They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Continuing Saga Of Clayton County Schools - Sexual Abuse Goes Unreported

AJC: Detective: Clayton school didn't report sexual abuse tape

Detective Joanne Southerland told the court before an afternoon break that Adams and Manning were aware that a 15-year-old female student was videotaped having non-consensual sex with two male students.

Southerland testified that the two boys, both juveniles, said the videotape had been seen by "everyone" at Mundy's Mill.

"This is having a horrific effect on this victim," Southerland said on the stand. "The tape memorializes the abuse and the girl is re-victimized."

The male students were charged with child molestation, statutory rape, solicitation for sodomy, distribution of child pornography and with being in a gang. Because the educators saw the tape and failed to call police as mandated under the law, Southerland alleges they should be charged with failing to report suspected child abuse.

Black folks - can I ask you all a question? Which has more personal impact upon you, hitting closer to home? The fact that the CIA destroyed interrogation tapes of suspected terrorists in order to protect the identity of clandestine agents OR when school officials having seen a young Black girl being forced to have sex and the tape is shown all over the school but none of the teachers or administrators FORWARD THE TAPE TO THE AUTHORITIES AS THEY ARE LEGALLY REQUIRED TO DO?

When I claim that we as a people are in a "sold out state" with regard to our best interests is there a greater point that demonstrates this? There will be no protest march outside of Mundy's Mill High School which is just minutes from where I live. The same operatives who had the CIA tape issue as front and center of their objectives in charging against their enemy Bush.....will not be the ones in the lead seeking the penalization of these local school officials for failing to do was they were required to do under the law.

If indeed I am playing a "tit for tat" game......WHO is the loser here other than this young Black girl and her mother and father?

It is becoming increasingly clear that some of that which is permitted within our schools today, though POPULAR is counter to our interests as a people?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You Heard It Hear First: I Have To Give Barack Obama Credit On His Words Today - Well Partial At Least

Today Barack Obama did what I have been riding him on for a long, long time. For the first time HE STOOD UP TO HIS LEFT WING EXTREME.

Today Barack Obama distanced himself from the various speeches that were conducted by Rev Jeremiah Wright over the past few days. Today Barack Obama chose to RUN FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES rather than to be beholden to the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" operatives.

I could not believe that Obama said specifically that there was little "constructive" said by Rev Wright in front of the National Press Club and even called them "rants". To be honest with you I thought that Obama was a bit overgeneralizing in his dismissal of all that Jeremiah Wright had said.

Let me be clear - I do not disagree with everything that Jeremiah Wright says. I actually respect the fact that he is bringing forth information about 'the Black church', our musical styles and the history lessons that some in America are not willing to bring up openly. As with a good portion of Obama's words, however, it is not his "history lessons" that I have a problem with - it is his analysis, as seen during his "Race Speech" in Philaelphia, that I have a problem with. Again I ask - if indeed Black children learn differently than do White why then has your "Liberation Theology" not founded a school focused on educating Black students, primarily tapping their creative "right brains so that they do not get delivered to special education classes in a disproportionate rate as they are in public schools? Once again - I am not pacified by a good speech. I instead choose to discover you by your actions.

Regarding the potential backlash that Obama might have stirred up - I think that at the end of the day these Black Nationalistic operatives who are going to be pissed at Obama for trashing Wright actually "hate their enemies more than they are in love with the idea of the Black community focusing on our best interests that can be measured". They are not going to vote for the Republican in November so in the end - he is able to piss them off without losing their vote in the end.

I still find all of this very interesting and yet painful. Where as in the past it was a crime punishable by "de-blackification" to go against a "Black Gate Keeper" such as Rev Wright because it is seen as being a "sellout" and an Uncle Tom. The key distinction in this case is that the operatives who typically render the judgment upon those who would dare to make such a public attack against a popular Black figure (not the Condi Rice or Colin Powell type) want Obama to be president more than they are willing to call him out on such a thing.

I fall back to my primary contention - THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS TOO MUCH POWER WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Here we have yet another example of the long feared FRACTURE among Black folks all caused by the INTRAMURAL FIGHT within the Democratic Party.

Then again - I AM WRONG!!! The man who I most attribute such a warning against such a fracture - Dr. Ronald Walters - political science professor at the University of Maryland and indeed a sellout for the Democratic Party warned us against fracturing the Black vote. (please note just because something is POPULAR to do within the Black community and thus accepted does not make it any less a "sell out" action. "Sell out" is measured based on how much you depart from your ultimate goal in order to achieve your misaligned objective. With the Democrats totally dominating all aspects of our political discourse and yet our community remains plagued with problems - what else can you call this current state? - Sold Out by any other name....) To be more accurate, however, Dr Walters asked the Black voter not to dilute its vote ACROSS PARTY LINES. Technically the Obama/Clinton divide is not this case. Both are Democrats.

My challenge to these operatives is for them to make note of all of the "Permanent Friends" that have been attacked - John Lewis, Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Shelia Jackson-Lee, Maxine Waters and many, many more Black elected officials who chose to go with Hillary Clinton have all been subject to scathing attacks by these same Blacks who are the enforces against anyone who dare thinks about voting for someone other than a Democrat. It is clear that they really enforce against anyone who does not DO AS THEY THINK they and any other Black person should do.

Absent being able to hold them accountable - today at a time where they have dominant political control of our community and instead give Obama and Clinton - both who are operatives on this same machine a PROMOTION rather than increased scrutiny as we check ourselves only serves as more proof to me that "THE BLACK BEST INTERESTS" are not their objectives for their political advocacy because they have so little evidence to prove that this is the case.

Democrat CEO Of Dekalb County Vernon Jones Calls Out "Loser Democratic Candidates In Georgia"

AJC Article: Vernon Jones comes out swinging against 'loser' Democrats

Vernon Jones signed up Tuesday to run in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary election this summer. But he sounded more like a Republican candidate.

"The Democratic Party loves to recruit losers," Jones told reporters at a state Capitol press conference.

Jones dismissed Democratic primary opponent Jim Martin as "too liberal for Georgia."

Of Dale Cardwell, another Democratic opponent, Jones said the election "isn't about Dale Cardwell, this is about people losing their homes."

Jones is currently DeKalb County's chief executive officer. Martin is a former state lawmaker and state Department of Human Resources chief. Cardwell is a former WSB-TV reporter. All are vying for the seat held by incumbent U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, a Republican from Moultrie.

Chambliss isn't the only incumbent facing a challenge.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall of Macon has faced a GOP challenger in all three of his previous campaigns of Congress. This time, Marshall has a Democrat running against him too.

So do Democratic Reps. John Barrow of Savannah and David Scott of Atlanta, who qualified to run for re-election on Monday. State Sen. Regina Thomas (D-Savannah) is challenging Barrow and former state Sen. Donzella James, a Democrat from Atlanta, is running against Scott.

Marshall signed up Tuesday to run for a fourth term, a day after Democrat Robert Nowak and Republican Rick Goddard qualified to run against the incumbent.

It's not just Democratic incumbents facing potentially serious challenges this year. Incumbent GOP U.S. Reps. Jack Kingston, John Linder and Tom Price also have challengers.

In 2004, the most recent presidential election year, Kingston, who represents coastal Georgia, and Linder, who represents the northern metro Atlanta suburbs, skated back into office with no opposition.

In 2004, Tom Price was GOP state senator from Roswell who bested a field of primary contenders for an open congressional seat. Price won his first term in the U.S. House without Democratic opposition.

Kingston, Linder and Price faced only token Democratic opposition in the 2006 mid-term elections.

It's not clear how financially viable their 2008 Democratic challengers are, or whether their message will play well in GOP leaning districts. But the three Democrats running against Kingston, Linder and Price are military veterans who hope their message will play well with voters unhappy about the Iraq war.

Kingston is being challenged by retired Army Lt. Col. Bill Gillespie of Tybee Island. Retired Air Force pilot Bill Jones of Marietta qualified Monday to run against Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Price of Roswell. Norcross resident Doug Heckman, a retired U.S. Army colonel and senior adviser to the Iraqi army, is challenging Linder.

I have respect for Vernon Jones (and criticism of him in other areas). I have more confidence that he is able to put purpose ahead of party than I do about many of the other local politicians that represent our community.

Rev. Wright Exposes Two Types Of Black Democrats

The speeches by Rev Jeremiah Wright to the Detroit NAACP and the National Press Club during his "defending myself tour" has allowed me to identify two types of Black Democratic loyalists regarding the matter.

First are the Black Nationalist Democrats who say "Yeah!! These issues regarding racism need to be aired right now. We don't need the WHITE MAN to set our time table for when they are talked about!". They are backing Rev Wright, regardless of what he says. This is the "Speak Truth To Power" club. (I wish to see them one day speak truth to the local Democratic machine that dominates their local politics and school system - but that is another story).

Next we have the more pragmatic Democrat. They see the harm that Wright will potentially cause for Obama because his continued presence in the media will only take focus off of the IMAGE that Barack Obama has crafted with the public with the media's help. They are asking Wright to SHUT UP until after November 5th and then he we can bring up this conversation which is no doubt important.

For me, however, I am both astounded and impressed by Rev Wright's attempt to do what I have seen people like Cynthia McKinney do so frequently - this is - expanding the attacks against HIM FOR WHAT HE DID into an ATTACK ON THE ENTIRE BLACK CHURCH! Where as this once was a brilliant move - too many people have walked down this path and thus it no longer has legs.

I am BLACK and I have attended "Black Churches" for most of my life. I am less concerned about this being an "Attack on the Black Church" than the fact that Rev Wright doesn't seem to talk much about "Winning Souls For Christ" in his politically laced messages that he has recently given.

Secondly it is quite interesting that the same man who talks about how "Sunday is the most segregated day remaining" and yet he has a "Black Liberation Theology" church (He called it something else but I am too tired to go back to his speech and identify the label that he used). Isn't this a big contradiction? I thought that he was not a divider? Indeed if the WHITE MAN has segregated the Christian church for use for his own purposes should YOU who is calling him out start talking in terms of the unified Christian body? Thus far I have heard this man talk more about the respect for difference between Muslim, Jew and Christian than between his Left Wing Christian position and the Right Wing position that he finds most offensive to his own sensibilities.

For me Rev Wright is nothing more than the same old "Non-Judgmental" operative who wants us all to accept that which is DIFFERENT without making FUNCTIONAL comparisons and valuations as such. Again while indeed gangsta rap might have an equivalent corrosive partner in "Punk Rock" - I don't believe that Jazz or Classical European Music is a "gateway drug" toward societal deprivation. It is insane attempt to force "equality" upon musical styles in the name of "non-judgmentalism".

I counter with the fact that we indeed need to focus on the FUNCTION of music as well as so many other points of conflict within our nation and culture. If the consumption of certain items run counter to our END GOALS then indeed SOMEONE had better work to SUPPRESS its consumption or remain contented that they did all that was necessary to reach the point that they are in.

I am still not convinced that Rev Wright is yet willing to place the burden of SALVATION upon the person in question's back. Instead those who "have" are called upon to do far more toward this end than "those without". There is a basic superior/subordinate relationship relevant in this proposition.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Rev Jeremiah Wright Speaks To The Detroit NAACP

Rev Dr Jeremiah Wright spoke before the Detroit Chapter of the NAACP recently.
Audio Link To Rev Wrights Speech

In summary - Rev Dr Wright gave a speech about "accepting difference". He went on to talk about how different races have differing learning styles, music tonalities and, of course, a different appreciation of preaching styles. But of course.

Thus one person hearing "malicious, intemperate remarks", another man might take them as "speaking truth to power". We all know how important "Speaking truth to power" to the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser. This is indeed what attracted them to the now deposed Cynthia McKinney. (Will they vote for her for President over Obama though? She is running, you know.)

For me - I don't accuse Dr. Wright, a learned man, of being wrong in his views and historical notes. Indeed he is correct in a good portion of what he says. My big problem that I have with Dr. Wright and many who think as he does is that they are appeased with the notion of "Speaking Truth To Power" or "Shaming The Devil For The Deeds That He Has Done" but they fail miserably with regard to adopting what they know to be true in their lives and avoiding co-conspiracy with that which they repudiate.

Let's go into depth here. In the present speech Dr. Wright makes the case that Black people and White people learn differently. He said that Blacks are "right brained" using our creative skills and experiential learning while White people are "left brained" using logic and object oriented learning. He made note that we should not devalue one over the other but instead recognize the differences and act in kind. Kool!

But wait - if this is his conclusion that a school system that is catering toward the way that White folks learn and thus which trample over the way that we learn as Blacks and thus it shifts Blacks to the lower end of the performance scale and also has us as "Special Education students" in disproportionate numbers......wouldn't you expect that Trinity United Church of Christ, as lead by Rev Wright would start a church school entity which advanced this style of learning rather than that which is molded after how THE WHITE MAN learns? Is it satisfactory to KNOW WHY something is occurring or to apply your "liberation theology" (and the money that flows through the church) into making applied corrective engagements for the people who are being "miseducated"?

Also he made several references to "Speak Truth To Power". I for one as a Black man who is not beholden to a political party BUT who is studying the gravitational forces that are pulling at Black America am curious about one key thing. Where as this statement "Speak Truth To Power" comes from the 60's Civil Rights and Anti-War movement when indeed Black folks were on the outside of the reigns of power - who is it that Dr. Wright can come to Detroit, make a shout out to Ms. Kilpatrick, the mother of the current mayor of the city and yet be content that this "Speak Truth To Power" concept does not mean the current MACHINE that is in power in Detroit and so many other places where Black people live today? His "speak truth to power" with the Kilpatricks seemingly was a "Hey how are you all doing!!!???"

In closing Rev Wright told the nation that those who have a college degree must help those who didn't make it through. He said (his words) those who DIDN'T GET CAUGHT should be concerned about those who are imprisoned.

I will yield that certain liberal/progressive speakers make good speeches and are quite entertaining in the process. As long as you don't press them regarding the obligations of their 'victims' in insuring their own salvation and surely if you don't hold them accountable for that which was done while they are in power - indeed you can be appeased by their thoughts and words.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sean Bell - An Issue of Injustice Or A Ruling That You Did Not Agree With?

Justice Arthur J. Cooperman of the New York State Supreme Court

Let me start out by saying that I respect the anguish that the Bell family is facing regarding the loss of their loved one and the judicial ruling that was counter to all that they believe should have happened regarding the excessive police actions that lead up to his death. I am not attempting to make light of this situation or tweak the noses of those who have experienced great loss and are rightfully upset about the verdict.

I do want to talk about the language that is used as this issue is brewing on the minds of many angry activists.

Detective Marc Cooper; Detective Gescard Isnora; Detective Michael Oliver

Can we claim that the system of justice that heard the question of guilt or innocence regarding the actions of the three officers was UNJUST or that the verdict that was rendered was Not one that followed the popular sentiments?

Indeed the people who were on trial were the 3 police detectives who were indicted on the question of their culpability in the unjustified death of Mr. Bell and the shooting of his 2 friends. These 3 cops are the defendants in the case. Indeed when this is the case those who express unboundless sympathies for criminal defendants who stand accused by the government of charges that will add to our growing prison population are expressing their other face with regard to defendants not that police officers are on trial.

Was it injustice or just a ruling that is strongly unpopular? Mavericks are typically praised for their courage to go against the grain.

Here in lies the problem.
The activists referenced 4 Black men killed by the policy over the past 10 years......but they can't bring themselves to talk about the thousands who have been killed on the street during this same time interval.

NYC 5 Borough Homicide Map - 2003 thru 2005

Murder in New York: Killers and Their Victims in the Five Boroughs

Between 2003 and 2005, 1,662 murders were committed in New York. Men and boys were responsible for 93 percent of the murders; their victims tended to be other men and boys; and in more than half the cases, the killer and victim knew each other.

NYTimes: New York Killers and Those They Killed, By The Numbers

Now let's be clear - I will no doubt be attacked for what I am doing.
Just as Reverend Jeremiah Wright decided to talk about the subject when the subject was on the mind of everyone - and he is being DEFENDED by certain people for having a relevant conversation....these same "certain people" will no doubt respond like the Conservatives who thought Rev Wright's "Chickens Coming Home To Roost" comments untimely and exploitative.

Let us inspect this claim then.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sean Bell

MSNBC Story: Hundreds march after NYPD officers cleared in 23-year-old man's shooting

The Sean Bell ruling shows a unique quality of the American legal system despite its flaws and the frequent criticism that is lobbed against it.

First let me start out by clearly stating - the police were wrong to fire 50 bullets at the car and thus result in the death of Mr. Bell. From my understanding of the scenario an undercover police man who is thus not clearly in a police uniform should show much more restraint as it is a likely scenario that an individual, assuming that he might be in the middle of a robbery attempt might flee the threat by driving away. If indeed a thug is likely to fire shots into the fleeing car which poses no risk to his person because he is attempting to render the consequences upon his robbery subject for escaping his clutches......indeed the police should have their actions far more confined by PROCEDURE.

Let me be clear - after having watched plenty of episodes of "Cops" and "Police Videos" where the dash cam shows individuals who are straight up attempting to kill the cop that is standing in front of the car - I will be the first to support the use of deadly force in attempting to stop the driver who is aiming his car directly at the uniformed cop. I would even give leeway to an undercover cop with his badge clearly in long as he is in the direct path of the car. It seems, however in NYC these cops while having to move out of the way of the car were in no danger of being ran down as they fired their guns.

The fact that 50 shots were fired with one cop reloading with a new clip sounds more like "consequences" being rendered. There needs to be clear procedures drilled into these undercover cops.

At minimum these men should never be allowed to wear a badge again.

At the same time our justice system that protects the rights of the defendant has rendered a judgment upon the defendants - in this case the cops. From my understanding they cannot be tried again for this same indictment upon which a judge stated that the prosecutor did not provide sufficient evidence for conviction. I assume that the cops waived their right to a "trial by their peers" and instead chose to have a judge hear their case.

The next course of action is for the state and/or the feds to impose a 'Civil Rights' violation case against these officers. Now we all know that the Rev. Al Sharpton is no friend of the Bush administration and vice versa. I strongly suspect that Rev Sharpton, instead of assembling a compelling case for delivery to the US Justice Department and drive them to move via a series of meetings with them to make his case, will instead begin to ATTACK THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION hoping that in breaking out enough windows with his rocks that he will get their attention.

Hurricane Katrina showed us that no amount of incompetence of the local liberal government will shelter "evil Bush" from taking a hit when Black folks and our associated "justice" are the central issue under discussion. Providing Al Sharpton with a "twofer" - pursuing his claim for "Justice" for Sean Bell AND skewering the "racist, uncaring" Republican administration for the benefit of the Democrats - what more can he ask for?

These are the type of cases where Republicans are tarnished the most by Black operatives seeking to do so. Where as the "paragons of justice" would shudder at the notion of DOUBLE JEOPARDY where an ordinary BLACK MAN upon being found INNOCENT AS CHARGED is ran through the ringer of "justice" until a favorable verdict is rendered would drive the left wing critics to triple their annual donation amount to the ACLU in their attempt to purchase justice.....the fact that the defendant/enemy is OF THE STATE - a police officer, throws out all of the normal rules of engagement and demands that "any means necessary" be used to render their form of justice. Indeed the most open minded "Free Mumia" liberal who wears the t-shirt saying "it is better that 10 guilty men go free than to have one innocent man denied his freedom by the government" will say "Fuck the formalities! Lock them up!!"

Excuse Me Rep.Clyburn You Are Worried About A Breach With Black Voters?

There are few things that piss me off more than a Black person who talks about HIS PARTY in terms of HIS RACE!!! Sadly some use the concepts interchangeably. With Democrats as the monopoly majority within the Black community some people make the lazy mental assumption that as the Democrats goes the "Black Best Interests". Nothing can be further from the truth. Worse yet there is ample evidence of this being not the case.

Thus to hear US Representative James Clyburn (Democrat-SC) talk about the "breach of faith" that the Black community has placed in to HIS party belies the sad facts that THIS ELECTION is not the strongest evidence of such a breach.

As I listen to my people and their political aspirations I make note that most people think in a TOP DOWN manner. Once "their party" wins the national election the resources will flow from upon high and soak their community with benefit. Thus such national elections are a high stakes game for their very future. For me - I think in quite the reverse. I note that the majority of our government interactions come at the local level. Thus I would rather live in a community and county which projects my personal values on economics and social issues. (I do by the way - and it is not a liberal county). When I write about schools, crime and economic standing indeed the distinctions on a regional level are quite clear. There are those who seek to "protect" their way of life and standing from being eroded and pilfered and then there are those who seek to change the system as it is today so that the benefit that is currently buffered from their reach can be redistributed in a more "fair" their view. It is the government that is the "great financial pool maker to spread the risk and the fairness distributor upon high".

The protracted and increasingly acrimonious fight for the Democratic presidential nomination is unnerving core constituencies -- African Americans and wealthy liberals -- who are becoming convinced that the party could suffer irreversible harm if Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton maintains her sharp line of attack against Sen. Barack Obama.

"If this party is perceived by people as having gone into a back room somewhere and brokered a nominee, that would not be good for our party," House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn (S.C.), the highest ranking African American in Congress, warned yesterday. "I'm telling you, if this continues on its current course, [the damage] is going to be irreparable."

This quote by Clyburn seems to be a point of guidance from a DEMOCRAT giving good council to his party.....rather than a representative of Black interests telling THEM what the costs of their breach of Black people's faith, those who are Democrats that is, will be. There is no doubt that upon the execution of such a strategy that Mr. Clyburn would be leading the effort have the breach with Black folks repaired instead of having Black folks act upon the slap in the face.

The long running commentary within the Black community among the "Revolutionaries" is that those Blacks who have power within the corporate array are going to be the most difficult to convince to go along with the "revolution". They fear their LOSS OF POSITION in the current system more than they have a vision about what Black folks would ever be able to do on our own. Thus they act as middle men - seeking to warn the potentially offending powers of the impact of their actions and attempting to cool the heels of the Black folks that are pondering a walkout or a riot.

Never will these people allow Black folks to reach our full potential where OUR OWN EFFORTS most determine our own station in life. Instead we remain in suspended animation - receiving pacification from the liberals who keep us fed just shy of the point of riot but not feed enough to permanently quench our hunger. James Clyburn and many of the other Black political operatives in the American political system have too much unchecked access into the RACIAL priorities for Black folks that must be defined and operated outside of this American political system.

In our current misaligned attachment - the Democrats have more power over our communities than ever before as our community chases after its Conservative enemies and we have more of the very same problems as ever. Net benefit - DEMOCRATS.

Reverend Wright Fails The "Consumer Capitalist Co-Conspirator" Test Despite HIs Malicious Rhetoric

Don't argue against Rev Wright in a "blow for blow" manner. Indeed he is correct in some points regarding the sins of America's past despite his malicious, left-wing attacks from God's pulpit or his attempts to press Black folk's buttons and get the expected response - and the money that allowed his church to grow and for it to reward him with a $1.6 million house. Capitalism baby!!! I ain't mad at him. Don't hate the playa....hate the game. If the game is "hate" but you get the results - keep doing what is working for you until they tell you to stop.


Argue with Rev Wright using my famous framework of CONSUMER CAPITALIST CO-CONSPIRATOR fraud detection. Indeed Dr Wright is correct on some of these points about American history. HOWEVER I have told you that I now judge operatives who spout conspiracy theories regarding if they live their own lives as if these items were TRUE and thus repugnant to their consciousness. OR is Jeremiah Wright no different than the White folks in the North during slavery times who received the cotton from the South, bleached free of the blood stains that streamed in from the hands of the Africans who picked it for their BENEFIT, the white fibers turning pink as a consequence!

Thus Rev Wright has some issues that he must address:

1) If Mr. Bush and the US Oil powers THINK they have the right to the world's oil and are stealing it.........NOW THAT YOU KNOW REV WRIGHT....WHAT DOES THAT MAKE YOU AS A CONSUMER OF KNOWN STOLEN GOODS? The police would charge you with "receiving stolen goods" if we were talking about a flat screen television stolen from Best Buy - would should we call you OTHER THAN a man who is perverting his position for political purposes?

2) Indeed you know that the American government killed off all of the Indian tribes that you listed. Prior to breaking ground on your new cribby did you do a "title search" that STOPPED AT the 'American defined' title holders or did you bother to go back and make note of which NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBE had the original title and if they had a lien against the property. How much did they receive from your land purchase?

3) If the GOVERNMENT if failing to teach tens of millions of Black folks HOW TO READ.........REV WRIGHT - you head a LIBERATION THEOLOGY CHURCH,,,, God Damn It!........where is YOUR READING PROGRAM to educate these children? You could turn the basement floor of your $1.6 home into an EDUCATION center as you continue to use your church as an INDOCTRINATION center. I am sure that your majority White neighbors would not mind you shuttling a stream of Black folks seeking to improve themselves via education into your new community. (You see - I just made a malicious comment just like Rev Wright did)

4) You keep saying "We" with respect to the negative deeds of America. Are you contented that by TALKING ABOUT THEM that you are absolved from the negative judgments of these acts?
Shouldn't you take your mouth off of the tit and not receive the BENEFITS from these negative acts or are the STOLEN GOODS duly laundered once YOU get your hands on them?

You are not going to see Bill Moyers or any Black liberal have Rev Wright live in line with his illuminated view. This is not his goal. His goal is to push the buttons of Black folks who are eager to agree with him against America's past but not realize how FOREIGN his words are to HIS life, worst off how foreign his words are to THEIR LIVES!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Mother/Daughter Tag Team Match On A Teacher

A mother and daughter are accused of attacking a teacher during a Parent / Teacher conference at Atlanta's Southside High School (a school of excellence - per the banner outside of the school).

And you wonder WHY wonder why!!

Video: Mother & Daughter Assault A Teacher

Congressional Black Caucus (& Maxine Waters) Ask Evil Bush To Help Haiti

Let me understand this.
Over the years this one group, the Congressional Black Caucus has accused the United States' government, the Bush Administration specifically, with destroying the government of Haiti by sending illegal arms into the country from the Dominican Republic and into the hands of the insurgents to run the government out. US Representative Maxine Waters, Democrat from California has lead the claims against the evil Bush Administration.

When Aristide was run out of the country, Waters along with Randall Robinson traveled to Africa in order to "rescue" him from the arms of some US military operatives that had "kidnapped" him.

I have previously spoken of my new disposition with regards to CONSPIRACY THEORIES. Instead of arguing with my debate adversary on the issue I will instead assume that this person is correct in his conspiracy. I will later judge them with the assumption that THEY BELIEVE what they say and inspect their actions to determine if these actions are in line with what a "true believer" would do.

With this in mind - I must ask Ms. Waters: "Why are you asking for help from your DEVIL?". If the USA and the Bush Administration has poisoned the water of Haiti for their own specific agenda - I assume that agenda is to continue to suppress the Black lead nation of Haiti just as the French have historically done since the very founding of this nation - then why would you turn to them for assistance in this nation? Haven't you historically charged that THIS SAME DEVIL has caused much of the unrest in this island nation?

Consider this:
Haiti: Join Congresswoman Maxine Waters in calling for an investigation to John Bolton's role in illegal arms shipments

Congresswoman Waters urges Democratic Senators to investigate JOHN BOLTON'S role in improper arms shipments to Haiti (note: Bolton is the Bush Administrations' Ambassador to the United Nations - who has since resigned after serving as a 'Recess Appointment', not able to receive Congressional approval. The change in power in the Senate to the Democrats doomed his chances of receiving permanent approval thus he preemptively resigned)

Washington, D.C. -- Today, Rep. Maxine Waters (CA-35) wrote to each of the Democratic Senators on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations considering John Bolton's nomination to be Ambassador to the United Nations. Her letter urges the Senators to investigate reports that the State Department shipped weapons to Haiti last August, in violation of a 13-year-old arms embargo on Haiti and despite evidence of serious human rights abuses by the interim government of Haiti.

Can someone stitch all of this together?
With Maxine Water conspiring with Barbara "I am going to hold up the election certification after the 2004 election which I should have done after the 2000 election" Boxer and Chris "All Black life is valuable - So I'll focus on Historic Civil Rights Cold Cases but say nothing about the Blacks dying in the streets to-damned-day" Dodd. Clearly none of this group of rouge characters have purely altruistic motives in mind.

How do you explain USING Haiti and all of the wacky conspiracy theories as your main charges against the evil Bush Administration and now turn to them for help. Now get this - shouldn't we be seeking Maxine Waters' efforts to build up an INDEPENDENT Haiti? I say this because she is reported to be seen as the "Martha Washington" of Haiti as I heard a Haitian activist call her - the founding lady - who was there when they needed her the most. This is ironic because Thomas Jefferson in particular played a hand in undercutting the development of the newly created country of Haiti which had recently drove the French out of power. It was unthinkable at this time to have a Black run independent nation in the Western Hemisphere while the USA had Black folks enslaved because we were "sub-human" and beasts of burden as God had intended.

Where is the call by Waters and the CBC for United Nations' intervention? There are so many other powers in this world without the track record of the USA, France and to some extent Britain in the nation of Haiti. Why draw upon the resources of those who have long thwarted your freedom and development?

T.I. Banned From Speaking @ Fulton & Cobb Schools - I Think?

Such a nice concept. In theory all men should be allowed to come clean and reform themselves in such a manner.

At the same time certain entities who are entrusted with the protection of and the indoctrination of our young people need to scrutinize certain individuals who are going through such a "redemption" process. Indeed a "reforming child molester" would never be allowed near elementary school children regardless of how "reformed he is". This would be in good measure for the school system to take such a stance.

With this in mind I simply can't understand the reasoning of this entire bit to send thug rapper T.I. to speak about gun violence in CERTAIN schools around metro Atlanta and some people being offended when certain schools say "Hell no! You are part of the problem. Prior to GETTING CAUGHT you were the one profiting from the promulgation of certain images and influences. Now that you are caught you have not changed. You are simply ticking off the time related to your punishment".

Let's be clear - T.I. will NOT be speaking in Fayette County nor at any East Cobb Schools. (Read between the lines - Well managed schools or school systems that have the academic performance numbers that go along with it). After my recent experience in a particular public school I can see WHY some of them would think that having this guy - two time felon - in their midst to talk to students because he can "relate to them". Their entire concept of "reach the students where they are" is flawed. What they seem unable to do is to "direct the students to where they NEED TO BE GOING in this society that is becoming more competitive with demands for greater skills and education". I am not surprised at all that there is more conflict about T.I. coming into schools than there are about the graduation rates of these same schools.

MARIETTA, Ga. -- T.I. may be a popular rapper, but he is also a convicted felon, and right now two metro Atlanta school districts don't want him speaking to student assemblies.

Cobb County school officials canceled an upcoming appearance by T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, at Pebblebrook High.

Activist Gerald Rose of the New World Order told WSB-TV Channel 2 reporter Tom Jones that Cobb officials informed him T.I. is "banned from all Cobb County schools."

A school district spokesman insisted there's no overall ban, but officials felt that with recent gang problems and the death of a student it was not a good time for a visit from the rapper.

Rose insisted that's the very reason Harris needs to be at Pebblebrook.

"He needs to come here and bring his message," Rose explained.

Earlier this year T.I. pleaded guilty to federal weapons possession charges, and is to be sentenced in one year, after completing a period of community service.

In the year that he is awaiting sentencing, the rapper must complete at least 1,000 hours of a total 1,500 hours of community service, talking to youth groups about the pitfalls of guns, gangs and drugs

Fulton County school officials said T.I. is banned from their schools because of his conviction on the gun charges.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Snoop Dogg Lyrics In The Song Used In A Public School

By the way - I forgot to provide the detailed lyrics of the song that I heard in a public school the other day. The beat and constructs of the song were modified to say "Addition and Subtraction, you got it.....".

From the reaction of the average student - it was clear that they were very familiar with the song prior to that day. In fact I talked to one older girl and she was mad that they had modified the lyrics to something that "corny".

Not only did the Dekalb County Public School System get it wrong - the parents and the local radio stations that are no doubt allowing it to be played or, in the case of the radio station - playing it incessantly have contributed to all of this.

I have only heard the radio version of the song prior to this research. The radio version is called "Sexual Attraction". The real song is "Sexual Eruption" which is even more reprehensible to use as a basis.

Let's be clear. I am no prude. Brother man has been to many a strip joint and done my share of dirt in my own life. At the same time in the home that I grew up in with a RESIDENT FATHER and the home that I am a RESIDENT FATHER within there were clear limits. (Note: I am not stating that a single parent household ran by a single mother means that there are no limits. It is clear, based on statistics, however, that many if not most of these kids come from this situation in their domicile). I recall having the Vanity Six song "Nasty Girl" come on while my father was sitting in his chair while we were playing the radio station on HIS COMPONENT SYSTEM! He immediately looked at my brothers and me. That look was all we needed to see to know that we had better hop up and change that channel.

Today we have Snoop Dogg with a reality television show called "FatherHood". The most shameful part of it all is that in reference to the Popular Gravitational Pull within the Black community the individuals who have an "offensive" political ideology get called out for their "harm" to Black people. People like Snoop Dogg and other ethically and culturally ambiguous and nefarious operatives often receive praise or are just ignored despite their measurable harm to our consciousness and their degradation of "normal".

SNOOP DOGG - Sexual Eruption Lyrics

Pre-Verse: Snoop Dogg
I'm gonna take my time
She gon' get hers before I
I'm gonna take it slow
I'm not gon' rush the stroke

[Snoop Dogg]
So she can get a
Sexual eruption
So I can get a
Sexual eruption
So we can get a
Sexual eruption
Sexual eruption

[Snoop Dogg]
(Verse 1)
She might be with him
But she's thinkin' 'bout
We don't go to the malls
We don't go out to eat
All that we ever do
Is play in the sheets
Smoke us a cigarette
Then go back to sleep
Cause we done got a

Hook: Snoop Dogg
Sexual eruption
Sexual eruption
Sexual eruption
Sexual eruption

Repeat Pre-Verse

(Verse 2)
If you don't know by know
Doggy Dogg is a freak
I keep a bad bitch with me
Seven days out the week
And all that we ever do
Is play in the sheets
Then smoke us a cigarette
Then go back to sleep

Repeat Hook

(Rap Verse)
I was all on the
Club, sippin' some Hen, smokin' on a blunt of dro
When I peeped this lil' hoe out
I was all on the
Bar, wind drift up
Shawty Redd came on
Then she hit the floor now
With a see-through
Dress, long hair, light brown eyes
Lookin' like Ms. Bo Peep
And a nigga know
If I take her home, with them wide ass hips
You damn right, I'm gon' beep
So I a-
Proached the chick with the real pretty face
Big ass booty with a little bitty waist
I whisped in her ear, "Lil' mama, what you drink?"
I know that you a freak, but you know I ain't gon' say shit
See, my game is outrageous
I got her to the crib and exchanged some fuck faces
But it wasn't no use for me to bust one
Cause I wanted her to have an eruption

[Snoop Dogg]
Sexual eruption (A sexual eruption)
Sexual eruption
Sexual eruption
Sexual eruption
Sexual eruption
All the time, anytime
Sexual eruption
Sexual eruption

Lithonia Georgia - What Was That About Public Embarrasment and Black Politicians?

"Can't we all just get along?"
I recall that famous phrase after a tremendous display of public incivility. Well someone needs to ask the government of Lithonia Georgia in Dekalb County if it is possible.

The local news has been covering the confrontations between the Mayor, City Council and Police Chief for at least 3 weeks now. Sadly another one of those "Please don't let them be Black" moments have come and gone. Now we are in the "How low can they go in the mud" phase of events.

Weeks ago the mayor fired the police chief after finding out that he made some expenditures that did not cross her desk. The city council rebuked the mayor and rehired the police chief. The police chief sent his officers to patrol city hall. When the mayor's staff attempted to report to work they were "carded". After refusing to identify themselves because they had been working there for a long time - they were arrested. The doors of City Hall were locked, preventing the residents of this new "Black majority" city in the eastern part of Dekalb county to go without the benefit of access to the municipal officials charged to deliver them the THEY had voted them into office to deliver.

Add Lithonia Georgia to the long list of cities in which a certain group of candidates from a certain political machine had played upon the hopes and dreams of a given race of people. The growing population had the POWER via their numbers and were influenced by the POPULARITY of what was being promised to them. They changed governments and now have "their people" in office.

What I don't understand as a Black man who is looking at all of this and an independent who is evaluating WHY my people are beholden as we are.....WHY IS IT that the "usual suspects" are not willing to see one common thread that is present in all of these people and IF INDEED the "Black Best Interests" are being advanced by them?

Clearly "Blacks In Power" alone does not equal "Black Community Best Interests". This needs to be BROUGHT OUT OF THEM by managing them not by being happy that they are present and all of the "Conservatives and Republicans are gone". In the absence of a common enemy, it seems that those who never had developed deep roots on governance turn in on themselves.

AJC Article: Lithonia mayor asks judge to define duties

Lithonia's power struggle is going to court.

An attorney representing Lithonia Mayor Joyce McKibben is asking a Superior Court judge to decide the mayor's powers, which have been at the heart of a struggle between the mayor and City Council. The court motion comes on the heels of a state official's written opinion that Lithonia's charter limits the mayor's authority in the DeKalb County town.

Senator Obama - Here's A Comparision Of Your Two Friends - Senator Cobern & Dometic Terrorist Ayers

These two friends of Obama are equally reprehensible in Obama's eyes.

During the recent Democratic debate that got certain loyalists so pissed Senator Barack Obama in attempting to deflect criticism about his relationship with domestic terrorist William Ayers compared that relationship with the one he has with Republican Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.). Few people dug into the absurdity of such a comparison.

At the Democratic debate in Philadelphia Wednesday Obama defended his relationship with Ayers and then compared it to his friendship with Coburn.

"The fact is that I'm also friendly with Tom Coburn, one of the most conservative Republicans in the United States Senate, who during his campaign once said that it might be appropriate to apply the death penalty to those who carried out abortions," Obama said. "Do I need to apologize for Mr. Coburn's statements? Because I certainly don't agree with those either."

Please note - it was Mr. Obama who brought up the name "Tom Coburn" out of the blue as a reference to another "unsavory guy" who's views that he doesn't agree with.

Perhaps Mr. Obama should learn more about his friends.

Senator Tom Coburn's Biography:
Coburn was born in Casper, Wyoming to Anita Joy Allen and Orin Wesley Coburn,[1] and graduated with a B.S. in accounting from Oklahoma State University. In 1968, he married Carolyn Denton; their three daughters are Callie, Katie, and Sarah. After recovering from a case of malignant melanoma Coburn pursued a medical doctorate and graduated from the University of Oklahoma Medical School in 1983. He then opened a medical practice in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and served as a deacon in a Southern Baptist Church. Coburn is one of only two licensed doctors currently serving in the US Senate. During his career in obstetrics, he has treated over 15,000 patients and delivered 4,000 babies and was subject to one malpractice lawsuit


In a statement on his Web site yesterday, Coburn (R) confirmed that he is holding up the bill. In the statement, he blames Carson for using “junk science” to turn public opinion against chemicals, including DDT, that could prevent the spread of insect-borne diseases such as malaria, which is spread by mosquitoes.

William Ayers bio
According to his memoir, Ayers became radicalized at the University of Michigan where he became involved in the New Left and the Students for a Democratic Society. Ayers joined the Weatherman group in 1969, but went underground with several associates after the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion in 1970, in which three members (Ted Gold, Terry Robbins, and Diana Oughton, who was Ayers's girlfriend at the time) were killed while constructing a nail bomb. While underground, he and fellow member Bernardine Dohrn married and had two children. They were purged from the group in the mid-1970s, and turned themselves in to the authorities in 1981. All charges against him were dropped because of prosecutorial misconduct during the long search for the fugitives. They later became legal guardians to the son of former Weathermen David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin, after his parents were arrested for their part in the Brinks Robbery of 1981.[3]

In 2001, Ayers published Fugitive Days: A Memoir. Much of the controversy about him is connected with his interview with the New York Times about his book was published, by historical coincidence, on September 11, 2001,[4] and opens with his statements, "I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough." When asked if he would "do it all again," Ayers replied, "I don't want to discount the possibility.

The Obama-Coburn "friendship"
Obama and Sen. Tom Coburn,a conservative Republican from Oklahoma, reached an agreement with House Republican leaders to require that all federal contracts be logged into a public database. The two senators believe that disclosure will help prevent the waste of taxpayer dollars. "This bill is a small but significant step toward changing the culture in Washington," Coburn said.

The Obama-Coburn friendship grew out of a freshman orientation program for senators designed by three former governors and a former state attorney general now serving in the chamber.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Is The Photograpic Negative of the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chaser"?

Since I created a label that is functional and thus allowed me to avoid using the label "Black Liberal" I knew that one day I would have to craft a label that more functionally described the "Black Conservative"

After many fits and starts over time here it goes.

First let allow me to break down the other title into its elemental form:

Black - Their Race
Quasi-Socialist - Their economic disposition
Progressive-Fundamentalist - What they are beholden to, without accepting other viewpoints
Racism-Chaser - What they operate as a function of

With that in mind as I was driving home I came up with:

African-American Market-Driven Cultural-Dogmatic Progressive-Antagonists


African-American - Indeed
Market-Driven - Capitalist with outside forces - attempting to leverage what they have to 'sell' to their maximum advantage. A socialist ONLY inside of their "Friends and Family plan" for it is foolish to expect your adversary to make you his equal because you are in the same country.
Culturally-Dogmantic Indeed the average so called "Black Conservative" is biased toward internal resolution of challenges and does not have the sensitive antenna that the BPQPFRC has regarding the negative impact of RACISM/SLAVERY/JIM CROW on Black folks alive now and yet to be born. This may be flawed at times but in the end it is for the beast.
Progressive-Antagonists - I must admit. I love consuming "progressive thought" more than I do watching Bill O'Reilly. I now have more recordings of LinkTV, the biased Black talkshows on my local radio station which I record via computer every day and various newspaper and magazines that skew left than I do of conservative sources. I love reading International Socialist Review. They are further to the left than the Democrats are and they do a far better job at criticizing the Democrats than any Republican could ever think to do.

I enjoy reading the various Black blogs who are providing FREE campaign services for their "Jesus In Chief" in the making - Barack Obama. This allows me to understand those who I so stridently disagree with on a continuing basis.

In summary - HERE IS WHERE my critics ARE WRONG. When I attack a Black QPFRC I am NOT attacking the "Black Race". I am attacking a LEFTIST who BELIEVES that his views encompass all that is BLACK.

I yield that indeed his is POPULAR among our people. I DON'T YIELD that he possesses that which brings us closer to our COMMON GOALS. If only he could PROVE IT!

If indeed America needs "agitation" so that she will become that which her potential calls out then it is also the case that the POPULAR Black Political movement needs to be agitated. You see cnulan - I view BLACK PEOPLE as PEOPLE and thus having few differences with respect to the trends that we have seen in WHITE FOLKS. Just as "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" is the case with WHITE FOLKS.......such is the case with Blacks as well. There is just no two ways about it.

Where as it is clear that "America" didn't like to be asked questions about its raw underbelly - so is the case with the dominant IDEOLOGY within Black America.

I REFUSE to be considered a fool as I allow my hatred for White folks to allow me to look past what the "Negroes Which Is In Charge" are doing. The basic flaw in the popular strategy is that now that they are in POWER over the government under which we live the fact that they never attempted to obtain mastery of GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT since they were only the "Loyal Opposition" it is the Black people who live under their rule today which suffer from their lack of accountability in their GOVERNANCE of the communities and schools over which they preside.

The Cherry Picking Black Public Intellectual Professor

As a Philly homeboy - each time I see Dr. Marc Lamont Hill fighting against the latest "White Male Conservative" on one of the talk shows that he is a permanent fixture on I say 'You know what - even though I don't agree with this brother's conclusions - I bet if we hung out together he would be a pretty cool brother to have a beer with."

Unfortunately we as a people are facing far more challenges than what can be settled over a friendly debate in a sports bar. For some reason I simply have a major problem with those who are self-described "Public Intellectuals". The list of left-wing humanities professors who have decided to become economic and political experts is long: Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson, Ron Walters (who is indeed a poly sci professor but is also a Democratic Party hack), Boyce Watkins, Bell Hooks and a few others come to mind.

In the case of Dr. Hill it seems that his mission in life is to be the "articulate Black man" sent to defend against the attacks of the White male conservative upon "our people". Sounds good. This is cool. Why put someone on the air who is going to get plastered because he is not able to verbalize his arguments effectively? Thus we have the delivery issue settled.

For me, however, the substance of what the brother is drawing upon is the major problem. And let me say clearly - I have little doubt as I listen to the opinions of other Blacks in various mediums that Dr. Hill's views are indeed POPULAR. My only question is - are they EFFECTIVE in addressing the major problems that our community now faces.

Case in point: as part of my research I have clicked on the labyrinth of links that are available from one Black themed blog to another as various people post messages and they provide a link to their own blog. This is how I happened upon Dr. Hill's blog. His blog was on the "favorites" list of a graduate student who was a self described "Intellectual" in training. As I reviewed Dr. Hill's blog I noted the various causes that he has registered on his blog. He is a resident of Philadelphia. I know a little something about the city of my birth.

It appears that to Dr. Hill sees the need to strongly vocalize his support for convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal. This position is seemingly a "litmus test" of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser front. Jamal symbolizes a fight against the WHITE POWER STRUCTURE in Philadelphia and the United States. Frank Rizzo (a fellow Democrat) was the face of this at the time that Jamal killed the police officer. For them it is not a matter of "who DID kill Officer Faulker?". It is a matter of the unfair trial and other technicalities upon which they base their claim that Jamal did not receive a FAIR trial.

Dr. Hill's Blog: Once Again Justice Is Denied For Mumia Abu Jamal

Secondly there is a blog post calling for the "Move 9" to be freed. MOVE is/was a pan-Africanist group in Philadelphia which clashed with the Philadelphia Police Department, then headed by Wilson Goode - Democrat and the first Black mayor of the city. After the police set an explosive device upon their compound in SouthWest Philly 3 blocks of houses burned to the ground.
Dr. Hill's Blog: Free The Move 9

Let me be clear - Dr Hill and other social/cultural commentators have every right to pick and choose and prioritize whatever issue that they want to in pursuit of their vision of a better environment for their people of interests. I, however, have a right to put their priorities into a broader context and show the vast shortcomings and empty populism that are contained therein.

Today the city of Philadelphia as of April 21, 2008 has had 78 people killed this year. (I just checked my friend "Field-Negro's" blog site for the latest count.) Just as I mentioned regarding US Representative John Lewis drawing upon the strings of the Black community by looking past the modern day UNSOLVED murder count in his district in Atlanta and instead "making us proud" by sponsoring a bill that would fund a massive investigation that would seek to close the "Civil Rights Cold Cases" the same populist exploitation is in effect by Dr. Hill.

There is a long heard liberal axiom that "It is better that 10 guilty men go free than to have one innocent man be incarcerated". This sounds well and good. Indeed it is the voice of the ACTIVIST who is inclined to say this. He has no official capacity in keeping the peace and protecting those who are innocent VICTIMS of criminal acts. What Dr. Hill and others fail to make note of is that in Philadelphia and other cities that fit the same profile the Democratic Political Machine which they are a part of DOMINATES these same cities. While they pretend to be the oppressed outsiders struggling to free themselves from the boot that is upon their neck keeping them down....the fact is that there are few dastardly opposition political figures in place in the large liberal cities in which they reside. They now have the political power and control. They simply have never been of the mind to become managers. Thus the "permanent opposition" will only ever serve a bit role in the ultimate solution.

In their "success they show their failure". This accurately captures where we are today. After years of political advocacy in attempting to promote their favored political figures into power in cities such as Philadelphia - they have achieved that which they have so long struggled for. What we see is that indeed their plan was FLAWED. They figured that their adversaries - the corporations and let's say it plainly - the Conservative White folks - were going to stay around as the people they favored took control. In truth it was their departure that opened up the doors for them to take political power.

With political power they never figured that they would also be responsible for keeping the peace on the streets and insuring economic prosperity there in. Just as we see with Obama - there mere presence and promises "when we get in power....things are going to change" is enough to appease those who were on the outside and felt marginalized.

I am waiting for the next shoe to drop on the development cycle. This is when the very same community who followed their lead and got them into power or accept them on stage at a community meeting begins to ask: "OK, YOU ARE IN POWER NOW, THE ADVERSARIES ARE GONE.....WHEN WILL WE EXPERIENCE THE PROMISED BENEFITS WITHIN THAT YOU TOLD US WOULD COME DURING THIS DAY?"

The MOVE 9 and Mumia Abu Jamal placed in the context of the discontent and misdirection that is taking place in Philadelphia are not even worth mentioning. We have an entire crop of young people who serve as our future. People like Dr. Hill and his counterparts need not to be able to cherry pick the subjects that they talk about. They ultimately need to be held accountable for what they are UNCOMFORTABLE TALKING ABOUT. The presence of favorable people at the controls of govern will not prevent these same young people from being inducted into the criminal justice system. Only more directed engagement that is retained or jettisoned based on the EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES that they produce must be initiated. The downside of this in the view of Dr. Hill, no doubt, is that some of these will be CONSERVATIVE and indeed sometimes you have to STEAM ROLL over the "gray areas" as he gets caught up on in his tacit defense of "Stop Snitching". The fact that White folks like Scooter Libby "don't snitch" makes not a damned bit of different to a brother on 57th and Pine Street as he seeks to protect his family from an attack by some thugs who are attempting to enforce their will on the community where he lives.

Monday, April 21, 2008

My Experience At An Urban School System - Indoctrination

This is a two part report of my experience today in an elementary school in Dekalb County Georgia. The basic set up of this post can be found at the link below. In that portion I give a "matter of fact" and constructive review of the events that I saw. I have no doubt at all that the instructional and administrative staff at that school wants nothing but success for the children but they are also faced with dealing with the children that they have and the totality of their lives as they enter through the school door.

The Simulcast - The Positive, Constructive Review

Here is my more stinging criticism of what I saw - applied to my personal philosophy as well as addressing the question "What would I want my own children exposed to in the way of messages that influence them?"

In talking with the substitute teacher prior to the entire event he told me about the "Above Memorial Drive" schools and the "Below Memorial Drive Schools". The "above" schools have racial diversity. The southern Dekalb schools are straight up "Inner City Schools strong on Urban Culture" and all that goes along with it. The substitute told me about an incident of physical violence against a male substitute teacher that he was by his own choice - excused from attending to for the second day of his assignment. After checking out the situation after the first day with the class - he declined to return for the second day. This was clearly a good call.

For the life of me I cannot get over what I heard being given tacit endorsement by the administrators from the Dekalb Public Schools. Snoop Dogg's popular song "Sexual Attraction" (and that is just the radio name) used that the framework for an EDUCATIONAL song? With the words having been changed to "Addition and Subtraction" is the underlying offense of this endorsement any less?

Rather than attempting to tap in to the the popularity of the most vile and exploitative individuals that we have emanating from our community this should be a "Snoop Dogg Free Zone"!

The two guest speaker introductions were quite telling: The first guy was presented as a family man, college graduate who works for a good company. The type of his degree was documented. The second guy claimed that he has a undergraduate and graduate degree but never gave details of where he went and what he studied. His employer? A record label and he is part of "Young Joc's CREW".

I have little doubt that at this point some of you are saying "the hateration is bubbling over". Guess what - ITS' NOT ABOUT ME!!! The question must be ultimately asked: "What are they attempting to INDOCTRINATE into these kids? What attributes are included in this vision?"

Where as some people saw "kids having fun" being entertained with signing and then being called up to dance and finally getting excited about physical prizes as handouts.......I could not help but to see the basic offense in all of this. This school per the rankings in the following web site ( ranking with a total that is in the 30's. The top performing school just as a reference has a 245. (Again - I do not plan to specifically identify this school).

There was one little girl that I kept an eye on. When she first walked in the door I asked if she was the second twin of of of the other twin boys that stood in front of her. She sat in the front of the assembly because the little ones stat up front. I asked her a question during my talk. When the rapper was on stage I saw her again. He picked her to come up front with the other 3 girls who were asked to dance. She was not inclined to dance, shy like all of the boys and one of the other girls. As she looked on at the older girl who danced the new style dance that appealed to the crowd I saw this little girl that I favored so much as my own - as receiving a bit of indoctrination as to what the NORM of behavior is within the school and in the community in which she lives. If she or her parents once thought that this type of street dancing was inappropriate in school the prevailing culture and peer pressure is going to dissolve all such thoughts over time.

The racial stereotype against our people is that we like "dancing, being entertained, and we are prone to be easily influenced by people who stand on stage and give us free stuff". I could not help but to notice that all three of these items were being hit upon at this event. I tried to balance my "corporate and conservative" baseline reference with the day in the life of these children. I then applied two points of inference - what I know goes on in my children's school in a different county that has far better outcomes and then what I would allow for my own children. With these two references - this school failed miserably in consideration of the messages that are allowed into its assembly and thus what is tacitly approved by the school system of Dekalb County.

The prevailing school culture has to be in line with the ultimate goals of the school itself. A "tale of two cities" comparison could be made between those schools that are effective at accomplishing their mission and those who are failing to do so while making note of the differences in background economic resources and family structures. It is clear to me that the content of this show would not have been presented to the elementary school children. The choice has been made - entertain the children in the context with their cultural norms. There is no doubt that the teacher's cultural references are also a factor of this. The fact that as fellow adults a good portion of them seemingly went along with the program was enough for me to see that it was me who was the outsider.


One common theme of this entire blog is to consider the COST of the prevailing set of popular policies, cultural norms that are enforced among our people. One sure way to be attacked as a Black man is to be seen as a "conservative". If there is no guiding context to match all of these influences against than indeed these enforcers might be considered as being correct and working in the 'best interests of Black people'. However as we make note of the frustrations heard regarding how too many of our children seek to be "athletes or singers/rappers" both of which are long shots, while they squander the key academic skills that would actually allow them to interact with the greater society equipped with said skills.

The basic flawed assumption that I saw on display is the assumption that you could "meet these kids where they reside" and try to relate to their culture for the sake of reaching them. Absence of any JUDGMENT of this culture and the imposition of an alternative one that would indeed achieve different results the school is but a conduit rather than a strong transformer.

I am quite certain that the "North of Memorial Drive" schools would not conduct their assembly as such. In fact the exodus from certain schools by both students and faculty being driven by a "here they come" attitude is driven by that which I saw at the assembly. If the Atlanta Housing Authority has a policy in which a certain culture is never again allowed to be the predominant force in their housing developments then it is quite understandable for this policy would take hold in the schools as well for understandable reasons.

What about the system rather than just the school? Me, the rapper, and the remade Snoop Dogg song were all resources provided to the students by the Dekalb County School System. From my understanding the "Communities In Schools" resource program sponsored the rapper's appearance in conjunction with a local hip hop radio station. Where as the neighboring Fulton County school system has a major "north/south" divide that has racial and economic sources in the conflict I am rather certain that this show would not take place at a "North of Memorial Drive" school.

Indeed the school has little control over the mindset and material situation that their students come to them with. The school, however, does has control over what receives official sanction during its assemblies. In my opinion the school crossed the line according to my tastes. I would personally not want my children to be influenced in this way. Where as when I was a child I too might have been up front as some of the little boys were and not participated in the dance contest. At that time in my life I would have had felt feelings of personal doubt because I had failed to satisfy the whims of the roaring crowd asking to be entertained. As an adult looking in at the scenario that these young people were put into and the influences that they were indoctrinated with it was clear to me that those who danced the street dance and won the prizes were out of line and the boys and girls who were put on the spot and asked to dance at this academically oriented assembly should not have been put upon as such.

Here is the great irony. The rapper asked these young people to dance as he called them up. My original plan was to call up 10 young people to act out or at least talk about what they ate for breakfast, what they would do with a brother or sister who's noise kept them up the night before the test. I was not sure about the amount of time that I had so I kept it to the 10 minutes that they said I had. Now that I think of it - I should have brought up some volunteers to bring out their acting skills as a counter to what they were asked to do later.

In summary - we are in a battle for the minds and culture that will be seen as the norm in our community. Where as "those who have" as I do the claim is that we run away from these people. The fact of the matter is, however, I am a CONSUMER and I am going to pick and choose the ultimate environment that my children are raised within. There is no racial bond that bears upon those who are said to be "without". It seems to always be put upon me to "not leave them behind". The real question must be - are they willing to come along?

Its A Good Thing That Bill Bennett Did Not Do This On The Subject of Blacks and Abortions

Racism Charges Dog Planned Parenthood

But hey - the NAACP has adopted "Abortion Rights" as a Civil Rights issue. They shouldn't have too much problem with this.

She investigated the same organization to see if it bears any evidence of the residual racism of its founder, Margaret Sanger. Her discovery again proved controversial. James O'Keefe, Rose's associate at The Advocate, a pro-life campus newspaper, phoned Planned Parenthood clinics in seven states asking if money could be given to fund the abortion of a black baby.

A recording of a phone conversation with Autumn Kersey, Vice President of Marketing for the Planned Parenthood of Oregon, is chilling. A partial transcript is as follows:

This Particular Black Hillary Clinton Supporter Won't Be Attacked

(Note - I am not talking about Paula Abudul as her ancestry is ambiguous and I damned sure am not talking about Mr. "Sexual Attraction". I doubt if either campaign would want him)

Magic Johnson and Canyon Capital close $1 bln fund

Once this intramural battle is settled among the Democrats - Black folks will go back to having certain "untouchable figures" in our community being protected from challenge or question.

I am proud that Magic Johnson has a track record within the Black community and within serveral cities regardless of his color for making critical investments that have created jobs, increased property values and gave people an outlet for communion.

I just wonder how many more honorable Black people will be savaged simply because they don't support the same Democrat that those who are prone to attack support?

Clearly they want a "Black President" when they should be wanting to effectively address the problems that we have in our community - using proven ways to do so. They only know "proven" attack techniques.

NEW YORK, April 16 (Reuters) - The Canyon-Johnson Urban Fund, a partnership between Canyon Capital Realty Advisors and former basketball star Earvin "Magic" Johnson, said on Wednesday it has concluded raising a $1 billion fund targeted for new development and urban revitalization.

Canyon-Johnson Urban Fund III will fund new development specifically geared to the population in ethnically diverse, densely populated neighborhoods with strong demand for new retail, residential, or warehouse and distribution centers.

Adding leverage, the fund can translate into $3.5 to $4 billion in new development, said K. Bobby Turner, managing director of Canyon Capital Realty Advisors, which manages more than $11 billion of capital.

Johnson is the chief executive of Magic Johnson Enterprises and Magic Johnson Theatres, a nationwide chain of movie theaters, and an advocate for urban renewal.

The investors are pension funds and endowments seeking returns. Most have invested in the partnership's two prior funds CJUF I and II.

"Our investors came to us and said this is not charitable. This is not social. This is about making money," Turner said.

The funds do not depend on tax breaks to make their projects financially viable. But Turner said municipal leaders are able to support projects in other ways, such as expedited zoning, use of government-owned land, variances for signage and other assistance.

"These are ways cities and communities that are already starved for capital can help support and facilitate urban development without having to provide actual dollars," Turner said.

Some of the areas for development via the fund may be located in Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, Huston, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago, Nashville, and the Interstate 85 corridor between Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina. (Editing by Tim Dobbyn)

The "Republification Of Hillary Clinton"

For me as a non-conformist thinking Black man when people wage attacks upon me and my "racial loyalties" that are tired and worn out the purveyor of such attacks has no idea how unoriginal he is in his antics. Previously I wrote about the masturbatory rise they must get from waging such attacks because they are meaningless in resolving some of the core issues that they don't want to talk about which I focus on.

Thus in listening to the morning talk show on a local Black talk radio station, WAOK, I had to laugh at how the usual suspects are using the very same tactics against Hillary Clinton. To be clear - I am no Hillary Clinton supporter. I believe that ultimately she and Barack Obama are a part of the same machine that dominates Black America, living tread marks and skid marks over our ultimate interests as a people.

I have to wonder though if some people need to have a "good guy - liberal/ bad guy - conservative" mantra in all that they do. In doing so it makes it easier for the weak minded to follow suit as expected and to provide their strong backs rather than their minds to the cause.

In seeing Hillary Clinton being painted in such a way - and she is far from being a conservative - it comforts me knowing that "they can't help themselves". This is what they do because they have no other means for making their case.

What kills me even more it to listen to HIGHLY BIASED MEDIA talk about the biases that is present in other media outlets. Clearly they are not for journalistic or broadcast purity and ethics.....they are only into BIAS if it skews favorably toward them.

In their discussion and defense of Jeremiah Wright and his recent visit to Atlanta they were unified in their defense of every word he said and his general sentiments. They said this morning "if only America would admit the truth about our policies then they would not be so offended by what Wright said". At this point I said "DAMN - if only they would offer the same courtesy to my inspections of their policies within the Black community - change would be afoot too".

I guess I lack the "Audacity of Hope"........but instead make the error of HOPING that the central change would be that our community will one day dare to ask for EFFECTIVE RESULTS from those who maintain the popular policies within our community, edging out all others.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Colfax Massacre - When Racist Democrats Killed Blacks To Take Over The Government

The Colfax Massacre (the events are termed the Colfax Riot on a state historic marker) occurred on April 13, 1873, in Colfax, Louisiana, the seat of Grant Parish. In the wake of a contested election for governor and local offices, whites armed with rifles and a small cannon overpowered freedmen and African-American state militia trying to control the parish courthouse. Most of the freedmen were killed after they surrendered. Estimates of the dead varied. A military report to Congress in 1875, identified the deaths of three white men and 105 black men by name, and also noted that 15-20 bodies of unidentified black men were recovered from the Red River.

The attack was the most violent example of turmoil following the contest in 1872 between Republicans and Democrats for the Louisiana governor's office, in which both candidates claimed victory. While the review was taking place, each side had certified its candidates at the local level. In Colfax, fearing a white Democratic take-over of parish government, freedmen and state militia, also African American, tried to defend the courthouse after Republicans took office.

Wikipedia Article: The Colfax massacre

If I was making this stuff up - I would feel a bit more settled in my attempts to understand a few things about life and history.

Now of course the 'usual suspects' will attempt to attribute this to "Conservative White" rather than "White seeking advantage for their beloved Democratic Party". We have told many times that all of the racist Democrats are now Republicans.

What I just don't understand is how the same people who are attempting to SUE the Insurance companies and Banking institutions for the part that they played in slavery DESPITE that fact that in their present form they have an entirely different set of leadership and mission. It is true that many of these banks under target have been operating continuously (JP Morgan) or have been merged into other banks but still this has not deflated the liability that they have with respect to owning up to their past.

Why is it that this logical projection does not stand for the Democratic Party of today? After reading the passage about the Colfax Massacre and how it was all motivated by White folks seeking to gain advantage for the Democratic Party - MALCOLM X STYLE - "by any means necessary" the Democratic Party as an incorporated entity, having lived continuously since these day - just like the insurance firms and banks - has escaped lawsuit and the demand for an apology for some strange reason.

How is it that the same entity that links to its past by having the "Jefferson/Jackson Dinner" to honor its founders somehow be allowed to escape these tawdry details of its existence?

I know the answer.
The answer is - THE BLACK FOLKS WITHIN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY are not prepared to take their beloved party to task for its outright MURDER of our people.

Just as the Black man reserves the right to tell the White Liberal in America when he is no longer injured from Slavery and until that time will seek to manipulate his bleeding heart until that time - the same is the case with this instance. The Black man having become entrenched within the Democratic Party is not about to bring up the party's past. With the fusion of the Black interest with the Democratic interests as it is - such a conflict would be counteractive to the need for a STRONG Democratic party in the promotion of what are popularly thought of as "Black Best Interests".

The Colfax Massacre is reminiscent of what is going on in Iraq and elsewhere right now. There is no honor in war. To yield one's weapons puts him as a function of those who were shooting to kill you a few moments earlier. The fact that they shoot you dead from a distance - while firing into the courthouse or put a bullet in your head after having given up is a matter of THEIR conscious - not yours. Since they looked upon Black folks as "chattel having been freed" a short time earlier - slaughtering him was nothing but a reenactment of history passed".

This is why I continue to echo the sentiments that "you need someone who GIVES A DAMN about what you think" in order for one's high moral theories to transcend the threat that they face.

Today Black folks are among the people attempting to take my gun away from me as a Black man.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Black Community Is By Definitition In A "Sold Out State"

"Sell Out!!"

So often heard. So little understood regarding the dynamics of such a word.
It is typically applied to an "Enemy Of The Black State". This state is guarded by the "Keepers of Blackness". For some strange reason though, these people defending Blackness always seem to make the cut. It is YOU who seems to fall short of their measurements. (Now of course you know now - Black folks believe in "non-judgmentalism"......"Let yee without sin throw the first stone" is how it usually is said.

Typically the criterial for the evaluation of a "Sellout" and even "Uncle Tom" is kept in the mind of the defender. Where as a constitution or a body of laws need be written down so that everyone one can sing out of the same hymnal as they check write the criteria down would be counter to the key point of their judgments. They want to have an arbitrary, ambiguous set of measures. This affords them the possiblity of giving their ideological enemies a FAILING grade no matter what they do. This affrods them the possibility of giving their ideological "best friends for life" passing grades, lowering the standard commensurate to the abilities of those they favor.

We need to recall the concept of "How many bubbles in a bar of soap?" the question that was asked the Black people who saught to register to vote back in the day. Clearly the answer resides totally in the mind of the "question asker" and there is no chance in hell of the person being asked the question to get it right UNLESS this person agrees to go along.

You would be wrong to assume that two people committing the very same offense against "Blackness" or doing the very same good would be equally condemned or rewarded. If you thought that this was the case you need to pay a bit more attention to their antics. These are among the very people who fought so long against arbitrary laws put forth by various government entities in America that were motivated in the past to insure that "their guys" won and the "other guys" lost no matter what. Indeed some folks have learned well from their enemies. Or indeed it might be that all of this is pure human nature and/or group behavior 101. Left unchecked all groups of humans will tend to act in a similar way. Keep in mind, however, this other group was condemned by you when they setup this kabuki theater.

There is an active network of operatives working within the Black community to achieve a certain end. No I am not saying that they meet together in a mass congress at certain intervals. Indeed this is not the case. It is clear, however, that they do indeed share similar objectives and they know how to "read between the lines" with respect to who is a friend to these objectives and......those of us who dare to ask QUESTIONS about their agenda. The prime offensive question that one can ask and thus get attacked is "What is the ultimate goal of your activist operations? Prove to me that despite what you THINK the positive ends will be for our people that this is even a likely outcome? What evidence do you have that will comfort me that you have the first bit of competence to achieve what you claim that you will if I just sit silent and get in where I fit in?" Most totalitarian entities don't handle questions too well. Race and color is no bound to this fact.

Now back to the original claim of this post that "The Black Community (version 2008) is in a sold out state".

This point is clear, in my view. The potential point of disagreement comes from one's perspective that is used in his analysis. I note that many of my brothers and sisters that I talk to have an "outside in" type perspective. I have an "inside out" as I consider the problems and perspective solutions.

The "Outside In" perspective shows itself by the activism against external forces that YOU BELIEVE are keeping you down. If you can change these forces, stopping them from assaulting you.....the Promised Land is indeed the next exit on the interstate in your grand scheme of progress for your people.

The "Inside Out" perspective, in contrast, seeks to have the solution for a people being expressed on their own backs rather than centrally via the change of some external group that you ultimately have no control over. The people themselves must manage theirseleves with some ultimate purpose in mind as much as possible. It is the skills and systems that are created in the process that will allow you to grow too powerful to be suppressed by these external forces. You will also indoctrinate your children with these same concepts so that the system can be perpetuated.

Indeed the legacy of our experiences in this country have set the stage for our current "outside in" orientation. When someone else defines your very existence and the justice system that you live within the only practical hope for you is to have him to "stop beating the hell out of you". At the same time those that use this historic past as their reasoning for why they continue to do the same today (this is a PC way of saying "their excuse") are also forced to reject any notion that substantial advancement in the protection of their rights have been made. They are indeed EQUAL CITIZENS UNDER THE LAW. They confuse the individual ignorant acts by one White man against them as proof that 'Black people are dirt'. This one White man has no more power than you do. The challenge is to get YOU to recognize this....NOT HIM.

So again - what about the "Sold Out" condition?
This is very easy to make note of. This is expressed in the POPULAR POLITICAL ACTIVISM within the Black community - more specifically the BENEFITS that have been received as a result of POLITICAL SUCCESS. Some people don't realize how SUCCESSFUL they have been in carrying out a certain plan of action but also how FLAWED that plan of action was in the first place. Today in 2008 Black people reside under the authority of MORE PEOPLE THAT WE HAVE PUT IN PLACE to govern us than at any other time in our history. Using the INSIDE OUT point of reference this is clearly visible. Thus, again, the goal of putting "our people" in place (and this is not just "our people" as in the same race - but "our people" with respect to ideological compatibility). Having driven out the enemy those with the "Outside In" viewpoint skip over inspecting the question "OK I did what you told me to do now 'Show me the benefit of my actions'". Instead having taken control of this one plateau and STILL not being satisfied they see that the next mountain in their way must be climbed before satisfaction can be had. So off they go.....enforcing unity within the troops all the while. You had better not notice that "Hey you promised up some benefit and thus we have received little".

With this in mind I say - the popular political activism movement within Black America is really not about "benefiting Black America". It is more of an ideological conquest - the famous RACIAL PROXY FIGHT - to settle old scores. Having an army of your own people presiding over your community one misses the irony that, in the past, when the adversary was in power you went to HIM to critcize the state of your schools, your police, your employment situation. With your people in place in these same positions but them having ideological compatibility - the inclintation is to ACCEPT their claim that "it is the EXTERNAL GUY who left us all along that is too blame" (see Detroit, etc). Is your guy inferior to the last guy who held the seat of power who you blamed
for your malase? In some twisted and perverted way - your antics are actually more effective when your ENEMY is in place rather than your "permanent friend".

If the definition of "sellout" is a person who puts his OWN INTERESTS to the side as he pursues another pathway, having received some benefit or compensation which appeases him to do so - the classic "30 pieces of silver" then CLEARLY it is the case that the Black community of today is in a SOLD OUT CONDITION with respect to our political activism. Show me one large city in which the popular political machine that dominates Black America is in power where the 4 key "Black Best Interests" are maintained and advanced?

* Academic Attainment That Matches The Need for Knowledge Building To Assist Our Community
* Safe Streets To Allow Us To Interact for Cultural Exchange and Enrichment
* Economic Growth and Development To Deliver Goods/Services and Employment To Our People
* Healthy Lifestyles That Allow Us To Live An Enduring, Quality Life Time

Indeed it can be said that "We hate our enemies more than we love ourselves". If this statement were reversed we would have a more "internally yolked" set of operations. We would be looking to strengthen the fabric of our own communities - managing our own people so that more directed outcomes could be had. Instead we make key references to OTHER PEOPLE as a measure of our own standing and thus "How much AMERICA has to change" for the Black man to call himself EQUAL. What of the pieces of the equation that require US TO CHANGE? This is the unspoken part.

The ultimate goal of the activism can not be claimed to be "Our community's best interest". There is so much evidence of the success in the growth of POLITICAL POWER and IDEOLOGICAL ENFORCEMENT. There is so little evidence of how this has translated into actual progression. The key escape hatch preventing INTROSPECTION and change in these policies is the persistent claim that AMERICA is full of racism and THEY ARE responsible for our shortfall.

A "sold out state" and the POPULARITY in agreement to walk this same pathway are two seperate and distinct things. The essence of being "sold out" has no dependency on the head count of those who aggreed to go in this direction. It is expressed by the FACTS that are derived from the course of action. If indeed the "30 pieces of silver" times the number of those in receipt of this bounty has this large group working in effect against their own interests as proven on the ground.......quantity of people following is not the operative point. Their failure to deliver and failure to CHANGE in the face of this failure IS the evidence of being SOLD OUT.

When ever you allow the same CEO to exclusively evaluate his own performance absent any objective checks - we can be sure that he will always be rated A+ AND his "check' will continue to grow in size and power. As far as the entity that he is governing? Well that is an entirely different conversation for THEY LET HIM get away with it.