They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

White Folks Have Drug Problems Too - Happy?

Some some of you this will prove to be validation of all that you had ever hoped for in receiving a state of mental pacification regarding how to deal with some of the problems that you hadn't figured out what to do with thus far.


Look right there!
In announcing this I just saw Vine City in Atlanta, the Lawnview Section of Chicago, Southwest Philly, the Hill District and North Baltimore light up more brightly than they ever have in the last 50 years. All because of the news that I just expressed about White folks and drug abuse.

Seriously folks. How does the statement "White people have as much or more drug problems than Blacks do" initiate a solution for Black people?

Now to my story.

Yesterday I received a call from a White business associate of mine who works as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in a wealthy, lily White county in Metro Atlanta. (I prefer to be general because I don't want to breach any confidence that was implied in the story).

He needed to unload his story upon someone because none of his teenaged children could relate to his tale and thus it would be like talking to a wall. I honestly had no idea that he was going to tell me all that he told me.

It seems that these wealthy White folks have teen aged sons and daughters that are experimenting with all times of intoxicants in their quest to "get a buzz". The use of cold medicines that have codeine or pseudoephedrine has increased substantially - according to my friend.

I was amazed to listen as he told me that some teens have what they call "Skittles parties" in which they take an assorted done of such medicine during a teen gathering so that they can all get a buzz.

(Excuse me as I botch some of the medical terminology that he told me)

He says that these drugs do nothing more than hypoxia. The reason why they feel high is that their brain is not getting enough oxygen.

Then some of them asphyxiate after having their hearts race and their blood pressure shoot up.

The one kid last night who triggered his grief was from a wealthy family. When my friend was called to the house for an emergency response he was taken by the size of the house and the luxury furnishings within. At the same time the drama between the child and his two parents showed him that money doesn't paper over dysfunctional environments.

The parents told him that this was the second time that he had overdosed on whatever he took. After my friend revived the kid they wanted him out of the house and taken to jail. Instead he was required to go to the hospital. The parents didn't even bother to come down to the hospital to check on him.

It was clear to me that this kid was calling out for attention and he used the drugs to hide the great pain that he was feeling.

My friend went on to tell me about some of the other points of drama that are going on in the "White suburbs". Rings of kids orchestrating fraud within a retail store that one of the kids works at. A "drug dealer/pimp" who gave out free samples to the ladies. Once he got them hooked they had to either pay or "put out" in order to receive the next supply.

There you have it folks.
There is also dysfunction inside lily White communities in the "White Suburbs" that are the most frequent reference for the Progressive Fundamentalists who always seem to point that way for our community's fix.

Again I ask - How is the Black community repair if and when those seeking to defend the behavior within point to the actions taking place in the ubiquitous White Suburbs, making the case that they too have problems but no one is harping on them?

The Courthouse Killer Trial - Oh The Drama Of It All

There as some things that I see in today's world that cause me to realize that though we live in a different era from the past - people have not basically changed. That which drew outrage in the past because of bias and bigotry hardly raises an eyebrow today.

The Brian Nichols Trial is an OUTRAGE!! I have watched as his defense team has attempted to leverage the impact of AMERICAN SLAVERY and its imagery and emotions as a means of proving the innocence of a Black man.....who killed a Black man that was a father AND punched a Black woman in the face so that now she remains incapacitated from brain injuries suffered. This is not to diminish the 3 White folks that he killed as well.

This trial gets more outrageous as the days pass:

Earlier this week a former cell mate of Nichols testified that he heard Nichols plotting to kill the judge BEFORE HAND and thus his claims of insanity are undercut. In response to this fellow prisoner testifying - the inmates BEAT HIS AZZ when he "got back home" because he was a SNITCH.

So let me get this straight. And I am taking the liberties and assuming that these were Black inmates who attacked the "snitch" and that they were fighting against the "racist system" that has them locked up. How is it that the stop snitching enforcers can rationalize the fact that a Black sheriff is now dead and another Black sheriff can no longer work? Were they operatives in the SYSTEM OF OPPRESSION and thus deserved to be taken out? More importantly in THEIR OWN ACTIONS these criminals have often attacked other Blacks in the street - far worse than what the RACIST SYSTEM that has them bound up has done to these people.

Next we hear a psychiatrist for the Prosecution ripping Brian Nichol's claim that he "thought he was a slave escaping". I loved the concept that he introduced in saying that a "psychotic person doesn't seek to take responsibility for his actions". There might be more psychosis in our nation than we are willing to admit:

Finally we have a shameful event. Brian Nichols' mother reasoned that if she could get certain Black celebrities into the court room as a show of support for him - this would look favorable to the jury.

Democrats - PLEASE STOP LYING About The Flat Tax

If there was ever a glaring example as to how come politicians believe that THEIR BASE IS STUPID and they don't know the FACTS it is from this flurry of ads that are being shown by various Democrats in Georgia. (US Rep David Scott and US Senate candidate Jim Martin and from 2004 - Denise Majette for Senate)

Their cleverly disguised claim is that if the "Flat Tax" is implemented - "We all will be paying 24% more at the counter for all that we purchase". THIS IS TRUE.

What they rely on in regards to PUBLIC IGNORANCE is that the proposal call for us to shift from an INCOME TAX over to a SALES TAX/ Value Added Tax.

Think about it - Your salary might be $75,000 per year. GREAT.
You do not see $75,000 in your bank about in one year's time.

The Feds get first crack at your money, confiscating their portion right off the top before you ever see it. The Flat Tax plan calls for you to receive all of the money you earn into your bank account as it shifts the taxes to be paid to the RETAIL COUNTER and other points of TRADE.

Thus it is patently dishonest to tell the HALF TRUTH.

Hey I thought that it was the OTHER GUYS who used FEAR and SCARE TACTICS to provoke people into a response?

Derivative Behavior I: 200 Bullets Shot Into A House, No Big Deal - The Shooter Was Black. No Need For A Protest March For JUSTICE

People - all that I am asking for is LOGICALLY CONSISTENCY in your responses.
This is not a "Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah - A Black person got shot" attempt from me.
Yet if I were to remain silent about what is clearly happening yet only a few are honest enough to comment about it publicly then I can be rightfully condemned as a part of the faction who SAW and yet did and said nothing.

I have learned over the years that I have been making observations about my people that it is not the INCIDENT and the end results that are expressed to the Black victim in question. It is the ASSAILANT and his MOTIVATIONS that distinguish the above incident where 200 bullets were fired into a house from some of the more notable "Civil Rights violations" that make into the annals of civil rights. It is the MARKETING and PUBLICITY of such that makes all of the difference. NOT the violation in and of itself. There are literally hundreds of heinous acts done each week in this nation which receive a few inches of space in the newspaper.

Question for all - "WHAT is a Civil Rights VIOLATION?" and "Can a BLACK PERSONS action or systematic actions against another Black person or community be classed as a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION?"

In an active debate on another board an ideological adversary who sees "a Republican under every rock" stated yesterday that "inner city people are greatly influenced by the actions of what they see in their national leaders. He sees Republicans stealing money in contracts. He sees them invading other nations. He sees them killing people and thus he seeks to follow suit but with different outcomes.".

Fine. Let is work with that one for a second. Let's focus not on the "Republican evil action".....but on the RESPONSE from the "enlightened, progressive" community. When they witness "Republican transgressions" they are first on the scene to mount a protest demanding JUSTICE. They call on the FBI to "DO SOMETHING!". They say that it is RACIST for the authorities to stand by and see Black people killed while those who have the RESPONSIBILITY to keep our community safe sit by, with implicit joy that "yet another Black is now dead.". They are said to be RACISTS!!

OK. Now let us focus on the common end results rather than the operative and his motives. In the scene above a 19 year old Black male who was a MAN OF GOD was shot down in a hail of bullets as he slept on his couch. The man was mentally impaired. His life focused upon reading the bible and going to church. You heard how those who knew him best described his capabilities. He could quote the bible chapter and verse, providing guidance to those who needed direction.

Sadly this positive asset to the community died from "lead poisoning". Some individual or group of individual expressing "derivative behavior" decided to pump 200 bullets into the house of a Black family. These were not "warning shots" and most certainly they had no "search warrants" as granted by the law.

Same END RESULTS. Different RESPONSE from the usual suspects and the Civil Rights Community.

Is there any doubt in what I have been saying for an extended period of time? The Black Thug element has been duly INFERIORIZED by those who typically demand JUSTICE per the BLACK VICTIM. Since we will not hear a coordinated effort from them with these 'SAME RESULTS' (a dead Black man) having been presented to them it stands to reason that they all along HAVE NOT been motivated by JUSTICE FOR THE DEAD BLACK MAN. The "dead Black man" is a proxy (worthy none the less) for their greater fight for a CHECK AGAINST WHITE FOLKS who would violate them as such.

Please don't get me wrong. I strongly support the actions to get White folks to be punished for killing Blacks just as they would have if they killed their own. It shows that the Justice System and the community VALUES the humanity of the victim and are willing to enforce their own laws.

What is suspect in this case, however, is the gross difference IN RESPONSE from the "usual suspects" who typically call for JUSTICE when a Black person is killed AND when the operative is WHITE. The challenge is - How do we allow their prejudice as seen in their selectiveness of response based on the KILLER to be blinded?

Do you see that ultimately I am asking for EQUALITY......for BLACK THUGS!!!!

The most common call for "equality" that is heard from this group is one in which SOCIETY proves that it values BLACKS AS EQUALS and thus is willing to punish those who seek to degrade us. Valuation also comes in the willingness to provide resources when our people are in need, just as when a White person is in need. The unspoken element of all of this, however, is the other part of the equation. This is the focus upon if BLACK PEOPLE CAN BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR SAME ACTS AS ARE WHITE FOLKS?

Don't you see that this is in fact a PROMOTION of Black people up to EQUAL EXPECTATIONS and ACCOUNTABILITY? After years of having the progressives degrade Blacks into entitlement receiving people who are "damaged goods" the specter of having us HELD EQUALLY ACCOUNTABLE runs counter to their very core.

They counter by publishing ridiculous points such as "derivative behavior" where we are made to believe that the one or more Black men who fired 200 bullets into the house of a BLACK FAMILY did it because "The White man marginalized us and made us hate ourselves!". In the wake of such a foolish thought.......BLACK PEOPLE ARE DYING!

If only the Klan members who killed us in the past were extended such grace by the Progressive. Each lynching, each burned Black body. Each bullet riddled body that is discovered - would be explained away because the POOR WHITES who did it had been marginalized by the WEALTHY WHITES who run the system.

When I hear the Black progressive who is seeking to form a political alliance today with the Poor Whites who are in their same economic condition yet who "vote against their own interests by voting Republican" EXTEND THIS SAME notion of "derivative behavior" to the actions of the Poor White Trash as he sought to make sure that at least "THE BLACK" remained below him on the societal totem pole - THEN I will make note that their ideology and rationale is CONSISTENT because their stance remains steady across ECONOMIC CLASS who are forced to act, regardless of color.

We all know that likelihood this happening.

Black people continue to die in the wake.
Their value is shown in the "market" per the responses that will not be voiced.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Please Pray For The Massiah On Nov 3

-November 3rd has been marked the worldwide day to fast and pray for Barack Obama between Noon and 1:00pm; giving up one meal for the day.
Instead of eating, pray for the following three things:
1. Pray for the Hand of God to move in a mighty way over this election.
2. Pray that this election will be handled in a fair and honest manner and in a way that pleases God.
3. Pray for the protection of Obama and his family .
[Note: If you are on medication and have to eat something during that time, ask God to speak to your heart and tell you what to give up].
Mark your calendars for Nov 3rd and pass this email on to all Obama supporters!!!

When this election is over - I will go through my mailbox and document all of the propaganda that I have received from certain people.

Some of you Negroes see this more like a football game and you being on one side is asking JESUS to help you win and put down evil because "its all GOOD".

Some Of You Please Do Me A Favor - Stop Calling Into Radio Programs With Your Victimization

Yesterday I was flipping through the radio stations and I happened upon the Michael Medved Show. Medved is a conservative talk show host. For many of you that disqualifies him as a voice you care to listen to. I realize this.

On the show this day was Ward Connerly - the Black activist against Affirmative Action preferences. For many of you this also disqualifies anything else that I am about to say.

What I listened to yesterday made me both mad and also brought forth a sense of shame that some Black folks think as they do, as personafied by this person who I heard.

NO I am not talking about Ward Connerly.
I am talking about a Black man who called in to debate against Connerly.

First Connerly made his case against "government discrimination" through racial preferences. Being in the company of Medved who is a fellow traveler - not much of what he said was contested.

Then a Black man called in to take Connerly to task. It was established that this was an educated Black man who drove a nice car and who owned a business of his own. His central thesis was that the legacy of slavery and racism in this nation has hurt Black people and we are still damaged. Our culture was stripped from us. He as a dark skinned Black person has come to hate his broad nose and his dark skin!!!

I could not believe it. This man is taking is personal feeling of INFERIORITY and apply it to our entire RACE!! I have said several times previously after listening to the points expressed by some of our people that all they are doing is projecting their own sense of worthlessness upon ALL OF US and we had better not say otherwise.

I have always said that certain operatives within our race are more than willing to "assume the position", the position of INFERIORITY if it means that we can be made qualified to receive RESOURCES from the outside granters of entitlement. I also notice that there is always a long line of WHITE LIBERALS willing to take up our long as we agree to inferiorize ourselves. Many of them are not interested in our cause per se - they are interested in assisting a subordinate soul.

This Black man, however, was not in the company of liberals. That first pass of his story, as crazy as it sounded - did not work. I have little doubt that hundreds of thousands of rational people listening in felt as I did.

The man continued on. He said that his own son knows the sting of RACISM today, despite having well off parents. During a police stop he knows that HE WILL BE THE FIRST ONE WHO IS GOING TO BE ARRESTED!

Really? I have been Black for a mighty long time and I have never been ARRESTED. (Well, except of that drunken party during college in which I told he cops that they could not come into our house and confiscate the tap from our beer keg without a search warrant. I spent a night in jail for not agreeing to shut up. :-) )

I have had many interactions with police in regards to traffic violations or as they perform crowd control. With a framework of both regulatory options on their behavior from an internal training and discipline stand point and with respect to a large body of trial lawyers who are ready to split out their 33% after taking my case - I as a Black man place my fear of a wanton assault on my person by the police very low on my list of threats that I lose sleep about at night.

I took a step back and listened to the underlying rationale that this man displayed to the hundreds of thousands of listeners who heard him. I have little doubt that at least some of these listeners reasoned: "I had no idea that THIS is the experience of a Black person in America. I need to be more sensitive to their plight. They are still damaged from slavery. Who am I to judge the rationality of their experiences?".

FOR ME AS A BLACK MAN - I came away thinking that "This is some BULL SH_T!!! This man has mental problems.".

We have some lead voices in Black America who are more than willing to pervert the painful facts WITHIN. They don't talk about the CONTEXT in which MOST of this latent adversarial interactions with the police take place within. These are not Black people walking out of their mansions and being beaten out from their Mercedes 500SLs and thrown into a police car for no good reason but for RACISM. No one mentions that in a large portion of the major cities where our people are most concentrated - the police command staff, including the police chief are BLACK!! (This is not so say that there are not some officers who get out of control - as we saw in Philly recently - despite the Black mayor and police chief).

These highly confrontational interactions with the police take place on the rough streets of some rough neighborhoods. It is a difficult task to "keep the people safe" when so much of the thug element is imbedded within. Too often the innocent people provide cover for them.

In these same neighborhoods we see abundant crime, abundant actors who perpetuate the culture of crime and the oppression that is put upon those who are trapped as neighbors with these thugs. When the police depart the thugs will act out upon any neighbor who dares cooperate with them in the enforcement of JUSTICE. (and you thought that JUSTICE is what so many of our ancestors had died for, didn'nt you?)

In various media touch points recently, I have heard far, far more Black folks express fear of the THUGS WHO ENFORCE "Stop Snitching" than I have heard our people say that THEY ARE SCARED OF THE POLICE!!! Yet as I listen to some of the Leftist Activists against the "Prison Industrial Complex" and I'd swear that the POLICE ARE THE BIGGEST CRIMINALS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY and we must STOP THEM!

In truth, and sadly, the POLICE are too often the only thing preventing the last thread from breaking lose and a total societal collapse taking place within these places of concentrated misery. Though far from perfect and surely subject to frustration, at least there is a faint measure of accountability imposed upon the thugs by this police force against this thug population who would otherwise have their way.

The Black folks like this man who called in to the show are NEVER WILLINGLY going to stop prioritizing RACISM as the main threat to Black people. What does he gain by telling the world that "WE ARE NOW REPAIRED! Thus all of the behavior that shown by us now is from our own doing? We should be held accountable." It is not going to happen folks.

With the long list of choices to point toward, many of them WITHIN, there is no particular benefit to him to do so. This is actually nothing more than a call for EXTERNAL HELP from this man. All the while he is providing a premptive "brush back" from any particular criticism by those who are making note of these points and who dare to comment.

All the while he has people that are popular with him immediately governing his environment. They have an incestual relationship. As long as both agree advance their common ideology, to not criticize the other and instead focus outward - this relationship will be perpetuated regardless of the result had by the community in real terms.

This is not about delivering promised benefits. This is ONLY about ideological advancement and control with the PROMISES of a fix if we remain in pursuit of one.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Legacy of Voter Fraud

Voter ID Fraud

Documented for future use

Democrats Hope Blacks Will Assist Them In GOP Areas To Get A 60 Seat Senate - Blacks Aren't As Vocal On What They Want Out Of The Deal

MSNBC: Dems in GOP strongholds get Obama boost

ATLANTA - Sen. Barack Obama has created such enthusiasm among African-American voters in this year’s election that his place on the ballot may help elect Democratic senators in states that the presidential candidate himself seems unlikely to win.

In states such as Georgia and Mississippi, which Obama, the first black nominee of a major party ticket, is unlikely to carry, higher turnout by African-American voters could help the Democrats deliver a big Senate majority — and perhaps even a filibuster-proof majority of 60.

In a fundraising e-mail with the simple subject line “60,” former President Bill Clinton urged donors to give Democrats “a filibuster-proof majority to overcome a Republican Senate caucus that is now the most obstructionist legislative body in America's 232-year history.

If the facts underlying this information weren't so sad I would say that it was "a shame what my people do in this country". Instead, per the research that I have been posting, the fact that the areas in this nation in which Democrats are the strongest and Black folks are the most concentrated are also the epicenters for misery WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

I can't lie to you though.
I must give ample credit to the "Democrats Who Are Black" that enjoy unfettered access to our racial nucleus. I say this by first removing the key questions about the RACIAL and CULTURAL CONFIDENCE that has been damaged by their strategy and instead focus upon the BEST INTERESTS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY ONLY. Dr Ronald Walters, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Donna Brazile - all of you and several others deserve an award from the Democratic Party. They have effectively gotten Black people to prioritize their PARTISAN LOYALTIES above their RACIAL INTERESTS.

How else do you describe the abject VOTER NULLIFICATION that goes on WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY?

You get a people who decades ago had purged the elected officials who failed to deliver for them and replace them with those who are more ideologically favorable to them. When these people who are now in control ALSO FAIL TO DELIVER you "Move The Goal Posts". Instead of having their failures to be a function of THEIR SPECIFIC GOVERNANCE AND instead tell the masses that it is THE SYSTEM that is at fault and you as the body of elected officials and party get them to invest in your LONG TERM MISSION rather than the FAILURES AT HAND.


I realize when I have been out gunned.
I have always said that operatives such as Russell Simmons and several Black talkshow hosts know Black people far better than I do. Just when I figure that my people AREN'T GOING TO TAKE IT ANY LONGER......they continue their propaganda and tell them that what is green is actually purple. While I listen in with astonishment - the calls flow in who confirm the purple hue that I can't see with my own eyes.

I believe that with this assumed victory of both Barack Obama as the "first Black president" AND the commanding domination of the Democrats - not only in the Federal Legislature but - where Black folks are most concentrated - in so many of the offices there in - THERE IS NOW TIME TO DEMAND RESULTS.

It is time for those of us who are not going along with the plan to challenge our people at the RACIAL CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL. If you wish to be a Black Republican - STEP ASIDE.

This is about a train wreck that is heading down with a great amount of complicity from our own.

If after having all of the prevailing political forces in their favor AND "the First Black President" that so many said would never happen - if these "Democrats Who Are Black" are allowed to focus ON THE OPPOSITION as the reason for their failure rather than what THOSE IN POWER IN DOMINATE CONTROL OVER OUR PEOPLE have failed to do - THE BLACK COMMUNITY DESERVES EXACTLY WHAT IT GETS because it did everything necessary to continue getting screwed

Murders and Unplanned Pregnancies Destory More Dreams In A Post-Katrina High School In New Orleans

National Geographic: Inside New Orleans High School

Some things are such a combination to make you angry and shed a tear in regards to how at times a group of people can be their own worse enemies.

The gun fights, the unplanned pregnancies, the irresponible or non-existant adults in these children's lives and just the drama in general insure that many of them remain as they are and pass the torch on to the next generation.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Questions My Ideological Adversaries Should Be Asking Me - My Own Residence

Once again - Proving that I am able to explain my own line of thinking.

Since I made the charge that the "Black Flight Progressives" are picking up their stakes out of their Democratic Utopias and moving into "conservative" counties where they settle in as consumers of the ecosystem that their adversaries have crafted....yet continue voting as they had been.....WHAT ABOUT ME? Aren't I BLACK and doing the same thing?

Right now I am sitting in my car as my children attend music lessons in a residence. As I said previously - 10 years ago there was not a single Black to be found in this particular subdivision that is off of the beaten path in this once Republican dominated county. Not only do I see a bunch of Barack Obama campaign signs in the yards which, I assure you, signify the presence of a Black family, there is one guy immediately behind me that has the campaign sign of Jim Martin the Democratic US senatorial campaign as well as, Camp - the no named Democrat for US House. I see a pickup truck that has the back window adorned with "Barack Obama" and "Vote Democrat". This brother has it bad.

There in lies the difference between he, I and a whole bunch of other African Americans who have moved into this county. While indeed we all know that the schools are quality and thus no need for private schooling. We all have read the research reports about this issue. So too about the crime rates, maintenance of real estate values and the availability of high end retail.

The key difference between me and many other of my brothers and sisters - and you had better believe we talk when we get together - is that I AM MORE TRUE TO MY PREFERENCES and I am not denying WHAT FORCE HAS CRAFTED THIS ENVIRONMENT.

Now let me be clear - This is a free country and a free county. Anyone who can pay their house note and their property taxes is free to live here or where ever they want to live. I surely have had a more delightful schedule of summer time cookouts and housewarming parties as people who I know move in from the northern, more Progressive parties.

I differ from these others in that I can admit to be willing to HOLD THE LINE and maintain the environment, taking a stand against "falling in line" with other counties for the sake of inclusion as they expect as the metro area is told to "share" for the common good.

Perfect example - 5 years ago the question of a metro Atlanta public transportation system. Now I do realize that Tavis Smiley and friends told us in his Covenant that Black folks should support public transportation so that our people can get around the "urban sprawl" cities like Atlanta. Fayette County Georgia stood opposed to the plan. They held the line noting that we have a community that has a preference for houses of a certain lot size and we don't have many residential apartment units. These zoning preferences allow the county to retain its character.......the very character that is attractive to those who are moving in - including African Americans.

They also added that the big outdoor shopping plaza is the primary target for use as a public transportation hub as people from South Clayton County would ride the system down to Fayette. The county leaders said that they welcome any shopper into town who can provide his own transportation and who can obey our laws. For some this all had a racial undercurrent to it and Black talk radio went on the attack. I recall dialing in and pointing to the free fall that Clayton was in even at this time and making note that they are no judge of how to properly manage a country so that the BEST INTERESTS of their own people are expressed as they should. Needless to say - the public transit system for Fayette died. Interestingly enough GRTA - the regional transportation authority was counting on several million dollars to be paid by Fayette in order to make the entire scheme work, especially for Clayton County. It was said that Fayette was not "progressive" and forward looking enough but instead were conservative and wanting to retain their "entitlements".

Again it is noteworthy to focus upon NOT the sentiments which Black folks popularly support (pro-public transportation) but instead the environment that we gravitate TO....once the area of our current concentrated occupancy become fully customized per the popular liking. If you notice I continually repeat the notion of "what is POPULARLY ASSUMED to be in the best interests of Black people and the set of policies that ACTUALLY EXPRESS THEM. Here is the key dichotomy for Black folks that needs to be addressed - primarily with a dose of honesty and introspection.

Let us not forget that Clayton County Georgia, Dekalb County Ga - the second wealthiest majority Black county in America, the Overbrook Park section of Philly, the Southside of Chicago and many, many other places that we as a people now populate were also once "forbidden areas" for our people. We came in, THEY moved ours is the prevailing sentiment within these places. We spent more time FIGHTING OUR RACIAL ADVERSARIES than we did in developing a culture within that could allow us to maintain the ECONOMIC, ACADEMIC, PUBLIC SAFETY and CULTURAL points that attracted us to these areas in too many cases. (Not ALL places but still TOO MANY).

The most common claim in regards to "White flight" is that in departing these areas that we now populate they too THEIR MONEY AND THEIR BUSINESSES. "The Flight Of Capital From The Cities" is how the progressive web site "" termed it. This claim misses out on some key facts about the INDIVIDUAL wealth that a person often has. On balance the most valuable asset that the individuals in these communities has is the VALUE OF THEIR RESIDENTIAL PROPOERTY.

Example: video: Hidden Hills Subdivision and Golf Course

With a good friend as a reference this once pristine golf community experienced a significant fall in home values when the golf course fell into disrepair due to lack of use. This represents a material loss of wealth for Black people.

The second justification for the "Black Flight Progressive's" departure from his Democratic dominated utopia behind the his pursuit of quality education is his desire to move to a community where his property values can be retained or increase. Whereas no doubt there has been a general decline in property values during this current real estate market fiasco - the fact is that many of the communities that these people have been vacating have been experiencing a decline in property values largely due to the the changes in economic demographics in their former community.

You all think that I haven't been listening to you all these years. Indeed I have been. I have listened to the upper middle class couple who departed Dekalb for Gwinnett county after complaining that these professional Black people should be ashamed that the schools that their kids are attending are in the shape that they are in DESPITE the income level and education of the parents. I've listened one friend from Southwest Atlanta complain about the sorry state of affairs in that their community hospital "Southwest Atlanta Medical Center" had to close a few years ago because the Black folks who had insurance drove out of their community as they went to Piedmont Hospital (downtown) and thus allowed the hospital to go out of business because they had mostly Medicaid patients from the projects near by. I also recall the strong Obama supporter who I am in a 2 on 1 debate with right now asking me about the schools in Fayette County and plotting on moving down with me once his two children become of school age.

Do you see?! I am said to "hate myself as a Black person" for doing as I do (dare to vote for the conservative if and when they are most qualified to lead the way). In truth THEY are doing exactly what I am doing yet they "stay true to the game" in that they VOTE AGAINST the very ideology who's communities they are gravitating toward. They left the communities once their years of effort to customize the political representation came to fruition and "the last conservative" departed.

Is it ME who is out of touch with my inner consciousness.....OR THEM?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Documentary: "The Injustice System In America" = Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice

Some people's views are so frustrating to me.
As long as they have control of the narrative - they are going to paint the picture of events in a way that is most favorable to them.

Before I do the data dump of my notes that I took while listening to this diatribe I need to make note of the key elements that anyone who watches this film should listen out for:

* The impact of violent street gangs in America who introduce drugs and violence into the equation

* The recruitment of young people to operate as drug runners and dealers - using the fact that the Juvenile Justice System has a different set of rules for them

* The enter issue of violence itself. Here a recent factoid that I have posted that should be used to characterize the differences in "Suburban Drug trade" and "Inner city".

Clearly this documentary was crafted from a left-wing/ Progerssive bias. From the snapshots of Cop Killa Mumia Abu Jamal all the way through to the framing of the "Police as the assailants upon Black people".

I sit back and I marvel at the version of events that these people expect everyone to believe. Do they think that no one brings forth these other facts (above) as they attempt to understand the real picture?

The War On Drugs

This was the key point that was underlying all of their claims. "The War On Drugs" - started by the Reagan Administration is what caused our prison population to swell from 300,000 to the current 2,000,000. If you thought that it was CRACK which initiated Reagan to kick off this policy of "Social control for Black folks" were wrong. Just as the "Iraq War" was said to be preplanned and then put into action via an excuse - so too was Reagan's War On Drugs. According to the oh so cute sista law professor it was the "White Segregationist" morphed into the "New Right Conservatives" that had such a plan for social control waiting in their hip pocket for the white man, sorry the "Right Man" to come along and implement it.

Always passive in this scheme, however, is the hapless Negro. He seemingly is a always in his own community, minding his own business. Then a conspirator comes along and uses them in their money making scheme. First it is to sell "their" drugs, then it is to lock him up so that he is not a threat to the main stream powers. Then it is as a "cash on the barrel head" as money is paid to keep his body locked up in jail. Everyone seems to always make money off of this hapless Negro but his own community who longs for him to be a productive force for their good.

Now mind you - there was never a mention in the entire film over the BLACK VICTIMS of BLACK CRIME AND DRUG DEALERS. These are not the people calling the police for protection or to report the end results of the crimes - carcasses laying in the street. We only need to go to the "White suburbs" that were frequently reference in this film to see the same dead bodies in the streets. Indeed the world is so unfair.

I have reported previously about the need for some enterprising progressive to invent a "Instant Powder To Crack Kit". The plan is simple instead of selling rock cocaine and thus receiving the bonus penalties - continue to see powder and the "Crack Kit". The brilliance with this kit is that the crack head keeps the drug in its powder form until the very second of consumption. Since most progressives are not really interested in solving the problem but are focused upon keeping people out of jail after having been snatched up by the system - this kit should allow you all to achieve your goals.

You say that prisons are a confiscation of funds that should go to basic services that help shape our young people. And since 70% of the people who are locked up in California are in there due to drug related offenses - how about this - work to close 1 of your 133 prison institutions every year - letting this many number of criminals out of jail and onto your streets each year. Make it a provisions of their release that they are not allowed to exit the state of California until their original prison term has ended. This is the best means by which you can "eat your own dog food". The best way to test out progressive theories which show that they are indeed better people is to - let them have what they want and sit back and watch.

The claim was that "money buys justice". Thus did you notice that they pointed to 4 or 5 rich White people with high priced attorneys who negotiated on their behalf. They compared their fates to that of poor people of color who have public defenders and who get much stiffer sentences despite the fact that the money transacted in their crime was far, far less. As they were making this claim I could not help but think about the various trial lawyer commercials that fill the television screen during afternoon television. Despite the fact that they claim that they are "for the people" - if you call them with a case that is not against a deep pocketed corporation or insurance company - they will show you that they too are "For The People who are their meal ticket to a handsome pay day".

The one brother kept mentioning how White suburban and Ivy League youth use more drugs than the inner city Blacks such as the people in the projects of New Haven. A picture of Bill Clinton flashed as he was talking and he explicitly mentioned that the Bush twins were rumored to have used drugs. I wonder if this film will be updated to include Barack Obama - a former Harvard student who used cocaine but who is Black. He kinda messes up the scenario - a Black kid, Ivy league student and drug user who made it big in politics rather than being locked up.

I did not understand the prison spokesman as he made the case that people of color pay more for car insurance in the inner city than do people in the suburbs. I would like to take this brother to Philly, 20 years ago. The insurance companies had briefly stopped writing policies there because of the amazing costs due to the high probability of loss. I recall my brother had a new Buick. They were going to charge him $6,000 per year in insurance for this $14,000 car. This is how sure they were that someone was going to steal it or break into it. Why is it that we never hear the part that the Negro Thug plays in running up costs for law abiding Black folks?

Then the same guy went and detailed the COSTS of "progressive legislation" upon poor folks - the need to place smog control devices on your car, the need for child car seats. All of these violations generate a fine from the police and all of them are grounds for someone to be stopped for police inspection. Why didn't some enterprising people come up with low cost alternatives for both of these problems?

I kept hearing about the costs of societal sanction upon those who are locked up - denial of access to educational financing or admissions in the first place. Denial of the right to vote. Denial of residency. On and on and on. I figure that if this person with a criminal record was admitted into the school or residence and then later committed a crime the lovely Ms. Alexander would no doubt support the lawsuit against the institution as submitted by the victims of the crime. They will be said to have failed to practice due diligence in understanding this person's propensity to commit crimes.

At the end of the day this entire progressive narrative was all about the transference of fault and responsibility onto the system and the transference of resources from taxation onto the people in need.

Barack Obama - "Group Supression"

My frustrations with Obama's theories prevent me from allowing any spirit of "racial pride" to trump my thoughts which make me the person who I am.

Ironically I have just completed my reading of the 1973 US Supreme Court ruling in the case "San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez" where in I keyed in up views of Justice Thurgood Marshall. The views of Obama largely parallel those of Marshall. Understandably for some - this will be seen as a "good thing". For me however, I see this as very problematic.

You see what these two men have in common is the notion that the failure for the GOVERNMENT to implement a PROGRESSIVE TAX SYSTEM which takes sufficient money from the rich and provides EQUAL GOVERNMENT SERVICES to the poor is seen as "Discriminatory" or "Suppressive". Marshall's dissent is rifled with the claim of "discrimination" to define the fact that EQUAL money for poor districts was not confiscated from "the rich", regardless where they might reside in the state.

Similarly, Barack Obama makes the claim that for the government to FAIL to confiscate sufficient money from "the rich" to fund the educational systems of "Black kids liking in Chicago", for example is SUPPRESSING the education of Black kids. This is what pisses me off the most!

Let me expand the argument where my point can be expressed. Both Obama and Marshall factor any extra-governmental forces that bear upon the situation that the people face. You can have a Black community that has prevailing economic sentiments which says "money should not be valued over people" and thus they reject capitalistic investments that generate large volumes of money for others. They are allowed to call these people "greedy" and being possessed with the spirit of materialism. This same community could implement social practices that erode all of the facts we know to provide young people a balanced home life. The circular reference that points to "how we got here" which also serve as a CORRECTIVE FORCE that tends to have the community develop certain cultural taboos because "they been there, done that and it hurt us.......never again will we allow this to happen within our group". None of this matters to Sirs Marshall and Obama.

All that matters to these two men is that the STATE make the RICH PAY UP!!!

Progressivism's main flaw is that it is a "no fault insurance pool" on the financial side that also has libertarian ethos which disassembles the notions of strictures placed on human behavior as a means of engineering a certain end. Most certainly - the state must provide an expansive safety net for the people to fall into, regardless of how many times previously they have fallen, promised to stand tall and then fallen again.

I must admit - "The Progressive is a better man that I am". He has never denied anything to anyone - even if it is for their own good. He accepts all who come to him in need of resources. In his "no fault" orientation he worries not about what they have done to arrive at this condition. He instead tells them that it is the SYSTEM that is at fault and he is but a pawn in it.

While this Progressive will no doubt be popular among the long as their are aggrieved, those same masses will always need to have a goat in their presence for them to milk. Let this goat which is the source of their redistributed nutrition go and they soon fall.

The Progressive is on a perpetual expedition to MAKE HIS PEOPLE STRONG by insuring that they have access to the adequate resources that they will need to go strong. You can be sure that he is never going to have them to test their wings, allowing them to fly on their own after having been supplied with sufficient resource.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Chicago Public School Funding - WHY Did You Take Over The Schools If You Now Want To Obfuscate Your Responsibilities?

Some things amaze me.
For the past 40+ years there has been an active drive by the Progressives to "take over" the key components of their own communities so that people who "think like them and who represent their own best interests" could assume power and thus all will change for the better. Strangely, in too many areas, it didn't quite work out that way.

Now if you believe that the these operatives have enough self deprecation to actually hold themselves accountable for the flaws in their strategy - you would be wrong. In addition if you believe that the news media - especially the Black press is going to comment on it then you would be very, very wrong as well.

Thus we see the phenomenon that I have been calling out. It is a combination of "moving the goal posts" and "expanding the police tape".

Here is a story about Chicago Public School funding with a comment from a representative from the Chicago Urban League. This perfectly demonstrates my contention that the goal of the progressive is for NATIONAL ENTITLEMENT. The reason why is that in doing so it abstracts him from the costs and the consequences of his failed policies which neither deliver the effective education for his children nor does he produce an economic system that can generate the funds that he needs to provide the basic services that are needed.

The Chicago Urban League's civil rights lawsuit against Illinois' school funding system says the state provides unequal education to black and Latino students

A new Chicago Reporter analysis of school funding data shows the long-term disparities in school funding as area civil rights leaders filed a lawsuit against the state and its school board for providing that inequity.

The Chicago Urban League and the Quad County Urban League on Aug. 20 filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court against the State of Illinois and the Illinois State Board of Education, claiming the defendants violated students’ civil rights by providing unequal funding to schools based on race, particularly black and Latino students.

Due to the primary reliance on local property tax revenue for school funding, there are massive cumulative gaps in per-pupil spending, particularly in poor or minority communities. The 6,413 students who started elementary school in Evanston in 1994 and graduated from high school in 2007 had about $290 million more spent on their education than the same number of Chicago Public Schools students.

Many of the school districts that spent the most per-student received at least 90 percent of their money from local property taxes. Yet, these districts tended to tax themselves at far lower rates than their poorer counterparts.

The percentage of state contribution to school funding has decreased four of the last five years and is one of the lowest in the nation.

“We have an educational system in Illinois that discriminates against minority children and those who should be held responsible for overseeing it, are doing nothing and very little about it,” said Cheryle Jackson, president and CEO of the Chicago Urban League, at a press conference to announce the lawsuit. She was flanked by advocates, ministers and civil rights leaders.

I will not debate the specific issues that appear to be at hand. Instead I will work on the macro level issue that is involved here.

What you are looking at is an attempt at NATIONALIZED ENTITLEMENTS, plain and simple. The historical function of the city, county and state was to function as a container by which a group of people who believe that they have the necessary resources bound within could obtain a charter from the higher level tier of government and thus enact policies that worked to serve their own interests. They each had some level of independence as they chose the laws, the economic policies, the social policies and the law enforcement policies that served them best.

Today what we are seeing as an active assault on this framework of hierarchy by those who seek to have "nationalized entitlements". There is a basic conflict in rationale regarding the role of government between these two factions. The progressive faction believes that membership in the next higher level of government should afford them the same benefits received as those who are common members at this next level in the hierarchy but who are divided at the more proximate level. Thus clearly despite being someone who exited Chicago for Naperville....and took your money with fellow citizens of Illinois "you owe me" my RIGHT to education and basic services - just as you afford your own family. Indeed if Illinois becomes unable to pay for its basic services as, for example, people getting fleeced by high state taxes in Illinois begin to move to Indiana then the progressive will begin to make the same arguments but this time at the national level. I hate to think what would happen if we experience an exodus of certain people from the United States? Atlas Shrugged - look out.

The key point that is flashing in every one's faces that few people want to talk about is the abject FAILURE of the City of Chicago to pay the bills for its own basic government services provided to its residences. They already draw 44% of their public school funding from the state government. By contrast the "rich suburbs" pay 90% of their OWN school funding. Isn't it quite interesting that the bullet point list above complain that these wealthy cities DON'T TAX THEIR PEOPLE ENOUGH!!! You and I both know that those making this observation want these people taxed THEY can confiscate the money for their own use.

When I say "Progressivism is not an organic ideology but a confiscatory one" this is exactly what I mean.

So what is the strategy for the progressive? The "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chaser" in particular? This is so easy to see.

Their strategy is to make the notion of "They have moved away from us, taken their money......and left us all alone to fend for our own selves" into a RACIAL DISCRIMINATION lawsuit. Just think for a minute as you relate this sentiment to the political takeover that was amassed by this same group for the past several decades. At the time the key to their prosperity was to "take over the political offices and run things more fairly". Clearly they did not factor in the key response that was received by their antics - the capital along with the people who don't agree with their ideology and politics MOVED OUT. I thought that this was America where you are free to live where you want to?

So now we have this particular faction running Chicago as they had sought out to do and yet despite this political control (by Democrats both Black and White) they STILL are a day late and a dollar short. While I have only been to Chicago a few times and have talked in detail with my cousin's and friends who still live there or originate from there I get the sense that the City of Chicago is one big "jobs program". The burden to live up to the promises of entitlements from the government appears to be the main iterative force that is driving the entire place down. It appears to be one big bloated city who's power and girth has gotten to large for its own good.

After having secured control and still not being satisfied - what is the option?
Suggest that more poor residents move to Winnetka? Of course not! Chicago has no say there. There is likely not enough affordable housing in the place and thus this is a non starter.

Clearly they are left to allow the residents of Winnetka and beyond to stay where they are.....but bring their MONEY back to Chicago where it belongs!!! What a brilliant idea.

The strategy is to get the court system to make note of how "Fellow Illini" who live in the very same state have drastically different school funding realities. Recall that I told you that the Progressive is not concerned about how EQUALITY is achieved. To him the process of "bringing down those who are soaring above a marginalized group" is equal to the process of "lifting the marginalized group UP" where as one day they are able to use their own talents and enforced discipline WITHIN to better compete with the resented class of people.

If the court system is successfully padded with "rationally minded Progressives" then slowly and surely their goals of the functional annihilation of political boundaries as a container for money will be destroyed. It is clear to me that this is why the Black community seemingly expresses a high level of VOTER NULLIFICATION in which the Democrats who fail them are routinely reelected. The people are convinced that "They are on a MISSION FROM GOD!". Thus "don't focus on the local failures that we are racking up along the way.....key in upon the GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW once we take over". Sadly few people will make note that it is very likely that the same empty knapsack that was recognized once the local level was successfully taken over will be just as empty once the next plateau is scaled.

Anyone who reads my views will make note of my strong belief that the Progressive views the people who he is most in service to as INFERIORS. The term "lift yourselves up by your own bootstraps" has become old, overused and tired. Sadly though this concept needs to be taken off of the bumper sticker and investigated for the effect that it has on the entire worth of a human being who decides to adopt it as a personal and religious philosophy. The inversion of such a concept is being seen in this great "chase" that makes up the core of the popular progressive agenda for Black America today. In this theory our ultimate repair as a people is bound to our ultimate success in crafting government and economic strictures by which the cash money can be forcibly shared due to our RIGHTS and ENTITLEMENTS as equal citizens. With such a sentiment being accepted and unchallenged the entire dysteleology of the "Freedom For Black People" movement in turn becomes the CLOSER TETHER TO THE SYSTEM which we are dependent upon for our basic survival.

Abstracted from this entire body of though is the supply side infrastructure that is necessary to feed the furnace. If you notice the biggest drive for the EDUCATION of our young people is so that they can be made into the professional class - one day possessing enough skills and earning enough money so that the "bird will leave the nest and fly on his own". Does it seem quite strange that the very people who want us all to believe this also have the biggest tethering hooks in their hand?

The truth is that they are far more interested in having their people be IN RECEIPT OF ENTITLEMENT than they are in developing their own people so that they are the PRODUCES OF THE RESOURCES AND SERVICES that their people RECEIVE.

When will there be a debate in the Black community?
When will those who have popular sentiment right now be forced to stand accountable for the full measure of their deed rather than being allowed to blame AMORPHOUS RACISM as the negating agent?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Felon Former Mayor Bill Campbell Gets Out Of Jail On Friday

AJC: Former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell goes free Friday

Young Jeezy - My President Is Black

My, my, my

My President Is Black Lyrics

[Intro: Young Jeezy]
Yeah, be the realest shit I never wrote
I ain't write this by the way nigga, some real shit right here nigga
This'll be the realest shit you ever quote
Let's go!

[Hook: Young Jeezy}
My president is black, my Lambo's blue
And I'll be goddamned if my rims ain't too
My momma ain't at home, and daddy's still in jail
Tryna make a plate, anybody seen the scale?
My president is black, my Lambo's blue
And I'll be goddamned if my rims ain't too
My money's light green and my Jordans light grey
And they love to see white, now how much you tryna pay?
Let's go!

[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]
Today was a good day, hope I have me a great night
I don't know what you fishin for but catch you a great white
Me, I see great white, heavy as killer whales
I cannot believe this, who knew it came in bails
Who knew what came with jail, who knew what came with prison
Just cause you got opinions, does that make you a politician?
Bush robbed all of us, would that make him a criminal?
And then he cheated in Florida, would that make him a seminal?
I say and I quote, "We need a miracle"
And I say a miracle cause this shit is hysterical
By my nephews and nieces, I will email Jesus
Tell him forward to Moses and CC Allah
Mr. Soul Survivor, guess that make me a Konvict
Be all you be, now don't that sound like some dumb shit
When you die over crude oil as black as my nigga Boo
It's really a Desert Storm, that's word to my nigga Clue
Catch me in Las Vegas, A.R. Arizona
Rep for them real niggas, I'm winnin in California
Winnin in Tennessee, hands down Atlanta
Landslide Alabama, on my way to Sevana


[Verse 2: Young Jeezy]
I said I woke up this morning, headache this big
Pay all these damn bills, feed all these damn kids
Buy all these school shoes, buy all these school clothes
For some strange reason my son addicted to Polos
Love me some spinach dip, I'm addicted to Houston's
And if the numbers is right I take a trip out to Houston
An earthquake out in China, a hurricane in New Orleans
Street Dreams Tour, I showed my ass in New Orleans
Did it for Soulja Slim, brought out B.G.
It's all love Bun, I'm forgivin you Pimp C
You know how the Pimp be, that nigga gon' speak his mind
If he could speak down from heaven he'd tell me stay on my grind
Tell him I'm doin fine, Obama for mankind
We ready for damn change so y'all let the man shine

Stuntin on Martin Luther, feelin just like a king
Guess this is what he meant when he said that he had a dream


[Verse 3: Nas]
Yeah, our history, black history, no president ever did shit for me
Had to hit the streets, had to flip some keys so a nigga won't go broke
Then they put us in jail, now a nigga can't go vote

So I spend doe, all these hoes is trippin
She a ain't a politician, honey's a polotician
My president is black, rolls golden charms
Twenty-two inch rims like Hulk Hogan's arms
When thousands of peoples is riled up to see you
That can arouse ya ego, we got mouths to feed so
Gotta stay true to who you are and where you came from
Cause at the top will be the same place you hang from
No matter how big you can ever be
For whatever fee or publicity, never lose your integrity
For years there's been surprise horses in this stable
Just two albums in, I'm the realest nigga on this label
Mr. Black President, yo Obama for real
They gotta put your face on the five-thousand dollar bill


[Outro: Young Jeezy]
So I'm sittin right here now man
It's June 3rd haha, 2:08 AM
Nigga I won't say win, lose or draw
Man we congratulate you already homie
See I motivate the thugs right
You motivate us homie, that's what it is
This a hands on policy, y'all touchin me right nigga
Yeah, first black president, win, lose or draw nigga
Haha, matter of fact, you know what it is man
Shouts out to Jackie Robinson, Booker T, Washington homie
Oh you ain't think I knew that shit?
Sydney portea what dey do?
Haha, my president is black
I'm important too though, my Lambo's blue
I was, I was the first nigga to ride through my hood in a Lamborghini yeah haha

So let's see:

This guy dealt/deals drugs thus destroying the Black community yet now he's got the vapors and is proud about Obama as the President?

Here is a point that I hope summarizes it all:

"As not what Obama is going to do for you. Ask what you have been doing to fuck up your community......AND THEN STOP IT!"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Racial Face Of Homicides and The Drug Trade

Bureau Of Justice Homicide Stats

Some of you - please do me a favor. Retire your "Their people are in the mud with us as well....why don't they ever attack there own when it comes to drugs?"

Do you see this chart right here:

and this one:

Along with the caption here from the FBI: 
For the years 1976-2005 combined -

Black victims are over represented in homicides involving drugs. Compared with the overall involvement of blacks as victims, blacks are less often the victims of sex-related homicides, workplace killings, and homicide by poison.

Race patterns among offenders are similar to those among victims.

THIS IS WHY your comparison does not stand. It is clear that the urban drug trade is more deadly than when "Billy and Sally" do their meth.

You are not interested in dealing with the problem that is local to you. You are interested in finding a "misery mate".

Let's us initiate your reform with this line of reasoning:

Do YOU believe that the drug trade is destroying certain communities that have your people within?

If your answer is "Yes" then this is all that you need to worry about. Why is it important to run to Portland or Seattle or Salt Lake City to note that they TOO have a problem? How does bring this awareness to a debate SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM? It is clearly only a defensive move by you.

The second question is: What are YOUR STANDARDS? Are the people in question living up to them or below them?

This is all that you need to ask yourself. You instead put forth the illogical notion that "If drugs were not made ILLEGAL then many of my people would not be locked up". (I still can't digest the rationale of this rationale". )

Are you focused on the INCARCERATION rates or are you focused on the LIVES DESTROYED BY DRUGS?

I would be remiss if I failed to make note of a 3rd domain - those of you who believe that YES I am focused on the lives destroyed by drugs AND the high incarcerations rates but I want to focus on the GOVERNMENT CONSPIRATORS who are pushing the drugs and locking people up - both for profit. For these people - all that we see is part of a prescription. Thus their response is BOTH to let people out of jail - for they are incarcerated in an unjust manner AND legalize drugs for this is the root of the problem.

Sadly these are the same people who - when legalized - will begin to attack the CORPORATIONS receiving the contracts to produce and distribute the intoxicants. When they hire their marketing MBAs to increase the profitability of the sales, thus incapacitating the masses....they will initiate their protests.

Do you not see that some of you are PERPETUAL CHASERS? "Success would be at hand BUT FOR this entity that must be placed under our control".

Black Male Unemployment Report Rebutted

Fairer look shows many cities share Buffalo’s problem

Oh I got it. He should have used "cities" rather than "metropolitan areas" like the census does.

This would have made the report 'fairer'.

In addition we should talk about the "common fate" that Buffalo shares with "other cities".

Why is it that few people will bring forth the COMMON FATE that is no doubt present among these cites?: THE COMMONALITY of the PROGRESSIVE DOMINATED GOVERNMENTS and ECONOMIC POLICIES?

It is clear to me that folks would rather talk about the failures of the "National Republicans" rather than keying in on the more up close and personal failures that are happening locally. The base of the pyramid is "wide and expansive" as compared to that which occurs at the top of the pyramid to influence the results below.

What we have is in effect a large segment of the population that has been "priced out" of the job market by policies that are said to be helping them.

Next we have the following stories:

New Jersey: 77 arrested in county gang sweep

Upper Darby PA: 'Urban street terrorists' target several Dunkin' Donuts

Jacksonville: Bill touts hiring ex-offenders to cut crime rate
The bill before City Council asks companies with big city contracts to join the plan, and file reports.

(Please note - I got all of these "urban crime reports" from Black When I feature "Black crime" some ask "why do you hate Black people as you focus so much on the criminal element". Please - by all means - ask this of Black Electorate as well)

Were are the "Proactive Progressives"? Why don't they maintain a minimum wage upon the CONSUMERS OF LABOR and then be PREEMPTIVE - cutting the budget for the Department of Corrections and funneling this money instead to a MATCHING FUND by which the effective pay rate of the would be inmate who is now working can be doubled or tripled. This avoids playing "societal mandates" upon the small business man as he is told that the WORTH of the labor that he is purchasing is greater than what he see it per his business process.

Where are the communities and states who will take such a gamble - as they place confidence that the "criminal element", once employed will no longer have the recidivism rate as is claimed.

When will the burden be shifted to the INDIVIDUAL - after having been provided OPPORTUNITY - to have him LIVE UP TO HIS 'social responsibilities" rather than always making this a "civil rights" case where the gratis must flow from the state to the individual? This is the type of "change" that I'd like to see.

You Helped Us "Back In The Day" And Thus We Are Still Loyal To You Despite The Fact That Today's Threat Has Fundmentally Changed

The Sit-In Movement Was Not Spontaneous

The above article was given to me by a debate adversary as I brought up the name of Dr. Ronald Walters. Walters is a Black man turned Democratic operative who has been advancing the notion that "as the Democratic Party goes Black people" and that we should not "split our vote" among the parties. You will note that from the Democratic Party primary fight where Blacks split among different DEMOCRATIC candidates - this was not a problem. They both were Democrats after all. As I had posted - in the mind of Michael Eric Dyson and his wife - their split among the two candidates was proof of their political diversity. So it goes with politics in Black America.

As I read the article above and how the author,Rep John Lewis and other operatives of today hearken back to their actions during the "Civil Rights Movement" as the key platform from which they leverage their strength and power over our issues today I could not help but to think of a parallel situation that might be the case with the founders of a company "back in the day" which has grown far beyond the form that it once have its competitors.

"Back in the day" the company faced larger competitors who colluded, using illegal business practices in their attempts to starve out the company that was seeking to sprout. They sought to deny this firm capital on the front end so that they could not plant any roots to grow. They firebombed the factory so that no production could be had by the firm. They also conspired with the prospective customers of the firm so that no one would purchase the finished products that the firm produced.

Do you see folks - THIS is the narrative that the civil rights operatives who leverage their power from "Back in the day" need for you who are living in 2008 to follow. They need for you to focus on this EXTERNAL, AMORPHOUS threat which stands before you. Even when you can't see it. Even when it has moved away from your midsts.....DON'T BE FOOLED! It is present to come trip you up when you least expect it.

If you watched the video from Dr Walters that I posted a few weeks ago - he did what is popular among his fellow operatives. He put up a straw man and then tore it back down: "They want you to believe that RACISM IS NO LONGER AROUND but you had better not believe them or YOU'LL BE SORRY". Wait a minute. WHO SAID that "racism is no longer around?". Worse yet - can you tell me if there will EVER be a time where "racism is not around?". I'll let you work on snuffing out racism while I focus on sitting idle until "sexism", "murder" and "rape" are no more. Once I prevail at my mission THEN I can be held accountable for my own actions for THE THREAT is gone.

It is imperative that Black people see through this straw man of "Racism is still with us". This is not the issue. The real issue MUST BE focused upon the PENALTY FOR ACTING OUT AND INJURING SOMEONE DUE TO A RACIST VIOLATION. Failing to do this "One toothless old White man living in Montana who performs a RACIST act" is provided with the POWER to define the state of race relations. He has no POWER in the world except that which is afforded to him by BLACK PEOPLE because of the color of his skin and their own reverence for it. Non-White White Supremacy strikes again!!

When we shift the argument from debate the presence of "racism" over to the PRESENT IMPACT of RACISM as measured by it having gone unpunished by the legal system we step into a territory that is not favored by "the Racism Chasers". You see - they would like to keep the mass of racism as an unknown but ubiquitous quantity. Such a strategy is at the core of their own agenda.

You see they are running a ground game. They seek to gain an increasing amount of territory on the ground as represented by the DEMOCRATS. As I have pointed out in my research on the "Black Flight Progressives" these operatives want to be judge on the QUANTITY of turf they now control.......not on the QUALITY OF LIFE they are able to produce in these districts that they now control. If and when someone questions the QUALITY of - the schools, the public safety, the business & retail environment or the state of health of the people WITHIN THESE DISTRICTS THAT THEY CONTROL.........they would like to make note that they should be judged on the MISSION not the RESULTS RIGHT NOW. (Focus on my INTENTIONS, not my RESULTS)

You see they are on a "Mission from God". If all who follow them remain UNITED (meaning don't ask any questions) they will one day take us to the promised land.

"There is gold in dem hills - at the end of the rainbow......but only if you content yourself to NOT ASK QUESTIONS on the journey. We know the way.....WE MARCHED WITH KING!!"

If you reject everything else about my narrative (because you don't trust MY intentions) then please at least consider this one point objectively: How is it that the previous administrations (over our schools, our cities, etc) were summarily purged from power because "they didn't care anything about Black people"? Now I will yield that they had the duopoly of producing BOTH failing results and having bad public relations with Black folks which did them in. Today the people who have replaced them have "GOOD P.R." with the community.......but are FAILING JUST THE SAME. Yet it is this "good P.R." that prevents them from being purged when they produce the same failed results....just like the predecessors who got purged.

Back to my business metaphor (I know you thought that I am rambling - I am only building a base for my argument - its my style Mahdesia).

Let us think of the Black Political machine as a BUSINESS. (I hope) This business has certain objectives - the delivery of quality products that benefit the customers so that they will return and thus the business will stay in business. Profitability so that capital can be applied into new investments that support growth as well as allowing certain storms to be weathered. Employee training and development so that not only the next generation of leaders can be promoted but also that the prevailing level of education is high for the employee base thus making the aggregate firm more competent.

Let's pretend that these are all favorable attributes for a company and that they would govern themselves as such.

I assume that most of you reading this have an education and that you work for a company or at least keep abreast with business news. Do you notice that real companies live on PERFORMANCE REPORTS? Just yesterday the company "Yahoo" reported its performance and earnings and their stock price tumbled and they had to lay off some people. At the end of the day their OBJECTIVE to SELL ad space to the millions of people who visit their web site fell short. This INFORMATION provides valuable feedback for the MANAGERS and INVESTORS for them to take corrective action in pursuit of their goals as listed above.

While I realize that the "Black race" is not a company, the fact is that the "Black Political Machine" is in fact a loosely coupled entity. They purport to operate with and to advance the BEST INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE. If so why are they loathed to PRODUCE RESULTS that bear this out? In the corporate world TRANSPARENCY is demanded. Open up your books. Show all of the memos that lead to a decision. Allow the inspections to be done to prove your integrity. All of this is being done in support of THE MISSION.....not to protect certain INDIVIDUALS who have been given authority.

The Black Political machine operates in reverse of this theory. It is PERSONALITY DRIVEN. The operative only needs to convince the masses that "THEY" are attempting to TAKE HIM OUT....and they will provide more cover than he could ever hope for. In the midst of it all the masses are willing to look the other way on - lavish spending, corruption, nepotism and all sorts of other things that would drive them to protest if a CORPORATION did the very same thing.

Oh, no worries "THEY never say anything when THEY were in power and did the same thing!!". This is the first defense heard from a person seeking to excuse unsavory behavior. It shows that his long heard call for reform was only RELATIVE - dependent upon who was in power.

Let me wind it up. The Black community ultimately loses IF AND WHEN it tucks in our own standards in support of popular figures in pursuit of some greater goal that....never seems to come.

I have stated several times - I prefer EARNEST MONEY drip by drip to the "Big Pay Back" that relies on my grand CONFIDENCE as I walk along the trail, having to ignore the signs which show me that the money that I had been promises is greatly in doubt.

The grand scheme that large segments of the Black community is currently smitten by has the Democratic party making many favorable ground gains (part of which is from discontented "Black Flight Progressives" departing their Utopia, moving in with Conservatives but continuing their Progressive voting ways) yet ultimately failing to receive the BENEFIT back at home for their unquestioned support of the policies that sit well with their ideological preferences. Stop fooling yourselves into believing that election night victories for Democrats means that the Black community will eat steak. My continuing research is showing otherwise. I am not asking you to "vote Republican" I am challenging you as to WHAT YOU ARE IN FACT VOTING FOR! More importantly ARE YOU RECEIVING IT? Where is your self respect?

Sometimes the founders of a company need to be put aside for the best interests of the COMPANY ITSELF. As the conditions that the firm faces change - so should the management of the company. Failing to do this means that the company's future is imperil.

We can still celebrate the birthday of the company's founder. His picture can still hang on the wall. He just CAN'T CONTINUE TO SIT IN THE CHAIR OF POWER......while the engine of the company is misfiring and the key OBJECTIVES of the entity is not executed upon.

You've GOT TO GO!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chaser - My BĂȘte Noire

The combination of:

1) Not Owning Shit - thus you can do wonders with other people's money

2) Ultimately Holding Someone Else Accountable For Your Care And Feeding - thus you can rally people to a protest rather than manage them into productive citizen by getting them to show temperance rather than anger

3) The Growth In Your Strength Over A Certain Segment Of The Society Yet Not Being Held Accountable For Actually Producing Results - because they blame THE OTHER GUY more than the elements of "the SYSTEM" that they now control but is still failing

affords a particular reprehensible set of individuals in our society to be UNBOUND REVOLUTIONARIES AND REBELS! They are able to stand firmly on their FUNDAMENTALISM, knowing in the end that the environment created from their policies and positions has a safety net from the outer society to rescue them. Thus their FUNDAMENTALIST view don't ultimately serve as the prevailing force upon the livelihood.

FREE YOUR SELF REBEL!!!! Either depart from THE BELLY OF THE BEAST and go off on your own OR form an internal RESERVATION in which you seal yourself off from this greater evil system and thus your internal actions feed your people!!

As it stands today your presence inside of "the belly of the beast" allows you to proselytise against this BEAST yet eat all of the nutrients that this beast provides to you despite him having STOLEN IT.

Today was one of those days, folks.
I have no one else to blame but myself. I had left behind my CDs and my Sirius radio at the house. I chose to listen into the local "Fight The Power" Black talk radio station - WAOK.

I am typically an even keeled person, able to rationalize myself back into calmness. The words and logic spoken by the afternoon talk show host ran my blood pressure up substantially.

I knew before I turned to the station that they would be talking about the election and also negating someone in the process. Indeed I was correct. Today's target was COLIN POWELL. The afternoon host didn't give a hoot about Colin Powell and his support for Barack Obama. He was actually saddened that Barack Obama had chosen to ACCEPT the endorsement from Colin Powell.

Yesterday, as the host stated, as Black folks called in telling of their joy that Colin Powell had endorsed Barack Obama....this particular fundamentalist host rejected Colin Powell because he is still an appendage of the Bush Administration and the war machine in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sadly some Black folks called in and stated "Colin Powell DIDN'T KNOW who he was dealing with in the conservative War Hawks who USED HIM". I do have to agree with the host on this point. Colin Powell is a grown man with years of experience. He indeed did fully understand what was going on. The attempt to "inferiorize" Colin Powell as a defense for him is unacceptable. The fact is that Colin Powell is the FIRST BLACK PERSON in US history to sit in one of the 3 hot seats in the American government which control: THE GUNS, THE MONEY, THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS.

The Guns - Secretary of Defense
The Money - Secretary of the Treasury
The International Relationships - The Secretary Of State

These are the premiere posts in the Administration. If you exit one of these offices with everyone liking you - you have failed to do your job. It is not possible for you to be liked in these posts.

As my pressure heated up in listening to this talk show host (I just edited my words to make them P.C.) I began to understand what 4 years of a Barack Obama presidency would entail for the Progressive-Fundamentalists.

You see having a favored Black man in control of the talons of the War Eagle is going to rattle the very soul of those who support him.

Did everyone see the pronouncements from Joe Biden? (Biden: Obama Will Be Tested In The First 6 Months)

If you follow the track record of military interventions from our recent presidents - it is very likely that a President Obama will have to use US military force somewhere around the world. Not to mention the present and continuing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. For the first 2 years Iraq and Afghanistan will be seen as "Bush's Wars" and as long as the next president exits - nothing done will stick against him.

Then there is Pakistan, Iran, Somalia and North Korea. In my view the next president's foreign policy will hinge on what these other nation's do in addition to any attacks around the world by Islamic Extremists. Thus I guess I should add "Israel" to the list.

While one of my key frustrations with Barack Obama is that he is unable to tell his leftist base "No"....I assure you that the sentiment of American pride and might will force him and any other president to respond militarily to an attack on American interests. "War Is Not The Answer" is a nice phrase after the war has started. It is NOT going to stand in the face of an attack on American interests. A president Obama will receive an education on REAL public sentiment if an event occurs and he goes to "talk to our enemies".

I have voted already for the November elections. I did not register a vote for the position of president. I voted "Present" in the face of a tough decision. John McCain was not the right Republican candidate for the job. Mitt Romney would have been a stronger candidate against the youthful appeal in the "YouTube" generation.

In my vote of no confidence in Barack Obama - it is because I see Barack Obama as the "Verizon Wireless man" with a large army of unsavory leftist characters standing behind him. This particular radio host is a part of that army.

I figure that the best way to smoke these fundamentalists out is to have "their guy" in office and force them to hold steadfast to their FUNDAMENTALISM. If and when an Islamic Extremist attacks US interests somewhere around the world - whom ever is sitting in the Oval Office is going to be forced to respond in defense of AMERICAN INTERESTS.

I plan to sit back and eat cake on that day.

There is simply no way that they can maintain their fundamentalist stances and NOT stand oppose to US Military action for the protection of American Interests as we STRIKE and ask questions later.

The thing that is most disgusting about the leftist/Progressive is that he is not in tune with his own complicity in all that he hates. He is a direct consumer of the benefit of the US imperialist policies that he derides. If the local gas station is running low on supplies he, like Joseph Lowery will call for "gasoline stamps" to be allocated so the poor can fuel their car. I guess we are to believe that the gasoline came from a well right underneath the gas station.

I am resistant to the notion of "give them what they want and watch them fail" because they have a great propensity to LIE as a means of saving face. They will simply spin their FAILURE as being the fault of their ADVERSARIES who, despite being in the minority state of power, registered just enough opposition to derail their efforts.

The only way to fight this scourge is to fight a persistent fight.

Haiti - You Know NOTHING About Poverty Until You Eat Mud Patties

Black Kids Have Been "Anti-Mainstreamed"

Here are the words of cnulan:

[quote]BGD's and Crips who were carrying on in the old neighborhood that I grew up in.[/quote]

Excuse me sir.....DO YOU STILL LIVE IN THIS COMMUNITY or have you done a "Black Flight Progressive" move outward from "Your Peeps"? You know kinda maintained your space and a conservative does? A mortgage closing and a moving van and poof - your problems were solved. Your children are now safe. But WHO threatened them?

What I observed is that these boys were effectively educational, cultural, and economic outsiders who had been anti-mainstreamed since an exceedingly early date in their public school careers - in addition to having been channeled out and down in school, they also lacked the communal and educational role models [/quote]

You see folks ---- THIS is what pisses me off the most with Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist RACISM-CHASERS like cnulan.



1) In your narrative one is made to assume that some force ACTED UPON these young Black males......WHO was this force that you speak of? Might it have been the cannibalistic forces WITHIN that strip the varnish off of their souls?

2)ANTI-MAINSTREAMED he says!!! cnulan - I talk a lot about the "Speak Truth To Power"/"Fight The Power" contingent that is strong within our community. Are they seeking to 'mainstream' these young turks or MAKE THEM INTO "I Don't Give A What Rebels"?

When I point out how Thug Hip Hop videos set a particular narrative where THE COPS and the JUDGES are the ENEMIES seeking to OPPRESS the "innocent" Black kid that happens to have a $2000 watch on his wrist - why don't I hear you say anything about freaking "anti-mainstreaming"?

3) Channeled down and out in school. cnulan - WHO RUNS THESE SCHOOLS and SETS THEIR POLICIES TO-DAMNED-DAY?

How many times have you heard me say about the Black political agenda "We are winning yet we are losing even greater"?

Yesterday you posted how if scientists had their way there would only be 2 Republican states. I countered that the Black community is ONE BIG BLUE STATE across the nation. Isn't it about time you CAUGHT UP WITH ME and begin to translate these PARTY LOYALTIES that you have into ACTUAL BENEFIT for your community?

What good is it to now "be running things" when things are running off of the tracks? You and other Progressives FIRED the administrations who failed previously. They were replaced by people who "look like us and have OUR CHILDREN'S BEST INTERESTS IN MIND". Now that they are in place.....when can the Black community expect the fruit from your mobilization efforts? Or should be be appeases as you MOVE THE GOAL POST

Exposing The Big Lie: The US Debt - WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?

Let me be clear folks - this is not a defense of anyone. This is a CORRECTION on the popular talking points about the source of the ever increasing national debt for the USA. At the end of the day - we are all going to be pointing partisan fingers as the water fills up our lungs if some serious actions are not done to address the problem.

No doubt the popular statement by some is "The national debt was only $6 trillion when Bush took office. Bill Clinton said back in 1999 that the projects were that if the business conditions were sustained we would pay off our entire national debt by 2018. After Bush took over and went crazy on spending, the debt is now approaching $11 trillion".

Next time you hear this people - ask them.....WHAT WAS THE MONEY SPENT ON?

Iraq War?
Nope - A total of $650 billion over 5 years. This doesn't grow a debt from $6 trillion to $11 trillion.

I got it! The "Tax cuts for the rich!!"
Nope. This is projected to "cost" $1.8 trillion over 10 years. Since we are into the 6th year of The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 this represents about $1 trillion in "lost revenues".

The most frustrating portion of a debate is when I listen to people echo what they heard but who can't GO DEEPER and justify their arguments with FACTS.

So WHAT DID MAKE UP THE BIGGEST PORTION of the $5 trillion increase in national debt from 2001 to 2008?

Simple answer - the very spending that is FAVORED among the critics:

Source - Wikipedia
The Government Accountability Office (GAO), Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the U.S. Treasury Department have warned that debt levels will increase dramatically relative to historical levels, due primarily to mandatory expenditures for programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and interest.

Mandatory expenditures are projected to exceed federal tax revenues sometime between 2030 and 2040 if reforms are not undertaken. Further, benefits under entitlement programs will exceed government income by over $40 trillion over the next 75 years. The severity of the measures necessary to address this challenge increases the longer such changes are delayed. These organizations have stated that the government's current fiscal path is "unsustainable."

Entitlement spending and Interest on Debt serve as the 2 largest components of this national debt. Indeed you can reduce the interest due by taking in more revenues and paying down the national debt. Bill Clinton is credited for doing this during the last few years of his presidency. The fact remains, however, that there is no end in sight for ENTITLEMENT SPENDING. In fact - Americans seem smitten to increase such spending in short order.