Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boris Kodjoe: A Minimum Waged Delivery Man Made Me Feel "Dirty & Black" At The Front Door Of My Mansion

Boris Kodjoe: Regardless Of The House I Live In - I STILL Index My Own Self Worth Based On What Others Think

I don't recall Boris Kodjoe ever being arrested and taken out of his mansion because of his skin color. Yet, despite his (no doubt) big time mansion in Metro Atlanta, this wealthy Black man's self worth is still subject to confiscation by the lowliest of service men who ring his door bell, see his racial characteristics yet fail to see HIM as the "owner of the house". "No Black man could ever own THIS house". Per the delevery man's view - the only Black people that he knows are making deliveries just as he is doing.

Regardless of the thoughts of the delivery man, service technician or door to door salesman in regards to his acceptance of Mr Kodjoe as the owner of this big time edifice, his limited thoughts about Black people do not change the facts at hand as registered in the county courthouse. These documents list Mr Kodjoe as the rightful owner of the place. Are one man's thoughts more powerful than contract law?

The only thing at play is the pathology that is resident in the minds of Mr Kodjoe and other African-Americans who hand over their own self worth for someone else's blessing.

We have people who wear their self-worth on their shirt collar, expecting everyone to validate them about their insecurities. They project these insecurities as "racial assaults" upon our entire race. When enough of us gather together in our "pitty parties" - the quantity of these assaults vocalized proves all who listen in validation of what they feel inside - a sense of inferiority.

It just so happens that CNN will have their "Being Black In America 2" show on tonight just as these events in Cambridge unfold. There is no chance that this incident WILL NOT be talked about as validation that it was RACISM(!!) that motivated the arrest of this educated Black man. That little has changed despite Barack Obama, the Black President, being the resident in the White House. Don't be fooled. As I capture their voice: "If it wasn't for the Secret Service 'they' would be demanding that Obama prove his residency at the White House. Since the Secret Service stands in their way 'they' want to check his birth ceritificate to get him outsted from the Presidential Mansion. We need to stay unified as a people. And the threat of RACISM must be that unifying force, lest one of us be caught away from the pack as an easy target."

I choose to flip it around and ask those of you with this pathology to detail for me the conditions that must be present for you to make the case that if such an event happens in the future that - IT IS NOT RACISM, BUT INSTEAD WAS A BATTLE OF EGOS and the guy with the bigger gun WON?

In effect the question is: "When will you be satisfied that you have the societal and law enforcement controls to prevent the assault from racism to your liking, so you can move on and address other pressing issues that are actually killing African-Americans?"

Based on the comments heard thus far - it is clear - that the expectation was for the police to show due deference to this accomplished BLACK professor of great stature at this elite White school. The fact that his outbursts were responded to by the group of police men just as they would have done to those of a less established person - the peanut gallery feels that this Black man was not treated fairly - per his position.

Why didn't they know who Dr Gates was when they confronted him? Didn't they see him on television with Oprah and Chris Rock as they connected with their ancestry in Africa from so long ago? It was SLAVERY which broke these bonds back then. It is the Police who are serving as agents of oppression now. The recent gathering of the NAACP told me so. This is why I have my camera phone in my pocket ready to record such police abuse.

I detect some W.E.B. DuBois-esque "Talented Tenth" elitism among the commentators. Prof Gates, director of the W.E.B DuBois institute appears to have take on some of the airs of his mentor.

What has this world come to?
The SCLC is now holding protests against BLACK PIRATES in Atlanta.
We now have a 2 night series on CNN entitled "Being Black In America 2!". This show doesn't have modern day footage of the oppression faced by Black people via fire hoses and bite marks from police dogs set upon us to "keep us in our places"........instead they will talk about a wealthy professor at an the most elite school in the White, Eurocentric Academic Establishment in America who got arrested for mouthing off at an officer.

A second Black man affirms the first guy's racist experience by telling how a delivery man failed to acknowledge him in front of the MANSION that he owns.

In neither case were their houses burned down as they did in Tulsa, thus proving that "a Black man has no rights that a White man need respect".

I realized that CHANGE was going to come. I saw it on so many t-shirts being sold at the local urban malls.
This sounds like the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist RACISM CHASER" just is at their whits end on how to deal with the more pressing problems in Black America which are going unmanaged.

Please remember your own definition about racism that you came up with last week as someone had you corned in a debate about your selectivity:
A deliveryman cannot be RACIST because he lacks the POWER to suppress another person.

All he can do is piss the homeowner off by being late with the delivery, making him wait at home in his air conditioning asking:

"Where the *(#)# is this delivery man? He told me that he'd be here 2 hours ago! Doesn't he know that I get paid millions of dollars per film and that my time is more valuable than his? "

OR the delivery man can exploit the insecurities that are resident inside of the wealthy home owner by assuming that he is not the owner of the house.

Either way it is clear to me that the problem AIN'T with the delivery man. He was simply the vector by which these insecurities and inferiorities were brought to the attention of the rest of the world.

(Note: This is version 2.0 - Spell checked and editied. Please stop giving me "English Lessons" and deal with the painful truth of your mental condition. I am willing to help you get through this. We can do this together. I hope to repair you so that you can cope with the real world.)

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