today is terminally critical of Obama after 1 year - accusing him of causing all of the problems in this nation -  he will be attacked.  And rightfully so.

There is no language that has been defined, however,  to logically challenge a person who already knows he is going to vote for Obama in 2012.  I must say, though,  that Michael Eric Dyson has this guy beat.  He indicated his plan to vote for Obama in 2012 back in February 2009.    (I have to give credit to RiPPa for at least challenging the rationale of this brother from Iowa).

The key point of understanding is that, in their view, Obama is merely a STEPPING STONE within their "struggle" for the imposition of their ideological order and the expansion there in.
The reason why they are able to look past the damning report that I did about the state of crime and punishment in Democratically Controlled Philadelphia is because they are made to believe that ONE THEY SLAY THE NATIONAL CONSERVATIVE BEAST..........order will come to Philadelphia and all other places where they are already in power because now they will fix the resource misallocation that the conservatives have allowed per their greed, hatred and racism.

Ironically it is greed and hatred that has flourished where they are now entrenched in power the most. (at the local levels.).
Indeed as well the RACISM/RACIALISM that is in effect is the knowledge that if the White Conservative was in control over the public schools, the criminal justice system and the job production engine that define their communities today - HE would be thoroughly attacked and it would be said that his RACISM has allowed the Black and working class (of all colors) to reside as they do.

With his own forces in power over these conditions - the PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST, unwilling to inspect his own - continues to "self-medicate" and thus provide his own solutions - STRUGGLE OUTWARD with fist clinched in the air saying:

"We must stop those TEA BAGGERS in 2010 lest they get back in power and wreck our schools, lynch us and burn down our businesses so they might close and we'd be unemployed".

QUESTION: "Why are we concerned who is listening"?
  1. You all show yourselves to be as "BIGOTED" as White people who did not want to vote for Barack Obama due to "racial protection" reasons rather than for pure ideological differences
  2. For Black People LIKE ME - I choose to put the entire Black Progressive Establishment ON TRIAL!  Whereas you all are vocal about the 'failures of the Republicans' who today have less influence in the places where Black people live today - they are mentally fused with the cause of the Democratic Party.   "As the Democratic Party goes - so goes the Black community" in their view.    I refuse to allow them to make such a fusion, LOOK PAST THE GRIEVANCES THAT THE FAILURES HAVE WROUGHT and queue the "Black Fix" per continued support for Leftist Activism.

(Note: With all of that said in disagreement  - I RESPECT RiPPa MORE THAN I DO HIS BLOGGING CONTEMPORARIES.    Their idea of proving their own "ideological supremacy" is by deleting posts that threaten their pristine BQPFRC environment or banishing these threats from their site because of the rules that appear ominously similar to "How Many Bubbles In A Bar Of Soap?"

IF your ideology is SUPERIOR in its benefit for the Black Community - why fear putting it on trial and allowing it to be judged as such by a TRANSPARENT jury?)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Witnesses For The Prosecution - Two Views

Recall a few weeks ago I wrote a post about the use of "Confidential Informants" and how the writer viewed them as problematic?

Newspaper opinion writer Errol Lewis made the call for regulation of these information sources because so much of the CI's testimony is tainted.  They often receive reduced charges and/or sentences in exchange for their testimony.

TODAY I would like to introduce the other end of that argument.  An argument that you are not likely to hear from a Black Establishment journalist or opinion writer.

Witnesses Fear Reprisals.   This submission in the Philadelphia Inquirer series provides the most glaring condemnation upon the managers of the "eco-system" of Philadelphia and most other urban areas.  I realize that some of you all are tired of me characterizing everything as a failure upon the "Black Establishment".   My rebuttal of this claim is that I ask you to read the link above and then tell me if this systematic "witness intimidation" would be permitted by the NAACP and other social justice groups were it not for the fact that the majority of this is happening in the context of "Black on Black" crime and community suppression?

The truth is that the Philadelphia Police and District Attorney are not going to be able to afford protection of all of the witnesses under discussion in the article.  The COMMUNITY must play a part in regulating the human resources within their borders to assure that JUSTICE is ultimately rendered and that PEACE is ultimately maintained.

So much of the theories of "justice at all costs" are thrown out the window in the case of these incidents that are up close and personal" and a direct assault upon our communities.

The City Of Philadelphia - A Rolling Threat To The Permanent Interest of "Safe Streets"

I was compelled to break this Philadelphia Inquirer series on the criminal conditions within Philadelphia out into its own post for detailed focus.

Philadelphia Inquirer Series On Criminal Justice In Philadelphia:
Each of these areas under focus deserve their own in depth appraisal on this blog.

If any of these titles were applied to the legacy of "Civil Rights crimes" there would be public protests about - Witness Intimidation, Jury Nullification, Dysfunctional Court Systems

The bottom line of it all is that in as much as Black people are the disproportionate number of victims of crime in Philadelphia - this dysfunction that is documented is a direct assault upon justice for Black people.

From the first article in the series:

Kareem Johnson stood over Walter Smith and executed him. He fired so close that Smith's blood splashed up onto Johnson's Air Jordan baseball cap.

He shot him as a favor to a childhood friend.

Smith was a threat because he had come forward as a witness in a murder case against Clinton Robinson.

With the witness dead, Robinson cut a sweet deal. He pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to just 2 1/2 to five years.

"Basically, I beat it," he says now.

He and Johnson know all about beating cases in the Philadelphia courts. In just three years, Johnson, 26, and Robinson, 24, were arrested a total of nine times for gun crimes, but until the charges escalated to murder, nothing stuck.

Johnson's bloodletting came to an end only after he killed a 10-year-old boy in 2004 in one of the city's most notorious murders. As for Robinson, he's locked up on a drug charge, but expects to go free soon.

The two men's violent path from the streets into the courts and back again vividly illustrates the failure of Philadelphia's criminal justice system.

It is a system that all too often fails to punish violent criminals, fails to protect witnesses, fails to catch thousands of fugitives, fails to decide cases on their merits - fails to provide justice.

In America's most violent big city, people accused of serious crimes are escaping conviction with stunning regularity, an Inquirer investigation has found.

Philadelphia defendants walk free on all charges in nearly two-thirds of violent-crime cases. Among large urban counties, Philadelphia has the nation's lowest felony-conviction rate.

Only one in 10 people charged with gun assaults is convicted of that charge, the newspaper found.

Only two in 10 accused armed robbers are found guilty of armed robbery.

Only one in four accused rapists is found guilty of rape.

The data also show that people charged with assaults with a gun escape conviction more often than those who use fists or knives. Of people arrested for possession of illegal handguns, almost half go free.

Do you all see the damage strategically when the criminal assault OF Black people BY BLACK PEOPLE is "inferiorized" by the Black Establishment as compared to their reactions when White people do the same?

It is ONLY the Black community who is made to suffer as a result of this bigotry.

Witness Intimidation - Like "Back In The Day" When A Negro Knew His Place - Or Was Made To Learn It

From the article:
Witness intimidation has become an epidemic in Philadelphia.

At least 13 witnesses or their families have been killed in the city over the last decade. Prosecutors charge more than 300 people a year with the crime of witness intimidation.

The system is overwhelmed by an exploding caseload, pressuring judges to put a premium on disposing cases, rather than insisting that victims and defendants have their day in court.

Of 10,000 defendants who walked free on their violent-crime cases in 2006 and 2007, 92 percent had their cases dropped or dismissed. Only 788 - 8 percent - were found not guilty at trial, The Inquirer's analysis shows.

Abraham, the city's top prosecutor, has failed to keep figures tracking how well - or poorly - her office has done in court.

Criminologists and other prosecutors say keeping such data is essential to prioritizing the work of the office's 300 prosecutors.

Defense lawyers routinely exploit the court system's chaos. They delay cases to wear down victims and witnesses, and seek spurious postponements if they know prosecution witnesses are in court and ready to go.

Judges, prosecutors, and even prominent defense lawyers acknowledge that this kind of gamesmanship is common and that the system's failings work to defendants' advantage.

The system bungles basic, but crucial, steps necessary to getting key witnesses into court. Inmates, needed at trial as witnesses or defendants, never arrive. Police are routinely booked to appear in different courtrooms at the same time, guaranteeing that cases will collapse.

Though officials are working to reduce the problem, as many as a quarter of all subpoenaed inmates in recent years have failed to show up for court on any given day, experts say.

The court's bail system is broken. Defendants skip court with impunity, further traumatizing victims who show up for hearings that never take place.

There are almost 47,000 Philadelphia fugitives on the streets. Philadelphia is tied with Essex County, N.J. - home of Newark - for the nation's highest fugitive rate. To catch them, the city court system employs just 51 officers - a caseload of more than 900 fugitives per officer.

In a sign of the system's disarray, court officials had trouble answering when The Inquirer asked how much fugitives owed taxpayers in forfeited bail. At first, they said the debt was $2 million. Then they pegged it at $382 million. Finally, they declared it was a staggering $1 billion.

After the newspaper raised questions about the bail debt 11 months ago, the courts and the city pledged to hire a firm to go after the money. That never happened.

Hip Hop - The Voice Of The Violent Street Pirate But The Gateway For Politicians To Reach An Aggrieved People To Receive Their Votes

This story about the murderous, serial raping, rapping Street Pirate comes as no surprise to me:

From the Inquirer:
After repeated arrests, Omar Cash did little time. Now he’s charged with murder.

Of the three cases, only one stuck.

When Cash first went to court in the theft case, his cell mate was still in custody. But in a bureaucratic breakdown, officials failed to transport him from his cell to the courtroom to testify. Such "bring-down" problems have plagued the court system for years.

It was a critical mistake. By the next hearing, the man was out of jail and in the wind, a fugitive. Without his testimony, the case against Cash fell apart.

The attempted-murder case collapsed, too, after Gilbert, who was facing rape charges, hanged himself in prison.

Though Cash beat those two cases, he pleaded guilty to the firearms charges and was sentenced to 111/2 to 23 months in jail.

Cash was released in 2005. The next year, he was arrested again, this time on the rape charge.

Tyshira Patterson, 18, told police that Cash had attacked her in Southwest Philadelphia. She gave the newspaper permission to use her name.

At first, Patterson was an eager witness. In fact, she was instrumental in solving the crime.

After the attack, she spotted Cash, a rapper, on a flier for a concert and took it to police. Cash, who went by the stage name Cash Dollaz, rapped at local bars and appeared in a DVD called Philly Hoodstars.

In a scene from the DVD posted on YouTube, Cash rapped about using an AK-47.

"Slug spray out that 'K' one day and I hurt you," he says. "Don't take this to the D.A., I ain't saying I'll murd you."

After the arrest, Patterson's cooperation waned. She never went to court.

Patterson, now 22 and a nursing school student, recalled receiving only one subpoena to testify and acknowledged that she had skipped that hearing.

Four months later, police say, Cash shot and killed Muliek Brown.

Brown's family believes Cash must have felt almost invincible after prevailing in court so many times.

"That's probably why he felt he could do the things he was doing, because he wasn't getting caught," said Brown's sister Nadia Gary, 29. "When he was caught, he wasn't locked up."

As Brown's relatives gathered in the living room of the family's home in Kensington, they described him as a disciplined young man who loved fixing up his Marquis and had been a top shooting guard at Frankford High.

He stocked shelves at Wal-Mart at night and was looking forward to the birth of his child. His daughter, Mazah, was born about a month after his death.

It's unclear why Brown was slain. Homicide detectives will say only that Cash killed him to settle a dispute.

The Philadelphia murder case is on hold, pending the outcome of Cash's murder and rape trial in Bucks County. That is to start next month.

Bucks prosecutors lamented that city courts had not stopped Cash years ago.

"When people are arrested multiple times for robbery, rape, and firearms, you expect that that person is going to be convicted," Walz said. "You don't expect that the person is going to be on the street with a gun, raping and murdering more people."

Philadelphia: Highest Violent Crime Rate / Lowest Felon Conviction Rate

Phila Inquirer Article:  What The New District Attorney Plans To Do About It  (click here)

For three consecutive years, Philadelphia has had the highest violent-crime rate among the nation's 10 largest cities, FBI figures show. It has the highest rate for murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

When I coined the term "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" I was accused of sacrilege.   The term speaks to the penchant of the Progressive to (relatively) sit silently in the face of a wave of criminal assaults by "Street Pirates".  It prefers to rain indignation upon the society that has sculpted these people into such a disposition and thus having their individual assaults being stripped of their person.   When this criminal defendant is "assaulted" by the Criminal Justice System, then these "Social Justice Activists" come to life.  They "make victims out of criminal assailants" while having few compelling words to comfort their victims, many of whom are also living through life's struggles.

During the presidential campaign in 2008 I contrasted the fates of "Two Philadelphias".  
When Ronald Reagan went to Philadelphia Mississippi after receiving the Republican nomination to attend the "Nasoba County Fair" he was attacked by the Black Press Establishment for failing to say one word in tribute to the 3 civil rights workers who had been murdered there 16 years prior.  

In 2008 the remaining Democratic Party presidential candidates held a debate in the city of Philadelphia.  Candidate Barack Obama later returned to the city to do his "Race Speech".  In neither instance did the "Black Establishment Press" pan any of the Democrats for failing to mention the hundreds of Black people who had been murdered in the city of Philadelphia PA...........the year prior OR every year since the time that the attacks upon Reagan established the precedent that a presidential candidate should acknowledge the murdered Black people within a given city or face attack.

In truth - the Black Establishment uses "Murdered Black people" as a political chess piece.  If the person in question is a "Permanent Friend" he need not worry about being held accountable for the actions of others who he had no direct relationship with.

The State Of The City Of Philadelphia

In my opinion the City of Philadelphia is now dealing with the consequences of a certain prevailing ideology.  This new establishment is now in power after years of struggle but has yet to fully implement a management ethos upon the entire eco-system of the city that they now run which can produce the results that they have aspired for.  Most of their efforts has been in the political realm.

Today the new administration of District Attorney Seth Williams plans to take a more "iron fist" approach to those who have no respect for the law or for civil relationships with their fellow residents within the city.

Sadly - I expect the "Social Justice" advocates to stand against him if he locks up too many of them.   Though they continue to point to a better way that engages young people long before their first negative experiences with law enforcement, they make this vision as part of their "struggle" rather than comprehensively bringing this into fruition via their efforts to manage the children that are raised in their own homes.

When the "South" produced an environment that resulted in Black people being murdered and assaulted this region was condemned on a wholesale basis and the governments were called "anti-Black".  Today when the systems in the large cities produce the very same outcomes (dead and assaulted Black people) the fact that favorable people now sit in office in these places diffuses the inclination for repudiation of the system within which this is happening.  Instead a more expansive condemnation of the "AMERICAN system" within which this is happening is likely rendered.  Sadly through all of these efforts the ocean's temperature has not increased one bit.

Philadelphia Inquirer article:
District Attorney-elect Seth Williams says he plans to thoroughly shake up how crime is prosecuted in Philadelphia, with the goal of cracking down on the city's most violent and gun-prone criminals.

In a wide-ranging interview last week, Williams said he was "saddened as a Philadelphian" by an Inquirer investigative series reporting that the city had the highest violent-crime rate among big cities - and the nation's lowest felony conviction rate.

The series found the District Attorney's Office was winning a felony conviction in only one in five cases, less than half the national average.

"Unquestionably, we have to do a much better job," Williams said.

He said the newspaper's reporting this month "vindicated and validated what I've been saying for the last five years."

Williams, an assistant district attorney for 10 years who ran unsuccessfully for the top job in 2005, has been a longtime critic of District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham.

He has cited a federal study of conviction rates in 39 large urban counties that ranked Philadelphia last in two consecutive reports. The Inquirer series went beyond that study in an analysis of 31,000 criminal cases from 2006 to 2008, finding that Philadelphia defendants walk free on all charges in nearly two-thirds of violent-crime cases.

Williams detailed a series of changes that he predicted would distinguish his leadership from Abraham's. Referring to the city's low conviction rate, he said: "If that's the best you can do, then step aside. I'm glad I got the job. My administration won't be Lynne Abraham-lite."

Philadelphia Inquirer Series On Criminal Justice In Philadelphia:

Friday, December 25, 2009

Clayton County GA Commuters' Bus Service To Terminate - County Owes $2.1M To Feds Due To County Board

If some of you don't "get it" after this one.  There is no hope for you.

Let's run down the damage from the article:

  • Clayton County's "C-TRAN" service is $1 Million in the hole. 
  • The County Board voted a few months ago to terminate the bus service in 2010
  • Clayton County's Board Failed To Take Up A Resolution To Extend Their Struggling Transit Service
  • As a result they Missed Out On $2.7 Million in Federal Funding
  • Because of their inaction they may now have to pay the Federal Government $2.1 Million
Now let's "personalize" what you have read above.

Clayton County is to the south of Atlanta.  A few years ago it became a "majority Black" county.  In addition to the natural migration into the county, the closure of housing projects in the City of Atlanta triggered an increasing number of moderately income, working class people to move into the county.

The C-TRAN bus service was the vital link between Clayton County and the Airport MARTA train station.  From this point people could go to their jobs at the airport or continue on to their jobs throughout the metro Atlanta area.

Recall that Tavis Smiley's "Covenant With Black America" told of the critical importance of public transportation to Black people.  There are few other examples of this being the case than in Clayton County Georgia.  

The bus service, while rather sparse in its coverage of the county ran along the major thoroughfares in Clayton County (Riverdale Rd, GA Hwy 85 and Tara Blvd).  The fact that these buses were packed every day attests to the vital importance for workers and students.  

I was actually stunned when the Clayton County Board of Commissioners decided to pull the plug on the bus service because of a $1M operating shortfall.  Thousands of their citizens were cut off from their residences in Clayton and where they need to go each day.

The Political Realities of Clayton County

Executive Summary:  Clayton County = 100% DEMOCRAT and thus there will not be a steady stream of protests over this matter.

When Clayton County's population tipped a few years ago and it became the second "majority Black" county in Metro Atlanta there was ample jubilation.  The activists and political operatives knew that this favorable population balance would favor them politically.   In Clayton, however, the "Good Ole Boy Network" was not a cast of "White Republicans" clinging on to power.   Despite the claims of the Nixon-era "Southern Strategy" these were "White Democrats" who attempted to gerrymander the areas that were concentrated with African-Americans so that they might retain their seats on the county board.

The "Black Establishment" took over the county about 8 years ago.  "White Flight" to Fayette, Coweta and Henry cemented their power.  

Since that time the "Black Democrats" have splintered into "Democrat on Democrat" factions.  This is the case in so many other cities which have total Democratic rule.

Now take all that you have read above with regard to the political situation in which thousands of middle class and lower-middle class Black students and workers are severed from their jobs and schools where the REPUBLICAN controlled County Board's missteps (intentional or unintentional) was the cause.

Can we all agree that we'd see the protesters who gathered outside of the "Cracker Barrel" when the White man assaulted the Black woman would be assembled in front of the county government building to protest against the board.  The NAACP, Rainbow/PUSH, National Action Network, 10/10 and the "Concerned Black Clergy" would be fighting over each other for camera time.

Sadly - "There will be no protests" once this story breaks.
The "Black Establishment" does not fiercely protest against their other arm.  
This causes too much dissension  amongst these "permanent friends".

I will keep an eye on this story.