They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The First Black To Black CEO Handoff In Dekalb County GA History Gets Off To A Rocky Start

"Things are going to be different when we are in charge".

Transition in DeKalb is off to a contentious start
Current CEO threatens to block funds to successor’s top aide, but county commissioners insist money must be paid.

As DeKalb County’s next chief executive officer prepares to move into the top-floor
corner office of the county administrative building, his kingmaker is churning
through paperwork trying to figure out what makes DeKalb tick.
Burrell Ellis will assume control over metro Atlanta’s third-largest county in January, after an eight-year run by the term-limited Vernon Jones. But the handoff has been rough, with Ellis and Jones sparring over the role of Kevin Ross, Ellis’
campaign manager.

Recent headlines:

Transition in DeKalb is off to a contentious start
Mumbai attack watched closely here; rabbi plans special service
Arlene Rogers Park, pianist taught lessons
• DeKalb County news Ross is overseeing a $155,000 transition process for the new administration. Jones has said the money is excessive, and he threatened to cease payments to Ross after he said Ross submitted an invoice without documentation. The County Commission has backed Ellis, voting unanimously recently to order Jones to pay the bill.

The man at the center of the conflict is a well-known political operative. Ross helped Bill Campbell win the Atlanta mayor’s office. He also played a key role in the campaigns of historic figures such as Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), the civil rights leader who went to Congress, and the late Maynard Jackson, Atlanta’s first black mayor.

Just like the cartoon "Spy On Spy" - the fact is in single party rule areas, found within the Black community - so much of that which was PROMISED as the benefit to such political assention gets pissed away in lateral fighting.

This is why is it so critically important to maintain a CONSERVATIVE/ REPUBLICAN enemy as the great unifying force.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Frequent Question: "What Have The Republicans/Conservatives Ever Done For The Black Community?" ANSWER: "Left You Alone To Govern Ourselves"

"What has the Republican Party and/or the Conservatives ever done that was beneficial to the Black community other than stand in our way?"

I have been asked and I have pondered this question for years.

The answer that I have come up with is a clear and concise response:
"The conservatives have realized that what they believe fundamentally is different than the prevailing set of beliefs that are present today politically and ideologically within the Black community and thus at the point of conflict - THEY HAVE MOVED AWAY!! This has allowed the Black community to appoint the leadership, style of government and the social/cultural mores of our own POPULAR choosing".

For this show of confidence in the ability of Black people to govern ourselves - the Conservatives should be thanked.

This move has ushered in a set of Democratic and Black Democratic elected officials (please note the distinction) into the areas where Black and working class people live in the highest concentrations in America. The conservatives originally moved out to the first line "ring cities" in these same areas and decided to recreate the governments, the schools and the social standards to their own liking. (I will use metropolitan Atlanta and Philadelphia as the main points of reference for my argument)

What more can you ask of a group of people that you don't get along with ideologically? Is their DEPARTURE a crime or a racist act in and of itself? Nearly every point of engagement between these two groups of competing interests were met with conflict and power struggle. These conflicts took place in the schools, in the work place, in the banks regarding lending decisions, in the real estate broker’s offices, and in the various legislatures where laws and policies were crafted.
Let me be the first to acknowledge that during the balance of America’s history Black Americans were not afforded a fair standing for the representation of his own interests within the point of conflict. The rules that both parties were bound to were not fair nor equal. The deck was staked to the favor of the White community. When it came to the question of how the common goodwill was to be distributed – they profited greatly while the African-American had to just “get over it – ‘It beez that way’ “.
As some would have it today, however, the current arraignment of power within the Black (and working class) communities in America should not be expected to produce the favorable outcomes that the community’s activism set out to obtain. Despite having the political power in these communities it appears that they are to be forgiven because of the lingering damage from our decades of subjugation. Thus when the politician that was favored by the Black community promised that “things are going to change” once he assumed power – we should not hold him to these promises. Instead the fact that he is in power should be the evidence in and of itself that things have changed. Celebrate him as the leader rather than the effective accomplishments that were to come with his ascendency. No one knew the power of this residual racism and….we don’t have control of the banking system nor the national tax allocation system to control our own fate. (But if we stay united and fight for such national take over – this too can one day occur. )
As the 1960's closed continuing well into the early 80's various Black communities celebrated the conquest as the "First Black {fill in the blank}" assumed power. Mayors, City Council chairmen, Police chiefs, Fire chiefs, legislators in the state and federal legislative bodies. All of these achievements were celebrated with great fanfare. “We have WON!!! The people have spoken! OUR INTERESTS will be represented at the table!!!”
Again - I ask everyone to rent "Eyes On The Prize II" in which the campaign challenges and the subsequent victory of Carl Stokes in Cleveland was featured as a historical reference. The alignment of all Black civil rights, labor, community activist and religious institutions that came together in pursuit of "hope and change" as expressed by the doing the unthinkable - getting a Black man elected as the mayor of Cleveland" showed up as an eerie premonition to the campaign of 2008. I only hope that the after-effects seen in Cleveland are not seen in the United States. No I am not saying that Carl Stokes alone brought down Cleveland. What I am saying is that Cleveland - a city that was in decline in the context of the trends seen in other similar "Rust Belt Cities" DID NOT experience a rebirth in the context of the great excitement felt by a good portion of the masses as to the newly elected mayor.

Again, Cleveland, which was already a strongly Democratic city experienced "White flight" to the suburbs. (Partisan alliance is no container for racist thoughts regardless of what some of you would like to believe). The growth of political power is distinct from the question of economic control and the efforts to build and/or replace the economic engines that powered a city in its former orientation.

Ironically, in many of these cities in question as the favored regime assumed power in the very offices that wield ultimate power over the lifestyle and standard of living within the cities failed to live up to their billing - their failure to deliver upon the very points that drove the group into political activism in the first place did not provoke the masses to turn against them for coming up short. Instead the masses "moved the goal posts" and began to demand these services and resources from the entities outside of the boundary that they had assumed power over - the county, the state, the federal government.

As a history buff I am keenly interested in learning how the key cities that make dot our landscape were founded. The generic course of development for a city was that an area that had a confluence of key resources had visionary leadership that decided petition the state for a city charter. Their human resources, natural resources (waterways, minerals, agricultural, etc), transportation resources (rail, naval shipping) and financial resources allowed the previously unincorporated land mass to operate in a self-sufficient and autonomous fashion that could be synergized and provide the citizens a greater effective standard of living than what was possible with the county or state providing them their municipal services necessary for living.
In receiving their city charter they were able to create a tax base and leverage this to provide basic government services – sanitation, a court system, parks & recreation, law enforcement – among others. The local masses of voters now had the power to sculpt the quality of live and standard of living of their own choosing. All of this was made possible because of the digest of tax collection, fees and utility payments that the municipal entity established in support of their governance.
Many of the large cities of today have their establishment, growth and decline closely aligned with the industrial base that made them who they are:
Detroit – Auto Manufacturing
Milwaukee – Brewing/Canning/Manufacturing
New York – Textiles/Financials/International Shipping
Camden – Manufacturing/Canning
Atlanta – Railroad Transportation
Much of the progressive movement that we have today has its roots in the labor movement. They were the organized labor component that sat at the opposite end of the negotiating table as did the ownership. Together they worked to grow the pie which the industry brought forth into the city/region. The job of organized labor was to insure that the pie slice received by the worker was larger than what was possible absent collective bargaining.
The progressive political movement has maintained the stereotype of being “for the people”/”the little guy” because of its history of representing the popular sentiments of the working class in the context of the labor movement. The Progressive-Fundamentalist is not swayed into seeing the PARTNERSHIP and INTERDEPENDENCE that has always been present even after ownership/industry leaves town while labor remains. In the resulting economic collapse of the city’s viability he is both pleased about his resulting ascent into uncontested power and will redouble his efforts to have the GOVERNMENT to fund the health care and social services that were once funded by the corporate adversary which were the primary targets of his protests. The national government is not able to move across state lines and thus escape from his demands for entitlements. This is a far better target than the “mobile” corporation.
It is clear to me that the Black Activism movement is nothing more than a Left-wing/Progressive movement. Their core demands are the same. Only some tangential concerns unique to Black people distinguish their drives. George S Schulyer – called this out several decades ago when he called them “LampBlack Americans” – speaking to how much of their activism in Harlem were like their White liberal counterparts with a “black faced” coating placed upon them.
It is my opinion that this key concept of enumeration of the RESPONSIBILITIES that come with the political independence and power that a municipality wields is the key distinction between me and my frequent debate adversaries – the political progressives. In reading the US Supreme Court ruling “School District of San Antonio Vs Rodrequez” as part of my research on the rulings of Justice Thurgood Marshall bears out my point of divergence with him. For Justice Marshall and other progressives – the arraignment of these arbitrary political boundaries at the local level within a state territory should not act as a container by which one city is denied access to financial resources necessary to provide basic services to its citizenry because it does not have a base of financial resources to deliver them to the people within. Instead Marshall argued that educational services is a state function that has been proxied to the city. In the event that the city is incapable of the provision of such services it is incumbent upon the state to step in and fill the breach.
Who but the most callus of individuals would disagree with the general framework of this argument? But wait – Does this need for greater resources outside of the municipal boundaries equate to a prevailing requirement for EQUAL FUNDING for all schools in the state as enforced by the state? In my view Justice Marshall and other progressives in their desire to engineer “equal outcomes” fail to make note of the damage that is wrought through the virtual destruction of these key political boundaries. Instead they savor the positive attributes where the local people are free to promote the leadership of their own choosing. The “state-ification” (a cousin of the “nationalization”) of these financial obligations have the effect of abstracting the financial consequences of certain local policy initiatives. At the end of the day, regardless of how radical and irresponsible the leaders are – the state will ultimately be on the hook for paying the bills. Why is this not TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION for the state tax payers who reside outside of this particular city?
The more reasonable conclusion is for there to be a MINIMUM FUNDING level by which no school system should be allowed to fall. This minimum funding level is seen as the minimum amount of financial resources necessary to meet the state and federal educational standards.
This concept runs counter to the essential “chasing activity” that takes place among the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers”. They go to the most wealthy, lily White suburb and document the amount of per pupil funding that this community provides its own students, comparing this to what the students who are the beneficiaries of their advocacy efforts receive in kind. The gap between this funding is attributed to “racism”, “social injustice”, “residuals from Slavery and Jim Crow”. Please note that they are either on a fight for “funding EQUALITY” or they realize that by pointing out the extreme case of funding – if they can halve the gap that this is more money than they had previously. You will never see them seek out a poor, majority White school system and make mention of the funding levels that fall below the funding that is present in the urban school system under question.
As I review these activist initiatives around the nation I never hear these arguments placed in terms of the OBLIGATIONS of the city in question to field an economic system that is able to produce maximum productivity from the people living within and thus generate the tax base that is necessary to provide for the basic government services at the quality level that is demanded. Instead the demand for quality is expressed as a benefit of membership in the EXTERNAL government entity – the state and, if the state does not have enough resources – the federal government.
Returning directly back to the original premise of this post – Why is it that the ascension of Black and/or Progressive political power is viewed favorably in terms of their head count in office AND their ability to reshape the macro system so that resources can flow to where they are needed, regardless of the political boundaries BUT the talk about the direct correlation between the RESPONSIBILITY of economic productivity of the people and how this correlates to the end product of quality government services per their demands?
The exodus of the conservative from our midst has allowed 40 years of development of Democratic/Progressive regimes to ascend into power over these locations.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stone Crest Mall - Economic Engine For Southeast Dekalb County GA

Stone Crest Mall Energizes Southeast Dekalb

This is one of the first "high end" mall to be built in a majority Black area of the United States. It has displaced the "urbanized" South Dekalb Mall to the west as the primary shopping and restaurant complex in the area. Residents in Rockdale County to the east now have reason to come back into Dekalb County.

South Dekalb has a long list of problems that I don't fear discussing. The many of the schools on the southside stand as embarrassments to the current state of political and cultural control held by Blacks and Democrats in the area. I can say, however that the Stone Crest Mall, the various housing developments and some of the surrounding mega churches serve as proof that there are portions of the African-American community that are living the Amerian dream.

Progressive Cities Dominate Crime Index Rankings - No Big Deal - They will 'Change'

US City Crime Index

If indeed one of the main drivers for political activism was to reduce the fear that people felt while residing comfortably at home from some external threat seeking to terrorize them - how does one duck away from the key statistics which show that the threat remains despite the ground that has been gained politically?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why Will The Black Thug Kill A Black Man Tomorrow?........

SLAVERY will have made him do it!!!!.......if you believe this slide presentation that I came across.

Black Homicides and The Legacy Of Lynching

And the presentation was doing so good initially as the author began by using FACTS as presented by the Department of Justice.

Exactly how is it that lynching from the past and past legal justice issues have caused the BLACK KILLER OF TODAY to kill OTHER BLACKS? You kinda lost me on that one.

This presentation was the best example of the tactic of "throw out a lot of details and see which of them stick" in regards to making an argument.

There were a bit over 5,100 lynchings on record from Reconstruction until the present. This includes both Whites and Blacks. Even if you triple this number of lynchings that occurred in that span of 70 years to 15,000 for the sake of capturing some that were not documented, this number comes close to the present day number of Blacks who are killed in a little over TWO YEARS in America of today. This is about 7,000 homicides each and every year.

The author clearly plays on the fact that the average perso has no idea how many documented lynchings there have been over time. Most would assume that it is on par with the murder and mayhem going on today.

I only wish that these fraudulent academics cease and desist from what they are doing. The reasons why the "Drug Thugs" are killing is far more close to hom and representative of current motivations than anything the Slave Master's whip or Night Rider during Jim Crow has rendered upon them.

Hip Hopers @ "Dirty South Awards" Brawl - Ask "Why Do Police Keep Picking On U


Dirty Awards Home Page

What Does The "Hip Hop Caucus" Want?

What We Want

1. We want freedom and the social, political and economic development and empowerment of our families and communities; and for all women, men and children throughout the world.

2. We want equal justice for all without discrimination based on race, color, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, creed or class.

3. We want the total elimination of poverty.

4. We want the highest quality public education equally for all.

5. We want the total elimination of racism and racial profiling, violence, hatred and bigotry.

6. We want universal access and delivery of the highest quality health care for all.

7. We want the total elimination of police brutality and the unjust incarceration of people of color and all others.

8. We want the end and repeal of all repressive legislations, laws, regulations and ordinances such as three strikes laws; federal and state mandatory minimum sentencing; trying and sentencing juveniles as adults; sentencing disparities between crack and powdered cocaine use; capitol punishment; the Media Marketing Accountability Act; and hip-hop censorship fines by the FCC.

9. We want reparations to help repair the lingering vestiges; damages and suffering of African Americans as a result of the brutal enslavement of generations of Africans in America.

10. We want the progressive transformation of American society into a Nu America as a result of organizing and mobilizing the energy, activism and resources of the hip-hop community at the grassroots level throughout the United States.

11. We want greater unity, mutual dialogue, program development and a prioritizing of national issues for collective action within the hip-hop community through summits, conferences, workshops, issue task force and joint projects.

12. We want advocacy of public policies that are in the interests of hip-hop before Congress, state legislatures, municipal governments, the media and the entertainment industry.

13. We want the recertification and restoration of voting rights for the 10 million persons who have loss their right to vote as a result of a felony conviction. Although these persons have served time in prison, their voting rights have not been restored in 40 states in the U.S.

14. We want to tremendously increase public awareness and education on the pandemic of HIV/AIDS.

15. We want a clean environment and an end to communities in which poor and minorities reside being deliberately targeted for toxic waste dumps, facilities and other environmental hazards.

We DID IT! After all of the hard work, dedication, perseverance and passion. The election is finally over. We motivated people, moved communities to exercise the rights that people lost their lives to pass along to future generations. Not only was America in a position of extreme distress, but also the issues and concerns of ancient injustices are still prevalent in today’s society. Our issues as Americans run so deep that we have been and are currently still affecting the world in a major way. While America has had a long history of being a super power that set a standard for other countries based on our past leadership we have lost the respect of others.

Moving Forward Barack Obama is now the future President of the United States. I along with the majority of America have extreme faith in his leadership abilities. The humility, diligence and integrity among many other attributes that he possess are all the qualities that have set a new tone for many Americans. With the economic struggle and disconnect between the people and government people have attached themselves to all that President Elect Barack Obama stands for. His cool temper and desire for change are exactly what is needed to mend relationships with foreign nations. His relatable background is the exact reason why people feel so connected to his journey and support him to fulfill his future position.

The Hip Hop Caucus a non-partisan organization that promoted political involvement vigorously over the past few weeks. While we never promoted any particular candidate I can say for myself that having an active role in encouraging people to vote in an election that remains one of the most historic moments ever. My hope is that people will not be so excited about the presence of an African-American man in office that they lose track of their responsibility to this country. Continue to stay educated on legislation that is being passed, work hard in your communities, and make your voice heard! Politicians work for you!

To be continued

A Racism Chaser's Manefesto If I Have Ever Seen One!!!

Racial Disparities In America: Blacks Still Lag - Complaints But Few Logistical Plans

Racial Disparities

SIDEBAR: Statistics on Racial Disparities in the U.S.

Date: Tuesday, November 25, 2008, 2:15 pm
By: Associated Press

Despite political, social and economic advances by black Americans, racial disparities between blacks and whites persist in just about every measurable form:

-A typical black household makes just 62 percent of the income of a typical white household - a gap that has changed little in 30 years. In 2007, the median household income was $33,900 for black households and $54,900 for white households.

-Blacks are nearly three times as likely as whites to live in poverty. In 2007, 24.4 percent of blacks had incomes below the poverty line, compared to 8.2 percent of whites.

-Life expectancy among blacks is, on average, about five years shorter than it is for whites. In 2005, life expectancy at birth was 76.5 years for black women and 80.8 years for white women. Life expectancy was 69.5 years for black men and 75.7 years for white men.

- Whites are more likely to have college degrees than blacks. In 2007, 31.8 percent of whites 25 and older had college degrees, compared to 18.5 percent of blacks.

- Blacks are more likely than whites to be sentenced to prison, though incarceration rates for blacks have dropped in recent years even as they increased for whites. In 2006, black men had an incarceration rate of 3,042 per 100,000 residents, compared to a rate of 487 for white men.

- Blacks are less likely to have health insurance than whites. In 2007, 19.2 percent of blacks did not have health insurance, compared to 10.4 percent of whites.

Please notice the advanced ability to document the inferior position that many Blacks find themselves in. (Oh I'm sorry - let me edit this one. "Please notice the ability to document the results of centuries of OPPRESSION that many Blacks have suffer per the AGENDA AT HAND")

In objective observation we must also note the lack of details on what BLACKS MUST DO to address this gap. If you allow some people to tell it this fix is society's burden as it is continued societal racism that perpetuates this.

Anyone with the audacity to suggest that Blacks are complicit in our current standing and in addition to societal sanction against those who violate civil rights laws there are also some sacred cows within the Black community that contribute to the condition.

Everyone knows the list of complaints that Black folks have against White society and culture. The militarianism, the nationalism, the capitalistic exploitation and the hyper competition academically. In their intellectual supremacy they make the case that "their hands are cleaner" because they don't engage in such policies and work against them. The question must be ask though - IF you are using the results obtained from these systematic actions and yet many of them are repudiated then how valid if the reference when the fact is that many have stated that they are not willing to engage in them?

George S Schuyler - Blacks Should Be Thankful

Famous Black Birchers
For America: Let Negroes Give Thanks
George Schuyler
November 1965

George S. Schuyler is a widely read columnist, lecturer, and a staff editor of the Pittsburgh Courier. He is also a feature writer for the North American Newspaper Alliance. Articles by Mr. Schuyler have appeared in American Mercury, National Review, Reader's Digest, Negro Digest, The Annals of the American Academy of Political Science, and elsewhere.

As the American Negroes' summer of discontent was chilled by the horrors of Watts, basic common sense long narcotized by the incendiary propaganda of the Leftist "Civil Rights" leaders and their retardate followers began at last to find voice. The genocidal threat inherent in the Marxist ideological and physical challenges to the body politic in general, and the Negro mass in particular, became crystal clear as horrified whites cleaned out the gun stores for fifty miles around.

The more astute among the colored had already noted how the circulation-hunting white communications media progressively promoted the harebrained schemes and programs of professional Leftist agitators—most of which were previously unknown. The Negro Press irresponsibly threw all discretion to the winds and surrendered to demagoguery, Communist propaganda, and the uhlans of unreason. Indeed, it sometimes outdid the Left in leading Negroes astray.

For five years irresponsible voices rang over radio, television, and from college platforms. Almost daily the ululations of the Martin Luther Kings, James Farmers, A. Philip Randolphs, Bayard Rustins, James Formans, Jesse Grays, Malcolm Xes, and their white comrades chanted slave songs about the alleged Negro distempers and grievances. They coined cant and clich├ęs which were nationally echoed by the alarmed and unthinking. Meanwhile the mass media refused to permit opposing voices to analyze, digest, and destroy the lunacy. Continually the nation heard about an imaginary "Negro Revolution," a "cultural deprivation," and "300 years of unrequited toil." "Freedom Now"…"white hate"…"boiling Negro resentment and desperation"…war whoops about "Marching Blacks" assailing the "white power structure"…and loud demands for immediate meetings to discuss every unreasonable and unrealistic demand thought up by these agit-props—all this was obviously lifted right out of the Communist book. No matter what Aesopian language was used, these people were talking revolution and speaking with the voice of the Kremlin; calling for nothing less than a Marxist takeover.

Significantly, whenever a demonstration, outbreak, or riot was incited— when a march was made on a city hall, public works, or the school board—reporters rushed to telephone or interview the standard gang of Leftist marplots to ask what they thought about it. This was akin to interrogating the Mafia about a recent wave of burglaries, holdups, rapes, and murders. It was unique in American history, save in the heyday of the Ku Klux Klan. But the opinions of the Leftist revolutionaries always made headlines and were broadcast to the far reaches of Ghana and the Mongolian Peoples Republic.

Although there are more than a half-million Negro college and university graduates (professors, bankers, executives, physicians, judges, dentists, lawyers, scientists, and editors) they were rarely asked their opinion of this criminally defeatist uproar. Always the Press solicited the views of the same crowd of Leftists. Every Negro "spokesman" seen, heard, or read was sure to be one of this tight little camorra of professional exciters, or a crypto-Communist hot to pontificate on The Problem. In a very real sense this cabal waged a war on poverty—its own. These boys never had it so good—racing from one campus to another, garnering fat fees. Immediately after a riot we were sure to see some dubious dignitary like Martin Luther King or Bayard Rustin or Ralph Bunche in the front rank of the mob locking arms with Left-wing parsons, retired senile professors, and ill-informed priests of the Roman persuasion desecrating the cloth.

Every loud-mouth braggart and conspirator could get a hearing, and supposedly responsible editors gave him space while public officials praised him, shedding crocodile tears over the dire plight of "the colored brethren." This imposition on the captive American public continued from the time of the Montgomery bus strike to the shambles of Watts. It was implied that every one of these "heroes" had the key to the solution of an ethnic problem which was, so far, unsolved anywhere else on earth. It was also implied that each had a large following in solid ranks behind him. The screeds of these Marxist-minded "intellectuals" reached mass circulation and told what they proposed to be done to white folks if they did not immediately correct every complaint, scratch every itch, and stroke every brow.

In retrospect it seems that never before in our history had constituted authority been so badgered, bewildered, and bedeviled by a mere handful of revolutionary malcontents with so little backing from the people they professed to be saving.

After the N.A.A.C.P., with its half-million membership and perpetually empty treasury, the other race-saving organizations have always had miniscule memberships, and were chiefly financed by periodic forays of dedicated demagogues among the emotionally unstable and among the battalions of retardates who always gravitate like lemmings toward every gathering which promises police action and possible looting. Collections from captive audiences, corralled by parsons for these roving banditti, grew so much that local "leaders" screamed over their inroads into the available "Civil Rights" swag.

But even so, the major part of the money backing the uproars and disorders came from well-healed crypto-Communists in high places, lone-wolf Marxists who consistently bankroll civic disorder, socialist labor unions (which notoriously discriminate against skilled Negroes), senile dowagers, several Presidents emeritus of Ivy League colleges, emotionally-charged utopians in the upper echelons of the National Council of Churches, the Left-wing minority in the Roman Catholic hierarchy, certain Leftist rabbis, and a well-known handful of the hirsute-brained who inherited great wealth and like to give it away in return for the plaudits of the Left. These are always counted upon by the Left for cash and counsel for any action designed to foster social upheaval. And out of the bountiful treasuries of the "Liberal" funds and foundations there almost always comes a bundle of boodle. This is the same element that went overboard for Roosevelt's N.R.A., the plowing under of crops, the slaughter of pigs; and the Henry Wallace caper. It bitterly defended Oppenheimer, the Rosenbergs, and Alger Hiss, while baying for the abolition of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, and the F.T3.I. It despaired over the anti-Communist amphigories of J. Edgar Hoover, while many businessmen, gulfed by Urban League sociologists, joined the chorus singing the Uncle Tom Blues. They were given full immoral support by the Marxist politburos of those various theological seminaries in whose cloistered halls the name of Marx is more reverently intoned than that of Moses.

Is there wonder that the bulk of blacks was awed into silence by such impressive cohorts? And if they harbored doubts about the seemingly suicidal antics and programs, who were they to question big newspapers, mass-circulated magazines, the sacred radio and television, the big labor moguls, the stars of stage and screen, the high priests of the temples, and even the boss of the Pedernales-Potomac Axis?

The spectacles of parsons, beatniks, nuns, and priests trooping in vulgar street demonstrations against constituted authority was unprecedented in American history. Even the most demented abolitionists never went so far. The lunatic grins and cretin cheers of the goggle-eyed mob that "marched" to Washington via limousine, bus, parlor car, and airplane in the wake of a homosexual leader will be remembered (if it happens) long after the Red Flag floats over the White House and goose-stepping young Pioneers march down Pennsylvania Avenue waving their red scarves and chanting We Shall Overcome.

Is it too extreme to imagine that through these incitements and disorders the Communists are trying to promote genocide in the Land of the Free? Genocide is not far off any place, any time, anywhere, and this possibility has given many thoughtful Negroes pause and has loosened their tongues. The hordes of Genghis Khan everywhere left hecatombs of corpses. The Romans eliminated the Carthaginians. The Turks slaughtered 800,000 Armenians in the year 1915. Those who think there are too many Aframericans to be eliminated in a fell swoop should not forget the brutal acts of the Nazis in Eastern and Central Europe, the elimination of whole peoples in the Soviet Valhalla, and the butchery of tens of millions of dissidents in the Red China which Dr. Martin Luther King wants admitted to the United Nations.

Only yesterday a half million of the statuesque Watutsi of Rwandi were chased out or massacred, to the last babe in arms, while close by the U.N. "peace" forces were shelling the cities of Katanga and planeloads of Balubas were unceremoniously returned from Elisabethville to their homelands in Kasai to be butchered by their traditional rivals, the Lulus. Later in Zanzibar, off the East African littoral, the entire Arab planter and merchant class was slaughtered in a Communist putsch or deported to Muscat (never to arrive) in leaky dowhs. No one has forgotten the butchery of the Tibetans or the Hungarian holocaust celebrated by 7,000 surrounding Russian tanks.

Ah, yes, but that was "way over across the sea," people say; forgetting our mismanaged and sanguinary removal of the American Indian nations to trans-Mississippian barrens and the herding in 1942 of 100,000 Japanese-Americans into Soviet-style concentration camps from their homes, farms, and businesses, on the Pacific coast. Genocide can happen anywhere under certain circumstances. And when conditions are ripe, no government can stop the insanity. And the Communists know it!

Those among the Negro "Civil Rights" agitators who are not dedicated Reds, and have not considered the ultimate result of their alarms, incitements, and excursions, are counting on the continued tolerance and restraint of the white American majority, and the protecting harrier of the police power against rising wrath. They are barking up the Communist-planted tree they may swing from, and continued provocation will make it so. The simultaneous arming of the Deacons for Defense and Justice and their white opposites augurs ill for the future. Despite this, the agitators in techni-color continue to mount their soapboxes and warn that provocations will continue until every pain is assuaged. Surely this is part of the Soviet threat to bury us?

We fortunately still have powerful sources of goodwill and good sense; and as soon as Negroes themselves generally realize and understand whither we are trending, the power of the Marxist murder-bund will be broken and destroyed. Up to now they have been using the Negro as the smokescreen of Red revolution, just as prescribed in the "literature" of the raided Communist conference in Bridgman, Michigan, forty-three years ago. When Negroes generally become aware of what they have to conserve in this country, they will give Pied Pipers of "Civil Rights" short shrift.

So, as we approach our great annual holiday with gustatory anticipation, let us Negroes give thanks that only a century out of slavery and serfdom we are free enough to decide whether we want to remain alive, prolific, and prosperous or let our fate be decided by beatnik, demonic, and retardate followers of Marxist self-styled leaders, and thus be pushed into the fiery furnaces which have engulfed so many historic minorities.

Let us give thanks that today we are more extensively and variously employed than ever before in our history, and more than any comparable ethnic minority on. While the average nonwhite in Africa, Latin America, the West Indies, and Asia has an annual income ranging from $50 to $300, the American Negro earning only $3,000 yearly is rated impoverished by the Johnson Great Society. In America, the more prolific proletarian families get that much from public welfare for doing nothing but augmenting their numbers.

So let us give thanks that we are by world standards better paid, better housed, better fed, and better clothed than anybody else; that we can boast more college graduates than all the rest of the black world combined. Whereas in 1900 our extermination from disease was freely (and, in some instances, hopefully) predicted by actuarial experts, our life expectancy the while has risen from thirty-five to sixty-five years—thus closely approaching that of our white neighbors. To appreciate our good fortune, we have only to travel to lands not far away where almost everyone is ill and even a drink of pure water is rare.

Let us give thanks that in 1963 our median number of completed school years, by those of us over twenty-five years old, was 8.2 compared to 10.9 for whites—who have unquestionably had superior facilities and opportunities. In that same year, out of nineteen million of us, there were 6,541,000 between five and thirty-five years of age enrolled in school. Then our combined income after taxes was $21 billion, considerably more than the entire income of most nations regardless of color. We own 1,974,000 homes which, according to the National Urban League, are being steadily improved physically; and 2,278,800 automobiles, indicating a degree of well-being surpassing that in the nonwhite, and most of the white, world.

Despite the largely dishonest uproar of the professional complainers about excessive Negro unemployment, let us be thankful that 76 percent of us (8.1 million) have jobs compared to 78 percent of the whites; that with husband and wife working, the Negro family unit income in 1963 was $5,810, and is undoubtedly more now. So far as we can trust the statisticians of the Labor Department, we are not doing so badly that any informed and sane Negro wants to move abroad. The hardest thing to find anywhere outside the United States is an American Negro who has relinquished his passport.

We should be thankful for the 265, 621 farms our people operate, of which 89,749 are fully-owned and 37,534 partly-owned, with an average size of 78 acres; and for the 1,000 home, farm, and soil experts of our race who help these colored farmers to raise and sell more and better tobacco, timber, dairy products, grain, cotton, livestock, and even fish— and who everywhere vote, along with their white neighbors, on agricultural policies.

Despite the wailings of the complainers over our being "fenced in ghettos" (meaning the ethnic residential enclaves typical of all the world's cities), let us note that we are forced to stay there chiefly by lack of skill which is the basis of income, and let us be thankful that our skills are improving. Let us note that we arc moving steadily to the suburbs in the wake of the fleeing Caucasians, consonant with our increased economic ability. It is typical of some twisted thinking that we rarely mention whites as living also in "ghettos"—that being the natural human preference.

Let us give thanks that we live more bountifully and less dangerously than any comparable minority on earth (and most of the majorities) and are reasonably certain of awakening in our beds instead of in a concentration cams. We enjoy spatial and social mobility to a greater degree than most of the world's people who are tied to their villages and castes by poverty. We have suffered no genocide in the century since 4.5 million of us emerged from slavery, and today number some twenty millions; although in 1947 the Communist-controlled National Negro Congress complained of genocide to the United Nations, and the following year the N.A.A.C.P.'s Secretary Walter White and its Research Director Dr. W. E. B. DuBois made similar complaint. We range the continent from Maine to Alaska and Hawaii; and wherever we roam in this land of traditional roamers, some of us prosper, become owners, vote and hold office, even though occasionally snooted by a cafe, a country club, or a concessionaire.

Let us not be grudging with our thanks for being beneficiaries of the goodwill and philanthropy of truly Christian whites since before the time of the birth of the nation. They founded, supported, and staffed the first free schools and colleges for our people when we were 90 percent illiterate, before the taxpayers were able or willing to do so, and when we were demoralized by the social upheaval during and following the Civil War. We ought to always remember those rich who endowed institutions of learning for Negroes, gave shoals of scholarships, and opened similarly supported white colleges the nation over to colored students and professors. Nor should we forget the much maligned, war-impoverished, under-developed Southern states that gave and continue today to give with ever-increasing willingness to our public education; thus strengthening that vital backbone of the Negro middle class—the Negro teachers—now losing thousands of jobs through the school consolidations necessitated by federally forced integration.

What, indeed, have we colored to beef about on this Thanksgiving Day? True we are by no means free of racial prejudice and color discrimination nor, it might be observed, is anybody else without great power elsewhere on earth; but as they increasingly acquire it they suffer less, politically, economically, and spiritually. One gets power with more skills, education, ambition, energy, and resourcefulness. A sure blueprint for grief and enslavement is to adopt the tragic masochism of the reckless, extremist, Marxist leadership urging us to continue waving an empty gun.

Incidentally, what country is actually doing more to eliminate the ills to which we colored are heir? Other nations are but passing prettily phrased laws which largely turn out to be scraps of paper. Equality cannot after all be given if it does not exist. It has to be earned, and must be freely acknowledged and accepted by those whose association and cooperation is sought. And where does this equality exist? Certainly not behind the Iron Curtain, or in the Latin American oligarchies, or in the tribe-infested African "republics," or in Japan where the Etas, Koreans, and Ainus are despised; and certainly not in teeming India with its 4000-year caste system, or in Israel where Arabs and dark ("Oriental") Jews are under-classed and Underprivileged. It is quite flattering to Americans to expect that they should totally eliminate social evils which are elsewhere endemic.

Let us give thanks for what we have as a separate color caste and not sink in a swamp chasing butterflies of wishful thinking. While we may not like our status and should complain when and where it hurts, let us keep in mind that this is the human state everywhere, among white and colored. In the main we are able here in America to get just treatment without annoying and threatening our white neighbors; and that is all we can reasonably expect, and more than we would get elsewhere—even in the African "democracies" we acclaim from afar. This is more than many of

the white majority extend to their own color, as the Anti-Defamation League so often reminds us, and under which our immigrant Irish and Italians have smarted. What we all need is breadth of vision, spirituality, knowledge, and statesmanship.

Let us be thankful that we Negroes have been able to achieve prominence in every field of endeavor, including demagoguery; that we have had the stamina, education, and enterprise to forge ahead in the world's most exacting and complex civilization, with a speed and adaptability exceeded nowhere else. Nor should we ever forget that this advancement has been a cooperative one, an interracial enterprise, not just simply our own effort.

Let us reflect that it could easily have been otherwise if hard hearts and heads had prevailed, as too often they have elsewhere. Let us remember that no other civilization has demonstrated more concern for the unfortunate racial or ethnic minority. When white America has talked of liberty, it has shown that it was not talking through its hat.

So let us be thankful this Thanksgiving Day that we have thus far survived the efforts of the Communist Conspiracy to disrupt and destroy social relationships and to promote a race war to enslave the freest and most prosperous nation on earth. Let us denounce and repudiate the Marxist agitators and their attendant booboisie, and insure our survival—which is our first concern. Let us extend the hand of friendship and cooperation to our white neighbors in true Christian spirit; and be sure that our own hearts are clear, our motives pure, and our hands clean. We have been here together a long time, we understand each other, we have the same American customs and speech. Let us bring an end to racist Marxist agitation and disorders and resolve in the aftermath that we've got a good thing going in America, and keep it that way.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Clayton County GA Loses State Grant After Failing To File Paperwork - No Worries, Obama Is President!

AJC: State halts grants funding for Clayton; County failed to submit financial records

The state has frozen grants to Clayton County after the county failed to turn in required financial documents.

County officials could not set a specific dollar amount for the frozen grants, but said the freeze could affect hundreds of thousands of dollars for roadwork, juvenile court programs, housing assistance and other county services.

“If we don’t get these grants, it could have devastating implications across the entire community,” County Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell said Tuesday.

According to a letter from the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts, Clayton failed to submit correct 2007 audits.

“They are on a list of non-compliant governments and are not eligible for any state grants,” said Edward Blaha, director of the audit department’s nonprofit and local government division.

The state found deficiencies in at least 11 areas of the county’s financial records and asked for clarification in March. They sent a letter to Clayton again in July, but still did not receive a response, Blaha said.

On Oct. 30, the state notified Clayton it would have 10 days to turn over financial records or have all state grants suspended.

County officials sent some of the documents to the state on Friday, but that was past the 10-day deadline, Blaha said.

County Finance Director Angela Jackson said she is addressing the state’s concerns and hopes to have the problem fixed by Monday.

“All of the issues except for three have been resolved,” Jackson said Tuesday.

The county still needs to send a 2007 audit report, information on special sale taxes and investigations into two grants, Jackson said.

Bell said he did not know about the problems with the state auditor until Monday and is investigating why the letters were never answered.

The County Commission began an inquiry into Jackson’s office last week, after KPMG auditors told the chairman they could not rely on information from the county finance department.

KPMG auditors also cited “significant deficiencies” in Clayton’s financial records last December. Auditors specifically noted that the county recorded revenue in the wrong accounts and delayed reporting other financial information, causing inaccurate financial reports. Those recommendations were never addressed.

Auditors also warned the commission that it had spent $20 million of its reserves and was nearing the minimum level required by the state.`

Bell said he was unaware of the county’s financial woes because Jackson did not provide updated information to commissioners.

But Jackson pointed to minutes from a June meeting that show she informed commissioners they would have to dip into reserve funds.

“Everything that he [Bell] told you was a lie,” Jackson said Tuesday. “I have no idea about his motives. I don’t have the authority to question my boss.”

Bell said he did not want to get into name calling, but said Jackson did not provide regular reports on the county’s financial status. Bell said he still does not know the county’s true financial standing and hopes to hire an independent auditor to sort the records.


Just as I saw in a local newspaper from Democraticly controlled Dekalb County - we cannot rest until the STATE OF GEORGIA is a BLUE STATE!!! Then the state won't pester Democratic counties with a stupid audit to account for fund!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Poor Black Republicans - So Clueless

Washington Times: Blacks & The GOP - Its My Party But I Don't Feel A Part Of It

Attention Black Republicans - PLEASE GET A CLUE!!!

I am working to DISLODGE the Democratic Party from the nucleus of our racial consciousness, expelling all of the "Democrats who are Black" out to the periphery instead of allowing them the unrestricted access to our people that they presently have. While you all oppose the Democrats as well - My agenda could not be more different than yours.

While I indeed call myself a "Black Conservative" and while I don't fear voting for Republicans if they share my views - I am not working to MAKE BLACKS REPUBLICANS as you are. You see if Blacks become "Reliable Republicans" just as the majority of us are "reliable Democrats" there is not a net benefit to our community. If this event ever happens, despite being unlikely - I will be fighting against you as I do the Democrats today.

First you Black Republicans need to take a step back and understand the situation before you can ever have the thought of a chance to gain a greater Black members.

Close your eyes and look around in the Black community. What do you see? ALL DEMOCRATS!!! Now what you you HEAR when these Democrats get together?


* Too many Black males in jail
* Black Females as 75% of the College Enrollment where as the Black male is LOST
* Concern about jobs within the community
* Fear of violent crime
* EXODUS from Progressively Controlled communities down to Conservative locations in order to ESCAPE from certain THREATS and "live like a Republican while never having to VOTE like one".

They have shown the ability to ARTICULATE the problems in the Black community and STRUGGLE TO FIX THEM. They have NOT proven their ability to take over our communities and actually FIX these same problems.

* Their response to imprisonment?
Reduce the penalties for "non-violent" drug crimes. They don't address the damage that drugs have caused their community nor the VIOLENCE that hovers closely. They don't have an answer only a point of advocacy in HOPES to solve the problem.

* Their response to educational challenges?
MORE MONEY FROM THE STATE/FEDS in the name of EQUAL funding. What you need to focus on is the interconnection between educational funding and the need for a LOCAL ECONOMY to both fund the education and to provide employment to the people once they receive education. Your adversaries are only interested in "being in receipt of" benefit.

* Their response to the fear of crime?
Blame the same police who they said were "the criminals" and the occupying force within their community for failing to protect them. Those who can - MOVE away into a more conservative community that MANAGES their environment and thus the police are partners. Challenge them on why they move TO an environment that has policies conducive to public safety rather than inspecting why the policies that they clearly prefer are so different from the policies they VOTE FOR?

Get real Black Republicans!!!
If you can't even get the BLACK FOLKS who move INTO Conservative cities and counties to vote for Republicans - what chance do you have in getting Black folks who like the redistributive policies that the Progressives promise?

Why don't you try to understand the CONFUSION that is expressed by the "Black Flight Progressive" as a pretext of obtaining his vote for your party?

His choice of a residential location that just HAPPENS to be in a conservative county or city tells you all that you need to know regarding his wants and desires. What you NEED to understand, however, is that he continues to vote with loyalty to the party that dominated the AREA THAT HE WAS FORCED BY CONSCIOUSNESS TO MOVE FROM. This is largely because he has convinced himself that he still needs to show that he is down with the cause of his people despite the fact that he has removed his and his family's SKIN FROM THE GAME with respect to actually having to LIVE in the area where his favored ideology dominates.

Black Republicans - you must look at this "Black Flight Progressive" as the Black community used to look at high yella Black folks who chose to "go PASSING". In this regard they sought to experience the benefits of being White while, in private, at least some of them worked to keep their connection to their Black roots. In their departure their children are able to take advantage of the ubiquitous "White Suburban Schools" that always exists in Black Progressive folklore with regards to the ideal school funding. All it took was a moving van for these "Black Flight Progressives" to eliminate the problem.

Why can't you Black Republicans at least come up with a strategy of "outing them" on a more friendly basis? Ask them to LOOK AT where they chose to live. It WAS NOT in the core city of the progressive bastion. It was not in the "Black wealthy" area that exists in most areas with high concentrations of African-Americans. Nope - instead they chose to move into a Conservative City/County to live right next door to their "Conservative White" adversaries and the "Black Conservatives" who they call "Uncle Toms". The benefit is that the Black Flight Progressive is not going to be called an "Uncle Tom". Instead the move by BLACK DEMOCRATS into "Republican Strongholds" will be seen as "a red area turning PURPLE and then BLUE some day!!! Advantage DEMOCRATS".

The only problem is, however, once this currently red area turns "too blue".....the Black Flight Progressive will MOVE YET AGAIN. Black Republicans - you had better work quickly. Convince him that he implicitly favors the "conservative environments" that your party is able to create locally (due to what they call 'lack of inclusivity') he is just in denial.

In summary, Black Republicans, your major task is to chase after the low hanging fruit known as "The Black Flight Progressives" and get him to stop LYING TO HIMSELF.

After that you can go after the "Black Corporatist Progressives". By day they do everything that the greedy Republicans does to aggregate money for himself. In the spring of every other year and later in November - once he gets into the privacy of the voting booth he does unnatural things.

You know what Black Republicans? Now that I think of it you'd be better off fighting for "Voter Card Check". This would force both the "Black Flight Progressives" and the "Black Corporatist Progressives" to do in full view of their conservative neighbors what they now do in private.

Ray "Lil Bush" Nagin Taking Heat In New Orleans. In The Wake Of Crime, Corruption, Incompetence Boy Do They Miss FEMA

New Orleans’ youthful, outspoken mayor grabbed the national spotlight after Hurricane Katrina and government incompetence conspired to destroy his city. Three years and another hurricane later he’s facing a different flood—of crime, corruption, and scandal—and this time there’s no FEMA to blame.

Something tells me that despite the attempts to lay it on "9 Days Of The Botched Bush Rescue"....New Orleans had big problems before.

Despite all of this many Black operatives told Black voters to "REMEMBER KATRINA and TAKE IT OUT ON THOSE WHO FAILED YOU" during this recent presidential election.

In their Sold Out State these "Democrats Who Are Black", pretending as if they are working in the Black community's best interests can't bring themselves to see that despite WINNING POLITICALLY....their people are STILL LOSING.

The only option for the Sellout? Get the Black community to work get more Democrats in more places.

Chicago Minster: "Democrats OWE Its Most Reliable Voters"!!

Derrick Blakley
CHICAGO (CBS) ― Gov. Rod Blagojevich is feeling increasing political pressure as he considers a replacement for President-elect Barack Obama in the U.S. Senate.

CBS 2's Derrick Blakley reports a coalition of black ministers in Chicago believes the best candidate will be an African American.

"Who would be proud of zero African Americans in the United States Senate?" the Rev. Marshall Hatch of New Mt. Pilgrim Church said.

And that would be the result, the ministers warn, if Gov. Blagojevich doesn't appoint an African American to succeed Obama in the senate.

What's more, they implied, Blagojevich owed a debt to black voters who overwhelmingly supported him at the polls.

"Gov. Blagojevich can honor the request of his most reliable constituency, and make the right choice," said the Rev. Ira Acree of Greater St. John Bible Church.

Torn between South Side Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., and West Side Congressman Danny Davis, the ministers won't specify just who the right choice is. But they don't want a short-term fill-in, which Emil Jones, the retiring 71-year-old state senate president, would likely be.

"Whoever he appoints," said political analyst Paul Green, "that person had a tremendous leg up in the Feb. 10 primary. It's not that far away. And he can raise lots more cash as the incumbent senator than as a challenger."

That's part of the reason why the appointment would be a huge political prize.

So we want a Black guy as long as he is not OLD......or a Black Conservative.


Finances of Turks & Cacos To Be Managed By British Commonwealth

Britain to take over administration of Turks and Caicos finances

This is timely news since I have recently started research on the present benefits that "British Commonwealth Nations" receive from their former colonial powers. This was in relation to recent conversations about the game of cricket and how it only enjoys popularity in these same nations.

Stay tuned.

PROVIDENCIALES, Turks and Caicos Islands: Sources within the Turks and Caicos government have disclosed that Britain is sending two administrators to provide direction and management of all government funds in the territory.

Caribbean Net News contacted PDM opposition Leader Floyd Seymour, who confirmed this information.

At the same time, Britain will provide five million pounds of relief funds following extensive damage suffered during Hurricane Ike by Grand Turk, South Caicos and Salt Cay.

One of the new administrators will reportedly be in charge of overseeing the disbursement of the hurricane relief funds and the other administrator will oversee all financial operations of the incumbent government until further notice.

When the hurricane struck, the TCI government was and continues to be in a deficit position financially and has therefore no reserve resources for providing relief except for donations. The deficit position for year ending March 31, 2007 was 31 million dollars and year to date is 13 million, for a 7-month period. The Michael Misick-led government continues to spend in excess of revenues.

However, questions asked in the House of Assembly by the opposition failed to elicit any official confirmation of the current financial position.

As The Big 3 Goes - So Goes The Residents of Metro Detroit

Carmakers' crisis deepens Detroit's despair

DETROIT (AP) - While U.S. automakers wait for federal action on loans they say are key to their survival, former restaurant worker Richard Thomas is waiting on his own bailout - odd jobs that barely pay the bills.

"Every single thing that goes on in my household, depends on what I make," Thomas says as he helps a friend fix the water pump on a rusting Dodge van. "If something doesn't happen for me for two or three weeks, then I'm in a hole."

It's not just a hole facing General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler LLC. It's a gaping chasm that threatens not only their own futures, but the livelihoods of thousands of Detroit families who depend on the struggling auto industry.

That made it personal when this past week's congressional hearings on whether to grant the automakers' request for $25 billion in loans turned into a confrontation, partly because some of the auto leaders took private jets to the Washington hearings.

"Everybody's got their own personal agenda," said Raj Dhanasri, a 30-year-old marketing contractor for GM. "We'd expect you to be smart enough to understand the pains of not just your town or city."

Blacks In Boston - "Why Do You Keep Arresting Our Corrupt Black Politicians? Can't You Find Any White Folks To Arrest?"

Prominent members of Boston’s black community decried the arrest of a second top black politician in the span of two months, saying the scandals have rubbed the city’s deep racial scars raw.

PEOPLE! PEOPLE! Haven't you learned? Your signage is all wrong!
It should read "Black Politicians get Jail time. Bush gets a library for his crimes!!!"
Its all a matter of public opinion and not justice you know.

Prominent members of Boston’s black community decried the arrest of a second top black politician in the span of two months, saying the scandals have rubbed the city’s deep racial scars raw.

The Rev. Ray Hammond, a well-known minister who called for Sen. Dianne Wilkerson to step down after her arrest, said some residents have questioned why the bribery sting has only ensnared blacks - Wilkerson and now Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner.

“As there appears to be an effort to root this out, people are wondering ‘Why is it only black officials that have been targeted,’ ” asked Hammond, who serves at the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Jamaica Plain. “I’m not willing to say this is inherently racial, but given our history as a nation, people of color tend to be a little suspicious.”

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Al Sharptoon and John Lewis' Gay Rainbow Coalition

Let me be clear - the Homosexual community has every RIGHT to lobby for the issues that are important to them. This is a democracy after all. I will defend their rights as Americans to take their requests to the court of public opinion and to lobby as such.

At the same it is the "Al Sharpton types" who must be called out for what they are doing and the destruction that it renders - particularly WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

Do you notice Rev Sharpton's list? Isn't it all an "IN RECEIPT OF" list? Let's actually inspect the issue of EDUCATION. Does anyone really believe that the biggest obstacle to lifting the average standing of Black kids in education resides in what the GOVERNMENT is doing or not doing? If you follow Rev. Sharpton's reasoning - what else can you believe then?

This echoes the words that I heard from an Oakland area rapper on the show "Hard Knock Radio" hosted by Davey D. The rapper who was basically a spoken word revolutionary said the words "We need to get some education by reforming the public schools with progressive policies". The words "get some education" caused me to think about HIS concept of how education is "gotten".

I see quality education and the byproduct of a series of properly functioning elements that must be continually managed - mostly LOCALLY through the KIDS into whom it will be implanted, the parents who must be the managers of the kid's educational career, the community which is to set an environment that is conducive to education and the school system which is to provision the learning environment.

When I listen to a permanent revolutionary talk about 'getting some education' it becomes more than clear that they would not know the pathway toward "quality education" even if it was labeled as such. They are OPPOSITION FORCES. Much of which is necessary to actually produce quality education stands against their rebellious, revolutionary spirit.

Mr Sharpton's proposed coalition is not about OBTAINING these if they will RETIRE once they obtain education, health care and social services PER THEIR LIKING. They are NOT GOING TO EVER LIKE IT!!! Theirs is a PERMANENT CHASE. Doesn't anyone else see this?

If they are not PROGRESSING then they are rendered irrelevant and they die off.

What about this end though?
Isn't it true that the DEGRADED norm that they one day craft becomes the "baby of their making" and thus they should stand by it? As well - what of the upstart revolutionaries who stand against that given orthodoxy of standards - however degraded from our current "too conservative" standards? Aren't they likely to view Mr. Shartpon and others as 'RELATIVE' conservatives - too much a part of the establishment to be PROGRESSIVE?

Here is what is missing people: OWNERSHIP!!
Regardless of how much POWER is amassed by the PROGRESSIVE FORCES here in America - you will continue to see them fighting against some threatening conservative force which dares to seek to be curators of some past traditions.

The only way any of this is going to stop people.....the only way you are going to move closer to your GOALS rather than to be motivated by THE CHASE because it brings you the appearance of UNITY is to DEMAND THAT THE PERMANENT REVOLUTIONARIES ACTUALLY DELIVER FOR YOU and not just STRUGGLE on your behalf.

All they are going to do is to continue to COALITION BUILD against the conservative. All you will ever hope for is to pray that the CONSERVATIVES never depart you else you'll have to live within the system that you assisted in crafting, absent the counterbalancing force to protect you from your own doing.

Some of you are not going to appreciate ORDER until it is gone.

Al Sharpton, the Black Church, and gays
By Matthew Cardinale
An exclusive posted January 27, 2006

The Republican Party “came and invaded the Black Church and tricked people into supporting Bush,” the Reverend Al Sharpton told a National Black Justice Coalition summit in Atlanta on January 20. “They couldn’t come to the Black Church and talk about war, health care, education, so they take the cheap way out [by focusing on gay marriage]. We need to be honest about that.”

Sharpton issued challenges to both the GLBT and Black Church communities. “The church should have a front seat in the car leading towards dialogue and tolerance,” Sharpton said in his keynote address.

Meanwhile, “The GLBT community became one-issue oriented. They need to broaden their issues to supporting health care and education. The way you build coalitions is with mutual interests. I think it would be wise and morally sound to share our battles,” Sharpton said in response to a question from a reporter.

More than 100 people attended the conference at the First Iconium Baptist Church, January 20–21. The conference was also attended by numerous media outlets as well as an outreach representative for U.S. representative John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat.

“I came to be informed, to get the flavor of what’s going on,” Akbar Imhotep, who is starting his own church, told me. “We’re very happy. About 100 were here today, and we were expecting 75.”

“But the real work starts Monday,” said Sylvia Rhue, event organizer for the NBJC summit, who added that she had worked on civil rights issues with colleagues of Martin Luther King Jr. for 20 years.

“How dare we oppress people when we ourselves have been oppressed!” the Reverend Loyce Newton-Edwards, associate minister of Prospect Missionary Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, exclaimed in a panel discussion.

“Jesus’ identity has been stolen! They got his credit card; they got his ID number!” said a fellow panel member, the Reverend Ken Samuel, pastor of the Victory for the World Church of Stone Mountain, Ga.

“The Black Church is the oldest growing independent institution in this country,” Sharpton said. “They [Republicans] would love for you to concede that territory [of morality] to the George Bushes and Jerry Falwells.”

“After 2004, the Black churches were sincere [about opposing gay marriage for moral reasons]. But they didn’t realize they were being manipulated by the Republican National Committee and the hierarchy of the Republican Party,” Sharpton said. The RNC stopped being involved in the marriage issue after the election, he added. “It was hard for them to sell morality after Katrina.”

Sharpton said he was inspired to participate in the summit by his memories of working with Bayard Rustin, King’s gay right-hand man, and on behalf of his gay sister. “I had a member of my family who was gay,” he said in his speech. “Black, gay, and female,” he added. “Imagine the social schizophrenia.”

Sharpton told a media conference he and the NBJC were looking at taking the summit to other U.S. cities, citing St. Louis among the possibilities.

Clayton County Georgia - Recent Spike In Teen Homicides

AJC: Clayton aghast at slayings of teens

Ross, of Riverdale, was the fourth Clayton County student to be gunned down in the past month.

“Our neighborhood is going crazy,” Mahone said from his Minnesota college campus last week.

Mahone, 20, said he worries about the safety of his little brother, Darius, a Pointe South Middle School student, and his neighborhood friends.

Gang violence is nothing new for Clayton County. In the past five years, more than a dozen teenagers have died in gang shootings.

The latest streak especially troubles the beleaguered Clayton school system, where school leaders have watched 3,000 students flee recently because of loss of Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accreditation.

Now they worry about losing kids to gunfire and jail.

“It’s not about SACS. Lord help us if we can get to SACS,” Superintendent John Thompson said. “I wish it was about academics. It’s about life and death.”

School officials need to worry about parents pulling their children out for safety reasons, said Riverdale mother Evelyn Mgbemena.

Mgbemena, a nurse at Southern Regional Health System, and her husband have changed their work schedules so they can drive their five sons to school.

“I’ve been very scared,” she said as she picked up one son from Riverdale Middle School. “I don’t allow them to walk — even though they don’t like it.”

The "Racism Chase" Modality Must DIE Before The Black Community Can Make Substantive Gains WITHIN

My own words in response to former Senator Edward Brooke's donation to assist more African American men to enter the classroom as educators.

quote]Considering the brevity of his public profile as a Republican law maker and the fact that he may hold a few conservative principles, nothing have ever stopped him from opining openly any concern he has that addresses the myriad and complex lives of black folks;[/quote]


What does this mean?

Are you alleging that "conservative principles" prevent someone from having CONCERN for Black folks' issues and speaking out about them? Is it possible that as a CONSERVATIVE I see the importance of SPEAKING YOU so that you might change - as my #1 deliverable?

What you SHOULD ask yourself INSTEAD is, as you work to focus on the PREVAILING POWERS within our community as your source of delivery rather than the MINORITY CONSERVATIVE scapegoat: "Despite the FREQUENT TALK ABOUT BLACK ISSUES by those who DON'T HAVE 'CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES'........these oft heard voices though POPULAR, have YET to find the magic combination of principles that actually WORK to address the problems WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY."

Tafaraji - you can't keep blaming the players that got CUT FROM THE TEAM for the teams failings!!

But fear not Tafaraji - I believe that I am understanding the problem as I have more interactions with Black crowds in the "After Obama" period that we are living in.

You see Tafaraji last night I witnessed a local Black elected official run down the list of problems within the Black community - crime, failing schools, broken homes. Unlike when I focus upon the same no one in the crowd stood up and accused him of hating his own race and charged that he only made note of the failings to embarrass Blacks.

In closing he said something to the effect that "WE have a lot more work to do despite our recent successes" (indirectly referring to Barack Obama).

That's when it hit me Tafaraji - here you have a representative of the MACHINE which dominates the Black community standing before the masses and telling them that there are grave numbers of problems that they continue to face which threaten them. Where as a CEO who stands before a failing company has to fear upheaval from the governing board because of the results that have been obtained have fallen short of expectations and they choose to "go in a different direction" because they seek EFFECTIVE RESULTS - he showed no such concern.

A board in disposing of a management team shows that they prefer RESULTS over what they have been lead to BELIEVE is the best way to continue per the METHODOLOGY that they were sold by the current management team. The EVIDENCE AT HAND is the ultimate determining factor not what they HOPE FOR as the results to be derived from the popular course of action if only they "stay unified" and keep trying.

This guy functionally came off of the stage, stood IN THE CROWD and lobbied for them to 'CONTINUE TO WALK WITH HIM BUT ONLY TRY HARDER DOING THE SAME THING!!!. When you don't have any fear of rebuke for your RESULS you can indeed work the crowd!! After all it was not THEIR FAILINGS despite them now running the local system of was the GREATER SYSTEM'S FAILINGS and thus the goal posts must be moved to encompass the GREATER SYSTEM before the crowd can expect anything different.

Do you see the problem Tafaraji? This man nor his machine has to fear being cast aside because they fell short of their promises. The fact that are "Black Democratic HEAD COUNT" in GOVERNMENT is enough to make the crowd proud. As they preside over a desperate people they know that the masses accept the slightest crumb, the most obscure statistics in a sea of red ink to the contrary as evidence that they are better of now because of the efforts resulting from the STRUGGLE lead by their leaders than when they first started.

Having fused their RACIAL INTERESTS with their PARTY interests in the space of the American political system they mistake any ray of HOPE as shown in the POLITICAL SPACE for their PARTY as forward movement for their RACE. They mistake a POLITICAL battle plan for a SOUND LOGISTICAL PLAN for themselves and their own RACIAL INTERESTS.

Thus the battle for their RACIAL SALVATION is expressed as a battle against their POLITICAL ENEMIES - the Republicans, the Conservatives - both of which serve as a proxy for WHITE SUPREMACY.

Tafaraji - even when ALL OF THE WHITE FOLKS HAVE MOVED AWAY out of the distict and they are left ALL BY THEMSELVES to field an EFFECTIVE STRATEGY and LOGISTICAL PLAN.......WHITEY and the Republican Conservatives will be the guest of honor in their strategy sessions regarding how to HEAL THEIR SCHOOLS, THEIR COMMUNITIES, their business districts and their SELF CONFIDENCE as a race. His effigy is hung as the unifying force for their plans.

Do you see what the REAL problem is Tafaraji?

There is no way you can fix your INTERNAL DEMONS by waging a perpetual EXTERNAL STRUGGLE!! At some point you run out of turf to conduct your CHASE upon.

When the coast is reached your enemy boards his sea vessel and LEAVES YOU on the land all by yourself. Since you failed to look WITHIN during the course of your struggle you also fear this lonely state more than anything your now departed adversary has ever done to you.

When will YOU and others being to speak out against what is happening Tafaraji?

Zimbabwe Denies Access To Carter and Annan

Former U.S. president 'disappointed' after humanitarian mission is blocked

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said Saturday that he and others planning a humanitarian mission in Zimbabwe had been refused entry to the impoverished African country.

Carter and two other members of The Elders group — former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and rights advocate Graca Machel, who is married to Nelson Mandela — had planned to assess the country's humanitarian needs as Zimbabweans are stalked by disease and hunger while political crisis occupies its politicians.

But they were told Friday night by former South African President Thabo Mbeki, who is mediating the political crisis, that efforts to secure travel visas for the group had failed, Carter told reporters at a news conference in Johannesburg.

Fret not Mr. Carter. Entering a failed nation by peaceful means that require permission from the despot takes a bit more time than when one does it via a military landing craft.

The Key Benefits Of Having More Black Elected Officials

After being at a table along with a few local Black Democratic elected officials at an awards banquet I have identified a few key benefits that are being had by having them in office.

1) Unlike their White counterparts who up and leave when the music starts - the Black politician stays for the party.

2) When you see the Black politician dancing with his lady and grinding on her - you realize that he is a brother.

3) When you learn that the Black politician has a particular advanced degree, in a time as today where many other Blacks have advanced degrees - you think of your good friend that has the same advanced degree and you are able to better relate to the politican as a person.  Where as the White guy with the same degree might have previously been an enigma of unatainable portions - you realize that both the White guy and the Black can still be pricks despite both their degree and their elective office.......just like your good friend is a prick and has issues - despite you loving him as "your boy".

and finally

4) Only a Black politician can stand on stage in front of a room full of Black people with a few Whites in the mix; tell of the great problems and failures WITHIN THE LOCAL SCHOOL SYSTEM THAT THEIR PARTY RUNS AND ON THE STREETS THAT THEY ARE CHARGED WITH KEEPING SAFE and he is able to motivate the crowd that "We have a lot more work to do to address these problems that are plaguing our people" without the crowd ever thinking "You know YOU HAVE FAILED TO DELIVER UPON YOUR PROMISES and thus we are going to get rid of you".

The concept of "you are one of us" as compared to "you are but ONE METHODOLOGY by which we could seek to fix our problems and thus you are expendible" doesn't quite seem to sink in.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Black On Black Crime Inc" Art McCoy - Cleveland Watch

WTAM Radio Show

Art McKoy founded Black on Black Crime more than 30 years ago. The community leader and civic activist has organized his community in times of grief and has established the Memorial Wall of Sorrow which commemorates more than one thousand people who have died in Cuyahoga County between the ages of one and twenty-five. Art not only organized Black on Black Crime to help stop crime in the inner city but to help stop crime overall. He uses his group to help speak for the voiceless who can’t speak for themselves. McKoy gradated from East High School. As a Blue Bomber he ran track and played football. He is also a Vietnam veteran. McKoy is a currently a businessman in the hood.

Cleveland's street violence: Four views on what we can do

How did we get to this point?

Poor examples set by adults, neighborhoods flooded with guns, poisonous rap lyrics and an irresponsible entertainment industry playing a parental role have helped create a lost youth culture with a nonchalant attitude toward life and death

What do we do as a community to fix this?

Local, state and federal government must get guns off the streets, McKoy said, adding that killers are becoming younger. Governments must create training and work programs to stem the tide of growing generation of young people that is increasingly unemployable.

Why should people all over Northeast Ohio care?

If inner-city crime and violence goes unchecked, it will spread to the suburbs and throughout the region, affecting everyone, McKoy said.

Spectial Notation:

Michael L. Nelson, Cleveland attorney and organizer of 100 Black Men:

How did we get to this point?

The only difference between Cleveland and a Third World country is the infrastructure. Our school system invests in facilities instead of extracurricular activities. We do not have a single high school band. The last time Glenville went to the state playoffs they had to gather 10 kids to make a band while their opponent had more than 100 members.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Somolian Refugees To Yemen Thrown Overboard

100 People Feared Drowned In Gulf Of Aden; Smuggling Boat Left Somalia, U.N. Says

My people are very interesting to me.
The thought of the White slave traders from 300 years ago throwing Black Africans over board to their deaths in the Atlantic Ocean is enough to generate anger in the souls of many today. This anger is a sign of their connectedness with their ANCESTORS FROM AFRICA.

Such outrage, when used in its proper context - Reparations - proves to be an effective intimidation tactic depending on those who are listening in.

Today the reports of ongoing Slavery in Africa or Haiti is glossed over with a whimper. As is the case with "Black on Black" crime in America - the fact that the antagonist does not fit the mold that can arouse united action means that "these Negroes got themselves killed by the hands of the wrong person".

This morning I watched the "Africa Today" on "The Africa Channel". They focused upon the crisis going on in Somalia. The open street fighting there between various factions has caused many Somalians to fleet their country to Yemen - across the Gulf Of Aden.

Many of these refugees seek passage with smugglers and coyotes. Recently many people have been forced to jump overboard and to their death in the sea as the smugglers seek to avoid capture by the authorities patrolling the territorial waters.

The waters off the Horn of Africa and Yemen have become some of the most lawless in the world, plagued by Somali piracy — notably the recent hijacking of a Ukrainian vessel with a cargo of heavy weapons. The area is also a busy crossing-point for migrants fleeing to Yemen from the Horn of Africa, particularly from Somalia, where ongoing violence has killed thousands of civilians.

Later, when their vessel was about 3 miles (5 kilometers) off shore, the smugglers forced all but 12 of the migrants overboard, Redmond said. The 12 were put in a smaller boat while the rest tried to swim to shore, he said. Only 47 are made it and alerted authorities, he said.


In a sign of how frequent such drownings are, he cautioned that it was not certain whether all the 30 came from the boat, since bodies often float in on the Shabwa shores. During the first half September, some 165 bodies were found on the shore and buried, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

Reports of abuse by smugglers are common in the heavy traffic of migrants across the sea to Yemen. Often, migrants are attacked during the journey by smugglers and thrown overboard into shark-infested waters.

CNN Reviews The Post-Bush New Orleans - 3 Years After The "Botched Bush" Rescue And Black Folks Being Made To Cry - No Outrage Though

(Black folks would rather talk about the "botched" Katrina rescue from 3 years ago to perpetuate their anger though.)

CNN Presents: One Crime at a Time

New Orleans Murder Blog

This guy should have his teaching license revoked:

From "There has not been a single killing in New Orleans [including its most violence-prone areas], since the chaos that immediately followed Hurricane Katrina subsided. New Orleans, the nation's most dangerous city, has suddenly become perhaps its safest, and what had easily been the country's murder capital now has a murder rate of exactly zero... Since [Hurricane Katrina] some 60,000 to 80,000 residents have returned, a fraction of the city's previous population of 450,000. What is remarkable to criminologists, though, is how few criminals seem to be among them.
Peter Scharf, executive director of the Center for Society, Law and Justice at the University of New Orleans, estimated that there were as many as 20,000 participants in the drug culture in the city before the storm. Those drug users and dealers were the engines of the city's crime, Mr. Scharf said, but are now largely absent. No one is certain where they wound up. Federal agents and police officials elsewhere say there have not been any noticeable spikes in crime in the cities that took in large numbers of hurricane refugees, including nearby Baton Rouge, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and other cities in the Southeast.
What is known is that many of the most impoverished, crime-ridden sections of New Orleans remain largely empty, in part because the expense of returning and repairing homes is beyond the means of previous residents. There is no precise precedent for this transformation in the crime rate, law enforcement officials and academic experts say. While the few residents who have returned are holding their breath to see how long it lasts, the sudden change has become a subject of intense interest for those who study crime.
"This is one of the most interesting experiments in crime we've ever seen," Mr. Scharf said. "Without effective courts, corrections or rehabilitation, we have reduced the crime rate by 100 percent." Hurricane Katrina, Mr. Scharf continued, "was one of the greatest crime-control tools ever deployed against a high-crime city." Before the storm, New Orleans was reeling, with a daily round of killings and gunfire as bad as any in the city's history; Mr. Scharf projected that without the hurricane there would have been 316 killings there in 2005...
[Lawrence N. Powell, a historian at Tulane University, summarized the tragedy of the situation.] "We've solved our crime problem in a brutally Darwinian way." That, Mr. Powell said, was too high a price to pay. "The fact that it would take a world-historic tragedy to solve your crime problem does not speak well for the civic culture," he said." [Mark Godsey]



When the rate of HOMICIDE CLOSURES become unacceptably high and there is no outrage.

Bob Jones University Apologizes For Past Policy Against Interracial Dating - No Word That Black Women Will Follow Suit

Bob Jones Univ. apologizes for racist policies; Fundamentalist Christian college banned interracial dating until 2000

COLUMBIA, South Carolina - A fundamentalist Christian University has apologized for racist policies including a one-time ban on interracial dating that wasn't lifted until nine years ago and its unwillingness to admit black students until 1971.

Bob Jones University founded in 1927 in South Carolina said its rules on race were shaped by culture instead of the Bible, according to a statement posted Thursday on its Web site.

The university, with about 5,000 students, didn't begin admitting black students until nearly 20 years after the U.S. Supreme Court's 1954 Brown v. Board of Education ruling found public segregated schools were unconstitutional.

"We failed to accurately represent the Lord and to fulfill the commandment to love others as ourselves. For these failures we are profoundly sorry. Though no known antagonism toward minorities or expressions of racism on a personal level have ever been tolerated on our campus, we allowed institutional policies to remain in place that were racially hurtful," the statement said.

The interracial dating ban was lifted in March 2000, not long after the policy became an issue in the Republican presidential primary. Then-candidate George W. Bush was criticized when he spoke at the school during one of his first campaign stops.

If a White conservative college can change its ways and allow its students to date whom they choose - when will this same sentiment be seen among many Black women regarding their tolerance for seeing a Black man with a White woman of his own choosing?

Were it not for such a relationship - there would be no Barack Obama. Hummmm