They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Stonecrest Mall In Dekalb Bans Unattached Youth On Weekend Evenings

Mall bans teens without parents on weekend nights

Lithonia’s Mall at Stonecrest will soon tell teenagers to stay away on weekend nights if they aren’t with Mom or Dad.

Beginning next weekend, anyone under age 18 coming to the mall at night will have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, mall officials will announce on Friday.

The policy will apply on Fridays and Saturdays after 4 p.m., a time when youngsters typically roam the mall unfettered, mall spokesman Donald Bieler said.

“We want to promote family and safety and shopping in DeKalb,”Bieler said. “This will allow us to enhance our existing code of conduct.”

Bieler said DeKalb County commissioners Lee May and Connie Stokes worked with the mall to initiate the policy.

“With Dunwoody incorporating [as a city], DeKalb has lost a great deal of revenue,” he said. “That has made Stonecrest very important to the commissioners.”

Neither Stokes nor May could be reached for comment Thursday.

Stonecrest will become the second mall in metro Atlanta to enact a parental-escort policy.

Arbor Place Mall in Douglas County adopted a similar policy in March 2007. At least 40 malls nationwide, including shopping centers in Savannah and Brunswick, have similar policies.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

PRO-Cop Killer March In Oakland - Sometimes Activist Negroes Make You Want To Form A New Tribe And Disown Them

Many Law Enforcement Officials Outraged at Rally for Oakland Gunman

Just when I think that an act that occurs is so heinous that even the Black Leftist Anarchist would be brought to order in their condemnations.

Like so many times before they surprise me with the depths they are willing to sink to in support of their warped viewpoint.

About 60 people marched and rallied in Oakland on Wednesday to condemn the police and honor Lovelle Mixon, who was killed by Oakland police after he fatally shot four officers Saturday.

"OPD you can't hide - we charge you with genocide," chanted the demonstrators as they marched along MacArthur Boulevard, near the intersection with 74th Avenue where Mixon, 26, a fugitive parolee, gunned down two motorcycle officers who had pulled him over in a traffic stop. He killed two more officers who tried to capture him where he was hiding in his sister's apartment nearby.

The protest was organized by the Oakland branch of the Uhuru Movement, whose flyers for the march declared, "Stop Police Terror." Many marchers wore T-shirts featuring Mixon's photo, including a woman identified by march organizers as Mixon's mother. The woman declined to comment and gave her name only as Athena.

Lolo Darnell, one of Mixon's cousins at the demonstration, said, "He needs sympathy too. If he's a criminal, everybody's a criminal."

Asked about police allegations that Mixon was suspected in several rapes, including that of a 12-year-old girl, marcher Mandingo Hayes said, "He wasn't a rapist. I don't believe that."

Bystanders had mixed reactions. Nicole Brown said that she can't condone murder but that police don't respect residents of the area. Daria Belt said she had no sympathy for the protesters but sympathized for Mixon's family.

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City of Philadelphia Faces A $1.4 Billion Budget Shortfall Over The Next 5 Years - Progressive Politics Work Well. They'll Have To Raise Taxes

Cuts, temporary tax hike to highlight Philadelphia mayor's 2009-2010 budget

At some point the very viability of certain cities need to be brought into question.


Hoping to tamp down a public outcry, Mayor Michael Nutter unveiled a $3.8 billion budget proposal Thursday that relies on property and sales tax increases to preserve libraries once slated for closure, protect health centers and maintain core city services.

The first-term Democrat presented the spending plan to his former City Council colleagues, who now must decide whether to approve the budget with the nation's sixth-largest city facing a projected deficit of nearly $1.4 billion over the next five years.

Nutter's proposal calls for a temporary 19 percent increase in the property tax for the budget year that begins in July, followed by a 14.5 percent increase the next year. It also proposes raising the sales tax from 7 percent to 8 percent for three years - a move that requires state approval - as well as cutting about 250 jobs and making changes to the city's pension plan.

"Philadelphians do want our government to tighten its belt," Nutter told a packed City Council chamber. "As they say, nothing in life is free."

The mayor's budget address was met with a mixture of boos and cheers from union workers, activists and others, many of them waving signs. He wants members of the city's four major unions to take voluntary furloughs to prevent additional layoffs and contribute more money to their health care and pensions. Union members chanted "No! No! No!" at the suggestion of furloughs.

If he does not get state approval for the sales tax hike, Nutter said, a contingency plan would include laying off 256 police recruits; deactivating three engine companies, two ladder companies and three emergency medical services units; reducing library and recreation center hours; closing a health center; and reducing trash collection to three times a month.

Pete Matthews, president of the city's largest municipal union, rejected Nutter's call for workers to contribute more to their pensions and health care.

"That's just something we don't do," he said.

Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham said in a statement that her office's budget had been cut 22 percent - or more than $7 million - a reduction she called "stunning."

In November, Nutter inspired citizen protests when he announced plans to close 11 libraries and 68 of 81 swimming pools because of declining tax revenue and skyrocketing pension costs. A judge later ruled the mayor could not close libraries without City Council approval.

In his budget address Thursday, Nutter said that, with the help of private funding, 46 public swimming pools will now be open this summer. Programs for abused and neglected children and homeless assistance programs also will be preserved.

In other cost-cutting measures, Nutter said the city has removed 243 vehicles from its fleet of 5,800 and plans to cut hundreds more. He said the city also collected $2.5 million in back taxes.

Nutter has said he opposes raising the city's wage tax as a means to create more revenue, as some have suggested. He also this year scrapped a plan to generate more money by charging residents $5 weekly or $1- to $2-per-bag fees for trash collection.

Council members' initial reaction to Nutter's proposal was lukewarm.

Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr. said he wants to take a closer look at Nutter's tax proposals. But he added that if he had to vote on the budget now he would support it.

Councilman Frank Rizzo was more direct, saying he couldn't support the proposed tax hikes.

"I don't trust that word 'temporary,'" he said. "At this point, I cannot be supportive of near that kind of an increase."

Drug Dealer Guy Fisher Begats Basketball Star Cory Fisher

Villanova guard learns hard lessons from his notorious great-uncle

They called him Radio because his mouth never stopped -- a constant chatterboxing of trash talk on the courts outside the Patterson Projects in the South Bronx.

He could shoot it but he was best known as a defender, always with his forearm out in front to protect, always more than willing to settle a game with his fists instead of the ball.

His skills never got him further than the playground, but Guy Fisher became a New York City legend anyway.

In 1970s Harlem, when the neighborhood was burgeoning with African-American pride, swagger and purpose, Fisher was a celebrity. The first African-American to own the famed Apollo Theater, he drew top talent to the cultural mecca after he reopened it in 1978 and had as much star power as the acts he booked, driving around town in his convertible Rolls Royce.

He gave turkeys to the poor at Thanksgiving, started basketball tournaments for the young kids and enticed the older guys at the Gauchos Gym with meaty bets, offering a few grand for the team he picked to win.

Fisher also was one of the most notorious heroin dealers the city has ever seen, a member of "The Council," a consortium of ruthless dealers led by Nicky Barnes that profited off the underbelly weakness of the same neighborhood it publicly built up. Their intertwining stories and that of rival Frank Lucas were the basis of the movie "American Gangster," and Fisher's life also was profiled in a BET series with the same name.

His glory days ended in handcuffs 26 years ago this month, when he was indicted on federal charges of racketeering, drug trafficking and conspiracy to commit murder.

Since then The Apollo floundered and was reborn, closed after Guy's arrest but since preserved as a national landmark. Harlem followed the same trajectory, its population dwindling to a little more than 100,000 by 1990 but then slowly rebuilding itself in the past 15 years.

But basketball remains, a constant rhythm on the same playgrounds that Guy "Radio" Fisher called home. For some it is a salvation; for others nothing more than a diversion.

Basketball couldn't keep Guy Fisher out of trouble, but two generations later his hard-won wisdom and the game he loved did rescue his great-nephew and namesake.

The Assault Upon Black Owned Businesses By Thugs - Part III

A conscious Black person who starts a business within some Black communities so that a seed might be planted and be allowed to grow........doesn't know what he is stepping into.

Clearly the question of the business viability goes far beyond the question of the consciousness of the business owner but instead is heavily dependent upon the question of if the "Thug Termites" who seek to destroy all that is around them will allow the business to go unmolested.

It is a shame that the Black couple shown in the video clip above have lost the use of their chemical treatment truck at the height of their business season.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Urban League Report: Blacks Are Only 71% Of White Folks - The Perfect Reference

National Urban League Report sees 'sobering statistics' on racial inequality

Another year goes by and, yet again, the National Urban League produces a report that measures the state of Black America against White folks who are the "1.0" that we should look toward for our own standing.

If there is a better claim for the presence of "Non-White White Supremacy" please tell me?

The course of events that occur upon the release of this report is that each year various Black elected officials and activists take a copy of this report to some GOVERNMENT BODY and says something to the effect of "See! We need to DO SOMETHING about this because this is unacceptable".

Rarely do we see hundreds of thousands of these reports being printed and then handed out to BLACK PEOPLE with the words "See!! We need to do something about this!! Your daily activities are aggregated here in this report". For those who are mentally defeated - such an action as I suggest would be seen as "blaming the victim".

Why is it that no one thinks to ask if the forces that have the most unchallenged influence over Black America are indeed effective after years of seeing this stagnation?

The recent report that Washington DC has an HIV epidemic or that Black people under the age of 50 have a heightened risk of heart failure IS NOT going to generate any particular ORGANIC movement within Black America to "DO SOMETHING" about these direct assaults to our longevity.

Ironically - the more OUTSOURCING of our desire to close the gap with White folks the more impotent we become as a culture in carrying forth such a task.

Skills are developed via the ownership of the challenge, the determination of the necessary behaviors to achieve the task, the dissemination of the information about the mission to the masses and then the management of the effort via constant feedback and course correction.

By hoisting the results from this annual report as a mission for the GOVERNMENT to address or even worse yet to make the case that LINGERING RACISM is the cause - the Black community is done a disservice.

I have constantly ranted about how the very worse possible circumstance for a certain prevailing order to be in is when it is ALL ALONE BY ITSELF and forced to deliver for the people who remain behind. At this point is when the failings and dysfunction of this set of thoughts are shown in their most distilled and concentrated form.

In the absence of the long time adversary to divert blame upon......those who are ideologues and are more interested in POWER than they are a FIX.....will simply point to the violation of the SOCIAL CONTRACT that the departure of the ADVERSARY has been to the interests of the people who remain, have the elected political power of their own choosing but still suffer, having not attained any of the purported benefits that were to be delivered when people they favor "run things".

At what point does serious introspection come?

Is this anything more than ideological bigotry at work which prevents such change?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Day - Another Series Of Violent Acts In Metro Atlanta - Silence From The Usual Suspects

6 carloads of people rush to Old National Highway brawl; Two people shot, 11 arrested, as pair of women clash

Student stabbed at Atlanta high school

Some people are more inclined to speak out against ME for daring to highlight the seeming "Groundhog Day" repeating series of events that are taking place among Black folks.  Mind you that my primary focus in Metro Atlanta.  Just imagine how many similar actions take place around the nation that I don't even know about.

As with so much of my blog content - THIS AIN'T ABOUT THE PERPS!!!!!

Nope.  I receive no particular pleasure in posting about the foolishness and violence that takes place within our midst.

As some of you may know - my target is THE BLACK POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT!!!!

As I read through the "Final Call" a few weeks ago per my active monitoring efforts of "The Black Press" I was left with the feeling that the biggest threat to Black people today were the two White folks who had threatened to assassinate President Barack Obama.  (Note - The NOI brother hooked me up with an extra copy from back in Nov 2008 when I purchased the most recent copy).

The scheme  or should I say "rather ineffective scheme" of the Black establishment is to blow off this type of behavior as being "DERIVATIVE BEHAVIOR".   Thus the legacy of slavery and opporession is causing our people to act out in such a manner.  

The only cure - if you allow them to tell is - is to have this nation and the WHITE MAN to yield, admitting that it was THEY who "made us like this" and thus they are the ones who are going to fix it.  If they remain selfish and seek to become more entrenched in their enclaves - don't worry  - this crime will come to where they live one day.  They can't escape.

I AGREE that this is an AMERICAN PROBLEM not a "Black Problem".  Where this statement crashes to the ground is when non-Blacks (or should I say NON-PROGRESSIVE BLACKS) dare to make note of this running train wreck and propose some alternative strategies ....... those who seek to DEFEND THE STATUS QUO WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY are the very first ones to fight against these efforts.

They are opposed UNLESS the programs that are initiated are in line with their own biased perspective.    We are not allowed to "judge" certain behavior as "right or wrong" but instead to see from which each person is coming from.  

Monday, March 23, 2009

Black Businesses Under Assault: 2 Killer Thugs Create A Newlywed Black Widow After Killing Store Clerk

According to local news reports the dead clerk was recently married.
This is a family owned business seeking to provide honest services to this underserved community.

(There will be no protest marches from the Civil Rights Community of Atlanta)

According To Earl Ofari Hutchinson Race Still Drives The Opposition To Universal Health Care

Race Still Drives the War against Universal Health Care

Allow me to summarize the opinions of Earl Ofari Hutchinson in regards to the real driver for those who are opposed to tax payer sponsored health care for all.

It seems that White America, the group that has the largest bank roll in America, looks out and see the millions of Blacks and Hispanics who either don't have health insurance or who's coverage is limited and in their embedded racism refuse to share their wealth by paying more taxes so that "the Blacks" and "the Hispanics" can have access to needed medical services.

Fear not, says Mr. Hutchinson - the money that was refused them during the middle years will be paid by Medicare anyway. Please note the "middle years" are the years between when "the Blacks" and "the Hispanics" end their qualification for the SCHIP program that covers kids and when they can again return to the government dole upon reaching old age - Medicare. It must also be noted that if people are poor enough in the "middle years" of their life they qualify for Medicaid and thus are treated to tax payer sponsored medical services.

Mr. Hutchinson argues that the minorities who don't die during the middle years (as these racists clearly hope they will) and who do make it to their Medicare years face higher costs borne by the tax payers because they cross the finish line of 65 with a body that has been abused and neglected by the SYSTEM which has thus far found them to be unworthy of care, paid for by the tax payers.


If you follow the racism chasing attempts by Mr. Hutchinson AND you also "assume the position" as a Black person in which we are asked to feign inferiority about being able to see a need in our community and respond to it - then you will find the story as told by Mr Hutchinson to be rather compelling.

Here we have a conspiracy in which upon seeing the fate of poor and minority communities in regard to their health care needs during the middle years - no organized force, beyond the government, is able to come in and provide these services SO THAT THEY MIGHT LIVE!!!

It appears that the claim "Too Black, Too Strong" only applied to protest marches in which we as a people convinced "Whitey" of our power as a people. On issues that require both sustained management and "cooperative use of financial resources" SO THAT WE MIGHT LIVE.....these words fall on "death ears". (Yes I know that it is "deaf").

It is quite ironic that two of the main forces that have seen contempt among certain economic operatives within the Black community also have initiated a plan to in fact bring low cost medical services to these "underserved" communities - Wal-Mart and the drug store chains (CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid). Both of these retail channels have rolled out "a clinic in a big box" strategy in which medical professionals are housed within their facilities to provide affordable access to underserved individuals. A clinic visit costs about $60 to review their child's ear ache for example. Yes $60 is a steep sum of money for some on a tight budget but it is surely less costly than allowing the ailment to go untreated.

Ironically the people gunning for tax payer funded, government operated medical care have expanded their attacks upon Wal-Mart and the drug store chains into this area. Where as their initial claims are that these stores shut down the ubiquitous "mom and pop" stores that used to be present - now some argue that this "clinic in a big box" is but a feeble attempt to high jack the government take over of the medical system by providing incremental care where now there is none.


Mr. Hutchinson suffers from what I call the pacification of "being in receipt of benefit". Upon achieving the state of receiving tax payer sponsored health care (just like in Europe - their favorite reference) all is won for "the Blacks" and "the Hispanics". They will be made equal human beings because SOCIETY has shown their worth by expanding the pool of resources that they are entitled to. Indeed humanity has been achieved!!

My argument on this same point is that the Black community upon reaching this state has not developed a single bit of addition capabilities to "feed our own selves" and thus if this system crashes and burns - so will we. (If I can one day get radio host Bev Smith who said the other day that this nation is now insolvent because of George W Bush to ALSO act as if it is quick sand by not latching more of her common fate upon this failing nation - I will have won a serious victory).

In the face of "Black people's health being stolen by neglect" as Mr Hutchinson says the call DOES NOT go out to create more Black medical professionals, to change our dietary habits, to form exercise clubs that knock on people's doors at 6 am in the morning to have them to join in on the jog. NOPE!! Victory in the eyes of Earl Ofari Hutchinson is to get White folks to come up off of the dollars that they are hoarding and to pay more taxes so that Blacks and Hispanics can receive tax payer sponsored health care.

It seems to me that instead of the usual route through slavery that the answer given is made to take - we instead should make note that in the face of a CHALLENGE - the powers that be with influence over the Black community go shopping to expand our CONSUMER DOMAIN than they concern themselves about MAKING BLACK PEOPLE SERVICE PROVIDERS FOR OUR OWN CAUSE.

Multi-Racial Children To Be Counted Differently

Multiracial pupils to be counted in a new way

WASHINGTON - Public schools in the Washington region and elsewhere are abandoning their check-one-box approach to gathering information about race and ethnicity in an effort to develop a more accurate portrait of classrooms transformed by immigration and interracial marriage. Next year, they will begin a separate count of students who are of more than one race.

For many families in the District, Montgomery and other local counties that have felt forced to deny a part of their children's heritage, the new way of counting, mandated by the federal government, represents a long-awaited acknowledgment of their identity: Enrollment forms will allow students to identify as both white and American Indian, for example, or black and Asian. But changing labels will make it harder to monitor progress of groups that have trailed in school, including black and Hispanic students.

Racial and ethnic information, collected when children register for school, can inform school board decisions on reading programs, discipline procedures or admissions policies for gifted classes. The government looks at test scores of minority groups to help determine whether schools make the grade under the No Child Left Behind law. In an increasingly data-driven culture, educators also scrutinize such test scores and enrollment figures to pick programs meant to narrow achievement gaps and equalize academic opportunity.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

There Will Be No Violent Protests In Oakland CA For It Was 4 Authority Figures Who Were Murdered

(Note: I feel the need to state plainly that I am not making light of the tragic deaths of neither the 4 Oakland police officers that were recently killed nor the tragic shooting death of Oscar Grant III who was killed via the actions of a BART police officer.

My goal is to focus on the actions of certain operatives within the community - NOT make use of the dead for political purposes.)

Underlying the key differences in the responses from certain operatives between these two incidents is not the quantity of people who are now dead nor the mechanism which caused their deaths.

The one and only distinction is the question of the Establishment/Authorities and if they were KILLED or the "KILLERS". That's it. Say no more.

The groups that took to the streets in their call for justice against the forces that killed Mr Grant where really fighting against the establishment and letting their voices be heard.

In turn the deaths of 3 police officers and the critical injury of a 4th by Lovelle Mixon provides no "attack surfaces" for this same group to take to the streets about.

Late last year I researched the antics of Larry Davis, the guy who shot 4 New York City police officers as they executed a raid on his apartment on an arrest warrant. This resulted in the largest man-hunt in NYC PD history. Davis became a folk hero to many within the Black community. In their view "the man sought to put his thumb upon Larry Davis and Davis fought back". Instead of "speaking truth to power" - Davis fired back and let them know who not to mess with.

Thus there is a running battle going on between the Black Revolutionaries and the Authority that seeks to reign them in (suppress them). Each "gang" has sustained losses. Each has their heroes who have struck a blow against the adversary.


Lurking in tacit support for the revolutionaries is the Black Progressive Establishment. IF the news that 3 police officers were killed by a "lawless thug" hovers over into the racial space over the next few weeks - you can be sure that the Black Progressive Establishment (The NAACP, Jesse Jackson and even President Obama) is going to sound the drum beat for GUN CONTROL!!!

"Had it not been so easy for Mixon to obtain an automatic weapon - these 4 officers would be alive today". Thus their goal is to shift responsibility of the deaths from the hands of Mixon over to societal policy regarding guns.

Some will even go so far as saying that the conservatives in the NRA are indirectly responsible. If they were not so staunchly against gun control - Mixon would not have been empowered.

I long for the day when there will be some revisionary history made by a noted Black historian. He will tell us that if the federal government had pursued a gun control regime back 100 years ago - the White Supremacists would not have had the munitions to reign terror upon Black folks. For some strange reason - back then when Blacks were killed everyone went after the killer and sought to punish him for his acts. Today we "extend the police tape" around the entire society.

Federal Stimulus Of Education - Part I

I have been doing research upon the antics of "Color Of Change" - which is a left wing activist group that I call " in Black face" since their agendas are joined at the hip.

When the Republican governor of South Carolina announced his intention to not accept federal stimulus money for education (which is 100% federal debt money) and instead asked to have it applied to paying down the state debt - the operatives from Color Of Change went to work with their venom directed at the Republican governor and their assault upon this "red state". Their argument is that the conservative administration of SC and other states is harmful to the interests of Black people.

I have learned to take a different track in debating these type of ideological bigots. I will not defend the reasonings of the executive branch for South Carolina. Instead I plan to test the theory held by Color of Change and other leftists regarding how Black people fare in liberal and conservative regimes.

All of this is being done because I seek to prove or disprove my assumption that I would like to document going into this analysis:

That the left wing/progressive policies that dominate the Black community presently are not more beneficial to Black people but they are simply not attacked as frequently because those people who are normally doing the attacking of policy are more in favor of progressive policies thus they would have to go against their own preferences upon attacking the failure that is being wrought.

They are ultimately not interested in making all of the changes necessary to create Black academic success (or they would be mobilizing Black people to do the ORGANIC efforts right now - as they fought for systematic changes). Instead they are interested in power and control over those who stand as their ideological enemies. It is their assumption that once they have achieved control over the distribution of wealth via the government that EQUALITY will be assured and then Black kids will render academic results akin to White kids. They believe that privilege is the only thing padding the results for White people.


When I read my local paper I learned that Fayette County Georigia (the south side of metro Atlanta) is the only county in Georgia not receiving Federal stimulus package money. It stands to reason that since the Obama Administration paid these funds using Title 1 and that Title 1 is distributed based on the poverity of the student body - the low rate of poverty in Fayette County schools disqualified us from receiving these funds.

Fayette County Is The Only District In Georgia Not Receiving Title 1 Bailout

"Now wait a minute", I said - last month the Fayette County Board of Education annonuced a multi-million dollar budget shortfall and that layoffs and pay freezes were necessary to balance the budget.

Fayette County Schools Face $14 million shortfall

Thus the question must be asked - "Why on Earth would residents of Fayette County support the stimulus plan (and the Obama Administration) when the trajectory is HIGHER TAXES upon those who are not poor only to be shunned as the tax money paid into the federal government fails to rain back down upon Fayette county"?

This brings up two important points for notation

  • 1) Fayette County, just as its neighbors Clayton and Fulton presently has income shortfalls, mostly due to a decline in real estate taxes collected by the school systems. Despite their monetary shortfall in common with their neigbors the Obama administration's structuring of the money has left Fayette County out of the equation
  • 2) The fastest growing segment of the population of Fayette County Georgia at this time are AFRICAN-AMERICANS who are exiting the counties to the north and who are moving into Fayette in order to consume the quality education, safe streets and good governance there in.
If we made use of Color Of Change's analysis about conservative run political districts then the Black residents in Fayette County (like me) should be facing discrimination and threats from nooses hanging upon the trees in our lawns. Instead we are flocking into this county because of the RESULTS OF FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY AND GOOD GOVERNANCE with a bias toward conservatism.

Ironcially some of the same people who attacked Fayette County's decision about 5 years ago to not participate in the Georgia Regional Transporation Authority plan to run public transporation buses into Fayette County as being motivated by RACISM against Black people are now LIVING IN FAYETTE COUNTY.....having exited the failing school systems and growing crime in Clayton, Fulton and Dekalb Counties.

Again - we hear about the "racism" of exclusivity of certain policies. Rarely does anyone argue the DAMAGE that certain policies that favor libertarianism do to the interests of Black people. If anyone can argue that Clayton County which now has its accreditation stripped from it because of their 9 member Democratic school board is in fact PROMOTING the interests of their Black student body - I would like to see it.

We are not going to see Color of Change protesting outside of school board meetings in Clayton County after the board has assaulted their interests in educational quality. They have no intention on angering their "permanent friends" by reminding them of their "permanent interests".

Atlanta Lauded For Its High Homicide Clearance Rates

AJC: Metro area scores high in cracking homicides

Fewer people are getting away with murder in metro Atlanta than in other parts of the country, but about a third of this area’s killers still are walking free.

A review of law enforcement agencies in Atlanta, Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton and Gwinnett counties shows homicide clearance rates hovering between 65 percent and 77 percent last year, according to statistics obtained through open records law.

The national homicide clearance rate was 61 percent in 2007, the last year for which FBI data was available.

In Georgia, the ability to solve deadly crimes has changed little over the past few decades. The homicide clearance rate was 64 percent in 1985 and 63 percent in 2008, according to the FBI.

Nationally, though, more murders go unsolved now than in decades past. In 1963, the national homicide clearance rate was as high as 91 percent.

Drug crimes, robbery and gang involvement between unacquainted people have made many homicides difficult to solve, authorities said.

“We have cases where there’s no witnesses, there’s no suspects, and we don’t have a clue why this shooting or stabbing took place,” said Victor Pesaresi, who supervises the Gwinnett County Police Department’s Cold Case Squad.

Over the past five years, only one of 67 homicides in Gwinnett that were known to be domestic-related went unsolved. Yet close to half of the drug-, gang- and robbery-related homicides in Gwinnett over that same period were unsolved, Pesaresi said.

Advances in crime-solving technology such as DNA, digital fingerprint matching and ballistics testing aren’t always helpful in solving cold cases, said Sheryl McCollum, director of the Cold Case Investigative Reseach Institute at Bauder College in Atlanta.

While I have to give credit to Atlanta as a whole for having a higher than average Homicide Clearance Rate - the sad fact is that this rate does not stand once we get more granular.

The Vine City section of Atlanta (roughly near the Georgia Dome) has a clearance rate in the low 40's. This is totally unacceptable. The combination of intimidated witnesses and uninterested neighbors take away the most important tool that the police authorities need to function - THE HELP FROM OTHER HUMAN BEINGS in bringing the killers to justice.

It is my view that such a low closure rate amounts to a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION. The key reason why this has not yet been the classification is because these are Black on Black murders. Thus the same type of venom seen against White on Black murders will not be registered.

The same systematic actions are in common between both of these situations. The main thing that is in common, however, is that A BLACK MAN LAYS DEAD ON THE STREET waiting for someone in the system to bring VALUE TO HIS LIFE by bringing justice to his killer.

Atlanta Area KIPP Academy Faces Complaints About Excessive Diiscipline

AJC: Charter school faces withdrawals over punishment

A south Fulton County charter school following one of the most lauded education programs nationwide is embroiled in a dispute over discipline that has led at least seven parents to yank their children out midyear.

The parents were so angry at what they saw as excessive punishment at KIPP South Fulton Academy that they complained to several agencies, including the Fulton school board and state Department of Education.

The parents said a group of children were mistreated by teachers who separated them from their peers in class and at lunch. The students, parents said, reported sitting on the floor and said one girl urinated on herself after not being allowed to use the restroom immediately.

School administrators said they erred in not calling parents as soon as their children got in trouble. First-year principal Jondré Pryor said he also should have done more to warn parents about the high expectations for conduct, as well as academics.

“I’m really saddened that the kids are gone,” Pryor said.

David Jernigan, executive director of KIPP Metro Atlanta, said the group has no plans to remove the administrators or teachers involved, adding, “We sincerely have learned from this mistake.”

Parents file complaints about Georgia’s 113 publicly funded charters infrequently, state Associate Superintendent Andrew Broy said. The schools, approved by local district boards or the state, are excused from some state mandates so they can try innovative approaches.

This is the first parent complaint the state has received about KIPP South Fulton, which opened in 2003 and teaches about 300 students in grades five through eight in an old public school building in East Point.

Discipline is a hallmark of the Knowledge Is Power Program, which operates 66 schools nationwide. KIPP is known for bringing high test scores and college-prep skills to children at higher risk of academic failure. The school is a big commitment, with long weekdays and Saturday and summer sessions.

The dispute erupted in December, after a teacher made a group of fifth-graders she said had been disrupting class sit in the back of the room. Kofi Kinney, who is also dean of operations, dubbed the group “The Little Rock Nine,” a reference to the African-American children who were blocked from, then allowed into, high school in Arkansas in 1957. The KIPP students, who are African-American like most of their classmates, later became the “KIPP Nine.”

The punishment continued in several other teachers’ classes. Kinney and the parents disagree on how long it lasted, but they say it was at least seven school days. The students — 17, eventually — ate lunch in silence and missed some school activities.

Parents said when they found out about the punishment, they demanded it end and asked for an apology.

Parent India Wood withdrew her son in February after he told her, ” ‘I can’t take them yelling at me 10 hours today.’ “

“They cannot be emotionally abused,” she said.

Some parents said their children needed counseling afterward.

“I just feel like these kids have been mistreated,” said Cordelia Johnson, who withdrew her son in January. “They shouldn’t have to sacrifice the emotional for the academic.”

KIPP leaders said no child was maltreated. Pryor and Kinney said they ended the punishment and apologized to parents and students. She said she had hoped separating the group, a common KIPP strategy, would motivate them to behave and return quickly to the class.

Kinney said she regretted the “Little Rock” reference, which she chose because she felt the students had encountered a barrier to their education. “I do feel the parents could have misunderstood or felt hurt by that,” she said. “That was not my intention.”

She and Pryor said the children’s learning was never disrupted and they were not forced to sit on the floor. Furthermore, Pryor said teachers told him they didn’t see the girl raise her hand asking to go to the bathroom during a gradewide session. She is still enrolled at the school.

Former KIPP teacher Reginald Christian, however, said the girl told him afterward that she had asked a teacher and was told she could not use the restroom.

Kinney said some punished students stayed and are doing better than before.

Parents have also complained to the KIPP board and the state Division of Family and Children Services, which said no child neglect had occurred.

The Fulton district found the school did not appear to have broken its charter agreement, spokeswoman Susan Hale said. Broy said it’s the district’s job, not the state’s, to make sure KIPP follows its charter.

Wood, who filed the state and Fulton complaints, said she wants Kinney fired.

Pryor said he won’t do that. He declined to discuss personnel matters but added, “I held my staff member accountable.” He and Kinney said they attempted to repair the rift with parents. “We tried, and we tried and we tried,” Kinney said.

Enrollment has dropped to 287 from 320 at the school’s start, but leaders said such attrition is not unusual. Pryor said he would welcome back the withdrawn students: “I feel like this is the ideal environment for them.”

Saturday, March 21, 2009

BQPFRC Hatred On Clarence Thomas - Just Like All Other Bigots They Just Wait For An Excsue To Attack

Clarence Thomas - The Biggest Loser In The Ascendancy Of Barack Obama

Recall back about 80 years ago. Clusters of hate-filled, bigoted Whites waited for the news of an offense done by a Black man upon the sanctity of a White woman and this is all that was needed for them to go after a Black man and string him up. Any Black man would do to quince their thirst for blood. Even if a "wink" at a White woman turned into the claim that the offending Black had raped her as this news was transmitted through the klan - the truth did not matter nor did the proportionality. "There will be blood" is all that mattered.

As I inspect the antics of the hate filled Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser there seems to be such a spirit within some of them.

For the life of me I can't understand how the names "Clarence Thomas", "Condi Rice" and "Ward Connerly" dredge up so much venom, mucus and hatred out of these people. IF the measure of deservedness of such behavior was that these people have WORKED AGAINST THE BEST INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE - it is clear to me and all others who are honest that there is a LONG, LONG, LONG list of other Black people who should be placed before these 3 individuals. I can think of several school district leaders of failing schools, mayors of murderous cities and activists who have worked to undo certain laws and policies only to leave the police in check but the criminals running wild.

None of this matters though.

For the hate filled, ideologically bigoted BQPFRC the proportionatlity of the offense is trumped by the violation of his IDEOLOGICAL norm.

Clarence Thomas is but a symbol for them.
The Black lynching victim of the past was merely a symbol for racist Whites in kind.


When I ran across the article by Gregory Allen Howard I was taken by his imagination and his ability to craft a certain set of sentiments out of Clarence Thomas' inauguration day feelings about Obama.

I see that Mr. Howard expects us to believe that because BARACK OBAMA believes that Clarence Thomas is not qualified for the Surpreme Court (even after 24 years) that we should take this opinion of our left wing biased president as sacrosanct. After all he is a pretty good judge of character. Look at Rev Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Resco.

CHANGE Has Come To Girad College In Philadelphia As A Black Female President Is Installed

Girard College to name first black woman president

The word about Girard College since I can remember is that its founder Stephen Girad specifically created the school as an institution for White male orphans and no one else.

As the city of Philadelphia "changed" around the area where the school is located - so went the ban on Black boys and then females.

Today the college has completed its evolutionary path as a Black female now sits in the president's seat of the school.

Jackson MS Mayor - "The Democrats Can Go To Hell"

Melton to Democratic Party: ‘Go to Hell’

Mayor Frank Melton told the Jackson Free Press Tuesday that the Jackson Municipal Executive Democratic Committee can "go to hell" for disqualifying him to re-run as a Democrat in the May primaries. "As far as I’m concerned, that Democratic Committee can go to hell, and you can quote me on that," he said in a phone interview soon after the committee voted unanimously to reject him from the ballot.

According to WAPT, the committee disqualified Melton because he does not meet the residency requirement for mayor. Four years ago, the committee also challenged his residency, and he claimed falsely before the committee that he had filed homestead exemption in Jackson, not in Texas where his wife lives. That was untrue, as the Jackson Free Press reported then.

Today, Melton called the move "pure play politics," adding, "I’m disqualified as a candidate in the Democratic Party. Think I really care, Donna? They've never done anything to help me, not one dime."

After urging this reporter once again to "call me Frank," Melton indicated that he is angry about the move: "Donna, you know where I live. ... You’ve been over here. You know where I live. You know I’m in Jackson practically every day, Donna. It is what it is."

"My homestead is here, you’ve been here, there’s been 1,000 kids here. It's just wrong."

Melton has enlisted the help of Jackson attorney John Reeves to get his qualifications reinstated. Reeves, who is also representing the mayor in his federal civil rights trial, told the Jackson Free Press Wednesday morning that he plans to sue the Democratic Party in Hinds County Circuit Court. Reeves previously told the Clarion-Ledger that he was planning to meet with Executive Committee members later this week.

Mayor Not Entitled To A "Black Jury" For His Trial

The Mid-Western Racial Game

Selling out in the Age of Authenticity
by Ralph Remington

I wonder if this guy would call the regime that is running but failing Milwaukee "sellouts" for all the harm they are doing to Blacks in the city?

The Burris Affair: Playing race politics as a zero-sum game

For Once - I Agree With Derrick Z. Jackson - NCAA Graduation Rates Are Bad

Derrick Z Jackson: Foul play on black athletes' graduation rates

Thug Entertainers And Rap Sluts With Financial Drama

News: Lil' Kim's Tax Records Emerge, Rapper Racked Up Nearly $1Mil In Tax Debt

There will be no outrage from the usual suspects about the tax debt owed to the state and federal government by Lil' Kim.

Fed magistrate orders rapper Lil Wayne to turn over records in copyright infringement lawsuit

A federal magistrate on Wednesday ordered rapper Lil Wayne to turn over financial records for his Grammy-winning album, "Tha Carter III," to a music publisher accusing him of copyright infringement.

A lawsuit filed in May 2008 claims Lil Wayne didn't have permission to sample folk singer Karma-Ann Swanepoel's song "Once" in his track "I Feel Like Dying."

"I Feel Like Dying" wasn't a track on "Tha Carter III," but a lawyer for Urband & Lazar Music Publishing said Lil Wayne promoted the album by singing that song in concert and allowing fans to download it for free on his Web site.

In Detroit, The Most Segregated Metropolis In America - RACE Is Still The Main Point Of Division

Detroit's divide in black and white: How can region work past racial roadblocks?

The meeting had just ended, and Detroit City Council Member Barbara-Rose Collins, in a wheelchair following shoulder surgery, was taking questions.

During the heated session, Collins had delivered a polemic denouncing the foundering deal to expand Detroit's Cobo Center, European colonialism and what she says are racist attacks on the city of Detroit. Namely, a 2006 war of words in which Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson said Detroit's City Council belonged in a zoo.

“You can't negotiate with someone who called you a monkey,” Collins said, frustration plain in her voice. “Even if it was two years ago.”

It was a telling moment.

The contentious and prolonged debate over the fate of Detroit's civic center has brought the region's racial wounds into sharp relief.

Mistrust and deeply ingrained fears abound, and until they're overcome, say scholars, business leaders and activists, the region can't move forward.

“We have to understand that we need regional collaboration,” said Thomas Costello, president and CEO of the Detroit-based Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion. “Our fates are linked. We have futures in common.”

But conveying that message — and persuading people on both sides of the racial divide to listen — isn't easy.

“Race relations is a kind of a dialogue that has to be ongoing all the time, not just in times of crisis,” said John Rakolta Jr., chairman of New Detroit Inc. and CEO of Walbridge Aldinger, both based in Detroit. “Like anything else in life, the best exchange of ideas, solutions and compromise comes when people are listening to what the other person has to say first before putting their feelings or their ideas across.

“And we don't have that yet in our region

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bev Smith: "George Bush And The Republicans Made Our Retirement System Insolvent After Clinton Left Things In Good Shape"

Audio: The Misinformation Of Radio Host Bev Smith

"When Bush took office Clinton left him with everything intact. The American public is not aware that we are in fact bankrupt".

Bev Smith has no clue about the distinction between a "budget deficit" (a single year financial equation) versus the NATIONAL DEBT!! Even beyond our debt is the looming RETIREMENT FUNDS DEBT where the USA if facing $54 trillion in unbacked commitments to pay for.

You know people - I am going to take a different track in my analysis.
I told you previously that when I hear a CONSPIRACY THEORIST talk I will treat him as if he/she actually believes what they say and then inspect their behavior in support of these theories.

THUS - if Bev Smith and other Progressive-Fundamentalists know that the US Government is BANKRUPT......why in God's name would they be seeking to MAKE ALL OF US DEPENDENTS UPON THIS SYSTEM THAT IS BANKRUPT?

  • Why put more people on Government Heath Care?
  • Why more dependency on centralized funding for public education?
If there was ever an argument for stronger ECONOMIC GROWTH AT THE PERIPHERY then I have never seen it.

Clayton County GA Public School Seniors Suffer From The Incompetence Of The Previous School Board Regime

2,300 Seniors Set To Graduate From Unaccredited Clayton County Schools

There will be no protests from THE COLOR OF CHANGE regarding the material damage that has been done to the current crop of high school student who DID THEIR PART in school yet won't have a diploma from a school system that has its accreditation.

Such is the case in the world of selective "Progressive Politics". If the 80% Black student body is "hurt" from POLICY but there is no CONSERVATIVE or REPUBLICAN go to after.........the usual suspects in the NAACP, Color Of Change, Rainbow PUSH, et al will not be heard from.

Sadly - I wish I was making it all up but these groups are so predictable.
The "Permanent Friends" that make up the government of Clayton County Georgia would not appreciate it if these activist groups reminded them that their "Permanent Interests" are being violated with their antics while sitting in the seat of power.

JONESBORO, Ga. -- With 2,300 high school seniors set to graduate in a just a few months, the troubled Clayton County school district is fighting to win back accreditation.
Last fall the district, one of Georgia's largest, became the first school system in the state to have its certification with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools revoked, a rare move by the Atlanta-based accreditation agency. Since then, the district has put an entirely new school board in place, revamped dozens of policies and launched a search for a new superintendent.
"We at least have a fighting chance to recover accreditation," Superintendent John Thompson said in a recent interview with The Associated Press. "We're doing it differently than we did last time. A whole different atmosphere has been created this time."
The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools blamed the district's woes on a "dysfunctional" and "fatally flawed" school board that bickered, acted on behalf of special interests, meddled in the day-to-day operation of schools and harassed school employees. All nine of those board members either resigned or were ousted last year.

Strategy Analysis: Keep "The Conservatives" Always On Trial

In my real life profession the evil corporation that pays sends me out to various corporate clients. They ask me to evaluate these companies so that I might note a pattern in their processes then understand their "pain points". I then feed the sales people information and a strategy as to how we can position our wares in support of correcting their problems. I can't help but to notice that this systematic way of thinking has me brainwashed as this sort of pattern detection spills over to nearly all other aspects of my life.

Though some are resistant to admit it - what is true for the corporations is also true for a cluster of people organized into a subdivision, a city, a civil rights organization and a collection of people who identify themselves as a "race". While it is true that a corporation has a more formal command and control function while these other entities are more of a voluntary participation structure - the fact still remains that the essences of HUMAN and GROUP BEHAVIOR carries forth regardless of the association.

The key to keeping the association together often is defined by the consequences of not following along with the directives of the organization. It comes as no surprise that in a corporation you "do it" or you are fired. The consequence is that you lose your stream of money received from the source that is "consuming your labor".

What people are loathed to make note of is how these other loosely coupled entities ALSO make use of certain enforcement actions to channel behavior of their individual members toward an "acceptable" set of behaviors. While it is true that these informal groups often don't have the bounty of money to hold over their members head (well at least not money from formal salaries) they do make heavy use of the age old force of SHUNNING to get their point across and enforce behavioral compliance.

Please keep in mind that just as there have been notable examples of dysfunctional corporate behaviors and cultures (ie: HealthSouth), of course there are also many examples of dysfunctional behavior that is enforced among informal groups. This includes the actions of those who purport to be operating under the guise of doing what is best for "their race".


I inserted that opening piece in order to lay the groundwork for my main argument.

As I inspect the antics used by various people as a means of defending their own position and orientation - they primarily focus upon "Putting the other guy on trial and exposing his flaws as the primary means of justifying their own positions". In doing so they rarely put forth the intrinsic benefit of their own position, thus promoting why someone should follow but instead remain steadfastly embedded where they presently stand.

As a self professed "conservative" I am not above making the case that YES - conservatives do this as well.

If we were to remain at the concept of "Well they do it too" as our key justification for our own actions then indeed we would remain at a deadlock.

Thus there needs to be "tie breaking" concept introduced to motivate progress and change. From my rationale that concept is that of the measure of PRESENT ENTRENCHMENT of the force under inspection. At a certain point YOUR ideology has defacto control over the institutions that supply to you your given living standard. It is a circular reference to argue: "Blacks don't support conservatives because they don't provide us with solutions that WE AGREE WITH". The key flaw in this line of thinking is that the acceptance of any new way out is contingent upon getting MASS AGREEMENT......not upon the EFFECTIVENESS of this new plan. The fact that the masses of people are already inclined to belief that a certain body of solutions are more perferable to them and that any alternative set has a high bar to clear before they will even be considered means that the people are free to sit back as skeptics, rejecting any new ideas that are passed their way.

BUT WAIT!!! You are COMPLAINING about your present situation which is shaped by the way that you are presently doing things.....AREN'T YOU?

The functional logic that is communicated by this present tact says "While indeed the tack that we are presently sitting on is painful and my prefered ideology as failed to take it out of my behind.........I see no evidence that YOU have any particular capabilities at 'removing tacks out of asses' so thus I will just continue 'trying harder' in support of my present orientation. Now get to stepping".

The problem with this person's tactics is that he positions himself as a function of some external ideology that he has to follow to salvation rather than being able to assemble his own, based on what works to FIX HIS PROBLEMS. He says that his problems are unique per his experience and that he, unlike his enemies are not beholden to (sorry 'sold out' upon) any particular entity that is outside of his domain of interests.


One key pattern that I have to give credit to the progressives for is their ability to "put conservatives on trial". Despite the dominate control over our community they are inclined to inspect the antics of their adversaries more than they are asked to justify their own existence. Take a listen to the "Black media" and you'll see how this perspective is fully clarified for the all who listen in.

The corrolary point is that the present state of the Black community and its shortfall as compared to the White community is a gap that exists from SLAVERY and RACISM. Thus any inch that happens to be closed in upon is an "inch that was present before the current progressive leadership took hold". Thus we should be thankful for all that they are doing for us. There will be few discussions regarding if we are on an "optimal path" in which better results COULD HAVE been obtained.

The key concept that is rarely discussed is the ORGANIC REFERENCE to the full potential of Black people (ie: not referencing WHITE FOLKS as the proverbial "1.0" or perfection).

Some people are more interested in proving the brilliance of their ancestors by spotlighting how they built a pyramid as a element of worship of their great leader than they are inclined to order the Black community of TODAY to build the functional infrastructure for use in addressing our needs today.

The diagram above represents a "U-tube". When pressure is applied to one side of the tube, the water is forced to the otherside. any air that is trapped between the water level on the otherside and the end of the tube gets compressed. This represents the push and pull of the shifting demands in a closed system. This is a symbolic reference to the shifting demands as you depart one time interval and move on to another. The point of focus that was required when did not have control over your community are not necessarily the point of focus that is required when you do have control. One only need to note the "empty space" that is created when one side gets pushed upon too far by this actively applied force.

What is needed is EQUALIBRIUM to keep both sides of the U in balance.

The worship of leaders and outmoded stuctures proves damning.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Study: 1 Out Of 100 Blacks Suffer Heart Failure Before Age 50

Young blacks face higher risk of heart failure, study finds

This news today coupled with the news about rampant HIV infection rates in DC a few days ago tells me that there has never been a greater need for an stream of activism organic to the Black community in which we attack a prevailing threat to our lives and our livelihood.

Young African-Americans are 20 times as likely as whites to develop heart failure, according to a new study published today. The deadly illness strikes one in every 100 blacks under the age of 50.

"We usually thought of heart failure as a disease of older people, but that's based on studies by mostly white participants," said Dr. Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, an assistant professor at the University of California, San Francisco and the study's lead author. "The rates we're seeing of blacks in their 30s and 40s are similar to the rates you will see of whites in their 60s and 70s."

Researchers and cardiology specialists called the findings alarming and a call to action. The scientific community should step up its research on the risk factors and design clinical trials to study specialized treatment for black patients, they said.

The findings also should come as a wake-up call to young African-Americans to eat healthier and exercise. And health officials should launch prevention and education efforts as early as high school, they said.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Washington DC AIDS Epidemic: As Ideological Bigotry Flames - People Are Dying

HIV/AIDS: A Surging Epidemic in Washington, D.C.

Data provided to a person regarding critical issues that he is dealing with should provide important coordinate regarding his "walk" and, when objectively received by this person, provide guidance and course correction for them to progress toward their goals.

This is the case ONLY IF the receiver of this information has CHANGE as one of his options so that he might succeed.

Sadly for some people THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

The term "Ideological Bigotry" is an important one. It helps explain why certain people keep doing things that are AGAINST THEIR ULTIMATE BEST INTERESTS despite the painful facts that should tell them otherwise. They are so bound and so smitten in their current course of behavior that the results provided back to them is still not enough to garner a change of heart in them.

Sadly, within the Black community the CONSPIRACY THEORY is used frequently as a means of immobilizing any sort of INTROSPECTION that might result in a COURSE CORRECTION.

Think about it!!! IF SOMEONE ELSE HAS INJECTED HIV/AIDS INTO YOUR COMMUNITY AND YOUR COMMUNITY IS FALLING AS A RESULT - the obligation for CHANGE shifts from YOUR COMMUNITY over to FORCING CHANGE IN THIS ADVERSARIAL FORCE that is seeking to DESTROY YOU!! So much of the vested Black Establishment is ordered toward protest and grievance (just as the good brother Shelby Steele has noted) that OUTWARD STRUGGLE rather than INWARD MANAGEMENT of the situation is the only answer.

With the HIV/AIDS issue what appears to be "inward management" is still "outward struggle". If you listen to various AIDS activists they are busy attacking their CRITICS. They focus on how the "Black church has chosen JUDGMENT over ASSISTANCE to those in need". Thus despite the fact that the infected individual turned his back on what the church had warned him about it is the CHURCH which is to blame for "allowing him to continue .......without handing him a condom" rather than that person and the SECULAR messages that he had accepted.

The Progressives preached "Wrap It Up" but the now infected person RAN OUT OF CONDOMS and did not want to allow the occasion where the tactile stimulation on the tip of his penis to escape him even without a condom. Since the progressives focused on THE CONDOM rather than THE PERSON and his was the person who ultimately lost when all has settled.

Please note - last year when I watched "American Gangster" on BET which focused on Rayful Edwards - the drug dealer from Washington DC - Rep Elenore Holmes Norton blamed the spread of HIV on the "conservatives in Congress who did not allow the city of DC to purchase clean needles".   Ms Norton - the gig is up!!!   In your obfuscation PEOPLE ARE DYING IN YOUR CITY.   Your favored party has been in power in Congress going on 3 years and STILL you have "3rd world like conditions" making busy work for the Grim Reaper.  

What do you do to a people who are so entrechend in their ideological biogry where they love "the fight against their enemies" more than they like MANAGING THEIR OWN AFFAIRS????  


You wait until those who had been going along with the agenda to see that a death spiral is taking place and then you WAIT until a prevailing among of people place their PERMANENT INTERESTS over their BIGOTED POSITION!

I reject the notion that as a Christian I am supposed to suspend my JUDGMENT and OFFER HELP to those in need.  
If I see the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM and I am speaking out against it, seeking SYSTEMATIC CHANGE so that fewer people will perish then I am doing my job.  A Christian who works at a homeless shelter that feeds a man but says nothing about the fith of Jack Daniels hanging out of his back pocket every day that immobilizes the man from pursuing gainful employment is seeking to pleasure God via his ability to HAND OUT FOOD rather than TRANSFORM man and the walk that he is pursuing. 

We need to turn the eye of inspection upon the PRINCIPALITY that the people in Washington DC is bound to NOT to the shortage of federal funds to purchase condoms which allow them to continue without considering the risks of what they are doing.

There are few who still shrug off HIV and AIDS as exotic calamities that befall only specific segments of the world's population. But many of us are probably oblivious to just how badly the virus is ravaging our nation's capital. According to a city report, 3% of Washington, D.C., residents suffer from HIV or AIDS — a figure that ranks as the highest in the nation and far outstrips the 1% benchmark at which a health issue becomes a "generalized and severe" epidemic. The district's HIV/AIDS administration director, Shannon Hader, couched the severity of the problem in stark terms, noting the city's rate of infection surpasses those in West Africa and is "on par with Uganda and some parts of Kenya." The most disquieting part? Things may be getting worse.

Detroit Foreclosed Properties Ripe For The Picking

Detroit's Foreclosed Homes Attract Outside Buyers

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"The Blacks" Are Fighting At Clark-Atlanta University & Savannah State University

I listened to the local "We Spoke Truth To Power Before Obama Got Into Office" station this morning. I have to post the audio just to show how prejudiced and bigoted some Black folks are on OPEN RADIO!!!

It appears that "The Blacks" are fighting each other both at Savannah State University and at Clark-Atlanta University. A professor who was laid off in this latest round of budget cuts was on the radio. Of course this radio station who LOVES VICTIMS gave him a long segment to air his grievances.

A CALLER CALLED IN and asked "It seems that you all are falling for the EUROCENTRIC VIEW and thus there is much confusion at these two Black schools that you are telling me about. Are these Black schools accredited by a WHITE ACCREDITING ORGANIZATION or a BLACK ACCREDITING ORGANIZATION?"

Then he asked "Why is it that these WHITE STATE SCHOOLS like Georgia Tech and University Receive more money from the state than do the BLACK Private schools like Clark Atlanta when they both are accredited by the same White accrediting organization?"

Needless to say - I started cussing at the radio once again.

This clown did not know why these PRIVATE SCHOOLS did not receive PUBLIC MONEY, believing that it was due to RACISM in some way.

Ironically the same SACS that yanked the accreditation from the Democratically run Clayton County School system ALSO accredits ALL COLLEGES in Georgia including Savannah State.

This guy was a BLACK BIGOT who knows how to MAKE DEMANDS FOR MONEY FROM DE WHITE MAN because he DESERVES IT but would cry RACISM if they threw bigotry back at him.

I also could not believe that the fired professor stated something to the effect of "the school administration should respect the academic integrity of TENURED PROFESSORS, placing this integrity over issue of MONEY. When President Brown (? I think that was his name) first came into office he was able to get a lot of money from the White business community and thus he had the Black community fooled regarding his interests in maintaining the integrity of the school."

At this point in the conversation I vowed to NEVER ALLOW ANY OF MY CHILDREN to attend a school that would hire this man OR have an ignorant caller defend it so.

Both of them need to walk over to Morris Brown College and the mothballed "Rep John Lewis Dormitory" to understand the importance of MONEY in running a school.

This is my main frustration with the Progressive-Fundamentalist. Let ALL ALONE TO YOUR OWN DEVICES without a CONSERVATIVE to being to SPLINTER as you find "conservatives" amongst yourselves to fight against.

Sadly without the threat of White racism forcing Blacks into HBCUs they are going to continue to wither at the vine ESPECIALLY SINCE too many of them have become the breeding ground for Radical Black Lefists who have little real world experience.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Shoot'em Up Video Game Set In Africa Causes A Dust Up

Wall Street Journal tackles racism in Resident Evil 5

A subject that's raised controversy since the game's debut trailer, Resident Evil 5 has constantly been forced to deal with rumors regarding the game's African setting, and seemingly racist connotations. Earlier Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal's Jamin Brophy-Warren rekindled this issue with an editorial on the ongoing debate.

But discussions about colonialism are only dealt with obliquely in the game -- Chris never reflects on his position as a white male in Africa nor does he discuss race with his African partner, Sheva. The game presents only one option to survive against African zombies: kill every single one.

There is no racial element to it at all.

Game Synopsis:
After driving into Africa, Chris is met by Sheva Alomar, who agrees to accompany him. The two rendezvous with a butcher who tells them to locate a man named Irving. Along the way, the two see someone get fed a strange object which turns him into a majini. After some time, the two watch the butcher's execution. Fighting through the crowd, they are saved by Kirk's rocket launcher. Later on, a woman is attacked and infected, whom they defeat after seeing a Las Plagas explode from her head. While attempting to locate Irving, the two find Alpha team dead, except one man who is mortally wounded and gives them hard drive data. The monster that took out Alpha team is defeated shortly after, while Irving drives away with a hooded figure.
Even after Alpha Team's demise, the mission stands. As they progress, the two find Kirk's burnt body impaled on top of his helicopter and are attacked. Delta team arrive just in time to kill the attackers. Among Delta Team is Josh Stone. He gives Chris extracted data from the hard drive, and Chris sees a picture of former partner, Jill Valentine and is reminded of her disappearance. After finding Irving, the hooded figure arrives just in time to aid his escape. Amidst Irving's files, are pictures of a marshlands oil field which is Irving's presumed destination. After defeating a monster along the way, a Delta team operative arrives in a car. After escaping by car, they are attacked by a giant and the Delta team operative is crushed.

Another Chicago School Aged Person Is Killed - Jesse Jackson Says Go After The Guns, Says Little About the KILLERS

Daley, Jackson rail against gun violence after 28th CPS death this school year/a>

Reverend Jackson I am going to do a "Senator Meeks" on you.  Lets travel out of Chicago and find "two lily White towns" in Illinois with a lot of guns and then make note of how many of their school children have been shot and killed this year in support of your claim that TOO MANY GUNS are the problem.

When you focus on the guns so fervently what you are really saying is "Government please come and take the guns out of the hands of OUR YOUNG PEOPLE because clearly we can't control them, stopping them from using these guns to irrationally kill each other".

This is not an issue of "gun control" reverend Jackson.  There are guns in the hands of millions of Americans that will never be used to brutally rupture the life force of a person who is in the sights of the gun holder.  Clearly this "gun control" problem is most evident in certain places.  You appear to have an affinity for these places and the people within but for some reason you choose to work ON THEIR BEHALF to make CHANGE rather than working to CHANGE THEM.

Why is there a need for an "all or nothing" approach where the entire state (and later the nation) must be a gun free zone as a pretext for reducing gun violence?   Again - all places are not rife with gun violence.   If someone proposed to have a higher amount of police scrutiny in the areas that are prone to gun violence or, perish the thought, have "profiling" of the individuals who are known to have problems with gun violence - you and others are resistant to this.

Notice how, instead, you are keen on "gun buy back programs" where the authorities pay the individuals money for their guns thus taking them off of the street.  As well you support city-wide or state-wide gun bans or regulation.  Thus since one group has acted irresponsibly the entire set of people need to have their Second Amendment rights clamped down upon.

Do you see that what is missing is the traction of your words and action upon those who are DOING THE KILLING?   Your activism is used to change "the authority".  Your compassion is used to "give the assailant yet another chance for it is DERIVATIVE BEHAVIOR from past oppression that is causing him to act in this dysfunctional manner right now".

In your present disposition YOU avoid BEING THE AUTHORITY - having to lay down the hammer against those who have assaulted or killed.  Thus, in my view, your ideology and disposition has to be seen as an element to which some of this violence must be attributed to.  If the gun maker should be held accountable for what his products do then the parents and the community who produce these young men who don't have respect for human life yet who are amenable to your message - should similarly be held accountable.  

The time for "chasing external demons" is OVER, Rev Jackson.  We now must inspect your assumptions and make the changes that are necessary to produce a different set of results.

More Blacks In Ft Lauderdale Would Vote If Barack Obama Were On Every Ballot Though


This opinion article is so telling and is what I have been stating for so long.
The Black voter is too often inclined to look past the key people who have the most impact on the government services that impact their daily lives the most and instead focus on their battle with "the National Republicans".

The article states that the Black community doesn't have much confidence in their local officials so they don't come to the polls and vote. I have pointed this out in the past that this is an example of a "Black no confidence vote":

  • A hated Republican candidate will get the Black vote out en masse
  • A Republican who is popular with the general public will have most Blacks voting for the Democrat to spite the Republican
  • A failed Democratic incumbent will have Blacks not coming to the polls (see Ft Lauderdale)
  • A popular Democrat - will have Black folks purchasing "limited edition plates" (see Barack Obama)
When I have made note of this in the past many ideological bigots have stated that this is an opportunity for the Republican opposition to come in and take the Black vote by offering a sound alternative.  Yet they have failed because they don't value the Black vote.

This analysis fails substantially.

Such a scenario places the Black voter as a CONSUMER, WAITING for the right messenger to come along to cure our ailments.  I reject this fully.

In South Florida and in St Petersberg, for example there are large swaths of Black communities that are struggling and suffering with inferior schools and the threat of crime.  They are ALREADY being governed by the Democrats.  Using the above orientation - the Democrats have not failed the Black community enough for there to be a mass movement to push them out of office and go in another direction.  The Republicans have not shown up because they have given up, tired of getting beaten up - thus the community remains in the hands of the Democrats who don't deserve it.  (Side note - in my recent research on Maxine Waters' 35th district of CA - I noted that in the past 2 elections the Republicans have not even bothered to run a candidate because for the past several elections prior they got only 10 to 17% of the vote.  Either Maxine Waters is that good or the voters in these districts are that entrenched.)

It is clear to me that the "Black voter as a consumer" is a flawed approach.  Instead the Black voter needs to be the OWNER OF HIS COMMUNITY and inclined to do what it takes to ORGANICALLY develop his own community.   Thus the choice in who to vote for will radiate from the internal consciousness within.  One can't deny that in most large metro areas where there is a Democrat and a Republican leading district adjacent to one another - the Republicans are seeking desperately to keep what is there and all too often the Democrats are seeking to "share the wealth" by getting the level  of government one ring up to impose the taxation upon the other district that their local boundaries prevent them from accessing.  It should be noted, however, that in northern New Jersey this is a Democrat on Democrat battle.  The city of Newark is seeking to reach into its wealthier suburban neighbors to expand its tax digest.  Thus exceptions do exist, particularly in Democraticly dominated states (NJ, MD).

In summary this "tuned out Black voter" is due to the lack of leadership on the local level.  They have heard all of the prior promises from elected officials about what they are going to do for the community and now, having "heard it all before", they are not interested in listening.   Once again I say that the prescence of a "single party domination" over the Black community does not in and of itself produce a state of bliss.  It might be a sign of a community that has given up on the political process and the Democrats are able to clear the remnants of the community that do bother to vote.

The worst kind of "voter suppression" is where there is systematic action that makes the voter tune out to the entire political process and figure that some other means yet to be identified is the only way forward.

What is commonplace yet so strange about America, a bastion of freedom and democracy – and teacher of such to the world – is its people’s penchant to not be democratic.

While they enjoy freedom of the individual, they tend to eschew freedom of various groups, classes and ethnicities.

Democracy is a major American export, especially the assurance of “one man, one vote” and “free elections.” Yet the historic American civil rights movement glaringly showed the world our contradiction in terms.

And during eight years of “compassionate conservatism” served up by the Bush administration, the U. S. has been attacked, is still engaged in two wars, is loathed more than ever, and has created a worldwide economic meltdown.

Along came Barack Obama and his “audacity of hope,” and a rejuvenated American electorate catapulted him to the White House as the first African-American president.

Black voter registration soared, and in most places Obama got about 90 percent of the black vote. Lest we forget, the presidential election of 2008 is a stark reminder of how precious the very idea of true democracy is for us and for the world.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that President Obama gets out of the White House quite often and visits various parts of the country to rally people around his agenda. Obama understands that all politics is local, and he has consistently preached that we must organize from the bottom up, not the top down.

Anything and everything that emanates from the White House and Congress has to be implemented at the state, county, municipal, district and/or neighborhood levels – and in that order!

So when edicts, funds and proposed legislation come down from Washington and the people are not organized from the bottom up, accountability becomes the slippery slope to oligarchy, which is rule by a powerful few, including lobbyists, financiers, developers, politicians and criminals.

To our detriment, we Americans have developed a waning interest in local elections, which is confirmed by very low voter turnout. This apathy stems from at least two sources: There is very little camouflage to hide the incessant trickery and lies of many local officials; and bureaucratic red tape is too cumbersome and time consuming for those who would navigate the system.

For most black voters in Fort Lauderdale’s District 3 elections, there tends to always be a third and perhaps most important issue: The electorate knows of and does not think much of the candidates running. Some researchers may construe this consistent non-vote as mere apathy, but could the real statement of the non-vote mean a refusal to choose a lesser of evils?

In the Feb.10 election, only 1,820 people voted in District 3, out of 27,135 registered voters. For the March 10 runoff, with 18 of 21 precincts reporting at press time, 1,892 votes had been counted. Bobby Dubose, an insurance adjuster, won the District 3 city commission seat with 1,226 votes.

The last election in which former City Commissioner Carlton Moore ran and won was in 2003, and only 2,234 people bothered to vote. (In 2006, term-limited Moore was re-elected without opposition.)

Also, according to Broward County Supervisor of Elections statistics, since the March 1994 election in which only 953 people voted out of 12,314 registered voters (Moore won), there has been a consistent pattern.

Obviously, Fort Lauderdale’s District 3, with its majority black voters, has never been organized. And you can place a safe wager that there are many such majority black local districts across the length and breadth of America. Power or the lack thereof is always measured, and unfortunately for the residents of areas like District 3, they are rendered politically inert – powerless.

District 3 has got to get on the court, on the field of play. Remember Frederick Douglass’ admonition: “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will.”

Is there anybody out there who understands and is willing and able to spend the better part of the next three years going door to door, block by block, to homeowners and other civic meetings, churches, schools, “under the trees,” and to all the businesses, and with the right messages? And can that person also listen, and learn, and above all else be truthful?

Where are you? Step forward, for your time has come!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Scratch Beginnings" vs "Nickle & Dimed To Death"

Oh I love our right to free speech in this country.
On the one hand Barbara Ehrenreich has a right to publish a book entitled "Nickle and Dimed To Death" which is the favorite of my progressive friends. She talks about how hard it is to make it in this unfair nation.

Afterward Adam Shepard, who was assigned the book in school went out on his own to test the waters. With $25 in his hand he moved to Charleston SC and see if he could pull himself up out of the homeless shelter that he had to live in upon arrival.

Scratch Beginnings - The Book

Needless to say this rebuttal book is not going to be popular with the "usual suspects". They will likely dismiss Mr. Shepard because he is a White male and thus his "privilege" allowed him to make it where others would have been denied.

NAACP - "A Black Person With A Pen & A Contract" Is Like A Kid Playing On Stairs w/ A Pair Of Scissors And A Blindfold

MSNBC: Banks steered blacks to bad loans, NAACP says

Class-action lawsuits target subprime lenders Wells Fargo, HSBC

The NAACP is accusing Wells Fargo and HSBC of forcing blacks into subprime mortgages while whites with identical qualifications got lower rates.

Class-action lawsuits were to be filed against the banks Friday in federal court in Los Angeles, Austin Tighe, co-lead counsel for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, told The Associated Press.

Black homebuyers have been 3 1/2 times more likely to receive a subprime loan than white borrowers, and six times more likely to get a subprime rate when refinancing, Tighe said. Blacks still were disproportionately steered into subprime loans when their credit scores, income and down payment were equal to those of white homebuyers, he said.


An NAACP member, Amara Weaver of Milwaukee, said she was one of the victims of predatory lending. She bought her first home in 1984, receiving a 6.25 percent fixed-rate mortgage. She says she had a steady job as a human resources director for a social services agency, never missed a mortgage payment and maintained excellent credit.

In 2004, she wanted to buy the house next door for her son to live in. She said the bank promised her a low fixed rate for a $40,000 loan, but at the closing, when reading the fine print, she noticed that the rate was actually 11 percent.

"I was blown away," said Weaver, an NAACP member. "I didn't have any choice (but to sign). ... It made me feel violated."

Similar NAACP lawsuits are pending against a dozen other subprime lenders.

This pisses me off people.
I view these claims in the same light of the claims "Well I touched the screen to vote for the Democrat but the voting machine flipped my vote to the Republican".

So let me understand the claim of the NAACP member. She sat at the closing and SAW BEFOREHAND that the rate was 11.0%. SHE SIGNED THE PAPERWORK ANYWAY.

This person is claiming to be both a victim and that the bank FORCED her to sign the paperwork. In doing so she committed to a 30 year agreement per the terms that she signed off on.

I say again - in the mind of some people having "a Black person with a pen in hand and a contract in front of them is like giving a 4 year old boy a pair of scissors and a blindfold and tell him to go play on the stairs". We don't know what is going to happen but it is not likely to be good.

With the fact that our laws have it that a person who is mortgage shopping can have multiple credit inquiries without these inquiries negatively impacting their credit has this boiled down to laziness and complicity in signing the 11% mortgage papers that was put in front of her.

If the terms changed so abruptly - I WOULD HAVE PUT THE CLOSING ATTORNEY OUT OF MY HOUSE.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Wonder Why The "Ususal Suspects" Were Not Present To Fight The Execution Of This Whte Man This Week In GA?

Georgia Supreme Court denies killer’s appeal

Clayton County GA School Superintendent Fired -(Fayette and Henry County Residents Expect To See Another Wave Of Exodus Of Black Parents From Clayton)

Clayton school board fires superintendent

You know - the situation in Democratically controlled Clayton County Georgia would be funny EXCEPT THAT there are real human lives behind this running fiasco.

A few weeks ago a school board member from the reformed school board was forcibly removed from a meeting. Today - the Superintendent was removed from office.

There is ultimately no consequence to the antics done by the forces in Clayton County. Certain people show their "no confidence vote" for Clayton County by MOVING AWAY!!!

Chaos in Clayton County means more former Clayton residents moving in to the conservative counties of Henry, Fayette and Coweta. Interestingly most of the "Black Flight Progressives" who are forced to depart this progressive bastion move to live next door to their ideological enemies yet continue VOTING as they had been as a sign of their continued connection to "their people".

I call this entire episode "ideological bigotry".  
When a people who are in CONSTANT PURSUIT of their "Permanent Interests" but actually have to LIVE NEXT TO THEIR "Permanent Enemies" to actually obtain these interests yet continue to VOTE FOR their "Permanent Ideological Friends".
What should it be labled as?