They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tea Party Over Property Taxes - A Tale Between Dekalb and Fayette Counities

In Dekalb County Georgia several property tax payers are showing outrage that their county failed to reassess the value of their houses downward so that their property taxes due would decline. It is true that there has been a decline in housing values in Dekalb per the sales price. This is due to the slow real estate market thus forcing sellers to reduce the sales price as well as the foreclosure rate that is present in Dekalb.

When it comes to personal taxes, however, all talk about "our kids need better funded schools go out of the window". It is clear that these tax payers don't want to pay the county or school board not a dime more than they are required to pay.

DeKalb: Most property values haven’t fallen

Residents stunned that their homes are keeping 2008 values even in high foreclosure areas


In Fayette County

Property tax notices are getting closer to your mailboxes. The question on the minds of many is whether the county’s assessment values will increase or decrease.

Fayette County Tax Assessor Joel Benton said Monday there will likely be no significant change from last year’s gross digest of $5.7 billion.

While not attempting to forecast whether the tax digest due in August will go up or down, Benton said that only minor construction activity was evidenced in 2008, upon which the 2009 digest is based.

He added that home sale values in Fayette retained a better fair market value than in many other areas in metro Atlanta. Whatever the change in the digest may be, it will likely not be a large fluctuation from last year, he said.

“The only increase will be new construction and additions, and that’s not a lot,” Benton said. “After reviewing the fair market sales, our value looks pretty good. Fayette has been a little more protected given the sales we’ve seen and we haven’t been as affected (by declining home values) as some of the metro counties. Fayette County weathered this storm better than most others in 2008.”

Asked if his office had been contacted by the cities, county and school board for which the tax digest is critical to budget discussions, Benton said he has received general questions about how things are looking, with tax levying entities wondering if there will be much difference over last year.

Noting the “return of value” filed by approximately 3,500 property owners over concerns that their property had decreased in value, Benton said the considerations of those filings by assessors are on track to be completed by early May. Benton said property tax notices should be going out on schedule in May, with the anticipation that the tax digest will be approved by the first week in August.

Explaining the process, Benton said if property owners that submitted the “return of value” do not agree with assessor’s opinion they have the right to file an appeal. If not satisfied with that decision they can appeal to the Board of Equalization. If still not in agreement they can have their case heard in Superior Court.

Asked about the upcoming tax digest, school Superintendent John DeCotis said Monday his office had called the tax assessor’s office and was in a wait-and-see mode. DeCotis said he expected the digest to decrease this year, though he did not speculate about the extent of the decrease.

Keeping Conservatives On Trial

In my observation of how Progressives work - the fundamental tactic that they use is to KEEP CONSERVATIVES ON TRIAL.

Thus all of the problems that they point to are the fault of the conservatives who either FAILED when they were in power or BLOCKED more progressive policies for change when the Progressives were in power. Please keep in mind that despite the total control that the Democrats now have in the federal government, without any Republican ability to stop them COUPLED WITH, in so many areas, the domination of local Progressive forces - THEY ARE NOT GOING TO BLAME THEIR OWN IDEOLOGY if and when things implode in several years as the debt burden and unworkable tax burden may prove to be the case.

The only way to defeat this progressive tactic of "Keeping Conservatives on trial" is to go directly to the people and remind them of their own PERMANENT INTERESTS. If the people aren't made to pursue their own permanent interests EVEN IF it means taking bad tasting medicine they indeed are going to prefer the sugar coated pill which is hollow inside.

Ironically I am attacked for simply demanding that people who are otherwise ideological bigots to remember what they were promised when they agreed to put the regime that they favor into power.

[quote]Roderick: So you’re confirming that yet another white conservative commentator believes that black voters are either less astute politically than their white counterparts or don’t have a clue period?[/quote]

Roderick and My Commenter:

Why do you look toward a CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR for any sort of QUALIFICATION of your existence?

It seems to me that the "astuteness" of the Black voter or any other voter can be deduced from the conditions that are prevalent in the areas where HIS POLICIES have more exclusive control. One can make inferences about this voters will to pursue his own PERMANENT INTERESTS over ideological bigotry which has a nullifying effect.

Is this the way that conservatives plan on attracting more voters?
By basically calling the supporters of the opposition stupid?[/quote]


You are one of the main contributors to my observation of how the BQPFRC keeps THE CONSERVATIVES ON TRIAL as their key operating tactic.



The segment of the Black community that is not IDEOLOGICALLY BIGOTED will put on their scientific research hat and

1) make observations of the PROBLEMS that the present ideological distribution has not addressed

2) Seek out other communities and understand how they over come these challenges

3) Make an analysis as to IF these methodologies are in line with their own standards of acceptability

4)Go forth among their people and IMPLEMENT THESE POLICIES, EVEN IF some of them ARE IN VIOLATION of Progressive Dogma - SOME OF WHICH assumes the inferiority of Black people to put forth a plan that more organically defines our own outcomes.

OR Roderick - they can do as so many of my new neighbors have done - MOVE into an area that was shaped by the conservative adversary and NOT HAVE TO CHANGE their own ideology but simply CONSUME that which their adversary has built up to the attractive standard.

Roderick - it is VITAL that you begin to AFFIRM how PROGRESSIVISM is a valid way forward in communities that are ALL ALONE with their FAVORED IDEOLOGY as the prevailing treatises.

* When there is a need for LAW AND ORDER among the people - WHERE DOES PROGRESSIVISM STAND when THEY ARE THE POLICE FORCE?

* Where there is a need to have the masses direct the development of their children to a more constructive end - WHERE DOES PROGRESSIVISM STAND when there is no one else to extract funding from?

* When the unions and the government OWN THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION - WHERE DOES PROGRESSIVISM STAND when TOUGH DECISIONS must be made in the favor of perpetuating the corporate entity lest ALL WORKERS become just individuals who have the POTENTIAL to make a UNION WAGE.....if they could only find a job.

DON'T YOU SEE RODERICK? YOU ARE WINNING YET YOU ARE LOSING AT THE SAME TIME. When your scapegoat enemy has been slaughtered those who have been conditioned to find a goat to scape will look at YOU and see horns, a pot belly and think that you munch on grass all day.

YOU are the one who CREATED THEM to look toward OTHERS for THEIR resources.

YOU will have to stand in the trenches and deliver. Just don't make any decisions that are THE RIGHT ONES in the long run but which THEY DON'T LIKE. Those pitchforks are sharp and those torches are hot.

In Atlanta African Cabbies Rally For Fallen Comrade - Civil Rights Establishment SILENT

As you run through the paces and evaluate the actions of certain operatives their true character is seen more clearly in inspecting where they are SILENT than in regards to what prompts them to speak. Such is the case for the Atlanta Civil Rights Machine and Actor-vist Community.

Let a police officer shoot a Black man - THEY ARE OUT in the streets.

Let a "Domestic Pirate Thug" perform their latest seafaring attack upon a Black person or a Black owned business - you'll have to call the activists up to insure that their phones have not been disconnected and thus they are still in business.

I applaud this collection of African immigrant taxi cab drivers who are standing up and saying 'ENOUGH' to the Domestic Pirate Thugs who are killing and robbing them. This is the latest round in the assault upon Black owned businesses. This cabbie who was a married father of 4 was shot in the back of the head by what appears to be 2 assailants that have not been caught.

These Domestic Pirate Thugs have no respect for human life. They didn't give a DAMN about this man, the fact that he worked 14 hour days to fend for his family or anything else about him.

I am happy to see that his friends have come together a few weeks after the fact to keep his memory alive. There is no doubt that these are not wealthy men. For them to put together a reward seeking the arrest and conviction of these cold blooded killers says a lot.

Anti-Tax Tea Parties Held By "Non-Racists" Part I

I marvel at the left as they express their ability to nullify criticism about their favored policies by claiming that it is RACISM that is inspiring the protesters into action. This was the case with the "Tea Parties" that were held on April 15. These angry Republicans were not protesting against punitive taxation, we were told. Instead they resent having a Black man in the office of the president and this drove them stark crazy.

I took note of all of the racial epithets that were used and the number of Black people who were killed that day. Unfortunately I was listening to a Hip Hop radio station and then I watched the local news of the latest Black On Black homicide. For neither of these were the case in the context of these "Racist Tea Parties".

I take a major sampling of current events from around the country on a daily basis. It is clear that most Americans are concerned about the impact of taxes upon their personal budget. Where as the majority of the focus has been place upon the federal government taxation there is brewing a far more comprehensive rebellion.

We need to look at the local level and see that many cities are between a rock and a hard place. Where as the federal government can print new money thus running up their credit card balance, there is no such option for state and local governments. The ability of the federal government to print money and hand it out to the states and cities will only ever be a temporary measure that will not paper over the painful truth of the situation.

These dwindling tax receipts has forced various cities to propose massive cuts in government services and layoffs. In addition to these cuts there are new tax proposals and new sets of fees upon individuals that interact with the government.


My strategy for avoiding the slanderous mud that is thrown out by certain individuals that see high taxation as their key means of engineering the outcomes that they favor is to go to the streets and see what the actual people are saying.

It comes as no surprise that many people hate their own taxes but love to push taxes for needed services upon other people. I am in full agreement that we need to fund government with taxes. My disagreement is with the forces who seek to LOAD UP government with an ever increasing set of social services for which it is not possible to sustain. They seek to have the money in the hands of the government and allow the distribution of these resources back to the society to be one of POPULAR VOTE rather than PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS where those with an effective plan for wealth creation get to keep the balance of their own money.

Walter Massey Of Morehouse Named Chair Of Bank Of America

Ex-Morehouse president named Bank of America chairman

Morehouse College president emeritus Walter E. Massey has been named chairman of Bank of America, one of the nation’s three largest commercial banks.

The announcement came Wednesday after shareholders voted to create an independent chairman, ousting former chair Ken Lewis and leaving him as president and chief executive officer.

Massey, 71, was president of the Atlanta-based college from August 1995 to June 2007. He previously served on the Bank of America board from 1993 to 1998.

His ascension to chairman came as Lewis’ responsibilities were reduced by a slim margin in a vote by shareholders. The proposal to separate the CEO and chairman jobs passed 50.3 percent to 49.7 percent, bank officials said. The bank’s board of directors elected Massey chairman.

Massey wasn’t immediately available for comment, but Morehouse president Robert Franklin offered congratulations.

“President Massey will provide strategic leadership, sound judgement and integrity for one of America’s great financial institutions,” Franklin said.

Lewis, who had been the bank’s chair, president and CEO since 2001, acknowledged shareholders’ frustration over the company’s $50 billion acquisition of Merrill Lynch and Co.

Where Will The Next Generation Of Black Leadership Come From? - dougie

[quote]Where is the new generation of effective black leaders going to come from?[/quote]




dougie - this is the key, foundational point. I do not believe that there is a balance of the Black community FEEL THE NEED for new leadership and a new direction. The word "feel" is key. "Feel" means OUT OF ALL OPTIONS the present one is no longer tolerable.

dougie - do YOU agree what we are at that point with regard to:

* Schools
* Community Safety
* Local Economic Development
Presently the Black Establishment has the Black Community focused on seeing "increased Democratic headcount" as proof that BLACK PEOPLE are advancing in this nation. It is critical that we not just focus on national political line up but instead go down to the zipcode level. From my research the local level in which we can inspect the lives of our people and the forces that bear upon them that the grievances that we are being sold as being solved by Progressive politics are in fact festering with unkept management's attention.


3) Upon the prioritizaiton of their PERMANENT INTERESTS over the tactics used by the present leadership - they are purged in favor of PEOPLE WITH MORE APPEALING MESSAGES.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Philadephia City Council Members Take Advantage Of the Pension "DROP" Program

When corporations underfund their pensions they are attacked. There are calls for the executives to be purged. When it comes the City of Philadelphia doing the same thing - despite the initial outrage - the council gets reelected.

City of Philadelphia DROP Program Comes Under Scrutiny

Considering the weakened local economy, candidates for City Controller are weighing in on the issue.

Al Schmidt, Republican candidate for the office, said the pension fund has lost almost half its value in less than a year.

“The DROP program contributes to the underfunding of the pension fund because people are withdrawing blocks of money, but still get this guaranteed rate of return,” he said.

Read the "reader comments" section of the post. They say all that needs to be said.

DROP Program Scrutiny Prompts City Council Tirade

Did you read this story in today's Daily News? City Council Majority Leader Marian Tasco sure did. And she didn't like it. Not one bit. Tasco made a speech at the end of Council's weekly session, complaining that she and five colleagues who are in the controversial Deferred Retirement Option Program [DROP] are being "maligned" for their participation.

We reported today that Tasco, Council President Anna Verna and Council members Frank DiCicco, Donna Reed Miller, Frank Rizzo and Jack Kelly are enrolled in DROP and will collect a combined $2.1 million in lump-sum retirement payments at the end of their terms. None of those Council members would tell the Daily News if they intended to exploit a loophole that allows them to run for another term, get re-elected, retire for one day, collect the six-figure payout and then go back on the city payroll.

In Memphis 5 Term Mayor Herenton Seeks US Congressional Seat - Won't Have To Stand Accountable For City Problems - Hey He's A Democrat In A Black City

The last time I was in Memphis I was reading about a lawsuit and an investigation against the mayor. Then I read that the man beat out another Democrat to assume his 5th term in office.

The time prior that I was in Memphis I read that they were considering a cerfew for young people to reduce the crime rates in the city.

It astounds me how a people who can claim that they punish those who fail them can practice voter nullification in support of those that they like despite their having failed the masses.

The question needs to be asked of Memphis:

Are you streets safe?
Are you schools delivering quality education?
Is your economy sound?

"Beef Marketing" Brings In Dollars For Rappers

UNIVERSAL CASHES IN ON RICK ROSS, 50 'BEEF': Both rappers experience giant sales boosts since feud began.

Once again:

I don't blame the rappers for doing what they do.

I have to put the onus on those who pull out their wallet and pay for this foolishness.

*Beef sells. Just ask Universal Music Group, the label home of two feuding rappers who have spent the past five months recording dis records, videos and cartoons against each other all the way to the bank.

Ever since the drama between Rick Ross and 50 Cent began escalating in January, the sales of Ross’ two previous albums have increased by 62%, while sales of 50 Cent’s three catalog titles grew by 74%, according to Nielsen SoundScan

Damn! I Misread The Title And Thought It Was A Plural Statement. Now I Am Not Surprised

Black journalist condemns Obama’s “sin against our children”

Here I was thinking that the title said "Black JOURNALISTS Condemn Obama's Sin Against Our Children". Thus I figured that the NABJ or NNPA had called the Democrats on their cancellation of the funding for the vouchers in DC.

I was wrong.

This was ONE BLACK JOURNALIST who spoke up. Since he works for Fox News he has already been marginalized.

My friends at "Jack and Jill Politics" can rest easy. Juan Williams observations don't matter and these kids don't matter.

For First Time Ever Balance Of Blacks In Poll See Net Positive In Race Relations

Poll: Blacks See Improved Race Relations

In summary:

When you have a group of people with ARBITRARY opinions about the racial state of the nation about their views and in 6 months their views jump from 29% positive to 51% positive IT IS NOT THE NATION that has CHANGED so abruptly in this span of time.

It is THOSE PEOPLE who have CHANGED their subjective views.

In this case they GOT WHAT THEY WANT and thus they are happy.

The condition of RACISM did not increase or decline during this interval.

This is why polling for OPINION is so unreliable.

CBS News/NY Times Survey Finds That For First Time Ever, Majority Of Blacks Say Relations Between Blacks And Whites Are Good

CBS) For the first time in CBS News polling history, a majority of blacks are casting race relations in the United States in a positive light.

Fifty-nine percent of African-Americans - along with 65 percent of whites - now characterize the relationship between blacks and whites in America as "good," according to a new CBS News/New York Times survey.

Less than a year ago, just 29 percent of blacks said race relations were good. The percentage of blacks who say race relations are bad, meanwhile, has dropped from 59 percent last July to 30 percent today.

Sixty-one percent of blacks say there has been real progress in getting rid of racial discrimination since the 1960s. That's up from 37 percent in December 1996. Eighty-seven percent of whites say there has been real progress since the 1960s.

Despite the increasingly positive perceptions, however, most blacks feel that discrimination lingers. Asked who has a better chance to get ahead in U.S. society, fifty-one percent of blacks said white people do. Forty-four percent said both races had equal opportunity, while just one percent said blacks had an advantage.

White people, by contrast, were far more likely to see a level playing field, with 62 percent saying both races had equal opportunity. Roughly one in four white said white people have a better chance to get ahead, while seven percent of whites said black people have the better opportunities.

Still, this data offers encouraging trends: the percentage of blacks who say that both races have equal opportunities has risen by twelve points since last July.

Perhaps surprisingly, most Americans do not directly credit President Obama for improving race relations. Fifty-nine percent of blacks and 65 percent of whites say race relations have stayed the same since Mr. Obama took office. But one in three blacks do say his presidency has meant a positive change in race relations.

The Obama Administration And African-American Optimism:

The election of the first-ever African-American president and his time in office has prompted an outpouring of optimism among African-Americans, despite the tough economic times.

Seventy-percent of African-Americans now say the country is headed in the right direction - more than twice the percentage of white Americans (34 percent) who say as much.

Back in January, just before Mr. Obama took office, only 21 percent of blacks (and 14 percent of whites) said the country was headed in the right direction.

Forty-one percent of blacks say the economy is getting better, while just 19 percent say it is getting worse. Whites, by contrast, are less optimistic, with 24 percent saying the economy is improving and 25 percent saying it is worsening.

Blacks are also overwhelmingly positive about the president's work on ending the recession and the war in Iraq, with 80 percent saying he has made progress on ending the recession and 73 percent saying he has made progress on ending the war.

White Supremacist To Be Executed In Georgia Tonight - The Usual Suspects Will Not Be Around To Protest The Death Penalty

AJC: Georgia killer to be executed tonight

A Georgia white supremacist who killed one of his followers for not obeying orders is scheduled to die by lethal injection Tuesday night.

William Mark Mize of Madison County is set to be put to death at 7 p.m. for the 1994 murder of Eddie Tucker, a white follower who was fatally shot after he failed to burn down what Mize considered to be a crack house in nearby Athens.

The 52-year-old Mize’s attorneys say the execution should be delayed due to lingering doubt over Mize’s role in the murder, but prosecutors say he’s an unrepentant killer.

Mize would be the second person put to death in Georgia this year.

Mize’s execution by lethal injection will take place at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson, southeast of Atlanta.

When a person they favor stands to be executed the Anti-Death Penalty Actor-vists show up in mass numbers to protest the death penalty.

When a person who is not as favorable to them they don't show up in the context of showing their consistency against the death penalty - regardless of race or ideology.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Civil War Preceeded By Conerns About Free Blacks Being Made Equal To Poor Whites

Confederate history month bill honors ignoble past

It is long past time that the "Good Ole Boys" give it up. THEY LOST. Their ancestors are dead.

As this year’s legislative session closed, and with little publicity or dissent, the Georgia General Assembly passed Senate Bill 27, designating April as “Confederate Heritage and History Month.”

The bill, which drew controversy before failing two years ago, declares that every April “shall be set aside to celebrate the Confederate States of America, its history, those who served in its armed forces and government,” and all those who contributed “to the cause which they held so dear.”
As a seventh-generation Georgian and a direct descendant of five Confederate soldiers, I wish that the cause the bill’s sponsors are referring to had been a noble one.

Sadly, the historical record compels me to accept that the Confederate cause was grounded in the defense of oppression, not liberty, and Georgia is wrong to glorify this chapter of history.

Unfortunately for its modern-day defenders, the Confederacy’s leaders stated their own motive for secession so clearly and unambiguously that it leaves no room for doubt as to how they understood the cause they held “so dear.”

On Dec. 7, 1860, Georgia Gov. Joseph E. Brown delivered an open letter to the people of Georgia endorsing secession solely because of the threat of abolition.

He said that Georgians “can never again live in peace with the Northern abolitionists, unless we can have new constitutional guarantees, which will … effectually stop the discussion of the slavery question in Congress.”

Since slavery was widely seen as benefiting only the rich, fully half of the letter was directed specifically at poor non-slave-holding whites, warning them of the consequences if slaves were made their equals.

Four Confederate states issued declarations of cause that explained their reasons for seceding. Every one identified slavery. “Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery —- the greatest material interest of the world,” declared Mississippi, the bluntest of the four.

Henry Benning was Georgia’s commissioner to the Virginia Secession Convention, and on Feb. 18, 1861, he encouraged Virginia to secede as Georgia had: “What was the reason that induced Georgia to take the step of secession? … It was a conviction, a deep conviction on the part of Georgia, that a separation from the North was the only thing that could prevent the abolition of her slavery. This conviction was the main cause.”

Georgia’s Robert Toombs resigned from the U.S. Senate on Jan. 7, 1861, and gave a farewell speech in which he identified four Southern demands, all protecting slavery. The month prior, Toombs had proposed a similar seven-point constitutional compromise to avoid secession; all seven points concerned slavery.

In his Corner-Stone Speech of March 21, 1861, Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens, a Georgian, told his Savannah audience, “Our peculiar institution —- African slavery as it exists among us —- the proper status of the negro in our civilization. … was the immediate cause of the late rupture and the present revolution.”

He explained that the Confederacy’s “foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery —- subordination to the superior race —- is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical and moral truth.”

This was the “cause which they held so dear.”

To claim that slavery was only one factor in secession is like saying that Sept. 11 was only one factor in our decision to invade Afghanistan. States’ rights? Only the right to own people.

As a son of the South, I take no satisfaction in these truths. But they are truths nonetheless.

There is much to celebrate about Georgia and Southern heritage, but if Gov. Perdue signs SB 27, singling out the Confederacy for special celebration, slavery is the legacy and the cause that he honors.

Loren Collins, an attorney, lives in Atlanta

Unequal Outcomes In Education - Correct Observations - Wrong Analysis

Children suffer from injustice by unequal schools


Monday, April 20, 2009

Recently, I was a judge at Georgia Mathfest, an event where more than 5,000 kids engaged in mathematical activities, games and all around fun.

One of the main events was math-bate, a combination of math and debate in which teams were given scenarios and had to analyze and solve them mathematically. They also had to think critically about the various situations and apply reasoning and logic. Once they solved a scenario, they gave a presentation in front of me and a fellow Morehouse brother. While we scored them based on the correctness of their math, most of the points derived from their ability to explain their reasoning and the general fluidity of their presentation.
What we witnessed in our many hours judging events was disheartening.

Inequalities in education and the underlying factors are something that I’ve always been passionate about understanding. Going to predominantly white schools for grades k-8, and a predominantly black school for grades 9-12 helped me see more clearly the dividing line of educational quality. At Mathfest, I saw the overwhelming disparities that now plague America’s public schools.

Of the 20 teams on each grade level, about 15 were completely Caucasian/Asian/Non African-American, two or three were all African-American. Only two or three were a mix. There were tremendous gaps in the speaking and reasoning ability of the African-American groups. The Caucasian/Asian groups would stand in front of us with confidence and pride, using immense vocabularies consistent of words far beyond what I thought the average kid their age understood.

The African-American groups were significantly less prepared, getting a majority of the problems wrong and having one or two students do the talking while the others just stood there. Not because they didn’t want to speak, but because they didn’t know the information. Some even struggled to read the instructions. The intended fun of the event was not felt by these students. The math-debate was just another exercise in which they saw their Caucasian peers outperform and win.

Being a judge, I had an obligation to fairness, impartiality and neutrality. I would search for reasons to give the African-American groups a few extra points, so the scores would look respectable, but my searches came back empty. I didn’t quite realize to the full extent what I was witnessing until the event was over and the winners had been crowned.

I can’t even begin to describe the feelings and thoughts that raced through my heart and mind as I walked group after group to the podium to be awarded their first place plaques. Of the 40 individual winners, only three were black. And two were on the same team.

It troubles me that America’s public schools (and private, but that’s another situation) are still unequal and lack not only diversity, but equality in the distribution of resources. Some try to blame it on the intellectual capacity of the kids, but that is not the case. There is no reason for there to be such a wide gap in the academic skill-set of students in the same grade in the same state.

Disproportionate education is injustice. Everything starts with a foundation, the roots if you will. Elementary/middle schools are the roots from which we sprout up during high-school, college and life. When a root isn’t getting the proper nutrients that it needs to grow, it shrivels. It may be harsh, but if we don’t make a change, this is what will continue to happen to generation after generation of our youth. There has got to be a better way. And we are all in charge of finding it.

• Jonathan Wall, 18, is a Morehouse College student who wants to be a civil rights attorney.

Congressman John Lewis Arrested

John Lewis arrested at Darfur protest

I wish I could report that Rep Lewis had been arrested for failing to pursue threats to the people in his district TODAY as vigorously as he continues to do about "cold case civil rights violations" of over 50 years ago.

RACISTS!!!! Fox Will Not Carry Obama 100 Day New Conference

Fox sticking with schedule instead of Obama

Note this is "Fox" - the broadcast channel not "Fox News"

NEW YORK — The Fox network is sticking with its regular schedule over President Barack Obama this week.

The network is turning down the president's request to show his prime-time news conference on Wednesday. The news conference marks Obama's 100th day in office. Instead of the president, Fox viewers will see an episode of the Tim Roth drama "Lie to Me."

Its a good thing that Progressives like "American Idol", "24" and MySpace or else there would be a massive boycott against the News Corp for failing to carry a press conference for the "Black President" because they are racists.


Tasered Suspect Kills 2 Deputies While On The Ground

Sheriff: Soldier killed 2 Fla. deputies in arrest

We hear from people when the police use of taser contributes to the demise of a criminal suspect.

I assure you that we won't hear anything about this case in which a suspect who was being arrested was tasered and then he pulls out a weapon and kills 2 sheriff's deputies.

Instead we might hear that the suspect's military background and his ability to have possession of a weapon were the critical facts and thus the usual suspects will attempt to execute their ideology upon these two "exploitable surfaces".

Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Domestic Pirate Thugs" Kill Again - Close To The Conservative County That Many Black Flight Progressives Have Vacated To For Safety

Riverdale shooting leaves one dead

When I saw this story on the news I immediately thought about a docu-drama that I saw in whicn a Black man was gunned down on the law of a courthouse in Mississippi from back in the day when he collected a handful of voter registration forms and had intended to take them to the desk of the registrars office. There were 3 White men who had heard of his plan before hand. They waited on the lawn to stop him. This Black man ended the day dead.

Likewise these "Domestic Pirate Murderous Thugs" found the words said by this Black man at the club so disturbing that they followed him home and gunned him down.

The common phrase said by both the White Racist and the Domestic Pirates was "That will teach that Nigger to stay in his place".

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Clayton County police found more than 50 rounds of ammunition at the scene of a shootout that left a Fayette County teenager dead and a College Park man with a bullet wound to the neck.

Investigators said both men were standing outside a home in the 1200 block of East Fayetteville Road with several other individuals at about 5 a.m. Saturday when the shooting happened.

Investigators said the victims were visiting the residence. Authorities said the other individuals took off running when the gun shots rang out.

Clayton County Police spokesman Tim Owens said the teen victim's identity was not immediately released. Owens identified the other shooting victim as 24-year-old Bernard Pitts of College Park. Pitts was wounded and hospitalized in critical condition.

Investigators said the crime scene covered about a three-block area.

No arrests have been made.

Neighbors told Channel 2 Action News reporter Joyce Oscar that a few months ago, U.S. Marshals raided the home where the men were standing and made several arrests. A representative for Clayton County police said he couldn't confirm the neighbor's story.

This story must be placed in its proper context.


For me there must be some sort of sustained agitation against the BLACK ESTABLISHMENT and the BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS OPERATIVES and the BLACK PROGRESSIVE CLERGY of metro Atlanta.

THERE WILL NOT BE ANY PROTESTS resulting from this "lynching".

This faction that I speak of only knows how to fight WHITE RACISTS and how to get Black folks to vote for the Democrats.

I keep highlighting these stories NOT to produce a "Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah" moment for Black America. This information is necessary to shake loose the bigots from their entrenched position.

They argue that THEIR IDEOLOGICAL ADVERSARIES both present and from the past register as the primary threat to Black people. Thus their entire movement is based on building "racist scare crows" only to tear them down.

Let me be clear - RACISM HAS NOT GONE ANYWHERE. There still remains a strong force of White folks who don't like Black people.

For me, however, I am not willing to promote the threat from these White folks as being superior to the threat from the Domestic Pirate Thugs who assault Black folks on a daily basis.

If there were 50 bullets fired at a Black man from a White person acting in any capacity - a police man, a racist or even one who was defending his own property and justifiably fired one or two THERE WOULD BE PROTESTS RIGHT NOW!!!

Since the killer of this Black man is very likely to be Black, the exploitable surfaces are thus removed from the crime scene and thus the usual suspects will likely remain silent.

A Tale Of Two Counties - Clayton County & Fayette County Georgia - Part III

Clearly some people's opposition to the federal stimulus money is because they their money is taxed away at a progressive rate but they don't receive any of it back in return. Thus the strategy of "keeping MY MONEY local" seems a logical strategy for those who have governed themselves accordingly.

In other words - we are far more likely to hear about the need to express charity and compassion for those who have "less than" rather than any particular drive to have certain policies and practices that produce the resources needed to sustain a community be advanced while those which fail to be subverted.

Clayton schools to get $25M in federal aid

The cash-strapped Clayton County school system will get $25 million in federal stimulus money over the next two years, U.S. Rep. David Scott announced.

The money will help offset the loss in state aid, board chairwoman Alieka Anderson said Friday. The district is slated to lose $23 million in state aid this year because of a drop in enrollment following the accreditation loss.

About $16.5 million of the federal aid must be used for construction, according to Michael Andel, Scott’s chief of staff.

About $7.2 million must go to programs that help low-income students. About 77 percent of Clayton’s students qualify for free or reduced meals, according to the state Department of Education.

The remaining funds will be spent on programs for special needs children, Andel said.

Fayette only district not receiving Title 1 bailout

Fayette County school officials are taking a conservative approach when it comes to stimulus dollars.

Very conservative.

Maybe that's because they aren't expecting a lot of bailout dollars from the federal stimulus because of the county's poverty level.

"We are the only district in the state not receiving any Title I funding," said Dr. John DeCotis, Superintendnet of Fayette County Schools.
"We have asked why, and they can't tell us. They can't explain it, but they say we don’t qualify," he said.

Sandra Watson, Fayette County Director of Elementary Schools and Title Programs, said she had spoken with a representative in Washington, D.C., and had been told that Fayette could apply for only one of four grants that might be
available through a second round of funding.

"They say it's because of our poverty levels are below 5 percent," Watson said.

According to Watson, the poverty level for Fayette was based on the 2007 estimates derived from the 2000 census.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

An Author Recalls "Straight Up 'Philly'"

Audio Report: Joe Queenan

"America is an apsirational society" writes Joe Queenan in a recent column the "Guardian." He should know as he grew up in the Schuylkill Falls housing project near East Falls in Philadelphia and is now a successful culture critic and author of several books. Queenan's new book, "Closing Time" is about growing up in working-class Irish American Philadelphia in the 1950s and 1960s.

This report hits home because I am so familiar with all of the places that he speaks about.

It is interesting how the city of Philadelphia has changed so much and is in the constant state of flux.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Black Couple Adopts A White Girl

What adopting a white girl taught a black family about race in the Obama era

Several pairs of eyes follow the girl as she pedals around the playground in an affluent suburb of Baltimore. But it isn't the redheaded fourth grader who seems to have moms and dads of the jungle gym nervous on this recent Saturday morning. It's the African-American man—six feet tall, bearded and wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt—watching the girl's every move. Approaching from behind, he grabs the back of her bicycle seat as she wobbles to a stop. "Nice riding," he says, as the fair-skinned girl turns to him, beaming. "Thanks, Daddy," she replies. The onlookers are clearly flummoxed.

As a black father and adopted white daughter, Mark Riding and Katie O'Dea-Smith are a sight at best surprising, and at worst so perplexing that people feel compelled to respond. Like the time at a Pocono Mountains flea market when Riding scolded Katie, attracting so many sharp glares that he and his wife, Terri, 37, and also African-American, thought "we might be lynched." And the time when well-intentioned shoppers followed Mark and Katie out of the mall to make sure she wasn't being kidnapped. Or when would-be heroes come up to Katie in the cereal aisle and ask, "Are you OK?"—even though Terri is standing right there.

Is it racism? The Ridings tend to think so, and it's hard to blame them. To shadow them for a day, as I recently did, is to feel the unease, notice the negative attention and realize that the same note of fear isn't in the air when they attend to their two biological children, who are 2 and 5 years old. It's fashionable to say that the election of Barack Obama has brought the dawn of a post-racial America. In the past few months alone, The Atlantic Monthly has declared "the end of white America," The Washington Post has profiled the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's struggle for relevance in a changing world, and National Public Radio has led discussions questioning the necessity of the annual Black History Month. Perhaps not surprising, most white and black Americans no longer cite racism as a major social problem, according to recent polls.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Black Workers Among The Hardest Hit In The Recession

Economic crunch continues to hit minority workers hardest

One has to wonder about the strategy and policies that were advanced during the "good times" that may have worked to buffer those who are now vulnerable.

EDUCATION - What impact does public education policies and the lack of discipline in too many of the schools that the minority students are treated to have upon the skills that they exit the learning institution with?

ORGANIZED LABOR - Where as organized labor is a sweet spot in many a workers heart - and indeed they serve an important purpose - What impact does the hard pressed transfer of financial resources from the corporation over to the labor expense column have with regards to the decision of where the company will locate?

The peaks and valleys of our economic outlook places people in a strong negotiating position on the one hand and erodes their position at other times. Presently there are more people seeking certain jobs with certain skills that are able to be fulfilled by a large group of people (in English - unskilled/semi-skilled labor) than there are jobs to fill them. This places downward pressure on the salary as people's hunger will allow them to accept a job at a lower rate.


The ideal situation is to have a highly educated work force with a regulatory and tax scheme that is attractive to businesses of a certain caliber to enter the region.

Presently many large cities are hemorrhaging because they have lost a substantial amount of tax revenues from the economic slowdown and the resulting slow down in business. As a result they are printing more tax bills and creating new user fees in order to extract the money out of the people who are in contact with them in some way.

If I had the answer - I'd be rich.

It seems to me that the absolute wrong strategy is to demonize those who presence is valuable in keeping your area prosperous - the "Consumers of Labor" and those who have the money to create jobs via their investments in small businesses.

(Did I mention that unchecked criminal assaults upon businesses are deadly to them as well?)

Help Me Understand This: Cuba's Ex-Pat "WHITE Right-wingers" Are A Bigger Problem Than The Poverty Among Blacks In This 70% Black Nation?

Help Me Understand This: Cuba's Ex-Pat "WHITE Right-wingers" Are A Bigger Problem Than The Poverty Among Blacks In This 70% Black Nation?

I am struggling to understand the point and the logic of this opinion piece. They argue that the White vocal critics of Castro that live in South Florida should not be allowed to hijack the US relationship with Cuba. Instead the focus should be upon the gross poverty and struggle for rights by the 70% of poor Blacks who reside in the country.

Let me be clear - I am fully aware about the large Black population in Cuba. I also agree that under the Bautista government the majority of the nation was dirt poor while the White minority, at least some of them, enjoyed great wealth and access to the fine amenities of the island. In as much as wealthy White Americans ventured over to Cuba as a vacation spot, the same segregation that was in place in the USA at that time flowed through to Cuba.

It is also true, from my research, that in relative terms a disproportionate number of Afro-Cubans see Castro's rule as a net uplift for them. They went from desperately poor to POOR.

None of this speaks to the issues of human rights and liberties. They thing that the American left fights for elsewhere. Instead when it comes to Cuba they seem smitten by the fact that "at least these poor Blacks have government health care, all is not bad".

The average monthly salary for Cubans is $27.
When Cuba sought to improve the energy efficiency of its electrical appliances in order to reduce the load on the antiquated electrical grid - the government set up a payment program in which the Chinese made refrigerators could be purchased via monthly payments. For some people the fridge took up too large of their monthly salary to be a reasonable investment.

It comes as no surprise that while socialism seeks to flatten out the income curve so more people can "share" in the wealth - the perversion of this system is that it cares more about EQUALITY than it does about the fact that this POINT OF EQUALITY is often far, far lower than the average point which capitalism coupled with progressive taxation can bring.

Let's say that the average salary for the Cuba is $1000 per yer. (I am generously bumping this up from that which can be deduced from $27 per month). This $1k amount is sub-poverty rates in the USA.

How is it that people can choose to make a positive reference to Cuba as being a successful socialist state (well they put any faults that they do detect upon the US embargo) while ignoring these grave facts?

I have no problem with the people of Cuba. I don't like the government. I dislike the "Anti-America Americans" who fawn upon the positive elements of Cuba that they conger up.....but they always seem to come home and make use of their American freedoms.

Philly's Michael Nutter Dun CHANGED His Tune On Casinos

A changed climate for casinos

I am willing to give this brother who heads this struggling city which is 85% Democratic some slack.

He faces a $1 billion in tax shortfalls over the next 5 years.

His back is up against the wall. Since people are unwilling to pay taxes in order to keep the libraries open, Mayor Nutter is hoping that these same tax-resistant people will open their wallets inside of the casinos and the city can get the tax money via that channel.

Black Chamber Of Commerce: Blacks Supporting Union Card Check Should Remember Voter Intimidation

Card Check Will Put Blacks Out of Business: Chamber CEO Alford

Finally a reference to past discrimination which is used for more constructive purposes. (OK, OK - how about for purposes that I agree with?)

Harry C. Alford, president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, says Card Check – the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) – along with the Project Labor Agreement Executive Order 13502 will impair the rights of black business owners, open the door for black employees to be threatened, and flat out put black laborers out of work.

The Employee Free Choice Act would eliminate the secret ballot in workplace unionization voting, and EO 13502 would require the use of union-friendly "project labor agreements" in connection with large-scale construction projects.

Regarding Card Check, Alford says, "By eliminating the right to vote in private, workers would not only be deprived of the right to vote their conscience, but would also be more vulnerable to the intimidation and coercion tactics known to be used by union organizers," Alford opined.

Some of those feared tactics have been outlined by the Center for Union Facts, which reported that thousands of unfair labor practice cases have been filed against unions since 2000 – including 1,417 for coercive statements, 416 for violence and assaults, 546 for harassment, and 1,325 for threatening statements.

“African-Americans, in particular, have bitter memories of voter intimidation and have a responsibility to stand up against any proposition that will take away their democratic voting rights,” noted Alford.

The Assault Upon Black Owned Businesses - Cabbie Shot In The Back Of The Head / Married Father Of 4

Cabbie shot dead in Southwest Atlanta

Atlanta police Wednesday were investigating the early-morning shooting death of a taxi driver.

The shooting happened at 1:20 a.m. near the intersection of Richard Allen Boulevard and Fairburn Road in southwest Atlanta, homicide Sgt. Bob Creasy said.

A security guard at Big Bethel Village heard a crash near the gate to the retirement community, went to investigate and discovered the cab up against the fence, Creasy said.

He said the 57-year-old driver had been shot once in the back of the head. He died at the scene.

Creasy said detectives were investigating the shooting as a possible robbery.

The victim “had a couple of dollars in his hand; we don’t know if he was trying to give them the money or if had just received money from a fare.”

The front and back door of the cab were open when police arrived, Creasy said.

He said investigators were talking with dispatchers at Star Cab Co. to determine whether the victim had recently picked up a customer.

Make mention about how RACISM prevents Black folks from getting a cab when we need one and you will see a pile on of tales of racism that affirms the claim. I have never experienced this.

Show a story about the latest metro area cabbie to be shot dead in the midst of a robbery and, if you push to hard, you'll be called a racist for daring to make a connection about the increased risk of being a cabbie in certain neighborhoods.

Of course the entire community did not do this crime. This was the work of what appears to be 2 "Domestic Pirate Thugs".

This news angers me to no end.
African Immigrant.
Moved his family to America for a better opportunity.
Married man with 4 children
He is their primary provider
He works 14 hours a day to bring home the money to his family

His life is tragically ended by Domestic Pirate Thugs who believe that the money in his pocket is worth more than he is to the world.


Domestic Thug Pirates' Trifecta: "Assualt On Black Biz", "Taser While Black", "Black People Crying"

The Domestic Thug Pirates have set a new record.

In one operation they have managed to:
  1. Wage an "Assault On Black Owned Businesses"
  2. Perform a "Tasered While Black" assault on Black people
  3. Add to the annal of "What Is Making Black People Cry Today"

I have changed their label from "Drug Thugs" over to "Domestic Thug Pirates". After seeing the shooting of the 3 Somalians by the authorities lead to cheers among some in the Black community who would normally defend them it is clear that the word "PIRATE" is the key factor which affords the reinterpretation of one's thug actions.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Haven CT Discrimination Case Puts "Assumed Black Inferiority" On Trial

Story: Hartford Courant: U.S. Supreme Court To Hear New Haven Fire Fighters Reverse Discrimination Case

First - let's dispense of the talking points. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "Reverse Discrimination". There is ONLY "discrimination". The notion of "reverse discrimination" subtly yields to the substantiation of "White Supremacy".

* There existed a scare resource that needed to be allocated - Fire Department Lieutenant Positions in the New Haven Fire Department

* There were a list of individuals seeking to obtain possession of this scarce resource - Many candidates qualified for the initial consideration of the lieutenant position

* There was a process that was set up by a system by which various individuals who qualified for the scarce resource could be chosen - a written test for the lieutenant position was given

* At the end of this process - those who scored highest on the test were chosen for the scarce resource. They were judged on their SCORES, not DISQUALIFIED because of their RACE


When the results came back from blind judgment and aggrieved individuals saw some angle by which to challenge the entire process that they had agreed to.....they noticed that those who were awarded this scarce recourse WERE WHITE and they, those of whom did not qualify, were NOT WHITE.

Upon seeing the results and being compelled by the argument that the awardees did not LOOK LIKE the racial make up of the community - those running the system PUT ASIDE THE RESULTS because the RESULTS were not to their liking.

Now imagine if this was done after an election?

Imagine if this was done after a criminal trial?

No doubt there would be a lawsuit AGAINST the authority which rejected the results and "tried again" until they got more favorable results.  There would be HELL TO PAY as induced by the Civil Rights and Social Justice community.

Unfortunate for JUSTICE - the city of New Haven molested the results of this open and fair process for the BENEFIT of the minority applicants and thus the civil rights community is overjoyed with the new outcomes........and are INSENSED that the "aggrieved White folks" are daring to take this matter to court.....just as THEY would have done.


Now that the facts of the case have been documented - I am not interested in arguing the normal points of the case.

Instead - let us talk about the UNDERLYING ASSUMPTIONS about Black people and about White people which are clear and obvious in this case.

The written test given equally to all who applied did not render the desired results.  Thus they were thrown out.  Normally for there to be a clear cut case of RACISM then it is this RACISM that is the unifying grievance upon which the Black plantiffs protest systems that are said to be discriminatory.

Since they could not find any smoking gun racism to charge the New Haven CT with they chose to took a different tactic.  Their new tactic was to inject the "Racial Jury Of My Peers" argument where they identify the racial make up of the community and then to note how the body of those who were awarded the position did not match the community make up.  This is called RACISM when there is a mismatch. 

Now mind you - in some people's view the greater case for WHITE SUPREMACY can be made about the "whiteness" of the departmental leadership of the Fire Department than they care to note the resulting INFERIORIZATION OF BLACK PEOPLE as an unintended consequence of this argument.

I have called out the issue of assumed "Black Inferiority" for a long time.  It must be noted that there is a large contingent of Black people who are willing to "ASSUME THE INFERIOR POSITION" on their quest to receive a certain benefit.  If such a disposition is enough to get them into the door - they will allow their necks to bend and their shoulders to slump as they walk through the door - the door which they, IN THEIR OWN MINDS, figure that they would not be able to walk through without these external shims which lift them to the qualifying level.


Ask those who claim injury upon their person from the past that their ancestors experienced "When will you be healed and how does a casual 3rd party observer notice your healed state?".   The answer you will get is "I will be healed when I tell you so".

At present there is no particular reason for them to take the neck brace off.


On an increasing basis - the damage to the Black community will come from the failure to implement an ORGANIC SYSTEM by which "healing" might take place.  The one sure way to get attacked by certain operatives is to suggest to them that the "victim" is primarily responsible for initiating a "fix" since he will be the primary casualty from remaining as he is now and he will be the primary beneficiary of his repaired state.

White Republicans Struggle With How To Attract Black Folks To Their Party

Here is a suggestion: Stop assuming that Black people are INFERIOR - per this ridiculous case in New Haven CT.

Article From "The Next Right": Young Voters, the GOP, and Race


Ms Solti:

I am a Black male who is a Black Conservative rahter than a Republican. I tell you this not to get something in the way of a special treatment from you but for a more pennitrating perspective.

You said:

[quote] A party that appears to be uninterested in the concerns of (or votes of) African-Americans or Hispanics does not only risk forfeiting a growing segment of the population (and educated population) as a whole.[/quote]

Do you ever reverse the argument and make note that in the areas where Blacks, Hispanics and certain segments of the White community live despite being solid Democratic /Progressive majorities - the key grievances of the masses go unresolved. Why don't we see a sustained attack on the establishment in these places in response to:

* Failing Schools

* Crime Ridden Streets

* Eroding Economic Condtiions

Is the problem really "non-interest" or is the problem EFFECTIVENESS in resolving problems? Indeed progressive and conservatives have differing viewpoints on many things. We should not confuse what is "popularly assumed to be" the best way forward with "what is PROVABLY the way forward".

Ms Soltis - when does the statement "We don't like conservatives and thus we don't vote for them because they don't support what we beleive is the pathway to receive our permanent interests" over to " DESPITE having a full compliment of favorable elected officials in place in pursuit of our interests - they have not delievered upon our permanent interests. It is time that we take a step back and make sure that our assumptions regarding how to move forward are correct"?

Does one ever question the presence of BIGOTRY in place in these entrenched progressive places?

Ms Soltis -

The court case in New Haven speaks to ASSUMED Black inferiority by the system. I am most angered with Black people subject themselves to this position for the want of a certain benefit. .

When a system that was designed to parcel out the scarce resource known as leutinant positions in the fire department did not produce the intended "diversity" results - the results were thrown out and some other system that purported to deliver more "favorable" results was implemented.

Tell me one civil rights activist who would support this action IF it flowed against their interests?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"What Is Making Black People Cry Today?" Part VIII

(Before I proceed I would like to take this time out to say how sorry I am about the grave loss experienced by the families of Fitzgerald Phillips and Calyisse Perkins. Two 19 year old students seeking to improve themselves only to be murdered for no good reason. I DO NOT which to set up a "Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah" moment AT THEIR EXPENSE.

Instead I am seeking to SMOKE OUT BIGOTS who value their lives LESS than they do fighting against the "Conservative Threat" from Tea Parties. To the Phillips and the Perkins family - fear not. Changing the hearts and minds of bigots takes both TIME and IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE before they become more accepting. )

Kidnapping, robbery spree and ransom demand preceded murder of SUNO student, literacy tutor

A desperate police search for a couple kidnapped early Sunday from an Algiers apartment ended Monday afternoon with the discovery of the bodies of the young adults in an abandoned Gert Town house on the east bank, authorities said.

Southern University at New Orleans student Fitzgerald Phillips and literacy tutor Calyisse Perkins, both 19, had been taken by two men from Perkins' apartment in Algiers after the men ransacked the unit about 2:30 a.m.

A short while later a $10,000 ransom demand was made using Phillips' cell phone, according to police.

While the army of Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers were smitten by the words of their "White Chick Protector of the Lowly Negro" (copyright 'Black Sphere') there was more serious threats to the livelihood and basic existence of beloved members of the Black community who's focus was left unattended.

People - do you think I enjoy doing this? I only do so because of the gross cavern between the "Racist Scare Crow" that is assembled by Black ideological bigots upon the threats that they suggest that Black folks focus upon and the real threat that all clear evidence points to.

"So, Constructive Feedback, you want us to view ALL BLACK PEOPLE AS KILLERS and lock all Blacks up and throw away the key?" said the dimwitted ranting person who has no answer yet who knows the truth.

Why ask this of me. Why don't you ever ask the killer thugs if they intend to kill all Black people and why they hate what they see out of their eyes so much? THIS more closely approximates their actions against Black people more than you can ever find any damage that I can do to my people with my computer keyboard.

Your tactics are wearing thin. This is all that some of you have to work with because your entire agenda is outward focused.

Political Control Over Suburban Cities - Unable To Maintain The Standard Of Living

Audio Report: The 'First Suburbs' Around Philadelphia

The idyllic American Suburb is moving farther from the city center, leaving the classic first ring suburbs on hard times. Residents of Coatesville, Norristown, Yeadon and Lansdowne are struggling to maintain the quality of life that was envisioned from their planned beginnings. The Southeastern Pennsylvania First Suburbs Project is a coalition of institutions and community organizations working on revitalizing the original suburbs. They share common problems of declining economic investment and infrastructure, affordable housing and keeping their children in public schools. We talk to two people working with the First Suburbs Project: JOHN MCKELLIGOTT, a former school board member of the William Penn School District; and community organizer, PAUL SCULLY, Executive Director of the New Jersey Regional Coalition. Scully has worked with several community groups around the country, training and organizing citizens to change their transportation, housing and tax policies.

View Larger Map

As a native of Philadelphia I am very familiar with all of the cities that are mentioned in this audio report.

These are suburban towns to the southeast of Philadelphia and in South Jersey.   As a child they were where my mother occassionally ventured out to on her weekend shopping trips.  At this time they were all lily White.  At the time this is where the "White Flight" migrants moved to.  

Fast forward 20 to 30 years.   These idylic places have transformed.  The exodus of "Black Flight Progressives" from the city of Philadelphia and then, it appears, new imigrants from other nations have moved into these areas.  (Note: middle class "Black Flight Progressives" have also moved away from these first ring city areas as lower class individuals have moved in).

Bottom line - there is little distinction between the migration patterns of "White flight" individuals and "Black Flight Progressives".  There is class and race dynamics present in both of their motivations for relocation.

If you read between the lines of the comments made in this audio report the key concepts of
  • "Needy" People
  • Quality of Schools
  • Taxation
  • Diversity 
are mentioned several times.

First let me mention - As I frequently talk about the consequences of how certain operatives went after political power but have failed to focus upon the economic system that they needed to field to allow the political district that they now control to flourish - a good portion of my sentiment comes from these towns.

To make this only about "RACE" is a mistake.  This is moreso about economic theories and how certain theories don't fare well in the real world.   

One guy in the audio keeps talking about "Oppressive Taxation".   How high property taxes needed to run these small cities have the effect of running wealthier home owners out of town because they are the target of funds to run these cities.  What he fails to make note of is how the commerical and retail diversity has collapsed as these cities have changed.  When there are vibrant businesses in town the taxes paid by them defray the tax burden of the private home owners.  

Logically, those who are in these small cities that don't have a viable economic system are supporters of regional tax and funding schemes that allow them to receive money in excess of what they are able to generate within their four corners.  

I know that I have mentioned the history of cities but this bears repeating.   Cities were once "unincorporated lands".  The residents paid their taxes to the county or the state in exchange for basic government services such as police, fire, utlities.  The city is formed when a group of people petition the state for a city charter.  They are of the belief that if direct these tax funds toward their own local interests that they can improve their standard of living beyond which is present.

Today there is a basic assault on this concept.  While those who are political are focused on obtaining seats of power over the titular offices of mayor, city council and police chief - they preside over city entities that today are not fiscally viable.  In effect their dependency on external funding sources casts them as city entities that serve as aggregators of external funds and distributors of services.  In effect they are functionally like an "unincorporated" land that has a city charter.

Out of this mismatch is coming what America is trending toward - NATIONALIZATION!    The inability of certain cities to field an economic order that allows their residents to live at the desired standard of living will eventally align the state as the key redistribution point for tax dollars.  Likewise when states suffer from their own dramatic tax burdens in the face of balanced budget mandates they will increasingly turn to the Federal government for funding.  The federal government is able to both run debts and print cash.   These two means of creating "magic money" affords all invovled to paper over the key issues.   This scheme will last until the investors in US Treasury bonds - wealthy bond traders in the USA and national governments in Japan and China who need to purchase US debt in support of their own export based economies.


I am a frequent critic of the drive for "voting yourself a pay raise".   The phenomeon that I am describing above affords people the ability to ignore the needed educational, cultural and political changes that they need to consider and need to make and instead focus purely on "majority rule" to dismantle the function of the intermediate government between the individual and the federal goverment.  Make no mistake about it this is a "by any means necessary" strategy.   Living day to day some people don't give a damn about federalism nor the proper order of the city.   They have needs.  They want these needs funded so that they can live up to a certain STANDARD OF LIVING.  They will vote for any politician who shows up with the cash, not asking them where they got the money from.

For those who resist such a scheme because they know that their wallets have a bullseye upon them - the previous way to get around this problem was to MOVE.   After having been assessed a new round of property tax and in some cases a "city wage tax" the productive person has a choice to stay and take it - seeing these taxes as their "patriotic duty" as VP Joe Biden has said.   Or these people can pick up and move one inch across the political boundary to which the tax man has no reach.  Problem solved.   Where as once they were the "bad guy" who those who made rhetorical attacks about their motivations for resisting the payment of higher taxes - they were now free and the rhetoritician was stuck, seeking to find new sources of taxation to keep the entity that he has an elected seat of power over.

The confluence of the worst case forces are upon some of these areas.   If there is a worse death spiral I don't know of it.   On the one hand there is a need to have a highly educated, highly skilled work force to both attrack new "consumers of labor" into the area who value this work force and are willing to pay for their talents.  To educate this work force there is a need for more education dollars.   These education dollars come from local property taxes.   In as much as there is much stress on the local tax digest - it does not serve as an appropriate funding source for these high order schools.  Thus they are forced to look toward external funding for their basic survival.  The cycle continues.

Again - the increased dependency of these cities which prove themselves non-viable does not come at the consequence of them loosing their charter as cities.  In fact there is no consequence beyond them becoming areas of blight.    A company that proves to be insolvent goes out of business.  A city with the same fate - goes to the state legislature for cash.


The issue of infrastructure was mentioned several times.   Crumbling cement structures.  Leaking pipes.   Inadeqate storm drainage systems.   

Few people mention that when much of this infrastucture was built in this area of the United States there was a bunch of labor thrown at these projects which activated those who were laborers but who's relatively low salaries spread the resources among many individuals.   

Ironically today much of our major infrastructure projects are executed at the hands of a limited set of general contractors who have the scale and the expertise to get the job done.  They employ laborers who are well paid.   In effect this monopoly indeed insures that a concentration of highly skilled workers do a quality job.  This monopoly also has the effect of limiting the girth of these "shovel ready" infrastructure projects to those who are already construction industry insiders.

It seems to me that the best way to address the need for new or upgraded infrastructure while stretching the available government dollars to pay for it, while increasing the number of people employed in the region is to control the wages paid out and enforce a spreading effect for employment. 

This theory runs against the spirt of organized labor which prefers a labor monopoly with barganing which seeks to maximize the pay and benefits.

Recently much talk has been heard regarding the enduring impact of "New Deal" infrastructure projects.  If indeed history is on their side regarding how this government spending continues to benefit our nation those who are intellectually honest must also make note of how vast quantities of individuals were employed on this projects (and on massive projects prior to the New Deal) without the premium wage rates. 

Let me be clear - I am NOT punitively seeking to cap the wage raes of these workers.   I am only seeking to allow these communities in need to gain more utility out of their dollars spent.  Certainly the benefits from the new infrastructure elements are of value to those who are in this immediate area who are in need of this infrastructure and of jobs.  Since there is no CEO of a large corporation pocketing most of the money - this shared sacrifice should appeal to the usual suspects.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Stanky Leg

Prior to this weekend I had never heard of the song/dance called "The Stanky Leg".

I will never allow this to happen again.

(Not to my female readers - Please forgive me. Hey I'm a man)

Black Male Unemployment Rates Highest Since WW II

Black male unemployment highest since WWII

A recent study indicates that of the major ethnic groups impacted by unemployment during the current U.S. recession, Black men have experienced the greatest job losses since the crisis officially began in November 2007.

"What's missing from national media coverage of this recession is plainly a great deal of [honesty] about who's losing their jobs. This is overwhelmingly a blue-collar, retail sales, low-level recession," said Andrew Sum, professor of economics and director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass., which published the study.

"The Impacts of the 2007-2009 National Recession on Male Employment in the U.S. through January 2009; The Massive Concentration of Job Losses Among Males Especially Black Men and Blue Collar Workers" tracked employment losses in the recession across gender groups of workers overall, and in the four major ethnicities— Asian, Black, Hispanic and White. Thestudy found that:

• Males are 80 percent (3.1 million) of all people who have lost their jobs in America;

• Black male unemployment rose by 6.4 percent. Between 2007 and January 2009, 482,000 Black men lost their jobs;

• The unemployment gap between Black men and women is historically unprecedented, with Blacks the only group where the gap favors women. This gap stems from differences in job types and fields, such as health care, education, social services - and wellpaying jobs, which are saturated with women.

If you are a Black man working in trucking, manufacturing, construction or warehousing, you are getting clobbered, the document's lead author said. Through Febru- ary 2009, Black men who were employed a month before the recession started have lost their jobs at a rate five times greater than everybody combined.

"Here we are as a country that was priding itself on the fact that it elected a Black American president of the United States, and rightfully so. At the same time, this is the greatest recession loss of jobs by Black men since the end of World War II. Thishas never happened before, yet nobody on national TV has stood up and said this recession has been catastrophic for Black men," Sum said.

Entrepreneurship is way out

"This means we're in trouble," said Lavar Young, director of the Newark (N.J.) Comprehensive Center for Fathers, which helps men transition who have lost their jobs, homes, or are re-entering the work force after incarceration. Known as the Fatherhood Center, it provides mentoring, life skills, legal assistance, education and counseling classes.

According to Young, self-help and entrepreneurship is a sure route out of joblessness for Black men. "It's a low-cost investment and many times a high reward. In Newark, we have a thriving market when it comes to folks selling things, especially when stores are going up on their prices. We just encourage the men who attend our programs to turn their skills when they were out doing negative things into something positive," he told TheFinal Call.

For instance, he added, "One of our guys came to class selling socks for $4-$5 a pack. It won't ease all your pains and it's not a lot of money, but it will help you over that hump," at least through about six to eight months of training for a new skill.

Implications for stimulus

According to the study, the demographics of job loss in the U.S. have important implications for the design and implementation of the programs to be funded under the economic stimulus package and work force development policies at the national, state and local levels.

For Sum, one way to reduce joblessness is to try to get all of the stimulus money distributed as soon as possible to get people back to work, and specifically target projects toward infrastructure, manufacturing, transportation and training money for youth jobs.

In addition, the Obama administration, and recipients of stimulus funds must guarantee public postings of all job openings generated by federal stimulus dollars on web sites of one-stop centers.

'Do for self'

Cedric Muhammad, CEO of CM Cap and the Eclectic Economist Blog at www.cedricmuhammad. com, also advocates self-help to reduce unemployment among Black men. He believes that finding a niche and doing something for themselves is critically important for Black men because they practically have no other option.

"In some states they must employ themselves in cases where they have felony convictions, and are not able to obtain jobs in certain professions and industries. Those jobs where they may qualify for employment - construction or manufacturing for instance - are disappearing rapidly," he said.

Whenever Black men can, they should pool their financial resources because what a struggling individual cannot do, a struggling group can do, whether it is friend-to-friend, family-tofamily, or neighbor-to-neighbor, Muhammad continued. This can apply from so-called gangs to fraternities.

Unemployment underestimated

Algernon Austin, director of the Program on Race, Ethnicity and the Economy for the Economic Policy Institute, argued that looking at the unemployment rate does not capture the true picture of joblessness. For example, he said, the numbers are suppressed by various factors, such as the high Black male incarceration rate.

His goal is to get Black men and other disadvantaged racial minorities incorporated into the mainstream economy through programs and investments, and to promote success of small Blackowned businesses to help men overcome obstacles to hiring.

But solving the problem of putting Black men to work requires a sincere, national commitment on various levels. The government has to help invest in and develop Black communities, address discrimination in the labor market, address educational disadvantages, and be sure job creation reaches the Black community, Austin said. "The good news is that people are highly adaptable and the Black family has already transformed itself significantly," he added.

Anger, frustration

Abdul Muhammad, a lead instructor at the Fatherhood Center, told TheFinal Call that people should be concerned about the joblessness among Black men because it lends to the large number of single Black mothers who are head of households.

"Black men suffer the worst when it comes to health and nutrition and they're the first fired and last hired ... with our national program. What I'm finding outside of Newark is that Black men in all these cities are going through the same issues, which is the lack of employment, financial empowerment, and not being able to provide for themselves and live a conducive lifestyle," he said.

As a result, Abdul Muhammad continued, the men feel frustrated and denigrated to a point where they give up, and children suffer when a man, unable to provide for his family, turns away from being a responsible parent.

NOI program works

Ultimately, Abdul Muhammad said, society must allow Black men to become engaged through civic participation and economic opportunity.

Otherwise, it will continue to produce anger, animosity and the horrific numbers of Black men entering the prison system, advocates warn.

"I can speak personally for myself because as most of these guys that enter our organization or Black men in general, I've sat where they're sitting because I've done time in state prison myself. I understand their pain and their frustration but I was just thankful and blessed due to the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (of the Nation of Islam) to have the opportunity to learn how to utilize the self-improvement program that he and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan have provided for us as a people," Abdul Muhammad said.

Bringing Consciousness To The Negro - One Step At A Time

From the blog "Booker Rising" is a post from Derrick in response to my charge that the Biased Black Media serve as press agents for Obama and the Democrats:


I'm not even sure what your point is, but I'm guessing that you want to throw out some red herring about all of the promises that are broken for African-Americans.

The fact is that the Democratic Party has already in 3 months alone 1) Introduced a budget that focuses on schools (inner city one's especially), 2) SCHIP that provides health care for low-income families, 3) Tagged money for Universal Health Care to help inner city families, 4) Jim Webb's legislation for Prison Reform to end the mass incarceration of non-violent drug offenders, 5) A substantial program to provide jobs through Obama's stimulus bill, and others.

The fact is that in 3 months Democrats have created more policies that will positively impact African-Americans than in the past 8 years of Republican rule. I doubt we will again see policies that transfer the countries wealth to the top 1%, voucher programs aimed at increasing the funding of private schools mostly populated by upper middle-class and wealthy students, and the bribing of African-American pastors to influence their constinuencies to vote in favor of a party whose lone agreement is on discriminating against gays, and making abortion an issue.
Derrick | 04.18.09 - 6:39 pm | #

Before I inject my response to Derrick - I have to address the words in his second paragraph that I had missed previously.


This is emblematic of the way some people think. In the mind of Derrick and others - to reduce taxes and thus allow people to KEEP MORE OF THE MONEY THEY HAVE EARNED - is to raid the government treasury and GIVE THE RICH MONEY.

The disturbing part of this notion is that one must logically believe that all money is "public money" and thus any money that an individual earns is money that the government allowed him to keep. This is a perverted way of thinking but it is popular among some people.

My reply:
[quote]The fact is that the Democratic Party has already in 3 months alone

1) Introduced a budget that focuses on schools (inner city one's especially),

2) SCHIP that provides health care for low-income families,

3) Tagged money for Universal Health Care to help inner city families,

4) Jim Webb's legislation for Prison Reform to end the mass incarceration of non-violent drug offenders,

5) A substantial program to provide jobs through Obama's stimulus bill, and others.[/quote]

(This is so frustrating folks)

Derrick - HOW MUCH of these new funds that will appear in the Black community are ORGANICALLY GENERATED where COMMUNITY MEMBERS who will ultimately CONSUME these benefits have done something DIFFERENT that you can point to which increased their RESOURCE AGGREGATION CAPABILITIES?

I truly believe that some of you JUST DON'T GET IT!!!

You believe that by VOTING YOUR WAY to entitlement and thus RECEIVING IT that you have WON THE BATTLE!!!

Each night you go and pray to Jesus that THE SYSTEM that is ordered in a certain way does not leave you. (Or more accurately that the FORCES which have generated these economic resources that you have redistributed NEVER MOVE OUTSIDE OF YOUR TAXING DISTRICT.)

Derrick you are talking to the WRONG PERSON.

There is not a single bullet point on your list that a CONSCIOUS Black person can point to and make the claim that our community's ability to PRODUCE ABUNDANCE has been augmented by these resources that were generated from forces that reside outside of the areas that your ideology has influence over. Thus the Tea Party Protests.

The most frustrating part about reading the analysis on the various Afro-Spear blogs (and on WRFG) is that they saw the tax protests as the fear of the collapse of WHITE SUPREMACY.

What they DON'T seem to get is the fact that this new REDISTRIBUTIVE REGIME is, in fact, the growth of poor and Black INFERIORITY in regards to the alignment of their PRODUCTIVE capacities within the communities that they now have dEMOCRATIC control over, able to field what ever local economic order that they desire and their need to instead appeal to faux terms such as SOCIAL JUSTICE as the justification for these resources to flow within.

Thus Derrick you SHOULD be asking:

1) Why is a city such as Chicago and Philadelphia unable to field an economic order that allows the economic activity WITHIN the city borders to PAY FOR basic government services?

2) Since MEDICAID already pays for health care for LOW INCOME FAMILIES.....what forces are impressing upon the consciousness of these lower-middle class/ middle class families in which they see that in having the GOVERNMENT to take over their health care obligations for their family they have INCREASED their position rather than being drawn into more dependency upon the system.

3) What about these "Inner City Families" has them needing "Universal Health Care" that is paid for NOT BY their own ECONOMIC PRODUCTIVITY or WILL TO FIX THEIR OWN condition but instead upon their voting preferences. Derrick when you show me that a successful vote in Chad could provide the people in this nation with abundance THEN I will agree with you that it was the VOTING FOR these policies rather than the fact that these people HAPPENED to have a mother that was inseminated in a qualifying nation that is the prevailing force for their demands.

4) Derrick IF ONLY their prior consciousness about the deadly impact of drugs upon their community would do the trick rather than legislation then you would impress me. How is it that YOU are not in jail san Webb's legislation?

5) Derrick the cities of Detroit, Baltimore, Newark, Camden, Rochester and Cleveland was awash with JOBS prior to the present ideological and economic order that dominates these environments took over. Why do you feel that GOVERNMENT is going to restore these tidings?