Monday, October 20, 2008

Plotting Out Black Unemployment Rates Geographically & Proportionately

Forgive me as I struggle to master Microsoft MapPoint.
My goal is to conduct a demographic study of where Black people live and the vital statistics that are present within.

Above is a data plot from the 40 cities that were listed in the report from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Center for Economic Development
Report: The Crisis of Black Male Joblessness in Milwaukee, 2007

As you can see from the graph - the largest relative occurrence of Black unemployment is seen within the areas where the Progressives dominate the political order. Am I biased? YUP - but think about it. I am simply saying "YES YOU DO RUN stand ACCOUNTABLE for the results!!"

Who is the bigger sellout?
Me who is attempting to sound the alarm that - despite your increased support for this ideology.....things are not changing


YOU who sees these problems and works on behalf of your party/ideology with the thought that if you can help them win one more election and your problems will be fixed.

I have the data on my side that suggests that you are in fact NOT working for the best interests of the Black community.

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