They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NAACP Leader Tells Detroit - Fight Is Not Over Until Extreme Poverty Ends

Associated Baptist Press: NAACP head tells black Baptists civil-rights struggle not over

No surprise here folks. The leader of the NAACP, standing in the FAILED CITY OF DETROIT which has a government lead by people who are favorable to him, takes the podium and tells the masses of ideological soul mates that POVERTY, POOR SCHOOLS and CRIMINALITY is unfairly heaped upon Black people and that his organization will continue to FIGHT until "Black people are made '1.0' compared to the reference of perfection - WHITE FOLKS.

None of this comes as any surprise to me. The "fight" metaphor is all that the desperate group known as the "Black Establishment" have left. Despite the fact that they now control all of the key institutions where Black people live in our highest concentrations - their hammering skills afford them only one channel - the 'Struggle Milieu'.

Sit back and think about this. When you control the economic policies of the area. You control the schools. You control the police forces. Your social ideology is in line with what is prevailing on the street. WITH EVERYTHING AT THE POINT OF COLLAPSE - WHAT DO YOU DO?

The answer is NOT dictated by what those in POWER do!!! They are going to always SHIFT THE BLAME ELSEWHERE. Let me be clear. I am not mad at the NAACP, the Democrats or any other leader that has power over the Black community. They can only ever do what the general public who keeps electing them or allows them to come on the stage as a "community organizer".

Thus I must blame the Black Community for being enablers to this present situation. This same community enables the sliding scale of GOALS that these establishment figures make use of as their carrot, keeping Black folks STRUGGLING.

As a person who grew up in a large, Northern city I am fully aware about the promises of "when we get into power, as people who care about you and your interests....... THINGS ARE GOING TO BE DIFFERENT". As a community we are more smitten by INCREASED HEAD COUNT IN THE PLACE more than we are in actually holding these figures accountable to deliver. But this isn't even the key problem.

The key problem is that none of these people's WORLD VIEW that they leverage to form their expectations of the GOVERNMENT, ECONOMICS, SOCIAL RELATIONS AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE is ever taken to task and INSPECTED in the wake of its FAILURE once it is the presiding ethos in the land that they control.

Thus our community is not driving EFFECTIVE RESULTS. We are functionally insuring the GROWTH IN POWER of this IDEOLOGY. Once again "We Are Winning While We Are Losing At The Same Time!!".


It is clear that our people suffer from the fusion between RACIAL OBJECTIVES and POLITICAL/IDEOLOGICAL agenda items. This ideology is never going to be placed on trial as it needs to because so much of the ESTABLISHMENT who's voices are needed to conduct such a trial are embedded operatives steeped within this ideological movement.

This ideology comes from a time when indeed there were "boots upon our necks" as a people. This same ideology fails to achieve the intended results, however, when OUR PEOPLE ARE IN POWER OVER THESE INSTITUTIONS THAT USE TO OPPRESS US. This is why in response to the grossly failing schools.......there is talk of a MASSIVE PROTEST ABOUT FAILED URBAN EDUCATION.

Think about it - when YOU voted for the School Board President, the school board member representing your area, the mayor, the governor and even the President of the United States that now presides over your schools - WHO ARE YOU PROTESTING AGAIN? And is it your goal to KICK THEM OUT OF OFFICE IF YOUR SCHOOLS CONTINUE TO FAIL?


The phenomenon speaks of a need to change course. It is clear that many of these people who are in power have no clue on how to MANAGE toward a specific end. Worse yet they are of the mind of WORKING ON BEHALF OF THE COMMUNITY at a time when they need to marshal the forces OF THE COMMUNITY to be the primary vehicles in support of their own goals.

Ultimately it is the BLACK COMMUNITY, seeking CHANGE who is going to have to DETACH from this leadership that they feel a de facto comfort with and instead work toward EFFECTIVE ACCOMPLISHMENT OF OUR PRIMARY INTERESTS.

Who do you think will fight most doggedly against such TRANSPARENCY but these same operatives who's POWER is threatened?

Countries, upon their founding suffer from the same issues - the presiding forces are unwilling to accept TRANSPARENCY because their interests reside in their own retention of POWER rather than what is in the best interests of the masses.

Thus it is the BLACK COMMUNITY who is doing everything necessary to remain as we are.

DETROIT (ABP) -- Despite President Obama's election, African Americans still have a long way to go before achieving racial equality, NAACP head Benjamin Jealous told a group of black Baptists meeting in Detroit.

"We're not the National Association for the Advancement of a Colored Person," Jealous, said June 25 at the 104th annual session of the National Baptist Convention Congress of Christian Education, "Until all of them are OK, we'll be fighting hard." Jealous' remarks were reported in the Detroit Free Press.
Jealous, the youngest president in the history of the 100-year-old civil-rights organization called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said despite the historic inauguration of America's first African-American president, "to be honest, not much has changed" for many people of color.

He said many in the United States still suffer from extreme poverty, racial profiling, poor schools, and a criminal justice system that he said unfairly targets minorities. While praising Obama as a role model, Jealous said the fight for freedom is far from over.
About 40,000 Baptists attended the June 22-26 gathering to study hot-button issues like AIDS in the church, pastors' compensation and women in the pulpit. The June gathering is the primary training event for the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., America's oldest and largest African-American religious convention with an estimated membership of 7.5 million, and one of several annual gatherings the group schedules throughout the year.

The convention's main annual session is scheduled Sept. 7-11 in Memphis, Tenn. Business items will include electing a new president to replace William Shaw, pastor of White Rock Baptist Church in Philadelphia, who has held the post since 1999.

One of two candidates vying for the presidency is Henry Lyons, a former president who served nearly five years after he was convicted of swindling more than $5.2 million from the organization's corporate partners in 1999.

Lyons will face Julius Scruggs, pastor of the First Missionary Baptist Church in Huntsville, Ala., currently the convention's vice president at large, in the race for a five-year term.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson's Kids

Looks like Mike's kids came out just about (wh)right just as he was he was hoping they would.

They both might audition for "Peter Pan" if you know what I am saying.

Please note: I defend Michael Jackson's RIGHT to procreate with whom ever he chooses to. This was his choice to make alone. I am seriously committed to this.

Keep in mind, however that - this post AIN'T about Michael Jackson. Its about YOU. How long are you going to be selective in your judgments regarding those who "offend" your racial dignity with their actions? We know that the wrong "thoughts" can get you excommunicated. What about the wrong actions in which a certain genetic market is extinguished from a man and those beings that come from his seed? Is this worthy of banishment?

I am only saying that no one should step to me and CLAIM that this man had no issues with his "Negroid Features" and did not do all that he could to insure that his children did not have this same "problem".

Since we are into debating "qualifications" these days - I can only imagine the primary "qualification" that Michael Jackson looked for he sought a "surrogate mother" for his children. Put it this way - He did not exercise the "NFL Head Coach Interviewing Policy" during his selection process.

CRIME Is Now The Number 1 Issue In The Altanta Mayor's Race

Political Insider - Crime and Atlanta’s race for mayor

No way!
How did they ever figure it out?

It appears that "Hope and Change" isn't quite the marketing ploy when a growing number of your residents have had their homes and cars broken into.

Anyone who DOESN'T see the major crime spree and blood bath going on in Atlanta doesn't need to be allowed to even visit the mayors office.


Why is it that a politician who seeks to save face and thus says "We are not in a recession" is punished at the polls because they don't "feel the people's pain"?

Yet when it comes to crime - the masses of people who are negatively impacted and living in fear - don't seem to render the same punishment against the mayor seeking to market the city?

Mayor disputes Atlanta’s ranking as 2nd least-safe city in U.S.

Mayor Shirley Franklin disputes a political blog’s ranking of Atlanta as the nation’s second most dangerous municipality, reiterating her claim that the city is “safer now than it has been in decades.”

“The blog’s rankings are based on incorrect data; they are contrary to the findings of reputable authorities on crime data; and they ignore Atlanta’s 7-year track record of crime reduction,” Franklin said Monday in a press release.

The ranking, compiled by the Web site Real Clear Politics, was derived by dividing the total crimes detailed in the FBI’s 2008 Preliminary Annual Uniform Crime Report by city population. Real Clear Politics’ editors could not be reached for comment Monday.

The FBI stats, released last week, have presented a mixed bag for Atlanta. The positive: Violent crime decreased 8.3 percent in 2008 compared with 2007, with 672 fewer such incidents.

Property crimes, however, rose 7.6 percent in Atlanta; nationwide, a 1.6 percent decrease was reported — the first time property crime fell since 2003. Burglaries and larcenies were both on the rise locally, the FBI said.

But Franklin said citizens should focus on “dramatic improvement” in Atlanta’s crime rate over the past seven years.

“In that time the city’s crime rate has dropped from 11.2 percent to 8.7 percent, which is nearly a 25 percent improvement,” the mayor said. “Perhaps more importantly, our rate of violent crime is down nearly 40 percent over this period.”

While there’s some uncertainty over Real Clear Politics’ metrics, the FBI stats reveal that only Memphis had more crimes per person among U.S. cities with more than 500,000 residents.

“Franklin and [Atlanta Chief of Police Richard] Pennington have been trying to get us to drink the Kool-Aid for 12 months now,” said Randall Cobb, safety chairman for the Midtown Neighborhood Association. “The biggest thing they’re doing is refusing to take responsibility for crime in this city.”

Franklin cited other studies, including Congressional Quarterly Press’ crime rankings — which ranked Atlanta 16th overall in crime rate among U.S. cities — and Forbes magazine’s list of the 15 most dangerous cities in America — “Atlanta was not on it,” she said.

So far this year, Franklin said, figures compiled by COBRA (Command Operation Briefing to Revitalize Atlanta) indicate the overall crime is down 10 percent.

Those numbers don’t seem to register when it comes to public confidence.

“The problem is we’ve been getting the wrong information (from City Hall and the Atlanta Police Department) for years,” Cobb said. “There isn’t anyone I talk to who thinks we live in a safe city.”

After Memphis and Atlanta, Real Clear Politics ranked San Antonio, Detroit and Milwaukee as America’s least safe cities.

The safest? New York City, followed by San Jose, Calif., Los Angeles, San Diego, El Paso, Texas, Honolulu, Denver, Boston, Las Vegas and Louisville, Ky.

School Culture - The Element Of Quality Education That Government Funding Can't Purchase

Chicago Tribune: Teacher turnover plagues Chicago public schools

You are right - I do not have a solution.
I am but one man. My primary goal is to insure that my own children have a quality education. I am more inclined to move into a community that provides that and do my part to HOLD IT UP, than I am to insert my kids into a situation that is in violation of my standards and then work hard to convince the other equal adults that they need to work with me to do the same.

SELF-INTEREST. What is wrong with this? This is human nature.

To work with this reality it is important to have a "SCHOOL CULTURE" - a set of standards that all who are involved can agree with. The more these standards are able to be written down, communicated to all and then enforced for everyone's benefit - the better the end results for all will be.

The culture of a school matters a lot, the study found. Schools where teachers are committed to their school and say they look forward to coming to work only lose about 10 percent of their instructors in a given year, according to the study.

The behavior of students in the classroom is a very important factor in teachers leaving, particularly at high schools, the study found. Teachers are also more likely to stay in places where they feel they can influence school decisions, the study says, and healthy relationships with parents are another key factor in reducing turnover.

There is no need for a STUDY to see the obvious. I don't hang out in public schools on a daily basis but I am able to go on various service projects or speaking engagements within them to quickly assess the problem. I also get a picture from several friends who are educators as to what is going on.

I said previously - "More instructional time is confiscated from Black students due to DISCIPLINE PROBLEMS once the teacher closes the door to the classroom than from any other funding or political issue that those who call themselves Educational Activists can point to otherwise".

No LAW is going to produce "QUALITY" education. In fact it is even foolish to put such a qualifier in front of the term.

No amount of government funding is going to produce QUALITY EDUCATION. I am more interested in seeing who will profit as they endlessly pursue quality.

Instead QUALITY EDUCATION is the result of a series of processes, all working in alignment to produce a certain end.

Too often we have been allowing people to look at other school systems and covet their MONEY.
It is all too clear that there is a need to understand the processes, choose which are applicable to the home school district in question, reject those which don't fit - and be content that the school community has done everything necessary to produce the outcomes based on the bucket of policies that they have chosen to implement.

The NAACP - Protecting The Integrity Of The Educational Process For Colored People

Sumter County South Carolina District merger worries NAACP

The battle over Sumter School District 17's attempt to build a new administrative headquarters might not be over after all, and it could be the first step in the consolidation process that could end up hurting poor, black residents, according to the Sumter County Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

The issue of District 17's administration building surfaced again Tuesday when the Sumter School District 2 Board of Trustees briefly discussed a letter it had received from Ferdinand Burns Jr., president of the Sumter branch of the NAACP, inviting Superintendent Dr. J. Frank Baker and Board Chairman Larry Addison to participate in a meeting with the NAACP and District 17 to talk about the building.

The District 2 board decided without a vote not to participate.

“I don't understand why we're involved in that at all,” said board Vice Chairwoman Karen Michalik, who, as a member of the Consolidation Transition Committee voted against the District 17 building. “This is a District 17 issue. ... We don't have a dog in this fight.”

Georgia NAACP: Suspension rates for black students out of line, says NAACP

Local and state NAACP leaders are concerned by a report showing that black students across Georgia were suspended from school last year at higher rates than their white counterparts.

“There’s a huge disparity in terms of gender, race and ethnicity,” said Jennifer Falk, the state education chairwoman for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Earlier this year, the NAACP asked the state Department of Education to compile a report examining the number of students in each county who had been suspended during the 2007-08 school year, then sort the findings by race, gender, age and whether students qualified for free or reduced-price lunches.

The report led to an NAACP analysis showing that there are often wide disparities between the percentage of a school system’s black population — including Bibb and Houston counties — and the percentage of overall suspensions of black students. The percentage of suspensions should generally mirror the student population, Falk said.

In Bibb County, the public school population is about 75 percent black and 25 percent white.

But among Bibb’s 5,327 suspensions, about 89 percent were black students and 9 percent were white students during the 2007-2008 school year.

“We don’t know why,” said Al Tillman, president of the Macon-Bibb County NAACP chapter. “But there’s a serious problem.”

Sunday, June 28, 2009

RACE And The Atlanta Mayor's Race

Sorry. Over time when there was a dark skinned Black Democrat running against a light skinned Black Democrat and RACE and SKIN SHADE comes up in the election a few years ago - you had better believe that RACE is ALWAYS an issue in the City of Atlanta. Race is the currency that many of the politicians trade upon.

Barnie Frank Doesn't Appear To Agree With "Mirror On America" That HEALTH CARE IS A RIGHT

I'd like to see Barnie Frank as a more frequent guest on the "O'Reilly Factor". They walked on pins and needles not to get into an all out fight once again.

I was pleased to hear Barnie Frank - a progressive liberal from MA say clearly that he did not believe that "HEALTH CARE IS A RIGHT". He knows that it is an "entitlement", a "public good" if you will.

He needs to tell this to many of his progressive friends because this is the argument by which they plan to ram this and other spending initiatives down our throats.

The Rise And Fall Of THe Black Middle Class In Detroit

G.M., Detroit and the Fall of the Black Middle Class

Ideally the 'painful truth' of the present facts should provide "constructive feedback" to those who are conscious about where they stand, where they want to be and how to avoid the present sink hole in the future. Detroit Michigan is one city that is a poster child for such a review.

The city of Detroit still has its government that is controlled by favorable people to the masses of Black people.

The city of Detroit has strong union control with a workforce that is committed to 'organized labor' as a means to fight against the corporatists.

The one thing that has vacated from the triangle which built up the city and the Black middle class is the one force that was so frequently RESENTED - the CORPORATION.

I have coined the term "You are winning but you are losing at the same time". I guess one could argue that it is the same as "winning the battle but losing the war" but there is a difference. The fact is that the POPULAR sentiment and strategy as the masses voted to implement a certain power regime turned out to actually be AGAINST the long term best interests of the masses who claimed ownership of these same "best interests".

Where were the skeptical voices who should have warned the people a long time ago?
Where are the people who made the case that the best deal not only seeks to maximize advantage for your side but also considers the ENDURANCE of that which you have gotten in the way of concessions for the short run?

If someone were to step up and rebuild Detroit to its 'hey day' would they even volunteer and play the role of the "bad guy" since clearly the "bad guy" is a fundamental element in the mix that is necessary for success to be had? Clearly this bad guy looking out for HIS OWN INTERESTS AND PROFIT is a necessary evil lest it all collapse.

Can we all agree that the Black community in Detroit has been materially harmed by following the course of action that only afforded them short term gains?

ACLU - Michigan Black Student Suspension Rates Racist - Silent On Issues In Majority Black Prince Georges County MD

In the majority WHITE school districts in Michigan we have:

ACLU finds black pupils disproportionately punished

Yet in the majority BLACK school system of Prince Georges County Maryland we have:
Proposal Tackles Pr. George's Schools' High Rate of Suspensions

There are few other places in the blogesphere that will dare to take the claims made by the ACLU about schools in Michigan and map this with the known problems in other areas, CONTROLLING FOR RACE of the "judge" with the goal of identifying the real problem.

Unfortunately there is a large force that operates upon the currency of RACISM and thus they are disinclined to seek out patterns which may undercut their assumptions.

For the ACLU in Michigan the goal was to point out the exception. This is the disproportionate number of suspensions for a population of students that grossly overrepresent their numbers. Yet as we look at the majority Black student population in Prince Georges County that also have a large number of Black teachers and administrators doing the suspending of the Black students - clearly such a fact undercuts a good portion of the assumptions that the ACLU has entered the study with in the back of their minds.

Indeed if the problem is that "the White teacher just doesn't understand the Black student" and thus she/he suspends them for the smallest infraction - then how does one explain the situation in Maryland with its "Black on Black" situation?

How curious will the observers in both states inspect the one common denominator that is present in both of them? THE BLACK STUDENT and the cultural references that they enter the classroom with. Of those who dare consider this angle - how many of them will point to "derivative behavior" rather than notating the impact of today's incubation of this resultant behavior? "Derivative Behavior" is a theory that has been vocalized by Democratic operative Dr Ronald Walters to explain away the "bad behavior" that is seen today in high proportions within the Black community. It puts forth the notion that the residue of SLAVERY has a greater influence upon our behavior today than does the molding by the parents, the community and those who control the key institutions over these people today.

From this common pattern we are unlikely to see an inspection done upon the culture that is shared among these students. This would mean too much of a self-indictment upon those who seek to shift the blame over to the general society. For so long we have heard the defense "What does the music or dress that a young person chooses have to do with his academic progress?". Thus it is left up to the critics to prove their case lest the degradation go on unchecked absent having the justification to hold the line on any particular standard.

Increasingly we are seeing a pattern of disturbing results - from suspensions of Black students to the disturbing "social promotion" policies of Philly and Chicago. None of this proves to be enough to shake loose the ideological bindings that many of the operatives who defend these systems (and redirect the blame elsewhere).

Absent the change in consciousness which has them defining an endpoint and then REVERSE ENGINEERING the steps from this ideal back to where they stand right now - these outrages in results and consciousness will continue.

Left Wing Democratic Attack Machine Go After Their Own On Health Care - The Ideology Of Tolerance And Diversity And Inclusion?

Health-care activists targeting Democrats

Liberals Draw Hard Line on Health Reform

In the high-stakes battle over health care, a growing cadre of liberal activists is aiming its sharpest firepower against Democratic senators who they accuse of being insufficiently committed to the cause.

The attacks — ranging from tart news releases to full-fledged advertising campaigns — have elicited rebuttals from lawmakers and sparked a debate inside the party over the best strategy for achieving President Obama's top priority of a comprehensive health-system overhaul.

The rising tensions between Democratic legislators and constituencies that would typically be their natural allies underscore the high hurdles for Obama as he tries to hold together a diverse, fragile coalition. Activists say they are simply pressing for quick delivery of "true health reform," but the intraparty rift runs the risk of alienating centrist Democrats who will be needed to pass a bill.

Jesse Jackson: Bring The Blue Dog Democrats In Line

Jesse Jackson argues that it was HEALTH CARE that brought GM and Chrysler to their knees. His intellectual curiosity doesn't bring him to the point of questioning the logic of driving the entire United States to its fiscal knees. Obama is turning into a "credit card cash advance spending Union President".

Just as the UAW members were happy at receiving their contracts several decades ago and now find themselves out of a job and health care - those who engineered this same fate now have control over our federal government and are seeking to work their magic again.

But hey - what do I know anyway?

We are down to the last rounds of the health care debate. The ideas are on the table. The estimated costs are published. The insurance industry lobby is up in arms. The White House and congressional leaders are starting to push. Now it is a question of will.

Will conservative "Blue Dog" Democrats sabotage the best chance for health care reform in a generation? Democrats are the issue because they don't really need the votes of Republicans who have chosen simply to be the party of "no." With few exceptions, Republicans rail about "government takeover" of health care, mutter about "socialized medicine," warn darkly about "government rationing" destroying the "best health care system in the world." Blind to reality, they have absented themselves from adult conversation.

The realities are starkly clear. We spend far more on health care than any other industrial nation -- 50 percent more per capita, according to Peter Orszag, head of the Office of Management and Budget. And we get worse results -- in life expectancy, childhood mortality and much more. We tax all Americans for the most inefficient system of care -- expensive emergency rooms for the uninsured, more focus on the terminal illnesses of those in the last weeks of life than on providing preventive care to keep people healthy early in life.

Congressional Black Caucus Demands More DIVERSITY On Sunday Morning Talk Shows

Congressional Black Caucus says Sunday shows need more diversity

Ironically - as I post this I am watching operative Dr Michael Eric Dyson on the ABC Sunday morning news show.

Barbara Lee and the CBC are not interested in DIVERSITY as most assuredly they don't want just a "Black face". They seek the "right type of Black or Hispanic face", one that echo's their own ideological biases.

Of the few Black opinion makers that are on television - the most vile attacks that they receive (ie: Juan Williams and formerly Armstrong Williams) comes from the BLACK PROGRESSIVE LEFTISTS. They make use of language against these Black men that was once reserved for Black men just prior to them being strung up to a tree.

We are only able to agree that the viewpoint that Barbara Lee and the CBC represent the POPULAR sentiment among the Black community. We cannot, however, conclude that this ideology represents the effective mitigation of the key problems that face the Black community.

As the article says - the growth of power of the Democrats and the ascension of "more Black faces into power" should translate into more Blacks on these Sunday morning shows.   Once again they argue that "Black progress" should be assumed by more Black faces in power.  In truth Black Progress must be measured at the periphery where our key interests are advanced.  

If there is another place that is in greater need of IDEOLOGICAL DIVERSITY than WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY as a means of producing different results - please show it to me.

Can You Tell What The Priority Of This Negro Blogger Is?

Publish Post

I have noticed that the best way to evaluate what the PRIORITIES of a given set of people is to sit back and watch the PRIORITIES that they promote to the top in the absence of a countervailing force to keep them in line.

For the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser - he has insured that any countervailing force has been driven out of the leadership of his key institutions and the media that is customized for his own consumption. IRONICALLY this also means that, more than ever before, his present course is a function of his own PRIORITIES and BIASES than any other force.

Unfortunately the self echo chamber that he has established in which all other views have been exterminated out ALSO MEANS that upon seeing certain problems that continue to occur WITHIN HIS DOMAIN OF CONTROL he will use his propaganda machine to shift the blame upon forces that reside on the outside.

I don't blame the propagandist. He is going to do what he is going to do. Ultimately the MASSES OF PEOPLE who are suffering are the problem. They have accepted certain MESSAGES of RESENTMENT as their own messages - their NARRATIVE, if you will. They have settled upon a leadership machine that operates off of these messages. This machine knows what the people want and feed it too them with mass quantities.

From the graphic above I see a priority upon Attacks On Clarence Thomas and all other Conservatives because they are threats to the ideological monopoly that the BQPFRC rests upon. They see the "Hypocrite" that fails to live up to his own standard as their poster boy. His function is NOT to lift the people up toward a higher standard so that the boy can "PROGRESS". Instead he is dragged around town on the back of their horse to show the consequences of those who JUDGE! They are more interested in having everyone mind their own business with the function of allowing certain violators to keep doing their thing. They enjoy "company in the mud with them" than they have any goals of lifting everyone out of the mud, with those who reside within as the EXCEPTION. By making the exception into the rule - everyone can gain a bit of comfort.

The murder count in Philadelphia after 6 months of the year represents a report card on their failed social and economic policies. History shows that the people who died behind these homicide numbers are 80% African American. Thus about 115 Black people who celebrated Barack Obama's election are no longer with us in this world - having been killed. Ironically while the first Black Attorney General has been silent on the murder spree that is snatching up Black lives around the nation - he was recently moved to speak out after 3 people who were motivated by HATE chose to kill for political purposes. Sadly the "continuing murder of the average Negro" does not qualify as an emergency. This unless he gets a job at the Holocaust Museum and thus HIS KILLER adds value to his life. Why fret though? This is exactly what the Civil Rights Industrial Complex has asked that our government focus upon as a priority.

This homicide count in just one city in America represents the neglect about the people that BQPFRC purports to care for who they say are "neglected" by society. Question is: WHO IS "SOCIETY" but themselves and the people who control the social and government institutions that these same people live under?

In a perverted cycle of life - the presence of heightened grievances from the same people they preside over with their ideological norms present an opening for them to actually STRENGTHEN THEIR HOLD over the very people they are failing by highlighting these grievances and REDIRECTING them upon another domain. This domain just happens to be the expanded political domain that they desire to take control over. Thus the masses of aggrieved individuals serve as "useful idiots" to help these operatives accomplish their goals of POLITICAL POWER and IDEOLOGICAL DOMINATION that fronts as individual concern.

In the debates against Clarence Thomas only rarely is there an insightful critique of his judicial rulings and why they believe he is not only WRONG but "constitutionally wrong". On occasion there can be found a commenter that talks about how his strategy serves to undercut the STRATEGY that Blacks have depended upon for power (ie: Affirmative Action). Sadly, the bulk of the responses in a Clarence Thomas discussion are personal attacks against the man. They talk about his White wife, they talk about how he is not comfortable with his race (these same people love the late Michael Jackson - and bestow "full Black rights" upon him. A testament to their objectiveness ), they say that he is inferior to the other White conservative who serves as his mental guide.

Yet in the recent 8-1 ruling as he sought to have the rest of the court rule on the constitutionality of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act - despite his having crafted HIS OWN BODY OF OPINIONS separate and distinct from other conservatives on the court..........most of them DID NOT READ HIS WORK.

Instead they continued their hate filled attack on this man.

It is clear that the blog from which the graphic up above has no particular interests in developing the debating and argument framing skills of his followers. Just as I have noted previously about other thought leaders - He is far more thrilled that he has a large group of people agreeing with his viewpoint than he is interested that they could actually articulate why they believe that they do. Or conversely - Even though I can fully articulate and defend my position against his and even SHOW THE DAMAGE TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY THAT HIS THEORIES PRESENT - he favors those who LOYALLY FOLLOW along with him.

Thus we must conclude that the do not have the "Black Best Interests" as their primary purpose. Their goal is Ideological and Partisan Power Building using the side of their flock as evidence of their correctness.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This Post Ain't About Michael Jackson - It Is About YOU

Let me open by saying that I have been a long time fan of Michael Jackson's music. I recall my brother purchasing the "Thriller" LP and playing it on my father's stereo system that had an 8-track deck built into it.

I like the man's music. I think that he was a musical and entertainment genius. He also deserves much credit for reaching out to billions of people around the world, regardless of their religion or race. He is to be credited for this.

None of this stops me from being able to admit that the guy was a troubled dude who clearly had many powerful internal demons. The physical self-mutilation. The issues with "little boys". This is not the legacy of a stable individual.


I get frustrated listening to people who are so subjective and arbitrary in their judgments.

If they LOVE YOU - there is little that you can do to shake them loose.
If they HATE YOU - there is nothing that you can do to redeem yourself EXCEPT if you renounce your former ways and help them fight against the enemy that they like to have an army of fellow travelers to fight against.

It is unfortunately but the foundations of "bias, injustice, bigotry and hatred" is amply present in the very people who portend to stand against these very things.

In several conversations that I have had over the past few days about Michael Jackson - in person, via e-mail and via blogs I notice that there are three key issues about Michael Jackson that certain operatives are protective about:

  1. The Amount By Which His Physical Morphing Over The Years To Remove All "Negroid Features" From His Body Indicate About His Comfortness With Being Black (I will add his choice in reproductive partners to this bullet point as well)
  2. The Issue About His Guilt Over Child Molestation Charges. With The Propensity To Dismiss Them As A Little Boy In A Man's Body, Harmed By The Childhood Pressures He Suffered
  3. The Suppression Of His Drug Abuse - Demerol and Oxycontin. Those That They Hate Are Attacked For Drug Additiction. Michael Jackson's Abuse Will Be Blamed On His Doctor

I have written previously about the power of those who wallow in arbitrary judgments. We can't predict their verdicts based on the facts at hand. The target in the seat of judgment is a greater predictor of their verdict.

In our "Oprah-field" celebrity culture the "justice for all" that was fought for now has a new body of the protected class: the wealthy celebrity who is well liked.

Fulton County GA Election Board Controversy

Shortly after being slapped by the state of Georgia for several election administration violations, the Fulton County Election Board is back at it again. Yet another dysfunctional governing board in Metro Atlanta.

The Democratic Black Caucus of Florida was established in 1983 to increase the political power of black Democrats

The Democratic Black Caucus of Florida was established in 1983 to increase the political power of black Democrats.


This group in Florida and other places have been wildly successful in their mission. TODAY - the Democratic Party enjoys more power and pervasiveness in the Black community than at any other time in our history.

UNFORTUNATELY this agenda does not have the primary objective of MAXIMIZING THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

Instead they, like most progressives, argue that the "Black Best Interests" will be the RESIDUAL effect of them cavorting with the Democrats to obtain legislative and executive power in the American Political domain.

I as an observer have the audacity to have them to PROVE IT!!!

This growth also allows me and others to notate who should be held most accountable for our present condition because their fingerprints are exclusively on the steering wheel of our community.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Justice Clarence Thomas and Abigail Thernstrom See It Clearly: Racial Progress Stymied

Abigail Thernstrom: Racial Progress Stymied

It is too clear to me as an observer and a critic: The Black community has been taken over by the Black Establishment which has itself been taken over by operatives who have sold out to partisan and ideological bigotry.

As I did my usual monitoring of various "AfroSpear" affiliated blog sites - there was no surprise to see that Republican Sandford was the lead headline. This story had more posts on my friend "Field-Negro's" blog than the far more important story: The Failure of the Philadelphia School System to provide a quality educational product to its majority Black student body.

Such districts, she said, reinforce “the perception that members of the same racial group — regardless of their age, education, economic status, or the community in which they live — think alike”; they “threaten to stigmatize persons by reason of their membership in a racial group and to incite racial hostility”; they may “balkanize us into competing racial factions”; and they tell elected representatives that “their primary obligation is to represent only the members of that group, rather than their constituency as a whole.”

The Resulting Districts: "Head Count" Over Effective Results

Blacks sit on legislative bodies ranging from elected school boards to the U.S. Congress, but many have acquired their seats by running in districts carefully designed to elect minority candidates. Reviewing data from 1992 to 2007 on the impact of race-conscious districting at the state and congressional levels, political scientist David Lublin and colleagues concluded, “The overwhelming number of minority legislators continue to represent majority-minority districts.” As Lublin notes, in some of these districts the majority is composed of a black–Hispanic coalition, and where the minority population is less than 50 percent, it often controls the outcome of the decisive Democratic primary. Of course, some minority-minority districts do elect black candidates with white crossover votes, as the civil rights community admitted in Bartlett v. Strickland.

I am forced to reject this paragraph because it notates something that I have called out after a long series of observations. A good portion of the Black community confuse "Head Count" over "Effective Outcomes". They see a "Black face up in the place" and believe that this is enough to obtain satisfactory results.

Keep in mind that if the Black face were "Clarence Thomas" then they would likely agree that "all of your skin folks ain't your kin folks" as they apply this notion to the Black Conservative. I would like to make reference to this same notion thus getting beyond "skin color computability" and "ideological computability" and instead focus upon the EFFECTIVE RESULTS. After all this is what the drive for political activism was initiated upon.

The challenge with focusing on the EFFECTIVE RESULTS is that doing so requires the judge to be in a position to put HIS OWN IDEOLOGY ON TRIAL. All of us like to believe that we are always correct in our present pronouncements. The tendency is to point to the other guy's faults when he fails and then when we fail we also point to the hand that the other guy has played in contributing to this state.

This selfish tendency is the reason why TRANSPARENCY is so critical in one's objective analysis. If indeed we all are interested in the permanent interests that we say we are - we should be open to submitting to transparent inspection. This will afford the separation of interests that we say we have a high regard for.

For me - the presence of a growing number of head county is not indicative of future success. It should, however, provide a bit more separation between the two or more competing ideologies and allow those who are interested in transparency to make more clear analysis of the situation. Sadly the Black community has too many forces that should be acting as the "checks and balances" all working in close conspiracy with each other that this situation of apparent clarity always yields to the murkiness of how "past racism" or present "benign neglect" from the greater society is the real culprit for the failure. Most certainly NOT the prevailing ideology that more abundantly speaks upon each passing electoral victory.

The dysfunctional byproduct of such a system is that the more POWER this machine receives over these institutions - the more need for POWER EXPANSION the operatives will call for as they translate the happiness that yet another seat has been captured into an avoidance of accountability for the conditions in the turf that has already been under control. The final victory resides in TAKING YET ANOTHER SEAT. "We must REMAIN UNIFIED IN THIS FIGHT!!! If we SPLIT......THEY WIN".

I am not sure that the masses understand what they are seeking to "win" in the first place. They want a string of election night exuberance - it seems.

As a consequence, elected representatives seem to be left untutored in the skills necessary to win competitive contests in majority-white settings. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: Very few black candidates risk running in majority-white constituencies; majority-minority districts thus become the settings in which blacks are most frequently elected.

In such settings, officeholders tend to be pulled to the left — or, in any case, are certainly under no pressure to run as centrists. Their left-leaning tendencies, along with a reluctance to risk elections in majority-white settings, perhaps explain why so few members of the Congressional Black Caucus have run for statewide office and none made a serious bid for the presidency before Barack Obama.

Why The BQPFRC Educational Activists Hate Standardized Testing

The pressure to pass students - even those who rarely go to class or can't read - is pervasive in the Philadelphia School District, teachers around the city say.

This entire article can be summed up in two bullet points:
  • The lack of INTEGRITY in the system of educational evaluation
  • The absence of the COMMUNITY in the educational process for their most prized possession - their young people who are tasked to LEARN a certain set of competencies for they will one day be ADULTS and they will one day GOVERN the community
In summary, folks - IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT THE NEXT 45 YEARS IN BLACK AMERICA WILL LOOK LIKE, don't look at Obama in the White House, look within your public schools at the sea of young Black kids and how they are faring. As a native of Philadelphia who knows all of the schools that are listed in the article - this is nothing short of SHAMEFUL!!!

My goal is not to "attack" Black America. My goal is to show the wide cavern that exists between the POPULARLY ACCEPTED body of political/cultural/social thoughts within Black America and what our PERMANENT INTERESTS are.

I am no more "attacking Black people", consumed in our failure than one can accuse the investigative journalist that put together this excellent piece can be accused of.

Instead we must look at the motivations of the people who seek to be protective of the current order. Just as in the past where racist Whites who were more interested in saving face with the unjust system that they defended - they attacked any Black person that dared to point to the scars upon the underbelly of the machine that they prided themselves upon, such is the case here. Those operatives who worked so hard to bring forth this present order within the Black community are loathed to be subjected to inspection regarding how much their aggregate actions are actually benefiting Black people.

YOU must ask yourself - Are you an ENABLER of their agenda which seeks to grow their machine or are you actually working for the benefit of the people who are now being failed?

This tells of an aggregate collapse of the multitude of fabrics that allow the city of Philadelphia to call itself a functional city. Instead it is rife with DYSFUNCTION.

The Article
The push comes in memos, in meetings, and in talks about failure rates that are too high, the teachers say. It comes through mountains of paperwork and justification for failing any student. It comes in ways subtle and overt, according to more than a dozen teachers from nine of the city's 62 high schools.

"We have to give fake grades," said a teacher at Mastbaum High in Kensington. "The pressure is very real."

A teacher at University City High described getting pressure from the school's administrators to pass a student who had 89 absences over a half-year.

Social promotion - moving along students with their same-age classmates whether they deserve it or not - has plagued the district for decades despite efforts to stop it.

The reasons for its persistence are unclear, but teachers suggest that the push to pass is especially great now because of increased scrutiny from Superintendent Arlene Ackerman. Schools are now judged on many criteria, including the number of students who pass.

The Inquirer interviewed 15 teachers who spoke on condition that their names not be reported for fear of reprisal.

Since The Inquirer first reported June 7 on alleged pressure to pass at South Philadelphia High School, Ackerman has disavowed the practice and ordered an investigation into the complaints.

Teachers from around the city have now come forward to say pressure to pass students is prevalent at their schools, too.

The teachers say the pressure continued from their principals despite an e-mail Monday from Ackerman directing them to report the grades students earned. High school grades were due that week, and school ends Tuesday.

Teachers also blasted a district policy that requires them to give every student at least a 50 even if he or she didn't attend class or do the work. At some schools, teachers said, the minimum grade is 60. Passing is 65.

Late Friday, Ackerman issued a statement abolishing the 50 minimum starting in the fall for all 167,000 students, saying it conflicted with her "long-held philosophy."

Jerry Jordan, president of the teachers' union, condemned the push to pass, saying it undermined his teachers' professionalism.

But the practice is prevalent throughout the system, he said. "Absolutely. No doubt. At every level."

Jordan also said the union could push only for contract language protecting teachers from pressure.

Update On The "Nurse Eunice Rivers" Award Winner

Just to remind everyone - Nurse Eunice Rivers was the Black nurse who conspired with the operatives that carried out the "Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment". My "Nurse Eunice Rivers / Snarling Fox Award" goes to any Black person that works to undercut the interests of Black people or to the White person (or other) who enjoys the acceptance of the Black community but who in reality are working to undercut the interests of our people.

Cleveland Clark agreed to kill a 22 year old Black woman because the Indian father in law did not want her son married to a Black person. The Black woman was the mother of his granddaughter.

The Black Gangster - Folk Hero Or Black Klansman?

The key anomaly in the "Administration Of Justice WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY".

American Gangster: Monster Kody

I have to start off by saying that BET's "American Gangster" and the History Channel's "Gangland" are two of the best sources of information to anyone interested in obtaining some vital details about "how we got here" over the past 40 years on the streets of urban America. Where as I am frustrated with the lack of specificity in the common rant: "We don't own no airplanes to bring the drugs into America", these two shows provide the key missing links as to the number of murderous co-conspirators who work in the retail drug trade.

As I watch "American Gangster" and see the characters that are involved I take a "race neutral approach" to the operatives involved. This means the racist White bike gang who terrorize communities and sell drugs have equal standing with the Black Thug gang banger who also shoots up the community and sells drugs. In truth the later has a longer trail of blood as it relates to the Black community for it is our community that is the theater of battle for their drug sales and mayhem.

Then as I hear that many of these killers are also "folk heroes" within certain communities I am left to struggle to understand how this is possible among a rationale people. These thugs are the answer to the question "Who Is Making Black People Cry Today" which is the title of my documentary trail of news clippings after noticing the high frequency of Black people appearing on the news, grieving over the loss of a loved one.

Thus upon watching the brand new season of "American Gangster" I was against struck by the high regard shown to "Monster" Kody Scott.

Ironically Monster had another popular figure as his mentor and role model - "Tookie Williams". Yes that same Tookie Williams that many operatives within the Black Establishment said was framed as they fought for his life. Tookie Williams was the founder of the Crips gang. (The other co-founder found justice at the end of a gun barrel and thus the Black Establishment did not get a change to beg for mercy for Tookie Williams' partner in crime).


When see certain members of the Black community immune to the murderous antics of their folk heroes I work to try to relate to their frame of mind. Just as Americans may see their own returning military veterans as "heroes", the families of the enemy see them as "killers". Thus, I reason, one's own perspective plays the most extensive part of the sentiment that is expressed.

This, however, falls to the wayside in that these people are killing, selling drugs, intimidating people and generally causing grief within the community of the same person who is rendering favorable judgment. Thus it is not rational for such a person who suffers as a victim of the aggregate dysfunction that the thug and his accomplices have rendered upon the community.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Attention All Clarence Thomas Attackers - Here Is Your Chance To ACTUALLY READ His Opinion

Northwest Austin Municipal Utility District v. Holder

Go to page 22 and start reading!!!

When I was growing up I had a pet dog that was a German Shepard / Chihuahua Mix. (We were told that the mother was a Chihuahua but don't ask me how this was even possible)

As a little boy I know how to get this dog angry. While she was eating food out of her bowl I used to take the wooden broom handle and stick it in the bowl. First she would snarl as I came close with the broom stick and then she would attack the stick. I got in trouble over time because the handle got shredded with the bite marks.

Sadly, shamefully - the various Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers are like my dog and the very mention of one - CLARENCE THOMAS is like the stick placed in their bowl as they are eating.

The very mention of this man's name causes foam to form upon their mouths as they go on the attack.

If their actions were the reference - you'd swear that Clarence Thomas was a member of the Crips or Bloods and had killed a mass of Black people. Then again - if this were the case many of these same people would support him as a folk hero.

The one indictment that I have against the various AfroSpear affiliates that have posted their usual hate-filled attacks upon Clarence Thomas this week is that:
  • None of them likely read a word of the ruling.
  • Most of them depended upon an analysis from "Huffington Post" to interpret Justice Thomas' words
  • None of them likely know that his was a split ruling - agreeing with the majority on some points and descenting on others.

IRONICIALLY these are the same people who operate on the notion of "once a violator has paid his dues to society" he should live as a free man. For some reason, however, these districts in question that are being scrutinized today using data from more than 35 years ago do not deserve this same consideration of their PRESENT acts.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jesse Jackson - Working Hard To Engineer A Good Talking Point By Avoiding Reality

Jesse Jackson Sr: Guns and hate are on rise in America

Articles like the following one penned by Jesse Jackson Sr are the key reason why I keep my handy little Neuros video recorder and remote handy as I play back the daily news broadcasts.

If you were foolish enough to take Jesse Jackson's view of the world you'd believe that all of the "Black people crying" on the news that I see are doing so because of RIGHT-WING operatives and "guns" that are running free in the community.

What if Jesse Jackson's mentors set out to "BAN ALL NOOSES"!!! Nooses are deadly to Black people and there for we must control the dissemination of nooses in the general public and thus insure the safety of our people.

This is one of the most carefully engineered talking points pieces let out by Rev Jackson. He talks about the high number of gun murders in America but is loathed to talk in specificity regarding WHO is doing this killing of young Black people in particular. A person who did not know any better would assume that these same "right wingers" that Jackson exposes with great specificity are also the ones who are piling up these 30,000 people like cord wood.

Of course we all know better.

It is this type of dishonesty that makes the modern day Civil Rights operative impotent in fielding a solution.

June 17, 2009
Last Wednesday in Washington, D.C., James W. von Brunn, an 88-year-old anti-Semite and white supremacist, allegedly took a .22-caliber rifle into the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and shot and killed security guard Stephen T. Johns. Earlier this month, Dr. George Tiller, who ran a clinic that performed late-term abortions, was murdered while serving as an usher at his church, allegedly by anti-choice zealot Scott Roeder. In April, three Pittsburgh police officers were shot to death, allegedly by a right-wing extremist who thought the president was going to take his guns away.
These hate murders received national attention. Less attention is given to the 30,000 gun deaths each year, or up to 400,000 gun-related assaults a year.

The murders of Johns and Tiller were preceded by a Department of Homeland Security report that warned about the rise of right- wing extremist hate groups. That report was immediately denounced by Republican legislators. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has tracked right-wing extremism for years, warned in February that there are more suspected hate groups in the U.S. than ever in our recorded history.

The reasons are clear. The election of Barack Obama may demon- strate progress toward a post-racist-society to many, but to others it's a threat and a betrayal. The economic downturn has been particularly brutal on manufacturing workers, veterans and low-wage workers. Many of these people feel abused by their government, threatened by low-wage immi- grants and angered by civil-rights ad- vances.

This hatred is fed by the extreme rhetoric of our politics -- as Republicans accuse Obama of promoting "fascist" policies and call Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor a racist. Right-wing radio host Glenn Beck charged that Obama's lifting of the ban on stem-cell research was designed to create a new "master race." Rush Limbaugh accused the Obama administration of actively seeking to destroy America as we know it. All this speech is protected by the First Amendment, but that doesn't make it any less reckless.

Add to this hatred our obsession with guns -- which has reached ridiculous extremes. The gun lobby has cowed Democrats and Republicans from what once was bipartisan common sense.

Now both parties scrape low to please. The credit card reform bill was amended to allow concealed weapons in national parks. In Virginia, R. Creigh Deeds won the Democratic nomination for governor while backing measures to allow concealed weapons in restaurants that serve alcohol. Bush let the assault weapons ban die, and Obama seems loath to take it up.

Adding guns to the festering hate in America is like pouring gasoline on fire. Now, our police are outgunned on our own streets. Gun show loopholes allow would-be terrorists or haters easy access to guns. Concealed weapons will take an ever-greater toll as they turn bar arguments into lethal encounters. There are at least 200 million guns in America.

This isn't about hunting deer or quail. This is about arming the haters, giving them the right to conceal weapons or arm themselves with assault weapons that are made for only one thing: killing lots of people.

Hate is on the rise. Guns are on the rise. Hate and guns are a deadly combination. Most Americans are neither haters nor gun nuts. Most support commonsense laws to limit easy access to guns. Few want to arm themselves with a concealed weapon to enter a restaurant or a national park. It is hard to find anyone who thinks it a good idea for our police to be outgunned on our streets, or for would-be terrorists to have easy access to assault weapons.

Guns will not provide economic security. Hunters do not need assault weapons to kill deer. Honest gun owners have a huge stake in policing the sale of guns so the nuts and haters have a hard time getting them.

But instead of strengthening our laws after 9/11, we have been weakening them. The majority is getting rolled by a mobilized minority. Only leadership can turn that around.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Time Prior To Racial Profiling - When THEY Start Profiling You Will Know Why

Crimes leave Ga. Tech community on edge

Yet another Georgia Tech student is robbed.
More SILENCE from the Metro Atlanta Civil Rights Industrial Complex.

Upon seen this spate of attacks on young people seeking to improve themselves by obtaining an education I WOULD EVEN GIVE CREDIT to Civil Rights Inc if they held a press conference and told of how the Georgia Tech campus is an artificial fortress between enlightenment and poverty.

If they were to make note about how the Tech Campus has swimming pools and student activities and water fountains - all partially funded by the state. A few blocks down there is abject poverty "in da hood". If they demanded that Georgia Tech create an urban studies department and form a partnership with these "young males", engaging them at the early phase while their are malleable and thus get them before they turn to piracy to earn a living.


Absent their agitation - THE POLICE will provide the solution to the threats from Pirates.

Then we will hear complaints about Racial Profiling.

The Politics Of AIDS: AIDS Rates Highest In The South & Among African-Americans

AJC: New map finds HIV rates are highest in the South

This information is not going to go away without certain operatives getting their fair share of exercise with the data. Since this is an Associated Press story it has national distribution and thus it should be a topic of discussion of some show on NPR. I listen to NPR extensively.

Thus some shown on NPR is going to invite a health care activist in the Black community in to talk about these disturbing facts about HIV infection rates in the South and in the Black Community.

I assure you that in their diatribe they will:

  1. Use these facts as about HIV infections as further proof that a national system of "Single Payer Health Care" is needed. Poor people in the South and African Americans have disproportionately less access to health care. We need a more compassionate system of care in this country.
  2. The South is a conservative, Republican dominated area. As such "Abstinence Only Education" has been put in place. This data shows that this Bush Era policy has been deadly to Black people. We need to scrap "AOE" and teach proper sex education in our schools.
  3. The South will be attacked beyond "AOE" where the basic culture and the "ignorance" that is prevalent as the reason for its current predicament. If the place opened itself up to be more enlightened with "progressive" sentiments the regions fate would also change.

The host of this particular show, likely a fellow traveler with the activist will accept both of these claims while missing the irony of them both and will not ask more probing questions to test the veracity of the claims.

The rebuttal of all of these claims are related: - it is NOT the "lack of health care" that got these people exposed and infected with HIV. Nor was it their IGNORANCE of how to put a condom on their penis prior to sticking it into an orifice that has been previously infected with the HIV virus. If you can find me one sexually active person in this nation who is unaware of the function of a condom I will find you a smoker who has no idea what the government warning labels on the side of a cigarette pack means.

The truth is actually an indictment against all that the activists in both camps stand for.

HIV spreads amongst populations that have a fractured or destroyed social order. Take the concept of MORALS - and throw them out of the window - I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT MORALS!

From a mechanical stand point - the more opportunities for there to be exchanges of body fluids between one human being and another - the more chances that the HIV virus has to jump between a person that has been infected over to one that was not previously infected. If we take a dispassionate view of this situation then indeed "Wrap It Up" and government needle changes would be effective on paper. Set up a physical barrier between these two pools of body fluids and the problem is solved.

The only problem that this creates is that it does not respect the full humanity of the human being. I posted the words of South African Cardinal Wilfred Napier that argued this same point. He stated that it is the human being that must be made aware of the costs and the risks of his behavior and to consciously avoid these actions or limit the perimeter of individuals in which they engage in such behavior with. This places the onus upon the human intellect to address this problem. Out of which will come social constructs such as monogamous marriage and a suppression of intravenous drug use.

Programs such as "Wrap It UP" tap upon the "condom" as the physical prophylactic while maintaining the "non-judgmental" ethos of the progressives that are pushing this notion. The come not with social constructs that seek to regulate behavior and reduce the perimeter. It only says "if you are going to do potentially risky sexual actions - have the male to place a .3 mil thick piece of plastic over his penis and you'll be safe".

Unanswered is the question:
  • I have a hot opportunity in front of me right now but no condoms to "Wrap It Up With". Should I pass it up?
  • Since this person has an unknown perimeter to me is this too great of a risk for me regardless of the condom?
  • Despite having my government issued needle is the person beside me who I will share this clean needle with infected and thus this government issued needle will be the delivery source for HIV into my body?
Indeed we are likely to hear follow up reports upon this news about the map which shows the concentration of HIV infections.

I ask that you be mindful for people who will tell the truth as to the reasons WHY it is spreading and if they are willing to be dislodged out of their entrenched positions now that it is becoming increasingly clear that 'THEIR WAY' is a deadly way for the masses who like their way? There's is a "no fault, outsourced responsibility" way. Upon which large swaths of communities will perish.

A new Internet data map offers a first-of-its-kind, county-level look at HIV cases in the U.S. and finds the infection rates tend to be highest in the South.

The highest numbers of HIV cases are in population centers like New York and California. However, many of the areas with the highest rates of HIV — that is, the highest proportion of people with the AIDS-causing virus — are in the South, according to the data map, which has information for about 99 percent of the nation’s counties.

HIV infection rates are higher in African-American communities, and high minority populations in the South help explain the finding. While that’s not surprising, the high rates seen throughout states like Georgia and South Carolina were, said Gary Puckrein, president of the National Minority Quality Forum, the nonprofit research organization that put the map together.

Of 48 counties with the highest prevalence rates for HIV that had not yet progressed to AIDS, 25 were in Georgia, according to the map. Those were counties in which more than .7 percent of the population was infected with HIV.

Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Virginia were heavily represented on another map of counties, which showed the highest prevalence rates for cases that had progressed to AIDS.

The map depicts reported numbers of people living with HIV and AIDS in 2006. Puckrein said the data came from state health departments and was checked against information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Different states report data in different ways, and there may be case duplication that could impact some of the findings, Puckrein said.

The CDC’s HIV and AIDS prevalence data is reported on a state level, not by county. CDC officials were cautious about the data map, saying they hadn’t seen all the organization’s information.

“But we have long been part of the effort to identify geographic differences in the HIV epidemic, and we do see the need for efforts like these to facilitate better understanding of these differences,” said CDC spokeswoman Elizabeth-Ann Chandler.

METRO Atlanta:

This could be a map of:

  • The Highest Concentrations of People
  • The Democratic Strongholds
  • The Highest Concentrations Of African-Americans
  • The Self-Described "Progressive" and "Tolerant" Counties
  • The Highest HIV Infection Rates
You would be correct on all of these points.

Our community must ask ourselves "What is the COST for us continuing with the priorities that we presently have guiding us? What is the benefit for a more organic and conscious CHANGE outside of the political domain?"

Monday, June 22, 2009

"Bush Stole The Election And No One Come Over Here" - It Doesn't Get Any Deeper Than This Folks

I did it again.
I went to my computer that I record the various "Fight The Power" radio shows that I listen to as a work out. My anger at the foolishness I hear serves as motivation for me to do one more rep.

Today Warren Ballentine - the "Bankruptcy Shepard" had a topic on what America should do about the controversial election in Iran.

Did the caller (who said that she used to be addicted to drugs) say:
  • "You know if other nations had got involved to stop AMERICAN slavery our people would not have suffered thus YES we should be the voice of justice? - NOPE
  • "This nation had a long history of voter fraud. If only the United Nation had spoken up - more Blacks would have been allowed to vote much sooner? - NOPE
What was it that she said?


You all don't realize how much pain I feel inside after listening to some of you.
Some of you all have a "de-constructive spirit".
Some of you all base what YOU BELIEVE upon what you disagree with in your adversary than you would be able to make an itemized list of YOUR CORE BELIEFS.

I keep waiting and waiting and waiting for more STRONG arguments to be made to defend the popular positions. I only rarely hear it.

Oh wait - Mr Ballentine is advertising his Bankruptcy Service.
Let me call in and wipe away all of my debt.

Gotta go.

The Griot: How The GOP Can Win Blacks

"How The GOP can win Blacks"

The title, in and of itself is telling and lacks insight about where we as a people find ourselves.

Here is my response.

* Quality Education
* Safe Communities
* Thriving Local Economies
* Healthy Lifestyles

With all due respect Mr Johnson - you have it all WRONG.

You and others keep talking about things from the GOP PERSPECTIVE!! ie: "What must the GOP do to win the favor of Black people".

We need to switch back over the the BLACK PERSPECTIVE and make note of the fact that "DESPITE the present 100% domination of the Progressives and Democrats over every single Black majority voting district.......the Black Best Interests, as listed above, have STILL not been obtained in a satisfactory level".

When you ask "What must the GOP Do...." you are essentially crafting Black people as CONSUMERS. We will sit back and wait until someone markets a more effective solution to us. Until the "new and improved Tide comes along to make our clothes less dingy.....we will just keep using the Donkey brand and complain about the stains that remain".

I reject this.

The CHANGE that is needed is within the Black community. The goal of our political activism MUST BE the "Permanent Interests". The Democrats and Republicans are vehicles that purport to take us to this destination. Our people have confused the notion of "what is POPULARLY ASSUMED" to be the best way to obtain these best interests and what is PROVABLY SO per the key statistics that are rendered once their POLICIES are enacted.

I hope that the GOP does not DO A DAMNED THING to "change" in order to be more attractive to the Black voter. It is more interesting, instead, to inspect our community and see just how far we will go before DEMANDING that more of our PERMANENT INTERESTS actually get delivered via the vehicle that we are loaded up upon presently.

The question of "Why should a Black man vote for the Republicans" MUST change into "How do you justify keep doing what you are doing in such abundance when so many of the issues that were promised to be resolved REMAIN unsolved where this favored ideology is dominate?"

The Original Home Depot Building On Memorial Drive - 30 Years Later Is A Government Tax Collection Office

Somethings are both ironic and symbolic that they cannot be overlooked.

First we have the story of the Home Deport corporation. The company was founded in the Atlanta area. The first store was at the intersection of Memorial Drive and I-285 in the Decatur GA area.

View Larger Map

Today the original Home Depot building is the main offices of the "Dekalb County Georgia Tax Commissioners Office". The "Home Depot" signage has been removed and today there is a big "Claudi G Lawson, Dekalb County Tax Commissioner" sign plastered on the front of the building.

The original building GENERATED revenues and tax inflows to Dekalb County via the exchange of goods. They also produced jobs. Today the same building is a GOVERNMENT building and they take money from the masses of people within for use in government operatitions. This building has government workers.

Memorial Drive = Cynthia McKinney Parkway

It pays to step back and review the history of this stretch of real estate on the east side of metro Atlanta.

Dekalb County and Memorial Drive 60 years ago (if you listen to various local Civil Rights Leaders) was off limits to Black folks. A Black person walking down Memorial Drive after sundown without a good reason for being there was going to get harassed or arrested by the cops - so said the late civil rights leader Hosea Williams and others that I have heard over time. Of course we also know that Memorial Drive leads to Stone Mountain - the place where the KKK was recristened after several years of dormancy.

The strip of Memorial Drive from Avondale Estates to the West down through to the city of Stone Mountain is one long series of store front villages that sold all sorts of things. There were travel agents, golf shops, restaurants, video stores and even tanning salons. As with so many areas that we see today - one strip mall begats another one until there is simply no more room to place any of them. They key difference from today it that there was a very low vacancy rate for these stores at the time that I moved to the region - in the early 1990's.

In this context Dekalb County and Memorial Drive served as the ideal place for Home Depot to errect its first store. They went on to become a multi-billion dollar global company all stemming from the initial efforts by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank. At that time Dekalb was experiencing a building boom. There were new houses under contruction at the time. In addition to the Whites that had been exiting the City of Atlanta, a new flow of African-Americans were heading to the suburbs from the city as well. Home Depot was properly positioned to sell the furnishings necessary for these houses.

I would place the tipping point for Memorial Drive around the year 1995 or so. As Whites began to depart South Dekalb and the western portions of the county - the stores that were most oriented to them began to close on Memorial Drive as well. This would be the small travel agencies, tanning salons, hair salons specialty restuarants and golf stores. This is not an indictment upon the new residents in any way. In addition to the new consumer tastes for the people moving in - there will aways be an inclination for a proprieter to follow his clientele when they move.

Even Greg Baranco, the much hearlded African-American dealership that was orinally localed at Covington Highway and 285 moved further to the east to the Lawerenceville Area. This was a matter of "move or allow someone else to take over the newly developing and expanded sales teritory".


Memorial Drive has made a partial recovery as of today. Plain and simple - there are too many store fronts on the strip to handle the present level of demands in the consumer market. Thus what had appeared to be a lot of abanonded stores was more accurately called - an inventory of stores that were aligned with a by-gone era.

There are ethinic food restaurants and grocery stores on the strip. Pawnshops, check chasing and title loan joints are also present. The Kroger at one end of the strip (Belvedere Plaza) got remodeled and the old Avondale Mall got torn down and replaced by a Wal-Mart. A few of the big box drug stores have opened and then closed down. All of the new car dealerships have closed down on the entire stretch of the road.

Memorial Drive is holding its own.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Battle Over PROPERTY RIGHTS - The Foundation Of Our Ideological Conflict

As I debate various people I try to not only respond to their itemized opinions but also to construct a pattern for their views in order to understand "where they are coming from". All of us have a certain base from which all of our viewpoints project from.

In listening to the most popular debates of our day it is clear that varying views about PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS form the basis of these debates.

From "Multiple Tax Payer Paid Health Care" to "Public School Funding Levels" to the balance between "Local Taxes versus Federal Taxation" - all of them have their roots in PRIVATE PROPERTY and the means by which a group of individuals can work to reduce their exposure to taxation by the government.

The Political Boundary

I keep having to repeat the results of my research about how political boundaries were constructed in this nation and others. They serve as an important container by which two or more groups of people with differing interests can live together. They are able to "agree to disagree" about some of the cultural and economic issues that divide them. At the same time the are able to share what is in the "common wealth's" best interests and remain stronger as a divided but unified unit.

I continuiously go back to the motivating assumption for the city charter. Cities were formed from previously "unincorporated lands". These community leaders took inventory of their human resources, industry resources, natural resources and the community will to prosper and then petitioned the state for a charter for their city.

The key power that is granted by the city charter is the power to do self-taxation. The money that used to flow to the county or state for the provision of services - now gets collected by the local municipal power. They are then responsible for delivering their own basic services - fire, police, sanitation, street repair, etc. The underlying assumption of the citizenry was "If we had control over our own money we could produce a better lifestyle and standard of living for our people".

This analysis is fundamental to understanding the forces behind the arguments of today.

To some people the cruel notion of limiting a political district's (city, community, or county) resulting fortunes to the economic activity that is contained within this district is tantamount to constructing a refugee camp and then turning the nation's back upon the inhabitants. They know that something will happen but it is not bound to be good.

Thus these forces seek to trample hundreds of years of government hierarchy and instead change the very function of our government. No longer will we have demands upon the local government to field a functional financial model for the benefit of their people. They instead seek to have a more nationalized flow of financial resources, having it drip downward. Thus the local entity now becomes the DISTRIBUTION POINT for state and federal largess. As we learned from FDR - by having the federal government directly send money to the cities a rather powerful political block can be crafted for the benefit of the national party and their interests.

It is the downside of this strategy that has not been debated enough. When the responsibility for economic growth resides at the periphery they are forced to field an economic order that can produce a high standard of living. The local powers are forced to remain prescient about the consequences of any flaws in their policies as they are the people who will bear the brunt of the damage there in.

When this responsibility is abstracted through multiple layers of government, in effect, the people who are aggrieved can VOTE THEMSELVES into prosperity because any of the local flaws in their assumptions can be masked as resources stream in that were generated elsewhere. Thus they shift from LOCAL PRODUCTION over to NATIONAL SYNERGY OF A VOTING BLOCK.

Now help me out here. We were all told that too much of the nation's economic activity has shifted from "core labor production" where hard goods were manufactured and thus our national product was sound over to a "middle man" economy where various Wall Street related financiers traded paper that represented value but which had no intrinsic value as would a manufactured car or ship or refrigerator. This was seen as the reason for our recent economic malaise. Why then aren't we prone to view the NATIONALIZATION OF ENTITLEMENTS in the very same way?

How is it that a person who pays $15,000 in aggregate taxes (federal, property, sales) receive $30,000 in aggregate benefit when you include:
  • 2 public school children receiving $10,000 per student spending
  • Public safety benefits - fire/police
  • Health Care subsidy
  • Other benefits
Just as the financial market was overleveraged where one dollar in hard currency on hand was used to leverage up to $6 dollars in investments.........if and when the same abstraction between individual productivity and taxation sent to the government dwarfs the aggregate benefits and entitlement received from the government.

As with the Wall Street trader - the American receiving these leveraged benefits are not going to say much until there is a collapse of the system.