They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Killer Pirate Spared The Death Penalty In Knoxville TN

Jury denies death penalty for Cobbins' role in murder of Channon Christian

NAACP Wuz Right - Using Technology To Obtain Justice - You Tube Edition

Grant Park break-in caught on video

A vigilant Grant Park couple posted video footage on YouTube of a robbing crew breaking into their home, throwing furniture at their dog, and making off with a laptop computer.

This was the second time in 10 months that a break-in at Dan and Alyssa Kopp’s bungalow was captured by surveillance video.

And just as with the October 2008 burglary, the couple took the footage to police and put the images up on the popular online video-sharing Web site.

This time, of course, there were twice as many cameras rolling.

“The last time, our things were recovered within a week,” Alyssa Kopp said on Sunday. “Someone called police with a tip that said, ‘I am watching the people I saw on YouTube unloading a TV at a home.’”

Those thieves from October were caught, and Kopp is hoping the same will happen to the four men who kicked in her door on Friday afternoon.

“The reason my husband installed cameras in the house in the first place, is because we live in a high-crime area,” she said.

Just after 5 p.m. Friday, surveillance videos from the Kopps’ home showed a black Nissan Armada pull up to the house.

A young man in green shorts and a green t-shirt walked up to the front door, rang the doorbell several times, then went back to the truck.

A second young man in jeans and a white t-shirt follows and checks the door, before returning to the truck.

The SUV pulls to a corner of the block, and a crew of four emerge, jump the fence and run up to a back door.

A third individual with a bandana, white T-shirt and jeans, kicks the door twice — stopping intermittently to pull up his sagging jeans — and the crew enter the house.

Inside, video shows a fourth male in a dark t-shirt and jeans lob a bar stool at the Kopps’ dog as the crew spread out through the house, apparently in search of a robbery booty.

Within seconds, the four quickly file past the hidden camera with just a laptop computer, and exit the house.

“Ironically, [it] was the same laptop that was stolen last year,” Kopp said. “We had a flat screen last year. But we never replaced it because we didn’t want to be targeted.”

Atlanta police are investigating the theft.

But Kopp said the last group of thieves are just now being prosecuted.

“It’s doubly frustrating knowing how not cut-and-dry the first case is going through the court system,” she said. “So even if these guys are caught, it’s just the beginning.”

But why was the Kopp home targeted again, especially after shedding the lightweight flat-screen TV?

“That’s the million-dollar question,” Kopp said. “We have a fence, a dog, surveillance cameras and a security system.

“But I guess there’s always so much more you can do.”

Black Pirates Make It On To "BoyGenius" Technology Blog

Man Uses "Find My iPhone" To Locate His iPhone.....And 3 Robbery Suspects

Original Post-Gazette Story

As a technology buff I am a daily reader of the Boy Genius Report.

Sadly the Black face that I saw on this high end technology blog did not invent a new technology to advance man-kind. Instead he and the other 2 were Pirates who had stolen an iPhone from its original owner - along with his wallet.

Thanks to the GPS tracking capabilities built into the phone (and the stupidity of the Pirates not turning the device off) the police were able to apprehend our bandits red handed.

I am forced to than the NAACP for mentioning about how technology is going to be increasingly used to obtain justice in our nation. Unfortuantely the NAACP was talking about using technology to go after police men only.

From Cornel West To RiPPA: The Black Conservative's Problem - A Rebuttal and Reframing

This is a quote that I lifted from my good friend RiPPa's blog.

RiPPa's Favorite Quotes:

"The need of black conservatives to gain the respect of their white peers deeply shapes certain elements of their conservatism. In this regard, they simply want what most people want, to be judged by the quality of their skills, not by the color of their skin. But the black conservatives overlook the fact that affirmative action policies were political responses to the pervasive refusal of most white Americans to judge black Americans on that basis."Cornel West
This statement seems compelling at first read. It appears to be an indictment of the thinking and expectations of the Black Conservative.

Just as with the Maya Angelou statement from last year - it tells only half of the story. Bottom line - you are not going to get a Black Progressive to put progressivism on trial. He only seeks to put his adversary on trial as he shows a stronger commitment to his ideology rather than the whole truth.

First I must point again to the incessant focus upon the ominous threat from the "Black Conservative" which does not stand as we consider his actual numbers in proportion to the "Black Whole". At most the Black Conservative makes up 10% of the total Black voting base. There are few strict conservatives that hold ELECTED positions over the Black community because, despite the ability to consistently prove that what they prefer works for our best interests at home - The Black Community Does Not Vote For Conservatives, including Black ones.

Thus this gets us to the second and more substantial problem with Mr West's statement as he doggedly avoids a more thorough inspection of the prevailing Black Political Machine.

What about the assumptions of the Black Progressive Position, Dr West?

Dr Cornel West makes two major points:
  1. The Need For Respect
  2. Reparation For Misdeeds Of Past Actions

Let us inspect the Black Progressive ethos on these two points.

I just spent the last few days both angered but also "crying inside" as I listened to many Black people recounting Ted Kennedy and his focus upon "The Least Of These". Anyone who has read this blog over time will have note that my observations about the tendency for the Progressive - Black and White - to stultify Black people has been a long running concern to me.
I content that it is not that Ted Kennedy "cared about Black people" but he cared about "The Least Of These" and Blacks fit this mold.

In addition I pointed to the recent California Prop 8 vote in which Blacks voted in a manner that was counter to what the White Progressive THOUGHT that we should be voting. Thus we heard racist attacks upon Black people from them that are typically associated with White right wing bigots.

This moves us closer to my argument that: As long as Black people think and vote as the White Liberal Snarling Fox expects us to - we are his BFF. By definition such a relationship will be one of Superior and Stultified. He is "feeding us" in exchange for our votes and loyalties.

My direct challenge to Dr West's assertions about the Black Conservatives' desire for "respect" is to ask him - "How Do We As A People Grow To The Point Of Equal Respectability When The Key To Your Forward Movement Is The Assumption That Black People Are "Damaged Goods" From Our Past And Thus Require An Affirming Action?"

More to the point: Just as I wondered out loud last week to the words spoken by Rev Joseph Lowery - "What about your plan of development shows any evidence that Black people will one day be the UN-LEAST OF THESE" I ask the same of Dr West: "At What Point Will You Make The Unilateral Decision To Refuse Affirmative Action Because You Need It No Longer"?

The answer to both of these questions are: Nothing and Never.

The key flaw in the Black Progressive macro strategy can be seen where we as a people are "All Alone With Nothing By The Prevailing Ideology To Feed Us, Educate Us, Protect Us". In the large metro areas where the policies that Dr West supports are in power per the Progressive leadership is where we can find the greatest amount of misery among Black people in this nation. Thus we get to the greatest irony of all in Dr West's statement of his beliefs.

We spend so much time focused upon the programs that we believe we need as we engage in competitive battles for resources with White folks (ie: freshman seats, government contracts, etc) that, in aggregate this prevailing, progressive plan fails to prepare our communities and the economic systems within to be viable as stand alone entities.

How many expansive government contracts are the cities of Detroit and Philadelphia issuing today as the former is $300 million in the hole and the latter just stopped payments to all contractors until September due to fiscal constraints upon the city?

Of the school systems that feed our young Black students into competition for the freshman seats in college - how many of these high schools are ranked as "top notch" and thus are responsible for flooding the admissions offices with a record number of highly qualified Black applicants in line with the presence of "people who look like us and care for our children" as they stated in their campaign for office?

The truth about Dr West's statements is that he has successfully "Put The Conservative On Trial" while avoided having any inspection of the prevailing order within the Black community take the stand.

If our goal is to get to TRUTH in our community and not just "One Ups-manship" of our own ideology then both sides must be debated AND the incumbency of one of these sides must be used as a greater weight upon it.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Deadly 4's: 4 Years Post-Katrina; 4 Evacuees Murdered; 4 Year Old Sees It All; All 4 Nothing

Some events are too tragic to understand. What would provoke this man to gun down these 4 people and shoot this 4 year old little girl as he did? The other little girl who was shot dead was 11 years old. None of this makes any sense.

Sadly the grandmother who had sent her family out of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and has since returned home was forced to speed up to Atlanta after hearing about her daughter's murder. She previously fed the eventual killer of her daughter and grand child. Now she is left to care for the one grand daughter that did survive.

For all of those who were "concerned" about how the government had shown little care for the humans that were stranded in the wake of Katrina - this is your opportunity, 4 years hence to show that you care NOTHING about a mass murderer who would shoot two little Black girls, killing one of them.

This type of event is what the death penalty was meant for.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The History Of The Democratic Party And Black Folks

"The Biggest Scare and Hoax Yet!"
February 6, 1875
Thomas Nast

This Harper's Weekly cartoon by Thomas Nast is a counterattack on press criticisms of the Reconstruction policies of President Ulysses S. Grant. The Grant administration (1869-1877) had the difficult task of enforcing the Reconstruction legislation of the Republican Congress in the face of an often hostile white population in the South and an increasingly disinterested one in the North.

As the former Confederate states were readmitted to the Union, the states' biracial Republican governments, established during Reconstruction, were replaced by white-only Democratic governments. By 1874, only four Southern states--Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina--retained Republican governments. While corruption existed in both parties, paramilitary groups associated with the Democratic party (e.g., the Ku Klux Klan) used intimidation and violence to prevent black and white Republicans from voting in the South.

The onset of an economic depression, the white public's impatience with Reconstruction, Congressional scandals, and talk of a third-term for President Grant, all combined to give the Democratic party a decisive victory in the 1874 elections. Democrats regained control of the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time since before the Civil War, along with several Northern state governments. In the South, the Republican party virtually collapsed, electing only 17 of the region's 106 congressmen.

In December 1874, President Grant's annual message to Congress argued forcefully that federal intervention against political violence was necessary to allow the 15th Amendment (barring racial discrimination in voting rights) and Reconstruction legislation to work. The inset cartoons on the upper-right and upper-left depict reaction to Grant's message, which was called "another outrage." Grant is a courageous, though dismayed, lion who (on the left) drops his presidential-message knife of truth into the slimy, poisonous tangle of copperhead snakes ("copperhead" was a nickname for Confederate sympathizers); while (on the right) he stuffs his presidential message and "The Truth/Facts" into the mouths of the Democratic donkeys.

The central cartoon refers to the volatile political situation in Louisiana, where both political parties were claiming victory after a campaign and election rife with corruption. Republicans asserted that they had rightfully elected William Pitt Kellogg as governor and retained control of both houses of the state legislature, but Democrats said that they had successfully gained both states chambers and the governorship for John McEnery.

On January 4, 1875, Democrats prevented Republicans from organizing the state legislature, and (a fact soon forgotten in the public discourse) requested reinforcement from federal troops. President Grant did dispatch Philip Sheridan, commanding general of the U.S. Army, to keep the peace, but ordered the general to ensure that the Republican government was duly installed.

Newspapers and Democratic politicians from across the country assailed Grant and Sheridan for imposing "bayonet rule," or military dictatorship, on the South. Grant was accused of "Caesarism" amid calls for his resignation. Many Republicans worried that the administration's Louisiana policy was a political liability. Liberal Republican Carl Schurz wondered how long it would be before troops marched into Northern statehouses or the U.S. Congress. Even the president's cabinet was divided over the appropriateness of the response.

Lost among all the hysteria against federal intervention (besides the fact that the Louisiana Democrats had requested it first) was the fact of massive corruption, intimidation, and violence perpetrated by white Democrats in the state, and their attempt to circumvent the democratic process.

On January 13, President Grant responded to criticisms in a message to the U.S. Senate. While admitting that both parties were guilty of corruption, the president chastised the Democrats for inexcusably resorting to terrorism to achieve their political goals. Employing impassioned language, Grant detailed Louisiana's record of past violence against black and white Republicans.

President Grant's strong statement of moral principle, however, was used by other Republicans merely to limit political damage from the affair. Congressional Republicans agreed to a compromise which gave the lower house of the Louisiana legislature to the Democrats, while the Republicans retained the upper chamber and the governorship.

The 1874 elections were a turning point for Reconstruction policy. Significant civil rights legislation would not be passed or enforced by the new Democratic house, and the notion was reinforced among Republicans that Reconstruction was best abandoned if the party wanted to stay in power.

Cartoonist Thomas Nast had long been committed to both black civil rights and President Grant, who was one of his great heroes. Here, the main cartoon lampoons those in the press critical of Grant's Louisiana policy; they are wild animals, blinded by bayonets on their heads, who have escaped from the Central Park zoo. The latter is a reference to a hoax perpetrated by James Gordon Bennett Jr., publisher of the New York Herald.

In late 1874, Bennett reported in bold headlines that wild animals had broken loose in Central Park, causing "Terrible Scenes of Mutilation." Many readers were hoodwinked by the sensational hoax. Nast used the image in several cartoons over the ensuing months, including this one which mocks Bennett and his journalistic colleagues. The cartoonist's message is clear: charges against the Grant administration of military despotism are the equivalent of a public hoax, and the offending journalists are blinded by their own prejudiced rhetoric.

Atlanta Public Schools - The Bigotry Of Low Expectations - The Systematic Willingness To Cheat If It Means Avoiding Administrative Sanction

 soft on cheats?

Keylina Clark was puzzled when her son told her shortly after taking state standardized tests last year that he knew he’d passed.

Dequayvious struggled mightily in school. His Blalock Elementary report cards said he was below grade level in reading and math. Then the second-grader explained his confidence: A test proctor gave him answers, he said. Clark believed him.

Atlanta Public Schools, however, apparently did not. Though two other students supported the boy’s claim, the district marked the complaint unsubstantiated.

Considering the hundreds of thousands of test-takers each year, formal complaints about test cheats are relatively rare.

The Atlanta district, however, has received more such claims given its size than any of the five other large metro districts, an AJC investigation shows. The newspaper also found the district’s handling of 20 cheating complaints in three school years raises questions about how it polices its educators.

Atlanta’s investigations differed from those of its metro peers in key ways, the AJC found. Investigators sometimes left allegations unresolved, turning up fresh questions about suspected irregularities but never scrutinizing them. The district was more likely to mark complaints unsubstantiated. Fewer teachers stepped forward to help investigators and more complaints were anonymous, making eye-witnesses harder to find.

And in three years, records show, just two teachers left after the district found cheating. Departures were more frequent in Cobb, Fulton and DeKalb.

Atlanta officials said in a prepared statement that they take allegations seriously, investigate fairly and don’t tolerate cheating.

This summer, a cheating scandal propelled the district into the news when its handling of suspected test-tampering at one school elicited sharp criticism from Gov. Sonny Perdue.

A state investigation found someone had altered tests at Atlanta’s Deerwood Academy. But Atlanta Superintendent Beverly Hall challenged the findings. Perdue called her stance outrageous, saying “any reasonable person” could see cheating occurred.

Educators who cheat do more than teach bad behavior: False scores rob schools of an important warning sign that students are academically underwater. Extra tutoring is often there for students after they fail. Dequayvious needed such help, Clark said, but he didn’t get it because his scores weren’t low enough.

“What they’re doing is just passing them through and, in the long run, they’re not going to know what they need to know,” she said.

Hall said she does not believe cheating is “pervasive” in Atlanta schools and is satisfied with the district’s investigative process. She attributed anonymous allegations to “poor performers” and disgruntled employees, questioning the merit of the claims. She said some educators resent being held accountable.

She said the district has a broad record of achievement. “Could you cheat in all these schools?” she asked, adding, “You would have to spend your whole life cheating...

“It’s been nine years of consistent progress,” she said.

Districts investigate selves

In the Blalock case, records show an investigator from the system’s Office of Internal Resolution interviewed 11 students.

Some of the children’s explanations changed over the course of the conversation. One of the students who said the test proctor gave Dequayvious answers later said she only gave the boy’s friend answers, district notes show. Other students said they didn’t get help from the proctor. She denied the allegations, as did another teacher in the room during testing.

In the end, at least three students said she had provided forbidden assistance.

Through a district spokeswoman, the proctor declined to comment. The district said in a statement that it stands by its investigation.

The state inquiry this year into soaring scores at Deerwood and three schools in other districts included analyzing erasures on answer sheets. Officials studied summer-school retakes of the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test, the state’s main measure of student academics through eighth grade.

While they said evidence of cheating was overwhelming, Atlanta maintains its own investigation found insufficient proof.

Schools and districts typically do the initial investigation when allegations of cheating surface. Educators must report such improprieties to superiors; systems must report testing irregularities to the state.

At least one national testing expert has questioned the practice of leaving the initial probe to school districts, which are measured by test results, too.

“The incentives are for the districts to get high scores,” said Gregory Cizek, a University of North Carolina testing expert.

The AJC reviewed 98 complaints of testing irregularities reported to the Atlanta, Clayton, DeKalb, Cobb, Fulton and Gwinnett districts. The investigative reports filled 2,445 pages obtained through the Georgia Open Records Act.

When Cobb determined a serious breach was committed, records show, the outcome was often severe: Five teachers resigned in three years.

DeKalb and Fulton reported fewer complaints — 17 total — but stiff consequences. Seven educators left the two districts after the districts found test misconduct. Gwinnett had one resignation. Clayton reported few complaints and no departures.

In Atlanta, one of the teachers who left after an investigation had been disciplined for breaking testing rules before, records show.

In April 2007, a tearful student at A.D. Williams Elementary said teacher Barbara White told her to change three students’ answers to match hers, records show. Seven years before, White had been suspended after giving students a page from the Iowa Test of Basic Skills to study before taking the exam, records show.

After the second testing complaint, the teacher licensing agency suspended her for a year. White denied the allegations, records show. Hall, the superintendent, recommended firing her. She resigned. By phone, White denied cheating and declined to discuss her case further.

Misconduct sometimes drew a gentler response in Atlanta, however, than in Cobb or Fulton, records show.

After investigators found Bolton Academy teacher Theresa Powell had given students answers to CRCT questions by nodding and shaking her head or pointing, Atlanta and state licensing officials suspended her for 45 work days. When similar allegations of coaching were substantiated against two teachers in Cobb and two in Fulton, all four teachers resigned.

Through a district spokeswoman, Powell declined to comment.

Few eyewitnesses involved

The Atlanta district uses its own employee relations officers and outside investigators – who are often lawyers – to conduct investigations. When those investigators come across new allegations beyond the initial claim, however, they do not always explore them, records show.

A teacher at Thomasville Elementary, for instance, reported during an investigation last year that answer sheets and test booklets were placed differently in a stack returned to her after being locked up overnight. She noticed at least two answers had been changed. They no longer matched the student’s markings in the test booklet.

And at Walter White Elementary, a student said a different teacher — not the one who was the subject of the investigation — gave answers to CRCT questions, records show.

The new allegations generated little, if any, scrutiny, records show.

Documents suggest that at times, Atlanta’s investigations of testing deception were hampered by a lack of willing eyewitnesses. Five complaints were anonymous. While teachers were a regular source for initial reports of test irregularities in districts such as Cobb and Fulton, few stepped forward in Atlanta.

One who did sounded regretful. “I didn’t realize the effect that it might have on the school and my new principal,” a White Elementary teacher wrote in a statement for the district. She had reported two students said their teacher told them to look ahead in the CRCT – a violation – and ask her questions.

In another complaint, a teacher said the last time he had answered truthfully about a problem, he had been reprimanded. “I don’t want any more questions from Atlanta Public Schools,” the teacher said.

Hall, the superintendent, said employees are protected by the state’s whistle-blower act, which prohibits retaliation for speaking up. The district also has a policy against reprisals. Hall said no employee has ever written her to complain of being fired for coming forward.

Good scores bring bonuses

Potential whistle-blowers may have another incentive to keep quiet: All Atlanta school employees can earn bonuses when scores rise.

Each year, the district sets targets for raising test scores. Bonuses range from $50 for bus drivers to $2,000 for teachers and principals if the school meets 70 to 100 percent of the district’s targets.

Last year, 50 of 83 eligible schools qualified at some level, with three schools meeting all targets. The district spent more than $2 million on the bonuses. Hall received an extra $82,000, partly due to test scores.

Jeff Schiller, a partner with Instructional and Accountability Systems, an Atlanta Public Schools consultant, said the incentive focuses teachers on effective instructional programs. “If you take a look at the amount of money they get, after taxes, it’s hardly enough to motivate somebody to do something illegally or unethically,” he said.

Low scores matter for students. In one case at Cascade Elementary, a parent complained that her daughter should have repeated the third grade. On classroom work and other tests, the child’s results were among the lowest in her class and in national comparisons with peers, records show. But her CRCT scores were stellar.

How, the mother asked, could those test scores be valid? One top district official’s answer: Some kids may make lucky guesses.

Clark, whose son Dequayvious said a test proctor gave him answers, was disappointed the district’s probe seemed to go nowhere in her case. “Just giving him the answers is not giving him an education,” she said.

Blalock closed this year and Dequayvious began classes at another Atlanta school – Deerwood Academy.

A Different Angle On Rep Dianne Watson and State Rep Mervyn Dymally of California

The following videos featuring the words of US Rep Dianne Watson (D-CA) are making their rounds upon various Black conservative blog sites. The attempt is to highlight the bigotry and hypocrisy in the words spoken. While I largely agree with these points there are far more subtitle points that prove more damning. My goal is to point them out.

(Note: Some of you will see the title of the video which calls Ms Watson a "Political Whore" and this will be enough for you to reject the CONTENT within. This even though the title was added after the fact [and certainly not me]. We can do without this type of name calling as there are far more damning points to hit Ms Watson with.)

In the opening salvo Luis Rodrquez asks if "any of those people protesting out front would invite you to dinner"? They are the "Minute Men". A group that is angered about illegal immigration and thus have set up defenses at the American border to stop people from entering this nation illegally from Mexico.

When Ms Watson takes the mic she notes that a few years ago the Minute Men would be wearing sheets as part of their protests.


Let us inspect both of these statements. Let us yield the question that - indeed - these (mostly White) men would be Klansmen if we shuffled back the clock more than 60 years.

What is lost on Mr Rodiquez and Ms Watson is that DESPITE these men being the "modern day klan":
  • They did not raid the meeting, shooting all of the attendees
  • No Black or Hispanic was pulled out of the meeting and lynched
  • The building was not set afire as an intimidation technique
  • Upon the end of the meeting (which was held in 2006) I don't recall hearing any of the attendees being assaulted as they walked to their cars
Still all of these points are not the biggest irony. I wonder if any of the attendees in the meeting who labeled the Minute Men as the Klan would dare exit this meeting if it ended at 12 midnight and walk 20 blocks in any direction wearing an iPhone that is visibly displayed? In as much as some people are good at attacking "racial profiling" they seem to be expert in violating these principles as well. Sadly their use of race is for political posturing. They are indeed more afraid of the "gang bangers" that would likely rob them if they were to walk the streets of their own community in the middle of the night.

2:40 Mark

At the 2:40 mark of the video California State Representative Mervyn Dymally, who is originally of Trinidad responded to the Black "Minute Man's" question as to how they could allow the invasion of our lands by illegal aliens by saying "You should ask that of the Pilgrims".

In my experience in debating Progressives - such a come back triggers a response to "Ooooooh He busted on you. He talked about your mama".

In truth Mr Dymally's response was pathetic. He is a native of Trinidad and thus willfully immigrated into the United States. This nation of "Stolen Land".

Mr Dymally is apparently among the group of people who can articulate how "Every White Person living in the USA has blood on their hands for the actions of their ancestors here in America" yet he is not able to recognized the advantage that he CONSUMES on a daily basis as a resident of the United States - this God forsaken nation.

This tactic is little more than a "brush back". IF there was ever a movement to revert control of this nation back to the Native American and ALL non-native inhabitants were forced to "move back to where they came", suffering the loss as they are not allowed to take any of their possessions - Mr. Dymally would be the first one crying that his constitutional rights, as afforded to him as an American citizen, have been violated from this plan!!!

Rep Watson Takes The Mic Again

After being shown up by the Black Minute Man who gave a character reference to the organization Ms Watson had to save face. She avoided answering the question about her failure to protect the established borders of the United States.

Instead she latched upon the political issue de jure. She suggested that the billions to be spent on the border fence was better spent to rebuild New Orleans.

Few people are going to challenge Rep Watson on the fact that the Black labor class has been negatively impacted by the competition for unskilled positions as the employment sector has been saturated by immigrants from Mexico, in particular.

You see, this stems from the position that the Black legislator occupies. They are the "Fighters Against The Establishment" and for "The Least Of These". Thus when it comes to the supply of job opportunities in the market place they are more inclined to blame the employers and make claims of their exploitation than they are to see that their PUBLIC POLICY choices also impact the situation.

The Progressive politicians will always have the upper hand with the working class. They only need to keep shifting their message, pretending that they are the working class' best friends. As long as the masses hear people spouting policy positions that are agreeable to their own - they are not likely to step back and make measure of how they fared while under the control of these same policies.

In video #2 Ms Watson misrepresents the words of Rush Limbaugh, as have so many other progressives. Limbaugh said he hopes that Obama FAILS in his attempts to take over certain elements of the nation via his policies SO THAT AMERICA CAN SUCCEED.

The main point of my analysis of this video, however, is focused upon her words of praise of Fidel Castro.

I have been challenging my conservative brothers to NOT argue in the name of FREEDOM for a people who would gladly hand over their freedom for the sake of BEING TAKEN CARE OF.
Thus you are arguing an important point upon a tone deaf group of people.

Instead it is more important to make note of those they provide a positive reference toward and make use of the instruction that it provides to you about their ideological character.

I have suggested several times that the magazine "International Socialist Review" provides far more insight as to the logic that is held by the Progressive than most are willing to accept. The key difference between Ms Watson and the Socialist views in this magazine is that she knows full well that she must work through the system to obtain her goals. The Socialists are unbound to the system and thus they are free to offer more radical prescriptions.

The main question that I would ask of Ms Watson in relation to Cuba would be around the people of Cuba and their freedom and civil rights. As a society they have yielded their individual rights for the sake of a "care taker state". As a supposed civil rights leader I am struggling to understand how Ms Watson can be comfortable with the lack of rights afforded the Cuba people.

I suspect, however, that Watson and many other extreme leftists in this nation were fighting "White Supremacy" all along and they don't have a problem with GOVERNMENT SUPREMACY - as long as the people are fed.

Atlanta Mayor's Race - The Great Martin Luther King Jr Is Weeping On His Wife's Shoulder As They Reset In Peace A Few Blocks From City Hall

How will race impact Atlanta's mayoral election?

New demographics

And while the city’s demographics have changed, the change may not translate into votes. The percentage of white residents has increased since 2000, but there’s little change in the percentage of white registered voters. About 37 percent of Atlanta’s registered voters identify themselves as white. The majority, 50.5 percent, still describe themselves as black, although the percentage has dropped by 5.5 percent since 2001.

Some black voters said they will support an African-American candidate this fall.

Southwest Atlanta resident Sabrina O’Neal, who is black, is not convinced a white candidate can win this year. She asked a friend one recent morning who she supports.

“The black guy,” the African-American woman said, referring to Reed. “I vote for my folks.”

The Norwood camp is banking on potential voters like Sylvia Johnston, an African-American woman who lives in Mozley Park and has a Norwood sign on her lawn. Johnston said Norwood has been more responsive than black elected officials to problems like trash on abandoned properties.

“If we can elect Obama, then we can put Mary Norwood in,” said Johnston.

With no candidate holding a commanding lead, Borders, Norwood and Reed have vigorously appealed for votes among all racial groups as well as the city’s influential lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Borders has been more willing to discuss race, saying Atlanta is “largely inattentive” to the subject. Reed, who’s highlighted Atlanta’s diversity when asked about race, plans a speech on the topic this week.

Norwood has preferred focusing her public safety message. Spikes and other candidates have attacked Norwood’s record, arguing she is part of the Atlanta bureaucracy that’s responsible for many of the city’s troubles.

The true test of Norwood’s chances will come in places like The Final Cut barbershop on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. It’s in city council district 10, an overwhelmingly African-American area in which city elections have traditionally been decided. Shirley Franklin won her largest share of votes here, 5,753, in 2001, the first of her two victorious mayoral campaigns.

On a recent Friday, the folks there said race won’t be a factor for them, but they thought it might be for others.

“Race is always going to be a factor,” said customer Bishop Brown, 43. “Will it be the predominate factor? Probably not. But it will be a factor.”

Sam Massell, the last white mayor, predicts race would be a major plotline in a runoff.

“The real battle will come in a runoff where you’ll have a black and white candidate,” said Massell, mayor from 1969 to 1973 and now president of the Buckhead Coalition. “That’s when the fight will be.”

AJC Opinion Page Article - Kyle Wingfield

Changing The Subject - Korean High School Hazing Tradition

OK - I'll throw some of you a bone.

Other races of people have problems with thugism as well.

Note: Prior to going to I had no idea about the rating of the school. I assumed they would be around a 7 or 8. This hazing problem appears to be taking place amongst a specific group of students.

Some Midtown Atlanta Community Members Opposed To Return of "Visions' Night Club

Its The Weekend In Atlanta. Let's See What The Pirates Are Up To

(Folks - There is a larger part of me that wishes that I had no death and violence to report upon than there is any intent to impugn a group of people. The sad truth is that in watching the news - THIS is what I see on a daily basis. Me "stopping my reporting of this"....because "I am trying to slander Black people" - as some of you no doubt believe IS NOT GOING TO FIX THE PROBLEM. It only turns a blind eye to it.

It is time to STOP allowing certain operatives to change the subject and the focus, instead forcing everyone to come up with a more comprehensive SOLUTION that EFFECTIVELY addresses the BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS - the presence of the guns be damned. THE gun is not the reason why people are getting killed. There are plenty of communities that have abundant guns but far less killing)

Crazed Pirate Hijacks Public School Bus, Terrorizing The Students, Forcing Them To Jump Off The Bus

Man Snaps And Kills Girlfriend and 3 Other People. 4 Year Old Girl Survives And Tells Others That Her Mother and Sister Is Dead

Third Pirate In The Attack Where The Mother Was Shot In The Face and a One Year Old Baby Was Thrown Against The Wall With Brain Hemorrhaging

Morehouse Student Found Guilty Of Torture/Murder Of Fellow Student Left In The Trunk Of A Car

The City Of Atlanta Public Works Dept - Honors/Insults "Marin Luther King Jr Blvd"

Its a good thing that the residents of Atlanta love the political machine that runs the city so much that the have little to fear from a mass purge.

Abandoned Housing Is A Growing Problem In Atlanta

Toxic Asbestos Shingles in Southwest Atlanta

SE Atlanta - Anti-Pirate Rally Brings Community Out Vowing To "Take Back Their Streets From Pirates"

Kirkwood rallies one week after resident shot mowing lawn

This must be framed properly.

Whereas certain operatives seek to paint certain national trends as proof of RACISM against the president- one only need look locally to see where the battle is brewing.

When the Tea Parties were slammed as such I pointed everyone to the massive anti-tax/fee protests that were going on all over the nation against municipal government. White and Black stood opposed to such tax increases.

Recently some have attempted paint the words "Take Back Our Country" as being similarly racist. In a previous post I pointed out how such a call was not labeled as such when progressives wrote books and had rallies under this same prhase over the past 8 years.

Yesterday's Anti-Pirate protests in SouthEast Atlanta where young urban progressives that have moved into the area are confronted by the elements of the impoverished inner city factions that remain. The young urban progressives vowed to "take back their streets". They refuse to be terrorized in their own homes.

They called upon the City of Atlanta to offer youth intervention programs to assist their tormentors. The truth is that the city doesn't have the resources. It will be the community that will need to open up its own churches and put forth more community building activities in a more distributed manner.

Friday, August 28, 2009

NAACP: Always Seeking Justice For Killers; Always Saying So Little For The KILLED - Unless The KILLER Is The Appropriate Target

3-year-old Kalik Miller, center, and 2-year-old Micah Wilkerson, left, hold signs Thursday on the steps of the Louisiana Supreme Court building in the French Quarter as Ernest Johnson, the state NAACP president, holds a news conference urging an investigation of jury deliberation in the trial of Corey 'C-Murder' Miller.

NAACP wants to take C-Murder's conviction to La. Supreme Court

I don't get angry any longer folks.

I realize that the only way to put groups like "The NAACP" and "The Color Of Change" and "The ACLU" in check is to force them to field a comprehensive strategy that produces favorable results. Otherwise they will continue to cherry pick, remaining entrenched in their "Moral Superior" high ground yet never being held accountable for the actual results on the streets.

It is stunning to realize the number of dead Black men who were killed by people like 'C-Murder' that never get their "Death Sentence" reviewed by the NAACP.

They live in a world where they believe that "It is better for 10 guilty men to go free than to have the government detain 1 innocent man". Unfortunately those 10 guilty men that the NAACP assisted in releasing are TERRORIZING THE HELL OUT OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

You can't allow these people to cherry pick!!!

C-Murder's life as a free man is over.
Everybody believes that, except for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) , which wants to go to the Louisiana Supreme Court and see if they can't garner a retrial.
One juror in the initial trial, Mary Jacob, said in an interview that she was pressured by her fellow jurors to enter a vote of guilty. She said the jurors verbally abused her during the sessions. Although Judge Hans Liljeberg ordered another deliberation, a vote of 10-2 found C-Murder guilty.
C-Murder, whose real name is Corey Miller, was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Steve Thomas, 16, in a nightclub in Harvey, La.
Miller's brothers are rap mogul Master P, founder of No Limit Records, and MC Silkk the Shocker. P's son Romeo is also an MC.
Ernest Johnson, president of the NAACP's Louisiana chapter, called to Chief Justice Catherine Kimble in a letter, requesting “a full investigation of this entire case, the immediate removal of the trial judge, the appointment of a new judge from outside the 24th Judicial District to hear all post trial motions, and the immediate release of Mr. Miller from prison pending a review of this entire matter because justice delayed is justice denied.”
I hope a retrial, with no controversy, is given to C-Murder. I've had my doubts about the trial in the beginning. I'd hate to see a guiltless man be in jail.

Some Of "The Least Of These" Enjoy The Comfort And Protection Of "The Veil" And Seek Not To Leave, Fearful Of Injury

Some Of "The Least Of These" Enjoy The Comfort And Protection Of "The Veil" And Seek Not To Leave, Fearful Of Injury

  1. WHO - has power over "The Least Of These"? Have they outsourced their fate to some "Confidence Man" who motivates them with his voice?

WHAT - are they driven by? Their intrinsic strength or their instinctual fear?

WHEN - will they become the "UN-Least Of These"? Is this even a favorable condition per their current mindset?

HOW - have they prepared themselves and their future generation upon the death of their caretaker to whom they are so loyal?

Kid Rock Tries To Help The City Of Detroit

The long, sordid tale of anti-black brutality on the American left

The long, sordid tale of anti-black brutality on the American left

Do the noisy protests directed at President Barack Obama's health care plan reveal something uniquely sinister about the American right? A surprising number of liberal pundits seem to think so. "Let's be honest with ourselves," progressive blogger Josh Marshall declared, "the American right has a deep-seated problem with political violence....The ideological pattern is clear going back at least thirty years and arguably far longer."

Chip Berlet, a senior researcher at the liberal think tank Political Research Associates, went even further than that, telling New America Media: "For over 100 years—more like 150, you've had these movements, and they came out of the Civil War. It is a backlash against social liberalism and it's rooted in libertarian support for unregulated capitalism and white people holding onto power, and, if they see themselves losing it, trying to get it back."

Now, it's certainly true that the United States has seen some brutal right-wing thugs over the years, particularly during the Cold War and the Civil Rights struggle of the mid-20th century. But Berlet's ridiculous claim that "libertarian support for unregulated capitalism" created a racist backlash stretching back "over 100 years—more like 150," reveals nothing more than Berlet's own profound ignorance about what actually happened over the past century and a half.

Perhaps Berlet should consider the career of South Carolina's Benjamin "Pitchfork" Tillman (1847-1914), a leading progressive who railed against the sins of "unregulated capitalism" while preaching the salvation of white supremacy. An ally of the agrarian populist William Jennings Bryan, Tillman supported antitrust laws, railroad regulations, the free coinage of silver, and a host of other progressive panaceas. He first entered politics as a member of the Red Shirts, a Klan-like terror group that "came out of the Civil War" to menace African Americans during the early years of Reconstruction. When President Theodore Roosevelt entertained the black leader Booker T. Washington at the White House in 1901, Tillman served as a de facto spokesman for the Southern opposition, declaring: "The action of President Roosevelt in entertaining that nigger will necessitate our killing a thousand niggers in the South before they will learn their place again." It's hard to imagine a nastier threat of political violence than that—and Tillman is obviously nobody's idea of a libertarian.

In fact, as the historian David Southern has documented, the worst evils of the South's Jim Crow regime, including segregation, disfranchisement, mob violence, and lynching, all "went hand-in-hand with the most advanced forms of southern progressivism." Remember that progressives wanted an interventionist government with sweeping powers to regulate all walks of life, an approach that fit nicely with Jim Crow's bullying assault on economic liberty and freedom of association.

As for "white people holding onto power, and, if they see themselves losing it, trying to get it back," let's not forget the racist history of the American labor movement, particularly the powerful American Federation of Labor (AFL). Since most AFL unions banned African Americans outright until federal anti-discrimination laws appeared in the 1960s, blacks often had to take drastic measures to break into union-dominated fields. This led many African Americans to accept dangerous work as strikebreakers—"scabs"—while the lily-white AFL walked the picket line.

In response to this unwelcome competition, AFL chief Samuel Gompers thundered: "If the colored man continues to lend himself to the work of tearing down what the white man has built up, a race hatred worse than any ever known before will result. Caucasian civilization will serve notice that its uplifting process is not to be interfered with in any such way." Along those lines, during the infamous 1892 Homestead strike against Carnegie Steel, black strikebreakers were beaten and dynamited by members of the picketing Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers. Once again, racist political violence coming from the left.

Have some ugly views cropped up at the recent health care protests? Sure. But to take that as evidence of a century-long battle between enlightened liberal reformers and knuckle-dragging laissez-faire racist goons is to believe in a self-serving fairy tale. It's time for any pundit who thinks that way to grow up.

Damon W. Root is an associate editor at Reason magazine.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Is The Difference Between Shady Moves By Democrats And Shady Moves By Republicans?

Answer - the Democrats have the majority of Black people in their party and thus when they do things for self-serving reasons it is NOT called "racist".

Just imagine if an evil Republican leaning state made a law to counter the powers of a Democratic governor to appoint a Democrat. The governor would only need to make the case that of the 5 candidates that he had in mind for the Senate - 3 of them were Black. Thus with this Republican move there is a high amount of suspicion as to the RACIAL MOTIVATIONS of this move.


Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, a Democrat, told CNN Tuesday he supports the late Sen. Ted Kennedy's wish to appoint an interim senator to serve during the five months before a special election is slated to be held.

Calling the proposal "eminently reasonable," Patrick told CNN's Larry King. "Massachusetts needs two voices in the United States Senate, especially at a time of momentous change like this."

Under current Massachusetts law, a special election must be held 145 to 160 days — about five months — after a Senate seat becomes vacant. The winner of that election serves the remainder of a senator's unexpired term.

Last week, Kennedy — who died Tuesday at age 77 after serving nearly five decades in the Senate — urged that the law be changed to allow the governor to appoint a temporary replacement until the special election can be held.

Patrick also said he has no interest in running for the post itself.

What The F#$& Is Jesse Jackson Talking About? (Has Black Activism Weakened? )

Nearly Half Century Since March on Washington: Has Black Activism Weakened?

by Hazel Trice Edney
NNPA Editor-in-Chief
Originally posted 8/25/2009

WASHINGTON (NNPA) – This week marks the 46th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, August 28, 1963. Nearly a half century since the march that drew more than 200,000 to Washington, D.C., Black activists confess they have changed their strategy in the wake of an African-American President, but they contend that their commitment remains the same.

I think that some leaders are now reluctant to engage in public struggle because President Barack is in the White House. But, I would remind you that a public demonstration for justice would not be a march on the President. That would be unfair,” said the Rev. Jesse Jackson, president and CEO the Chicago-based Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. “We supported Kennedy over Nixon, but we still had the march on Washington. We supported Johnson over Goldwater, but we still had the march on Selma.”

Though public demonstrations by Black activists have been scaled back significantly since the election of America’s first Black president, the intense focus on issues is still the same, Jackson says. (Blog Editor's Note: SO THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED TO THE "ANTI-WAR MARCHES"!!!!)

“In 1963, we were marching for the right to vote. Now we’re marching to the polls by the millions all over the nation. Activism now is the election of city councils and state legislatures, Congress and President of the United States,” Jackson says. “When you fight, you fight with the whole armor of God – litigation, legislation, registration, demonstration.

All of those are forms of fighting.
Even in 1963, we had won the ’54 Supreme Court decision, the ’55 Montgomery bus boycott, and students across the South marched on Selma. Even then, we used litigation, legislation, registration and demonstration. We’ve always used several forms of fighting.”

Jackson admits that the current lack of street activism that had resurged during the eight years of the Bush Administration may be necessary to make ultimate progress on issues through the first four years of the Obama Administration.

“We have made milestones politically – two African-American governors and an African-American president
(Blog Editor's Note: Look at the PORTRAITS ON THE WALL as evidence of our Racial Progress) – but, we still have a disproportionate number of infant mortality, shorter life expectancy, discrimination in hiring, in home foreclosures and in student loan debt. So, it’s mid day in our politics, but mid night in our economy,” Jackson says.

He was referring to the nation’s jobless rate that has neared double digits while the Black unemployment rate has passed 14 percent and well above that for Black males.

Street demonstrations are not only still needed to fight remaining inequities, but to counteract the uprising of White-led right wing activism around the nation in the wake of health care legislation, Jackson says.

“The evidence of hostility is shown clearly in the town hall meetings”
, he says. “We are still fighting. But we’re winning. The reason why the right wing is acting so hostile is because they are feeling desperate. They lost the White House. We won.”

(Editor's Notes - In the Bloody Summer that is coming to a close - The VIOLENCE came from the Street Pirates - not the Right Wing Militias)

He concludes, “Our agenda has not changed. It’s just that instead of having an adversary in the White House, we have an ally.” The National Urban League’s Marc Morial agrees.

“We have to be fundamentally realistic. Our constituencies voted for this President … Black leadership’s roll is to support the public policies that we believe will benefit our constituencies. I think we must realize that personality politics in my opinion are [unnecessary] when there’s an opportunity to work along with a president for the shaping of public policy that benefits our community. Having said that, I believe it’s important to recognize that Black leadership’s roll is to hold every elected official accountable. And I sometimes wonder why people say we have to hold Obama accountable, when I don’t hear that kind of conversation from some people about the Congress of the United States, congressional leadership, about the governors and the mayors.”

Morial says it is much easier to work with a president who has been historically friendly toward civil rights and equality.

“Some of the fights and the pushing and the shoving takes place beyond the view of the media. In the previous administration, sometimes we had no choice but to hold press events, to write letters and to do things,” Morial says. “There’s an opportunity with this administration that if we access the system, if we push our agenda aggressively, if we seek to meet with and participate in shaping the public policy as some of us are. It’s not just about what we say publicly. It’s about what the results of the policies and the programs are.”

Morial says he has been working with the Department of Labor on accessing green jobs and green job-training in the Black community in order to lower the Black unemployment rate.

Political observers have intently watched the first 200 days of the Obama presidency.

Dr. Julia Hare, co-founder of the San Francisco-based Black Think Tank says while Black leaders should not treat Obama any differently than the 43 White presidents who came before him, there does appear to be a need for more activism on economic equity.

“I don’t believe they’ve become too soft on this president,” she said. “They didn’t press White presidents on issues such as ‘draconian drug laws’ and ‘police profiling’.”

But, Hare observes there has appeared to be a fear factor in Black leadership’s reluctance to criticize the first Black president on issues such as the need to get economic stimulus dollars to the poor faster instead of to banks and financial institutions that caused the crisis.

“Some of them are terrified of being accused of being haters, jealous of the man,” Hare said. “The financial crisis is killing people. And of course if it’s making White people sick; then it is murdering Black people.”

U. S. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Cali.), chair of the Congressional Black Caucus which now has 17 subcommittee chairs and four full chairs in Congress, says the president is doing a remarkable job given all that’s on his plate.
She says it’s a relief to not have to fight like they did with the Bush Administration.

“We met with the Attorney General Eric Holder. He gets it on mandatory minimum, on the devastation of this policy on African-American males in terms of crack cocaine and powder cocaine disparity. We’re working on that, straight up, out front, we’ve talked to him about it and we’re working on it. And there are many, many issues like that,” she says. “So, this wouldn’t have happened, I know, under a different administration. The president gets it. … When you look at what he’s done already, it’s just amazing.”

She concludes that giving praise when politicians do right is just as important as criticizing them when something is done wrong.

“The positive is what we need to accentuate. We have a very forward-thinking, progressive, bold agenda and that’s what we’re working on in terms of the Congressional Black Caucus agenda, but also the president’s agenda, which 99 percent of the time is in sync. So, I see us as being in partnership with members of Congress with the Executive Branch that speaks to the Black community, communities of color, but probably the whole country.”

Please recall just about 6 years ago the notion that the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch working together was a violation of the "Checks and Balances" system that America needs for accountability.

Atlanta's Mayorial Race: Letter Touting "Black Agenda" Suggests Voting For A "Black Candidate"

'Black agenda' memo stirs mayor race

This is what I love about bigots.
Give them enough time and changing situations and their true colors will show.

I am not going to even address the presence of a letter suggesting that in the spirit of support for the "Black Agenda" that all BLACK Atlantans vote for the "Black guy" for mayor. (Or Black Gal in this case). Just for background purposes it should be noted that of the leading 6 candidates for mayor - 5 of them are Black; 2 are female; all of them are Democrats)

Instead of talking about this incident I will spend the remainder of my time focusing on THE BLACK AGENDA.

What exactly is "the Black Agenda"? I want to take it out of the hands of the Black Pseudo-Revolutionaries which typically base "the Black Agenda" off of strong references to WHITE FOLKS and counter-acting them.

Instead I would like to make the case that indeed the "Black Agenda" is a constructive process for actually obtained the Permanent Interests that I incessantly enumerate:
  • Safe Communities
  • Quality Schools
  • Thriving Local Economies
  • Healthy Lifestyles
In fact I would like to make note that aside from the "White Democrat" - Mary Norwood assuming the mayors office - any of the Black Democratic candidates would functionally be a continuation of the represent machine that dominates politics in Atlanta. While indeed they may be from a different Democratic faction and thus do battle from time to time with an opposing clique. At the end of the day there is far less substantive difference between these candidates and from the current regime than anyone could imagine that they are a radical departure - for the better or worse.


I like Shirley Franklin on balance. In fact I would even argue that she is a more effective mayor than was Maynard Jackson, Andy Young, and (of course) Bill Campbell. Aside from the major scandal over the police killing of 92 year old Cathryn Johnston - Mayor Franklin had a relatively problem free tenure from an administrative stand point.

At the same time the streets of Metro Atlanta are filled with terror over a massive crime spree. (note: Mayor Franklin can only speak for 'Atlanta proper'. "Metro Atlanta" encompasses all of the other counties outside of the city but which function as an interconnected whole). Despite the attempts of the politicians to claim that crime is not that bad compared to last year, this is but a relative reference. In absolute terms - people are fearing a criminal attack now more than any other time of my 20 year residency in the area.

Thus I find it unnerving to hear someone argue for support of the "Black Agenda" when, in truth - so much of it is being violated by the aggregate "9 P's" that control the Black community yet seem to retain its political power.

The author of the letter is clearly blind and is a political hack. They are more interested in retaining a BLACK AND DEMOCRATIC (the conjunction is critical) power base than to allow appropriate scrutiny to be waged upon the forces in power.

Even still - I wonder why the "Black Agenda" is limited to the City of Atlanta. Both Clayton County and Dekalb County neighbor Atlanta. The same template of a political machine runs these counties as is what is in place within Atlanta. Both counties suffer from the same ills that Atlanta proper does - crime, issues with their schools and a questionable future for their young Black people.

IF there was something that could be purchased for the portraits of "Black Democrats" who are on the wall signifying their political office - our currency would be great. Unfortunately such sightings do not replace the core needs that are present for a properly functioning municipal government.

I am tired of the mindset that is expressed by the author of this letter.
Of course if some White person wrote the very same thing this notice would be on national news right now. The fact that this letter is in the public domain AND that 96% of Black people voted for one man in November 2008 simply does not raise the same eyebrows of offense that would be the case IF a White faction had done the same thing.

It is only when our community rejects such behavior amongst ourselves that we would never rest comfortable with if a White person did the same will we be able to call ourselves "equal people" both from a rights and a RESPONSIBILITY stand point.

AJC Article:
The Atlanta mayoral race went into overdrive today when two of the leading candidates held dueling press conferences to talk about race.

Sen. Kasim Reed (D-Atlanta) and City Council President Lisa Borders were responding to a letter that has been circulating through the city calling for a black agenda. Specifically, the letter strongly implies that the city would be better off electing a black mayor. More specifically, the letter endorses Borders.

Reed urged the Borders campaign to denounce the email, which he called “divisive,” and “racist.”

Long-time Atlanta political insider and consultant Aaron Turpeau has been distributing the letter, but has denied actually writing it. He said the paper was produced by an ad hoc group of black Atlantans who have been meeting on and off since 1994 to promote a “black agenda.”

“This campaign should be based on the merits of each candidate, not the color of someone’s skin,” Reed said at his news conference.

About an hour later, Borders did just that.

“I recognize the constitutional right of every citizen to express their concern,” Borders said. “I reject the analysis offered by Aaron Turpeau. He is absolutely wrong. I oppose anyone, or any race, who would distract us from what is important today.”

Mary Norwood, the only white candidate in the race, and a front-runner, would not comment on the letter. In fact, in an emailed response to the AJC, she mentioned her efforts to fight crime and fix Atlanta’s finances and never mentioned race.

“She is focused on asking voters to judge her on the things she has done and what she wants to do,” said Norwood’s campaign manager Roman Levit. “Judge her on her ideas and abilities.”

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

As Long As Blacks See Ourselves As "The Least Of Those" We Will NEVER Do Things To MAKE OURSELVES Equal

I like Joseph Lowery. I seriously mean this. I have seen him speak live on several occasions and have shaken his hand a few times. The man has a great personality and a great sense of humor. He is truly a decent man.

This post is NOT about Joseph Lowery or Ted Kennedy. They are nothing more than CHANNELERS of a particular way of thinking that is ultimately destructive to the CULTURAL CONFIDENCE and SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS of Black People.

I have stated previously that Ted Kennedy sees Black people as part of the population who are the "Least Of These". I stand here today and proclaim that I can not say with great certainty that the DISCRIMINATION AGAINST Black people once we obtained our freedom is any different than the DISCRIMINATION FOR BLACK PEOPLE AS A SUB-POPULATION OF THE 'LEAST OF THESE'.

Hear me on this one:
We can nullify the attacks upon our civil rights by racists by building a body of laws and the enforcement there in. Even though they may indeed think what they want - they cannot assault us lest they be punished.

When Blacks are a part of the "Least Of These" - the key problem is THERE IS NO ESCAPE! (To be clear - there is no escape per the hands of the LABELER. More on this later) This is the badge that we are affixed. Those who have applied such a label to us will see a full grown Africa-American attempting to cross the street at the crosswalk as the light is green and the "walk" sign is flashing. He will immediately run to offer assistance to this African-American lest he be run over per his in-competencies.

Upon successfully crossing this street the "helper" will likely tell all others about how, without his escort "the Black man would have never managed to cross the street by himself".

Worse yet - is the African-American who looks as a third party upon this transaction, sees a "friendly White person who rendered assistance" and then this third party Black constantly pounds the memory of this event IF AND WHEN any other Black dares to step out of the domain of the "Least Of These".

The "Least Of These" is what I was reminded of two weeks ago as I refused to join in on the anti-Glen Beck protests initiated by a left wing-progressive group who have no respect for free speech. I was asked to recall all of the "White Liberal groups that came to the aid of Black people when we where in serious threat of attack during the Civil Rights Movement. To be clear - I, IN NO WAY, DIMINISH THE ASSISTANCE AGAINST INJUSTICE THAT WAS RENDERED TO OUR PEOPLE WHEN WE WERE UNDER ASSAULT.

My problem is that when we affix our focus upon TODAY - we still see these same assault upon Black people. We see that the assailant has changed color. Yet because the operatives have all of their constructs framed in attacking the other adversary - We see a NULLIFIED RESPONSE TO THIS PRESENT THREAT WHICH IS TERRORIZING BLACK PEOPLE.

Joseph E Lowery Bvld at Joseph P Boone Dr - The Old Ashby Street And Simpson Street

View Larger Map

It is both symbolic and ironic that the "Most Deadly Block In Atlanta" occurs at the intersection of a street named after the man shown in the video above.

This fact shows the present condition within too many of our communities. We are too busy worshiping old heroes and the monuments that they have left behind to build up new management frameworks that might lead to different outcomes.

The reason why this is the case is because the Black Establishment that is in power today obtained their power from the very movement that they keep referring to. How many unfit husbands who took the hand of a young girl who had lost her way when she was young, took her in, allowed her to flourish and after years of a rocky relationship THREATENS HER by reminding her HOW SHE WAS NOTHING WHEN HE MET HER and it will be NOTHING that she returns to IF SHE LEAVES HIM?

(I am not accusing Dr Lowery of serving as this function) This is the FUNCTIONAL operation of the "Attack Sheep Dogs" who scour the "though exchanges" where Black people converse - looking for any "wayward sheep" that are pondering a departure, via their own path and their own way of thinking. They are reminded of the PROTECTION RACKET that has been established and how "lone sheep are easily devoured". Little do they mention that THEY are the "main devourers" of people like Clarence Thomas and Condi Rice. They work as agents for the White Liberal Snarling Foxes who would never get to be called "racists" because of the presence of the "attack sheep dogs" to do their duty. (You all had better not allow Barbara Boxer to screw up the protocol again. She threatens to cause the scheme to collapse when a she has to take on a conservative Black man and put him in his place. This is YOUR job.)


The scenario explained above is not unique to Black Americans. This is "Inter-Group Power Relations 101". The dominate faction proclaims to be certified and the only legitimate template. In as much as their system of governance and conflict resolution is immature - they prefer to steamroll any factionalized threat to their order.

Black people are majority Democrats because the Democrats have cut a deal with the Black Establishment. "We'll trade you the one thing of value the "Least Of These" do have - THEIR VOTE if you assist us in obtaining POWER. Any of you who believe that there is love exchanged here - is sadly mistaken. This is "I don't love them hoes" type POWER only.

Likewise - if the Black "rank and file" believe that there is love flowing between themselves and the Black Establishment - just let you try and make a stance that if contrariwise to the Democratic Party and then do some ravenous protests as we see those who are opposed to "INCREMENTALLY Nationalized Health Care are doing and see what happens.

OH WAIT - that already is happening. Just look at the loyal Black Democrats who are pushing for SCHOOL CHOICE. Its been said that they are being tricked by the Republicans and the corporate interests. You know that the Black Political Establishment and the Teachers Union - which has a large Black population - run these schools. The adversary is seeking to WEAKEN "our grip" upon these vital resources so that they can step back in and usurp our power.

Think about it folks - these forces who PURPORT to be interested in educating Black kids are more concerned about losing power than they are about the fact that while they are in control - there remains massive problems with our school systems.

If these establishment powers were one of the two women in the bible who fought over the unidentified infant - they would be the woman who allowed the baby to be cut in half so that they could hold their ground and save face.


* Safe Streets
* Quality Education
* Thriving Local Economies
* Healthy Lifestyles

Though I have had some mild 'hateration' about this framework - few have repudiated it outright as being irrational.

The reason why this framework of "Permanent Interests" is necessary is because it affords all who might disagree from a methodological stand point (liberal vs conservative) to all agree with the destination.

Absent this - as those with the power imbalance in their favor refuse TRANSPARENCY in their actions - we retain the conditions that we see today:


Neither the Stock Trader and the Black Establishment Figure should have the final say on the level of transparency that he works with. In both cases they will work in their own self interests.

In using a framework various methodologies can be measured for their effectiveness. After an appropriate amount of time is the measure that was "popularly assumed" to be the means of moving closer to these permanent interests - upon this theory failing the evaluation it can be pitched and some alternatives tried.

This is why America as a nation has the elasticity to switch from liberal to conservative and back again due to the perceptions of success or failure - while the Black community who's transparency has been suppress by operatives that the failure of the prevailing establishment powers is not a terminal offense. This typically means that the voting populace will "TRY HARDER" to fortify the power of the establishment. They might even try keeping the rank in file UNIFIED and themselves in power as they seek to take over the ubiquitous "white suburb" just outside of their present city limits because they are treated to more resources and thus discrimination exists.

The Perpetual Stultification Of Black People As A Source Of Power

When a people have become so "loyal" and so "appreciative" to a power which they are made to believe is the source of their protection in this cruel world - one need only sit back and watch as the masses are used in the process.

As long as they don't ever rise up and ask too many questions of the establishment - the deal will remain in place.

My vision of a Strong Black Community at the PERIPHERY stands in a mutually exclusive space in competition with the STRONG CENTRAL POWER PROVIDING NUTRITION TO THE EDGE IN EXCHANGE FOR THEIR VOTES AND LOYALTIES.

While they CLAIM that they are working to "Stabilize the VICTIM OF SLAVERY from the wounds that remain" in truth he HAS NO PLANS to strengthen the victim because a strong periphery will begin to question him.

In as much as the operative wants POWER - the maintenance of his people in their place is of no consequence. He can come along and be the "great provider" and enjoy the adoration that they desire to obtain from the masses.

To fill in the statement I provided above in which I said "(To be clear - there is no escape per the hands of the LABELER. More on this later)"....the answer if for the RANK AND FILE to REMOVE THE LABEL FROM THEMSELVES and revolt against anyone who dares attempt to stultify them as a precondition to receiving some BENEFIT.

If the person cannot detain the two way handshake of a TRANSACTION between EQUALS (ie: we get HEALTH CARE - what do we GIVE of value - besides our vote) then this must be REJECTED - lest you continue the process of inferiorization for generations hence.

Young Black Man Leave Your Benefactor For He Is Using You.
Learn the management skills that he does not know.
This is NOT a situation where PROTESTS against him is most appropriate.

After The Pirate Attacks - The Black Victims Express Their Pain

Finally JUSTICE for the killing of the 9 year old "computer girl". I recall the day this tragic event occurred. A little girl who was studying on her computer to prepare for the upcoming school year was SHOT DEAD. A bullet fired by some pirates who had a gun battle outside of her apartment unit flew through her window and struck her in the head. The cowards scattered from the scene of the pirate attack. It was the job of the Atlanta PD to convince the people in the community who saw the entire event to "snitch". This required them to stand up for THEIR COMMUNITY rather than in defense of the PIRATES. This was a good decision because the pirates are ultimately in for self. The one time the people cover the tracks of the pirate only insures that they will be held hostage in the same community along with the pirates. The COMMUNITY quest for LAW & ORDE must trump any grievances that they might have with the police.

Family of murdered Boxer Vernon Forrest - We forgive the pirates but they must yield their lives in exchange for the life of their loved ones.

I will be a bit more charitable in this case. The actual shooter needs to be put to death. Between the other two - one was the robber and the other the get away car driver. The robber actually was helpful in bringing the other pirates to justice. In this case the shooter should be the one to get the death penalty.

Fortunately for the pirates - they committed their pirate attack in Fulton County Georgia. If the DA could not get a death penalty conviction for the "Court House Killer" of 4 people - there is a high chance that no jury seated in the progressive county is going to render death upon this pirate. Its a good thing they did not strike in one of the "conservative" counties on the outskirts of Atlanta.

Students Return To College and the Pirates Follow them.

Please note - while the student might be a Georgia State Student and the television reporter stated that the crime took place near Georgia Tech - this is ultimately incorrect! See the map below. This pirate attack took place closer to the Atlanta University Center - not GA Tech - which is more than 7 blocks down the street.

The students at the AUC have been terrorized by pirates for years. This has been my point of criticism of them. WHY jump on a bus and travel for 8 hours to JENA LOUISIANA when you wouldn't dare leave campus after dark and walk with an iPod showing on your person in any of the 4 directions radiating from your campus?

This is yet another example of how SOME Black folks hate their long time enemies so much (the White establishment) that they LOOK PAST the 'local threats' who are beating the hell out of them only to protest against those targets that are more satisfying toward their IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY.

The main reason why I maintain this video blog format is because I want the BLACK VICTIM'S words to speak and I just provide those who are inclined to remain bound to their ideological bigotry to be given the PROPER CONTEXT as to what is really going on.

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0.4 Miles From Larkin Street & Northside Dr to the front gate at Spelman College


These incidents don't lend themselves to PROTESTS or BOYCOTTS as "Pirates Don't Own Jack!!" and they are not non-Progressives.

This situation is only going to be HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGED toward the point of mitigation. Some people's biases disqualify them for being a solution source when the dynamics of the problems change. (Now if these Pirates were White...............)