They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ladies And Gentlment I Give You ACORN

People like this woman from ACORN make the banks who decided to do "red lining" look as if it is a wise capital protection strategy.

The key difference between Fox News, Fox Business Channel and other outlets is that THE OTHERS would not challenge this woman and her logic but instead would be more SYMPATHETIC to her mission.

The Fox properties are called "RACIST" largely because when they have BLACK PROGRESSIVES on the air and they TALK FOOLISHNESS.......Fox calls them out on it.

So many "Progressive" blog sites get away by maintain such fake comparisons. When they have a debate against someone who AIN'T BUYING is the other person who is called hateful.

Black Republican Canddiate In Jackson Mississippi Says Bring Back Lynching To Promote Law And Order

Mayoral Candidate: Fight Crime With 'Noose, Stout Tree Limb' - George Lambus Calls City Leaders 'Incompetent Negro Democrats'

Mr. Lambus - you are ultimately an embarrassment and a danger with your views. Your reference to "the good ole days" when people BLACK AND WHITE were lynched, was a time of INJUSTICE and arbitrary adjudication within this Nation.

A person who like you who operatives with these notions need not be anywhere near a position of leadership in Jackson MS. I 100% reject your solutions.

Does the fact that MSNBC has featured you provide any evidence of your irresponsible views? Where as they are not going to do an expose upon the Black thugs that you are directing your angst upon, you prove to volunteer as a "Useful Idiot" in support of their agenda.

I fully understand your concens. I have reported the fact that the greatest source of Civil Rights violations and terrorism for Black people in 2009 comes from other Black people, as the "usual suspects" who purport to work for the best interests of our community sit functionally silent.

At the same time I do not support the shift of the agent of TERROR FOR BLACK PEOPLE from the 'Thug Drug Negro' back to the agents of the injust government. NEITHER OF THESE AGENTS RESPECT THE LAW and can only rely on terror and non-justice to keep people in check.

You need to take a more constructive outlook on this matter.
Why don't you satisfy yourself that the BLACK COMMUNITY, in their support of the "Incompotent Democrats" who can win easy victory have DONE EVERYTHING NECESSARY TO RETAIN THE PRESENT CONDITIONS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY OF JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI.

This is all that you can do legally.

I continously work to bring awareness to the COST of the Black Community continuing this present course of action - functionally working more on behalf of the Democratic Party and Progressive Policies than for the best interests of the Black Community. Your antics only serve as ammunition for those who seek to talk about EVERYTHING BUT the real issues to use your words as a diversion. Your ignorance is powerful enough to allow Terrorized Black people to look past the Black Thugs and Incompetence Democats who run their local cities and instead to focus on YOU, the Republican Party and any Conservatives. Even if they repudiate your views - they will be made "guilty by association".

You are irresponsible and not a man of justice sir.

The NAACP's Masturbation Exercise

I am sorry, "National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People Version 2009", it is all my fault.

You see I keep looking to you for actual leadership in addressing the priority problems that do material damage to the Black community. I guess that my image of you that has been burned into my mind via the history books that I have read has me looking at you in your previous form rather than the form that you are in today. It is my fault. It won't continue to happen.

You see it is up to me to CHANGE. If the priorities in addressing the problems in Black America are so divergent between the people who support you versus the Black people who think like me then the burden is upon my shoulders to develop a more EFFECTIVE coalition of Black people and of all Americans, for that matter, who see your ineffectiveness as "Rome burns" in so many places within the Black community.

You see, NAACP, I have no control over you. The actions of shredding your monetary solicitation requests that I execute is nothing more than a personal act of rejection of your tactics that are so clear to me. They don't do anything in particular to get you to change.

Instead the most effective thing that I can do to show other Black people your present character is for me to keep enumerating the Critical Challenges that the Black Community presently faces and then to evaluate you to see if you even show up. You see this priority list prevents me or anyone else from constructing a "straw man" by which I hold you up to some ARBITRARY standard only to tear you down.

I have listened to various Black people, across the ideological spectrum. I also watch the news and have compiled a series that I call "What Is Making Black People Cry Today". Thus the framework that I have constructed attempts to measure you and other activists upon your attention to 4 key elements:
  1. Educational Quality For The Black Community
  2. Safe Streets Within The Black Community (This Includes Justice For Black Victims)
  3. Robust Economic Development For The Black Community
  4. Healthy Lifestyles Within The Community
It is my opinion that the greatest set of provable "Civil Rights Violations" hoisted upon Black people in 2009 come from OTHER BLACK PEOPLE. In as much as you are a biased organization, smitten by "Non-White White Supremacy" the systematic violation of the Civil Rights Of Black People BY BLACK PEOPLE does not rise to the level of threat as when White people do the very same thing, being motivated by the very same principles.

When I evaluate your latest coordinated event over the NY Post cartoon it only serves to highlight what I already know about you.

Your scope is limited to certain issues of marginal IMPORTANCE to the Black community in the long run (what I call "comprehensiveness) but which play well in regards to that which is a POPULAR and CHARGED ISSUE among certain factions of the Black community.

This latest mobilization effort was more about "You" ('you" the NAACP that is) than it was about the fulfillment of any particular measurable objective. Certainly not a single one of the 4 elements in the framework above were addressed. Instead you were able to forge a protest against one of favorite targets of the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" - the New Corporation and its affiliate - Fox News.

It just so happens that Fox News and the NY Post are conservative oracles and thus stand opposed to many of the agenda items of the BQPFRC and the Democratic machine that you all are in service to. If you hit the conservative voice, charging it with racism, you score a masturbatory victory within your troops as you have "found the enemy and you know which cable channel he broadcasts upon".

I laughed as I saw your attached self congratulatory press release calling for "diversity" and "fairness in reporting". You are not a supporter of either. You only want to have YOUR perspectives added to those newsrooms which don't provide sympathy for your views. If we were to make an accounting of the various Black news papers affiliated with the National Newspapers Publishers Association or even do a poll of the attendees of last summers "Unity Conference" among Black journalists you would find little THOUGHT DIVERSITY or fairness in expressing the "other side" that is counter to the present "Black Establishment".

This "Black Establishment" has a firm grip over the elected and activist seats that control all of the institutions where Black people live in concentration. Any district that has more than a 35% Black voting population is controlled by this same political machine which is an appendage of the Democratic Party.

As such, in careful scrutiny of these same locations to see if you "show up" and "speak truth to power" - this serves as the biggest indictment against your agenda. In Rochester NY, just as the "NY Post Chimp" cartoon was going around - a Black mother was arrested for removing her daughter from the failing Rochester school system and placing her in a neighboring system in pursuit of quality education. No doubt had you shown up - you would have raised a protest against the school system that arrested the Black mother for "theft of services", making the case that she was only pursing the best interests of her own daughter. I agree with this specific focus. This should not be a felony arrest.

HOWEVER, your bias would not afford you the thought of going back tot he Rochester NY school board, city council and elected mayor and protesting against them for FAILING the academic interests of this mother, her daughter and the other parents and students in this majority Black school system. Per my own research - EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE ELECTED OFFICIALS LISTED ABOVE ARE DEMOCRATS!!!!! We both know from your joint press conference with the government of Prince Georges County MD after a Black inmate was killed while in their custody that the NAACP doesn't protest "favorable governments" that are populated with your "permanent friends" even when they assault the "permanent interests" of the Black community. Thus - I am none too surprised that these failing school systems which Black parents are seeking to escape don't trigger protest actions. The same thing is the case in Clayton County Georgia. This school system which is ran by 100% Democrats lost its accreditation. This has prompted several Black parents to take their kids down to Republican dominated Henry and Fayette County, only to face prosecution for "theft of services".

Do you see the COST of your bias, NAACP?

You are a "protest organization"
We as a Black community need a "management organization'.

In as much as in 2009 the Black community has more "Permanent Friends" in power, representing the community's interests - your voice in pursuit of our PERMANENT INTERESTS seems to be afflicted with laryngitis.

I suspect that your News Corporation protests are nothing more than your attempt to say "See....THEY are still out there. Don't lose confidence in our leadership that dominates the Black community........if we refrain from our vigilance......THEY might come back and strike out against us".

In as much as the Black community continues to be fooled by your disposition toward outward focus - the won't notice the destruction from the termites within.

Note: Please save your postage and stop sending me solicitations. Why would I fund an organization that does not have my interests in mind?

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Obama $3.6 Trillion Budget And His "Tax Increases On The Rich"

This entire debate should be summed up as "In pursuit of one's hatred for a certain class of people, THE MASSES of supporters got taken for a ride".

Let me understand this (and this IS NOT ABOUT BUSH or OBAMA!!):

The record $2,000 billion budget of 2008 was a shameful record as the federal budget crossed this threshold for the first time.

A mere one year later and this same entity proposes a $3,600 billion budget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many of the critics of $2 trillion are cheering the $3.6 trillion as a "change in the right direction for our country". Nancy Pelosi says "This budget is a better reflection of our national moral consciousness".

The key means by which some seek to deflect due criticism on out of control spending is to:

  1. Focus on the tax increases upon the Rich
  2. Focus on the closure of corporate tax loopholes
  3. Focus on the reduction in spending in Iraq
This all sounds good......until you deal with THE NUMBERS rather than the rhetoric which fall in line with your own biases.

The Wall Street Journal does an excellent job in focusing in on the illusion of the wealthiest 2% of Americans. Even if they suffered a 100% tax - this does not cover the spending increases proposed in this new budget.

People forget that FDR had a 62% marginal income tax on the wealthiest Americans and this STILL did not cure poverty not pay for the government expenditures at the time.

The 2% Illusion
Take everything they earn, and it still won't be enough.

Consider the IRS data for 2006, the most recent year that such tax data are available and a good year for the economy and "the wealthiest 2%." Roughly 3.8 million filers had adjusted gross incomes above $200,000 in 2006. (That's about 7% of all returns; the data aren't broken down at the $250,000 point.) These people paid about $522 billion in income taxes, or roughly 62% of all federal individual income receipts. The richest 1% -- about 1.65 million filers making above $388,806 -- paid some $408 billion, or 39.9% of all income tax revenues, while earning about 22% of all reported U.S. income.

Note that federal income taxes are already "progressive" with a 35% top marginal rate, and that Mr. Obama is (so far) proposing to raise it only to 39.6%, plus another two percentage points in hidden deduction phase-outs. He'd also raise capital gains and dividend rates, but those both yield far less revenue than the income tax. These combined increases won't come close to raising the hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue that Mr. Obama is going to need.

But let's not stop at a 42% top rate; as a thought experiment, let's go all the way. A tax policy that confiscated 100% of the taxable income of everyone in America earning over $500,000 in 2006 would only have given Congress an extra $1.3 trillion in revenue. That's less than half the 2006 federal budget of $2.7 trillion and looks tiny compared to the more than $4 trillion Congress will spend in fiscal 2010. Even taking every taxable "dime" of everyone earning more than $75,000 in 2006 would have barely yielded enough to cover that $4 trillion.

Fast forward to this year (and 2010) when the Wall Street meltdown and recession are going to mean far few taxpayers earning more than $500,000. Profits are plunging, businesses are cutting or eliminating dividends, hedge funds are rolling up, and, most of all, capital nationwide is on strike. Raising taxes now will thus yield far less revenue than it would have in 2006.

Iraq War spending will be slashed from about $160 billion per year to about $75 billion in 2009 but then shoot back up to $130 billion in 2010 as the troops withdraw. Some of this spending will be shifted over to Afghanistan so this is not a 100% recovery of this budgetary spending.

What have I been warning about for a long time? INCREASING ENTITLEMENT SPENDING!!
Where as in 2008 the big 3 entitlement programs consumed $1,000 billion of our federal budget.......this has grown to over $1,450 billion in this budget proposal.

The lack of credibility in certain matters that some people show is stunning.
This is not a "Liberal/Conservative" war but instead a question of the solvency of America.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

#1 Theft Of Education From Black Children: FOOLISHNESS Shuts Down High School In Dekalb County

Despite having a rather activist branch of the NAACP in Dekalb County Georgia we are NOT likely to hear from them regarding this clear and present danger that presented itself at Columbia High School today.

Since the POLICE MEN did not force scores of Black students to lay on the ground as their lockers were inspected - there were no "exploitable surfaces" for the NAACP to wage a protest against.

What about the Thug who brought a gun to school?

  • WHO would have been the likely target of the bullet had he used it?
  • WHAT situation existed for him to believe that he was in need of a deadly weapon in an ACADEMIC institution that is not a CORRECTIONAL institution where prisoners make use of such weapons?
I have coined the term "Black Flight Progressives" to describe Black folks who are seeing the very same thing that I am REPORTING ON (yet I am being attacked as 'hating my own people' or 'ONLY presenting bad news about the Black community to embarrass us') and they are choosing to MOVE OUT of Dekalb and Clayton and Atlanta because of the conditions by which these incidents are happening. Despite listening to their motivation with my own ears and also seeing the changing patterns in the more conservative suburbs (please note - Dekalb was once a suburb that people vacated Atlanta to live in) some people believe that I have fabricated the entire phenomenon.

At the end of the day one's duty to seek the BEST INTERESTS OF ONE'S OWN FAMILY trumps any faux "racial unity" that some people would have us cleave to. The key problem with the entire scenario is that the people pushing for this unity never seem to be able to demand that the VIOLATORS of our common bond live up to their end of the bargain.

Atlanta's Joseph E Boone Blvd Lives Up To Its Billing As The "Most Dangerous Block In Atlanta": Thugs Fire Shots @ Black Woman

Thug terrorists SHOOT GUNS AT A BLACK WOMAN on Joseph E Boone - in the heart of Congressman John Lewis' District.

Where as Rep Lewis is motivated to reach back 60 years to find "Civil Rights Cold Cases" - the COMMUNITY has not lit the fire under his behind for him to actually DO SOMETHING against the "Warm Cases" of today.

Clayton County Watch - NAACP Members Charges School Board Member Violated Her

A Clayton County NAACP board member has accused the school system’s attorney of threatening her and violating her First Amendment rights.

A Clayton County NAACP board member has accused the school system’s attorney of threatening her and violating her First Amendment rights.

Linda Granger filed a complaint with the State Bar of Georgia on Tuesday against Clayton County schools general counsel Julie Lewis.

Granger, a community activist for special-needs children, accused Lewis of violating the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct.

“I thought not only citizens should abide by the law, but every lawyer should maintain a higher level of integrity and professional conduct,” said Granger, of Riverdale.

On Feb. 2, Granger addressed the school board at a public meeting, accusing Lewis of not fully responding to an open records request.

Following the meeting, Lewis told Granger and another woman that they “better watch themselves” and threatened to sue them for defamation, according to Granger’s complaint.

Granger said Lewis then “got in [her] face” and refused to back away while she spoke to a board member. A Jonesboro police officer intervened and told the two women to calm down.

“They were fighting words and she was trying to provoke me,” Granger said.

Reached Wednesday, Lewis was unaware of the complaint, but accused Granger of violating school board policy by speaking about a specific school employee during the public comment session.

“The complaint is frivolous and without merit,” Lewis said in a statement. “I am confident that the State Bar will find that I acted in accordance with all applicable rules.”

Lewis denied that Granger filed an open records request.

“She did not file it is a member of the NAACP or as a board member of NAACP. By saying that, you make it look like she did and like she actually has an ounce of credibility,” Lewis said. ” Also, she never filed an open records request. I was merely doing her a favor and providing her with information and answering a question for her.”

Constitutional Violations Seem A Lot Like Poll Taxes

For some people they don't reply in anger with this Constitutional assault because they obviously believe that when the "White Racists" attacked the constitution using "poll taxes" they had horns on their head where as the people today are the "good guys".

Democrat Proposes Law Requiring Firearm Owners Have $1,000,000 Insurance Policies

Illinois — the land of Obama and the Blagojevich mafia — is serious about making the Second Amendment so expensive only the rich will be able to exercise it. Kenneth Dunkin, a former social worker and Democrat member of the Illinois House of Representatives, has introduced HB0687, entitled the “Firearm Owners ID-Insurance” bill. It is currently in the Rules Committee.

Dunkin’s bill amends the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act, a previous bill aimed at chipping away at the Second Amendment. Dunkin’s amendment states “that any person who owns a firearm in this State shall maintain a policy of liability insurance in the amount of at least $1,000,000 specifically covering any damages resulting from negligent or willful acts involving the use of such firearm while it is owned by such person.”
A million dollars!
Can you imagine the premium on such an insurance policy? It would be astronomical and out of the reach of most people in Illinois.
If the firearm owner cannot afford the insurance or decides that it is simply crazy and also unconstitutional and refuses to participate, “the Department of State Police shall revoke and seize a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card,” thus making the the firearm illegal and the owner a criminal.
If Dunkin’s bill makes it out of committee and is passed by the Illinois General Assembly, a whole lot of people will have their firearms confiscated by the State Police.

Atlanta Police Chief Denies Widespread Police Misconduct

Attorney says unreleased FBI report identifies more officers who cut corners

The day after three of his former officers were sentenced to federal prison in the death of an elderly woman, Atlanta Police Chief Richard Pennington denied accusations of widespread corruption and arrest quotas in his department.

At Tuesday’s sentencing hearing, Bill McKenney, the attorney for one of the convicted officers, talked about misconduct inside the Atlanta department being more pervasive and not isolated to the narcotics unit that was responsible for the shooting death of 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston in November 2006.

“I don’t believe that, and I’ve worked in corrupt police departments before,” Pennington said.

McKenney also said an FBI report, now in the custody of the Atlanta Police Department, found officers in some units were expected to get nine arrests and two search warrants each month.

“We have no quota system in the police department,” Pennington said. “And I know that for a fact.”

When asked why neither he nor other high-ranking officers knew about misconduct in the narcotics unit, Pennington described the rogue officers’ behavior as isolated.

U.S. District Judge Julie Carnes sentenced former officers Gregg Junnier, Jason R. Smith and Arthur Bruce Tesler to prison terms for the illegal drug raid that resulted in Johnston’s death. Smith was sentenced to 10 years in prison, while Junnier got six and Tesler received five.

“It was very tough to see,” Pennington said. “We’ve gone through a lot of pain in the Atlanta Police Department.”

The FBI’s report, according to McKenney, also identifies at least three other officers who cut corners and might have broken the law, though they have not been charged with crimes.

Both the FBI and the Atlanta Police Department have refused to release the report. Atlanta police in November denied an Open Records Act request from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution seeking the report.

The FBI has deferred to Atlanta police. On Wednesday, when asked for the report, Pennington deferred to the FBI.

“Can’t you get it from the FBI, too?” he asked.

When pressed further, he said he would “probably release it real soon.”

I am going to give the Atlanta Police Department the benefit of the doubt. They have a thankless job in a city that has a lot of "thankless Thugs".

In the same area where 92 year old Kathryn Johnston was shot dead by the 3 police men in question, a few months earlier their elected state representative was clamoring for more police presence because the thugs and the prostitutes were running over the quality of life.

These particular police did in fact cut corners and hijacked the process for the sake of expediency. They should be punished. Let's never forget the CONTEXT within which they were working though. They were drawn to focus on this area because of the drug dealing and the prostitutes. Both the residents and the store owners had been complaining prior to this tragic incident with the police. Today they STILL protest.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Part 1 - A Room Full Of Progressive Activists Discuss Single Payer Healthcare - Where We Agree And I Am Open To Working With Them

Today I attended a community forum on "Single Payer Health Care". I had listened to "WRFG AM" and heard about it and decided to attend. It was hosted at the "Atlanta-Fulton County Library - African American Research Library".

I have decided to break my review of this experience into 3 separate narratives so that I can clearly articulate my varying views of the totality of this experience. I do not want to make it seem that I am in total disagreement with these people. I am not. I don't want to have it seem that I am actively working against that which they seek. I am not. Any criticism that I do have has to do with my central concerns with how this nation would have to change for the worse in support of their plans.

But this is the "positive" post so let me articulate where we agree.

To set things up - 3 advocates for Single Payer Health Care were on stage as experts on the matter. They each spoke for a few minutes and argued their point. Then they took precast questions read from the hosts of the event. Later they took questions from the audience.


* Toward the closing of the session the female responded to a challenge from an audience member that we should focus on preventive medicine. What we eat, if we exercise, how we care for ourselves in general. The concept of popping pills to cure our ailments is "Western Medicine", he said. In response the woman notated that one thing that the movement did in fact need to do was to Develop a better infrastructure by which they can reach individuals in the communities and allow them to be more effective participants in their own healthy lifestyles.

At this point in the session - I said to myself: If they LEAD WITH THIS CONCEPT, rather than their straight up GOVERNMENT CONFISCATION AGENDA......I could see myself Agreeing to disagree on some of the central issues that I have with them yet HELPING THEM on this agenda item for community outreach and organic consciousness.

* I can also admit that I am at least SYMPATHETIC to their claim that the present system is broken and that it needs to be modified to reduce cost and allow more people to be able to afford at least the basic health care. Many of these people are activists affiliated with the Grady Hospital - the problem plagued.

* I have to also give them credit for driving grassroots activism. They have a perspective. They are not happy with the present arrangements. They are getting their message out to the people as a means of raising awareness. I don't need to agree with them totally in order to respect their passion on the subject.

Part 2 - A Room Full Of Progressive Activists Discuss Single Payer Healthcare - Where I Strongly Disagree With Them And Will Work To Oppose Them

Part 3 - A Room Full Of Progressive Activists Discuss Single Payer Healthcare - My Observations Of The Left

Clayton County Schools Watch - Again!!

Jonesboro assistant principal appeals suspension over "Dirty Dancing" Dance Team

A Jonesboro High School assistant principal has appealed her five-day suspension for allegedly signing off on a provocative student dance team performance.

School administrators suspended assistant principal Sandra Nicholson for three days without pay.

Nicholson refused the punishment and filed an appeal. Three days later, Superintendent John Thompson increased her suspension to five days, said Keith Martin, Nicholson’s lawyer.

“She saw a limited part of the performance,” Martin said. “I think she was treated unfairly and Georgia law provides her opportunity to have a hearing.”

Nicholson will explain her case before a tribunal on March 6.

Yet Another Clayton County School Board Member Escorted Out Of A Meeting By The Police

Man! With so many internally generated problems and self inflicted wounds WITHIN Clayton County....there isn't even an opportunity for the "Republican Klansmen" from the Republican dominated counties to the south to come in and wreak havoc upon this 80% Black school system as the Republicans pursue the oft heard claim "THEY don't want Black folks to learn NOTHIN!!".

Or maybe its just ME?

New Orleans Getting Back To Normal - 7 Shot During Marti Gras Melee

Seven Shot Along Mardi Gras Parade Route in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS — A Mardi Gras parade erupted into chaos on Fat Tuesday when a series of gunshots struck seven people, including a toddler. The child was not seriously injured and two suspects were in custody, police said.

The shootings happened near the Garden District about 1:40 p.m. after the last major parade of the celebration, Rex, had ended. A stream of truck floats that follow the parade were passing by when gunfire broke out.

"It sounded like a string of fireworks, so I knew it was more than one shooter," said Toni Labat, 29, a limousine company manager. She was with her two children, a 2-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Framework For The Assault Upon Black People - Comparing Two Eras In America

I have come to the conclusion that the proper focus cannot be executed upon unless we develop frameworks for analysis and understanding of certain problems at hand. In the absence of a framework - the bigots and extremists are able to make use of emotional appeals and propaganda to allow the masses and people of good will to focus on the things that are ultimately inconsequential to the big picture.

I have been working to distill the essence of WHAT BLACK PEOPLE WANT. This endures across class lines and ideological lines. Thus far I have come up with:

  • Safe Communities
  • Quality Education
  • Local Economic Prosperity
  • Healthy Lifestyles
My research also shows that the key difference between between factions of ideologically separate Black people has to do with the METHODOLOGY by which the items listed above are pursued and enforced.

Thus the two diagrams below seek to express a framework by which one can understand two eras of the Black experience and the greatest prevailing threat to them therein.
Please note this diagram DOES NOT claim that there are no other threats beyond what are depicted here. More specifically - I AM NOT claiming that White Racism has gone away and thus has no impact on Black people today. What I AM SAYING is that if we pull the coroner's report and look at the DEATHs of Black people and then find the corresponding POLICE REPORT - we see more Black Thugs killing Black people today than we see Whites Racists. Thus the GREATER THREAT today is from the THUG.

My over all goal of this distillation is to isolate the power that "NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY" has in causing Black people to believe that one case in which a WHITE RACIST or a POLICE OFFICER of any race is worth MORE than some multiple of Black On Black killings. The end results are the SAME. It is only the EMOTIONAL and IDEOLOGICAL currency that exists BEYOND THE SCOPE OF THE POLICE TAPE that defines the CRIME SCENE that these valuations are added to the death.

Bound within the confines of the police tape in BOTH CASES lies YET ANOTHER DEAD BLACK PERSON!!

The Historic Threat To Black People Prior To Us Having Our Rights Codified and The Government Pressured To Enforce Its Own Laws
The ENABLERS are key because they hold the POWER of "Public Sentiment". After the crime has been committed they make the claim "My Finger Prints Are Not On The Murder Weapon.....I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS KILLING!!!". This is a true statement ONLY if we consider the physical evidence rather than their role in the creation of the SYSTEM of events within which the assault on the Black person was committed.

If they TOO expressed OUTRAGE that a "Fellow American" had been killed and/or our standards of law and order will be trampled NO MORE - in line with their the POLITICAL POWER that they wield over the operatives who are executing these assaults - these issues could be placed in check in short order.

The Greatest Threat To The Safety, Economic Growth and Academic Development Of Black People in 2009

The Enablers are still at work today. They share the same bigotry and entrenchment as the operatives from the past. Their outrage is muffled because there was no "exploitable surface" in the assault on the Black person to which they care to respond. Thus the Black victims suffer in silence.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Lie Repeated Constantly And Then Done In Coordination With Other Operatives Is Still A Lie At The Core

After being pointed to the following opinion piece from a Progressive-Fundamentalist blog site I was moved to respond to this well placed bit of hatred, lies and propaganda. Since the poster pointed to this in affirming ways I have to conclude that she believed that these words were closely aligned with her own views.

I understand why certain Black people THINK a certain way because there are so many other Black people who are spouting such ignorance and hatred that fortify their own position rather than challenge them with facts and illumination.

In fact it is "Non-White White Supremacy" to assume that Black people can't have the same orchestrated hated that White people show and cultivate.

As you will soon see – the hate filled Black propagandist seeks to hide behind and justify his own HATRED by making references to the hateful actions and the past slavery and Jim Crow policies enforced by White folks in this nation. It is interesting that American law has renounced and moved away from this past framework of suppressive behaviors. Hate filled Blacks like the author of this piece still make ready reference to these times as the source of their hatred. We as Black people had better be vigilant – these White folks have not changed!!!

As previously stated – the best way to show the ignorance and bigotry of these type of people is to point out the irony of their statements

Straight No Chaser: Just Another Reminder By Desi Cortez

BlackAthlete Sports Network

I see why this guy does not work for ESPN or Rupert Murdocks "Fox Sports". He is clearly a minor leaguer when it comes to credible journalism and commentary.

Claim Made By "Black Athlete"

My Expounded View Of The World

"the only good nigger is a dead nigger."

As we look at the disproportionate rate of homicide rates contained within the Black communities that are controlled by people who this ideologically bigoted author would find otherwise pleasing to him – in that they are Democrats and Progressives – it is ironic that he would limit his view about "Dead Niggers" to a sentiment felt by White Conservative Republicans and not the "Drug Thug "Kneegrows" that are killing more Black people more than any other organized group. The next closest threat to Blacks being far in the distance.

As bad as this murder count is - there is a systematic undercutting of the justice process in support of punishing these killers. The homicide closure rates in these places rival that of Jim Crow era southern towns - the very places that this author seeks to make reference to. We don't need WHITE FOLKS to take us back to this time and place - the current operatives today are doing a good job of this already.

So I don't find a New York Post cartoonist depicting President Obama as an dead ape

As always – the operative keeps repeating that "Barack Obama was the chimp pictured in the cartoon". Just as with the plaintiff in the court case that wears the neck brace – regardless of what the x-ray or MRI says to the contrary, the pain from the "soft tissue damage" that they complain about is THEIR OWN to claim. No external source is going to tell them how THEY feel in the way of pain.

Listen to them as they REPEAT this claim and INSERT this as the key inflection point where their logic bends into the realm of the irrational.

New York City - In a city which police execute Black men

New York City is a Progressive's progressive city. With 54 City Council members and 49 of them being Democrats there are few other places in the United States that are more ideologically homogenous as the Big Apple.

This author is not worried about "Black men being executed". He is concerned about "the authorizes" killing Black people, going through a legal proceeding BUT having the legal process rendering a DECISION that HE does not support.

(I would love to know this guy's views about the OJ Simpson verdict. I suspect that this verdict was seen as an important 'turnabout' in the confluence of race and justice per the concepts that he traffics in.)

Redneck backlash which will be incomprehensible in the eye's of the world. I don't think Black folks understand the malice, the spite, the plain ol' nastiness millions of White Americans harbor for Black people.

November 4th 2008 came and went. There were NO reports of Black people being lynched in America as a result of them attempting to vote in the Presidential election. There were no reports of Black people being lynched as a result of a Black man winning the election.

We can look toward Kenya or Zimbabwe for references of how "plain ol' nasty" people who so hate their opposition and crave power that they resort to wanton killing as a means of expressing their outrage and drawing blood.

In as much as this purported journalist would warn us to be vigilant about not being too complacent about the deep seated feelings of racist White folks, he in turn, draws upon patent fear rather than the realities that are before us per the actual election results and the resulting "backlash".

And the only and I do mean only reason they're not . . . is because we fought back. Otherwise, we'd still be in da' fields choppin' King Cotton for massa, and if you think he'd have had it any other way . . . you're a fool.

I thought that it was the Civil War that precipitated the 13th Amendment, thus freeing all enslaved Africans in all states from their bondage?

Indeed, after Slavery, Blacks continued to "pick cotton". The key force that removed Black people from the fields was MECHANIZATION of farming. The one key piece of equipment that changed the need for labor in the cotton fields was the COTTON PICKING MACHINE (not the cotton GIN, the picking machine). Automation in the South and massive hiring in the factories of the North motivated a steady flow of Black people out of the South, were they did not have to put up with the Racist B.S. that was still present – among Conservative Democrats that were entrenched in the South through the Civil Rights Movement.

If you don't believe there's millions of Republicans who want to return to Negro Baseball and no Negras in the NCAA or NFL/MLB/NBA . . . you're a fool

Interesting. What does "Republican Membership" have to do with the Negro Leagues? This is little more than empty racial provocation.

I see more paraphernalia in honor of the "Negro Leagues" and "The Tuskegee Airmen" worn by Black people than I hear White folks talking about the "Good Ole Days" when there were no Blacks in professional sports or the mainstream military.

I would love for this author to attempt to substantiate this rant. Furthermore I would love to have him distinguish between what some people might secretly lust for versus what they have the power to do. Not that any of this matters to a person that engages in such outright empty propaganda and hatred.

When Jack Johnson beat Jim Jeffries for the heavyweight championship of boxing . . . there were race riots. Now, what can we anticipate will be the actions of today's angry white man to the fact, he didn't wake-up with a Black guy living next door, nor did he walk into work to find he has a new boss - who's black.

Again – in his empty rhetoric this author has a PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to bear out his point – November 5, 2008 OR January 21, 2009 and yet he can find NO DEAD BLACK PEOPLE (except the normal "chatter" of homicides) to point to that substantiates his claims.

Absent proof – he focuses on writing a novel.

How long before this generation of "forced to be good white people" revert back to their traditional habits, begin to behave like their parents and grand parents? With the economy in near-ruin . . . it won't be long.

Ironically – this author would likely point to ECONOMIC EROSION as the key reason why Black Inner City Youth are "killing each other" as he obfuscates them from the core responsibility for killing other human beings.

When it comes to White folks who might kill Blacks during a time of economic instability they have some innate blood-lust to kill Black people.

Having just watched an episode of "Gangland" where the "Mexican Mafia" is growing as a deadly force in Los Angeles – it would be interesting to understand this author's view of the change from the bi-polar – "White/Black" dynamic over to a tri-polar or greater dynamic that is rapidly happening in America. The largest number of "Racial Hate Crimes" in Southern California is between Hispanics and Blacks. I guess we'll have to wait for a Hispanic President of the United States before this author crafts another hate filled rant against Hispanics the next time around.

I'm very familiar with the mis-belief's of Euro-Americans . . . far more of those people then I could ever count . . . maintain a strong dislike for Black people; which explains US History - why there's been no Black presidents till now.

So wait – is it "Euro-Americans" now or still "Republicans"?

I wish this author would focus more on evaluating the condition of Black people where there have been Black and/or Democratic leadership to the liking of Black people (Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, Newark, Cleveland, Washington DC, Atlanta).

Once again he focuses on "Black Presidents Until Now" as a threshold rather than how the prevailing ideological order favorable to most Black people in the areas that Blacks have control over have not always delivered the good.

Of course those damned racist Republicans are still on the peripheral cities, undercutting all Black advancement. :-/

Why there're so few Black head coaches in the NCAA and the NFL, so few GM's in MLB, so few Governors and Senators, so few doctors and lawyers – because, in great part, this nation see's Black folks as sub-human.

Blacks are seen as "subhuman"?

On the streets of America – no one violates the "Humanity" of Black people and our basic human RIGHTS TO LIVE than does the "Drug Thug Killers" who are violating any notions of rights or dignity of Black people who, if still alive COULD HAVE BEEN doctors, lawyers, dentists or even Presidents of the United States.

Once again this rant about so few doctors and lawyers in this author's rant is nothing more than empty rhetoric. The main force that is STEALING potential doctors and lawyers away from the Black community in 2009 is the FAILING PUBLIC SCHOOLS in these same Black communities that are being governed by people who Blacks in large cities saw fit as their leaders.

People like this author is more interested in racism chasing after White people than he is capable or qualified to actually MANAGE better results out of the people that he has placed into power over the critical resources that impact his community the most

This insulting interpretation of Obama as a ape, is why so many of us were dismayed when King James willingly allowed himself to be depicted as King Kong on the cover of . . . . I'd rather not say.

Again – keep repeating a lie and it still remains a LIE in the minds of those who are rational in what they saw depicted in this cartoon.
Those who see a monkey and then see a Black man are the ones that need to be checked for their psychosis. Instead of visiting their chiropractor and obtaining a neck brace for their court hearing they instead need to see a mental health professional in order to disconnect their "stimulus" of seeing a money and then "responding" with their belief that there is a Black man being depicted symbolically.

No better example is the sports page; most Black sports fans easily recognize the success of Black athletes is attributed to - we're closer to animals. In code language - we're the missing link. Have Dan Patrick or Rush Limpballs elaborate; We excel at non-thinking positions . . . .

I wonder what this author has to say regarding various people who seek to not allow academic challenges to prevent the star Black athlete from using his physical prowess to represent his school on the field or the court? Despite the fact that there is a school name plastered across this athlete's chest – some of the handlers of these Black athletes only seek to have this Black mind developed as much as it is necessary to allow him to perform on the playing field.
Once his professional aspirations die – they drop him and find a new young stud. This former star is put out to pasture, just like a retired greyhound. Sadly if those who REALLY care about him failed to force him to be serious about his education – the remainder of his natural life will likely be spent as a shadow of what he could have been had he actually made use of the academic resources that were all about him but not tapped.

Tiger's domination, the Williams sister's success - impossible according to White popular opinion of the last few centuries.

The ironic thing that this author fails to make note of is that within some Black communities – a young Black male who renounces basketball or football in pursuit of golf or tennis will suffer negative peer pressure and harassment by individuals seeking to enforce their perverted concept of what is a "Black sport".

Despite Tiger Woods self identifying as a "Cablinasian" and being married to a blond haired White woman – he is referenced as a Black man for this author's immediate purposes. There is hope yet for greater reform yet.

A small slice of me . . . starting to seriously entertain the thought of getting the hell out of Dodge . . . before the angry mobs take the whips out of moth-balls and start trying to crack that whip across black children's backs.

Ironically – the present greatest migration of Blacks "getting out of dodge" is seen among the "Black Flight Progressives" who are exiting the city in fear of the Black Drug Thugs who place their family at risk of assault or "urban lynching". Or who steal instructional time from their children in the classroom on a daily basis.

Rather than having the fear of being "whipped", these Black families are moving into more "conservative" communities which offer them more safety and quality education.

Yes, I whole-heartedly believe millions of White Americans see Black folks as merely animals, and depicting us as monkeys is something their grandparents had no qualms about, and it's just the tip of their bayonet.

In the year 2008 of the Blacks who had another person point a gun at them – the majority of them had a Thug flash a gun at them during a robbery. The second most populous group of them had police men draw their guns at them because they were being arrested for some legal infraction.

Note this cartoonist is well educated, came from the right side of the tracks, went to the right schools. How scary is that?

The cartoonish characterization of Black people done by uneducated "Sambo Rappers" is far more scary than anything this editorial cartoonist has done to sully the image of Black people – real or feigned. In fact many of them have their music played to Blacks that are in college but who step out for a dance on Friday or Saturday night.

If you read any history, you certainly understand the worst race riots in this nation took place before the turbulent 60's; Chicago -1921, Harlem -1935 Detroit -1943, Tulsa -1921, Rosewood -1923, were White folks randomly killing innocent black women and children . . . because allegedly a Black man raped some White women . . . this is what this nation has done, and will do again.

I wonder if this author lives in a large city and watches the news on a daily basis? The "random" and purposeful killing of Black people is being broadcasted on a near daily basis.

As I type this message the documentary series "Gangland" is playing. They are focusing on the carnage that is going on in New Orleans among the "Goti Boys". A rapper named "Soldier Slim" who was called "the Southern Tupaq". His life ended early, just as Tupaq's life. Soldier Slim was standing in his front yard and then was killed by getting shot in the face 3 times.

The person who was arrested for the murder was later found with a stolen police pistol who's ballistics matched the bullets that were found in Soldier Slim's body. The charges were later dropped because other people refused to testify against the killer.

Note how the author's rants are "woulda coulda shoulda" based on the PAST. I am watching what is CLEAR AND PRESENT DANAGER within the Black community.

Katrina gave us a glimpse into what this nation is capable of doing to Black citizens; they'll lock down and lock-up women and children if they deem it called for. We'll be looting if we take bread.

Hurricane Katrina is a perfect example of how people can be lulled into security by an incompetent government that they placed their faith in, 30 something years after the LAST FLOOD THAT KILLED THEM.

New Orleans has a 60 day law for indictments lest the charges be dropped. As a result "Witness Intimidation forces" lean on witness to stop snitching for the 60 day period so that they can get away with their crime.
It is ironic that Democrats - Representative John Lewis and Senator Chris Dodd sought to invest money in solving "Unsolved Civil Rights " cold cases from 60 years ago as "no one should get away with killing a Black person and sleeping well, figuring that he has gotten away with murder" yet in New Orleans a person who killed someone 61 days ago is able to rest easy……and do it AGAIN if he chooses.

Crime Thrives Under 60 Day Rule In New Orleans

Can you say Gaza Strip?

Can you say: Chicago, Detroit, Newark, Baltimore, Newark, New Orleans and Cleveland?

I think Dick Cheney and Karl Rove, the GOP base - would rather have bedlam and pandemonium, revolution . . . then live under the fair rule of a Black President.

I feel sorry for Black people who fall prey to this sort of propaganda. I wonder if this author could detail for us what Cheney and Rove have in the works. I will make note of what the Bloods and the Crips have in store. REGARDLESS of who is in the White House their business must go on.

So in understanding the past, it's not so much the traditional painting and tainting of the first Black President as an ape, it's the after-math, the Right which wants to minimize, trivialize, rationalize, justify, unlimitedly defend the artwork . . . as just that . . . some form of artistic expression.

Tell a lie, rinse and repeat – it is still a lie.

I really believe that some Black people will see that Spike Lee and others are OUTRAGED and thus they will figure that THEY TOO should be OUTRAGED because SPIKE LEE, who they like MUST KNOW WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT!!!

This protest further undercuts Spike Lee's credibility with me.

The denials are so child-like, so lightweight. But, for a nation which still believes Black men can't play quarterback or be a astronaut . . . because we're too dumb, then I can safely say I expect that same guy . . . to equate the Harvard educated, quad-lingual, calm, cool, collect, suave law professor/ Senator/ President . . . with an ape.

This is so frustrating folks.

Just as with the latest Catholic sightings of the image of the Virgin Mary…….if a wino pissed on the side of the wall and then claims that the urine stain has dried in her image – IF you as an onlooker DON'T SEE WHAT THE FUNDAMENTALISTS SEE IN THE IMAGE then YOU ARE THE ONE who has the problem!!!!

For a nation with a past like ours, casually depicting the president as a ape, is a first step back down a road we've traveled, and don't need to go down again. If we, as proud Black Americans don't put our foot down now, then we don't know where this will go, nor when it will stop.

I think that the Black community is under greater threat from this type of PROPAGANDA and YELLOW JOURNALISM executed by this fraudulent individual.

I wonder if I keep saying "I saw a zero balance on my mortgage statements" my balance will go away? Let me place some calls to my bank.

Bank Of America – I saw a zero balance on my mortgage statement!

Bank Of America – I saw a zero balance on my mortgage statement!

Bank Of America – I saw a zero balance on my mortgage statement!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Abundant Civil Rights Violations and Injustice Haunt Black People In The Headquarters City Of The NAACP - Baltimore

Baltimore Sun: Tolerance of street violence, distrust of police affect jurors

How many times throughout history have there been examples of a nation being defeated because they were invaded and destroyed while their military was off on a foreign land fighting another battle rather than defending the crown jewels?

With respect to the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People - THE CITY OF BALTIMORE should serve as PROOF of their abject incompetence, derailment and FAILURE as an organization to prove that they are still relevant in the lives of Black people across America....when they can't even take care of HOME!!!

I have to give a hat tip to "Virtual Blues" for bringing this article to my attention.

It is so critical in that it substantiates what I have been saying for a while:

The actions in some urban communities need to be classified as CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS and the same MACHINATIONS that were used to bust up WHITE RACISTS who were terrorizing Black people and walking away with IMPUNITY need to be adopted in these lands!!!!

The only reason why this will NOT happen nor will it be pushed by the Civil Rights Industrial Complex nor the Black Establishment is because they are infected with "Non-White White Supremacy". They can't see that the actions of any BLACK MAN could ever rise to the SYSTEMATIC THREAT that was posed by even a toothless White man from the mountains who shot a Black man dead in cold blood.

If Eric Holder seeks to address the COWARDICE that is present among Americans about RACE he would divert a portion of his CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISION to focus upon reigning in the SYSTEMATIC TERRORISM and coopting of JUSTICE that is happening within some Black communities around America.

NOTHING in this article is rare or exceptional. The only thing that is exceptional is the ability of those who PURPORT to be protecting the safety of Black people and the fidelity of our JUSTICE system to act as SUPPRESSORS of the force of our legal system to root out those who are "Making Black people cry" from the loss of life and assaults that are going on within our communities.

Nathaniel Hicks was killed for making fun of his friend's tennis shoes.

A group of people throwing back Hennessy and Coronas in Northeast Baltimore watched the killer fire six shots into a sober Hicks shortly after midnight on Mother's Day 2007.

Detectives collected three witnesses. The best of them, a teenager, was murdered before he could testify. Another witness said she was pulled into the back seat of a car and ordered to change her story. The third denied everything.At trial, inconsistent stories and substance abuse histories damaged the testimony of the two remaining witnesses, leaving only one juror convinced that Dominick Harrison shot Hicks. On the fourth day of the 11-to-1 standoff, the holdout "caved."

"I couldn't continue to put myself through the yelling and screaming for eight hours a day," the 32-year-old office manager recalled. "It was horrible for me."

The NAACP Is Only Going To Do What You Allow Them To Focus Upon - A Tale Of 2 Black Priorities In New York

View Larger Map

New York State - A Big State With A Misfocused Battle Front

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People shows, once again, that the organization in its present form is incompetent to lead the Black community in addressing the REAL issues that are damaging the Black community.

NAACP wants NY Post editor and cartoonist fired

NEW YORK — The head of the NAACP on Saturday urged readers to boycott the New York Post, calling a cartoon that the newspaper published an invitation to assassinate President Barack Obama.

Benjamin Todd Jealous, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, called on the tabloid to remove editor-in-chief Col Allan, as well as longtime cartoonist Sean Delonas.

Earlier this week, the newspaper apologized to anyone who might have been offended by the image printed Wednesday, which some say likens Obama to a violent chimpanzee gunned down by police in Connecticut.

Jealous said the cartoon was "an invitation to assassination."

What a surprise - the NAACP seeks to have the editor and cartoonist from the NY Post fired as a result of the feigned outrage over the cartoon that appeared in the post. In this latest volley a la "Lipstick On A Pig" the NAACP, given open reign to pick and choose its area of focus for problems that impact Black people - has once again went left, when the clear pathway was LOOKING AHEAD!!

Again - my tactic is to not to try and stop or counter-protest in support of the "offending entity" to which the NAACP and other Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasing forces seek to go after as they purport to focus upon the best interests of the Black community.

Instead I pull out my own list of priorities and make note of their SILENCE on important issues that are materially impacting Black people.

Let's take a drive over to Rochester NY to see a grossly missed opportunity for this organization.

Rochester mom arrested, accused of sneaking kids into Greece Schools

You see here is a Google Search result on the words "Rochester NY", "NAACP" and "Yolanda Miranda", the Black woman who was charged with sneaking her daughter out of the failing public schools of Rochester, NY and seeking higher quality education in the neighboring "Greece School District".

Google Search: Results - No Results found

You see - If the NAACP was to show up on this front - it would come as no surprise that they would focus on attacking the authorities that charged this Black mother with a crime.

All the while this same organization would MISS THE POINT!!

The missed point is that the conditions of the schools in Rochester NY are subpar thus motivating Ms. Miranda to vacate for more quality education.

With the presence of a single party run town of Rochester New York and that party being the favored party of the NAACP, effectively there are no "exploitable surfaces" to go after in pursuit of their agenda. Just as the NAACP in Prince Georges County saw fit to have a joint press conference rather than a protest against the government who allowed a Black prisoner to be killed while under their care, here too they are not inclined to go against their ideological and party soulmates in pursuit of justice and quality education for the Black people in Rochester NY.

Let me be clear. I HATE people who craft "Straw Men" for them to tear down. I ask anyone to make the case that it is UNREASONABLE for me to look at these two conflicts that are impacting Black people, both of which are centered upon New York state, yet expect the NAACP to focus on the most IMPACTFUL rather than the most EXPLOITABLE option?

While Black America Feigns Outrage About Monkeys ..... 3 Black Teens Are Slaughtered In Chicago. There Will Be No Protests

3 teens killed near school in Southeast Chicago

For me, much of this present debate with my ideological adversaries who are Black is about what is NOT being acted upon and EFFECTIVELY ADDRESSED by them.....Within The Black Community. They'd rather take to the streets in anger about those things which better match their forte, where "exploitable antagonists" are present to fight against.

If anyone can't see that their PROTEST modality is old and tired and that now it is time for MANAGEMENT of the streets that they now control - maybe you need to trade in your polyester pants for some updated fashions to go along with the need for your updated CONSCIOUSNESS about the BIGGEST THREATS TO BLACK PEOPLE IN 2009.

It sure as hell IS NOT the threat of being depicted as MONKEYS in an editorial cartoon!!! If anything it is a threat from people who ACT LIKE the ragging chimp that attack human beings. The end result of the chimp's actions is the same as what we see too often on the 11pm news.

While society can understand that a chimp as an animal will act as an animal and thus it is more prudent to go after the OWNER, these KILLERS are human beings and thus we must look at those who imprinted these associations as to the value of human life into their minds.

I grieve with these 3 families that have lost their young children. My goal is not to exploit this tragedy for the sake of advancing a political argument. This one incident must be evaluated in the backdrop of the hundreds of similar incidents which will take place on the streets that these same protesters who are now plotting on how to shut down the NY Post and other elements of the empire of Rupert Murdock as they defined the HONOR OF BLACK PEOPLE.

I have little doubt that the grieving members of these three families would much prefer that the "defensive actions" of those who purport to be community leaders instead get refocused on the streets that are consuming our youth at a disproportionate rate.

3 teens killed near school in Southeast Chicago

Police Search for 3 in SE Side Killings

You can only be USED as much as you allow others to draw upon your emotions in their efforts to distract you from their failings.

Some of you are so clear on George W. Bush but are blind to the antics of the Black Establishment and their ability to 'Distract'

The Human Killer Who Pulled The Trigger Didn't Kill The Cop In Philly!! The GUN Killed Him!

Philadelphia cop killers: guns or politics?

Let's see:

  • Take the Killer Thugs off of the street while allowing law abiding people to retain their guns. The result: PEACE
  • Take the guns away from all of the people while allowing the Killer Thugs to remain embedded within the community. The result: They will obtain illegal guns or will start to use other weapons to inflict death on people.

After a career criminal murdered a Philadelphia police officer, it was suggested, without providing supporting evidence, that banning guns in Philadelphia would have saved the officer’s life:
Philadelphia Police officer John Pawlowski was not killed by Rasheed Scruggs -- he was killed by the .357 pistol that Scruggs was using. Take away that gun and Scruggs is just another thug with his hands in his pockets. [Emphasis added]
Perhaps Philadelphia should be more like Washington, DC, which has the most stringent gun control laws in the country? In 2007, DC’s violent crime rate was 3 times the U.S. rate; its murder rate was 5.5 times higher.

Contrary to the anti-rights claim that law-abiding gun owners are responsible for "easy access to guns in the city," Philadelphia’s police chief implied that his officers should have permanently resolved the real problem:
"He [Scruggs] wasn't hit enough," an emotional Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey told reporters. "That's the only thing that matters. I don't care."
Philadelphia’s Fraternal Order of Police also blamed the criminal, and a revolving-door legal system:
FOP President John J. McNesby's words were more measured yesterday, but the frustration and anguish were easy to read between the lines.
"He did everything by the textbook," McNesby said of Pawlowski. "So, what do we say when they do everything right and this happens?
"[Scruggs] should never have been on the street with his record. They've got to be able to put people like this in a place where they don't get out." [Emphasis added]
In all five cases listed by Philadelphia Daily News, officers were murdered by career criminals. See a pattern here? It was not law-abiding citizens suddenly becoming homicidal maniacs, it was career criminals who are already banned from even holding a gun!

To the anti civil-rights crowd, all gun control laws are “reasonable”; the first one enacted attains an aura of reasonability by its very existence. Further restrictions then become “reasonable” due to precedent. This is similar to how criminals think: Because they’ve been robbing people, they continue because they established a precedent: since they have been getting away with it and making money, it’s reasonable to continue. This may be why anti civil-rights proponents love laws which only punish the law-abiding and create more available prey: Both groups benefit from the law-abiding from being disarmed. One gets our money by violent force, and the other gets it through taxes––and the threat of force for non-payment––in order to support a burgeoning bureaucracy supposedly there to protect us from crime, but in fact with no legal obligation to do anything.

Of Pigs And Chimps – The Feigned Outrage Used For Ideological And Political “One Ups-manship”

Lipstick On A Pig

NY Times Dead Chimp

The "Offending" Image

The Operatives Making The Exaggeration

The Republican propagandists

The "Democrats Who Are Black" (As opposed to Blacks who are Democrats). White Liberal "Snarling Foxes" who, as Malcolm X says love using Black people in THEIR ideological battle with the White Conservatives. Today some Blacks like being the running backs for these "Snarling Foxes".

The "Logical Leap"

Since Obama said "Lipstick On a Pig" - Women wear lipstick. Sarah Palin is the only women in the presidential general election thus Obama must have been talking about Sarah Palin and thus his comment is sexist.

Since the editorial cartoonist employed by the NY Post stitched together two unrelated issues – The chimp that went bizzerk and the recent Stimulus Packaged passed by Congress and signed by President Obama....since White folks have a history of attacking Black people by calling us monkeys.......this cartoonist from this Conservative newspaper was talking about the Black president .

The Target/ Benefit For The Operatives

During the presidential campaign the Republicans might gain some voters that are on the wall if they throw some mud at Democratic Barack Obama and put him on the defensive. This served as a rallying cry by which those who need conflict and hyperbole to avoid the REAL ISSUES and focus on emotionalism

Rupert Murdoch and his empire have been long time targets for the left wing, both White and Black. His properties include Fox News, The NY Post, Wall Street Journal and My Space.

If the "Democrats who are Black" can feign outrage over this "racist" image where this conservative newspaper is seen to have drawn Barack Obama as a monkey, even as a metaphor they can do damage to the empire that is known to them as the voice of their CONSERVATIVE opposition.

How To Counter These Propagandists

Candidate Obama correctly refocused the entire issue. He made note that the Republicans were desperate. After having a presidential administration in office for 8 years and control of the congress for at least 5 of those years the nation is in crisis in several key areas. He warned the voters "Don't fall for the Okey Doke". Force them to talk about the KEY ISSUES, not have your attention diverted on these trivial matters.

Candidate Obama WAS RIGHT!!

Make note of the pattern of such behavior among these "Racism Chasers" and how the define the "Black Agenda", detailing what all "Real Blacks" had better follow lest they be called Uncle Toms or Sellouts.

Come to the table with your OWN set of priorities for your family and your people and then measure their repeated antics against these priorities. Without a yard stick for measurement they will have you running around the nation responding to racial insults while functionally ignoring the BIGGEST RACIAL INSULTS for Black people that are going on today:

With this Political Machine in power over our communities both in elective offices, as preachers, as activists, as entertainers who can influence us they look past or FAIL to EFFECTIVELY address

* The Failing Schools that their regime runs that are assaulting the expression of potential for Black kids

* The Dangerous streets in which so many of our people are assaulted or murdered upon, where increasingly the assailant walks free within a system of witness intimidation similar to what the White Racist had enforced back in the day with the goal of similarly "keeping Black people in our place" and suppressing justice.

* The political districts that they can't seem to make more productive use of the Black labor forces who are looking to contribute to our community wealth and feed their families.

Tell them that focusing on gaining Political control on behalf of the Democrats does not translate into the "Best Interests" for Black people lest they focus on these key points listed above and GO AGAINST the establishment that is supposed to provision these services for our communities that they now control.


Atlanta Poised To Lose $11 Million In Federal Jobs Location Assistance Due To Mishandling

Audit Points To Mishandling Of Funds

There will be NO protests against the City Of Atlanta government by the usual suspects for the loss of these important funds during these times.

Atlanta might have to forfeit $11.3 million for allegedly mishandling federal grant money intended to help people find jobs, even as the city grapples with a budget crisis in the midst of a crippling recession.

The Atlanta Workforce Development Agency spent that amount issuing contracts without competitive bids, making questionable expenditures and supplying services to ineligible recipients, according to an audit by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of the Inspector General.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Metro Atlanta Democrat On Democrat Political Drama Switches From Clayton To Dekalb County

DeKalb CEO takes steps to fire police chief Bolton

In all honesty I am actually glad that CEO Burrell Ellis is enforcing a bit of discipline upon the county, even if it comes at the risk of yet another political drama among Democrats.

At the end of the day, with this party totally dominating the core counties of Metro Atlanta - there is little chance that those constituents that are fearing that another "Clayton County drama" is about to brew in Dekalb will turn against the PARTY to which all of the operatives belong to.

Hell if rising crime rates in the county can't dislodge them - why would this increasingly public battle do it.

Ellis says chief was insubordinate and misused county property

DeKalb’s CEO gave the county police chief a “pre-termination notice” Friday and ordered him to reply by Monday.

Chief Executive Officer Burrell Ellis said he will make a final decision on whether police Chief Terrell Bolton is fired after receiving Bolton’s response, due by Monday.

The CEO said Bolton had been insubordinate, misused county property and engaged in conduct unbecoming an officer — all actionable under the county’s merit system rules. The alleged offenses involve countermanding Ellis’ own orders, misuse of county vehicles and abuse of compensatory time, among other things.

Bolton denied doing anything wrong. He said Ellis was “grasping for straws” to get rid of him, using actions by Bolton under the former CEO, whom Ellis replaced Jan. 1.

“Everything he’s talking about were policies we had under Vernon Jones, and he didn’t ask me to change them,” Bolton said in a telephone interview Friday. Instead, he said, Ellis rebuffed his attempts to meet with him.

Ellis placed Bolton on a two-week administrative leave Feb. 9, pending an investigation. Bolton had been on medical leave the previous week and on Thursday had requested another two weeks of medical leave. He was diagnosed with diabetes recently.

In support of his “preliminary” decision to fire Bolton, Ellis alleged offenses in three categories.

• Insubordination:

On Feb. 2, while Bolton was on medical leave, Ellis told his acting chief, Karen Anderson, to fire Bolton’s top civilian aide, Keisha Williams. But Ellis said Bolton tried to “intimidate” and “coerce” Anderson, telling her that she could be sued, “that she should think about it … and that she should also pray about it.”

Bolton said Williams called him while he was home sick and said she had heard rumors of her firing. He said he called Anderson, whom he described as upset over Ellis’ order. He said he advised Anderson to ask Ellis’ chief operations officer to call him.

• Misuse of property:

Bolton assigned seven police cruisers and SUVs to himself and to drivers who didn’t actually drive him. Ellis said the chief also ordered a major to give him two luxury vehicles that had been seized under drug forfeiture laws — a 2004 Range Rover valued at $32,000 and a 2006 Mercedes Benz worth $55,000. Ellis said Bolton ordered an officer to remove them from his home late last year, after rumors about them began circulating on an Internet police blog.

Bolton said three officers on his security detail each had a police car, and an additional car was designated as their backup vehicle. He said then-CEO Jones knew that he moved the two seized vehicles to his home because he was concerned another agency would claim them. He said he drove them on some weekends to keep their batteries and tires in condition. He also unsuccessfully sought the county attorney’s permission to sell the cars for the police department, he said, and finally had them moved to a motor pool after he was told of “a rumor that I had 13 cars.”

Jones’ personal attorney, Dwight Thomas, confirmed Bolton’s account about the seized cars. “I know the CEO was aware of that issue and to my knowledge he had no objection to it,” Thomas said.

• Conduct unbecoming an officer and breach of public trust:

Ellis alleged a variety of misconduct by Bolton, such as giving a badge and squad car to Williams though she was a civilian employee and taking comp time without approval.

Bolton said Williams and other civilians, such as chaplains, were given badges that showed their job titles but lacked a badge number. Bolton said he assigned a squad car to Williams so she and other public information officers would have access to a police radio en route to crime scenes and so he could use the radio if he rode with her.

As for the comp time, Bolton said he informed Ellis’ office of his requests for time off this year, but Ellis and his staff never replied or indicated there was any change in comp time policy. He said he was following procedures Jones established.

Ellis said Bolton has until 10 a.m. Monday to respond.

“I believe that we have cause for termination,” Ellis said. “And we’re giving the chief an opportunity to respond.”