They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Pirates Assault Upon Small Businesses

"Pirate-asitic" assault upon

When THEY start profiling......I don't want to hear anything

The Most Coherent Analysis About American Conservatism In The 20th Century

The Most Coherent Analysis About American Conservatism In The 20th Century

Though Joseph Lowndes is a contributor to "The Huffington Post" and thus loses credibility with me as such - I think that he does a fairly good job in providing a narrative about the politics of Conservatism and race based politics in the USA during the 20th century. I will need to investigate more of Mr Lowndes' work before I make a final opinion of his agenda. I thought that he did a good job with his narrative.

In my view, however, the "good and evil" alignment over the issue of race based politicking is not quite as distinct as people attempt to make it.

Today's Black person who enumerates the damage done to Black economic and academic interests in the wake of "Integration" is not called a "racist" as would a White person from back in the day who sought to defend his own interests by preventing "race mixing". Certainly Hobson City, AL had a greater portion of "Black firemen" than does New Haven CT - all without requiring the Supreme Court to settle the issue.

Can anyone claim that the Democratic Party, with the assistance of "Democrats Who Are Black" did NOT run "racial campaigns" during this same interval in time?

As I have noted frequently - despite the frequent rebuttal attempt in which LYNCHING is thrown in as the distinguishing attribute between the conservative vs liberal means of forging their own way forward - we only need to look at the FUNCTIONAL EQUIVALENCE that is in effect today WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.
  • Black Students in local Atlanta counties that are Republican dominated do not fear lynching in the environment that they have settled but instead are performing better in standardized tests than their genetic peers in Progressive counties. (Per two recent reports on "College Remedial Education" on a high school by high school breakdown AND a report that the Black students in Fayette County GA, a Republican stronghold, outperformed Blacks in all other counties)
  • Where as Black people have been warned about the threat from "Conservative Judges" against our the force called "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" has allowed criminals to run free and take upon the role of Terrorist to the Black community away from the hooded White men that used to perform this task.
    Indeed the progressive axiom that "it is better to have 10 guilty men go free than to have one innocent man imprisoned" is the abstract theory that is beating the hell out of the LAW ABIDING members of the Black community that have to deal with these "10 guilty men" that need to be locked up! The innocent, hard working people in the Black community deserve to have their interests protected as well.
Where is the active group of Black people demanding that the Progressive enumerate the benefits that have been delivered to the Black Community as a result of our loyalty to this ideology and machine? As some would have it - they'd point to the large quantity of Black and ideological favorable leaders as this evidence of progress. I ask that we point to the statistics that represent our "permanent interests" as this proof.

Indeed as some people would have it as I debate them - the city of Philadelphia, for example is more negatively impacted by state school policies, the unwillingness of the state legislature to pass laws that will keep guns out of the hands of Black young people who are killing each other and that it was the companies that departed the area who are at fault for the economic conditions, not the forces that progressively made the labor expenses uncompetitive with other locations in America.


When a people and a nation switches into a new interval in time they are often the last to know. Historians looking at the aggregate information about their time are able to draw a distinct line and color coding between these intervals.

For the Black American the interval is between one where the forces bearing down upon us required a political apparatus to fight an EXTERNAL BATTLE. The new interval in which favorable people are in power requires a new regime that builds up an INTERNAL SYSTEM that can deliver upon the requirements of the people. Enforcing the discipline, respect for law and institutions, academic development and family structures so that the STANDARD OF LIVING for the people can be expressed by their own aggregate behavior.

It is my opinion that the Black Political Establishment in particular has NOT morphed into this form. The exploitation of old "Racial Scare Crows" still has the same effect upon our people. All this despite the frequent occurrence of "Black People Crying" on the evening news, via the present actions of Domestic Pirates, rather than Klansmen from the past.

As the Black community is seeing first hand today - There is a big difference between having a FAVORABLE political machine running our community and having an EFFECTIVE political machine that can drive us closer to our PERMANENT INTERESTS.

For me - a White man who murders a Black man, having been motivated by his RACISM is no more superior to a Black man who does the same sort of murder.

Here is what I have posted on Mr Lowndes blog:

Mr Lowndes:

I saw you on C-SPAN. I think that on the one hand you offered the most coherent narrative about conservatism in the 20th century than I have ever heard.

At the same time I was saddened that you repeated the same ole, tired story about Ronald Reagan’s visit to Philadelphia MS, 16 years after the murder of the Civil Rights workers.

The story ONLY stands when someone seeking to craft a narrative puts together such a “ransom note” from the assorted scraps that are on the ground.

Instead of contesting your version I will instead challenge you about what we saw last year in the Democratic Primary. I saw a Democratic primary debate in Philadelphia PA in the spring. In the year prior to the Democrats coming to Philly over 360 Black men were killed in the city. None of the Democrats felt obliged to mention anything about these deaths. This despite having the Democratic Party machine controlling every major seat of power in that city.

What made Ronald Reagan’s actions 16 years hence more damnable than what the 3 or so viable Democratic candidates did in Philadelphia PA?

Then candidate Obama returned to Philly to give his “Race Speech” and again, no one mentioned anything about the dead Black men from 2007.

This Unarmed Man Shot In The Face By A Cop Appears To Be Innocent

This off-duty officer did this man wrong.

Clearly this officer was too caught up in the context of this crime ridden community to see that this young man was not a criminal.

Montage Of The Brutal After-Effects Of Domestic Pirate Attacks

Shopping Carts In The Black Community - And Now You Know Why

I recall having a debate with my liberal blood brother. (That is correct - not all of my brothers are evil conservatives)

He argued that it is RACISM for grocery stores to put "electronic brakes" on shopping carts in Black communities while not doing the same in White communities.

This video shows not only that these brakes are needed but also - if the store does not maintain the brakes that certain shoppers will "break the brakes" so they can take them beyond the perimeter of the electronic beam that triggers the brake.

Domestic Pirates On The Rampage - Crime In Atlanta Producing FEAR

Atlanta Crime Hits Mayoral Candidate Where It Counts The Most

AJC: Break-ins drive home crime issue in mayor’s race

File this under: "When WE take control.....things are going to be different".

The terrified woman retreated to the bathroom adjoining her bedroom and locked the door. There were now two locked doors between her and the intruders downstairs.

She dialed 911 and her groggy mind began calculating: If the bedroom door gets kicked in, I’m jumping out the window. I’ll probably break my leg and have to drag myself to get away. But the alternative could be worse. A pistol whipping. Rape. Even murder.

The woman hiding in the bathroom was Atlanta City Council president Lisa Borders, currently campaigning to be Atlanta’s next mayor. But from 1:40 a.m. to

2 a.m. Wednesday, she was simply a frightened crime victim.

It was the third break-in she has suffered in the past nine months. The first two occurred at Borders’ home in the Cascade area of southwest Atlanta, where thieves quickly made off with flat-screen TVs.

But this one, at her airy townhome near Centennial Olympic Park, was different. It occurred at a time when the criminals knew someone might be home. They kicked in a glass door, then, with the home alarm blaring, rooted around to find a storage bin and loaded it with computers, phones and other valuables. But when Borders turned off the alarm, the burglars ran off empty-handed.

“It’s scary when someone invades your space,” Borders said Thursday, sitting in her home office where the break-in occurred. “This is my home where I enjoy my life. Someone invaded that.”

Crime, always a dominant issue in Atlanta politics, is looming to become the issue in this year’s mayoral race. Borders has become in her words, “a poster child for crime.” Her experiences as a victim, she figures, will spur even more debate on the issue.

‘Tale of two cities’

Atlanta has long had a high crime rate compared to similarly sized cities. Gentrification that has added nearly 100,000 new residents to the city in the past decade has created new issues and problems.

“I’d say Atlanta is a tale of two cities, a discrepancy of the haves and have-nots. It forces a scenario where people are preying on each other,” Borders said. “Step back and look. We’re at a very dangerous time and place.”

In the November election to replace Mayor Shirley Franklin, Borders is considered a front-runner, along with State Sen. Kasim Reed and Councilwoman Mary Norwood. All have placed public safety atop their agendas.

“Every mayoral candidate is well aware of the crime problem,” said Kyle Keyser, an Atlanta crime victim turned activist. “But what this speaks to is that violent crimes, like home invasions, have no boundaries for race, class or communities.”

In January, the shooting death of a popular bar worker in Grant Park galvanized that community and led to Keyser creating Atlantans Together Against Crime, a grass-roots anti-crime organization that has the ear of the police department and mayoral candidates.

The debate ratcheted up this month when the union representing Atlanta’s police officers went to the City Council to repeat its criticism that the city’s ongoing furlough of police officers brought on by budget shortfalls endangers residents.

Franklin and Police Chief Richard Pennington argue that crime in the city has ebbed in recent years. Crime reports for the first three months of 2009 support that. Overall, crime is down nearly 10 percent and violent crime is down 12 percent compared to the same time last year. But if a huge decrease in thefts is factored out, then overall crime is down just 3 percent. Pennington could not be reached for a comment.

No easy answers

Burglaries, especially those where thieves kick in doors and quickly make off with valuables, have been increasing, a point Pennington addressed in an interview earlier this year.

“People get very afraid that it might happen to them,” he said. “They might be in the shower. They might be in the bathroom when somebody kicks in the front door.”

Borders, in bed asleep when her door was kicked in, has heard the statistics.

“Regardless of statistics, when this happens to you, you don’t care about statistics; you want it fixed,” Borders said.

The City Council president says she has moved from terror to anger since Wednesday. “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. I’ve worked for 30 years to create a nice life. Maybe I’m madder because I can see the entire city and I know [crime] is chronic.”

So a well-connected city official with her hands on the reins of power has had it. So what’s she going to do?

That’s the vexing question, Borders said. It’s easy to get mad, but there are no easy answers.

“Clearly, more police and firefighters would be great, but we can’t afford them right now,” she said.

The economic downturn that she believes is causing more crime is also hampering government from properly addressing the problem. Atlanta faces a

$56 million deficit this year — about 10 percent of the total budget. And revenue keeps shrinking.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Rep John Lewis/ Johnson/ NAACP: Killer "Troy Davis Is Innocent"

Troy Davis is innocent, Lewis, NAACP leaders say

There are few things that burn my craw than to hear rantings like this one. Double this when it is John Lewis that is doing the ranting.

Despite having "The Most Violent Zip Code In Atlanta" (30318) and "the Most Deadly Block In Atalanta" in his district (Joseph Lowery Blvd and Joseph E Boone Blvd) the PEOPLE who suffer the most from the SELECTIVE OUTRAGE of one John Lewis prove to be his enabler.

Every public statement from John Lewis has some reference to "Jim Crow" or the "Civil Rights Movement". Where as such references are supposed to provide me with reverence for this man.....when I see the totality of the issue - YESTERDAY and TODAY - and then make note of how inept he is in addressing the present problems of his district ("his machine" more specifically, not just him as one individual0 the more I see that his constant references to the past is but a scheme to avoid present accountability.

I TOLD YOU ALL BEFORE!!!!! How do you smoke out a rat in reference to the Troy Davis murder case? Make note of how much they depend on the eye witnesses that have recanted at the murder scene while NOT SAYING A DAMNED THING about the fact that HE SHOT A BLACK MAN EARLIER IN THE EVENING - who is still alive to identify his shooter - and the very same gun that fired the bullet that was stuck in the body of the Black man who lived - is the same gun that fired the bullets that killed the now dead officer.


These actor-vists break bread with a KILLER.

I will be honest. If I were Troy Davis I too would go along with their antics, regardless of my guilt. I get to LIVE ANOTHER DAY if they are successful. Most certainly I am not going to say a thing about what happened that night in both locations.

I would applaud as these actorvists keep the focus on the MURDER SCENE in which some eye-witnesses have recanted.

Where is the brother who got shot today? Let's give him some camera time and allow him to state how "charitable" Troy Davis is. He fired several rounds into the car that the guy who got shot was riding in as he exited a party after having some beef with Davis.

The biggest backers of KILLERS are the "Anti-Death Penalty Activists".

Thinking For My Debate Adversaries III: "Where The White Folks Who Accepted Affirmative Action INFERIOR?"

Sometimes it is best to get go ahead and ask the question that my adversaries should have asked as a logical extension to my claims that were posted a few days ago regarding the New Haven Fire Department case before the Supreme Court.

It stands to reason that since I am alleging that some Blacks have no problem "assuming the position", the inferior position that is, as that they might qualify for a particular benefit, shouldn't someone inspect how I would label the White folks over time that have received racially specific benefit?

I am glad that you (err I asked) me.

The historical position of Black people with regard to the "White Affirmative Action starting from the founding of this nation and up until various Civil Rights laws were passes has been that this has been an abomination of justice. To be clear, despite having many of these policies adopted as the official law of the land for this nation - these policies violated the HUMAN RIGHTS of those who were cast aside due to their race. Their non-white skin.

At the time Black people were seen as inferior to White people. This was enforced despite the obvious evidence that provide this not only wrong, but a lie. A superior being should not be able to reproduce with an inferior. The progeny of this relationship should take on some of the attributes of the superior - if they were to truly believe this lie. Instead the skin color of this relationship, produced from voluntary procreation or RAPE was not afforded any sort of preference that his genetics should have afforded him.

Clearly all of this was an artificial construct for the sake of advancing the sole interests of those who had the POWER to define the power relationship between the two races.

Thus the POWER differences involved in these two situations must be inspected.

Some argue that the same system that used its power to artificially suppress the opportunity of melanated people over time should be used to afford them special opportunities today as a "rolling reparation".

I have already stated the unavoidable strategic pitfall of this strategy. After all candidates have taken the very same battery of tests and yet the Whites have obtained a score that is higher than the Black candidate this system is expected to look at the race of the candidates and provide a boost to the Black. The talking point of today is that since DIVERSITY has some value the Black should be given some special consideration.

The flaw of this strategy is that we are ultimately talking about SCARCE RESOURCES.
  • The Freshman Seats
  • The Open Seats In The Job Promotion
  • The Contract That Is Available For Bid
Just as if a set of candidates who were running for office watched as 'the fix" was put in and the "special" candidate had the ballot box stuffed via the legal system - one cannot justify such a system as being just.


It is my opinion that it is a key strategic flaw for Black folks to support "racialist policies" in a society that has many races and one that will NEVER be "race neutral".

If I was a White person that did in fact have control of a certain set of resources (jobs, money, elective seats in the city that I live in) and I saw how increasing racial diversity within these ranks would also increase the amount of "voter fraud", if you will, would be introduced against me - I would be inclined to seek to distance myself as much as possible from these people and the system which is going to put in the fix.

Worst of all the key question that must be asked is - "What has the Black Community built up as a fall back IF AND WHEN there is a backlash as White folks fight back against the fix?"

I pointed out that Hobson City, Alabama is a showcase of missed opportunity for Black Firemen and Black Policemen. There was not a lot of 'White/Black" struggle for open lieutenant seats because THERE WERE FEW WHITES IN THE TOWN! The key strategic flaw, however, is that Hobson City and so many other places were allowed to fall by the wayside once integration relieved the pressure that was forcing Black people to live in clustered, homogeneous communities.

Likewise, if I was a betting man (and I do hope that I win the $32 million PowerBall tonight) I would not place much confidence in the financial viability of the Federal Government of the United States with so much being loaded up upon its back.

I am NOT calling for "Self-Segregation". I am only calling for consciousness. To hear the current president of the United States, a candidate for office warn against allowing our Black children to end up in "all Black schools" in the cities tells of a grave set of problems. These problems are both "in fact" about the present state of too many of these schools that have this characteristic and "within our poisoned psyche" to believe that these schools can never have any other end.

Thus my argument about the "assumed inferiority". The municipal and judicial actions thus far surrounding the Black fire fighter candidates is further evidence that this inferiority is rampant across so many elements of the Black experience.

This must stop. Equality is a two way street. Not only should we demand that the system not discriminate against us. We must also grow to the point where we reject any benefit from the "poisoned tree", that tree which assumes our damaged state because of that which has happened to our people.

In taking this protracted approach of strengthening up the institutions that are within our own communities our focus will shift from the easily exploited lines of fissure where Black and White meet up over to one which keys in upon making sure that the institutions that service our interests are strong and the people running them as strong as well.


If my argument above is rejected then let us attack some sacred cows.

If the White man is charged with "stealing" the land from the Native American - then please explain when the land that you now hold the title deed came from? I suggest that all Native Americans seeking their land back should first start by demanding their land from Black people and sympathetic White liberals who can articulate the "crimes" involved in the building of America more than they seem to be able to talk about the net opportunities and wealth that America has created.

I see no different in the inclination of the present day African-American to acquire land and wealth than what I see in the spirit of his White American national partner.

I also wonder how they explain the presence of "poor Whites" from day one in this nation? The long heard claim of "well they can always cut their hair, play ball with the system and then never look back on their founding poverty" just doesn't hold water any longer. The fact remains that they haven't performed this magical "hair cut" and they remain a sizeable portion of this nation's population.

Most certainly if they are among those who don't get their promotion due to the "ballot box stuffing" that I mentioned above - they are going to attempt to repudiate this same unfair system as would their racial brothers that come from privilege. Once again this strategy is flawed.

I had always heard that the Civil Rights battle was for EQUAL OPPORTUNITY rather than assured outcomes. From what I could tell they wanted to get rid of the thumb that was placed on the scale that worked to their detriment. I heard nothing from MLK Jr that he wanted to place his own thumb upon the scale.

The spirited "Black Radicals" who draw upon their knowledge of the emotions and frustrations of Black people are most responsible for this flawed strategy. If and when "the Whites" fight back they will be called "racist Conservatives".

We reject having the transference of criminality via the use of "Racial Profiling" yet these "White Conservatives" who dare point out the ballot box stuffing are said to have not had a problem with "ballot box stuffing" when their ancestors did it. When I see anyone prove that Sean Hannity ever stood in front of a polling place and turned away Black people from voting - I will stand with you in your repudiation of his callout of "ballot box stuffing".

I have stated previously that the largest burden for advancement will be placed upon the people that stand to benefit form this advancement. The systems that we depend upon today will form the macro set of policies that will be in place once time passes. At this point in time in the future we will either have achieved this end or STILL STRIVING to one day obtain this end IF we get 'the system" to work in our system via one more law and favorable judge, regardless of how much this failed to work in the past.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Left Wing Media Machine Stays On Message About The Misleading Claim About "The First Hispanic" Nominee To The Supreme Court

The recent nomination of a Hispanic candidate by President Obama provides us all with a unique opportunity to see how the left wing propaganda machine works in this country.

At minimum let's watch to see how long the claim that "Sonya Sotomayor is the first Hispanic nominated to the US Supreme Court" remains as a talking point? (I just heard the Fox 5 Atlanta anchor make this claim yet again)

Miguel Estrada

Let's hear them as they ask "what claim can they make about this highly qualified candidate who graduated at the top of her class":

Qualification's Don't Matter
He (Miguel Estrada) graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a bachelor's degree from Columbia in 1983. He received a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree magna cum laude in 1986 from Harvard Law School, where he was an editor of the Harvard Law Review. After law school, Estrada served as a law clerk to Judge Amalya Lyle Kearse of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. He then clerked for Justice Anthony M. Kennedy of the U.S. Supreme Court during his first year on the Court in 1988.

Tactics Used By The Political Opposition Don't Trigger A Hispanic Backlash
Miguel Angel Estrada CastaƱeda (born September 25, 1961) is an American lawyer who became embroiled in controversy following his 2001 nomination by President George W. Bush to the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Unable to block Estrada's nomination in the Senate Judiciary Committee after the Republican Party took control of the Senate in 2003, Senate Democrats used a filibuster to prevent his nomination from being given a final confirmation vote on the full Senate floor. Although a filibuster had been used in 1968 to prevent the elevation of Associate Justice Abe Fortas to the position of Chief Justice of the United States, Estrada's filibuster was the first ever to be used against a Circuit Court of Appeals nominee.

So there you have the facts to work with.
There is no doubt about it that the left wing is going to attempt to equate any "attack on Sotomayor" as an attack on a "qualified Hispanic candidate" and warn of "Hispanic voter retribution against the GOP". It is clear that they have no credibility in the realm of "attacks upon Hispanics".

The New Haven Fire Fighters

The most ironic issue to consider is the contradiction in having Judge Sotomayor's supporters throwing up her SUPERIOR qualifications while at the same time failing to note the fact that in New Haven "superior qualifications" was not enough to have Judge Sotomayor who presided over the appeal of the fire fighters who had their promotions thrown out to be judged favorably by Judge Sotomayor.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sotomayor Fails My Primary Litmus Test - A Judge That Does Not Assume The Inferiority Of Black People

Prior to any person being identified to fill the associate justice spot vacated by retiring Justice Souter I documented my key litmus test for this person:

This person must not assume the inferiority of Black people and other Minorities.

On this one measure - President Barack Obama FAILS with his choice of Sotomayor.

Case: Ricci v. DeStefano

Issue: Whether municipalities may decline to certify results of an exam that would make disproportionately more white applicants eligible for promotion than minority applicants, due to fears that certifying the results would lead to charges of racial discrimination.

This summary from the Supreme Court wiki says it all.

Notice that the defenders of the decision by the city of New Haven CT to purge the results DID NOT CLAIM that the test was RACIST. Instead the claim that having an all White (one Hispanic White) body of new lieutenants gives the PERCEPTION of being RACIST.

In my book there is no such thing as "reverse discrimination". There is only DISCRIMINATION.

The fact of the matter is that the City of New Haven CT established a battery of tests that allowed all candidates who sought to receive a promotion to be put through the paces.

All men entered the process as EQUAL MEN!

When the results came out but were not to the liking of the very city that blessed the tests, the results were vacated.

Judge Sonya Sotomayor heard this same evidence and sided with the city. She believed that the quest for DIVERSITY is a compelling reason to allow bold faced DISCRIMINATION.

This one case says all that I, a BLACK MAN, need to know about the judicial temperament of Judge Sotomayor and those who think like her.

If I were to enter her court room on a given matter, regardless of if I am the plaintiff or the defendant I AM A DESCENDANT OF SLAVES. Though I might come before her court not assuming any injury, my physical presence and the line of thinking that she seemingly is inclined to apply to this aura would afford her to see my "victim status".

To this I say "No thank you Judge Sotomayor".

Equality for Black people in America is a two way street. Indeed we must demand that our key institutions treat us as equal human beings. Let us do away with any thumbs placed on the scale that deny people who look like me from competing equally for scared resources. If there was evidence of this in the New Haven case - you would hear nothing from me but praise for Sotomayor's decision.

The second part of that equation for equality is what troubles me the most about the way Judge Sotomayor thinks. As Black people we must revive the words of the great Fredrick Douglas as he rhetorically asked "What shall we do with the Negro?"......"Do nothing with us!!", he answered.

It is my view that the second phase of equality for Black people is when we as a people reach the point where when a third party seeking to help us, asks that we first put on the neck brace of inferiority upon our body so that we are seen as damaged goods as compared to the "superior White man".......WE REFUSE, strictly out of the desire to prioritize personal and racial dignity above the 5 pieces of silver we might receive for hunching our shoulders and bending our backs.

How does one achieve the mental state of EQUALITY with another man when he is reminded of his inferiority NOT BY the assailant who does PHYSICAL harm and attempts to deny him of his proceeds but instead by the "assailant" who operates upon his cultural confidence that is maintained in the MENTAL domain of his being? With the auspices of HELPING this inferior being who would be EQUAL - those who lord over this being do grave damage to him.

Even when he sets out on his own, departing the nest, he will be looking back for their protection even when there is no evidence that he is in need of their care.

The bondage that the Black American faces is no longer that of iron shackles upon our feet and arms, forcing us to labor in the fields that we would otherwise refuse to till. Instead our bondage is to this period of time that has usurped that far longer period in time in which we were free people who had to govern ourselves accordingly lest we all perish. Greater is the bond of the image of us as a victim of slavery than the image of our competence. Too frequently those who believe in our incompetence are said to be the one's actively oppressing us. I argue that the greater oppressor is mental and he may be White, Black or Hispanic in form. He must set us free so that we might stand on our own as a people.

Ironically those who themselves have perverted the words and thoughts of Fredrick Douglass might be inclined to accuse me, the Conservative, of bastardizing his words, taking them out of context. Thus I offer you the entire context of his words to allow those of you who are not smitten with bigotry to read them for yourselves and make up your own minds.

Fredrick Douglass - What The Black Man Wants
At the Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society in Boston, April, 1865, Douglass delivered the following speech on the subject: The Equality of all men before the law; Note that this was given within days of the close of the Civil War and the assassination of President Lincoln.

I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are wormeaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! I am not for tying or fastening them on the tree in any way, except by nature's plan, and if they will not stay there, let them fall. And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone! If you see him on his way to school, let him alone, don't disturb him! If you see him going to the dinner table at a hotel, let him go! If you see him going to the ballot- box, let him alone, don't disturb him! [Applause.] If you see him going into a work-shop, just let him alone,--your interference is doing him a positive injury. Gen. Banks' "preparation" is of a piece with this attempt to prop up the Negro. Let him fall if he cannot stand alone! If the Negro cannot live by the line of eternal justice, so beautifully pictured to you in the illustration used by Mr. Phillips, the fault will not be yours, it will be his who made the Negro, and established that line for his government. [Applause.] Let him live or die by that. If you will only untie his hands, and give him a chance, I think he will live. He will work as readily for himself as the white man. A great many delusions have been swept away by this war. One was, that the Negro would not work; he has proved his ability to work. Another was, that the Negro would not fight; that he possessed only the most sheepish attributes of humanity; was a perfect lamb, or an "Uncle Tom;" disposed to take off his coat whenever required, fold his hands, and be whipped by anybody who wanted to whip him. But the war has proved that there is a great deal of human nature in the Negro, and that "he will fight," as Mr. Quincy, our President, said, in earlier days than these, "when there is reasonable probability of his whipping anybody." [Laughter and applause.]

T. R. M. Howard And The Regional Council of Negro Leadership

The Regional Council of Negro Leadership (RCNL) was a society founded by Theodore Roosevelt Mason Howard in 1951 to promote a program of civil rights, self-help, and business ownership. It pledged “to guide our people in their civic responsibilities regarding education, registration and voting, law enforcement, tax paying, the preservation of property, the value of saving and in all things which will make us stable, qualified conscientious citizens.Instead of starting from the “grass roots,” however, the strategy was to “reach the masses through their chosen leaders” by harnessing the talents of blacks with a proven record in business, the professions, education, and the church.

Wikipedia Links:

T. R. M. Howard

The Regional Council Of Negro Leadership

College of Medical Evangelists

Monday, May 25, 2009

CA vs SC - A Tale Of A Progressive State And A "Former Confedrate State"

"Comparative Economics" is usually transacted against 2 nations as a means of evaluating their relative strengths and how their divergent economic policies and systems allow them to take advantage of their resources in their quest for maximized economic advantage for the individuals living within.

On a recent family visit to South Carolina I was treated to the key political debates that are rocking the state. As I read through my grandmother's paper I saw how the Republican Governor of South Carolina was being sued by a college student for REFUSING to take more of the Federal Debt Stimulus Package offered up by the Obama Administration and Federal Democrats. Where as the previous protest action orchestrated by the leftist activist group "Color Of Change" attempted to paint Governor Sanford as the modern day "Governor George Wallace"the present action attempted a more strategic tact.

Governor Sandford is rejecting the Federal Debt Stimulus money because of the strings that are attached to it. In order to accept the money the states must agree to expand their spending on certain targeted communities, usurping the state authority to make their own decisions.

Sandford would like to make use of these federal funds to pay down state debt rather than incur new obligations.

The local paper also included a letter to the editor from the president of Winthrop College. He argued that with the federal debt money he would be able to hire 4 new officers for 2 years and purchase a few more patrol cars, resulting in the improved security for his student population. The "2 years" of funding seemingly escaped him. In 2 years from now he will then face the day of reckoning in which he would have to find the funds to employ these new officers. Here is a story of how certain educators are suing the governor.

There was another story about how $2 million in federal debt money could be used to defray the expected $500 per semester increase in tuition that was coming their way. The students that were interviewed saw nothing but positive in accepting the gratis from the federal government.

Thus in South Carolina there is a contengent of interest groups who essentially see the stuborn Republican governor turning down "free money" that they could use to on an immediate basis.


In the backdrop of the conflict with South Carolina is the raging fiscal forest fire known as the state of California. For as long as I remember the state of California has been sold to America as the "beacon of Progressivism" . What ever happens in California later gets adopted in the rest of the nation - we were told.

As I monitor the situation with CA I struggle to understand if the very people who told us all of the above are watching the fatal car crash that the present budget situation in California represents. They have a present shortfall of between $30 billion and $40 billion, depending on the report that is viewed.

Where as the "Color Of Change" was complaining about how a few hundred million dollar shortfall would lead to a few thousand layoffs in the South Carolina school system - there by hurting Black kids.......the state of California is poised to lay off 26,000 education related employees. Further they will have to prune at least $30 billion from their budget.

THERE WILL BE NO PROTESTS FROM "COLOR OF CHANGE" in response to these actions. Despite having a Republican Governor - he and the state legislature is acting more in line with their progressive views than contrary to them. No need to put them in line.


I struggle to understand what about the flashing dashboard lights are not enough warning to some people. General Motors and Chrysler were not supposed to fail. The corporate pensions that they offered were supposed to be preferrable to the capitalist leading 401K plan, which was rife with risk. The pension plans of these major corporations will not be funded after bankruptcy and will be turned over the the federal government for servicing.

Some people confuse their ability to VOTE THEMSELVES A RAISE on a temporary basis with the creation of a FINANCIALLY VIABLE SYSTEM that is able to endure.

The upper limits of their willingness to expand is defined by what we see in California today.

The public is not inclined to curtail their demands of the system until the SYSTEM is proven to be insolvenet.

In my view the great flaw of centralized economics as compared to pushing obligations toward the edge is that by centralizing the obligations with the expectation of distributing more benefit - the entire system gets subject to a collapse when the lynch pin is made to collapse. In the long run those wh oare most dependent upon the system are harmed the most.

Black Communities In Metro Atlanta Suffer Greatest Housing Value Declines

AJC: Housing slump uneven but wide

Please note this additional story today:
AJC: Tax assessments drop in five major counties

There is no doubt that the areas where there are high concentrations of poor and Black working class individuals have experienced a precipitous drop in home values. These are also the areas where "house flipping" took place. Despite the claims that it was "predatory lending" which is the cause, a stronger case can be made about the inflation of home values for the purposes of extracting equity out of them was the key factor. The key difference is that the "predatory lending" claim makes for the "bank as the bad guy". The claim about the real estate investors being the cause brings the culprit closer to home.

Let's put all of this aside as we focus on the real issue that is at hand from all of this: EDUCATIONAL FUNDING.

The argument has been that property taxes used as the main funding source for schools is inherently unequal and discriminatory because BLACK PEOPLE have a lower property tax base to draw our school funding from. Point well taken.

Now lets go on to this real world example that is in front of us. One that I have been following with great skepticism. Since all of the players realize that there is a linkage between the property taxes paid to the counties and the school funding that is drawn from these taxes - I am puzzled to see where the School Funding Activists are in this entire debate.

We see that when individuals are left up to his own self interests - they will petition their county for a lower property tax bill. Indeed this is their RIGHT. The underlying property in question is now worth less and thus they have a right to seek a reduced appraisal from the government and thus pay a smaller quantity of taxes.

On my blogs I live to tie lose ends together so that a picture of the way the world really works can be developed for all to see.

It is clear that the missing link in this entire scenario is the ACTIVIST. He is seen, front and center when there is a legislative attempt to cut school funding for the detriment of our children. We also see that in South Carolina, for example, a Republican governor's choice to refuse federal stimulus debt because he rejects the strings that come attached to the money is enough to get these same ACTIVISTS going.

What of the aggregate actions of the individual, majority Black property holding populace? When they pursuit their own self(ish) interests and it results in a massive cut in revenues into the educational coffers - WHERE IS THE REEDUCATION PROJECT to tell them to do otherwise?

Oh indeed when it comes to the purported funding gap between "white counties" and "black counties" we will hear references to the structural racism that stem from property taxation.

Where is the call for the citizens of Dekalb County Georgia who are in their "we run things now and things are going to change" phase of Black political leadership? Most certainly the county has the right to make policy decisions as they are an independent entity. I wish to register my obervations that these decisions by the individuals and their elected officials contribute to the end state that they often complain about.


Conversely, some metro Atlanta neighborhoods saw a flurry of home sales due to foreclosures. Bargain hunters snapped up the foreclosed properties, driving down the average sale prices of homes in the surrounding area.

This year’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution Home Sales Report shows the vagaries of the weak housing market.

The report was compiled by Marietta-based real estate research firm SmartNumbers. It looked at home sales and prices in 20 counties for 2008, compared with the previous year, and examined trends among 300 metro Atlanta ZIP codes.

While there were rare instances where home prices climbed based on healthy sales, those could not eclipse the fact that all 22 metro counties in this year’s report were awash in negative numbers.

“Things were pretty bad,” said SmartNumbers president Steve Palm. “We have never seen a price drop from year to year like this since the Depression.”

Metrowide, home prices fell 13 percent, although new homes held their value better. The average price of a new home last year was $231,320, down less than 2 percent from the previous year.

And the trend of falling home prices seems to have continued into this year. The median price for a home in metro Atlanta in the first quarter was $115,600, down from $154,000 in the same period in 2008, the National Association of Realtors reported recently. Home sales in the first quarter also were off 6 percent, the group noted.

Last year, Clayton County had the region’s largest price drop with homes falling 43 percent in value, according to the AJC home report.
Homes in Rockdale were a distant second. They saw a 20 percent drop.

And sales were off even compared with a slow 2007. Home and condo sales across the region were down 27 percent overall. Sales of new homes were off by half.

Experts say the fluctuations in values have implications for homeowners when it comes time to sell. In most communities, homeowners trying to sell today have to contend with depressed prices and may not receive the former value of their homes. Of course, factors such as the home’s condition and location play a role as well.

Drill down into the report and another pattern emerges: ZIP codes inside the Perimeter but north of I-20 and east of I-75 held steady or even saw increases in home prices. The largest declines were inside the Perimeter, but west of I-75.

What is the equivalent honorarium that takes place WITHIN the Black community?

NO I am NOT diminishing the fact that INDEED there are Black Boy Scouts heavily represented among the ranks of those Scouts planting flags (and their parents in the audience as well).

I am talking about the common bond that would bring the Black community together in memorial of a unifying theme. We have "Slavery" and "Civil Rights"

Where are the young "Soul Scouts" that maintain the honor of our ancestors? Absent any 'rites of passage' program they will more likely model themselves after those who terrorized our communities in the past.

Some time in the future the basic question of it all must be asked:

"IS it viable to even have a separate track of Black History with so much focus upon our enslavement and victimization?" Just as these Black Boy Scouts joined in on the standard Memorial Day commemoration of our fallen solders......those who would be called "Civil Rights Leaders" FOUGHT so that Black people of their day could be allowed to defend this nation and to have their bones resting right beside that of the White man who was also killed fighting for his nation.

As we increasingly see "Black faces in high places" is it rational to have the operatives leveraging anger and resentment of the treatment of our people in the past to instill into our Black youth of today the narrative of "how they ended up in the ghetto" today? (I see this phenomenon nearly each week at my reading program for project kids).

In their real lives they see Black elected officials sworn to protect them and Black Domestic Pirates who threaten to take what they have away - does the narrative of how the White man did us wrong in the past serve as a force powerful enough to shake these kids loose into a track that can lead to their attainment of their maximum potential?

I have a growing concern about how MEMORIES within the Black community are used for a certain manipulative end. They serve the purpose of keeping the Black community united in GRIEVANCE less than they do to pay tribute to our ancestors. OUR ANCESTORS were praying for the day in which we now live that their children's, children's children would be free and live without any particular bondage.

Some of the operatives today seek to put back on the shackles of the past to show their alignment with their ancestor's pain.

ONE CRITICISM of my strategy will indeed be that I attempt to "suppress the past" so that those who are guilty are not made to provide reparation for what they have done.

I WILL ACCEPT THIS as a flaw in my strategy.

HOWEVER the far greater and costly flaw is that the alternative strategy fails to focus upon a FUTURE that will be measurably different from the past because there is no infrastructure to produce DIRECTED OUTCOMES and thus channel our people a certain way. This results in untold trillions of dollars in lost lives, lost productivity and worst of all - lost CULTURAL CONFIDENCE that we can even do this in the first place, amongst ourselves, WITHIN our communities rather than via federal government grants.

There is no clear "winner" in either of these choices. It is up to the Black community to make the choice and live with the consequences. Absent coherent leadership the defacto choice will be the MEMORIALIZATION of our Slave Past. We are allowed to empathize about the terror that our ancestors faced by picturing the faces of our present day community terrorizers in white face.

T.I.'s Prison Send Off Concert: No Sign Of Rebuke From His Fans For His Illegal Activity

T.I.’s “Goodbye Bash”
His final performance before federal detention

What if a White person who had several audio and video recordings in which he told about killing any Black man who dared step to him so that he might "put them in his place"? What if he then was caught purchasing several automatic weapons that, if ever used to kill another person that there was a 99% chance that the person would be a Black man. I won't even speculate about the stray bullets and who would have been the likely accidental victim.

There is little doubt in my mind that if there was a White person fitting this profile he would suffer universal scorn with in the Black community.

Unfortunately when it comes to the threat of violence or murder of Black people - the assailant and who he is trumps the issue of the threat to assault or murder a Black person.

T.I. has a strong following among a certain profile of young people, especially in Atlanta. I have reported frequently about how various Democratic candidates and progressive school administrators have sought to leverage Clifford Harris' connection with their targeted audience, asking him to come into their forum and speak to these masses.

Missing out of all of this is any sense of REBUKE from this same audience for his infractions.

With so many rants about people being "above the law" it appears that this is only a concept for the GOVERNMENT to make such an enforcement. When it comes to having this sense among the PEOPLE per their willingness to repudiate actions or words said which support the perpetuation of key problems within their own community - the people's actions are inconsistent.

This works to cheapen the credibility of the people's demands for justice and change in their community. When the masses show that their responses are subjective depending upon the assailant or conspirator.

How else can a community achieve forward movement other than bearing this higher standard upon their own backs?

A year in federal prison will only help rapper T.I.’s music career, fans said at they lined up outside his Atlanta concert Sunday night.

The “Goodbye Bash” show is the Atlanta recording artist’s final performance before he reports to a federal detention facility in Arkansas Tuesday.

The Phillips Arena show, which sold out, drew fans who were there to support their star despite his “mistakes.”

“We all makes mistakes and deserve a second chance,” said DJ Osiris Lakruzh. “He will do his time and get back and continue to shock the world.”

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., is scheduled to report to the Forrest City Correctional Institute on Tuesday. The rapper was sentenced to serve a year and a day for illegal firearms possession and being a convicted felon with a firearm.

The prison sentence will only help show fans that T.I. is “just like them,” said Kue Brower, a producer for T.I.’s opening act Southern Comfort.

“Prison - that’s not even a question,” he said. “Going to prison is like waking up in the morning. It happens to everybody.”

The rapper was arrested in October 2007 just hours before he was to receive two awards at the BET Hip-Hop Awards ceremony in Atlanta. He was taken into custody by federal agents at a Midtown parking lot for trying to buy machine guns and silencers.

In addition to his prison sentence, T.I. had to complete 1,000 hours of community service.

Lisa Thomas, who drove from Savannah to see the concert, said she has been inspired by T.I.’s community service, including anti-gang talks to youth.

“He’s real positive because he’s against violence,” she said. “He’s a role model for young boys because he talks about what he’s been through in his music.”

Lovata Hannsberry said T.I. is a positive influence for her children because he’s a young parent like herself. Hannsberry brought her 8-year-old daughter Queen and 10-year-old son Majeste to the concert.

“T.I. has grown so much as an artist and he has kids like I do,” the mother said. “And it sounds like he came out OK. I mean, is he really going in?”

On Friday, a federal judge in Atlanta denied the rapper’s motion to delay reporting to prison. T.I.’s lawyers requested the extension to petition the federal Bureau of Prisons to house the rapper in a minimum security prison camp instead of the low-security detention facility.

Terry McCray, who attended the concert with family, said she lived across the street from T.I. in the Center Hill section of Atlanta.

“I remember when he was 8 years old and was running around,” she said. “I’ve always been a fan. And we all make mistakes.”

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Technology Provides For The "Interactive Crime Map"

Atlanta Crime Cases

I am personally done talking.
Some people are so entrenched in their position that it matters not what I say. There is no amount of evidence that one can provide for them to alter their position regarding the real world THREAT to Black people today.

For them they are more interested in advancing their ideology and party than the are in pursuing their "Permanent Interests".

The use of internet mapping applications has been a blessing. Google Maps and other platforms has allowed those who seek to put forth a geographic representation of a relational database of crime submissions.

This provides an undeniable reference for those who STILL are in denial.

I know of several news organizations withing major cities that maintain an "interactive crime map" this is a major step at transparency:





Atlanta's Most Violent Zipcode 30318 - The Police and The Politicians Who Use The Situation To Their Advantage

Atlanta's CBS 46 should win some type of award for this effort. Wendy Saltsman has been doggedly following this situation for several years and working to both bring awareness of this situation and hold someone accountable for the situation in which so many innocent Black people are being terrorized by the conditions in their community.

This news segment is one of the best examples that I have ever seen of how certain operatives are "Working ON BEHALF OF THE BLACKS" rather than working WITH THEM SO THEY MIGHT CHANGE and thus create a better situation.

The interview of the 2 Black mothers who live in fear was a good means of establishing a reference for the conditions within the area. The fact that it was so easy for Saltsman to find empty shell casings was a powerful indicator as well.

The City Council Member Blames The Police Chief

First on deck was Atlanta City Councilman Lamar Willis. Sadly he has real world evidence of the situation because his own mother was shot by a stray bullet. I recall this news event from a few years ago. Indeed he is an authority on the violent and unfavorable situation.

Councilman Willis blamed Atlanta Police Chief Richard Pennington for the situation. Since the area has been neglected by the Police the violence and threats continue.

This redirection got me thinking: Just as the 92 year old Carolyn Johnston was killed in the context of enhanced police presence within a crime ridden Black community in another area - this particular politician - a Black Democratic council member is similarly (or at least tacitly) demanding that the police set up an enhanced focus on this area and its criminals. Nearly without fail - the police become the targets of community scorn as the criminals receive the "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" treatment after some aggressive action by the police. The police are in a "no-win" situation.

The Mayor Blames Gun Laws

Next up was Mayor Shirley Frankly of Atlanta. I was watching a recording of this newscast at 2 am. The comments of Ms. Mayor caused me to scream, nearly waking the kids. I have to give Franklin credit as a politician.

She held the empty shells that were given to her by Saltsman and Shirley Franklin got the mileage that she wanted to out of the situation. She blamed the violent situation on "LAX GUN LAWS"!!!!!!

This requires analysis. These state gun laws are present around the entire state. We could walk the entire state of Georgia looking for both empty shells and terrorized people. Indeed we might find many shells in Georgia. They will more than likely be present in the wilderness, left behind by deer and wild turkey hunters. Instead of terrorized "humans" there will be terrorized wildlife around where these shells are found.

The question that must be asked of Shirley Franklin and her shift upon the gun laws is "Why, Ms Franklin, are there not empty shells and terrorized residents in most of the other zipcodes in your city and most other densely populated areas of the state? " Sorry Ms Mayor this argument simply does not hold up. You did a good job in punting the issue and throwing a bone to those individuals who are previously inclined to agree with you about Gun Control. I am not biting.

The Community Actor-vists Who Were Not Interviewed For The Segment

Wendy Saltsman failed to capture the voice of one faction that frequently appears on her station's broadcasts - the Community Actorvists. These are operatives such as "The Concerned Black Clergy of Metro Atlanta", the SCLC, the Atlanta chapter of "Rainbow PUSH", the anti-police harrassment activist group "10/10" and the local Black media (WAOK AM, V-103 FM, Atlanta Voice, Dekalb Crossroads and several others).

When Black folks are terrorized - they are usually first on the protest line demanding ACTION. It is clear right now to see that IT IS NOT "terrorized Black folks" that proves to be their trigger into action.

They are more interested in fighting against the ASSAILANT which is terrorizing the Black community BUT this assailant must be:
  • A law enforcement authority such as the Police or DEA
  • A judicial authority such as a District Attorney or Judge
  • A Republican
  • A White Conservative
  • A Black Conservative
If the assailant of a Black person is BLACK and not among this group - YOU WILL NOT SEE A PROTEST on behalf of these "Black Victims"!!!!

Now you might see these groups argue that the reason why these Black Assailants are attacking other Blacks and terrorizing the community is because of the "long length of the slavemaster's whip" which still beats upon us today. Even though the gun man was born in 1990......his actions are grandfathered in to the veil of coverage for the treatment done to his great-great-great-grand father.

The present day weakness of the Community Actor-vist forces is that truly the changed circumstances within which these authority figures listed above operate in - has given them far fewer "exploitable surfaces" to operate upon as their mission. They "WON" the battle to bring these forces into order via the body of law that is present. Today they are left to manage the EXCEPTIONS which violate the law while being neutralized as they don't have a body of work built up on how to deal with the KEY ASSAILANT upon the Black community today - OTHER MEMBERS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

It is quite logical for them to do today what any organization who doesn't want to CHANGE after doing the needed INTROSPECTION to insure their relevancy - they EXPAND THE POLICE TAPE UPON THE ENTIRE NATION!!

They are able to avoid blame and accountablility for the continued assault upon the Black community DESPITE having the favorable array of people governing the key local instittuions upon which the Black community depends upon for our safety, education and economic interests. No fox guarding the hen house is going to turn over the surveilence tapes of his own HIMSELF for prosecution of HIMSELF......thus the most logical course of action for this Black Establishment that controls the Black community to do is to GO FOR THE LONG BALL!!! Go NATIONAL, seeking to scale up their control so that in the illusion of FORWARD PROGRESS in the POLITICAL domain is made to be forward progress in the Black Cultural and Community domain.

With so many Blacks being complicit in the matter......with so many Blacks thankful that the people who live in the zip code 30318 are not living in THEIR zip code - this forward march on behalf of the Progressives and the Democratic Machine has no particular consequence on their own livelihood. They are not inclined to demand that this machine actually DELIVER to 30318 that was promised when a favor city councilman, school board representative, mayor, city council majority, county commission representative, county commission majority, county commission chair, US Representative, State House Representative, State Senator were elected as a "Person of their OWN" in power, representing their BEST INTERESTS.........or so they were told.

The biggest irony that I face as I make my observations and then debate with other Blacks on these critical subjects is that the most difficult task of all is to get BLACK PEOPLE TO FOLLOW THROUGH AND DEMAND THAT THE PROMISES THAT WERE MADE TO THEM ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL BE ACUTALLY DELIVERED UPON BY THOSE THEY VOTED FOR.

It is clear to me that most Black people would rather debate about REPUBLICANS and CONSERVATIVES than they show any resolve in showing their DISTANCE between the political operatives that they have put into power and the PERMANENT INTERESTS that have yet to be delivered upon by these same operatives.

It appears that in making such demands there is a fear that the POWER will vacate the Black community because we have pissed them off and thus our long time adversaries might sweep back into power. Thus our community just sits back and allows it all to happen, hoping that the joy from the next election victory will cover the pain within.

The Solution To The Problem

It is important to listen to the prescriptions offered by people - especially the politicians. Note how much they talk about the operatives who are executing the situation which is problematic. Notice if these people are included in the solution. In this interview I heard these individuals - who are mostly young Black males - being referenced as "managed cattle" that need to be regulated rather than "responsible human beings" that need to be rationalized with.

Those individuals who are most inclined to see these young souls as "history's victims", direct decendants of Slaves, who's culture was stolen from them some time ago which has lead to their present dysfunction. In this scenario the fix for these people resides in someone else's outside actions to REPAIR them.

When I suggest that a change in their thinking will lead to their behavior I am not only talking about the need to do youth intervention such as "conflict resolution". You can hear this from nearly all of the community activists as they go to the government demanding funds on the front end lest this same government spend money jailing them on the back end.

The more comprehensive and enduring correction resides in THE PEOPLE WITHIN THE COMMUNITY who BUY INTO THE VALUE of:
  • Having a safe community where they live in peace rather than fear
  • Having young Black males who are net protectors of the entire community rather than the main threat to it
This must come from an ORGANIC initiative from the Black community. The drive at impleming structural changes in how these young males are raised and the "rites of passage" that are present for them to cleave to. We hear a lot of talk about this structure among the "Afro-Centrics" among us. It is now time for the community to accept the fact that their present situation is problematic and that they alone are the key to making this change.

It is the politicians who most exploit this situation. Either they directly engage the people asking them to vote a certain way in support of this struggle for change OR in dealing with a group of detachted people who don't vote because they are decoupled from the process these same politicians will WORK ON BEHALF OF the people.

The politicians exploiting them and the community activists who rant on their behalf have some measure of assumed inferiority of these people. They are not looked to as the central human resource that is necessary to accept new terms of living so that they might prosper.

Those peddling RESENTMENT and RIGHTS need to be put aside.

In their place must come new MESSAGES and new MANAGEMENT SKILLS in which RESENTMENT is replaced by RESOLVE to do what is necessary as an individual to lift the community up. Where RIGHTS - derived from the external government is resplaced by RESPSECT for others within.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dekalb Public Schools Investigation Finds No Bullying In Student Suicide

Dude -I am one who needs a higher bit of evidence than normal to go along with a claim. On this issues - Dekalb Public Schools missed the ball.

The mother repeatedly went to the school to seek protection for her son. The school administration did nothing to head off the situation.

I respect the fact that they got a retired judge to run the investigation, giving it a bit of credibility. Unfortunately in this case - when there WAS a need for an activist bias in the hopes of protecting others - the ball was dropped.

Again - this is coming from "me", a critic who has watched all of this transpire.

The Dekalb Public Schools knows that it is going to get sued by the mother of the little boy who committed suicide. The principle and administration ignored her repeated requests. (7 visits to the school). I DO NOT SUPPORT BLOCK BUSTER LAWSUITS AGAINST PUBLIC SCHOOLS as they drain needed resources out of the public treasury and into the hands of private pockets - the VICTIM and the LAWYER. This lawsuit, however, should be about forging corrective action within the Dekalb Public Schools - this is preposerous.

Radio-One's Atlanta Station Hot 107.9 Releases Local Talent After Going To Syndicated Host

zAJC: Rashan Ali leaves Hot 107.9
It is quite hard to pin down the position of certain activists when it comes the their concerns about "placing too much power in the media into too few hands".

Their favorite talking point is against syndication. Local Talent is fired as some national personality comes in. Those who know intimately about the local scene are replaced with a big name talker.

We know that this is typically targeted upon "Right Wing" talk stations. What better way to destroy your critics than to put up the demand for "localism".

I couldn't help but to notice that this same type of syndication is also taking place in "Urban Radio". Of course there is Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Russ Parr, Al Sharpton, Michael Baisden and several others. Admittedly I just learned that Ricky Smiley now has a syndicated radio show. This show has bumped the morning crew on Hot 107.9 off of the air in Atlanta.

I wonder how much of these claims against syndication and for localism applies to these particular personalities? Indeed if their is a claim that right wing talk is a defacto platform for the Republicans it is too easy to sell the case that each and every one of these Black themed shows listed above are Democratic biased platforms just as strongly.

The case of Rashan Ali is coincidental from my point of view. I have seen her previously on various billboards and buses around town. I listen to satellite radio - NPR, CNBC, Bloomberg when I am driving into work so I can't admit to having listened to her but for on a passing occasion.

Just 2 days ago I recorded a segment from the television news where her charity program "Sporty Girls" offered an opportunity for young Black girls to be exposed into sports that are non-traditional for them - swimming, tennis, golf. She was going to hold a fund raiser for the program later this week.

Today I see that she had been bumped from the air by TV-One due to their choice to syndicate Ricky Smiley, shifting her to the afternoon. Then after a contract renegotiation that did not turn out favorably - they did not renew the contract and instead she is being replaced by "cheaper talent".

Wow - this is some type of "Union Machinists" versus "evil Corporation" type stuff! Unfortunately what "is business" in the real world will stay that way in that there is not going to be a leftwing activist giving this story wings in which TV-One, a Black owned media conglomerate owned by Cathy Hughes is changed with
  • Violating Localism with Syndication
  • Purging high paid talent for lower paid workers
  • and, perish the thought - Getting rid of a Black Female worker while she is PREGNANT
Nope - In order to do Muckraking - there must be both an unsavory target that the operative seeks to do damage to. When you have one of these two - you "punt the story", especially if you are the biased Black Press seeking to avoid hitting one of your own elements of the "Vertically Integrated 9Ps" that work in sync within the Black community.

Rashan Ali, the mid-day host at Hot 107.9, was let go Thursday afternoon, she informed me at her fundraiser for her charity Sporty Girls tonight at the Loft in Castleberry Hill. Q from the R&B group 112 performed.

Ali was a morning host for many years at Hot and headed the “A” Team until last summer, when Hot went with syndicated Rickey Smiley. She was moved to mid days, partly because she was still under contract. But she was making morning show money and Hot, like other radio stations, is in serious cost cutting mode.

Her contract was up in February but her agent Career Sports and Management got her a three month extension. Hot, she said, did not negotiate with her. Her contract is up May 31 but they decided to let her go a week early. She has a three-month noncompete clause, she said, so she is free to look for other radio employment in Atlanta in September.

For now, she said she can focus on her charity work. “It’s all good,” she said, with no trace of bitterness. She said she was expecting to get cut, given the economic environment.

She’s also pregnant with her second child, a girl, who is due in September.

Hot will likely hire a replacement at less than half the cost of Rashan to do mid days.

Her former morning cohost C.J. was there, along with Murph Dawg of 95.5/The Beat. Hot 107.9’s Emperor Searcy was there to support her as well. I’ll put up photos in the morning.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Solution: Tell Prospective Criminals About The Health Issues That Having A Relative Locked Up Causes BEFORE They Do Something To Get Arrested

Why are things made so hard for some people?

I see - some people say that the LAWS have been changed and THAT is the CAUSE of more people being locked up. Its ironic how despite the years that I have lived as a Black man - the changes in the CRACK sentencing has not made me a greater candidate for incarceration.

Prison may explain black health disparity

ANN ARBOR, Mich., April 23 (UPI) -- The U.S. prison system punishes more than just its inmates -- it also takes a toll on the health of friends and loved ones left behind, researchers said.
University of Michigan researchers found that people with a family member or friend in prison or jail suffer worse physical and mental health and more stress and depressive symptoms than those without a loved one behind bars.

Lead researchers Daniel Kruger of the University of Michigan School of Public Health said the study results could help explain health disparities between minorities and whites.

"African-Americans are more likely to know someone in prison and to feel closer to the person incarcerated than whites do," Kruger said in a statement. "It's like a double whammy."

The study, published in the Progress in Community Health Partnerships, found 49 percent of African-Americans surveyed reported having a friend or relative in prison during the past five years, compared to 20 percent of whites.

My Motivations Are NOTHING Like Those Of These White Bigots

I received a post from "Anonymous" that there is another blogger who is doing a better job at documenting "Black Pathology" than I am doing on this blog.

You got it all wrong right there.

My goal is not to document "Black Pathology", making the case that my people's problems are some how intrinsic upon our inferiority. I think just the opposite. Some people commercialize our perceived inferiority so that they can advance their agenda.

MY GOAL is to show the Black people who are being attacked all the while those who claim to have our best interests in mind are chasing after other 'threats' while saying nothing about the threats closer to home. In fact they put forth a circular reference: "The THREATS that are attacking the innocent Black people in our community are MADE THIS WAY by the actions of outsiders who seek to destroy us". This type of circular reference is nothing more than an attempt to dismiss any sort of rebuttal to our "termites" and instead focus upon these outsiders. By definition this is a failed strategy. The greatest fear will be for you to move away from this outside force that is causing you such angst because then your purpose will also die.

Do not think for a minute that just because those fools talk about the destruction of Detroit or some act by a Black criminal as I frequently do that they have my agenda matched. THEY DO NOT.

While they love the thought (in their own minds) that THEY are on sound footing because "There rests a Nigger that is below where I stand and thus I am not at the bottom of the pile" (helping them to cope with the fact that their elite White brothers look down upon them) - I seek to have the BLACK COMMUNITY get rid of the middle men who have molested our forward march toward standing tall as a strong people.

These others do hope "Black people fail".
Others grow strong as the Black community comes to them for "help"
I want Black folks to success by first changing course.
I see group strength by making the periphery strong.

If people can't see the stark differences between my agenda and that of these others - they are the one's who have problems with their perceptions.

The Black Plague blog

Detroit Is Crap blog

Black Students Benefit As Fayette County GA's Test Scores Rise!!

Fayette school officials pleased with graduation test pass rates

By: Ben Nelms

Fayette County students taking the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) topped the state average again this year and bested their own scores in English and science over last year.

School system Public Information Officer Melinda Berry-Dreisbach said Fayette County continues to show much higher pass rates than students statewide in all subjects. Those include English Language Arts at 96 percent for Fayette compared to the 87 percent statewide average; a 96 percent pass rate in mathematics in Fayette compared to the 91 percent state average; in science, Fayette students showed a 94 percent pass rate compared to the 85 percent average statewide; and in social studies, 94 percent of Fayette students passed the test compared to 82 percent across Georgia.

Berry-Dreisbach said more students scored in the “honors” category in the English and science portions, up 4 points to 21 percent and up 2 points to 22 percent, respectively, over 2008. The English and science exams are aligned to the state’s more rigorous curriculum, she said.

Pass rates also increased in most sub-groups with English language learners posting higher scores in all subjects. The most dramatic increases were in English, up 23 points to 90 percent; science, up 24 points to 69 percent; and social studies, up 35 points to 64 percent, Berry-Dreisbach said.

The pass rate for Hispanic students rose in both English and science, up 7 points to 90 percent and up four points to 87 percent, respectively, and the pass rate for black students rose in social studies, up two points to 90 percent.

School system Assessment Coordinator Julie Turner credited the high scores to the combined effort of the high schools, teachers, parents and students.

“Several of our high schools have worked the schedules to build in a 20-to-30-minute period to do remediation with the kids that didn’t pass the test the first time or are in jeopardy of not passing. I give a lot of credit to the high schools. And teachers are working hard to implement the curriculum and are doing a fantastic job,” Turner said, also noting the significant work by students and the participation by parents in the academic success of their children.

The GHSGT is given to high school students for the first time in the spring of their junior year. All four portions of the test, plus the Georgia High School Writing Test, must be passed in order for a student to receive a full diploma from a Georgia public school. Students can retake the GHSGT as many times as they like if they do not pass specific exams.

Referencing the test results, Superintendent John DeCotis said the ongoing aim of the school system is to find ways to produce increasingly higher graduation test scores.

“We always look at the results and try to address the areas of weakness. We’re always striving to have our pass rate go up. So we put a lot of our resources into trying to raise those scores,” DeCotis said.

So Much For The Rhetoric About "The Importance Of FUNDING The Education Of Our Children" Amongst These Dekalb County Property Tax Payers

95,000 in DeKalb to get lower assessment

I am NOT claiming that the demand for reappraisal of property values by the government is unique to Dekalb County. It is not. It is happening in many places as the market value of the underlying property declines for a number of reasons.

MY ARGUMENT is that, after all of these years in which we have heard that PROPERTY TAXES are an unfair (and racist) means of funding local school systems because of the imbalance in the tax digest between various counties - this situation right hear shows that among these citizens of Dekalb County - the funding of their local school system is not in the top 5 list of their concerns.

All of this provides me an opportunity to communicate my theory about FUNDING YOUR OWN BEST INTERESTS.

I am of the opinion that YOUR BEST INTERESTS need to be pushed to the periphery. A group of people are going to make certain decisions that allow them to end up at a certain destination. Some of these destinations will be favorable. Some other groups will be lead to a suboptimal location. Yet and still - IT WAS THEIR CHOICE based on that which they PRIORITIZED.

What better way to improve a people than to allow them to be made aware of the IMPORTANCE of their actions and thoughts and then impress upon them to promote some actions and suppress others? From this a CULTURE is crafted and this culture can be communicated to the next generation due to the empirical evidence that has been provided as to its worthiness.

The people of Dekalb County had a chance to VOTE WITH THEIR DOLLARS on the fund of their schools. They chose to keep the money in their own pockets. (Do you see why the promises of Obamanomics is so popular? SOMEONE ELSE is going to be taxed and YOU will receive more benefit.)

It is strange how people seek to MAXIMIZE the valuation of their homes when it comes to their relationship with the bank. The more that it is worth the more they can sell it for or obtain a Home Equity loan against.

On the "put out" side - the more this home is worth, the more the TAX MAN is going to get his share of the proceeds.

All of this valuation is largely "funny money" anyway.

Where are the community activists who proclaim that OUR SCHOOLS NEED MORE MONEY if they are to compete with the 'lily White suburbs'?

The key difference is that when it does come to this funding gap - those who argue this point want THESE OTHER PEOPLE to "share" their proceeds from taxes collected so that they get nothing but net gain out of the situation.

How does a PEOPLE progress with this sort of short sightedness?

DeKalb County’s efforts to correct its tax values for 2009 roll out today with the mailing of about 100,000 tax revaluations — this time taking foreclosures into account.

Tax officials say the do-over will benefit thousands of property owners across the county who will see their county tax appraisals, and possibly their tax bills, fall in reaction to the ongoing real estate slide.

DeKalb’s first mailing, last month, did not include distressed sales despite a new state law requiring that such sales be used in setting values for 2009.

The first mailing, tax officials said, lowered values on about 13,500 parcels. This one will drop the assessments on 95,000.

“The number of sales we included in our sales ratio studies doubled when we included distressed sales,” said Hank Ruffin, interim chief appraiser.

Ruffin said at least 40,000 properties will fall by more than 25 percent.

“It’s safe to say the southern part of the county took the biggest hit,” Ruffin said. “The northern part was not affected as much. That’s no surprise.”

The work completed by DeKalb assessors over the past 30 days has sliced the county’s tax digest by more than $1 billion and means local governments across DeKalb will be forced to account for lower values in setting their tax rates for 2009-10.

Also, the new values will land this week in the hands of wary residents, some of whom got notices last month they felt didn’t go far enough and more whose property values didn’t get lowered but felt they should have.

“I’m concerned and skeptical,” said Trey Glover, who lives in East Atlanta. “I really don’t think they are going to be sending me anything. But they should. If they don’t send me a notice, I’m going to be overpaying.”

Glover did not get a notice from DeKalb when assessors mailed out about 28,000 notices for 2009 last month. The county has his home valued at $350,100. Glover said he’s been trying to refinance, and banks say it’s worth about $50,000 less. He has no right to challenge the value unless he gets a notice in this round.

“The banks obviously think the values have come down,” Glover said.

For those who do get notices, they next must decide whether DeKalb assessors accurately reflected the market as of Jan. 1 or failed to lower taxable values enough. Those who don’t likely will appeal and challenge the county to lower values even more. Appeals must be filed by June 19.