Saturday, October 11, 2008

Demographic Research On Black America

This delay is my own fault. I have had these printouts from from the US Census on my desk for several months.

My goal has been to provide a factual based picture of Black America - where we live, who represents us and how all of this translates into our quality of life/standard of living.

I make no bones about it folks - my battle is to hold the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" who dominate our community accountable. They are in our elected seats, they are in among our people. They would have us to stay "UNIFIED", following their agenda. The one thing that they don't want anyone to do is to inspect how our community is fairing while under THEIR RULE.

Now don't get me wrong - if I were to publish a report that tied the "Black Misery Index" to the legacy of racism, police brutality and lack of resources from the Bush Administration - this same data would be praised. The fact that I dare to make note about their prowess over our community and have the audacity - the damned nerve - to suggest that as part of their tutelage our problems have remained.

What I simply can't understand is how a political force is able to grow in power over a people and yet have those same people continue to blame their POPULAR ENEMY who does not reside in their districts any longer for the bulk of their problems. I suspect that both the leadership and the people are feeding upon each other's biases and wishes.

My goal is to provide a picture of where Black folks live in America and translate this into a picture of how our "common goals" have been addressed accordingly.

I have had a copy of Microsoft MapPoint collecting dust in my basement. It is a tool that allows for the mapping of data to a geographic index.

The map above shows a relative picture of where African-Americans are most concentrated around the United States. This is the US Census' documentation of the top 40 cities where Black people live. I will use this as a relative starting point of my research.

I plan to add to this data set the following items:

* State of education quality in these cities per the ratings in
* Employment Statistics
* Crime Statistics
* Health Statistics

Finally I will create a formula by which an areas Partisan Political index can be discovered. This will be a formula which considers the partisan index as represented by the party of the city council, state reps and senators, US reps, US senators. This will require a bit of research on my part.

My goal is to plot out the relationship between the attainment of the goals that Black people claim that we wish to obtain with the partisan domination within these same districts.

This should prove the notion that the drug we are taking is effective or just a mere placebo.

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