They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Women Under Assault - Neither "With Child" Or "Seeking To Improve Yourself With Education" Will Assure Protection From Street Pirates

Some of you all no doubt believe that I bathe in the negative stories about stupid criminal acts. I assure you that I let pass more than those I talk about.

These two reports caught my eye as particularly damnable.
A pregnant woman is shot in the leg by some thug.
A woman who is streaming into the finals of her college course work and has invaluable information on her laptop - only to have a Street Pirate break into her apartment and steal her laptop because he is trying to make a quick score on the stolen merchandise.

The sistas bear an undue portion of the pain that Street Pirates render upon various communities.

Black Man Visiting The ATL From MIA Who Was Shot At A Club: "I Don't Feel Safe In Atlanta"

Please tolerate me while I continue with this very necessary expose' that I am conducting.

All of my life I have been treated to the power of the imagery of the "Black man who was shot in the back". A person who was shot in the back is the quentisential:
  • Victim Of Injustice
  • A Defenseless Person
  • A Peron Who Was Not A Threat To The Shooter
  • A Person Who Was Trying To Flee From Danger
 A few months ago former Chair of the US Commission On Civil Rights - Dr Mary Francis Berry did an interview on C-SPAN.  I noted then how she used the power of the "Black Man Who Got Shot In The Back" to describe brutal injustice that Black people faced in Per-Civil Rights Birmingham Alabama.

Indeed "Atlanta 2009" still resides in the South.  Indeed the video shows a "Black Man who was shot in the back". 

Unlike these past assaults or the White an who beat up the Black woman in the "Cracker Barrel " restaurant a few weeks ago - there will not be a mass protest march over the fact that a Black man was shot in the back.

The people who were called "racists" for opposing a new night club that will be frequented by Africa-Americans on the very same street (Peachtree Street) about 1 mile up the street will remain labeled as "racists" despite this "Black man having been shot in the back".

TV One - Washington Watch - Indeed "The Voice Of The Black Political Establishment"

The new "Sunday Morning News Show" that appears on TV One is indeed the voice of the "Prevailing Black Political Establishment".   I have a Tivo full of recordings that bear this out.

Notice that I qualified my observation, noting that this is the voice of the "Prevailing Black Political Establishment" AND NOT the "Black Community" as a whole.

In my view NO ONE gets to speak for the entire Black community.  This privilege is EARNED based upon the actual results that they deliver not the "INTENTIONS" that they project that are in line with the popular sentiment.  If we are tricked into being pacified by "intentions" we will continue to suffer from the present "perpetual struggle" and the choice to fortify external forces that claim their intention to assist our communities.

I now look forward to viewing the weekly episodes of "Washington Watch".  Right before my eyes is presented the PROBLEM with the Black Political Establishment which insures that we remain in our present condition (while the Democratic Party grows stronger where ever these forces are most entrenched).

The first video segment (above) is Roland Martin's interview with the NAACP's Ben Jealous and the "Democrat Who Is Black" strategist Dr Ronald Walters - PolySci professor from the University of Maryland.  I will continue to call Dr Walters as such as he is the most vocal architect of the failed strategy which saddles the Black community.  Dr Walters believes that "above all else the Black community must not fracture our votes across more than one political party lest our voting strength be diluted".  

The key and fatal flaw in this strategy is that:
  • It Speaks NOTHING about the need to manage the policies based on EFFECTIVENESS in actually solving our community's problems.  In the American Political System we gravitate toward effectiveness by repudiating a certain policy by voting it out of office.  This process is effectively checked per the strategy of Dr Ronald Walters and other "Democrats Who Are Black" (see York PA)
  • It offers no solution to the present situation - the favored ideology now controls every single key institution in Black America and despite this fact - the course forward is to assist the Democratic Party to expand their base rather than returning back to the places that are now under their control after a long struggle and MANAGE better outcomes within.  Thus the aggrieved masses receive satisfaction by seeing more Democrats (and/or Black Portraits Upon The Wall) than they can point to the delivery of their actual Permanent Interests as a result of their political activism
  • It retires the notion that "Black People Vote for People Who Have Our Best Interests In Mind" (the words of Prof Manning Marable).  We are asked to disconnect the expression of our "LOCAL Permanent Interests" (The operations of our Educational facilities, our Public Safety, our Local Economic Policies & Taxation and our Cultural Messages guiding our conduct) and instead redirect them toward a PERPETUAL NATIONAL STRUGGLE.  
  • It frames our struggle as a struggle against the "Conservative Republican" brand of White Supremacy but gladly drinks in the "White Snarling Fox Progressive" brand of White Supremacy which 'feeds Black people' under the banner that ALL AMERICANS deserve to be treated to a certain minimum standard of living - regardless of how much his own daily practices are an assault upon him ever achieving this standard.   The currency of the "Black vote" is used as payment for these services rendered.
All of these points are essential components of the strategy of the Prevailing Black Political Establishment as fused with  the Democratic Party agenda


When I am treated to the thoughts of the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist I often wonder if they make note of what they must walk past in order for their arguments to stand.

In this initial video interview please make note of how despite the fact that both Jealous and Walters talk about the FAILED PUBLIC SCHOOLS that a disproportionate number of Black people are exposed to......neither dare talk about WHO is in the drivers seat running these schools.

After decades of struggle to:
  • Populate School Boards with "Favorable People"
  • Gain Access to certain School Buildings that were once denied to us
  • Promote Certain Political People into the City and County Management which provide financial support to the schools via the TAX POLICY
The Black Establishment architects who were the main strategists of this failed plan are never asked to account for this present state by Roland Martin - an operative working within the "Black Press" element of the Black Agenda.  His job is not to damningly scrutinize them.  Instead his job is to allow them to PONTIFICATE.

They all know that an appearance on "ABC News" or "CBS News" or "NBC News" Sunday morning shows (I don't even need to bring up "Fox News") would be shot down as they bring forth the key irony that Roland Martin would not dare do.

I must ask the Black Voter:  WHAT ARE YOU ACTUALLY VOTING FOR if, after having taken control over these key community institutions you are forced to "Talk Past" those who now have control as you attempt to redirect those of us who are intellectually curious up to a larger national agenda?

Worse yet - What actually happens if you slip up and get the national power that you desire?  (Sort of like - right now?)

If any of you can't see that this National Power is NOT THE END of the Struggle, that they'll just find some other STRUGGLE to keep you united behind them - then you deserve what you get because - you have done everything necessary to achieve this end.

Attention Progressives - Please Do Make "Mike Huckabee" The New "Mike Dukakis" Per His Release Of The "Seattle Police Slayer"

Attention Progressives - Please Do Make "Mike Huckabee" The New "Mike Dukakis" Per His Release Of The "Seattle Police Slayer"

Maurice Clemmons, once granted clemency by Mike Huckabee, hunted after four cops executed

(Bloggers Note: I purposely skipped over an article on the same subject found on HuffingtonPost.  I refuse to syndicate HuffPo content unless it is the only source available and/or if I am directly scrutinizing their journalistic bias.  You can do your own Google search on the subject of "Maurice Clemmons Mike Huckabee" for a complete list of articles.)

Willie Horton And The 1998 Presidential Campaign

A history lesson is appropriate at this point.
Michael Dukakis is a former governor of Massachusetts and was the 1988 Democratic Presidential Candidate who eventually lost to Republican George H.W. Bush.

One of the most controversial issues in the 1988 campaign was the use of "Willie Horton" - a Black prison inmate and convicted murderer who was released on a "Weekend Furlough " program. Dukakis did not create the program but instead vetoed a bill that would have scrapped the program.   Horton used his freedom from jail in MA to later rape and and rob a couple.

Lee Attwater a Republican operative indicated that he was going to make "Willie Horton Mike Dukakis' running mate" thus haunting Mr Dukakis about his past decisions about the prison release program.

In doing so Mr Attwater was called a "racist" - preying on the fears of the "Black Criminal" held by "White America".  No one disputed Mr Horton's guilt.  The problem was then as it is the case now with the various commercials shown by home alarm commercials:  - White people are not allowed to make reference to "Black Criminals" lest they be accused of making racially exploitative inference about Black people.  When crime is made mention of for commercial or political purposes - you'd better make use of the image of a White criminal instead.

The Key Difference Between The Antics Of Democrats And Republicans Is That There Are More Blacks In The Democratic Party To Call The GOP's Actions Racist

The November 28th shooting of 4 police officers in metro-Seattle provide the Democrats an excellent opportunity for my theory as listed above in the section heading true.

Research of suspected killer Maurice Clemmons has uncovered that then Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee had lobbied for Mr Clemmons' release from prison.

The Democrats have been handed an excellent opportunity to strike back at the GOP on the subject of being "soft on crime".   I see no possible way that certain caustic partisans like Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, the Democratic Underground are going to avoid going on the attack against the GOP on this point.

I hope that they do.
This advances my desire to have the criminal element remain in jail rather than returned to the streets and allowed to commit more crime.  I hope that this will force the cultural forces in our society to focus upon making the "first chance" the key consideration because "second chances" involve more of an "outsourced" risk upon those who must vouch for an individual's character.  I am not "Pro-Republican" instead I am "Anti-Criminal".  Either prevent them from becoming criminals in the first place or suffer from the effects of having allowed them to fester within your community and culture.

Strategically - such a threat of having the CRIMINAL'S future actions come back and harm an elected leader's decision making capacity will naturally result in fewer convicted criminals released from jail because the official will not want to "outsource" his own reputation upon the whims of a convicted criminal.

The Broader Picture

  • The Crack vs Powder Sentencing Discrepancy
  • "The Innocence Project"
  • Police/Prosecutorial  Misconduct Technicalities
These are all potential casualties as a result of an all out attack upon former Governor Huckabee.  All of the above items require some measure of transference upon some "higher theoretical goal" of justice beyond the cut and dry call for punishment.

In any event I will stay tuned and make note if any "Defenders of Blackness" will go after their allies on the left for exploiting a Black criminals actions for the sake of partisan politics.   This will test a second theory of mine - that some Black people don't mind being cast as inferiors as long as it is done as part of a transaction from which they get some future benefit.   It is my belief that the weakening of a prospective Republican presidential candidate is a worthy cause for certain BQPFRCs to agree to allow this one Black murderer to be used in a a way that Willie Horton was not allowed to be used for Republican advantage.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Modeling Black Political Thought: The 3 Dimensional Model Of Black Political Preferences

This is another submission onto the permanent record of my attempts to commit Black political behavior to a model.   This is purely my opinions based upon my observations.

The 3 axis graph to the left has the following labels and related scale:
  • X-Axis - Party -  (Republican = 0, Democrat = 10)
  • Y-Axis - Ideology (Conservative = 0, Progressive/Leftist/Liberal = 10)
  • Z-Axis - Race ("White Establishment Defender" = 0, "Real Black"  = 10)
(Note - "Real Black" = those who are aligned with popular Black ideological themes and who show no apparent fear of 'Speaking Truth To Power')

"Racism" And The Black Vote

The standard claims of "racism" as the driving force of why many White conservative voters refuse to vote for a Black candidate are not as easily applicable to the Black voter.  Upon attempting to make the case that Black people vote for Black candidates will be quickly rebutted by the history which shows that indeed the Black voter most frequently votes for White candidates - as these are the most abundant candidates that run for office.

A person who is not "intellectually curious" will stop their probe of Black voting behavior at this point, contented that he has received an adequate answer.

The truth is that "Conservatism" and the Republican Party are framed as the modern face of "White Supremacy" as propagated by the "Democrat who is Black".  They often use the circular reference of pointing to the GOP convention or Tea Parties and then ask the rhetorical question "IF this party and their movements are favorable to Black people.......why aren't there more Blacks seen amongst them when they gather"?

Little known to the outside observer is the fact that THEY are among the people running the intimidation racket by which any "Negro" who dares warm up to this "White Supremacist" force will be dealt with accordingly.   After years of being told by Black political strategists that the Black voting bloc needs to be kept unified into one party lest Black voting strength be diluted - they are the "muscle" which insure that this remains the case against the "wayward sheep" that dare ask too many questions.  The goal is to make an example out of one sheep so that the rest of the flock knows what happens to those who stray.

In the model the standard X and Y axes are maximized when there is a Progressive Democratic candidate for the Black voter to line up behind.  In as much as there are few "Progressive Republicans" to choose from the "Black General Election" takes place in the Democratic Primary.  This is exactly the framing that the "Democrats who are Black" have molded the messages streamed into our community from all channels that they influence.

Monopoly Electoral Success Must Lead To Questions About The Assumptions That Lead To It

I seriously doubt that some of the operatives that have free access within the "secret places" within the Black community that allow them to work diligently to fuse together the interests of what amounts to be an external entity (the Democratic Party and Progressive Movement) with the Permanent Interests of the Black community thought that they'd ever see this day.   Today in the places where Black people live in our highest concentrations we have the two key political nodes in the hierarchy controlled by favorable forces.  First and foremost is the LOCAL level.  This is where the average person receives the majority of civic services by which we derive our daily living standards from.  Secondly the Federal government is also in favorable hands.  Again trumping the sight that they'd never thought that they would see - A BLACK PRESIDENT IN OFFICE - is the present entrenchment of the POLITICAL MACHINE from which he derives his power from.

After decades of struggle stemming from the Civil Rights Movement and the Labor Movement the day has arrived in which the favored power structure of Black America is now in power over America and the Black community.

The "Struggle Milieu"

The Black Community's political activism focus prefers to project the notion to the masses that we are on a "permanent struggle".  We need to fight to keep "them" from turning back the clock.  We need to fight "them" so that "they" respect our rights as Americans and basic human beings.  We need to fight so that Black folks and all Americans who are not "them" have our fair share of that which is the rightful portion of America's grace that is enumerated by the US Census and then allocated by the US Congress.   We must help "favorable people" gain power over all of the legislative bodies possible so that our voice is represented within.  Then we need to have favorable executives (mayors, county board chairs, governors, and US Presidents) in place so that this programs are carried out.

Left unchecked the "Struggle Milieu" can become the proverbial "carrot and the stick".

I see my job in which I am both an observer and critic of the "Black Establishment" as PREVENTING THEM from turning our rightful struggle to achieve the PERMANENT INTERESTS for the Black Community into a circular reference - which they favor doing.

The present aggrieved state of many districts in Black America is used as evidence that we need MORE "favorable people in power" to articulate our interests.  If left unchecked few of the "rank and file" Blacks from the community will dare roll out the video tape from 4 or 8 years ago and make note that the answer to the previous set of grievances from this previous time was - you guessed it - "getting more favorable people elected to power to represent our interests".

At no point in time will the establishment power dare to make the observation of his political prowess that he now holds over the places where our people live and lament - "The Black Community needs to hold us accountable for we have fallen short of our promises".   This would be akin to a fox telling the hens his own vacation schedule by which they have 2 weeks to hatch all of their eggs without the threat of his molestation.   It simply ain't gonna happen.

The Black "rank and file" errors greatly when it allows the "Black Establishment" which indeed "comes FROM its ranks but none the less is but ONE "instantiation of" the bundle of ideas which represent a Black political platform.   In as much as many of the key planks of this platform were necessary when "a Black man had no rights that a White man need respect" - there has not been the needed RECALIBRATION of these assumptions within that is necessary now that "We Run Things Now" (the words that have appeared on several campaign signs of a select set of Black elected officials vying for racial loyalty among the people).


Two of the main drivers for my crafting of this message today are:

  1. The Much Publicized News That A Black Female Democrat has been elected mayor in York PA - 40 Years After Much Racial Strife. Today the main oppressor is equal poverty among the masses
  2. The Mayoral Election In Atlanta - In which the present ruling establishment are able to reference the PRESENT problems with the city as grounds of why THEIR candidate is best qualified to resolve these problems

The reason why the two distinctly different situations are related to the model of the Black voting behavior that I have again posted to the left is simple:

The "pride" of hanging a portrait of yet another "Black Elected Official" on the wall is enough to have the Black voter put aside his normal PURGE of those who failed him and instead vote for CHANGE.    Upon careful inspection the notion put forth by Professor Manning Marable that "the Black voter is the most intelligent voter in America BECAUSE he knows who has is best interests in mind and votes as such" is proven to be grossly false.

In York PA - in which Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1 - the archenemy of Black people surely can't be blamed from the present state of affairs:
  • Unemployment Rate At 13%
  • Poverty Rate Is 48%
  • The City Income Is Half That Of The State Average
My argument IS NOT that "Republicans would be any better".  Instead my argument is that the binary choice that has been promoted by the Black Establishment and operatives in the "American Political Domain" (put forth by both Republicans and Democrats) is a LIE!!!!

My college logic course taught me that a "truth" is proven to be so even when it is run back and forth to test it.  Thus since we were told that VOTING and "voting Democrat" is the key to good living by Black folks then most certainly in an area that is dominated by Democrats and in which the reigns are handed over from Democrats should have more evidence that this theory is in fact true.

The statement  "Pride Cometh Before The Fall" is absolutely true in the cases of York PA and Atlanta GA.  The pride of seeing "another Black portrait on the wall" has forestalled the necessary introspection and recalibration of the process by which our PERMANENT INTERESTS are allowed to go beyond INTENTIONS and to DELIVERED UPON.

Someone who's agenda is in line with your prevailing sentiments during the time of your aggrieved state does not mean that these same sentiments in a leader will be held upon achieving your transformed state. 

The Black community has been duped into believing that the key evidence of our advancement as a people is seen in "MORE BLACK FOLKS IN ELECTED OFFICE" and/or the capacity of White folks to vote for them.  This is patently false.  In fact it is rather "Republican" in nature.  Just as Republicans are accused of looking at the fortunes of a few and then making inferences as to how everyone is doing it appears that such a reference is at work here.

The key measure of the progress for our community can only be one in which clear "goals" are established and the maximum number of people commit to achieving them and they can show via their daily actions that they are the main force that is driving their local community of interest toward these goals.

This consciousness can be pruned and grafted into any land in which the people find themselves in.

With So Few Black Folks In Seattle - WHY Did One Have To Kill The 4 Cops?

4 Police Officers Shot Dead Near Washington State Air Force Base

I was reading through this article about the shameful execution of 4 police officers by some crazed gun man in Seattle.  I was stunned when I read the following line:

The gunman was described as a black man in his 20s or 30s, between 5-feet-7 inches and 5-feet-10-inches, and ran north on Steele Street South after the shooting. He was wearing a black coat over a gray hooded sweat shirt and bluejeans, Troyer said.

Police took a man into custody at a Parkland house nearby after he apparently called 911, claiming to be the shooter. But the man was not linked to the crime, Troyer said.

The concern with me is not that he was Black per se. I really was hoping that at least one of the cops got off a shot that hit him right between the eyes.  Instead I was guilty of "regional profiling".  When I saw the location of Seattle, the fact that it was a coffee shop rather than an arrest scenario I had automatically assumed that the shooter was a White male.

This can't be tolerated.  Whatever beef this killer had with the cops there is no justification what so ever in opening fire on dedicated public servants who have never done anything to this guy before.

I hope that the local, state and federal authorities execute a "death by cop" death penalty upon this guy long before a Seattle area jury chose to give him a life sentence.

 MSNBC Story About Seattle Area Police Shooting

I fully understand why police need more than TASERS on their belt.

There goes the drive for AfroSpear's December 4th "Anti-Police Taser" action.
If they take to the streets of Seattle after this police killer murdered 4 officers - we might indeed see them get "Electrocuted While Black".

Will New Guidelines For Pap Smear for Teens Impact STD Rates?

Will cutting back on teen Pap tests result in more STDs?

In the mind of DC Delegate Elenore Holmes Norton - Congressional Republicans cause STDs.  In this case she may have to expand her horizon.

This time the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists are on the hook for these new guidelines.

Teen girls can skip Pap tests, according to new guidelines that say women should start cervical cancer screening at age 21. But some experts are concerned that rates of sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancies could increase without the Pap test to prompt a doctor's visit

In the past, women were told to start Pap tests, which can detect abnormal cells in the cervix, three years after becoming sexually active or at age 21 -- whichever came first. However, these abnormal cells often go away on their own, particularly in young women. If they don't, such cells grow so slowly that catching them at age 21 is still early enough to remove them before they become cancerous. And catching them sooner could lead to unnecessary tests and treatments that sometimes damage the cervix, increasing the risk for a premature birth later in life.

Scores of Albinos in Hiding In East Africa After Attacks

Scores of albinos in hiding after attacks

A recent news magazine story also reported upon the threat to the limbs of albinos in Africa from "human poachers".  They believe that the arms and legs of albinos have magical power.  Thus these innocent human beings are then hacked up for the sake of some profit inspired scheme to "harvest" their limbs for sale to the local medicine men.

This is a deadly convergence of ignorance and greed which put these unique people at risk.

(CNN) -- As many as 10,000 albinos are in hiding in east Africa over fears that they will be dismembered and their body parts sold to witchdoctors, the Red Cross said in a recent report.

The killings of albinos in Burundi and Tanzania, who are targeted because their body parts are believed to have special powers, have sparked fears among the population in the two countries, the report said.

Body parts of albinos are sought in some regions of Africa because they are believed to bring wealth and good luck. Attackers chop off limbs and pluck out organs to sell to dealers, who in turn sell them to witchdoctors.

Scores of albinos have fled to Tanzanian schools for the disabled or in emergency shelters set up by police in Burundi to avoid attacks, according to the report.

New York State Cap On Charter Schools - Institutional Suppression Of Educational Choice?

NY Daily News: City stops accepting charter school applications due to state cap, funding could be cut

The state of New York has a state-wide cap on the number of charter schools allowed in the state.  Recently they most graciously raised the limit from 100 up to 200. 

One must ask for justification of the cap in the first place.  Clearly it is done to protest the existing "government operated school" establishment.  A monopoly does not like competition.  The hidden hand of the teachers unions and the elected officials who seek to protect them is clearly visible.  Lost in this debate are the best interests of the children and their parents. 

Charter schools, by definition are public schools.  The are funded by the government, just as "government run public schools".  They are operated by an individual school administrative staff which is typically suplemented with direct parental invovlement.  The standard government operated school is administered by a centralized school board. Quite clearly the main threat posed by the charter school is to the power establishment who does not desire to yield their power.

The main driving force behind the charter school movement is the failure of the government operated schools to deliver quality educational services to the community within which they operate.  There is plenty of blame to go around and most certainly the parents of some students deserve some of this.  The parents of the charter school students have proactively chosen to send their children to the charter school.  They believe that with more localized management better outcomes can be had out of their child's education.  They, in essence have chosen to be the managers of their children's education.  This is how it should be.

The claims of "school overcrowding" are not enough for some charter school opponents to allow a batch of students to 'escape' to a charter.  Instead they want more government operated schools constructed as a means of reducing this crowding.

This present conflict requires visionary leadership.  The charter school movement should be supported and encouraged.  The government operated schools that exist in parallel need to be reformed so that they can offer a better outcome.  Certainly strategies that result in more effective parental invovlement need to be deployed within these government operated schools.

NYC "Peace And Diversity School" Receives an "F" on School Report Card

(Note - This video is from Chicago not NYC)

(The Movie) "The Blind Side" Is An Obvious Appeal To White Guilt - My Analysis & Expanded Focus

The Blind Side Is An Obvious Appeal To White Guilt by Christopher Chambers

Social commentator Christopher Chambers and I achieve a rare and fleeting agreement about the new Sandra Bullock move "The Blind Side" - it is "White Paternalism" on the big screen. A White woman in Memphis gets emotionally invested in a poor Black buck and per her attachment to him she makes his struggles in life her own. Not even his own thug friends that seek to keep him in the barrel will stop her.

My ever so tentative agreement with Mr Chambers disintegrates as I bring forth the irony by noting that the same paternalism that is offensive to Mr Chambers and other BQPFRCs are essential elements of their "social justice" policies via government intervention in these same impoverished communities.

In my reply to Mr Chambers' online article I try to tie his outrage about "White paternalism" to a real world news story that came from Memphis TN a few years ago.  The ABC News show "20/20" featured a longitudinal tale of the uncomfortable friendship between a young single Black expectant mother inside of Memphis and a suburban White mother whose church sent her into the poor Black  areas of the city to reach out to their suffering brothers and sisters.

The entire area of Memphis had a black eye with respect to the unacceptable "infant mortality rate".  (MSNBC: Memphis Battling Infant Death Epidemic).  This epidemic is centered in the Black areas of the city where poverty, broken families and casual sexual relationships rule.   In this real life tale where "life imitates art" the suburban Whites that moved out of the city as "White Flight" had taken place were now asked to go back in to these communities to form bonds of friendship in the name of removing this shame from their extended community.

Please allow me to clarify my point.  I applaud the church for identifying a need and then calling upon their flock to provide Christian charity.  This is a part of their calling.  The key point that disturbed me about the segment was that all of the outreach was directed toward the single Black mother, insuring that she received sufficient prenatal care.  As with many other social policies the valuation of the baby has triggered this attention.

The one key actor that was missing in this story between the suburban White helper and the pregnant Black mother to be was the Black male who sired the child.  In the "20/20" piece this particular male was in his young twenties.   The pregnant girl was just a "piece" that he "hit" among many others.  He had other children around the community and was an equal opportunity provider.  This meaning he didn't provide for much.  He was shown to be investing more money in his custom car than in his own newborn daughter's life.  Later on in the extended review he was shot dead during a drug deal.

There was no structured outreach from anyone to the young Black males in the community who are armed with the "life creating" force known as "sperm".   Ironically the relief provided to their children by these outsiders merely allowed them off of the hook, free to "rinse and repeat" elsewhere in the community with another womb that welcomed them.   I question how Mr Chambers can be offended by the paternalism that is shown on the big screen yet mistake real world government entitlement in the name of "social justice" as any different.

Any systematic engagement which fails to demand that every capable mind within the Black community to contribute toward the common goal by aligning their thoughts and actions behind these goals is a plan that merely creates unintended consequences.

The real valuation of the Black human form does NOT come from what society provides our people through the government channel which allows us to live at a standard that our own actions don't allow us to.   Instead real valuation of Black people is balanced by the assumption that we are indeed FULLY CAPABLE HUMAN BEINGS and thus we are expected to be the primary vehicles by which are desired standard of living is delivered.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

BLAX: From "The First 48 Hours" To "The Shift": Murderous Street Pirates On Display

Last weekend as I talked with my cousin who's wife is from the state of Mississippi he reminded me about how many Blacks from MS moved to Chicago as they migrated northward.  He happened to mention that since "the state of Indiana was as racist as the South - Black people didn't bother to stop there.  Instead they continued on to Illinois and Michigan."

How ironic it was then to see the new (to me at least) series called "The Shift" on the "Investigative Discovery" channel based in Indianapolis Indiana.  "The Shift" picks up where "The First 48 Hours" left off.  It mostly shows the deadly impact of urban street crimes and assaults.  Sadly the vast majority of the murder victims are Black.  "The First 48 Hours" had been focused upon the deadly streets of Memphis TN.  This season they've moved on to Louisville, KY where, yet again, they easily find a disproportionate number of Black murder victims.  How is it that these two shows so easily pick up the dysfunction of "Black on Black homicide" merely by following homicide detectives in select large cities?

According to Wikipedia the city of Indianapolis has the following demographics.
The racial makeup of the city was 69.34% White, 25.29% African American, 0.25% Native American, 1.42% Asian, 0.04% Pacific Islander, 2.02% from other races, and 1.64% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 3.88% of the population.
It appears that the Black people in the city are worried far less about the threat from a Klan klavern coming through their community than they are from someone from within the community killing them.

The fact that both of these shows have found it easy to pick up upon murder investigations in which Black people are both the victims and assailants tells me that some of the fears that are propagated in our community concerning the murderous threat from racism appear to be dated or at least used as part of some diversionary tactic.

Episode #2: Nephew Finds Uncle Murdered with Rigor Mortis Having Set In


Episode #2: Killer Street Pirate Nephew Stabs Uncle To Death Claims Mysterious Man Broke In And Did It (Likely the same killer who framed Mumia Abu Jamal)

Episode #3: 16 Year Old Black Male Shot In The Back Of The Head As He Ran From A Robbery Attempt

Episode #1: Murder Conspirator Trips Himself Up In The Police Interview

Episode #1: A Conspirator Snitches After A Wall Of Lies

The purpose of this post is not to shame our community by rubbing the murderous actions of street pirates in our collective faces.
My only purpose is to shatter the notion that there is some bond between Black people by which the street pirates who are caught on tape deserve some racial protection because the greater system of law enforcement is trying to screw them.

THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT WORTHY OF 'RACIAL COVER'.  They would as soon shoot you in the back as any Klansman would.

As the Black community has our antennae up looking out for "White Racism" these murderous street pirates are killing our own with impunity.  We have worked hard to get the law enforcement and White folks to respect our right to live as a people.   It seems today that the Murderous Street Pirate has no respect for Black life and the same effort needs to be placed upon them lest Black people continue being killed at a rate far beyond our population numbers can justify.

After The Pirate Attack: Retrieval Of Stolen Goods From The Police Evidence Room

BLAX News Network - Which Is The Bigger Threat To Black Folks? Police w/ Tasers Or Street Pirates With Lethal Weapons

  My friends at AfroSpear need to understand my argument.    Its not that I am unsympathetic to their incessant calls against the police use of tasers.  These are purportedly "non-leathal" weapons but indeed some people have died after their confrontation with the police.  Despite the fact that the vast majority of these cases have been judged by the coroner or jury as death by "pre-existing conditions" I understand their concern.

What I don't understand, however, is how AfroSpear and other left-leaning activist groups can focus upon the police authority in the context of the constant stream of murder that takes place at the hands of murderous street pirates.  The picture below is from my good friend Field-Negro's blog where he keeps a running track of murder in Philadelphia on his "Right Side Hall Of Shame".

I feel the need to do a preemptive rebuttal at this point.  In the last paragraph some of my debate adversaries heard me argue "Stop Black on Black murder BEFORE you go looking toward the police to stop killing Black people".   This is not my argument.

My argument asks for PROPORTIONALITY in the focus.
Even if I use the Amnesty International numbers which claim that 156 people have died in "taser related deaths" in the past 5 years.  (Note - this is an unjustifiably high number based on my previous research) this pales in comparison to the number of Black people murdered each and every year.  In the past 5 years more than 35,000 Black people have been murdered in America.

The police are called upon to "do something!!!" with respect to the people getting killed and the residents in the communities that are terrorized as a result of the mayhem within. The video above shows how the police are required to take expert training on the "rules of engagement" for taser use by the police.

I can't help but notice that this focus upon the police authority is in line with the left-wing ideology proclivity to go after "the establishment" and/or to hold them to standard of which they have little applied to the INDIVIDUAL of which the "Murderous Street Pirates" are derived from.

I will have no part in this boycott on December 4, 2009 until AfroSpear joins me in my protest against "Street Pirates" that runs from every December 5th and then loops around to December 3rd - each and every year.

This Black man who was shot 31 times at 12 noon on a clear sunny day did not trigger any protests. According to a local newspaper report the neighbors remain intimidated to this day - fearful that if they talk in the name of justice for this murdered Black man - they might be next. When I see a more effective strategy that promotes this as the greater threat to the Black community than are tasers - I will feature these efforts more supportively and prominently on this blog.

FAMU Student Government Invests In Its Own Interests - Purchases Buses For School

(Hat tip to Redding News Review web site)

FAMU Student Government Buys Buses for $450,000

What better way to insure the school's continued existence than to have a "vehicle" that is used to extend the reach of FAMU across the nation to recruit prospective students to this prestigious school?

The personalized buses, displaying the FAMU logo and an enormous rattler colored with orange and green, each seat 56 passengers and will allow SGA its own mode of transportation alleviating the cost of renting buses when traveling with students.

This is a good news story for FAMU

"Green Herbal Tea Party Protests" Continue In The Progressive State Of California Over Threatened Tuition Hikes

Student Protests Continue In California
Does the name given to a mass protest against the increased demand for money from the people to pay for government provided services matter more than the common essence of such a showing?
Clearly there are costs involved with he delivery of these services to the consuming public. 
  • The people operating as government employees make demands upon this same government to consider their increased cost of living and thus they demand pay raises.
  • The government which has seen its tax revenues decline because of the recent economic strife do not have the financial reserves to bear the brunt of the operating deficit thus they seek to pass these costs upon the consumers
  • The consumers of these services - in this case educational services - make note that more cost burden shifted upon them means that these services become less affordable.  In as much as education is seen as an investment for future earnings - the more people pushed out of the educational system, the dimmer the state's future becomes because of the decrease in disciplined minds
Welcome to the living, breathing organism known as "the economy".  With mutliple interests vying for their own notion of the appropriate level of resource allocation in line with their own view of the world and their interests - conflicts are a necessary by-product of the tough choices that are present within the market place with mutliple variables within.

There are no right answers in this matrix of tough decisions.  There are only consequences - good and bad.

The only thing that you should look out for are those who make use of simplistic charges made by people who can't explain the entire system beyond their own self-centered view (ie: "THEY don't want us to receive an education and thus threaten their power base") AND those who have no respect for PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS and thus believe that their own interests trump everything that a private holder of capital can claim as a justification as to why they should be "allowed" to hold onto property that they have legally acquired - even if it is in its most liquid form known as money.

BLAX News Network - "Precious" Movie Most Damaging For Black People Since "Birth Of A Nation"?

Several BQPFRC blogs and opinion writers have promoted the notion that the new movie "Precious" is an assault upon the dignity of Black people.  Its intent is malicious as the movie "Birth Of A Nation" in which Black people were caricatured and maligned from start to finish.

Film critic Armond White and opinion writerCourtland Milloy have ripped the movie and are skeptical about the acclaim for the movie received from "White folks".

I am obtaining a stronger level of comfort in understanding that my job is not to work hard to convince anyone to change their own views.  A person's own views must serve as a FUNCTION of that which they ultimately seek to accomplish via their thoughts and actions as rendered upon a group of people that they care for.

The more effective strategy for me is to listen to people's arguments and then put their own arguments "on trial" to determine if they stand to scrutiny or if they merely rely on two other forces that are abundantly present within the larger society:

  • That people have an intense amount of bigotry and thus they listen to certain well known reference points upon which a third party labels something which challenges them for the purposes of dismissing this challenge
  • That the majority of the people are too intellectual lazy to bother to venture out on their own to determine if such a label is so.  Instead most prefer to allow their thought leaders to do the bulk of the filtering for them.  Thus they remain as they are
I saw the movie "Prescious".  I thought it was a powerful movie.  I think that the masses of Black people need to pay money to see the messages that were being projected.  I plan to purchase the movie when it comes out on DVD.

As I thought back to a Black themed movie that did exhibit the characteristics that have been described above by Mr White and Mr Milloy I quickly thought of yet another "MoNique" film.  After exiting this next movie I left the theater depressed, thinking "Someone who does not like Black people made this movie"

Ladies and Gentlemen - I give you Soul Plane:

There is no comparison of the worth of the messages between "Precious" and "Soul Plane".

The only justification for the opposition to "Precious" is that some people likely have gotten their "ideological toes" stepped upon.

Washington DC Views Of Their Mayor Split Along Racial Lines

Fenty's Approval In D.C. Divided By Race

I can't claim to be an expert on DC politics so I'll limit my commentary to the paragraph below. It appears that a portion of the Black residents suffer from "The Least Of These" syndrome and thus are looking to the municipal government as the agent for their benefit. Washington DC and Newark are well known for using their local governments as "jobs programs". One reason why the DC school system has been so inept is due to an educational staff that is out of alignment with its mission to put the education of the children first.

Local political observers say that Mr. Fenty's style and approach to governance, and his priorities on cultural issues, play less well with black residents, who traditionally see city government as helping them and view Mr. Fenty as a failure on those grounds.

"I think black people look at government as the entity that intervenes on behalf of those who have frequently been disadvantaged," said Howard University associate professor Greg Carr, who chairs the school's Afro-American Studies department. "To them, [Mr. Fenty] represents the elites, those who already have power."

Wanna Know What "Democrats Who Are Black" Are Talking About? Read The HuffPo

I just clicked on a story about the movie "Precious" that was contained upon a Black news aggregation site.   The article was on "The Huffington Post" web site.  As I read the story I noticed the dynamic sidebar that was listed on the site.  It featured the most popular stories of the day per their readers.

It was no surprise to me that the articles featuring Sarah Palin - the former Republican candidate for the VP spot in last year's election.  6 out of 8 of the articles talked about Sarah Palin this despite us having passed the one year anniversary of the November 2008 election and a federal government totally run by Democrats that they favor with a strong enough majority to do what they please.  Indeed this is the ideology and party of love and forward thinking rather than hatred.

This post is not about the general reader of HuffPo though.

This post is the observations that I have made as I browse my sampling of "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" blogs and media outlets.  Despite the fact that they CLAIM that they are focused upon and are advancing the Black community's best interests - the truth of the matter is that they are mostly a collection of "Democrats Who Are Black", the largest quantities of contained within are listed first in the label.

The Black community entered the "American Political Domain" after long decades of being shut out, with the primary goal of advancing our own political interests as a people.

Christians are taught "Render onto Caesar what is Caesar's ".   The Black Congressional Caucus had been  fond of saying "No Permanent Friends.  Only Permanent Interests".  Malcolm X provided proper framing of the battle between White Liberals and White Conservatives in the American Political Domain as a football game where the Negro is the ball.

Today many Negroes have been drafted upon the team because of their individual foot-speed and loyal willingness to to work hard for the team because he sees his own victory in the party's victory.  He has fused the two together and doesn't know where the party's interests ends and his own begins.

So is the case with the the subject of Sarah Palin on nearly every single Black politically themed blog in existence.

  • When your mayor and city council are controlled by your favored party - Are you managing your affairs as you spew hatred on Sarah Palin?
  • When the states with the highest concentrations of Black people also have a governor and a state legislature that are also Democrat but also are states with the highest amounts of ailments related to Black people - What exactly do you seek to accomplish by attacking Sarah Palin?
  • When the Federal Democrats control the White House, have a majority in the House and a Filibusterer-proof majority in the Senate - are you doing any thing more than practicing group hatred? 

I fundamentally question what threat Sarah Palin the Republican operative and now free agent is to the interests of the Black Community?   Even IF she goes against your Progressive ideology that you are comfortable with the far greater threat to your ideology resides in the places where it is the prevailing policy order over our communities yet has not delivered upon the promises made - in our schools, on our streets, in our business districts - that were made during its ascension.

I am not asking you to support Sarah Palin the Republican.  I am merely asking you to stay CONSCIOUS about the real purposes of your political activism and not remain a "Party Man"/"Party Woman".  We have too many complex issues in our community to have it controlled by people who are sold out to issues that are ultimately EXTERNAL to our interests.

Sadly the Democratic Party doesn't even have to work too hard for our vote.  Enough Black people "hate their enemies more than they love themselves" and thus what needs to be a MANAGEMENT engagement with our community resources ends up being a misallocation that is not in line with our PERMANENT INTERESTS.

I am not so sure that HuffPo and others want a "strong" and independent Black community as much as they want a "well fed" and loyally aligned Black community.

Friday, November 27, 2009

GOP Video Hits Obama On Thanksgiving Day - Misses The Larger Point

The title of this video oon MSNBC was "GOP Hits Obama On Economy".

Most certainly as we near the end of the first year of President Obama in the White House and the 3rd year of Democrats in control over both houses of Congress indeed blame for the part that our government has played in regards to the promises of what their policies would do to fix the problem versus the realities that remain are properly focused upon those who are in power.  (With some communities this dominates extends down from the Federal government, to the state and local government where this same machine has dominate control).   While I do agree that the forces which bought on this present situation grew while the previous executive administration was in power - it is also true that the America voter "punished" them by tossing them and their party out of power.  This is NOT the case in many communities where the machine extends from the local up to the federal government.  They are convinced that the fix will come if this machine's hand is strengthened.

While I do believe that Mike Pence's message was well targeted and stinging in its effectiveness I think that he missed the mark in one important way.  If Republicans believe that jobs are not created at the alter of government then he should have gone beyond merely enumerating how the promises of President Obama and the "Federal Democrats" have failed to deliver.  A fair minded American who os elastic in his vote would note two things:
  • True - that the present Democratic Monopoly that is running on One Fully Year in Total and 3 Years Over The Federal Legislature has failed to deliver promised economic bountifulness 
  • But - it is also true that when the GOP had the same arrangement (just no 'filibuster-proof majority in the Senate) they too did not provide for a more absolute and permanent economic fix
One would be foolish to reset the clocks back to the GOP control when in truth BOTH have shown a great amount of incompetence over our nation's fiscal affairs.

While I give credit to the broad voting populace for being elastic and thus punish those who are in power when they fail - (just as I am critical of the Black Establishment who drives home inelastic voting within the Black community because they are are beholden to an ideology rather than results) - I must make the observation that the ultimate management of our long term fiscal situation in America is resident somewhere beyond TWO-PARTY POLITICS IN AMERICA.

This is not a call for a "Third Party" in any way.  This, instead, is a call for some sort of overlay force that keep the impending financial collapse of the American Economy front and center and confine both of these popular parties toward an exclusive focus upon the biggest threat to our nation over the next 50 years.

What good is it for one to have nominal access to health care, for example, when the granting authority is paying back $700 billion in interest payments, each year, every year - an amount that exceeds our defense budget?  This is the projection in Interest spending come 2021 if we continue on this same trajectory.

American politics has collapsed into a "team sport".  People have taken sides and did everything that they could to insure that "their side" was victorious in the last battle.  As a philosopher friend of mine (Noah The African) used to say "While the grasshoppers fight amongst themselves, the crow's belly gets full".   If rank and file Americans do not stick their heads outside of the passenger car upon which they are casually riding upon and make note that there is a big "Caution The Bridge Is Out Ahead" sign which our conductors are ignoring - we are going to witness the unthinkable right before our eyes.  The "America" that we all naturally assumed was "titanic" will be rusted down to our individual piece parts because the whole has been rendered insolvent.

Had Mike Pence been operating as a "conservative" rather than a "Republican", for Republican advantage he would have put forth a message that America needs to return its strength at the PERIPHERY where the people reside and return to net productivity there where it counts.  That which has been mislabeled as "No government" needs to be more accurately rechristened as "Distributed Governance" in which each community is expected establish an order by which the desired standard of living within is managed.  As such the key objective of each of these government bodies is to MANAGE the resources that are in place within its district RATHER THAN functioning as a LOBBYING entity, leaning upon the heirachy of government to provide it with funds so that it can be the agent of distribution and thus fortify their power based on that which has been distributed to the masses.

Peter G. Peterson Foundation - For Fiscal Responsibility

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shaquille O’Neal pays for slain girl’s funeral

Shaniya Davis, 5, was found beside rural road in N.C.; victim’s mom charged

5 Year Old Little Girl In Child Prostitution Ring

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. - Basketball star Shaquille O'Neal has paid for the funeral of a 5-year-old North Carolina girl whose kidnapping and slaying received national news coverage.

The Fayetteville Observer in North Carolina reported Thursday that the Cleveland Cavaliers player was touched by the case of Shaniya Davis.

More than 2,000 people attended her funeral Sunday. The girl's body was found Nov. 16 beside a rural road.

ATL: Attention Grady Hospital Medicaid Patients - Come 2010 Go Elsewhere Due To Government Contract Spat

AJC: Grady at Medicaid impasse with insurer

Grady is the hospital of last resort in metro Atlanta. Despite this status it has the best emergency care in the region. Grady has been in financial straits for years. Up to 80% of its base of patients are on some government medical program (Medicare or Medicaid) and thus these government reimbursements and the rate of such are key to Grady's survival.

As much as some people like to talk about how via the MAGIC of "Single Payer Health Care" all of these issues will be fixed. It is just not so. There are certain costs that will always rise for a facility that attempts to provide dignified service.

The hospital is seeking to firm up its balance sheet by pushing cost increases onto Medicaid. Peachcare - the insurer hired by the state to administer a large portion of the state Medicaid program is pushing back against this latest increase received from Grady.

We need to look no further than over to "Southwest Atlanta Medical Center". It remains closed. It too became too dependent upon patient base that was funded by the government. Southwest lacked Grady's political clout and dual county funding mechanism that allowed Grady to survive.

In front of our faces today - before any national health care bill is signed - we have evidence of the battle between "cost containment" by the government on one hand and the need for "fiscal viability in the provision of care" on the other end. Too many people focus upon the attacks upon insurance companies and/or on the great benefits that they will personally receive as their personal situation is no longer the barrier to their receipt of care.

The truth is that the COSTS of care and the need for FUNDING never go away. They are simply placed upon some other entity - namely (and ultimately) the TAX PAYER. There is no such thing as "Government Provided Health Care" or "Single Payer Health Care". There is ONLY "Multiple Taxpayer Paid Health Care" because this is who ultimately pays. The debate is nothing more than an attempt to scale the pool of tax payers who will be on the hook for paying for your individual care.

This is not an inexhaustible source of funds. At some point service and quality cuts will be mandated in order to contain the costs.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The insurer that handles Medicaid for Grady Memorial Hospital said it will terminate the hospital's contract Saturday, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned.

Peach State Health Plan is an insurer hired by the state of Georgia to handle Medicaid claims with numerous health care providers, including a portion of Grady patients.

While Grady and Peach State have agreed that Grady will continue to serve these patients until Dec. 31, the termination – if it becomes effective – could represent a change in medical services for thousands of Grady patients.

The patients would have to find new doctors at a new medical facility, said Grady spokesman Matt Gove. Many have been coming to Grady for years, have long relationships with their doctors and have transportation issues that could limit going elsewhere, he said.

"This would be a disruption in the medical care of thousands of people," Gove said.

Peach State officials sent a letter to state legislators Wednesday saying, "We regret to inform you that, after months of negotiations, Grady Health System will no longer be a contracted Peach State provider effective Nov. 28, 2009."

Peach State will notify these patients prior to Dec. 1, the letter said. Peach State said the change would affect 2,182 patients, but Grady officials said the number is more than 12,000, a small percentage of the hospital's patient population.

It remains unclear whether the two sides will return to negotiations before the end of the year, though Gove said that is "highly unlikely."

The impasse in negotiations between Grady and the company reflects other intense negotiations between insurers and hospitals in metro Atlanta. The great majority work out an agreement at the end.

Peach State officials said patients will not have their care interrupted.

"Patients who are pregnant, receiving chemotherapy, dialysis ... may remain at Grady until their course of care is completed or until alternate care arrangements are made," the Peach State letter said.

Peach State has set up a hotline for patients' questions, at 1-866-229-2892.

Grady also accepts Medicaid from the two other insurers hired by the state to handle Medicaid. Peach State patients can attempt to switch insurers on their annual renewal date.

Peach State said Grady has already increased its charges to the insurer twice this year and has demanded a third increase.

"Such unchecked price increases are clearly unsustainable," said the Peach State letter.

Grady's Gove said Grady has been attempting to match its charges to market rates.

Economics - The US Dollar vs Gold

NY Times: Cost of servicing ‘huge mortgage’ may grow by $500 billion annually by ’19

There are indeed consequences to the present set of economic policies that are being done to protect us from the impact of the present economic problems are simply shifting the pain into the future.

"Green Herbal Tea Party" Protesters In California Voice Disapproval About University Fee Increases

Third Day of Fee Protests at California Universities

Whatever you do - don't call them "Tea Party Protesters" akin with the right wing groups that are protesting........increased usurpation of funds from the government.   Those other people are filled with hatred.  These students are "Green Herbal Teas".  They represent the possibilities of the future and all that is good.  Those others seek to return this nation to the past where subjugation and oppression where the rule.

The "Green Herbal Tea Baggers" desire to "speak truth to power", telling the elements of the government who seek to raise boundaries to education.   They seek to make the price of knowledge too high and make it an exclusive zone for the privileged.  No doubt those forces that were installed when Ronald Reagan was governor are now in the senior positions in these places and thus are carrying out their views about exclusivity.

The "Tea Baggers" doing the tax protests, however, are those people who have benefited greatly from the privilege that their skin color has granted them.  Their protests are desired to retain their power and deny millions of people who have since entered this nation and who now are on equal status to them - their due access to resources.

........OR so we are told as I monitor the forces around the web who seek to provide editorial understanding between "good and evil".

The truth is that BOTH GROUPS are protesting about the very same thing - the insatiable appetite of the government and ultimately the people who are serviced by it.

Atlanta Police Chief Announces His Resignation - December 31st

Pennington makes it official, announces resignation

Embattled Atlanta Police Chief Richard Pennington confirmed Tuesday what has been widely reported, announcing his resignation, effective at the end of the year.

Though technically he deserves credit because the murder count in Atlanta has dropped from about 172 down to 89 (from my memory) the truth is that there has been a mass exodus of the underclass from Atlanta as all of its housing projects have been demolished. Thus I attribute the decline in the murders and its shift to areas in Dekalb and Clayton Counties as a result of the change in housing policy - not just an improvement in policing.

I do not blame Pennington per se for all of this. We are living in the consequences of failed cultural and social policies. The police can only deal with the cards that they are dealt.

Lewd Dancing In The Classroom By "Thugs In Training" Causes SW Dekalb Teacher To Lose His Job

I think that the criminal prosecution of the teacher is a bit extreme for the Dekalb County Solicitor but if the video indeed shows him laughing at the entire episode then he was out of line and should face some sort of disciplinary action.  The legal system need not be involved.

I hope that this sends a message to all teachers that "allowing 'Thugs In Training' to go too far in your classroom might be a career ending decision."

I wonder if the school did anything of consequence to the dirty dancers?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are The New Federal Breast Cancer Screening Rules RACIST?

Alternet: Why the New Breast Cancer Guidelines Are Racist

Its beyond me to understand how the "insurance industry" became the target in this article when it was the federal government that issued the updated guidelines.

By Devona Walker, The Loop. Posted November 23, 2009.

Some might think the word racist is overused and too harsh for the new breast cancer guidelines, issued by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. The fact is, though, the new rules that call for raising the recommended age for women to begin getting mammograms from 40 to 50 ignore the thousands of Black women who die from the disease each year. Black women, in fact, are typically diagnosed with cancer at a younger age than white women, and at a more advanced stage of the disease. The appropriate protocol for women of color would be to receive mammograms earlier not later.

When you entirely dismiss a segment of the population, and that population happens to be a racial minority — one that is at a greater risk of dying from breast cancer than any other population — what do you call it? It might not be overt racism, but these new guidelines are the very definition of institutionalized racial discrimination.

Here are some facts to consider, courtesy of Sisters Network, the Black Women's Health Imperative and the American Cancer Society:

o An estimated 19,540 Black women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and more than 6,000 will die.
o Black women are 53 percent more likely than white women to be diagnosed at a later stage in the disease, and about 26 percent are less likely to receive radiation after breast-conserving surgery.
o Black women are more than twice as likely to receive no surgery at all and 39 percent more likely to die from breast cancer.

And the worst of it is the government appears to be making the change in order to appease or shore up the bottom line of the insurance industry.

The new guidelines

As we know, Black women are often diagnosed at an earlier age, but in a more advanced stage of breast cancer. Just as the federal agency announced it would make the change, many health education advocates for racial minorities were beginning to campaign to lower the age from 40 to 35.

Health educators have said one of their biggest obstacles in educating Black women about breast cancer is that much of the existing prevention information is not inclusive enough of women of color — something that isn't likely to change with the new guidelines.

The move will be save a lot of money for the insurance industry, but those savings come at a huge cost for women in general, and especially women of color. These new recommendations will undoubtedly affect insurance coverage, and women under 50 will likely have to pay out of pocket for breast cancer exams, which will, of course, play a part in determining how many have them.

Article: How "Ignorant" Southern Hip Hop Was Founded Upon The "Mis-Educated South"

How the South Destroyed Rap: Time to Stop Hee Haw Hip Hop

(Note: Click on link above to read the entire article)

Yet again we see that as long as an "attack" upon Black folks is doused in an Attack upon "Southern White Supremacy" the hit upon Black people for the choices that have been made is blunted.

Like NY Hip Hop, the South also had a brief conscious era ushered in by the Dungeon Family (Outkast, Goodie MOB) in the mid 90’s. However, just as gangsta rap replaced East Coast conscious Hip Hop in the early 90’s, “Crunk Music” replaced the socially conscious rap of the South by the late 90’s.

Much of the credit for this can be attributed to the mastermind Steve Gottlieb, at the time, owner of TVT records, a company that started off selling TV show themes but found out that they could make a whole lot more money popularizing retarded rap (Ying Yang Twins) and making, otherwise, intelligent black men (Lil Jon, reportedly has a Masters Degree) sound mentally challenged.

The question we should ask ourselves is how can an area with more than its share of black institutions of higher learning (especially the ATL) now be famous for producing music only suitable to step and fetch to?

Historically, perhaps, it has something to do with the post Civil War Era as many black folks left the South to go North where getting an industrial job required a higher level of education than it took to pick tobacco.

Also, according to Dr. Noliwe Rooks in her book, “White Money, Black Power,” “southern whites feared that education for blacks would provide African Americans with the means to, eventually, upset white supremacy.”

Dr. Claude Anderson in his book “Black Labor, White Wealth” argues that after slavery, “cultural customs and laws forced the newly emancipated blacks to conform to the historical image of blacks as common labors.”

So the plot was clear, keep black folks deaf, dumb and blind to preserve white socio-economic hegemony. We see the same method of operation today with “Operation Dumb Down,” today. This is why most commercially successful southern rappers sound like they are just two feet off the plantation.

In an effort to preserve the status quo, the powers that be are determined to destroy Hip Hop and take the minds of black children down with it.

If the rationale for “Operation Dumb Down,” is, indeed economic, then the counter solution must also be economically based.

Al Sharpton - Day Of Outrage About Street Piracy

'Day of Outrage' Takes Stand Against Violence

I am supposed to see these moves by Al Shartpon and others and be appeased that they have indeed seen the light and are finally doing what I had been observing, calling out yet being attacked for doing for years.   When I make note of all of the "Black victims" that are generated by these assaults from street pirates some say that I am "working to show how screwed up Black people are".  My goal is malicious in that way.

"What are YOU doing besides complaining?"  I am asked.

If the concept of "INCUMBENCY" is never applied to the situation the above questions might indeed seem rational.   Instead I know better.

The fact is that Al Sharpton's ideology and social justice theories is the prevailing consciousness over these places.   After years of using the votes and sympathies of these people to accomplish a certain political agenda he now sees the dysfunctional situation that remains as he returns from the external battle field.

We must also consider the constraint that Sharpton and the other activists face.  They are not going to be able to turn this over to the police force to "handle it".  If the police start arresting too many Black people, filling up the "Prison Industrial Complex" with them - you had better believe that the "National Action Network" will be back on the streets but this time protesting the police - even though they are commanded by Democratic mayors where the problems are most acute.

The only solution to this problem is a long term cultural and community management change.  This involves a radical change in consciousness.  Instead of having the community activists seeking to peel away any stricture upon the individual if it does not violate their liberties - they will need to understand the emergency that the Black male is in today and have anyone who attempts to implement a change that takes the masses off of the "straight and narrow" to JUSTIFY why this suggestion should be adopted by demonstrating that it is of more value to the community than the course that is being followed.

This is not totalitarian nor suppressive.  This discipline is voluntary and takes place in the cultural domain not the government/political domain.  The bottom line remains - a people who are reacting to an emergency situation act with a certain amount of immediacy and decisiveness that is in line with the situation.