They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Am Disconnecting My Racial Cover And Defensiveness From The "Black Criminal Thug"

I have reached the point where I can no longer extend any "racial cover" to those who DON'T GIVE A DAMN about how their own actions contribute to specific stereotypes about Black people. For me or anyone else to apply such cover for their actions only encourage them to continue to do so, knowing that they will be defended in the end.

Sadly we have a case of the "disappearing criminal INDIVIDUAL" within our political dialogues. The frequent references to the "number of Black people in prison" serves to destroy the court transcripts that each and every one of those present convicts were provided during the legal process that transpired before that person was duly sentenced. Instead this SUMMARY STATEMENT seeks to abstract these individual acts and instead attempts to make a SOCIAL STATEMENT - with the key assumption that it is AMERICA that is sick rather than the fact that these INDIVIDUAL KNEEGROWS are in fact GUILTY.

In reading a local Black newspaper the other day a guest opinion writer asked "Is a nation that has 7.3 million people involved in some aspect of its criminal justice system (incarcerated, paroled, etc) really a CIVILIZED NATION?". Sadly this same author would never dare to ask the CRIMINALS if they in fact are CIVILIZED and know how to act without some oppressive force keeping them detained and thus limiting their domain of destruction.

Monday, July 28, 2008

"Where De Black Folks On The (Downtown) Beaches In Chicago?"

I admit - this is just a cursory observation about what I saw on the shore of Lake Michigan while driving 50 miles an hour on Lakeshore Drive.

As I glanced right, my wife and I noticed that in this "diverse city"...there was not much diversity on the water front. Up to 95% of those who participated in various water based (swimming, boating, jet skiing) or sunbathing summertime fun were White. I did see a few Blacks riding bicycles on the path just off of the sand though.

How could this be?

I have heard that Chicago is America's most segregated city but I figured that this was a matter of housing patterns rather than use of public amenities. As I drove I figured that I would happen upon one area of the beach where the Black folks congregated. From the area of beach that I drove past - there was no such area - though this is not to day that it does not exist.

I assume that with the bulk of the Black population of the city of the Southside - they just don't bother to come downtown to engage in "Fun In The Sun".

I am begging for someone who is more knowledgeable about the situation to fill in some details.

Here is some historical perspective on the issue of Integrated Public Facilities In Chicago:

The Chicago Race Riot of 1919

Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is officially located at 3111 E. 77th St.,[15] is a beach in the Chicago Park District's Rainbow Beach & Park that stretches from 75th Street to 78th Street on the Lake Michigan shoreline.[16] Rainbow Beach was named such in 1918.

Starting with the 1919 Race Riot, Chicago has had a long history of race riots related to use of public resources, such as parks and beaches. Rainbow beach was an area of controversy for black and white youth. Black families that were economically dependent on the nearby South Chicago steel mills had avoided the public hostility of the lifeguards and white bathers. Demographic shifts and racial climate change of the 1960's led to a July 7 and 8, 1961 “freedom wade-in” at Rainbow Beach staged by an interracial coalition of demonstrators, including members of the NAACP Youth Council.[17]

Friday, July 25, 2008

City Of Atlanta Budget Cuts #2 - Threat To The Environment Of Justice

Fox 5 ATL: New Round of Layoffs Hits City of Atlanta Courts

ATLANTA (MyFOX Atlanta) – A new round of layoffs has hit the Atlanta court system and critics said Wednesday the cuts at the City of Atlanta court building will amount to giving get-out-of-jail-free cards to offenders. Court personnel said the decision to layoff half of the prosecutor's office will leave them unable to process all the cases and will lead to violators being released.

This shows how things all link together.

Since I last reported about the impact of budget cuts by the City of Atlanta there were several citizens who complained about the increased risk borne by the citizens in the "West End" section of Atlanta as their local firehouse was closed.

Now the municipal court of Atlanta has seemingly been cut to the bone. This could translate into more people who have committed crimes walking free because the court now lacks the resources to more fully vet the facts of the case against the defendant. (I believe that this is called the 'discovery' phase - but please don't quote me).

Please understand - this is not a "Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah" against the City of Atlanta. I have watched the difficult decisions regarding budget matters - both within this entity as an employee and outside as a consumer of the news. The point that I am seeking to get across is the fact that many of the simple economic analysis spouted by too many people which is soaked in their own ideologically partisan biases simply does not capture the complexities of the situation.

In this case, the City of Atlanta does not escape its problems in which a "Fight The Power" Black elected official can take the mic and talk about how "THEY" did this to us. They - being the "folks who left the city", the Republicans who control the state legislature or, the favorite target - George Bush. (Please be clear - I am not accusing anyone within the COA government of doing this.)

What I am saying, however is that there is and will always be a delicate balance between the cost of city services and the system of taxation that is needed to be levied upon various people and entities that have taxable obligations with respect to the city. Yes, we heard a big debate regarding the need to avoid having the "middle class residents of Atlanta" bear the cost of yet another tax increase. They were dinged by Mayor Franklin with increased water bills as she drove forward a major reconstruction of the city's sewer system - a bill that came due and which grew larger because several previous administrations failed to tackle the problem.

Atlanta is also going through a major building boom. Many corporate and entertainment edifices have been constructed. Each building project means more taxes paid into the city. Some of the opponents of this development have complained that the development of these areas, for example, around the GA Aquarium, means that the poor and the homeless who used to congregate around the food bank and the train tracks will be driven somewhere else. We can't allow the visitors to these new entertainment venues to see these "homeless Black men, you know" - they argued. In their position their ideological blindness could not bring them to see that in suppressing the development of these areas and resulting tax revenues they were actually working against the interests of these homeless people. The city funded a new shelter in a different part of the downtown area because they were in the 'black' during this time. As a "Speak Truth To Power" operative - they will not be held accountable for their miscalculation. After all they were "working in the best interests of the homeless".

The cuts in the court system are very concerning. Atlanta is already in the midst of a major crime spree - the summer time always brings out those who are bent on anarchy in Atlanta. Now we have the budget realities that can potentially contribute to a higher level of lawlessness as individuals who figure they can get away with a crime because they did so before, try their luck once more.

Atlanta remains a vibrant city and metro area despite its recent financial problems. There is little chance that this city will become a "Detroit" or a "Milwaukee" - a mere shell of is former self.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dear Anonymous Who Used To Be A Fan - The Killer Thugs Within The Black Community

Please note - I have an episode of "Cops" to upload which shows White folks being arrested for drug dealing. I will post it for all to see that I call em like I see 'em without racial prejudice.

On THIS particular point, however, this particular video which was on TV over the weekend gives insight regarding the culture of violence that is within many Black communities that serve to kill and terrorize many people who want only to live in peace.

Please note how worthless Black life is to these fellow Blacks.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Community Actor-vist Socialists Are Thieves

Here is the set up. A group of housing actor-vists convene in Miami to complain about the housing situation there.

Please pay close attention to the words spoken and the AUDIENCE APPLAUSE in response.

Who makes the most sense?

Who is a THIEF yet gets affirmation from the audience?

What did I learn?

1) It is unjust for one person to one more than one parcel of land when there is homelessness in this nation.

2) A home that is vacant from foreclosure is up for grabs to be broken into, populated and then the locks changed - all in the name of social justice. (damn the fact that someone built the house and the bank now owns the property).

If you all want to know what makes me made enough to cuss - JUST WATCH.

These people are WEALTH DESTROYERS.
If you want to know why some people - Black and White do not want to live near these people JUST LISTEN IN to how they think.

Volkswagen Adds To The List Of Auto Plants In "Right To Work States"

German carmaker Volkswagen (VW) has chosen to locate its new US car plant in Tennessee, a move that could pump $1bn (£498m) into the local economy.

At what point will certain people make note of the clear pattern? The fact is that the Southern/Southwestern States which have more favorable policies for the "consumers of labors" are receiving the balance of new auto manufacturing plants as Michigan and Ohio which once were the heart of the auto manufacturing industry are shrinking badly.

I have long argued that the COSTS of certain policies and ideologies are not explored enough in regard to the long term harm and damage that they cause to the workers. The short term benefits of these policies turn out to actually be shortsighted.

In truth a good portion of the operatives in this movement have no interests in tempering their views as a means of maintaining their position in the market. Instead the extremists and fundamentalists tend to run the board and as a result the "consumers of labor" ultimately go to more favorable areas to build their production plants.

City Of Atlanta Payout - $40 Million For A Museum On Civil Rights Violations or $18 Million For A Victim of THEIR Civil Rights Violation?

Bottom line people - Certain operatives have not had to recognized the economic costs of seeking JUSTICE via punitive damages which flow into the pockets of those who were victimized versus their own commitment to the shared consequences of these funds being taken away from the municipal government at a time of budget constraints, job losses, and degraded services.

Let me be clear - the Atlanta police KILLED Katherine Johnston via a series of illegal actions. They indeed are liable for her death. Still I am not quite settled with the notion that had this same woman been shot down by a thug in the same way that no only would she not receive a dime but also the killer would not have been found in the context of a community that has a homicide closure rate in the low 30%.

AJC: Kathryn Johnston's family wants city to pay $18 million

AJC: $40 million approved for civil rights center
Money now has to be approved by Atlanta city council

All of this in the context of:

AJC: Atlanta's $140 Million Shortfall and Layoffs

Mayor Shirley Franklin's proposed budget is $583.9 million. She laid off 441 city workers, eliminated 347 vacant positions and announced plans to raise some fees as part of her plan to fill most of a $140 million projected budget shortfall. She proposed a property tax increase to raise the remaining $40

FireRescue1: Atlanta Closes Oldest Firehouse Due To Budget Constraints

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Congressional Black Caucus - If Only They Were One Day Held Accountable For Their Foolishness

June 30, 2008, 10:40 a.m. - The Office of Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) released a letter she sent to the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), requesting a hearing on the apparent the manipulation of the bipartisan nature of the nonpartisan U.S. Civil Rights Commission.

Norton is particularly concerned about a 2004 opinion of the commission’s legal counsel that found that sitting commissioners could switch their party affiliations after joining the commission in order to allow the president to appoint a member of that party.

Norton, a former chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, said, “In our country, people, of course, can and do change their party identification, and most do so during voting registration periods. However, close observers of the commission have found that party changes have been significant and have appeared strategic in order to allow the appointment of a member of a particular party who otherwise could not have been appointed to the bipartisan commission.”

Norton said she was requesting “an investigation of the legal validity of the legal counsel’s opinion and testimony concerning the facts about party changes.” The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and several organizations asked Attorney General Michael Mukasey to do an investigation in January.

The Congressional Black Caucus moves to suspend confirmation of nominees

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is appealing to Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid to suspend further confirmations of Republican appellate court nominees.

According to Congresswoman Carolyn C. Kilpatrick (D-MI), Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, “Republicans have all but succeeded in their quest to stack the federal judiciary system with jurists who are hostile to blacks and browns and working class Americans. Our caucus worked tirelessly to halt the confirmation of Leslie Southwick and the other seven circuit court nominees that are the antithesis of practicing fairness and justice for all. We are now appealing to the Senate to suspend the confirmation of judges with records that are unacceptable and un-American. In the twilight of the Bush administration and at the dawn of a new White House, we must not allow this administration to advance ill-tempered judges to lifelong appointments.”

“The Republicans have adopted a cynical strategy of continuously holding up business in the Senate to force unacceptable judges on the country,” said Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC). “With the president’s term nearly over and an election year approaching, the Republican legacy should not be a new round of judges with pronounced records of opposing the rights and gains of people of color and workers.”

Judge Robert J. Conrad, Jr. and Steve A. Matthews are two examples of pending unacceptable nominees, officials said. Conrad and Matthews are both nominated for seats on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, which importantly has the highest percentage of African Americans among the circuit court jurisdictions, but has been the most conservative Court of Appeals on civil rights.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Open Letter To Elisabeth Hasselbeck - Hint Whoopi Goldberg And Others Have No Mechanism For Enforcement Upon Black Folks - Save Your Breath

FoxNews: Elisabeth Hasselbeck in Tears After 'View' Discussion on N-Word

Dear Mrs. Hasselbeck:

I read about the exchange that you recently had with your co-host Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepard on "The View" regarding the word "Nigger". Their argument is that Black folks and White folks live in two different planes of existence and thus this word has very different meaning depending on who says this word. As a Black man I agree with this statement.

Your argument is that if we as a nation of people are attempting to come together then we can't have these double standards of PUBLIC use of this word that is offensive to Black people in particular. Thus you are arguing that Blacks should not introduce it to the common lexicon in their music and casual usage. I agree with you on this point.

The point that you are missing is a vital one: THE BLACK COMMUNITY DOES NOT HAVE A MECHANISM FOR 'ENFORCEMENT ACTION' AGAINST ITSELF. Where as Blacks are able to sue, protest, boycott or publicly shame those who are not Black that offend Black folks.....short of attacking Black are not going to see a sustained and comprehensive program that streams from within the Black community to suppress this word.

Whoopi and Sheri know what they are dealing with in regards to Black people so they are not even going to pretend that it is possible for the Black community to take the lead in purging this word. No amount of "symbolic funerals" at the NAACP convention is going to do it.

Knowing this Whoopi and Sheri "played you" on the subject. If they make the case the Blacks and Whites are "different" then this distinction allows them to take the subject off of the accountability of Black people and place it back on the notion that "White folks just don't understand Blacks".

I realize that you are the "conservative" on the show and thus you take your share of attacks. In fact you are likely considered "racist" by some simply because of your traditional values that you hold dear. The key point that you need to understand is that you are actually viewing the key flaw in their flawed ideology of "non-judgmentalism" and social liberalism. Their tactics are far more effective on EXTERNAL offenders who they can, once again - boycott, protest, and condemn. When the offender is INTERNAL then their offensive acts do not rise to the same level of offense. Don't be forelorned Mrs. Hesselbeck - this is not just the case for LANGUAGE, it is also the case for Black on Black murder. If there are two standards for response in murder....what chances do you figure that mere language is going to draw equal outrage?

Mrs. Hasselbeck - just sit back and take it in stride. I am on the inside of the cultural and political genre known as Blackness" and I don't understand the antics of the operatives who manage the POPULAR semantics thus I'd hardly expect that you could either. The key is that there are indeed COSTS that are registered as they execute upon this strategy that relies so much on double standards. The fact that these COSTS are not registered by these same people in their consciousness does not mean that these COSTS are not taking their toll. Indeed they are.

Keep fighting for what you believe is right. Ultimately it is the BLACK COMMUNITY, having recognized these costs who will have to put these OPERATIVES in check. They don't speak for all Black people and more importantly, their claims about "WORKING IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE" needs to be PROVEN to the Black Community with evidence. Since the bulk of the Black community agrees with them and thus they are POPULAR one must conclude that our community has done everything that is necessary to receive the results that these people with their ideology and policies have delivered to them.

The natural consequence of this fundamentalism and unwillingness to change is that they BLAME PEOPLE LIKE YOU for their own failures. Understand the game Mrs. Hasselbeck. They are actually hurting inside. Their machine has more control over this nation than ever before and yet their key problems STILL have not been addressed. This is not going to change until they explore within themselves.

"View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck was in tears Thursday after a discussion about the use of the n-word, in which fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg told her the two "don't live in the same world."

During a segment covering Jesse Jackson's recent use of the n-word while preparing to tape an interview on FOX News, Whoopi and co-host Sherri Shepard, who are both black, contested that the word has a different meaning for black people.

"It's something that means something way different to me than it does to you," said Shepard. "I can use it as a term of endearment."

Shepard also said to co-host Barbara Walters: "I don't want to hear it come out of your mouth."

Hasselbeck contested that "We [blacks and whites] don't live in different worlds, we live in the same world."

Goldberg, who used the n-word repeatedly during the broadcast (it was bleeped out), said that "We don't live in the same world. What I need you to understand is the frustration that goes along with when you say we live in the same world. It isn't balanced."

Hasslebeck tearfully replied that "when we live in a world where pop culture then uses that term, and we're trying to get to a place where we feel like we're in the same place, where we feel like we're in the same world ... how are we supposed to then move forward if we keep using terms that bring back that pain?"

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today When You Hear A Black Person Mention The Word "Terrorized" WHO Is Likely Threatening Them?

Why then does it seem that the Civil Rights Industrial Complex is out of phase by about 50 years regarding what the ACTUAL THREAT that innocent Black people face?

Clearly there is a bit of ideological fundamentalistism and ineptness involved in their unwillingness to change.

Gee - Thanks DC For Giving Us Our 2nd; Now Can You Assure Our 4th?

AJC: DC residents can start applying for gun permits

Over the past few weeks I have heard a particular comment that still bothers me. One person of a particular ideology said "The conservatives on the Supreme Court GAVE PEOPLE the right for individuals to own guns a few weeks ago........". This is the height of unconsciousness.

Think about it. In just about every other right these same people seek to MAXIMIZE RIGHTS and PERSONAL/INDIVIDUAL liberties of the people they seek to defend. For some reason, however, when it comes to the 2nd Amendment RIGHT to own a gun, these people become government confiscators of this individual right.

This is the day where the people of Washington DC have had the SUPPRESSION of their right to own a gun lifted from their necks.

The people of the city now need to go to the Trinidad section of the city to insure that the police do not set up a mass road block in violation of the 4th Amendment.

WASHINGTON — Police in the District of Columbia are set to begin registering residents for handguns Thursday now that the district's 32-year-old ban has been lifted.

Besides obtaining paperwork to buy new handguns, residents also can register firearms they've had illegally under a 180-day amnesty period.

It comes after the District of Columbia Council approved new firearms legislation Tuesday and as officials try to comply with last month's U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down the city's ban on handguns.

Though residents will be allowed to begin applying for handgun permits, city officials have said the entire process could take weeks or months.

Day Care School Owner Shirley Herrington - My Most Favorite Person In The World Right Now

AJC: 'Motherly instincts' led to rescue from fire

My top honors go to Mrs. Shirley Herrington, co-owner of the Herrington Day School in Atlanta. Yesterday the structure caught on fire due to an electrical problem. In the face of the threat she escorted the children outside. When she did a head count she noted that one 4 year old little boy was missing. That little boy became HER SON as she rushed back inside of the fully engulfed building that was full of smoke. She could not see anything. She had to listen to the screaming child's voice that was full of fear. She grabbed the child and rushed him out of the building.

The little boy survived the ordeal because of the actions of Mrs. Herrington while the act sent her to the hospital for smoke inhalation and other injuries.

The the rubble that was the Herrington Day School the television report showed the classic class photo where each child had his own individual still picture grouped together on to an 8"x10" glossy. The picture of Mrs. Herrington in the middle holding them all together.

When students from long time ago can come back, leave their own children where they once stayed and give a positive character analysis of 'their old teacher', saying "she treats all of these children as her children and thus I am not surprised that she went back in to save ONE OF HER CHILDREN from harm" then this woman has indeed made her place in this world and in the lives of many others.

A northwest Atlanta woman was led by maternal instinct Wednesday when she rescued a young child from a day care center fire, family members said.

Herrington Day School owner Shirley Herrington rushed nine other children outside, before plunging back into the choking smoke in search of one more. She followed the calls of the trapped 4-year-old boy and pulled him to safety.

"Her motherly instincts and wisdom stepped in," her husband, and day care co-owner Eugene Herrington said of his 65-year-old wife.

She was receiving oxygen and recovering at the burn unit at Grady Memorial Hospital. Her husband said the smoke had left her unable to talk Wednesday evening.

Atlanta Fire Department spokesman Bill May said the blaze broke out shortly after 8 a.m., in the lower level of the school in the 900 block of Bolton Road. Firefighters had the flames under control in less than 10 minutes, May said.

But Shirley Herrington took action before emergency crews arrived, her husband said.

She got the students out of the building and did a head count. One, Devante Lockhart, was missing.

"She went back in to rescue him," Eugene Herrington said. But there was too much smoke to be able to see him.

"She found him by his voice," Eugene Herrington said. "She would call his name, and he would answer."

The rescued boy was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and released, fire officials said.

The couple has owned the day care center since 1972, and their own son and daughter attended the center, Eugene Herrington said.

Another adult working at the day care center also had minor injuries, May said.

Eugene Herrington expects his wife to come home from Grady Thursday, and is looking ahead.

"I'm glad no one was seriously hurt," he said. "And it's really great that this happened in the summer when enrollment is low. It gives us some time to repair."

Now I See - "Stop Snitching Enforcement" Is A MENTAL DISORDER!!!

AJC: Man killed by police had mental problems

Sometimes a hypothesis is so compelling that instead of trying to refute it - you go with it because it sure does explain a lot. Thus, I will formally adopt my FIRST CONSPIRACY THEORY:

"Stop Snitching Enforcement Is A Mental Disorder

The thugs who terrorize our communities are suffering from the same mental ailment that this thug who committed "Suicide By Cop" the other day in Atlanta. As the article notes:

The 28-year-old man who died after shooting two Atlanta police officers was a quiet loner who received disability payments for mental problems and did not like police officers, his mother's boyfriend said Wednesday.

Montellis Clark, who was shot to death by police Tuesday after firing at them first, was seeing a therapist regularly for his mental problems and was on medication, said S.B. Willis, a contractor who has dated Clark's mother for the past year.

There you have it folks. It all makes sense to me now. The "stop snitching" killings that have taken place thus far around the country, most notably in Denver which has 2 incidents which have left a total of 3 people dead are all done because of the POLICE and the negative sentiments that the victims of this mental disorder have received from the police in a way that has impacted them mentally.

If I keep this up folks - I am sure to get an exclusive interview on the Bev Smith Radio Show. Or should I say "Conspiracy Theory Central".

Willis could not say what specific mental disability Clark had, nor did he know why Clark did not like police officers.

"He didn't like to communicate with them," Willis said. "He didn't want to be bothered by them."

Police say Clark was sitting on a porch at 976 Cascade Road -- a house Willis had been hired to fix up between tenants -- with his brother and mother about 11 a.m. Tuesday.

Two officers trying to crack down on burglaries in the area approached them and told Clark to take his hands out of his pockets three times, Atlanta Police Chief Richard Pennington said.

When Clark finally did, he pulled a weapon out of one of his pockets and started firing, striking one officer in the face and the other in the chest area of his bulletproof vest, Pennington said.

The officers returned fire, killing Clark and shooting his younger brother in the lower back as their mother watched the shooting unfold, according to police and Willis.

Willis, who was behind the house when the shooting happened, confirmed that Clark was slow to show his hands and that he pulled out a gun and fired at them.

"When he brought [his hands] out, he brought his gun out and fired," Willis said. "All I could hear was bullets -- a lot of them."

Clark died face down on the sloping driveway of the home.

I can understand his hatred of the police. The only force around to negate his will to be free and un-harrassed. What were the police thinking? If they just had left the brother alone and did not ask him to take his hands out of his pocket when he was just minding his own business - none of this would have happened.

I will now look at "Stop Snitch" enforcement in a whole different light. We should focus on the POLICE and understand WHY so many people refuse to cooperate with them. THEY need to change, not the "Stop Snitching Enforcers". We need to make the police pull back to a perimeter around a neighborhood and only go in IF a resident is willing to work with them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Support Mayor Frank Melton of Jackson, Mississippi!!!

This story proves once again that those who choose to "get their hands dirty" as they do something active in response to a clear and present danger risk injury after the fact while those who sit back and pontificate while doing nothing can take pride that their gloves remain lily white!

Mayor Frank Melton of Jackson Mississippi presided over a city that was infested with CRACK! After observing the damaging impact of this scorage he took action. He demolished a known crack house. This was more of a symbolic action meant to send a message.

Unfortunately the pronosticators of "justice" saw the mayor's actions as illegal and they are now hunting after him.

Mayor Frank Melton of Jackson, Miss., was indicted Wednesday on federal civil rights charges related to the unannounced demolition of a duplex that he said was a crack house.

In August 2006, Mr. Melton and his two police bodyguards, Michael Recio and Marcus Wright, ordered the occupants out of the house at gunpoint and directed a group of youths to attack the house with sledgehammers, the indictment said. The mayor, who ran for office on an anti-crime platform, himself broke out the windows with a large stick, the indictment said.

In April 2007, Mr. Melton and his bodyguards were acquitted on state felony charges, including burglary and malicious mischief, related to the same event. At the trial, the defendants acknowledged damaging the house but denied any criminal intent. No drugs were found in the house, which was in one of the state capital’s impoverished neighborhoods where the mayor spends much of his time patrolling the streets.

The federal indictment charges the defendants with conspiracy to deprive the duplex owner, Jennifer Sutton, and her tenant, Evans Welch, who is mentally ill, of their right to be free from unlawful search and seizure, as well as charges of official misconduct and the use of firearms in the commission of a violent crime.

While I understand the thin line that is present where "government officials" should not deprive private property owners of their residences in such an unorthadox manner - as with President Lincoln and his habeas corpus - during a war you need to do what you need to do to protect the whole of the entity. To have the entity destroyed while you brag about your clean hands is not an option.

If there was ever a time for JURY NULLIFICATION - this would be it.

Jesse Jackson - Absentee Father

(I know, but I couldn't resist this picture that I found)

The letter below provides a perspective that I did not think about previously regarding some of the underlying reasons why Jesse Jackson took so much offense to Barack Obama's words about responsibility. Jesse Jackson is an absentee father, having sired a child out of wedlock and thus, being in a compromised position, is not able to raise this child as his own. I am sure that a check from Reverend Jackson appears each month on behalf of the child. This child is not likely to spend her summers bonding with her father at the Jackson compound in Chicago-land though.

From EUR Web

NAJEE ALI: An open letter to Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr

*Rev Jackson, your vulgar tirade caught on tape by Fox News where you said you wanted to cut Barack Obama's nuts off and accusing him of talking down to Black folks by giving moral lectures at churches is the last straw for me and a growing number of African Americans who are outraged at your comments.

There are many Blacks across the nation, myself included, who are appreciative for the work and contributions you have made in your civil rights career. But at this point, you're hurting Black America and Obama.

In September 2007 it was clear that you were frustrated by Obama, when you stated in an interview in South Carolina that Obama needs to stop acting white, because you felt he was not engaged in the Jena 6 movement enough to your liking.

Rev Jackson your continued verbal attacks on Obama are unwarranted it's as if you're jealous that Obama has eclipsed you and both your campaigns for the Democratic nomination by actually preparing to win it as the 2008 presumptive nominee.

For years you have been criticized as an ambulance chaser and opportunist. Many of Dr. King's insiders and aides say that King did not trust you. 40 years ago in Memphis as King lay dying from an assassin's bullet your first thought and action was to smear your shirt with Dr. King's blood.

You then proceeded to appear in Chicago the next day on several news programs wearing the same shirt you deliberately smeared with his blood as if you were the heir of King's movement. Obama's recent comments about Black fathers not abandoning their children and accepting moral responsibility in our lives is a lesson you apparently needed to learn when you were younger. If you had, it may not have caused you to cheat on your wife and father a child out of wedlock with a former staffer.

Maybe that's what really bothered you about Obama's message to the church that Black fathers should be responsible for their children; you certainly haven't been.

Living in Los Angeles I have watched your ten year old daughter Ashley Laverne Jackson grow up. Over the years I have had the pleasure to spend several holidays with your daughter including Christmas, her birthday parties and other milestones in her life. I will never turn my back on Ashley her mom and their family. It's about providing friendship, support and love to them while you have been missing in action.

Your daughter has never traveled or taken a trip with you, you have an annual birthday party in Beverly Hills every year where your entire family is welcome but your youngest child has only attended it once. She has had very little contact with her siblings and has never even met her big brother Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr, who apparently doesn't want anything to do with her. And allegedly (I believe it to be true ), he was the one to leak the scandal to the media concerning your affair. Now don't get me wrong, Obama is not above reproach. He is a politician and is fair game to be fairly criticized by you or anyone else. But to personally attack Obama is crossing the line. Obama is not talking down to Black people; he wants you and other dead beat dads to spend time and care for your children properly. The destruction of the Black family and absentee fathers is a major problem in our community.

It's a problem that King spoke out and fought against. 40 years after King's murder I can see why King didn't trust you. If you can't and won't sincerely help Obama in this historic run then at least stop attacking him. Listen to Obama's message of being a responsible father and start taking care of your daughter Ashley.

King Family - "Democratic Socialists" Fight Over Big Cash

Over the years I have heard both Corretta Scott King and her son, Martin III express economic views that were very disturbing to me. Both have made reference to highly socialist concepts. A "minimum guaranteed income" or living wages. High taxes that are meant for redistribution by government fiat. All of these elements shed light upon their line of reasoning on economic matters that they pervert as "social justice".

It is interesting that while the late monarch of the King family, Martin II, lived a life that had a small amount of dollar bills in his pocket, the remaining members live a comfortable life, having received the proceeds of their father's name. The aggregation of a large pot of money seems to have exposed some fractures in the family.

I suggest that they solve their problems by giving all of their money away to the poor - just as we are likely to hear them say - at least those who have been more politically active - namely MLK III.

AJC: King siblings' estrangement at heart of lawsuit

Published on: 07/16/08

His siblings accuse him of improperly taking money from their mother's estate in order to pad his own bank account.

But as long-simmering conflicts between the children of civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King boil over into an increasingly ugly public spat, Dexter King says his brother and sister got just as much from their late mother's estate as he did.

"They [claim] that they're being injured," King said in an interview Tuesday. "But the money's in their bank account. If you think you're being injured, go get the money out of your bank account.

"I don't mean to be flip about it, but it's so ridiculous," he said. "I'm still reeling over the ridiculousness of it, the recklessness of it."

By e-mail, King provided bank statements and correspondence that he says shows that his brother Martin Luther King III and sister Bernice got just as much money in a recent distribution from the estates of their late parents as he did. The documents show that allegations in a lawsuit filed by his brother and sister in Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia are false, he claims.

Family matriarch Coretta Scott King died in January 2006 and her estate is still being settled among her heirs. Dexter would not discuss the size of his mother's estate, and his mother's will, which was filed in a Fulton County court, doesn't reveal much about the family's financial worth and doesn't specify what she left her children.

The suit, filed last week, accuses Dexter King of taking money from the estate of Coretta Scott King for his own use, and also of mishandling funds from the estate of Martin Luther King Jr. Dexter King is president and CEO of King Inc., the corporation that controls the intellectual property and other rights from Martin Luther King Jr.'s works.

It also accuses Dexter King of acting without the permission or knowledge of his brother and sister, the two other shareholders in King Inc. and equal heirs to their parents' estates.

"I believe that it's important to set the record straight, and at this point I can only think about clearing my good name," Dexter King said. "Frankly, I'm very angry in the way they've maligned and damaged me.

"You can call me a lot of things, but I am not a thief," he said.

King Inc.has made periodic disbursements from the MLK estate to Coretta Scott King and her children, who have been its shareholders. Since the death of Coretta and Yolanda King, only the three surviving children are now shareholders.

On June 20, the bank statements of King Inc. provided by Dexter King show that $477,772.15 was transferred to Bernice King in connection with their mother's estate and a regular disbursement from the proceeds of King Inc.

Another $377,772.15 went to the account of Martin III — a lesser amount because Martin III apparently borrowed $100,000 from King Inc. a month earlier, according to another document.

A third distribution of $477,722.15 went to Dexter King.

"Whenever there's a distribution it has to be equal — that's what really counts, and that's what happened," he said.

The bank statements also show how $535,000 was transferred on that same day — June 20 — from the estate of Coretta Scott King to King Inc.

That $535,000 is apparently at the crux of the argument between the siblings.

According to Dexter King, the money was part of a previous disbursement from King Inc. to the estate of Coretta Scott King, which was entitled to the money as a shareholder in King Inc.

But Dexter King said after King Inc. bought the shares back from the estate — as required by corporate bylaws after the death of Coretta Scott King — the corporation was entitled to get the money back. As president and CEO of King Inc. and under previous agreements, Dexter King had the authority to move the money, he said.

Once back in the coffers of King Inc., the $535,000 was included as part of the money that was equally distributed to the three siblings on June 20, according to Dexter King.

Whether the transfer was lawful is an issue that could be left for a judge to decide. Through their representatives, neither Bernice nor Martin III would comment on their brother's claims, instead referring comments to their attorney Jock Smith.

Smith said the heart of the problem among the King siblings has been Dexter King's refusal to call a meeting of King Inc. in at least four years. The corporation has only three shareholders — the remaining King children.

"It has been years since there has been a meeting," Smith said. "No information has been provided to Bernice and Martin, so you must begin to wonder what is happening with the corporation," Smith said.

"How are they to know what he is doing? And what they know he is doing is not good. If he would spend time talking to his brother and sister, instead of the press, progress would be made," Smith said.

On Tuesday, Dexter King acknowledged he has been "estranged" from his siblings for some time, but that he still communicated with them regularly about the affairs of King Inc. He also said he has tried to call meetings, but Martin III and Bernice wouldn't respond.

"They essentially cut me off," he said. "We were always in this weird position of estrangement where they would not speak with me."

Contradicting Dexter King's claims, attorney Smith said Dexter had no authority to go into the account of the Coretta Scott King estate and decide how much money to take out. Bernice King is the executor of their mother's estate.

"The only way he can [do that] is to have a meeting [of] King Inc.," Smith said.

By transferring the money, Smith said, the estate couldn't fulfill other financial obligations.

"He doesn't have the power to act on his own," Smith said. "He is acting like he is the final arbiter, and that is the problem. He just does what he wants to do. He is saying, 'I will make decisions by myself. I don't need Bernice or Martin to tell me what to do, because I can write checks on my own.' "

Dexter King, in response, said it was clear he did have the authority.

"The simple answer is, how could I have accessed the funds if I didn't have the authority?" he said. "It's a no-brainer."

E-mail Bob Keefe at bkeefe and Ernie Suggs at

To Anonymous: Disproportionate Black Incarcerations For Drugs

To the poster named "Anonymous" who sent a message a few months ago detailing your plans to remove my blog from your automatic update due to my bias. I have an update for you on the matter.

Rather than go through the data at the county level to prove my theory that county prosecutors adopt a varying set of policies on how they deal with drug crimes as being the primary reason for what appears to be "racial disparity" in drug arrests - I have decided to instead go to the origins of the problem and allow those who were in the game to explain it to you.

In my view the best source of understanding how we came to be with the conditions of today is to review the narratives as expressed in two of the best documentary shows on the air regarding the subject. These two shows are "American Gangster" on BET and "Gangland" on the History Channel. Where as "Gangland" focuses on Black, White and Hispanic gang activity and all of the auxiliary elements (bike gangs, girl gangs, etc) American Gangster is excellent because they go around the country to review the deeds of several key Black drug dealers who had a notable existence in the game.

As I moved the recording of the episode featuring Lorenzo "Fat Cat" Nichols from my DVR to a computer hard drive for long term storage in my library - I listened intently to the dialogue of the documentary and recorded key facts that allow anyone who is interested in understanding HOW the penalty for CRACK was made stronger than the penalty for powder - or heroin for that matter. Where as it is popular today, after the fact, to make the case that since "crack is a Black drug" (a point I still reject) that the INTENDED consequence of crafting the distinction in sentencing was to lock up Black people involved in the Crack game while Whites who are more prone to use powder don't suffer such a sanction. After watching this specific documentary I am forced to say that some of the ACTIVISTS who are seeking to reduce crack sentencing are themselves complicit in the destruction of various Black communities due to the impact of crack. Their desire to "racism chase" does not allow them to see the truth.

Not to get out of order too much but in listening to a story of a casual drug user who used heroin for 15 years without much impact to her children and family only to switch to crack and lose her children and house in 6 months should indicate to anyone the distinction between crack and these other drugs. This is not from me. These are statements from people who are accepted as more "mainstream Black" in their views of the situation. "Crack created DRUG ZOMBIES" so said a person who had followed the exploits of Lorenzo "Fat Cat" Nichols. For some reason this point of detail is lost as the attack is shifted to the GOVERNMENT and the establishment of a racial conspiracy behind the sentencing.

From my notes:

Lorenzo "Fat Cat" Nichols was a big time coke and heroin dealer in Queens, NY back during the 1980s. He was a part of the "7 Crowns Gang" in the area. He was locked up in 1980 on robbery charges and returned home at the age of 21. He got into the drug game by setting up shop in a Black, Middle Class working community that was otherwise stable prior to crack coming about. His business was lucrative in coke and heroin and he set up shop within a neighborhood deli as a front for his drug business.

The game was profitable as the various operatives purchased multiple cars, motorcycles, houses and jewelry. He even sponsored a local basketball team and boxing with his drug money. Many modern day rappers idolize "Fat Cat" for his game.

(to be continued)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bitter Black Doctor To AMA- "If You Don't Support Socialized Medicine...You Still Have Your Racist Roots"

No that is not what he said specifically but clearly this is what he is driving toward saying.

NPR Tell Me More: AMA Admits Years of Discriminatory Practices

Let me open with a preemptive strike. Am I saying that "Black people should be GRATEFUL NOW and ignore the past history of discrimination?"


At the same time this particular doctor, particularly at the end in which he says "I just hope his words are not just all spin." is a clear example of certain people HOLDING THEIR ASS OUT for someone else to kiss when there is no evidence that they specifically are hostile to your cause.

The opening statement of Dr. Carl Bell bell was telling. He said that he is "practicing MEDICINE" where as if he did attend a mainline medical school he might be "practicing MONEY". Just because he has certain views about the finance of heath care - why is it that everyone must agree with him lest they be against the best interests of Black people?

Better yet IF the goal of Dr. Bell is to abstract MONEY from MEDICINE why is it that more Black people are not funded for medical education training PER THE FUNDS CONTRIBUTED BY THE BLACK COMMUNITY TO ADDRESS THIS CAUSE? Have these people who received this free education commit to working for 10 years at below market salaries within the Black community. Sadly we are not likely to hear such a strategy from the Black establishment. They instead seek to go to the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT and implement them.

Dr Bell says - racial is still going on today in the medical field. "If you look at the disparities in African American people I think that's directly related to the historical racism that was perpetrated against African-American physicians. And I understand the need to distance themselves from the past and say 'that wasn't us. We're this new group of people' but that stuff is still going on.

On this blog I have constantly followed the subject of "health care disparities" between Black and White. Dr. Bell focuses on the claimed "systematic racism" from the establishment that bears down upon Black people today. What we rarely hear is how PROPAGANDA from WITHIN has a suppressive effect. How frequently has the "Tuskegee Syphilis case" been brought up in a conspiracy theory regarding AIDS, medical testing by drug companies in which the lack of Black participants reduces the data that is used to set dosing guidelines across the entire population, the lack of Black organ donors that contributes to the death of Black people in need of transplants and so many other elements of the medical field. Why aren't the purveyors of this IGNORANCE ever called to the table for the damage they do to our interests in health care?

Dr. Bell says that he was denied admission to University of Illinois Medical School and he went to Meharry Medical College instead. And thus he "medicine over money" comment. In the wake of receiving a lemon, he turned it into lemonade. This important Black institution graduated yet another brilliant medical mind. Why is this guy still angry at Illinois?

The National Medical Association is a collection of Black doctors who focus on Black physicians and priorities for the Black community. In Atlanta there is a beautiful building for the "Black Cardiologist Association". While I am in no way promoting past segregation as a plus - the truth is that these organizations would not be in existence today if the Black medical professional was absorbed into the general body of physicians.

".....and as usual in this country - when Blacks commit crimes they get harsher punishments than Whites. That continues to occur.

And just watching the poor health care that African Americans receive - the AMA's constant trade association refusal to endorse national health insurance so that we can join the rest of the civilized world. Things like that are offensive to me

Let me stop right there. I get angry when I hear a BLACK MAN make note of "THE CIVILIZED WORLD" or "THIRD WORLD NATIONS". They sound just like the WHITE COLONIALISTS who preceded them.

Let's see - The United States has 4% of the world's population. The "civilized world" - what a coincidence they are mostly WHITE - has about 20% of the world's population. What does Dr. Bell have for the MAJORITY OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION?

Where as the network of Black schools were crafted because THERE WAS NO OTHER CHOICE if this same community wanted to provide EDUCATION to its own people in order to save its OWN PEOPLE they focused on BUILDING rather than BITTERNESS!!! If we increase Dr. Bell's vision and have him to drop the RACIST label of "civilized world" he then must be challenged to the question "How does your nationalized health care plan impact the bulk of Black people in this world?" Answer: It doesn't.

Why then doesn't Dr. Bell and others shift to a SUPPLY SIDE CONSCIOUSNESS in regards to addressing the health care needs of the people? If a group of conscious health care professionals can't come up with a model that can insure more coverage in the "WEALTHY FIRST WORLD NATION OF AMERICA".......there is zero hope that these same minds could ever craft a solution that could be packaged and re-implemented in other "savage uncivilized places" where the bulk of the world's Black people live.

One constant theme on this countervailing blog of mine is the distinction between BEING IN RECEIPT OF BENEFIT and ATTAINING BENEFIT ON THE BACKS OF YOUR OWN PEOPLE SO THAT THEY MIGHT GROW AS A PEOPLE. Rest assured that BOTH American Blacks will have no more capability presented to be able to express our own high medical care existence with this nationalized plan AND upon being in receipt - the majority of Blacks in the rest of the world will not benefit from the presence of a medical education complex that was created to generate more Black doctors who practice MEDICINE RATHER THAN MONEY.

I assure you that the average Black person listening to Dr. Bell's grievances will be taken in on the small picture that he paints and say that he is justified in his resentment. In truth that sort of vision is BLACK CONSUMERISM and does little to positively impact our position and capabilities as a people on the grand scale.

Friday, July 11, 2008

MLK Kids Sue Each Other - I Timely T-Shirt Says It All

MLK's children sue brother, claim estate assets 'wasted'

Today as I drove toward the local Office Depot I heard a report on the radio that the "King kids" were fighting each other in a court case. Bernice and Martin III had filed a lawsuit against Dexter regarding the management of the King estate. I thought that this was quite interesting that these children who have lived off of their father's name would be embroiled in a conflict that they had to turn to the court system to resolve rather than being able to come to some resolution within their own bonds of family.

As I checked out inside of the store I noticed there was a Black woman who had one of the many varieties of pro-Barack Obama shirts in fashion today. First there was a picture of Martin Luther King Jr with a caption that said "The Dreamer". Then there was a picture of Barack Obama which said "The Dream Come True".

Odd that people have made Barack Obama into a molding of their own making. Few of these dreams have anything to do with the actual function of a sitting president. Assuming that he is elected - even if he has no major scandals in his administration - he could not possibly live up to their expectations. This is because the expectations are not realistic.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 07/11/08

Two of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King's children have filed a lawsuit against their brother, seeking to open the books of the family patriarch's estate.

Bernice King, administrator of the estate of Coretta Scott, and Martin Luther King III filed a lawsuit Thursday in Fulton County Superior Court against Dexter King and the estate of Martin Luther King Jr., according to court records.

"We're trying to get an accounting as to the financing and well-being of the estate," said Jock Smith, the personal attorney to Bernice King and Martin Luther King III.

Smith, president of the Cochran Firm based in Alabama, has a request pending to be allowed to practice law in Georgia.

Smith said one of the goals of the lawsuit is to force Dexter King to call a board meeting of his father's estate.

"That has not happened for some time," the attorney said.

Dexter King allegedly has refused to provide information and documentation concerning the operations, actions and financial affairs for the estate of Martin Luther King Jr., to which Bernice and Martin III say they are entitled to, according to court documents.

Court records show that on June 20, Dexter King and the estate "without authorization and without notice" to Bernice King, "converted substantial funds from the estate's financial account."

Records also claim that assets of Martin Luther King Jr.'s estate "are being misapplied or wasted."

The lawsuit asks that Dexter King furnish documents held by employees, lawyers, financial advisers and others acting on behalf of the estate, according to court records. It also seeks board meeting minutes and other records, including e-mails and financial documents concerning the estate.

AJC staff writer Chandler Brown and news researcher Richard Hallman contributed to this story.

Kevin Powell For Congress - Anger Management Issues

Kevin Powell for the People

I give it to Kevin Powell. He does indeed put on a good speech. If you were to only listen to what he says and not place it all in its proper context - you might indeed be convinced that this man is the man for the job. I heard a clip of his words at a recent conference. It all sounds good.

I try to stay away from plain ole personal attacks but in this case it is warranted. (The positive reference to Michael Eric Dyson only provokes me even more). The candidate himself referenced his educational past at Rutgers University. He did not tell the complete story.

Kevin Powell was suspended from Rutgers University because he pulled a knife on a WOMAN!!

But Powell’s flourishing career came to a crashing halt in 1996 when he was fired after a verbal and physical confrontation with several staff members at Vibe. "That was very painful at the time," says Powell, who writes in one of his books that he had contemplated suicide. "But it was the best thing to happen to me because it started my journey back to the activities I engaged in as a student activist at Rutgers." In fact, he'd been expelled from Rutgers too for pulling a knife on a fellow student. But in the 1980s, Powell joined Lisa Williamson, who later gained fame as the rapper and author Sister Souljah, along with a group of fellow Rutgers students in launching a series of campaigns protesting against apartheid in South Africa and a string of bias attacks in the New York City area. More recently, Powell has worked as an organizer on a range of community-based initiatives nationwide, from conferences on hip-hop activism and mental wellness to Katrina On The Ground, a nonprofit group that dispatched some 700 college students to help relief organizations throughout the Gulf region in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

If 'the past' is used to disqualify the "White Conservative" politician then what should we do to the damning past of this Black Progressive-Fundamentalist politician? Ignore it because of the greater good that he supposedly can do? Please.

Charlie Rangel - Those Rent Control Policies Are Great.....For Me

Rangel rents N.Y. apartments at bargain rates
State, city regulations require that they be used as primary residences

While aggressive evictions are making rent-stabilized apartments increasingly scarce in New York, Representative Charles B. Rangel is enjoying four of them, including three adjacent apartments in a sprawling penthouse overlooking Upper Manhattan, courtesy of one of New York’s premier real estate developers.

Mr. Rangel, the powerful Democrat who is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, uses his fourth apartment, six floors below, as a campaign office, despite state and city regulations that require rent-stabilized apartments to be used as a primary residence.

Mr. Rangel, who has a net worth of $566,000 to $1.2 million, according to Congressional disclosure records, paid a total rent of $3,894 monthly in 2007 for the four apartments at Lenox Terrace, a 1,700-unit, six-tower luxury development with doormen that is described in real estate publications as Harlem’s most prestigious address.

How can Rangel escape any harm in the eyes of many? Quickly shift from his strong support of Hillary Clinton over to the biggest promoter of Barack Obama in the New York area, shift the subject over to how "the man" is seeking to topple a powerful Black politician such as himself and then sit back and allow the usual suspects to do their thing.

At the end of the process - they will be promoting the notion that Charlie Rangel be given 2 MORE apartments so that he can expand his political staff and thus hire more people who have been harmed in the "Bush Recession". I have no doubt that Mr. Rangel knows how things work. Follow this plan and he will not receive a scratch from this incident.

Major Car Theif Caught In Metro Atlanta - He Is An Educated White Boy

AJC: Ex-lawyer found with $50,000 of stolen items, police say

No doubt in the average major metro city with a large Black population - the "face of crime" is often that of a young Black male.


This guy is a maniac. A lawyer, chose to start a life of crime (no, no - not as an attorney in his normal practice as is the case with so many of them) - he was disbarred for some reason.

He was busted with a bag of tools in his car that could be used to break into cars. Once the cops checked his home - they hit the jackpot.

As a person who had his car broken into about 3 years ago - I understand the feeling of violation. This fool needs to serve some hard time for this. 25 laptops. This means that he has likely broken into about 70 cars in order to get the loot that they found in his house. 25 years minimum sentence!!!

For me he is no better than the "Blue Jeans Bandits" who had a spree of thefts a few months ago. They were Black. Put them in the same jail cell.

Ex-lawyer found with $50,000 of stolen items, police say
25 laptops, 50 iPods among electronics found in his car

The events leading up to Phillip Strickland's arrest Thursday read like an excerpt from a Coen Brothers script, with the onetime lawyer now facing theft charges.

Alpharetta Police say Strickland, 38, will be charged with a slew of felony theft charges since 25 laptops, 50 iPods, 50 GPS devices and more than 50 IDs, passports, credit cards and jewelry were discovered in his car. The Alpharetta resident was pulled over early Tuesday morning in a affluent north Fulton neighborhood where a number of cars had been broken into the previous night.

He was arrested for possessing illegal narcotics, said Alpharetta Police spokesman George Gordon, and though currently out on bond, Strickland's freedom may be short-lived.

"A search of the vehicle revealed numerous items alleged to have been stolen from other automobiles," Gordon said.

Most of the valuables were stolen from unlocked cars -- "thefts of opportunity," Gordon said. "We remind people time and again they need to lock their car doors."

Especially now, as property thefts traditionally rise whenever the economy slumps.

Inside Strickland's car, Gordon estimates police found more than $50,000 worth of merchandise from a large residential swath. Johns Creek Police are expected to file charges against him, and officials in Fulton, Forsyth and Cherokee counties are also investigating Strickland. "He obviously has some problems," Gordon said.

This time 10 years ago, Strickland was completing his studies at Macon's Mercer University. He was admitted to the bar in December 1998.

Less than eight years later, he was disbarred after not responding to accusations that he accepted payments from clients without performing the expected work.

Strickland is currently living in an Alpharetta apartment with his mother. Attempts to reach him Thursday were unsuccessful.

Spike Lee Vocalizes The "Obama Cult Of Change"

AJC: Spike Lee takes Jackson to task for Obama comments

OK people, this is getting tiring. I recall a few years ago how I hyped up our trip to Disneyland as a means of keeping our children in check. The aura of all that they would see at Disneyland was enough to make them cry if my wife or I threatened to take it away from them for acting naughty.

Spike Lee's cult like comments about "OBAMA CHANGE" is eerily like this important parental tactic used above.

I have told you that my biggest problem with Obama is that he is like the 'Verizon Wireless' man. The cast of characters that come along with him are more detestable to me than the candidate himself, though I have significant problems with his policy pronouncements as well.

I have concluded that it is not worth debating their words on their merit - as there is little to them. What we need is to document the hype that they speak and, if Obama is successfully elected measure him on THEIR build up.

Lee predicted Obama would be elected in November.

"When that happens, it will change everything. ... You'll have to measure time by `Before Obama' and `After Obama,'" Lee said during the panel. "It's an exciting time to be alive now."

The presidency of the first African-American will ripple throughout arts, sports and more, said Lee, whose films include "Malcolm X" and "Do the Right Thing."

"Everything's going to be affected by this seismic change in the universe," he said.

Asked if there was any validity to the criticism of Obama, Lee replied: "No. Here's the thing: I don't know why people are questioning whether Barack Obama is black enough. For me, that's an ignorant statement."

"There are middle-class, educated black people who speak the way he does. ... We have to try to move away from this so-called image of what black is, which is largely influenced by rap and that type of stuff," Lee said.

"I'm for Mr. Obama," Lee said. "I think he's gonna win. And it's going to be a better day not only for the United States but for the world."

The odd thing about it all is that Spike Lee is a bigot who opposes INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS. If he had things his way - Mr and Mrs. Obama, the parents of Barack Obama would never have borne a child - Barack Obama - the "Jesus Like Figure" in Spike Lee's eyes.

Before Obama and After Obama Spike? How do you worship one man as such?

What if our 5.5% unemployment rate becomes 7.9% percent under "Jesus Obama"? Indeed this would be "change" but would Spike Lee recognize it as negative change and ever be critical of Obama? Spike Lee per his film about Hurricane Katrina has proven to be a Black Michael Moore. If you think that he could write an objective film about Obama you also believe that the Lower 9th Ward is prime real estate because it sits high above sea level with scenic views of the ocean.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Marian Wright Edelman: In Receipt Of Benefit Is Superior To Organicism To Care For Your Own

NPR News & Notes: Edelman Mobilizing Kids to Fight for Insurance

Let me be the first to say - when it comes to "audacity" about societal ills the left wing activist will always enjoy the popular public opinion over anyone with a competing ideology. In case of Marian Wright Edelman, she lobbies for universal health care coverage for the children who have none. For Mrs. Edelman last year's SCHIP bill which scaled the upper income range into solid middle class families was not good enough because it only covered 6 million children, not the 9 million without coverage.

The standard reference to "within the richest nation in the world......" is the key to her justification that all children in America should be given health care. But what else did she say? She said that all children should receive the same health care in this country, thus money is to be ABSTRACTED from the question regarding health care coverage and quality. Thus the notion of "key your stinking money we don't need it now....we'll get back with you on April 15th and take it from you then" comes to mind for me. It is critical to understand what Mrs. Edelman is proposing.

I have introduced the concept and distinction between "being in receipt of benefit" and ordering your community to "satisfy the demand for benefits and entitlements" as the primary focus of one's quest for societal order. In the world of Mrs. Edelman the benefit of universal health care is obtained as people become consumers of government services that take yet another set of responsibilities off of their backs. As a result they are yet more dependent on the system of government with their standard of living abstracted from their own productivity yet again.

Where are the details about how the underserved community could more proactively address their child care needs by working to identify and fund young people from their own community to become medical professionals and then come back and serve their own? Wouldn't this have a more fortifying impact upon the community and thus direct their own increase in living standards as a function of their own management rather than on getting their politicians to divert money generated from someone else, rained down upon them in the way of benefit?

I realize that none of this matters until we put some perspective on where we stand as a nation financially:

Before we enter into a Democratic party take over of the entire federal government which might happen and thus even more socialist programs are adopted here is where we stand as a nation.

* Despite the talking points against Iraq/Afghanistan War spending - this amounted to about $170 billion per year for the past 5 years. There will be a reduction and an end to this spending over time.

* In the next ten years, however, federal spending of the big 3 entitlement programs will double from the current $1 trillion per year up to $2 trillion per year in spending. So you say - "So what, at least Americans are receiving this benefit unlike Iraq spending". In the doubling of spending do you believe that twice as many people will be serviced? Of course not. This entitlement spending will grow from 47% of federal spending up to 63% of its spending.

* Add to it the fact that the Democrats will increase social spending beyond this point.

* This year, in one year there was $2.5 trillion added to the federal debt based on the unfunded liabilities related to entitlement spending. (See USAToday article)


Barack Obama's Bondage To The Jesse Jacksons On The Left

Jackson apologizes for 'crude' comments on Obama

Associated Press
Published on: 07/09/08

CHICAGO — Barack Obama's campaign tried yet again to contain a political storm kicked up by a vocal Chicago supporter as the Rev. Jesse Jackson apologized for crude comments picked up by a live microphone about the Democratic presidential candidate.

Jackson said the "hurtful and wrong" comments came in response to a question from a fellow guest during a break from taping "Fox & Friends" on Sunday. The guest asked about speeches on morality Obama has given at black churches.

Jackson said at a news conference Wednesday that he had said Obama's speeches can come off as speaking down to black people and that there were other important issues to be addressed in the community, such as unemployment, the mortgage crisis and the number of blacks in prison.

He said he was not aware the microphone was still on.

Jackson declined to repeat the comments, but said he decided to apologize publicly after hearing from Fox News that it would air them.

In an interview with The Associated Press earlier Wednesday, Jackson said he didn't remember his exact words, but said he was "very sorry."

The Fox News program "The O'Reilly Factor" aired Jackson's comment Wednesday night, including a slang reference to his wanting to cut off Obama's testicles. The report bleeped out the slang but made clear what Jackson said with subtitles.

"It was not a public speech or a declaration," Jackson said, adding the comments "will not be helpful."

"For any harm or hurt that this hot mic private conversation may have caused, I apologize," he said in a written apology released earlier in the day. "My support for Senator Obama's campaign is wide, deep and unequivocal."

Jackson said he called Obama's campaign to apologize.

Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton noted that the Illinois senator grew up without his father and has spoken and written at length about the issues of parental responsibility and fathers participating in their children's lives, and of society's obligation to provide "jobs, justice and opportunity for all.

"He will continue to speak out about our responsibilities to ourselves and each other, and he of course accepts Reverend Jackson's apology," Burton said.

Though Jackson supports Obama, the two are not close.

In September, The State newspaper in South Carolina reported that Jackson had said Obama was "acting like he's white" in his response to the arrest of six black juveniles in Jena, La. Jackson disputed the quote.

Jackson's comments sparked something of a family feud. His son, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., said he was disappointed by his father's "reckless statements."

"His divisive and demeaning comments about the presumptive Democratic nominee -- and I believe the next president of the United States -- contradict his inspiring and courageous career," the younger Jackson said.

The comments are not the first the elder Jackson has had to explain after believing he was off the record.

In 1984, he called New York City "Hymietown," referring to the city's large

Jewish population. He later acknowledged it was wrong to use the term, but said he did so in private to a reporter.

Jackson is at least the third vocal Chicago supporter to create problems for Obama on the campaign trail.

Obama resigned from Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ during the primaries after a videotape of his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., hit the Internet. On the tape, Wright accused the U.S. government of creating AIDS and is seen shouting "God damn America" during a sermon.

In May, Roman Catholic priest the Rev. Michael Pfleger mocked Obama's then Democratic rival Sen. Hillary Clinton during a guest sermon at Trinity United. Pfleger, who is white, pretended he was Clinton crying over "a black man stealing my show." He later apologized.

On my blogs I told everyone that I attempt to be "fair" but not "balanced". There is no need for me to be balanced because, when it comes to Black themed blogs - there is a 9 to 1 ratio of other sites upon which you can get the "other side", the POPULAR narrative about what happened as the information is received and then spun for the community's consumption.

Regarding "fairness" - here is my "fair" analysis of the situation:

I have stated my position from day one about Barack Obama and his ties to the far left of which Jesse Jackson is one of them. I learned that Barack Obama worked on behalf of the poverty rights group ACORN. I receive the organization's newsletter and I am very familiar with their viewpoints and antics. This group, in my opinion, has a "Social Justice" agenda that, said a different way is confiscatory and anti-capitalistic. If you want to see how "capital vacates a city" to borrow a term from my friends at "Black Commentator" - look no further than the system of thoughts applied by ACORN and those who think like them.

Thus when Barack Obama goes on his speaking tours and "speaks out of turn" with respect to some Cosby-esque comments that he has made - it is clear that he is going to be brushed back from the plate by Jackson and other far left types. The reasons why are clear per Jesse Jacksons' response.

Jesse Jackson, ACORN and the other groups who think as he does translates all of the problems that are under discussion among Black people and "the inner city" into terms of a GOVERNMENT SOLUTION. The people are either a VICTIM of direct government and societal discrimination due to race, income, class or location OR these same people take a "no fault insurance" approach and say "these people are AMERICANS". All Americans have a right to live at the American Standard of Living and not as if they have a 3rd World village in the middle of the richest nation in the world. Thus again you see the "Confiscatory Nationalism" that I spoke of in the past. Where as REBELLION is the milieu in most of their social existence, them having the right to "display their AZZ for all others to kiss" if they so choose - its there right to free speech you know, now that it is time to "true up" as it is noted that whatever they had been allowed to do on their has failed to generate the standard of living that "all Americans" have a right to.

This is essential to the understanding (and the failings) of this particular ideology. In the worst case you have the confluence of a culture which says (or accepts might be a more accurate term) "I don't give a F_____" style of living as a means of having outsiders to "Mind their own business. Why are you worrying about what I do when you all have your own problems". At this point in the jousting match the DEFENDER OF THE STATUS QUO WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY will articulate several problems that the offending person's community has as a means of obtaining pacification that since there are "others in the mud just like us"......there is no need for any ORGANIC initiative to maintain any particular set of standards from within.

After years or decades upon which this set of sensibilities have been allowed to fester - we reach a point of a certain amount of degradation. Here is when we hear Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton/Usual Suspects chime in. The aggregate GDP, Academic Attainment, Crime Rates, Child Rearing and Property Values situation is documented via some study and then - these operatives take the study and MARKETS THE RESULTS. At the end of the day the underlying theme will be "You see! Look at the major gaps between BLACK and WHITE in America. It is AMERICA WHO HAS FALLEN SHORT OF HER PROMISES TO ALL OF HER CITIZENS"............did someone get the license plate number of that truck that hit us?

Do you see the scheme? On the front end the usual suspects have pushed back on any EXTERNAL "moralization" of the antics that were plain to see by all. The newspaper reports, the culture emanating from the area, the review of their academic performance - ALL OF THEM point to a problem within. When someone like Bill O'Reilly dares to make mention of what the stats show - you had better believe that charges that he is a "RACIST" will follow. Or even the standard "You only show the bad things about the Black community. What about the good things that happen on a daily basis? Why don't you show these?"

At the end of the day this overlay force, the "Defenders of the Status Quo WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY" are a NULLIFYING FORCE. Despite the fact that you might be able to get them to admit that the actions which are going on are even below their own are NOT going to get them to make the case that the PEOPLE THEMSELVES are at fault and that imposing SOCIAL ORDER via any type of MORALISMS (ie "family values") is the proper course of action.

To then hear Barack Obama make "Bill Cosby-like" pronouncements sets the stage for conflict. You do recall that Bill Cosby's timely though not appropriately edited remarks drew a scathing backlash from this same set of Black far left operatives that I am speaking of. When Obama says words in kind they are particularly conflicted with their response. You see - there is no chance in HELL that these groups are going to turn against Obama and torpedo his campaign run. They have too much invested in his presidency already. Besides - WHO ARE THEY GOING TO VOTE FOR? A Republican? Please! They already have their tuxedo and party dresses picked out for Obama's inaugural ball. The airplane tickets have already been purchased so they can get the cheapest rates.

Now about my "fairness". Anyone can search this blog site and see that one of my key criticisms of Barack Obama is that he DOES NOT STAND UP TO HIS FAR LEFT BASE. Where as he is verbose in his attacks on the "right wing", talk radio, Christian evangelicals and Ronald Reagan - calling them out by name.......he is loathed to do the same for his left wing base. I can still only give him partial credit for referring to the group that altered the name of the military commander in Iraq upon his congressional testimony - calling him "General Betrayus". Obama made reference to their antics but did not call out the name "Code Pink" nor did he call them "extreme left wing" as he would not have a problem calling out "The Swiftboat Veterans" or other operatives. I must yield, however, and say that for Barack Obama - this was a major step forward for someone who has voted "present" when it came time to express clarity on an issue that tended to go against your left wing base. In his ambiguity he is able to plead "not guilty" of offending them.

All of this backdrop leads us to the current situation with Jesse Jackson. This is not the first time that the BQPFRC have pushed back on Obama for making a "responsibility" speech or talking down to Black people. He did a speech in Detroit last year in which the same attacks were sent in an attempt to put him back in line.

The core of the problem is that these people want to bear out the SOCIETAL BENEFIT to these people in question based on GOVERNMENT initiative. Since the GOVERNMENT allowed for the prior oppression that "caused it" (in their view) it is the GOVERNMENT therefore that should be the force that fixes their problem.

Again I must note that this claim has not changed among these activists. The only difference is that since the late 60's when they shifted to electoral power as the means of changing their conditions, BACK THEN these benefits were to start flowing once THEY took control of the MAYOR'S offices, the CITY COUNCIL and became sheriffs and police chiefs. You do see the problem right? NOW THEY ARE ALL OF THESE THINGS (or at least has an acceptable Democrat/Progressive in place, regardless of his race) and STILL they have not obtained what they had been striving for. So what is the answer?

That's an easy one. YOU EXPAND YET AGAIN!!! Since your take over of the lower plateau failed to yield the benefits that you thought and since YOU are not going to blame your own movement for falling short on its goals - the only two rational sets of actions to take are to either BLAME YOUR OWN MOVEMENT for being out of alignment in achieving its END GOALS or.........EXPAND to take over the next highest plateau. I have told you previously that the mechanisms for INTROSPECTION simply are not there. Let me be blunt - THERE IS NO IDEOLOGICAL COMPETITION WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY, REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME THAT THE POPULAR ONE YIELDS. This is a sign of the fact that people are committed to a METHODOLOGY rather than their GOALS. The old saying by Henry Ford "You can have any color Model T that you long as what you want is a black one" rings true among these people, my people, with regards to the IDEOLOGICAL framework that is supposed to lead to their SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC GOALS. If the first donkey has failed them.....find a new donkey and ride on him. You should not make note that the donkey is not the right choice of animal in all situations. You may need a camel who can endure the desert conditions that you must travel through. If your "vehicle" dies along the way.....YOU DIE.

As for Barack Obama - I have learned the hard way that there is a distinction between his SPEECHES and his POLICIES. If you are a bit more accepting of centrist or right of center ideology and are pacified that Obama has SAID something along these are gullible and are only performing the "check list" that I often speak about. As for me - I will need to see written proposals that are STRONGLY BACKED by the man in which when it comes time to put the benefits of the CARROTS that he likes to hand out along with the sanction of the STICKS as a means of having a balanced set of management tools to produce favorable behavior - he is not the one.

Let us look at the joint legislation that he sponsored with Evan Bayh of Indiana. Where as Obama stated that the goal was to get fathers to pay up on their child support commitments to their children - my review of the bill showed that 90% of the bill was about social entitlements directed toward these fathers - job training, drug abuse programs, employment assistance.....the marketing centered upon the most ambiguous portion of the program - a more organized child support collection process by which dead beat dads can be tracked.

Again - further analysis. The assumption made here is that the reason why these men are not paying child support is because they are economically destitute. Thus, in a classical liberal "boil the ocean" approach the key means of obtaining the goal of money to the child is to fix the structural obstacles that SOCIETY has placed upon these men. There is no room for the thought that some of these men DO have the means but have chosen to prioritize other matters than their commitment (Sean LaVert comes to mind on that one).

Worse yet you can be sure that there will be no discussion of the CULTURAL and SOCIAL underpinnings which produce a higher occurrence of children had to unwed mothers and the clear high rate of detachment between mother and father when this social order is allowed to grow absent any controlling mechanism - DEFINITELY not from the CHURCH which has learned to accommodate and for certain not from the community activists who claim to have the best interests of the community. Just as another blogger I debated the other day called out the Republicans for exploiting 'family values' while violating them themselves - the key point that she will never come to realize is that in pointing out what the Republicans are doing as a means of NEGATING criticism and judgment upon people who YOU ARE INTERESTED IN.....does not FIX the people YOU ARE INTERESTED IN. It only punishes any outside scrutiny of them. Any objective review of the efforts of the BQPFRC shows clearly that this has been the RESULT of their antics - NOT progression in these areas that need SOCIAL ORDER THE MOST.

In closing, as I listened to an array of Black liberals huddled on stage at a commemoration of Brown v Board 50 years later - their grand plan to fix what ails Black people resided in getting vast sums of money from the Federal government (I told you that their local economic order does not allow them to ever afford this) in order to do a massive reordering of the cities in which these people live. As I stepped back and listened to what they were saying - I could not help but to see these people as AFRICAN MISSIONARIES and COLONIALISTS in their thought process. There are a bunch of "savages" who's own actions will never have them "civilized" in the order of what America is known for. Give US the mandate and the cash money to build up the physical plant around them and THEN much of the human problems that you see will disappear. This is a crude analysis for the sake of brevity but I believe that I have captured the essence of what they were proposing.

WHAT IS MISSING FROM THIS? The point that is rarely talked about is "WHAT SHOULD SOCIETY EXPECT FROM THE VICTIMS IN SUPPORT OF THEIR OWN SALVATION?". If there is one key flaw to the strategy of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser it is this one. He is unable to sell the dream to the Black man that he wants to help BUT ALSO tell him what HE MUST DO to make it happen. To be clear their "what you must do" shows up in Tavis Smiley's "Contract With Black America" (or whatever it was called). This was a POSITION PAPER telling Black people what policies we must support. Again I ask any person living in a subdivision to go take a look at their covenance rules. This document sets the RULES that are necessary for a civilized and peaceful community, where property values increase and conflict is reduced. It tells the people WHAT THEY MUST DO IN ORDER TO BE A NEIGHBOR IN GOOD STANDING. The differences between these two documents could not be greater.

It is the very proclivity for NON-JUDGMENTALISM that is so often spouted on stage by these same operatives that is the root of the "impotence" that Jesse Jackson referred to as he made the reference to Barack Obama's reproductive tools. In the end these people are interested in ENFORCING IDEOLOGICAL UNITY than they are in doing what is necessary to achieve the CORE GOALS that are to be obtained from their methodology and tactics.

Nothing is going to radically change until this POPULAR ideology is challenged by a group of people who are more committed to the GOALS than to the METHODOLOGY and thus are BREAK RANKS and take the assaults that will no doubt follow. WHERE DO I SIGN UP?