They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Committing BQPFRC Theories To Paper Part II

In the first post I never got around to interpreting the antics of the prevailing Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser as it relates to his love for the Ted Kennedy's, "Ben Aflack's" and "Michael Moore's" of the world while despising the Corporate Rich White folks.

Let me bottom line it all for you - speaking as a Black person who has more "slave blood" in his ancestry than does Barack Obama. (You do know that "Slave Blood" is a special qualifier to African-Americans. Don't you?)

The point that I never got around to specifying in the first post is that the diagram above represents the propensity of one group of White people to negotiate with Black people while the other one is more steadfast before crafting a deal. In effect both are seeking to maximize their advantage from "the Black". They simply have different uses for our people toward their over all goals.

Sadly the key currency for the Black establishment today is our INFERIORIZED STATE AS A PEOPLE due to the assault from "Slavery and Jim Crow". This goes to the highest bidder.

The White Liberal is far more inclined to negotiate with the Black Establishment. They know that if they pretend that they are locked into the "pain of being Black" that they can purchase the loyalties from Black people. Ted Kennedy in seeking to expand health care coverage for "the poor" is not intrinsically showing his "love for Black people" as much as he is showing that he cares for the poor. As much as we often hear the fact that "more Black people are not in poverty than in poverty" - the general policy sentiments for the Black community focuses on "the least among us", not the business class or the wealty. Thus despite being a part of the "Rich White People That Control America", just as Jeremiah Wright (or BET Uncut) had mentioned, these favorable Whites are not the "bad White people" who stand against the popular methodology that the prevailing machine believes is the HOV lane to the "Promised Land" for our people.

It is clear that the distinction between these two groups of "Rich White Folks" is not their money or power. It is only their will to accept the INFERIORITY (or damaged state) of BLACK PEOPLE AND THUS SUPPORT THE POLICIES that inculcate this assumption upon our people for our benefit via some program.

I told everyone before. It is not that Black people have an aversion of being "inferiorized". People who think with such a strategy only seek to MATERIALLY BENEFIT from the hunching of their backs. You had better be sure that they (the Black middle man broker) and not an outsider controls the labeling of our inferiority though. If an outsider who they have not previously negotiated with makes an uninitiated claim of Black inferiority (ie: making note of a low graduation rate for Blacks or a higher than average HIV infection rate) - this outsider will be attacked as "racist". If, however, this inferiority is done in the context of some expressed benefit to Black people (ie: access to freshman seats, procurement contracts, health care services) then indeed the establishment will be willing to play ball with our racial constitution. They will pose for the "poster shoot". Thus it is not the "inferiority" but the INTENT that matters.

The typical question asked by many Black political operatives is "What has {fill in the blank} done FOR Black people?". This drives home the point that the Black loyalties are for sale in as much as the Black community is a bunch of CONSUMERS, WAITING for a solution to be delivered to us.

If this solution is not forthcoming - we will simply put into action our acumen of "long suffering" that we have built up over the centuries. This was done during a time when such a disposition was our only option due to the threatening physical forces that stood against us. This force is NO LONGER BINDING US without consdequences for doing so when they try to. Today we are bound by our cultural norms.

In as much as the "Rich White Conservative" is less likely to be of the entertainment class or trial attorney class the dynamics of his interactions with Black people is different. The "corporate/ownership/finance" class is not as inclined to be drawn into the it is your obligation to "help us" because we are fellow citizens ("what is good for us Black folks is good for America") theory as some others.

Instead he sees that THE IGNORANT PROVE TO BE VERY PROFITABLE. This is why the Title Loan and Payday Loan businesses continues to thrive in our community. (Please don't get offended by the truth. This exploitation is no more sinister than the flurry of campaign signs that I see at present in the poorest of the poor communities in Atlanta for the upcoming mayoral election.) Any machine that is able to get the people to "try harder and vote for more of the same" without fearing retribution for failing the people most certainly is not operating with regard to the people's best interests. They are exploiting the people's desperation

To repeat - it is ironic that one force seeks to exploit the poor and the ignorant for their vote which will keep them in power politically while the other seeks to exploit them for the economic desperation that they have with respect to the time value of money equation. In as much as they constantly violate this equation they will be perpetually vulnerable to such exploits. The value of the "Anti-Capitalist" Progressive in this case is that he will work to regulate the CAPITALISTS from securing an unfair contract with the IGNORANT by focusing on controlling the capitalist more than he will focus on educating the IGNORANT on a defensive strategy in support of his own interests. After all - an educated constituency at the periphery will also begin to question HIM (the embedded progressive with insidious goals.).

In truth I don't have any real problem of this disposition as a "defender of the masses", protecting them from fraud and exploitation. My problem resides with the fact that the "Community Protectors" exploit the ignorance of the masses just as the people they seek to fight against. Both of these groups are most threatened with the notion that this constituency and "profit base" will one day develop a measure of structured thought and analysis at the periphery and thus put them all out of business both economically and politically.

Fear not folks. I just described to you what the great editorial cartoonist Thomas Nast detailed more than 100 years ago in his piece called "The Ignorant Vote".

The challenge for the Black community today is to realize that they/we are being played by the political operatives who purport to be working on our behalf as a people. The management bias within our community must change to one which demands the effective delivery of results. We need to retire the notion that popular assumptions are in fact "the best means forward". This disposition leaves us vulnerable to forces who seek to draw upon our grievances and emotionalism. Our goals get fused into theirs.

SCLC - Please Get A Clue!! Continue To Focus On Piracy Not The Past

AJC: SCLC tries to re-capture MLK's mission

SCLC - with all due respect - Martin Luther King Jr is now resting in peace. You all can walk a little less than a block away from your headquarters and see his tomb.

As a keen observer of Atlanta politics and problems I would then ask you to walk a few more blocks up the street and then make a left turn onto "Boulevard". Keep walking until you get to the "killing fields" that are just across "Freedom Parkway".

Addressing THIS problem should be your main mission, SCLC. If you are able to study, correct and sustain peace and safety for the Black people in this area which is so close to your headquarters then you could document the "lessons learned" for use elsewhere around the country. (I recall news from a few years ago that you all had expanded to a global presence as well.)

SCLC all that I ask is that you stack rank the actual threat to the Black community. You will see that this top 5 list will different greatly from the list that you have which most closely approximates your forte' that has been built up from decades of struggling against an external entity.

SCLC the present threat to Black people has no particular "racial form". Instead is in the form of a spirit. The spirit which:
  • Has no respect for human life and thus will extinguish it on the cheap
  • Uses terrorist tactics as a means of controlling a group of people
  • Violates civic rights because they realize that the prevailing order will protect them
SCLC - you are already expert in fighting this spirit.

The main change that is required from you is to accept the fact that today a faction of BLACK PEOPLE are possessed with this spirit. Thus it is up to you to recalibrate your fight and address this threat accordingly.

In addressing this threat you are likely to have certain forces within the Black community against you. They defend the status quo, preferring to keep our collective focus on EXTERNAL THREATS. In their perverted way - they believe that the Black community can UNITE if we all agree to stay together to fight "White Supremacy". Even when the White folks move out of the community and favorable forces take over the key institutions within our community - they still desire to fight 'White Supremacy".

It is now time to disassemble this thought regime. This old regime wreaks with "Non-White White Supremacy". The White terrorist upon our community has no more power than does a Black terrorist. With our people now controlling these institutions it is our job to field a workable order that will allow us to achieve the Safe Streets that are a key component of our "Permanent Interests".

These Permanent Interests must trump any ideological or historical entrenchments that are present.

The SCLC will gather this weekend for its annual convention in Memphis, the very city where its founder was assassinated in 1968.

Capitalizing off the symbolism, the theme is revitalizing the “Poor People’s Campaign,” which Martin Luther King Jr. used to address the economic condition of the poor and died before he could complete it.

“We are going back to Memphis to try to re-capture the original spirit and mission of our fallen prince,” said Byron Clay, SCLC’s interim president.

But some wonder if the Southern Christian Leadership Conference would be better off with fresh ideas on how to fix itself, instead of retreading old ones.

Atlanta Police Chief Under Fire - Fear Not There Will Be No Consequence For Your Party's Violation Of This "Best Interest" Element

AJC: Critics call for high-profile response to Atlanta crime

Anyone following this blog is likely to know the list of "Black Best Interests" that I have compiled after listening to people of all ideological persuasions.
  • Safe Streets To Allow Our People To Live Free Of Terror Thus Allowing Up To Congregate And Establish A Strong Community Fabric
Indeed the "Bloody Summer" in Atlanta (and other cities) which is now getting more media attention was a painful truth for the individuals who were suffering from the ill effects long before the political and civil rights operatives took notice. What was once taken as a series of isolated events is now taken as a pattern. Those who once sought to downplay or deny that there was a problem are now being asked to "Do Something".

It should come as no surprise that I am a critic of the "Black Establishment" and their fusion with certain political and ideological forces in America. At the same time we cannot take these series of incidents that are happening in many places around the country and make hay with them as a part of some ideological or partisan or political game. Instead I make the case that these issues cannot be allowed to be disaggregated. Just as there was an attempt to see the individual incidents that are now seen as a pattern that makes up what I call "The Bloody Summer In Atlanta" we must also attempt to aggregate the "Bloody Summer 2009" with the other "Bloody {fill in the time period} in {fill in the urban hot spot}" that creates a matrix of time and location, thus forming a pattern.


Sadly it is the majority of innocent people who are trapped living with "Pirates" who suffer the most. I have stated several times before - In America 2009 the last place where there is rife violations of "Civil Rights" and intimidation in a functionally unchecked manner is WITHIN VARIOUS BLACK COMMUNITIES.

Sadly - it is the Black Political Establishment which has PAINTED US INTO THIS CORNER. They have promoted the "Non-White White Supremacist" notion that the deeds of the WHITE assailant is far more injurious, more deadly, more terrifying than anything that a Black Pirate could do. This is the case even if the White terrorist and the Black pirate went to the same gun store and purchased the very same weapon and bullets. In their reading - when the White terrorist kills a Black his action via the anointing of his skin color is far more deleterious to the Black community.

Our community is now living in the residue of what I call the "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" where we focused on making the system "fair" for Black criminal defendants while me missed the boat on how our communities now suffer from the ill effects of a criminal class who is anything but "thankful" for the protections that the Civil Rights establishment has done for them in protecting them from the exploits of the Criminal Justice System.

It is time for our community to start MANAGING OUR PEOPLE. We now have favored people in power over these same communities. We are no longer fighting "Sheriff Bull Connor" - he is DEAD. We now have the sons and daughters of the people who Bull Connor used to beat down wearing the badges and gun belts that Bull Conner's Sheriff's Deputies used to wear.

We need not revive a hostile disposition with the manager of our civic institutions. At the same time the Black community must DECOUPLE the notions that a "Black face in a high place" - who is ideologically favorable to them is by definition going to represent and express their own best interests. The missing link is the MANAGEMENT PRACTICES by which these Best Interests can been EXPRESSED. Thus we must shift from the notion of "POPULAR APPEAL" over to the notion of "EFFECTIVE EXPRESSION" of our Best Interests.

It is my opinion that fundamental to this is the needed change from always "expanding the police tape" looking to condemn the entire society for the "derivative behavior" of these young males who have been transformed into "Pirates" over to a focus of how those who know good and well what the rules of the society are and they have violated them, thus creating present day victims out of those who are said to be 'history's victims".

There is simply no justification as to a young Black male who was likely born in 1990 to put a gun to the face of 2 young Black women born about that time, stealing their cellphone and other personal items. This does not lend itself to the claim of "derivative behavior".


It does not take a rocket scientist to see that this latest crime wave is going to produce a police crackdown. The PROFILE of who is doing these crimes has already been crafted - BY THE ACTIONS OF THE ASSAILANTS. In response to the calls to "do something" we will likely see a large amount of moral indignation to the thought that the police will soon crack down on those we already know are doing the assaults.

Instead of focusing on your indignation - the time is NOW for the adoption of more early intervention efforts to redirect these (mostly) young Black males from preying upon our own communities. It is time to force those with grandiose theories to follow through.

The risk of THEIR FAILURE to come through with solutions MUST BE that their entire block of theories are purged from our popular acceptance. Failing to do so means that we as a community like our prevailing ideology more than we are offended by our present unease about our safety. The burden must be put upon our community which is producing these young men - NOT the greater society or the government authorities. From this will come best practices on how to change our communities.
The carjacking of a city councilman and the fatal shooting of a former boxing champ brought calls Wednesday for a high-profile response by the city.

Residents and politicians both said they want to see their police chief, Richard Pennington.

“I would like to see him come around and tour the community and let people see his face,” said Makeda Johnson, chairwoman of the Neighborhood Planning Unit for Vine City. “Let the criminal element know that we are cracking down from the top down.”

Johnson characterized the city’s police captains as “pretty active,” but said “we don’t see Pennington front and center.”

Pennington and his boss, Mayor Shirley Franklin, have taken hits in recent months for their contention that crime is actually on the downswing in Atlanta even though some high-profile crimes have created the perception that it is getting worse. They have called a news conference for 10 a.m. today. (Check for updates.)

Pennington was out of town Wednesday and unavailable for comment, Police Officer Otis Redmond said.

However, in an interview with WAGA-TV Wednesday night, Pennington bristled at the criticism, saying, “I’m ticked off, only because they are going to characterize me as missing in action like I don’t care, and I’ve dedicated 35 years of my life to nothing but public safety.”

Pennington told the station that he was in Atlanta last weekend when Councilman Ceasar Mitchell was carjacked, but admitted he had left town for training before boxer Vernon Forrest was gunned down.

“I want to make sure that people understand that chiefs of police and everyone in our police department are required to have a minimum amount of 40 hours training,” Pennington said. “That includes me.”

The chief conceded that “people would like to see me more than what I’ve been doing, but I have good leaders and I have good commanders.”

Like Johnson, other civic leaders had praise for Pennington’s underlings while criticizing him.

“We have some phenomenal majors underneath him who are actually conducting our business,” said John Wolfinger, head of the public safety committee for the Virginia-Highland Civic Association. “These people are working 24/7.”

But Wolfinger voiced dismay that Pennington seemed to have handed off to the majors.

“Our department needs leadership,” he said, “and it has to come from the very top.”

Former Atlanta Deputy Chief Lou Arcangeli criticized Pennington for only being available for “good news” announcements while letting department spokesmen or his subordinates field questions about controversies and high-profile crimes.

“I was surprised to watch a recent press conference regarding crimes near the Georgia Tech campus and see the Atlanta Police Department represented by a lieutenant and a sergeant. Where was the chief?” Arcangeli asked. “Leadership matters, and he hasn’t mattered. His absence has been an issue.”

Arcangeli contended that Pennington’s lack of presence undercut department morale.

“I think it has created a lack of confidence in both citizens and cops, and I don’t think either group feels supported right now.”

City Council President Lisa Borders, a mayoral candidate, voiced concern Wednesday that Pennington has not been at the forefront of discussing the recent crime issues.

“One of the central themes of my public safety plan is identifying a chief of police who can provide oversight to the administration of the department,” Borders said in a statement. “That person must be available to the public and must be visible to uniformed beat officers.”

Borders has been burglarized three times in nine months. Fellow Councilman Mitchell, who is running for council president, was carjacked at gunpoint Saturday. Later Saturday, former boxing champ Forrest was shot in the back seven or eight times after chasing a man who robbed him at a south Atlanta gas station.

David Klinger, a former cop and policing expert at the University of Missouri in St. Louis, said chiefs don’t trot out to reassure the public during every high-profile crime but they need to be visible during controversies.

“He should be at community forums — certainly not all of them — but that is one place he should be,” said Klinger, who is also a researcher with the Police Foundation in Washington. “He is the chief of police, and for major things he should be there.”

Rev Ike: If You Want To Help The Poor - Don't Be One Of Them

AJC: Rev. Ike, who preached prosperity, dies at 74

LOS ANGELES — The minister known as Reverend Ike, who preached the gospel of material prosperity to millions nationwide, died Tuesday. He was 74.


Reverend Ike preached the power of what he called "positive self-image psychology" to his 5,000 parishioners at the United Church Science of Living Institute. The church was housed in a former movie theater in New York's Washington Heights neighborhood.


Reverend Ike stretched Christian tenets, relocating the idea of God to the interior of the self, with the power to bring the believer anything he or she desired in the way of health, wealth and peace of mind.

The philosophy did not sit well with traditional Christian ministers and civil rights leaders who felt black churches should focus on social reform rather than self-fulfillment.

His critics said he preyed on the poor and conned the faithful into giving him donations that he spent on cars, clothes and homes for himself. The IRS and the Postal Service investigated his businesses.

Others defended his philosophy of mind over matter, which appealed to middle-class believers who felt their hard work should be rewarded in this life.

"If it's that difficult for a rich man to get into heaven," he said, riffing on the famous verse from the book of Matthew, "think how terrible it must be for a poor man to get in. He doesn't even have a bribe for the gatekeeper."

(Note: Some of these elements are a perversion of the Christian tenets. There is no "savior within you". Why be a "Christian" who by definition is asked to believe that Jesus Christ is your savior if the savior is "within you"?)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Barack Obama Is Not A "Racist"!!!

Glen Beck gets it wrong on this one.
Barack Obama is not a racist nor does he "hate White people ways".

Barack Obama's initial response to state that the Cambridge Police "acted stupidly" was due to his innate critical view of the authority as represented by the police. This view was inculcated into his consciousness through years of listening to Jerimah Wright, Bill Ayers and other leftist fundamentalist who he gravitated to in his formative years.

He did not attack the police after stating that "I don't know all of the facts" because they had locked up a Black man, per se. He attacked the police because his ideological sensibilities says to him that it was the "Police Authority" which was in the wrong in the battle with the elite college professor.

Mr Obama believed that the police should have been accommodating to the verbal assaults said by the "good Professor". The only racial angle used by Obama is the assumption that a "Black man" who is being inspected by the police on his own front porch is inclined to be highly pissed and thus should not be held in strict accordance to social dignities after being provoked in such a manner.

In summary - the esteemed professor is afforded the ability to "I'm gonna bring my momma to school and she's gonna cuss you out" emotionalism. It is the police force that is asked to show maximum accommodation.

In my view this fits the larger picture that I have painted for Obama, the man who came into office as a blank canvas - open for all to paint their own vision of him. In so much of what he does - Obama expects the establishment to accept more societal burden. Whether it is more sharing of one's private money with the rest of the masses; setting aside our view of traditional marriage and its function in our society; or suggesting that society, above all else - cannot allow inner city school students to remain in schools all by themselves - he looks to the establishment to be more accommodating.

When it comes to specificity as to what the "traditional victim" is expected to do - Mr Obama is as vague as the "blank canvas" that he was purported to be.

Increasingly we are seeing the painting that was underneath that fresh coat of primer all along.

This Black Woman Was Attacked By A Cop And This Cop Is Crazy

AJC: 'We’re gonna die tonight,' cop allegedly told girlfriend

(Note - The woman who was attacked is a police officer from East Point GA as well)

Anyone who has ever gotten a speeding ticket from this cop might have grounds for appeal. This guy seems a bit crazy.

The story:
An East Point police detective flew into a jealous rage early Monday morning when he allegedly choked and handcuffed his police girlfriend, authorities said.

Detective Jessie Lee Burden confronted his live-in girlfriend, another East Point cop, about another man while slapping her in the face and intermittently saying, “I love you,” a day after she wanted to end the relationship, according a Fulton County police incident report.

Burden at one point tried to smother the woman with her pillow and waved his service pistol, telling her, “We’re gonna die tonight.”

Burden was arrested later Monday morning and charged by Fulton County police with false imprisonment, aggravated assault and battery for holding her at gunpoint for nearly two hours.

He’s been released on $65,000 bond and is on paid administrative leave from the East Point Police Department.

Police said they found the woman at a neighbor’s house around 3 a.m.

The neighbor told police the woman had been screaming for help. The woman has taken several days off, East Point police said.

Details emerging from the police report paint a eerie picture of an imposing figure — Burden weighed 350 lbs and stood 6 feet, 2 inches tall — flying into an apparent fit of anger and attacking his 38-year-old girlfriend.

The report said the woman returned home around 10 p.m. Sunday night from working a case and went straight to bed, and Burden, 42, got home an hour later.

The woman had just ended the relationship, and Burden said he wanted to talk. She said she just wanted to sleep, and he left the downstairs master bedroom and went to a room upstairs.

An hour passed, and the woman told police she heard a loud rumbling, then a stomp from upstairs.

As she got up, Burden stormed into the bedroom, threw her back onto the bed and started to strangle her, police said.

“Who is Eric?” the report said Burden yelled, while slapping and kissing her. “What ... is Eric doing calling here?”

The woman said Eric was a friend as Burden reached at the gun belt she kept by the bed for handcuffs.

Burden cuffed her left wrist, and the couple struggled, falling off the bed. She screamed and threw a picture frame at the glass door to get someone’s attention.

The woman said he applied so much force she felt her arm would break before he finally could cuff both her hands together behind her back.

As Burden continued to scream at her, the woman told him the handcuffs were hurting her and asked him to take them off.

“No ... ! You’re gonna listen to me,” Burden told the woman, while pulling out his pistol. “We’re gonna die tonight.”

Burden began trying to have sex with the woman, and she started praying aloud and begging him to stop.

“I love you,” he told her as he lay the handgun next to her head and started to put a pillow over her face.

Finally, Burden got off the woman, took a drink from a tequila bottle he pulled from his back pocket, and eventually took the handcuffs off her.

He sat at the end of the bed and, as the couple talked, Burden said, “You don’t love me.”

When police arrived, Burden had fled to Griffin, where he would later be arrested, police said.

Gates On Affirmative Action

I was not offended by the "watermelon" comment.

It was the assumption that "Affirmative Action" is a necessary for Black people to make it in America. We now live by ourselves and in cities who's key institutions that are controlled by people we favor. Still Prof Gates sees the full expression of our potential coming exclusively through White channels.

The biggest barrier to Black Academic Achievement today is the amalgamation of dysfunction that is presented in majority Black urban schools.
  • Lack Of Parental Support
  • Discipline Issues At School
  • The Unwillingness Of The Black Establishment To Transform The Prevailing Culture Into One That Is Tolerant Only Of Academic Excellence

Committing BQPFRC Theories To Paper

Don't blame me.

You all fought hard so that I could attend the "majority White" university that I attended.

You all struggled so that I could have my resume evaluated fairly for employment by the big, capitalistic corporation that I work for.

Don't go getting mad when I take my years of indoctrination in school and in the corporate environment and dare to apply this analysis upon the Black community.

Today I work as a business consultant. I am paid to watch people, evaluating their tasks in the context of a system. In effect a corporation is nothing more than a group of people who are working with respect to a common end game as motivated by the corporate governors.

First we read the corporate annual report as a means of understanding their key business objectives. Understand the firm's desired business process. Make suggestions as to how the communications and technology solutions that the corporation who pays me has to offer to the customer in support of the efficient operations of their business.

As much as we are inclined to see people dismissive about the applicability of using corporate management and "time and motion" studies in the context of sociology or community analysis - you'd actually be surprised at how much overlap there is.

We are essentially talking about "human behavior" and motivation techniques in both cases. It is true that a corporation has a stronger command and control structure. Either you do your job or you are fired. A community of people do not have that same strong relationship.

It is also true that a group of people has the ability to use various methods to cajole certain behaviors out of a person. Peer Pressure, shunning or even the threat of physical violence all work to direct people toward a certain desired end.

With all of this as a back drop - I am sure that many of you are asking:


I have a constant debate adversary who I call "BET Uncut". He calls himself "BT". A few weeks ago he posted the statement "America is run by rich White people". This may have been words echoed from Rev Jeremiah Wright - but don't quote me. None the less - the source is not important. I am interested in analysing this statement as related to the behavior of the Black Establishment.

In hearing this statement one would think that in identifying who runs America that this group of Black folks would also show an equal amount of skepticism and defensiveness against the "rich White folks" that are of concern to them. This is where you would be wrong.

Whereas my criticism of many of my debate adversary resides in the fact that one can never pin them down as to what they believe because by allowing their views to remain in their mind - they are able to subjectively apply these sanctions upon people - I have decided to get one step ahead of them and commit their views to paper. This will allow me to analyze their views.

The diagram above splits the population of "Rich White Folks" into two major categories": "Rich White Progressives" and "Rich White Conservatives".

Just as I have previously identified the anomaly of how despite the fact that certain Black people:

  • Demand to gain membership in a certain private White majority club

  • Demand to integrate into a majority White school - even if it is out of their own neighborhood

  • Struggle to enter the executive suite that is populated by people who's party affiliation and ideological leanings are different than their own

  • Fly out of the Progressive Urban Core to take up residency within a Conservative Suburban area with a voting pattern that is not of their own

  • (and a new entry) - Seek to swim at a swimming pool with people who have shown that they would rather them not be there

Despite these noted points of willingness to cavort with White folks (some of them "rich White folks") when it comes to accepting the ideology and the party membership of a certain segment of rich White folks - there is indeed an anomaly that is detected.

Recall about a year ago I reported about seeing a demographer's analysis about the linkage between income level and ideology/party preference. The conclusion provided on this C-SPAN presentation was that there was indeed a correlation between income and ideology/party preference. The Democratic Party received the bulk of the votes from the working class and poor. The Republican Party received the lions share of the wealthy or business class individuals. The demographer noted that when it comes to income mobility - as people gained wealth they assumed more "wealth protection" strategies and thus they began to favor the Republicans.

Please recall that there one big asterisk that I noted in the presentation. The demographer noted that there was no elasticity in the vote of the African-American. Regardless of his income level he was a Democrat. Even Jewish Americans who are assumed to be loyal Democrats did not receive special notation in this regard.

Let me be clear - I am NOT asking Black folks to stop voting for the Democrats. I am only seeking to analysis WHY and to understand what internal forces are insuring this result. I am also seeking to understand whom is the primary beneficiary of this.

(Yes there is a sarcastic bent to the diagram)

The fact remains that the distinguishing feature IS NOT "the rich White people" (vs Poor) that Black people are willing to coalesce with. Since both of these groups of "rich White people" have money then there must be some other key relational difference that distinguishes their relationship with most African-Americans.

Concepts About Funding and Competition In The Government vs Private Space - A Contradiction In Terms

Do you ever notice what is said about America's commitment to excellence in various areas?

EDUCATION - America has a majority of Government Operated Schools (Public Schools)
When activists compare our system of education with the rest of the world they make the case that we do not spend enough money on our Government Operated Schools.

When the idea of competition from private sources or alternative distribution of public schools (ie: Charter schools - which are still public schools) the activists are opposed to such competition with such a government like our educational distribution system.

HEALTH CARE - Today America has a private health care system for mainstream Americans - the American working class. Our tax payer financed system of health care is targeted at humans on the tail ends of life and/or targeted at the poor - the very young who are poor or the elderly who are retired and on a fixed income.

Get this - the attack on our present health care system is that we spend far more money than other nations around the world and our health outcomes are not as good. The solution, we are told, is to have the government to step into the market to compete with the private insurance companies by offering a "public option" to those who reside in the sweet spot for America's productivity engine - the working class. The private industry will be forced to become more efficient if the government is made a competitor.


Those who are responsible for stifling competition with the government operated school monopoly seek to have the government to go into the business of health care for the productive class to keep the private sector on its toes.

If you believe this - I have some beach front property in Arizona for you to consider. The VA Hospitals, Medicare and Medicaid are not "efficient". This is not about "efficiency". The only thing this is about is POWER and PRICE CONTROL. Just as Medicare has a cap on its fee for services paid to physicians, the Federal Democrats seek to do the same for the working class insurance program that they seek to hoist upon us. Today an increasing number of physicians are refusing to accept Medicaid patients because they service them at a loss. Those who do service them often have to increase the fees paid by patients with private insurance in order to balance everything out.

The goal is also to limit payments to pharmaceutical companies. When they say "we are spending too much money on health care" what they really are saying is "we are spending too much money on service providers, drugs and middle-man insurance companies". The claim is that if we remove the insurance companies from denying claims - more people will have access to health care. I beg to disagree.

All of this comes under the banner of "rationing". The argument is that today we ration health care based on income. Those who are not poor or elderly or have no private insurance are denied first rate health care. (They go to the emergency room and the government ultimately pays). In fact when they favorably compare Canada, France or the UK to America they are not comparing the quality of the standard of care. In truth there is a measure of the percentage of society that has access to health care coverage. Since America has this 47 million of uninsured individuals - this makes up the bulk of their criticism for these are the people who are 'left out of the system of care'.

My argument to the contrary is that a Single Payer Health Care System (More accurately called a "Multiple Taxpayer Paid Health Care System") does significant rationing as well. If I have a hospital that can service 1,000 patients per month the key difference between private versus public is clear. With the private insurance only the 1,000 with insurance will go through the front door. Those without insurance or who's claims have been denied will not pass through the front door.

With the government health care system - this same hospital still can only process 1,000 individuals per month. While a larger number of people will not be denied care - there exists a long line queued up outside of the hospital consisting of patient number 1,001 through some undermined number of others who wait for their "right to care" to be expressed.

This entire argument is not about radical reform. It is only about shifting the locus of control from a market of various interests over to a central "command and control" model where the federal government calls all the shots. With the checks being cut from 'central billing' you either accept their terms or you do not play.

Ironically Canada which is often referenced as the model for Single Payer Health Care efficiency was on the losing side of a citizen's lawsuit. Whereas private health care was made illegal under their plan a federal judge in Canada ruled that indeed a person has a right to procure private health care. I call this move a rational "norming" of a system that had swung too far to the left.

Unfortunately, various forces in the United States who's goal is to have a "Multiple Taxpayer Paid Health Care System" as their end goal would like nothing more than to do away with the existing private insurance companies. The USA is headed where Canada has already been yet were forced to "learn from the pitfalls" via this recent ruling.

I still struggle to understand the right that someone else has to control my private property as expressed via my health care dollars spent. The fact that people are without health insurance is not cause to nationalize an entire industry.

I support increasing the funding for existing government operated hospitals. Deploy "Single Payer Health Care" at the facility level, allowing private hospitals to continue unabated. If someone loses their private health care then their option is to receive service at the public hospital.

No Guns For Negros - The History Of Attempts To Disarm Black People

Video Campaign: No Guns For Negroes

(Please note: While I often call out my debate adversaries for their use of history to inferiorize Black people for some present benefit for our injuries - note the difference in this presentation. I am seeking to make note of the past attempts to strip guns from Black people as a means of having our people today to be strengthened by the knowledge.)

In the past an Armed African-American was a threat to those on the outside of our community who sought to terrorize our community with their midnight terrorist incursions into our community.

Sadly today, the threat from firearms come from pirates who were produced by individuals within our community. They use guns as their tools to murder, rob or otherwise assault our people.

The problem in our community today is not the prevalence of guns. I am an owner of multiple guns and there is no risk of me going out on a pirate attack against another. The threat to our community, instead is a human threat. The operator of these guns who has malicious intent with these weapons serve as this threat.

From The Mouth Of John Conyers. This Man Wants More Power Over Your Life
Conyers Sees No Point in Members Reading 1,000-Page Health Care Bill--Unless They Have 2 Lawyers to Interpret It for Them
Monday, July 27, 2009
By Nicholas Ballasy, Video Reporter

( - During his speech at a National Press Club luncheon, House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.), questioned the point of lawmakers reading the health care bill.

“I love these members, they get up and say, ‘Read the bill,’” said Conyers.

“What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?”

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Bloody Summer" Bleeds Over To Baltimore - 18 People Shot, 2 Of Them Killed In One Weekend

Two fatally shot, 16 wounded in shootings on day of mayhem on Baltimore's east side

Video Footage Of Pirate Attack Scene

All that I ask is that all of you treat these people as EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS. The GUNS did not do this shooting. Pirates with little respect for life instilled with them them attempted to take other people's lives. To pursue the guns while looking past the hatred in these people's hearts is like pursing a ban on "nooses" back when Klan Pirates were our main threat.

In as much as modern day pirates do not care about your laws - they are going to be the main ones thwarting gun laws.

I suggested previously that the Black Political Establishment lean upon Attorney Genral Eric Holder to apply some of the resources in the "US Justice Department Civil Rights Division" for this new era of threat to the CIVIL RIGHTS of Black people coming from these Pirates that have formed gangs. They are no less murderous and contemptful of Black life than the Klan.

Faith Leaders Condemn Weekend Violence

Police believe a long-running dispute between drug organizations contributed to an unprecedented eruption of violence on Baltimore's east side Sunday night that left at least 18 people shot, including two who died.

Twelve of the victims were struck at a backyard cookout that left a pregnant woman and a 2-year-old child injured, an incident that police say prompted a running gun battle between two vehicles three hours later.

Mayor Sheila Dixon called the shootings a "cowardly act" and implored the community to come forward with tips, as police directed dozens of additional officers into the eastern and southeastern districts.

"It's important from my perspective that people come forth - if not, they're going to see this happen even more, because whatever is happening is not going to stop," Dixon said at a news conference at City Hall.

Among those injured at the cookout was Steven Blackwell Jr., 25, whose younger brothers were abducted in April 2008 in what police said was part of an escalating rivalry between drug organizations. Police sources later that year told The Baltimore Sun that the abductions might have led to as many as five retaliatory homicides over three months last summer, and police vowed to crack down on the organization

Sunday's picnic, held in adjoining backyards in the 2600 block of Ashland Ave., was held in memory of Donell Rogers, and another man, Quinton Hogan, both of whom were fatally shot a year ago and who police say were connected to Blackwell. Thirty or more people, many of them women and children, converged on the home of Lakeisha Hill, Rogers' sister.

A DJ set up turntables in the dining room. Steak, burgers and chicken sizzled on the grill. Kids played with green and yellow helium-filled balloons.

But about 9 p.m., at least one gunman appeared and began spraying bullets from a semiautomatic weapon, turning the festive scene into a battle zone. Police believe the attack might have been an attempted hit on Blackwell, who was shot in the forearm.

Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III said the shooting was "calculated" and "premeditated" and acknowledged the connection to prior violence and warring groups, though he did not go into specifics. He said police have to step up their efforts to target violent offenders.

Sunday's violence in East Baltimore continued over the next five hours and into Monday morning. About 10:15 p.m., Darvin Jones, 19, and Gary Martin, 18, were killed in a shootout in the Baltimore Highlands.

An hour later, a pizza delivery driver was shot in the leg during an attempted armed robbery on Harford Road near Lake Clifton. Police do not believe either of the incidents was connected to the cookout shootings.

Near midnight, a 23-year-old man was shot during a running gun battle between two vehicles near East Baltimore and Bond streets. Bealefeld said that shooting is believed to be connected to the cookout shooting and that there may be a second victim. A white Lexus, riddled with bullet holes and carrying the victim, pulled up to the Johns Hopkins emergency room.

And shortly before 2 a.m. Monday, a 17-year-old and 20-year-old were shot in the 200 block of Aisquith St.

The Blackwell family and its associates have had repeated encounters with police. Steven Blackwell Sr. has been in federal prison in Pennsylvania since January 2006, serving a 10-year sentence after police recovered 130 grams of raw heroin, $25,000 in cash and a handgun from his residence.

In April 2008, two of his sons, Stephon and Sterling Blackwell, then 16 and 15 respectively, were among 10 people bound, gagged and held at gunpoint at a Catonsville home for eight hours. Six masked gunmen kidnapped the brothers and, as they were leaving the house, fired shots at Steven Blackwell Jr. as he arrived. Several local and state law enforcement agencies assisted the Baltimore County police in the search for the boys. Two days later, Steven Blackwell Jr. regained custody of his brothers. The boys told authorities little about their ordeal.

Attorney Warren A. Brown worked through an intermediary to negotiate their release. He said Monday that police had few leads at that time and "were just waiting for there to be some type of reaction." No one was ever charged.

Over the next several months, three people police believe were connected to the kidnapping were slain in shootings that authorities said might have been part of a continuing feud between associates of the Blackwells and the Rich family, which is based on the city's west side. Dixon said Monday that police were doing all that they could and that the ability of government and police to intervene in such feuds is limited.

Still, Bealefeld was critical of the Police Department's intelligence gathering and also of a federal investigation of the group that has not produced any significant arrests. Asked whether the investigation had stalled, Bealefeld vowed to "do everything we can to speed those efforts along and to put these guys out of business just as expeditiously as possible."

"Standing on the scene of 12 people shot last night, I can safely speak for the top levels of command in the Police Department [that] we are concerned about the pace and progress of some of these investigations," Bealefeld said.

Atlanta's "Bloody Summer Of Piracy" - The Next Phase Begins - The Social Justice Actorvists Speak

People - Please save this video!!!!
This will be an important historical marker for anyone who stands at a time period 18 months from now, seeking to understand "What were the events that lead up to this conflict between the Black Community and the POLICE".

As you watch this video pay attention to the 4:00 minute mark.
At this point you will see Derrick Boazman and Rev Timothy McDonald take the mike and express their outrage over the one event that forced them out of their shell - the killing of the professional boxer last Saturday night. He was shot in the back as someone carjacked his vehicle and he gave chase after them.

Anyone following this blog would know that I have been on this story about the seemingly incessant violence, murder and mayhem that has been a fact of life in Metro Atlanta since the warm weather months. In truth - this is an annual pattern. This year, however, the crimes have been more heinous. Indeed the pirates are out of control.

2 weekends ago was when the first shoe dropped. The SCLC was forced to make a statement against the great amount of piracy that is taking place on our streets. They would much rather be focusing on voter intimidation, aggressive police men or the lack of social services for poor Black people in this city which has a lot of financial strain. Unfortunately the actions of the pirates have forced their hand.

I view the SCLC march as a turning point as communicated by the Atlanta Civil Rights Industrial Complex. They gave their "permission" for all who are concerned about the assaults that are occurring upon the Black community and various communities in metro Atlanta in general to stand up and fight against this force.

Notice at the 4:00 minute mark that the words "Something Must Be Done About This!!" is echoed by several individuals.

In my view this will be viewed at a later date in the same way that Charlie Rangel's Sunday Morning Talk Show tour several decades ago during the Crack Epidemic in which he called for help. Please remember that he said that "it is RACIST for the federal government to sit back and do nothing while the Black community is destroyed by this scourge from Crack cocaine". (I don't recall if this was under the Reagan Administration or Bush I)


Derrick Boazman, the other actor-vist who took the microphone has a local radio show on WAOK, Atlanta's local "Fight The Power" station. I recall back in 2006 he had as his in-studio guest Representative "Able" Mabel Thomas on his show. At that time they were talking about the victims of crime in the Vine City area of the city. Ms Thomas got on her rhetorical soap box and asked the question "Don't poor citizens in Vine City deserve the same police protection as those citizens in Buckhead?" In coded words this means "Don't poor Black people deserve the same rights as wealthy White folks?"

This prompted me to get on the phone and call into the program. I got through quickly. I asked Rep Thomas "Protection FROM WHO?????". This took her off of her game. What was going to be an indictment against the Atlanta Police was turned into the scrutiny of the Pirates. She mentioned them in passing but quickly turned the debate back over to "Predatory Lenders, corrupt insurance agents" and other safe targets for progressives.

This call took place in July (or so). A few months later in December - the Neal Street Shooting of Catherine Johnston took place. This was the 92 year old great-grandmother who was killed by some corrupt Atlanta police men who are now jailed. Their drug bust was done in the context of the heightened police response to the area in Vine City. It was overrun by drugs, prostitution and burglaries. While Rep Thomas cannot be held directly accountable for the fate of this 92 year old woman, she contributed to the heightened state of policing that was present in the community. (The "Red Dog Squad").

My point is to make mention of how Black Political Operatives work. They are "always RIGHT!" They pound the authorities when their districts are underserved and unprotected. They pound the authorities when the response to their initial request "goes too far". At the end of it - these people are viewed as "the Champions of the People". Few people keep an audit trail on their actions with the goal of inspection.

These operatives are are EVENT DRIVEN. As with their national blood brothers "events of the day" have the power to derail their attention and have them to emasculate their own image by taking the next threat to the community as their own.

This sounds reasonable until one evaluates their actions with the context of time. Their communities often list at sea, absent of any internal propulsion. In this context they are most strong. They are able to stand as the "voice of the community". The loudest. The most articulate. The most passionate. The one who can focus the community on "THEM!!!!". "Them" is the outside force who "don't want a Black man having nothing".

At this point in time the "them" are the Pirates who are attacking the people. Please don't be fooled though. It is simply not possible for these same operatives to lead what would be taken as a "Right Wing"/"Establishment" assault upon the young Black men engaged in piracy. This goes against too much of their core agenda.

To his credit Derrick Boazman is founder of the "Let Us Make Men" summit. They gather periodically to bring young males and adult males together to form a stronger community bond. I have nothing but praise for this effort.

My only question about this and other movements is "IS IT WORKING?". Not "is it the right strategy?". Indeed it is. The question of "Is this a movement with the proper SCALE and SCOPE to effectuate the a solution to the problem of rampant piracy? With the added qualifier of "BEFORE the police get to these young men and provide them with a permanent transcript known as a CRIMINAL RECORD"?

Clearly the answer is "No". (Again not a slight against the initiative itself. Only on the proportions). At any given time there is a large order of magnitude more young males who are not treated to such messages than who are. I am unable to be appeased by these actions per my "Anti-Check List" theory where actions alone are not enough. Proportionality and scale matters.


Ah yes - "The Culture Wars". The claim that conservatives are too simplistic in their claims of "just have folks get married (err heterosexuals that is) and all will be better with society". In as much as the progressives who dominate our community have reacted to such a claim they need to be held accountable. On the one hand they argue that "these concepts are NOT conservative. Conservatives don't own marriage". Indeed this is true. Black folks were getting forming lifelong relationships before there were political parties (and yes - Before we wuz slaves).

At the same time there has been an assault on these traditional constructs of social order. In an attempt to accommodate 'diversity' too much of it has been watered down. I too oppose rote adherence to certain elements of social order - such as we see in certain parts of the Middle East. At the same time there are some elemental points of functionality that is derived from some of these social strictures.

We are now standing at a time where those who have fought to CHANGE THESE must now be put on TRIAL to justify THEIR actions of disassembly. The conservative has been on trial for too long.

In my view today's chaos is a result of too many young Black males without a RESPONSIBLE father figure PERMANENTLY in their lives. As a father of a young Black male - I see the daily test of wills that is present in my son that is not present in my daughter. The present of a RESPONSIBLE male authority figure is a mandate for any of this to change.

In recent debates with my friends they have attempted to dismiss my political charges against the Prevailing Black Establishment, saying that most of our problems are cultural in nature. While indeed there is a strong cultural element to all of these problems - there is also an intrinsic interconnection between the community culture and the political operatives who bear down upon the community for the purposes of their agenda (or even the community's agenda).

We so often as a people look toward "more government resources" as the cure all for our problems. This might be presented in the form of a community center building, funds for continuing education or a program for mentoring of these young males. My problem with this strategy is that if these funds are sparse - the movement to address these problems are seemingly put on hold. If our ancestors were able to sit on the ground in a circle to partake in community building exercises - what is stopping anyone from sitting on the grass at the closest city park that exists?

In education as with community building - we cannot allow the "pursuit of external money" (money that was generated outside of the system of capital production that is present inside of these communities) to be the PROCESS itself - as it has become. In turn when there are problems the knee jerk reaction in the political space is to blame the funding cuts.

Our community MUST TAKE OWNERSHIP OF WHAT GOES ON INSIDE!!!! Thus if the money is not presented from the external funding sources - our desire to MAINTAIN A CERTAIN LIVING STANDARD must trump the "paper chase".

The word "People Before Profits" needs to be spoken to the community members to a greater extent than it needs to be spoken to the corporation. When spoken to the corporation it is done to prepare them to open their wallets for a feeding session. When spoken to the community it is a needed set of guidelines which show them that as community members they have a shared interest in expressing an environment that allows them all to be safe, prosper and grow as well-balanced individuals.

With regard to that last statement - it appears to me that the difference between progressive and conservative - is a matter of how large their respective "Friends and Family Plan" is?

As a conservative I seek to have mine localized. Those who share my values I will not have to FORCE within my circle because I am dependent upon their resources, despite their attempts to exit my band.

Greater than lingering societal RACISM is the lack of MANAGEMENT STRUCTURES within our community which would allow us to maximize the utility of each of us. The larger the nationalistic movement grows - the more at risk our individual character will become.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Empathy For NAS

Nas ordered to make $40K monthly payments to Kelis

After years of lusting over his wife Kelis figure that I should seek to redeem myself by displaying a bit of empathy for the rapper Nas. The couple has split up in what was apparently an angry separation. Kelis was pregnant with Nas' son.

Nas had talked about the relationship that he had with his own father. His father is responsible for his own consciousness about the world and the historical plight of the African.

The thought of having a son of your own yet be bared from being in the delivery room because of the hostilities between you as the father and the mother is something that I would not want to experience.

Yeah I could exploit my ideological differences with Nas at this time. I could wage yet another attack on Hip Hop. I could even question how a man could allow his relationship with his wife to degrade to such a point while she is pregnant with their child where he exits the situation, leaving her to the care of her family.

I am above this though.

I can only think back to when my two children were born and how I was allowed in the delivery room. Prior to their birth I was thinking "I am about to met my child for the first time in my life". Not knowing how they would look. Only hoping that they came out healthy.

Nas was not allowed in the delivery room because of the beef with his soon to be ex-wife.

I can only hope that he is able to form a relationship with his son and work out some arrangement with the mother so that they can work together for the best interests of the baby.

Florida Black Democrats Split Over Racial Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering issue divides black caucus

Thus once again proving that BLACK FOLKS DON'T OPPOSE GERRYMANDERING.......they just oppose when it doesn't benefit THEIR interests.

Ironically it is not a given that "Their Interests" are advanced when there is increased "Head Count" of "Black Faces In High Places". Our interests are represented when these folks or people of any race actually ADVANCE OUR INTERESTS per the measurable results among the people.

In either way it appears that the Democratic Party always wins because it continues to grow, regardless of how our schools, the crime on our streets or our economic condition is impacted after we experience a session of them "working with the INTENTION of advancing our cause". If they are helping, sometimes I wonder how it would be if they were seeking to hurt us?

Florida's legislative black caucus could be heading toward an internal feud over a ballot initiative aimed at stopping lawmakers from gerrymandering districts.

Most of the Legislature's black members voted in April to back, a group that's trying to put on the 2010 ballot a constitutional amendment that would make it harder for legislators to slice and dice political boundaries to keep themselves in power. The vote was a turn from recent years when African-American lawmakers have rejected efforts to reform the redistricting process.

But there's one legislator who isn't keen on the idea: state Sen. Gary Siplin, D-Orlando. And he happens to be the new chairman of the black caucus. Siplin, elected chair in May, wants the 26-member caucus to take the issue up again this fall.

"This is a new administration, and Sen. Siplin is in charge," he said. "We're going to take another look at the amendment now."

Siplin wasn't present when the caucus voted last spring but said that vote is no longer binding: "What happened last time doesn't matter because that administration is gone."

There is potent political history behind the debate.

In 1992, African-American Democrats joined minority-party Republicans to draw congressional and legislative districts that concentrated black voters (a good example is U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown's district that extends from Jacksonville to Orlando). That resulted in the election of Florida's first black members of Congress since Reconstruction as well as more black legislators.

But this also "bleached" surrounding districts of reliably Democratic black voters, enabling Republicans subsequently to win control of the congressional delegation and the Legislature.

Siplin's position won an enthusiastic reception from future Senate President Mike Haridopolos, R-Indialantic, who heads Senate redistricting preparations for after the 2010 census. "There's no question [the anti-gerrymandering amendment] would impact the number of minority seats," Haridopolos said. "I think it's fair to say [black legislators] will be concerned ...."

But Siplin's attempt to revisit the caucus vote doesn't sit well with two of its members: immediate past chair Rep. Joe Gibbons, D- Hallandale Beach, and Rep. Geraldine Thompson, D-Orlando.

Even if Siplin does get a second vote, Thompson predicted the result would be much the same. "He was not present at the meeting, and those who were made a decision," she said. "It was not a close vote."

Gibbons said a majority of the caucus think they don't need huge minority voting blocs to win elections anymore and want to oppose packing minorities into a handful of districts.

"We don't need to be like that these days. Barack Obama won as president," he said.

Lawmakers PAC it in
Even in hard times, two legislators have managed to rake in big bucks through political committees. Haridopolos created the Freedom First Committee, which has raised $78,500 from U.S. Sugar Corp., the Florida Chamber of Commerce, doctors, Realtors and St. Petersburg HMO manager A.K. Desai since the lawmaking session ended in May. Sen. Carey Baker, R-Eustis, created Floridians for Sustainable Agriculture and has raised $50,000 since December. He is running for agriculture commissioner against U.S. Rep. Adam Putnam in a GOP primary.

Both committees share a mailing address with War Room Logistics, the consulting firm set up by Alachua Republican Chairman Stafford Jones.

Researchers Confirm "Crabs In A Barrel" Theory

Neighborhoods Key to Future Income, Study Finds

Researchers have found that being raised in poor neighborhoods plays a major role in explaining why African American children from middle-income families are far more likely than white children to slip down the income ladder as adults.

The Pew Charitable Trusts Economic Mobility Project caused a stir two years ago by reporting that nearly half of African American children born to middle-class parents in the 1950s and '60s had fallen to a lower economic status as adults, a rate of downward mobility far higher than that for whites.

This week, Pew will release findings of a study that helps explain that economic fragility, pointing to the fact that middle-class blacks are far more likely than whites to live in high-poverty neighborhoods, which has a negative effect on even the better-off children raised there. The impact of neighborhoods is greater than other factors in children's backgrounds, Pew concludes.

Even as African Americans have made gains in wealth and income, the report found, black children and white children are often raised in starkly different environments. Two out of three black children born from 1985 through 2000 were raised in neighborhoods with at least a 20 percent poverty rate, compared with just 6 percent of white children, a disparity virtually unchanged from three decades prior.

Even middle-class black children have been more likely to grow up in poor neighborhoods: Half of black children born between 1955 and 1970 in families with incomes of $62,000 or higher in today's dollars grew up in high-poverty neighborhoods. But virtually no white middle-income children grew up in poor areas.

Using a study that has tracked more than 5,000 families since 1968, the Pew research found that no other factor, including parents' education, employment or marital status, was as important as neighborhood poverty in explaining why black children were so much more likely than whites to lose income as adults.

"We've known that neighborhood matters . . . but this does it in a new and powerful way," said John E. Morton, who directs Pew's economic policy unit. "Neighborhoods become a significant drag not just on the poor, but on those who would otherwise be stable."

Patrick Sharkey, the New York University sociologist who wrote the report, said researchers still need to pinpoint which factors in neighborhoods matter most, such as schools, crime or peer groups. But overall, he said, the impact of the contrasting surroundings for black and white children was indisputable.

"What surprises me is how dramatic the racial differences are in terms of the environments in which children are raised," he said. "There's this perception that after the civil rights period, families have been more able to seek out any neighborhood they choose, and that . . . the racial gap in neighborhoods would whittle away over time, and that hasn't happened."

The Pew researchers argue that the report buttresses President Obama's agenda, which includes proposals for "promise neighborhoods" that would replicate the Harlem Children's Zone, where an intensive array of investments -- beginning with prenatal care -- is meant to transform an entire area. Such an approach, Pew says, holds more promise than dispersing poor families into middle-class neighborhoods by giving them housing vouchers, a strategy that has had mixed results and could be difficult to implement on a large scale.

Sharkey and Morton said policymakers can take heart in one finding: Black children in neighborhoods in which poverty fell by 10 percent had higher incomes as adults than those who grew up in areas where the poverty rate stayed the same. This is a sign, they said, that simply improving the overall economy and quality of a given neighborhood can have beneficial effects on those growing up in it.

The report does not address whether middle-income blacks should move to low-poverty areas for the sake of their children's future prospects. It is a thorny question -- many middle-income blacks have remained in high-poverty areas partly because of segregated housing patterns. And if they were to move elsewhere, the poverty rates in the areas left behind would rise.

Ideally, said several scholars who read the report, investments in struggling neighborhoods would improve them to the extent that the middle-income families would not feel the need to leave.

"These findings do suggest that those with the means or resources should try to escape these neighborhoods," said Harvard sociologist William Julius Wilson. "But . . . the exodus of middle-class families from poor black neighborhoods increases the adverse effects of concentrated poverty."

Ladies And Gentlemen: I Present "The Reference Belligerant White Man Who Did Not Get Arrested"

"The Reference Belligerant White Man Who Did Not Get Arrested For Doing What Would Have Gotten A Black Man Thrown In The Slammer"

There he is folks.
I heard a blogger named Aaron refer to this video of a White guy who whent "apeshit" in front of a White state trooper and did not get arrested.
This video was identified on the Beyond The Political Spectrum blog.

After seeing this one event I am forced to change my mind based on this compelling evidence.

All White Policemen are RACISTS and there is a double standard between White belligerant people and Black belligerant people when it comes to how they handlle them - everywhere in the United States of America. This video proves it!
I just created a "profile", didn't I?

Here is the video that Black folks should focus upon instead.

Detroit Public Schools On The Verge Of A Bankruptcy Filing

Detroit’s Schools Are Going Bankrupt, Too

I have asked the question several times: If a corporation can go out of business (dis-incorporate) because it is no longer financially viable, why is it that this same thing is so unthinkable for a city to do the same?

In as much as this once unincorporated land petitioned the state for a city charter because the players involved believed that they could create a better circumstance for the people living within by collecting taxes locally and provisioning services more locally.......when this same entity fails to be able to do so isn't dissolution the next logical step? Failing to do so simply directs resources into an inefficient furnace.

Wall Street Journal

By Paul Kersey And Michael Van Beek

‘Am I optimistic that they can avoid it . . . ? I am not.” That’s what retired judge Ray Graves said this week when asked whether the Detroit public schools, which he is advising, would be forced into bankruptcy. Facing violence, a shrinking student body, and graduating just one out of every four students who enter the ninth grade on time, the city’s schools have been stumbling for years. Now they face a seemingly insurmountable deficit and are expected to file for bankruptcy protection at about the time that students should be settling down in a new school year.

As embarrassing as such a filing would be, it also may be the only thing that can force the kinds of changes Detroit schools need—as the financial turmoil is just the latest manifestation of a system in terminal decline.

Detroit is like many urban school districts—large, unwieldy and bureaucratic, with a powerful union that makes the system unable to adapt to changing circumstances and that until very recently had an indulgent political class that insulated it from reform. That insulation came in two forms. The first was neglect. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick spent several years distracted by a scandal stemming from his affair with a staffer. He resigned last year, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice, and was sentenced to four months in jail. Had he been an effective mayor, he might have also been a powerful advocate for students.

The other insulating force was a conscious decision to wall off Detroit from charter schools. In 1993, Michigan’s legislature made it difficult to create new charters in Detroit by declaring that only community colleges could authorize charters for primary and secondary schools in “First-Class Districts”—defined as those with more than 100,000 students. Detroit was the only First-Class District. In 2003 the state, under pressure from the Detroit Federation of Teachers, turned down a gift of $200 million from philanthropist Robert Thompson that would have established 15 charter schools in the city. Those charters are needed today.

The net result has been a school system that’s been coming apart as the teachers union has dug in its heels. In 2006, the union illegally went on strike, killing a plan to force teachers to take a pay cut to balance the system’s books.

In June, seven students were wounded in a shooting near Cody Ninth Grade Academy just two weeks after 16-year-old Tenecia Walter was shot in the chest shortly after leaving class at Denby High School. Earlier this year a gunfight broke out in Detroit’s Central High School and last year a student was shot and killed walking home from Henry Ford High School. All of this has forced school officials to step up security measures, including increasing the number of police patrols.

Meanwhile, only 16.2% of the city’s 11th graders scored proficient in math this year on the state’s standardized Merit Examination, compared to 49.3% statewide. Detroit reading and science scores are just as bleak. And this in schools that spend $1,700 more per student than the state average.

The school system also has been rocked by corruption. A few years ago, an audit revealed that Detroit’s school system misused more than $46 million on insurance and other contracts and was forced to sue venders to get some of its money back. Two of the system’s employees were recently indicted for allegedly embezzling $400,000 from the school system over the past couple of years.

To clean up the mess, the state took control of the district earlier this year and brought in Robert Bobb as an “emergency financial manager.” In June, to stem pay-check fraud he required that employees pick up their paychecks in person. Paychecks for 257 suspected “ghost” employees—people who had improperly been getting checks—went unclaimed.

Mr. Bobb has been energetic in tackling problems. At the outset, he faced a $306 million shortfall in a $1.3 billion budget. He responded by closing 29 schools, laying off 2,500 employees, and cutting 80% from the budget of the department that draws up the district’s curriculum. He plans to overhaul 40 schools and has hired private companies to run 17 of the district’s 22 high schools. He also tapped Mr. Graves, a bankruptcy expert, for advice.

The Detroit Board of Education has gone along with many of these changes. But it is now seeking a court injunction to block private companies from running district high schools. The board says Mr. Bobb exceeded his authority in hiring the companies. But a court fight will only bog things down at a time when the district still faces a $260 million deficit.

This is why Mr. Graves and others see little alternative to declaring bankruptcy, and why doing so would likely be a net benefit. It would allow the city to tear up union contracts, cut some of its debt, and forge a political consensus for lasting reforms. No one will want to repeat the bankruptcy experience any time soon.

What the city needs is a multitude of charter schools and other school-choice provisions that would give students a means to escape. It also needs to break free of collective-bargaining agreements. Collective bargaining for government employees is not a constitutional right; it is a special privilege, and one that has been abused. Michigan’s education laws could be amended to allow school districts to suspend collective-bargaining agreements when that district fails to meet minimal academic standards, is pushed to the brink of bankruptcy, or when the union goes out on an illegal strike.

Over the past seven years, Detroit schools have lost 60,000 students. Its system is now, according to the state’s attorney general, so small that it no longer qualifies as a First-Class District.

That gives the state legislature and Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm an opportunity to do what they needed to do all along: Treat Detroit like other school districts in the state and hold local officials accountable when the schools fail to perform. Walling off Detroit from the rest of the state may have some appeal and was once the politically easy thing to do, but it’s only given Michigan a larger mess to clean up.

Mr. Kersey is the director of labor policy and Mr. Van Beek is the director of education policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Midland, Mich.

CARD CHECK and The Facebook Obama Poll - "Strongly Approve" vs "Disapprove"

I knew it when I saw the invitation to vote on my opinion of Obama that there would be trouble.
After I voted and saw that my personal opinions were published for others to see how I voted that there would be even more trouble for me.

I struggle to keep my personal life and my blog life as separate as possible.
Some of you figure "Well why don't you just give your friends the URL to your 6 darned blogs and allow them to read your arguments that you have built up over time?"
I choose not to. I do not want my personal friends posting on my blogs and coloring their comments based on their personal knowledge of me. In fact, my blog debates have actually strengthened my hand in personal debates because I can see the patterns that progressives use in their debates and thus I can hone my comebacks based on having battled them already.

So here is how it went.
I received a Facebook Poll from a friend of mine who was the biggest Obama cheerleader during the campaign. A near daily e-mail promoting the wonders of Obama and any slightest hint of RACISM executed by the evil Republicans graced my Inbox.

It was no surprise to me that this same person voted "Strongly Approve" of Obama. I did not notice that Facebook was publishing individual votes. I did see that the category that was running strongest was "Strongly Disapprove".

The categories were:
  • Strongly Approve
  • Approve
  • Neutral
  • Disapprove
  • Strongly Disapprove
Now get this - I would throw away the votes of the "Strongly Disapprove" just as quickly as I would the "Strongly Approve". These are the bigoted voters, the ideologues and partisans who would vote that way regardless of the question about Obama. Likewise their votes would be inverse if the question was about a Republican.

After I voted and then approved the poll to be propagated to others - I KNEW I WAS IN TROUBLE.

I got my first response from a family friend who asked the simple question "Why"? To which I replied "Why What"?
Then a frat brother of mine replied. He was seen years ago calling one of his line brothers "A damned Republican" so I know how he has me pegged despite my claims of being a Conservative Independent.

I noted that neither of them were prompted to reply to the "Strongly Approve" response from the first mutual friend.

Recall that I noted previously about the Field-Negro blog - BQPFRCs prefer Black people who agree with them even if that person is not able to articulate their reasons for agreement more than they tolerate a Black person who disagrees with them and can defend their points. THIS is what is at play right now.

I don't view President Obama as an INDIVIDUAL. I view him as the titular head of a MACHINE. This machine just happens to control every single institutional seat in the forces that control Black America. Recall a few weeks ago in an in-person debate with two of my friends I was asked to disconnect the LOCAL situation with the Black community from the NATIONAL issues. I saw this as laughable. It was only done in the context of debate with them seeking to neutralize my argument and thus have an "Obama vs George Bush" argument.

To pretend that there is no connection between the local issues within the Black community and that the push to gain more nationalized POWER so that these issues can be addressed is LAUGHABLE. I have spent several years plotting out the "Climb to the Next Plataea" strategy of the BQPFRC. Why on earth would I abandon this for one debate, as they wanted me to?

Think about it folks - I sat in front of two educated Black men who said "We are not talking about the Black community now. We are talking about the nation". Then they said "Most of the problems within the Black community are cultural in nature. Politics are not going to resolve them". To remind you - my come back to the second claim was to tell my friend - "Don't tell ME this as a means of obtaining a forbearance from seeking to hold the local officials that are failing our community accountable! The NEXT TIME some politician that is favorable to you seek to troll the Black community seeking votes by promising a POLITICAL fix to what you just told me is a CULTURAL problem I want you to preemptively stop him from exploiting our community as such". Do you see what is at work here? They want to retain maximum advantage by framing the debate toward the subjects that are favorable to their agenda.

I see Obama as their evidence that their policies are working. Again - as long as they get us to look at the Obama portrait on the wall rather than the painful realities in the streets - their arguments have a chance of withstanding the inspection of those who are willing to separate their own local issues with the national success of the Democratic Party. This is the foundation of my "Increased Headcount as Proof of Racial Progress" theory. Obama, not the schools, the violence on the street or the tepid economic conditions in our communities should be used as the inference of Black Progress.

This is so pervertedly like the "Republican tendency" to measure American economic health by looking at the rich and how they have prospered while ignoring the poor. BQPFRC do politically what others receive scorn for economically.

The key lesson that I have learned in debating BQPFRCs is that if we enter into a debate without a transparent framework - THEY WIN. They are going to bring forth debate issues that might, for example, rely on the happiness and pride felt by the Black community in the election of a Black president. This "pride" is not supposed to be some fleeting emotion but instead is "hard currency" as proof of his power to motivate Black folks who have long been oppressed. We are not supposed to consider how so many of the issues that were their strongest points of contention with the previous administration continue today:

  • Both wars continue - yet the Anti-War marches have stopped
  • War spending was problematic yet the Federal Democrats recently took what was an $80 billion war funding request and grew it into a $106 billion spending package
  • "Faith Based Initiative"? Where is the scrutiny of this program that was dogged out repeatedly?
  • "No Child Left Behind"? Most certainly the Black talk show hosts have departed their battle stations on that one
The list goes on and on and on. It shows that so much of the key points which worked to anger the Black Establishment - were in fact more partisan than heartfelt.

I have the "out of touch" position that with INCUMBENCY comes accountability. This is the reverse of the "Increased Headcount Theory". For our community to keep blaming outsiders is a benefit only for the external entity that we have latched onto, insuring their growth while our community continues to suffer........with "Obama Limited Edition Commemorative Plates in our China Cabinets".