They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Monday, March 31, 2008

HUD Chief Alphonso Jackson & Permanent Friends vs Permanent Interests

Fox News Story: Housing Secretary Alphonso Jackson Expected to Announce Resignation

It comes as no surprise that as I research the antics of the political machine that has dominant control over the Black community that the subject of their treatment of Blacks who are not a part of that particular machine is a key component of this evaluation.

I now have a second major point of proof in my content that in the world of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser - PERMANENT FRIENDS are more valuable than are their PERMANENT INTERESTS.

Lets get some background on Alphonso Jackson, the current HUD Secretary as of this moment. He is a Black man - good. He is a Republican - no good. In fact the second point cancels out the first and makes him "dead to the world" in many circles within the Black community. His close association with the Bush Administration seals the deal with many of these same operatives. Also adding to his negatives is the statements that he made a few years ago about how a Black person seeking a contract from HUD yet he trashed president Bush. Jackson bragged to an audience that he squashed the contract bid right then and there because the bidder should realize that you don't throw mud at the administration that you are seeking to do business with. Despite this braggadocio - this scenario was proven to be false. There was no such bidder who made these statements for Jackson. That was not enough. The "Civil Rights Industrial Complex" and the Biased Black Blogesphere called for Jackson's removal because Bush is not the boss of the government and such political views are not related to a qualified contractor obtaining business from the government. We all know that IF they were in power and the reverse happened - the paperwork would some how get lost as well. But indeed Jackson was foolish to make such statements be they true or not.

Fast forward to the Post-Katrina press conference. Jackson got in trouble once again when he stated "Let's face it - the rebuilt New Orleans is not going to be a majority Black city". Again - an irrelevant comment for a HUD secretary to make. This only fueled the conspiracy theories that there was a systematic plan by the Bush Administration to have caused the damage of Katrina and to have engineered the recovery which has been slow and complicated.

In a related conflict Jackson was alleged to have assisted a contractor from South Carolina to obtain a government contractor for reconstruction in New Orleans. I investigated this incident and found that the contractor was a BLACK MAN WITH A BLACK OWNED COMPANY. Now get this - the Black Democratic Political Operatives complained of the lack of Black contractors working on the Gulf Coast Reconstruction. When they find out that the Black Republican Jackson used his office to influence contracts....they again called for his dismissal....even though it was a BLACK CONTRACTOR that he was attempting to drive contracts to. Was the guy a Black Republican? No way to tell one way or the other. I did see, however, that the company was listed on a DBE contractor page.

Again I don't understand the rationale of certain Black operatives at times.

Fast forward to the current situation. Two White Liberal Democratic Senators - Chris Dodd and Patty Murray are gunning for Alphonso Jackson's dismissal. It seems that Jackson attempted to assist Kenneth Gamble to obtain housing contracts in the City of Philadelphia. First Gamble is a part of the song writing duo of "Gamble and Huff" of the "Philly Sound" days. Kenneth Gamble who is now a Muslim saw the distressed state of housing in the city of Philadelphia - especially in BLACK COMMUNITIES. He took it upon himself to use his fortune and wisdom to purchase dilapidated houses in these communities, fix them up and provide quality housing for the people - again - mostly BLACK PEOPLE.

For some reason the Philadelphia Housing Authority opposed a proposal by Gamble to take over additional housing. He seemingly called his friend Alphonso Jackson in to work out a more favorable end. Senator Murray and Dodd are scrutinizing this relationship. Please recall - Chris Dodd is the co-sponsor of the federal bill to seek out "Cold Case Civil Rights Murders". He teamed with John Lewis last year for this effort. Dodd and Lewis propose that millions of dollars be spent to solve homicides from 40 to 60 years ago. His belief is that "no murderer should ever sleep comfortably believing that he has gotten away with his crime. Particularly the crime of killing a Black person.". Mr Dodd and Mr. Lewis would be more credible if they were to fast forward to the year 2008 and realize that there are PLENTY of WARM BODIED KILLERS OF BLACK MEN still walking the streets because they did their killing last week! The Vine City section of Lewis' district has a 32% homicide closure rate. If there were ever a time for the Black community to REBUKE patronization by those who play on our sentiments about the Civil Rights Movement - THIS WOULD BE THE TIME.

Did Alphonso Jackson go beyond the power of his job by assisting Gamble? I don't know. I will indeed investigate the charges by the PHA. But I do know that there is an eery SILENCE coming from the Civil Rights Industrial Complex regarding the targeting of a Black government official. The same people who advocate for THEIR PEOPLE to use the power of their office to "do as White folks do" in directing benefit to their people for some reason don't afford the veil of protection for Black folks who aren't on "their team" but, AS I HAVE DEMONSTRATED HERE, has materially advanced the cause that they claim to be working for. Where as the things that they are pissed at Jackson over is substance-less, the two points that I have addressed here are things that they are fighting for.

I wonder how they can defend corrupt Black mayors and Congressmen but allow their "Permanent Friends" Dodd and Murray to have their way with him? I believe that the logo in the picture above tells us why this is.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Auto Manufacturing Related Jobs For The "Right To Work States"

With the city of Detroit on the decline isn't it about time to do some introspection regarding the real reasons why they are not attracting these manufacturing operations that are being set up in the United States?

I noticed that some of the foreign car makers have set up RESEARCH facilities in the Michigan area in order to tap the engineering and design talent that is up there. However when it comes to manufacturing labor - they are staying away and going elsewhere. Is this "corporate greed" or labor and political policy suicide on their part? Certain politicians always want to talk about the corporation. They are but one part of this 3 legged relationship.

Supplier to build facility near Kia in west Georgia

Korean automaker Kia is bringing more jobs to west Georgia.

Kia supplier Daehan Solutions plans to open a $35 million manufacturing plant in Harris County, creating 300 jobs, Gov. Sonny Perdue announced Friday.

In recent years, Kia and its suppliers have announced more than 5,000 jobs in Georgia, according to the governor's office.

"I am proud that Kia's decision to choose Georgia continues to bring interest and investment to our state," Perdue said in a written statement.

Daehan plans to open its 160,000-square-foot facility in January 2009.

Housed on 30 acres in the Northwest Harris Business Park, it will supply Kia's massive new West Point production facility, which is scheduled to open by the end of next year, said Kevin Kim, senior vice president for Daehan's Alabama division.

Daehan's plant will manufacture noise-reduction systems and interior components, Kim said.

By opening in a rural area, the company qualifies for $1.87 million in state job tax credits, said Alison Tyrer of the Georgia Department of Economic Development. Harris County could add additional incentives, Tyrer said.

"Their new facility will be a terrific addition to our growing stable of Kia suppliers here in Harris County, and I look forward to them becoming a great corporate citizen," said Harris County Commission Chairman Harry Lange.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Black Community Is Infeltrated w/ Leftwing Activists Episode II: The Death Penalty

Brother Kane - you are a true champion of our people. This post about the ridiculous hysteria regarding the Death Penalty and Blacks is right on point.

It is perverted but the fact is that the main people who POSITION THEMSELVES as "defending the Black interests" with regards to their opposition to the Death Penalty based on racial grounds - are actually doing a disservice to our people because they OBFUSCATE FROM THE KEY ISSUE that no one wants to talk about - (make that 2)

* The number of BLACK VICTIMS of homicide, in which many the assailant is never caught

* The fact that if the KILLERS did not kill in the first place we would have less 'red meat' to deal with with respect to the biases in the system.

Leave it up to the Leftist Actor-vists to focus their efforts upon the new "VICTIM" in their eyes - the Killer, while saying little about the former person, now corpse that is rotting away in the ground. Can we all agree that SOMEBODY KILLED THE PERSON. When some of you come off of your INTELLECTUALLY SUPERIOR high horse and work on behalf of the REAL VICTIMS then maybe things will change.

To the people who's only focus is to show the TECHNICALITIES in the murder trial and thus prove that the now convicted killer did not receive justice BUT UPON SPRINGING THE KILLER THEY NEVER SEEK OUT WHO ACTUALLY DID THE KILLING - you are WORSE THAN the justice system that you condemn for you HAVE NOT BROUGHT JUSTICE TO THE ORIGINAL VICTIM - WHO IS STILL DEAD!!

The only way that certain people are going to be forced to change is when THEIR POLICIES become PREDOMINANT in a society and all of their "ideological adversaries" have departed. They are left alone to face the real impact of their own THEORIES upon their own lives. No doubt they will "expand the police tape", providing all of the so called "services" necessary to prevent the person from turning into a 'killer' in the first place. We will see how well their theories work when put into practice. One thing that is for sure - this society will be more oppressive and socialist than it is FREE and DEMOCRATIC.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Clayton County GA Students To Go To Fayette County Schools?

Do you see the map of Clayton County Georgia? Now look toward the lower Western border of the political boundary. Now look at the upper eastern boundary of the Fayette County map. This is how these two counties are coupled together. Clayton County is among the first of the "ring counties" to the city of Atlanta in the heart of Metro Atlanta. Fayette County is a fast growing county that is among the secondary ring of counties around Atlanta. Indeed many residents of Fayette County and Coweta County and Henry County are former residents of Atlanta and Clayton County. The people who departed the central counties assumed that they were leaving the troubles of their "urban neighbors" behind. If proposed legislation takes place - they might be proven wrong in their assumption.

Article: Will Clayton students flood Fayette schools?

The most angering part of this entire fiasco is that it is a SELF-INFLICTED WOUND by the people of Clayton County.

For some strange reason I believe that the operatives in Clayton are going to spin this around into a RACE ISSUE. The high level of opposition to having Clayton Students attend school in Fayette will said by some to be the turning away of mostly Black children during their time of need due to racist reasons. Few will make note of the irony that there was mass cheering several years ago when the people who now run Clayton got control of the schools and the county government as well. For some strange reason I believe that the majority White county of Fayette will be condemned more than the all Democratic school board in Clayton that caused all of this mess.

But hey - this is how the game works.

The First "Nurse Eunice Rivers/Snarling Fox" Award Goes To The Palm Beach County ACLU

The First "Nurse Eunice Rivers/Snarling Fox" Award
(To Recap - Nurse Eunice Rivers was the Black female nurse that participated in the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. She was the longest serving individual in the study. As White doctors and nurses came and went, SHE was there throughout helping Black males to FREE medical care while plotting on them all the while. The Snarling Fox is what brother Malcolm X warned us about - the White liberal who takes company with us while all the time noting our inferiority and haplessness. )

In this case the Palm Beach County branch of the ACLU has earned the "Nurse Enice Rivers/Snarling Fox" award as given by the "Within The Black Community Organic Consciousness Society".

In this case the PBC ACLU is recognized for "Helping Negroes Who THEY BELIEVE Can't Help Themselves". In a true perversion of logic and "how things usually work" the ACLU has convinced the "Failed 45%" of Blacks that THEY did not fail high school, their high school FAILED THEM! Good job ACLU - keep up the good work.

Article: ACLU sues Palm Beach County school district over poor graduation rates

If Only The Operatives In Indianapolis Could PROVE That Black Elected Officials = Black Best Interests

Article: Vote dilution in congressional primary could hand Democratic nod to white candidate

When you get people to think in "one off" ways - you already control them and need not do much else for them.

In the race to replace the recently passed US Congresswoman Julia Carson the usual suspects are at work. They are again deploying the failed strategy of Bayard Ruskin which claims that the Black community's BEST INTERESTS will be brought forth JUST by voting Black people into office AS DEMOCRATS. I have invited many people to scour the nation where this vision has already turned into reality and make the case for me that INDEED this is all we need to have the community's best interests expressed.

Thus we have this race in Indiana where several Blacks entering the race threaten to hand the district over to, perish the thought - the White guy!!!

"The minority population are in a majority there, but could not get together on a candidate and wound up losing that seat," Boyd said.

He said it's a given that a split primary makes it less likely a minority will win. But by the time of the meeting at his home, it was too late.

"African-American voters are very astute politically," he said the day after his victory in the special election. "That's OK that there are challengers. We're moving forward."

Orentlicher, at his Northwestside campaign headquarters last week, said, "It would be unfortunate if people vote strictly on identity politics. We should choose based on views, experience, work ethic and a willingness to take on hard issues."

Notice how the Black Voter is "brilliant" long as he votes 90% for the Democrats. Let there be some slippage in this and the same people will seek to fight the "stupidity" that is seeping into the electorate.

This comment is the type of EMPTY RHETORIC that pisses me off the most folks. What does it mean? How is it PROVEN? If my mechanism for evaluation is used you would see how FALSE the statement is. It is NOT ABOUT the "astuteness" of the Black voter. It is IF THEIR ACTIONS HAVE TRANSLATED INTO MATERIAL BENEFIT FOR THEIR COMMUNITY. I don't even need to do my normal inspection of this district in Indiana to find out my answer. I already know the answer based on the news that I have heard over time from this general area.

I look forward to the day when the Black community THROWS AWAY this overlay political machine after having told them that you only REPRESENT OUR COLLECTIVE INTERESTS as much as you can PROVE THAT YOU DO. Many of them CAN'T!!! They run on the POPULAR SENTIMENTS that are held within the Black community while we are in an aggrieved state. They know how to speak to these grievances. This should not be mistaken for leaders who can put forth an ORGANIC development plan, detailing what the AGGRIEVED MASSES must do to assist in their own salvation.

In truth much of this is APOLITICAL in nature. Thus to focus so much on the American political system for such salvation is a problem in and of itself.

All the while the DEMOCRATIC PARTY sits with a smile on its face because of the efforts of the "astute" Black voter.

Poll finds more blacks think Memphis' image hurt by King's death

Article: Poll finds more blacks think Memphis' image hurt by King's death

Man, the last time I went through Memphis I figured that they would look at the dilapidated neighborhoods and the fact that they were debating a youth curfew as a means of clamping down on crime as the reason for the damage to the city's image. But hell, what do I know?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ACLU - The Caretakers For Blacks Who Have Failed To Do The Job For Themselves

Article: ACLU sues Palm Beach County Schools over low graduation rates for blacks

In the past, the ACLU and other organizations have sued school districts for not distributing resources equally but no organization has pursued legal actions for not achieving equal results. While more than 80 percent of white students graduated on time in the county, only about 55 percent of blacks did.

This is the type of case that brings ANGER to my full body. A group of White liberals within the ACLU swear that they are doing right by the Blacks who can't fend for ourselves. They step into a situation where 80% of the Whites graduate from the same schools that only 55% of the Blacks graduate. In their mind it is a SYSTEM FAILURE that describes the situation. The ACLU will focus upon the actions that the SCHOOL SYSTEM MUST TAKE as a means of achieving a different end.

On this blog one constant message that you will hear is the the question of "What must those who seek salvation need to do in support of their own SALVATION?" For the ACLU and like minded BQPFRCs the answer is other "Nothing sugar! You have been a VICTIM long enough. Just sit back and we are going to straighten THEM out for you.". Sadly for the ACLU and their Black Co-Conspirators the "THEM" that they are talking about is always "OUTWARD" rather than INWARD. The ACLU practices the "Ted Kennedy Type Of Policies" that have been hoisted upon Black America.

For many this is a "win/win" situation for the Blacks. The school is forced to reinspect their policies and provide not just EQUAL resources to struggling students but instead whatever resources that are NECESSARY for the failing students.....even if it means that the achieving students receive LESS. Is it any surprise, folks, as to why certain people, Black and White, begin to form a repulsive relationship ( think a north pole, south pole of a magnet) relationship with certain people who will be a DRAIN on their resources because THEY are not doing their part?

With all of the talk recently about "liberation theology" it is clear that the "Failing 45%" need a heavy dose of such indoctrination to turn around their line of thinking and as an attempt at introspection.

I can't help but notice that the ACLU has a "zookeeper" / "kept animal" relationship with certain impoverished elements of this society. I must assume that the Failing 45%" come from poverty because, absent basic skills they are not likely to come from a line of physicians and attorneys. As you inspect the words and admonitions of the ACLU they focus squarely on the school system and what it has FAILED to do. There is no place in their veterinary exam to consider what the "Failed 45%" has done or has failed to do what the "Achieving 55%" have been able to do to graduate.

This is the same type of thinking that has spilled over to the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chasers. Their White Leftist mentors have taught them well.

The lives and antics of the students and families of the "Failed 45%" will not be subjected to scrutiny. If there IS any mention of this element these operatives will focus on how this SOCIETY where "the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer" has the deck stacked even higher against these people of the wrong shade and the wrong income segment. THE ACLU and their brothers in the BQPFRC movement will NOT ask the parents to keep a time log regarding how many times they READ to their children or ask them to read a book in the evening. They will not ask the parents to keep a recording of how many times upon hearing these kids mangle the English language that their PARENTS correct them with the proper substitute. Check for homework on a nightly basis? Never. It will be entirely on the school system to ACCOMMODATE the "special needs" of the "Failed 45%". They will become SPECIAL STUDENTS......even IF they are otherwise fully endowed with intelligence BY GOD ABOVE.

Remember that statement made by Carter G. Woodson about "how certain people will find their place in the back, even if they have to make a hole for themselves?" Well the ACLU is the guy holding the boring tool that makes the hold destined toward the back. They will make it sufficiently LARGE so that masses of our people can fit through without scraping their arms on the side of the hole.

This story is evidence of a MENTALLY ENSLAVED PEOPLE rather than a people, with successful intervention, who are on the precipice of SALVATION and EQUAL STANDING.

Next time Barack Obama talks about the legacy of "segregated schools" I suggest that he do a bit more inspection and see the role that the ACLU, his brother BQPFRC and the PARENTS WHO ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS play in the entire matter. I think he'll find his answer. The question is - "Is he actually LOOKING for an answer"?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Dr. Manning Marable - Never Fails To Disappoint My Expectations Of Him

Have you ever listened to someone so frequently that upon seeing a new piece of information from him you already know the essential elements of his story? (I am sure that some of you are saying "Yes - with you and your blog! :-) ) Well such is the case with one Dr. Manning Marable of Columbia University. Upon seeing his newest cry about Black incarceration rates - (Article: Incarceration vs. education: reproducing racism and poverty in American) I knew already that he was going to NOT MENTION the word "guilt" in his article not a single time. (You see - I just did a word search one more time just to prove it - no hits on the world "guilt".

You have to understand people who think as Manning Marable does. I recently heard him say that "the African American is the most intelligent voter because he can sense who has his BEST INTERESTS in mind as he votes". It also happens that the Black community votes upwards of 90% for the PARTY that Dr. Marable no doubt is happy about. If the Black community all of a sudden began to fracture its vote, for some reason I believe Dr. Marable would say a bout of "foolishness" has come over our community just the same.

Interesting how this man thinks. This paragraph caught my attention:

What are the practical political consequences of the mass incarceration of black Americans? In New York State, for example, the prison populations play a significant role in how some state legislative districts are drawn up. In New York’s 45th senatorial district, located in the extreme northern corner of upstate New York, there are thirteen state prisons, with 14,000 prisoners, all of whom are counted as residents. Prisoners in New York are disenfranchised – they cannot vote – yet their numbers help to create a Republican state senatorial district. These "prison districts" now exist all over the United States.

The usual M/O is present folks. The mission? Craft out a REPUBLICAN senatorial seat. What must be do? Build a facility for "dangerous" criminals to be housed in our midst (we do need jobs right? The P.I.C. pays well) so that we can have enough people to gain a Republican majority senate seat and, best of all!! They ARE NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE!! "We don't want no New York City city slickers come up here to our Republican county unless they are in shackles and can't vote!! And they represent a cash crop to? Send 'em on up"

But, but, but Dr. Marable - you said NOTHING about if they are GUILTY of a Crime or not! You laid the ground work for a CONSPIRACY (Good job. It sure must work for some) but you did not state anything about their GUILT. You used numbers in Texas with respect to population figures to make note of the OVER REPRESENTATION of Blacks in the prison system. I know that you are not going to accept that "Black folks are more crime prone" than Whites - so it just must be the SYSTEM that does it. I don't believe the "crime prone" claim either Dr. Marable but I DO believe that there is an array of cultural and social issues that you and other Abstract Intellectuals are not willing to address upon high. The very things that you are loathed to cast "judgment" upon come back to bite you on the rear. You see Dr. Marable - I reported previously that when the drug activity between Black and White communities is cross referenced with the HOMICIDES AND VIOLENCE the picture is even clear enough for you to see - the inner city drug game is far more deadly than the others. How do you satisfy yourself as to the population over representation but say nothing about the over representation of death and violence emanated from the inner city drug game?

Let's talk about GUILT! More importantly let's talk about the VICTIMS of those who are locked up. I assure you that the majority of these people who have suffered from these people's actions are of the same RACE as they are. This means Black, White, Hispanic and Asian. If you are indeed a man of justice - you must be intellectually honest and talk about the VICTIMS of their actions and what should be rendered on their behalf. These people are often suffering in the same environment of eroded opportunity as the criminal defendant comes from. What in you line of thinking, Prof Marable affords you the capacity to lobby on behalf of the criminally convicted but stay relatively silent on the VICTIMS of their crimes? (Or do you want me to say "alleged crimes" despite the fact that they have been convicted since it was often the POLICE who detailed the scenario for the police report? Thus we should say "According to the police......." See - I am catching on to you style)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Some Advice To My BQPFRC Friends That Might Avoid These Problems The Next Time

The words and views of Jeremiah Wright are not news to many of us within the Black community. I believe that SOME of his words are accurate historical depictions. I believe that other portions of his words and line of thinking were nothing more than gratuitous and divisive in nature. I have already detailed my views regarding how the same people who can point out the blood shed by America should also make note to their own consumption from the tree that this blood had fertilized. I will not repeat this rationale.

For this entry I hope to offer some advice to my left leaning, radical brothers and sisters. The clear solution to this problem is to provide better SELF-MANAGEMENT of certain operatives. In the day of video phones the ability to say all types of over the top stuff and not have it circle back around to you are OVER. If you choose to do so you had better do a "Strip Club Security Guard pat down where no cameraphones or recording devices are allowed to permanently capture such words. In addition with so many preachers now selling DVDs of their own sermons - they had better insure that their own camera man is not the one leading to their own downfall.

OR you all could take the more effective approach. I have been debating on Black themed message boards for more than 10 years. The use of inflammatory references to White folks and America, the labeling of America as "AmerKKKa" and so many of the conspiracy theories that would cause a company to not allow their employee that said it to carry sharp instruments let alone have any particular position of responsibility for corporate assets has gone on since the first message board went up. My suggestion - why don't you all do more self-governance?

Where as ME, the rare "big bad conservative" in the midst of these battles is charged with directly challenging the lunacy of many of these claims or, at minimum, point out how these same people are "consumer capitalistic co-conspirators" in everything that they do - MANY OF YOU STOOD BY IN SILENCE. When YOUR INTELLECTUAL ALLY was battling (or in many cases - attacking) ME you took the "Enemy of my enemy is my friend" theory and let it ride.

Please be clear - I was LAUGHING AT YOU ALL THE WAY. You see I love analyzing the logic, reasoning and intelligence that my debate opponents come at me. I have even come to respect the fact that though I might disagree with many of you - you have done a good job in defending your position - and I can agree to disagree. For many and I dare say MOST - this is not the case. The operative that delves in this area of the swamp is often a coward. He can't defend his positions and thus he lives by the ATTACK - knowing that the "Amen chorus" is going to not call him out because he is the "friend" as stated above. In this new world - THIS IS THE KEY PERSON WHO IS GOING TO CAUSE YOU HARM.

After having Rev Wright called out - I saw that they are going after a second Black pastor in Chicago. (I am too tired to go and find his name - but he is the pastor who threatened to run against Jesse Jackson Jr a few years ago). This pastor was heard calling the White mayors around the nation the new WHITE SLAVE MASTERS. They are operating systems that OPPRESS BLACKS AND HISPANICS. This was funny to me because he never called these men "Brother DEMOCRATS", which the majority of them are. Again he used incendiary language and again the evil "Fox News" (you know the one that I am obligated as a Black man in good standing to call "Faux News") is playing the tape and allowing America to decide.

In the common PERVERSION the tendency is TO BLAME FOX NEWS for "attempting to take these men out of context". Its just not the case. This is the IDEOLOGICAL PROXY FIGHT that brother Malcolm X had warned us about. You all just don't like the news outlet named "Fox" but you damned sure have taken up closer company with the "snarling fox" that he warned you about more now than ever. Who are the people that DID NOT AGREE WITH THIS REVEREND yet failed to call him on it? Every "Mayor Dailey" has received the majority of the Black vote since the days that we could even vote. How many "slaves" got a chance to CHOOSE THEIR MASTER? Worse yet - how many "slaves" chose to increase their DEPENDENCY on their MASTER so that they were stuck having to have the system perpetuated lest they suffer more? Who is going to call this reverend out for his mistaken analysis used to gain applause from those just happy to do so?

I am not asking you all to perform CENSORSHIP. However, just as Sean Hannity is about to get booted from his invitation to the Al Sharpton public program that is coming up. Just as Jesse Lee Peterson would not even be allowed to take the stage as a panelist in the "Tavis And Friends" annual gathering - when are you all going to PUT YOUR LEFT EXTREMISTS IN CHECK?

In truth once you all DO figure out how to put them in check - I suggest that you serve as an adviser to Barack Obama - because he has a bigger problem in this area.

The cost of your inaction is to have your dreams to be snatched away by the same type of divisive speech that you claim the OTHER SIDE is good for.

I'm Barack Obama And I Approve This Message About Welfare

As noted by a person who listened to the "racial healing" speech given by Barack Obama yesterday
The only redeeming part of his speech was the acknowledgement that welfare has harmed the black family.

Imagine if Barack Obama was to express his sentiments about the damage caused by welfare to the Black Family with the same frequency and passion that he has done against the Iraq War?

This is Barack Obama and I approve this message:

You know I was AGAINST WELFARE FROM THE START!! Had I been in the Senate when all of the key votes were being cast in the formation of this program - I would have stood up and told my friends on the left how much of a mistake they were making.

I told everyone around me that in establishing COMMON LIVING STANDARDS is indeed a good thing for any society to do. As a wealthy nation we should indeed be able to afford a better life for the average American. HOWEVER when that same society does anything more than TEMPORARILY allow a group of people that are in need due to situations outside of their control (death of a spouse, physical injury, or age that are at the tail ends of their earning years) and thus make it a policy of SOCIAL ENGINEERING to provide permanent assistance as some form of Societal RIGHT then INDEED it is this POLICY and the people who stand behind it that have INFLICTED THE INTERGENERATIONAL DAMAGE THAT WE SO FREQUENTLY TALK ABOUT. Thus I would have stood up to my frequent ideological soulmates and would have crafted a different way forward to address the problematic situation among the people who were indeed in need.

During my first year as president I plan to visit each Housing Project Resident's Association President AROUND THE COUNTY. I plan to tell each of them that she must "Let her people GO!!". Let them live more productive lives, building the skills necessary to obtain the life that they seek. For how can they LEARN if they don't try? How can they develop more effective processes if they don't face real life challenges that force them to REFORM?

AT this point - 40 years of the Great Society Program has cost far more than the total cost of the Iraq War that has made the news recently. Even in the housing projects in hometown of Chicago - more people died in a certain time window than did the policy of the Iraq War. This is hard to take, my friends, but it is the truth.

The LONG TERM DAMAGE TO THE PSYCHE of those receiving the Liberal Treatment will extend far beyond the VA Hospital treatments of the last Iraq War vets. These Iraq War vets are about 300,000 in number. How much larger are the Great Society Victims?


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Did The Black Community "Vote Its Way Into Poverty Since 1964?"

"Did The Black Community Vote Its Way Into Poverty Since 1964?"

This was the challenge that was put to me by TVD, one of my frequent debate adversaries a few days ago. I had been thinking about this question in the background tasking of my mind since that time. On the face of the question - it seems like an absurd suggestion upon my arguments. As I thought about the question I realized that I needed to recraft the question and make the case that this is INDEED what has happened over time.

First let me state as I have stated several times on this blog and elsewhere - instead of saying "poverty and wealth" the more accurate statement is "lack of wealth and wealth". I have repeated my high school physics lesson about "heat and the absence of heat" several times so I won't bother making the parallel again.

The bottom line of the matter is that this reasoning STANDS FIRM!! About a month ago I was pissed that my camera phone was so slow in booting up that I missed a perfect scene as I was on a daytime flight into Ft Lauderdale. After miles and miles of the UNMANAGED natural scenery of the Florida Everglades one levee served as the boundary between a relatively unmolested natural state and abundant civilization. To the north of this dividing line I saw trees, flood plains and flocks of birds all ordered as nature would have it. Beyond that one distinct dividing line I saw densely packed housing and retail districts. They were ordered in a precision square grid and some of the subdivisions had a circular pattern of housing. The symbolic point was so clear to me - natural order versus man-made order.

The same is true with regard to a SYSTEM OF WEALTH CREATION. The defacto system of man is basic subsistence. Absent the high order of "division of labor" and the access to certain advance technologies that empower us to do things - such as obtain a glass of water that is flowing "out of the walls in our house" for all that we have to worry about it - clearly the presence of these resources at our disposal enable us to do more "high order" activities, with the basics of life having been taken care of.

Now indeed - I am not on the verge of calling the people who dwell in impoverished communities throw backs to the 1890's frontier or in any way equate their lives to that of a person living in Honduras. There simply is no comparison. The gross majority of people living in America, regardless of their income have access to the same basic services that the standards of this nation afford them - clean tap water, electricity, cable television and ready access to a restroom - among other things. Indeed one's ability to pay for these things has a major impact on the ease of accessibility of these resources but compare this fate to that of either a person in a distant area like Darfur or even the richest person in the world circa 1890 - bottom line - they would not have ready access to much of the resources that even the poorest people in America likely have access to.

More to the point of the question in the title. I base my argument that YES - ultimately the Black community did indeed "vote to maintain the level of poverty that it now faces" as a result of our political and economic choices made over the past 40 years. It is interesting to me that if the same person challenging me on the point was given the notion "Did the Black community VOTE its way into receiving CIVIL RIGHTS and JUSTICE in America" this same person would have little difficulty in accepting this as being a truthful premise. He would point to the politicians that the community had supported en masse. He would point to the POLICIES that accompanied these same politicians. He would make note that as these politicians and their policies were POPULARLY ASSUMED to be "in the Best Interests of the Black community" thus they were ushered into office to "fight on our behalf" and thus they indeed brought us this day that we live under today. We have the ability to seek recourse in the court system for anyone who has violated our civil rights. We have a police force that now enforces the law rather than selectively doing so based on the color of both the victim and the assailant. Thus the link between voting and Civil Rights is a foregone conclusion in the mind of most people reading the opening question.

Now let us focus on economics. It comes as no surprise that during the Industrial Revolution which I will only focus on the post Civil War tail of the era - the Black citizen participated in this revolution as a worker and certainly not as a capitalist or owner. Quite honestly during this time we didn't even have union representation on our side because at this time we were barred from both the unions and the jobs that were represented by the unions. The famous Davis-Bacon Act that the Civil Rights Establishment now has affinity for - per New Orleans - was originally crafted AGAINST BLACKS - to protect union jobs in the North as Blacks migrated from the South and had agreed to work for lower pay than their White unionized counterparts. How quickly we adopt the exclusionary ways of our long time adversaries, fully justifying OUR OWN ACTIONS based on our new "inside position" - but this is another story all together. Blacks did not enjoy full union representation until the late 50's and through the 1960's. The union movement upon seeing the way the winds were blowing in the society decided that the Black vote is still a vote none the less. The leadership over came the recalcitrant sentiments among its rank and file and began to allow Blacks into their ranks. From the 1960's through the 1970's the political activism for Blacks largely aligned with the activism of the labor unions. Both factions wanted higher pay, better benefits, improved working conditions, and more job protection. Bottom line - where as originally the power to hire, fire and pay was exclusively in the hands of the employer - indeed the Labor Movement and some of the laws and related government policies shifted the balance of power more toward the middle - and thus labor - via collective bargaining flexed its power. I am willing to accept the notion that the American middle class was built upon many of the advances that were made as a result of the labor movement. Rather than "increasing the size of the pie" (ie: the market size) as some people mistakenly analyze the labor movement's effect - it actually increased the size of the SLICE that the American worker took home versus what was pocketed by the owners of the company. Thus the worker was benefited because he had more money in his pocket to spend on lifestyle expenditures.

In my analysis over the long run - just as the various demands from the labor movement brought forth the equilibrium between ownership and labor to its perfect balance - this same movement tipped the balance too far and ended up "operating against their own long term interests". They, coupled with their political operatives as well. With respect to the steel industry, for example - the government price controls that were put upon the industry due to World War II - were left in place well into the 1950's. This regulation starved the industry of capital. At the same time Japan and Europe were just coming back on line after several decades of war related destruction of their infrastructure. Where as America grew powerful and rich at a time when we were the "last man standing" - never having our domestic infrastructure destroyed and with bulked up production capacity spilling over from the war - things rarely looked better for the American economy and the American worker. As the competition grew from Japan and Germany in particular the bloated American companies could not compete in the 1970's. We were losing out initially due to costs and then later on due to quality.

As the late 1960's and 1970's came about the pressures on these labor intensive corporations GREW. They were competing against other entities that were more productive and efficient and which had plants and equipment that were relatively newer. In my argument THIS IS WHEN THE AMERICA LABOR MOVEMENT WENT TOO FAR AND WORKED AGAINST THEIR OWN BEST INTERESTS. Instead of making note of the competitive pressures that would later prove to be fatal for both labor and ownership - they chose to focus on current profits and or imbalances that were favorable to the owners. We still hear the same tactics today - "why are they asking us for job cuts when they received executive bonuses last year". I am not arguing that ownership didn't make some boneheaded mistakes along the way - I am only arguing that Labor's mistakes proved to be most damning to themselves.

Now let us map this industrial pressure against the CITIES that these things were taking place in - Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Camden, Newark, Baltimore etc. In the context of the Labor Movement battles with big corporations in many of the cities listed above there was the backdrop of racial power struggles going on. In Cleveland, for example, in 1968 the classic battle to have Carl Stokes promoted as the city's first Black mayor and first Black mayor of any large American city was taking place. Cleveland at the time was a labor dominated town. Even back then it was 80% Democrat as proof of it being a labor stronghold. Even as the Whites and Blacks debated about the race of their city - manufacturing activity in Cleveland and other Rust Belt Cities was on the wane.

So how did "Blacks vote against their economic interests?" you ask? Easy. At a time when LEADERSHIP of these various cities and states could have been more objective in analyzing the terminal condition of many of these manufacturing firms - BOTH local, regional and large national firms - they instead chose to largely turn the screws and fight to maintain jobs, high wage rates and in some cases a punitive regulatory and legalistic environment that only served to take down these capitalistic giants rather than assist them in weathering the storm. Indeed this would have called for a major restructuring of the pay scales and benefits BUT compare the pain of this versus the pain of having NO JOBS AT ALL.

I find it difficult to understand the logic and reasoning of those who can talk for days about how activists and the organized labor movement deserve a pat on the back for INCREASING PAY above the former paltry rates(as indeed they deserve) but the same people fail to see that they also deserve some of the BLAME for having the cost of doing business that was far too high to justify as these firms failed to be competitive and many either closed their doors for good or moved South to places where their cost structures were not as steep.

From the Black community's stand point is it a dual case of - first - going along with Labor's fight against the ownership and thus failing to see that in going too far they INDEED were working against their best long term interests. Anyone taking a tour of Camden NJ would be hard pressed to make the case that the city was worse off when the big Campbell Soup plant, Mars plant and several other firms that made the city were around.

The second major strategic flop was that the focus in the Black community was placed upon POLITICAL GAINS rather than ECONOMIC INFRASTRUCTURE. About 2 years ago I heard US Representative John Conyers say on television that the key for any people to obtain ECONOMIC power was for them to first obtain POLITICAL POWER. Sadly the elderly Mr. Conyers who still presides over the same district for more than 20 years has yet to see how WRONG HE IS. (I know I know - I am not a fan of John Conyers. That's because many of you have not actually listened to or read some of his proposals). At a time when the Black community strategically could have focused INWARD, developing more of an economic and job creation base to employ our people - we instead took up the assumption that in supporting elections of Blacks and/or Democratic officials where we had majority vote - that THIS would translate into economic bountifulness for our communities - has been proven over time to be a fatally flawed assumption. Shame on you Mr. Bayard Ruskin. Maybe at the in reference to the struggles that you fought - a power base against "Da man" was a good idea. When we factor in the present day challenge where these central cities who are governed by people that are largely favorable to Black folks and are in need of a massive infusion of jobs and/or job creating entities - the gross miscalculation that your strategy represents couldn't be more clear.

The truth of the matter is that the popular movement that was present within Black America was more about opposition to a repressive system of economics and law (as well it should have been at that specific time) than it was about organic economic development. Once this machine stepped into power many of the promises that were made about the benefit from assuming power in elective offices were not met. The bottom line miscalculation that was made was to assume that once in power those adversarial forces, now being governed by the "right type of people" were going to sit back and submit to the new authority. Instead - where as the manufacturing companies as stated above had moved out of these cities the White residents began an exodus. Let me clarify - the White exodus both enabled Blacks to assume the balance of power and was further propelled by the increasing power, particular over school related issues that Blacks had assumed. In all honesty - the problem was not their exodus and the reasons - in many cases racist - for them departing. The key problem as it relates to how the Black community fared after their departure is that WE HAD PREVIOUSLY SPENT SO LITTLE TIME DEVELOPING an economic infrastructure that could produce the jobs and services that our people would ultimately need once we are relatively all alone.

So lets wrap this back around to the key question that was raised by the title of this blog entry. The loss of the JOBS that Black folks used to work - see Detroit - had the effect of eroding the Black middle class in these communities. It is plain and simple. Upon my visits home to Philadelphia and the recent visit of a debate adversary to Detroit - the point is clear - when the revenue stream was adversely impacted into the Black community the physical plant of the Black community, the presence of stable families, the the conditions of our schools and the various social ills began to atrophy as well. A vicious cycle was created.

We only need to make note that many Southern born Blacks had come North into these same cities because of the abundant job opportunities that were present in many of these cities to realize that the unraveling of these same labor consumers would mean disaster for these same towns.

Ultimately the investment of time is better spent on WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW TO INSURE THAT TOMORROW IS DIFFERENT rather than attempting to find specific blame to place about the past. At the same time while it is unproductive to find a PERSON to pin the blame upon I simply cannot yield my contention that indeed a certain IDEOLOGY was to blame and continues to be the problem as we move forward. Few things are more certain than the case that IF this ideology remains dominate our future outcomes will mirror that of our present.

These same large cities circa 2008 still have productive central business districts. In many cases decay is taking place in particular neighborhoods. The cycle of problems have driven out many of the key elements that make for a stable community and the associated community and economic wealth fabric to be crafted. The people in these same communities suffer from more "mental unemployment" being absent of a certain mission in life than they suffer job related unemployment which is often a secondary indicator of the first condition.

Change will come from a multifaceted approach. The basic messages and outlook needs to be modified in the community. The people need to be placed into the context of a vision for the future. Their schools must be made to enforce this future. Where as some offer the "audacity of hope" - this must be followed up with the "CHUTZPAH TO PUT THOSE WHO THREATEN THE MOVE FORWARD IN LINE". We have far too much sugar cane put forth for our people. It is time to pull out the cultural clubs. The COSTS of failing to do things in line with the REVERSE ENGINEERED path that takes the community to the promised land need to be registered into the minds of the masses.

One can be "anti-corporate" if it falls against their ideology but please put forth an alternative and practical plan that goes beyond a total opposition stance. Now that there is no "bad guy" to fight against it comes come to the consciousness that YOU ARE the one that must feed the masses.

I believe that the question has been faithful answered - "Did the Black community vote its way into poverty since 1964?". The Black community FAILED to make note of the macro-economic changes that were taking place around it and DID NOTHING with the appropriate level of COMPREHENSIVENESS to insure that the SYSTEM that was present that brought us WEALTH was replaced by an equally fruitful system when the former consumers of our labor RELOCATED AWAY FROM OUR MIDST.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Black Community Is Infeltrated w/ Leftwing Activist - STD Study

Today as I listened to "Radio Times" on NPR on the drive home I felt like I was in the signature Spike Lee camera show - frozen animation as I drove down the highway - not believing what I was hearing from the operatives with respect to the reasons behind the numbers in the recent Sexually Transmitted Disease report that was released last week.

Audio Report: Radio Times - Monday March 17, 2008

The CDC reported last week that one in four teenage girls ages 14-19 has a sexually transmitted disease. We talk about the alarming rate of STDs among the nation’s adolescent females, how we got here and what we can do about it. Our guests are LENORE ASBEL of the Philadelphia Department of Health and LORETTA ROSS of SisterSong, a women of color reproductive health collective based in Atlanta.

I am convinced that the Black community is dominated more by leftwing OPERATIVES than it is by those who are seriously seeking to express the best interests for our community. This woman, Loretta Ross of the "SisterSong" organization fits this mode as an operative. As with my continuing monitoring activity of Leftwing White supremacist Jonathan Kozol - you only need to key in to a person's frequent subject of attack to see what they are actually attempting to get at.

If you'll note during the opening foray as the radio host specifies the problem and then cuts to Ms. Ross - what is the first thing that Ms. Ross focuses on as to the CAUSE of the increase in STDs among our young people? ABSTINENCE EDUCATION!!!

As I was driving I was pleading for the host to make Ms. Ross and the other lady to substantiate their claims on the attack upon abstinence. As I thought about it the host's follow up question was appropriate. She asked Ms. Ross "What percentage of the schools are using Abstinence Only education"? This was a wise question because it would uncover the FRAUD that is being perpetrated.

You see if I have 100 schools in question and it is my contention that a new policy has caused the harm that is being reported upon, a sound investigator would ask "out of the total population under question - what percentage is using this new method that is under scrutiny" as a means of obtaining the comprehensiveness of the "treatment". Ms. Ross, wisely, said that she does not know the base for which she is making her claim. For if 80% of the schools are indeed practicing "Abstinence Only" education and have been doing so for the past 5 years then INDEED you have a basis to wage your attack based on the statistics.

But hold on a minute!!!! Ms Ross DOESN'T have the numbers. In fact the numbers aren't even CLOSE to substantiating her claim. Here is the background research that I have conducted:

The Federal Sex Education funding comes out of the Department of Health And Human Services - Title X program. The total budget for the entire program is $283 million this year. Of this money about $171 million has been used for Abstinence only education, about 60% of the money for this year. Sounds like a pretty strong correlation, right? Unfortunately when you draw out the HISTORICAL spend - you see that all is not what it appears - Up until the year 2000 the entire Title X spending was $150 total. There was no money spent on Abstinence education. Since the Republican take over of congress more money was added to the Title X and the A.E. funding went from $0 in 2000 constantly elevated to the current $171. The bottom line of the argument is

1) The current rate of spending for Abstinence has ramped up to this point and only represents the growth of the Title X spending

2) Out of all of the schools in America that have sex education - $171 SHARED AMONG ALL OF THEM is a pittance and thus could not possibly have had the effect that has been alleged. This is $3.42 MILLION per state! How can this make a major impact as claimed?

3) The same opponents of Abstinence Only Education also point to the number of states that have REFUSED FEDERAL FUNDING from Title X because they reject Abstinence Only Training. Thus - again you weaken your argument because these states are not making use of this methodology for sex education.

In addition I must add these following arguments:

4) If the effectiveness of Abstinence Only Education is based on if a student has sex or not and thus is considered a failure if the student has sex - what is the measurement of success for the sex education that assumes that they will have sex and teaches them about proper use of birth control? If you notice they say "Abstinence Only Education is a failure BECAUSE THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN THE RATE OF SEXUAL INTERCOURSE BETWEEN THOSE STUDENTS RECEIVING A.O.E. AND THOSE WHO RECEIVE TRADITIONAL SEX EDUCATION COURSES". Is this a legitimate comparison? Shouldn't they make the case that A.O.E. is a failure because the kids have sex AND they are more likely not to use contraception because they have not been EDUCATED on how to properly use them IN THE SCHOOL SETTING? It seems to me that the anti-A.O.E. are forced to engineer their responses in order to make their argument stick.

If you fast forward to the 47 minute mark of the piece you see Ms. Ross engaging in some slight of hand in her arguments about why the rate of Black female STDs is much higher than that of others. She says that when we factor out the COERCED SEX that this will prove that what is appears to be Black women being more promiscuous is actually the result of Black women being forced to have sex beyond their control. Hold on Ms. Ross - what are you saying? Are you saying that there is rampant RAPE OF YOUNG BLACK GIRLS in our community? Why isn't this being reported as such Ms. Ross?

The problem that I have with people like Ms. Ross within our community is that, once again - they focus on "Pills, Pamphlets and Devices" to solve the problems with risky behaviors surrounding sex.

If you note she talks about how the SOCIETY must be respond to the increase in STDs from sexual activity as a means of achieving a better result for all. I only question - WHAT PART DO THE INDIVIDUAL OPERATORS PLAY IN OBTAINING THIS END? What part do they play in their SALVATION?

The question of THE PARENTS came up. The response was that some parents are uncomfortable with talking about the subject with their kids and being honest. Why can't Ms. Ross and her counterpart from the Philadelphia STD control project FLIP THIS AROUND? If THE PARENTS seek to have an improved outcome then then NEED TO RECOGNIZED THEIR ROLE in talking to their children, having them to adjust their sexual behavior and thus BETTER OUTCOMES WILL RESULT.

You see folks - I am not an unreasonable man. My key frustration with the PROGRESSIVE is that INDEED he wants to PROGRESS - however his view of PROGRESSION is that he is going to work on BEHALF OF HIS PEOPLE rather than WITH HIS PEOPLE. Thus he is going to change the UNJUST SYSTEM and have benefit RAIN DOWN UPON the masses. Ultimately with the playing field adequately graded using the bulldozer that he operates - the masses will prosper - NOT HAVING TO DO MUCH IN THE WAY OF CHANGE THEMSELVES.

At what point - BLACK PEOPLE - do we step back and judge the EFFICACY of this PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM that has dominate control over our political, economic, cultural and social constructs?

What part does the INDIVIDUAL BLACK PERSON play in obtaining a better end? Sure you can tell us all what those who are WEALTHIER THAN YOU - and thus "more fortunate" MUST DO. Add to it the "educated" among us - with regard to REACHING BACK. Why do you assume the INFERIORITY of the poor and uneducated - that they must be in RECEIPT MODE? I thought that Christianity was about GIVING? Isn't this what you say all of the time? WHAT DO YOU ASK OF THE "LESS THAN" and the "IGNORANT" so that we insure that their pursuit of base pleasures of sex and material lust is not the main reason for the PROBLEMS THAT SHOW THEMSELVES IN THESE STATISTICS?

Update And Clarification

Please don't take the passage above as an indication that I support "Abstinence Only Education" as the most effective means of addressing the problems of STDs and Teen Pregnancy. The primary goal of the post was to expose fraud among the actor-vists.

For me I make a clear delineation between PUBLIC SCHOOL and COMMUNITY/FAMILY FORUMS. If logic holds that RELIGION should be kept out of the public school then clearly issues such as sexuality and the indoctrination there is which so frequently violates the religious mores contained there in should be kept out as well.

Nothing is stopping ANY COMMUNITY that is serious about tackling this problem to hold community forums with direct intervention of the PARENTS and COMMUNITY to be as graphic or as conservative as they choose to be. The fact that the SCHOOL is a CONVENIENT COLLECTING PLACE is no more a justification than holding bible study because they all are assembled there.

My position is not a threat to the community health - CONTINUING TO DO AS HAS BEEN DOING IS!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Saga Of Clayton County Schools: The Vote To Revoke Accreditation

AJC Article: Board votes to revoke Clayton schools accreditation

To be honest with you I am surprised that the National Accreditation Commission board voted to move forward in the vote to strip accreditation. I hoped that their initial actions were an attempt to scare the various players into action.

At the same time there are 9 specific actions that must be taken in order to spare the school system from this disastrous fate. From this threat I hope will come new leadership that rules with clarity. They must run a tight ship and keep everyone focused on the primary mission - the education of the more than 50,000 children.

At the same time this is more bad news for Clayton County. My neighboring Fayette County to the south has been receiving an influx of Clayton County residents seeking to escape the drama and foolishness of their northern neighbor If the ax falls I assure you that this will lead to a dramatic exodus from a county that can't afford to be further destabilized.

Yes Clayton County enjoys quite a bit of my attention. It is not out of hatred or meanspirtedness though. I am just tired of the foolishness that is handed to us as the public and amazed that so many people take it, not realizing the long run damage that results in the process. All that I ask is that the community do a better job inspecting the character of the character of the people who come to them asking for their vote. Over the last 5 years the residents of Clayton got drunk off of the notion that their county had "flipped", becoming majority Black and thus "we run things now".

Indeed RACE has been the subtext of much of this drama. Unfortunately where as typically with Black folks it is "those White folks don't want us to have any power" in the case of Clayton County - those who were operating with such an assumption in mind FAILED to inspect those who they put into power. The need is to grab your yolk from its current EXTERNAL positioning (upon White folks) and to bring it INSIDE of your collective body once again. Manage your own business and the rest will take care of itself. Take your eye off of the ball as has been the case in Clayton and you will precipitate greater anguish as those who seek to maintain standards via their certification and accreditation processes will take yours away. On this track a community is "ghettofied". This can't afford to happen in Clayton County. A different end must be MANAGED.

Failed Leftist Policy Under Inspection - Rent Control

Audio Report: Proposition 98 - Eminent Domain and Rent Control
Go to Fri Mar 14 9am report

There are few occasions in which a left winger is brought face to face with the results of their policies over the long run and are forced to defend them. This episode of "The Forum" above provides an excellent opportunity for this to happen. As you can find out for your self if you go to the 37 minute mark in the above audio report - the answer is that they must resort to the same tired tactic to have any hope of continuing.

As background - the debate is about California Proposition 98 and 99 both of which address the problem of eminent domain - the government confiscation of private property for use in other purposes. Traditionally the bulk of eminent domain involved the government taking land for use with government or public purposes. This might be the construction of a new city hall complex or the creation of a new public park or wetland preserve.

The key distinction between these two bills is that Prop 98 focuses on additional incidents of government interference with private property - that of Rent Control laws which define the amount of money that an owner is allowed to charge a renter.

The left leaning guest is opposed to Prop 98. Each time he is asked to defend his position against sound evidence being brought up he is either dismissive of the evidence or, as in the 37 minute mark - he makes us of tired old "racism chasing" or scare tactics to get beyond a debate on the real issues. At the 37 minute mark on the subject of the gentrification of Blacks out of San Francisco EVEN WITH THE EXISTING RENT CONTROLS in place the guest says that the supporters of Prop 98 seek to run Blacks and families out of town so that only rich people will inhabit San Francisco.

Once again Blacks are asked to "assume the position" by a White Supremacist White liberal. We are all assumed to be poor and economic victims. Sadly he knew that the average Black person listening to him "supporting their economic interests" would cheer along with him despite his use of stereotype.

Why is he loathed to answer the question around the exodus of Blacks despite the presence of rent control?

I marvel at people who are so economically confused. These are the people who want "Living wages" as salaries for workers and then a PROFIT CAP on owners and landlords thus resulting in a "maximum salary" for them. The net result of such a flawed economic ideology is that most risk is shifted from the consumer/worker to the owner/employer. When I call these people a net destroyer of jobs and prosperity - THIS is what I am talking about.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Chinese Critical Of US Human Rights Record - Violence & Prison Population

Beijing's report, gathered from a variety of international news sources, lambastes an increase in violent crime in the U.S., saying it poses a serious threat to the lives, liberty and personal security of the American people.

The report concluded the U.S. human rights records is "best described as tattered and shocking."

It cited an FBI report on crime statistics in the U.S. released last year that showed violent crime had increased by 1.9 percent from 2005 to 2006, with 1.41 million cases reported nationwide.

The report also cited news articles that said 30,000 people die in the U.S. from gunshot wounds every year and gun killings have climbed 13 percent since 2002.

It noted the United States has the largest prison system in the world, with the highest inmates-to-population ratio. The report cited police brutality and other instances where law enforcement officials violated civil rights.

China's report also lambasted the U.S. for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In a tit for tat battle between the governments of the USA and China over human rights - China has waged the latest blow. The Chinese point to the large prison population in the USA as proof that our nation is a large violator of human rights. This news would tend to bring cheers and praise to the various anti-Prison Industrial Complex activists. No doubt the report about police brutality and indeed China's criticism about the war in Iraq would bring additional applause from the usual suspects.


Where as prison in and of itself does not prove "Human Rights Violations" - indeed the second point of their criticism - the Street Violence. They noted the amount of people who are shot dead on the street in America each year. This does not include violent assaults.

Where as the prison system in and of itself is not proof of human rights violations and where as the police brutality issue is indeed a GOVERNMENT function which belongs on the report.....the reporting on STREET CRIME is not a "government" problem it is a PEOPLE problem.

The very people who are advocating against the US government from within need to take their complaints directly to the people - having them to stop attacking their fellow citizens and thus reducing the level of violence that appears in this report.

The Chinese might indeed be throwing a bunch of mud at the wall to see which of it will stick but some of the elements of which they speak are not GOVERNMENT in nature. The activist need not receive any particular comfort from this external critique. The people who they advocate for are part and parcel of the problem - not VICTIMS of it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nooow We Hear From Al Sharpton On The "Dunbar Villiage" Gang Rape

Article: Sharpton: Treat black and white teens equally in rape cases

Let me get this straight. After being on "radio silence" about the gang rape by several Black thugs of a BLACK WOMAN in the Dunbar Village Housing Projects in Florida NOW! Al Sharpton has something to say about it when he is able to use it as a REFERENCE for White boys who are on trial for a gang rape.

Just to refresh your memory. The Dunbar Village incident was when up to 6 young Black males held a Black woman and her child hostage at gun point. They proceeded to rape her over a period of several hours. It gets worse - they forced her to perform a sex act on he own child and had her child do likewise to his own mother.


Now we have a case in which several drunken White boys are accused of raping two Black females after these females where partying with them and consuming alcohol. Let me be clear - I am in agreement that NO MAN IS ALLOWED TO VIOLATE A WOMAN even when she is partly liable in that she goes along with the game but stops at a certain point. If these males are indeed found guilty - they should do hard time.

As for Sharpton - it is CLEAR that in referencing the Dunbar Village case that he is LESS INTERESTED in the protection of BLACK PEOPLE when the ASSAILANT IS BLACK......we heard NOTHING FROM HIM about the defense of the woman and her child. He is interested in commenting when there is a cross-racial element to the story and the guilty party is WHITE.

The Black Press - Having Lost Its Way

Right now I have my Tivo on pause. I am watching C-SPAN Book TV from this past weekend. The guest author on "Book TV" is Anthony Lewis, author of the book "Freedom For The Thought That We Hate". Lewis seems to be a lawyer and constitutional scholar. He has been friends with several Supreme Court justices over the years. He professes to be a liberal. He is an expert on the First Amendment. Again - he viewpoint is from the left of center as he has described himself. As a 50 year writer for the New York Times I have little doubt that his left of center credentials are solid.

I paused his words because his words about the responsibility of the American press in scrutinizing its own government, keeping them honest, struck me with regard to what I view the Black press should be doing regarding the people sent out to represent the interests of the Black community. Now let's be clear - there is no "Black government" in the United States as there is a wholly distinct general government for "the national press" to keep track of. At the same time it is clear that there is an ecosystem in which the Black elected official is promoted to represent the "Black Community" and our interests. The Black press was originally crafted to communicate information about the Black community at a time when no "mainstream" press outlet was concerned about us. In this specific way I do believe that the Black press has an obligation to provide such a service to the Black community. They need to be separate and distinct from the Black elected official. They can never forget that they are working on behalf of the Black community, as should the Black elected official from a majority Black district should be. Thus the Black Press has a duty to scrutinize the effectiveness of the Black elected official - or an official of any race who has a position of power over our community.

The statement that struck me the most from Anthony Lewis was: "It is the press' duty to tell the truth, not to be patriotic". This was his reference to the disposition between the press and the national government. Indeed while the vast majority of the members of the press are loyal Americans....THEIR to work on behalf of the American public, providing needed scrutiny to the actions of their government. Again - "the people" not "the politicians" must be underscored.

When I heard the above passage I could not help but to apply this concept to the Black Press. It is my opinion that many of the operatives within this segment of the media have lost their way. They have allowed their personal and organizational bias to cloud the main purpose of their mission - To Protect The Interests of THE BLACK COMMUNITY. This includes going up against BLACK ELECTED OFFICIALS when and if they are working counter to the community's interests.

The problem is, as I see it, is that most of these operatives within the Black press are personally and organizationally bound to the very same view point, ideology and methodology of these said elected officials representing these communities. Thus they take the role of advocates and press agents on behalf of, rather than dispassionate observers, providing MEASUREMENT of the progression that has been made per the PROMISES of these said officials.

Let's be clear - the roots of the Black press had them to serve a particular role. When the entire outer society was against our interests - it was understandable that the press and the community leadership would be on the same page at nearly everything that they did. They could not afford to be at odds with each other being that there was a greater unifying antagonist that stood to destroy or suppress both of them.

I make the case, however, that in 2008 we have too many Black elected officials and/or officials of OUR OWN CHOOSING in general presiding over our communities and our interests to afford to have this same orientation today. In summary "Sheriff Bull Connor and Jim Clark" are likely BLACK in 2008, having assumed the elected seats that these two racist White men once held. Though their race has changed, the POWER over our community that the seat wields has not!

Logic holds that if indeed it was worthy for the Black press and the press in general to scrutinize the actions of these people of the past because they held power and authority over the community......indeed so is the need for this to be done today. The key difference, however, is the needed "parting of ways" between the Black Elected official and the Black Press now that these advancements have been made. In fact IF the Black press fails to change and thus work to keep the officials of all races and political backgrounds that preside over our communities in line with their promises and statutory obligations - it is the Black Community that sustains material harm due to the failure of the Black press to do its JOB!

Sadly today - in the Black community - we have too much pride over "Black Headcount" than we do regarding the EFFECTIVENESS that this increase in Black, mostly Democratic elected officialdom will contribute to our cause. The recent resignation of the governor of New York with news that his replacement would be a Black man drew applause from the Black Democrats that I have talked to. When I asked if they knew specifically how this man would EFFECTIVELY benefit the Black community their exuberance did not have them to present a justifiable answer. We already have an array of Black elected officials - some 10,000 at last count (16,000 depending on who you include in the count). Certain it would be the subject of serious debate regarding how their presence alone has translated into the "Best Interests" of the Black community being advanced. The truth of the matter is that some are strong and are the "right person for the job" as well as some are duds and the community should learn from its mistake - just as with White politicians. Thus, for me, it is not about race in choosing a representative - it is primarily about rationale, policies and a proven track record on EFFECTIVENESS that matters the most.

We need the Black Press to focus back upon exposing and expressing THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY, even if it means going up against BLACK ELECTED OFFICIALS to do so. The COMMUNITY is more important than the POLITICIAN. He or she can be replaced, recalled, redirected - with the appropriate forces directing the way forward.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Obama - I Don't Know Him But I Know Those Who He Attracts

Sometimes the best way to get to know someone that you don't know otherwise is to consider the type of people that are attracted to the light that he shines. For Barack Obama it is clear that the people most inclined to be my ideological adversaries see him in a favorable light. This is all that I need to know to establish my unfavorable view of his policies.

For me it was enough that Ted Kennedy, a extreme left wing liberal politician who, in my view, is a direct threat to any Black community seeking to grow stronger by focusing solutions to our problems upon our backs, requiring those seeking "salvation" to be the main players in their own reforms. Kennedy and politicians who think like him will always insert themselves as the middle men in this process and thus will never allow the people to be free, building up from within without these external dependencies. I say this to show that I am not just calling names or attacking my ideological adversaries. There is measurable, long term damage that is being put upon my people. I can't support a agent of Ted Kennedy either.

This bumper sticker laced car that I saw parked at the Atlanta Airport yesterday on the way home motivated me to park my car and get my camera phone out to record these pictures.

I have little doubt that the "snot nosed liberal" who owns this vehicle seems contented that his views that have been reduced to "bumper sticker phrases" are fully descriptive of why "his side" is right and correct for America.

Clean air!
This is a good one.
I recently saw that the state of Texas is now one of the biggest polluting states in the nation. This is further proof in the minds of the left wing environmentalists that indeed Texas is behind the times and governed by "the oil lobby", among other dastardly figures. BUT WAIT! Recall that while Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, New York and Michigan are cleaner today than they were in the 1960 - a significant reason for this is because A LARGE PORTION OF THEIR FACTORIES ARE SHUT DOWN NOW! Recall that the city of Pittsburgh, for example, once the heart of the steel industry where the hearths once light up the night sky with the flames of molten steel from its 24//7 operations - was also once a polluted city. Its three rivers had been dirty from the discharges of the factories; its buildings were covered with soot. Today all of these areas are cleaner than they have been in years.

Texas on the other had has been an engine for job growth over the past few decades. Where as Ohio and Michigan have a net negative job creation rate, Texas has a 5 digit net job creation surplus during this same interval. One thing that certain people don't seem to get is that in the world of economics - there are nearly always important trade offs. For certain people cursed with "intellectual superiority" they believe that they can have the best of both. In truth many of the regulations that this Democrat is pointing to have driven the jobs away and thus the "clean air" is a consequence of LACK OF ECONOMIC ACTIVITY that would otherwise contribute to the pollution that he is proudly promoting.

This bumper sticker is closely related to the last one.

It is great that this Democratic loyalist is proudly touting the "Federal surplus" that was had during the time of governance of Bill Clinton. This is not the key point of challenge though.

What we need to do is to measure the MEANS by which the surplus was created against this person's likely ideological proclivities. You see - this person would like us to believe that this surplus was created by SUPERIOR GOVERNANCE as executed by Clinton and the Democrats. In truth - this surplus was a direct result of the actions on Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

Where as today - George Bush gets blamed for FAILING to properly regulate the antics of the MORTGAGE INDUSTRY and thus we have significant economic damage that is threatening to take our economy into recession......these same people are also willing to make the case that in the late 1990's the economic growth and subsequent bubble was a result of the weakening of the Glass-Steagall Act which limited the creation of mega-banks that were one stop shops for all types of financial services. Those who I have debated pointed to the Congressional Republicans who ran the nation at the time for removing such protections and thus leading to the investment meltdown.

So there we have it. The surplus, which was the result of the increase in federal collections during a specific time interval was proof that Clinton was a "good guy". The financial hi jinx that took place in the way of IPOs, Venture Capital which often times funded new companies that never should have seen the light of day which also set the foundation for these increased tax flows, employment numbers and productivity increases are seemingly DETACHED from this person's analysis.

It is this simple and mindless "good guy", "bad guy" crap that proves most disturbing to me. For some people, both Democrat and Republican their goal is to do as I had reported last week from the caller into the Black radio show - propagate the message to their brothern - "Vote for the Democrats/Republicans and this alone will insure your economic success".

When this message is reduced to quick "bumper sticker" messages - all is lost.

Now I plan to keep my camera phone active so that I can snap a picture of the lady that I saw the other day. She was an Obama supporter with the bumper sticker "Got Hope?". While I do believe that "hope" is an important means of getting through your current struggle I certainly don't look toward ONE MAN nor a POLITICIAN to provide me with the "hope" that I use to guide me.

Monday, March 10, 2008

So NOW Black Democrats Are Against "Revoting"?

Oh November 2000 was a grand time in Florida, USA. If you allow some people to tell it the election was CORRUPTED by the evil Republicans who were in the governor's office. These dastardly Republicans who served on a bi-partisan election commission were able to fraudulently manipulate the election at every point and thus throw the election in Florida in evil Bush's favor.

I recall, however, that there were many calls for a REVOTE!!! Since the current process was tainted and since so many voters were DISENFRANCHISED!....the only just think to do in a DEMOCRACY was to ERROR ON THE SIDE OF "LETTING THE PEOPLE'S VOICES BE HEARD!!!"

It was time for a REVOTE - thus was said by many a Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser. With the benefit of having the results known they were sure to turn over every stone and get every single Black person they know to show up to the polls on the revote.

It is funny how these same CORE PRINCIPALS of "LET EVERY MAN'S VOICE BE HEARD, REGARDLESS OF THE COST" get compromised and perverted WHEN THE OUTCOME OF DOING SO THREATENS their intended goals. You see - if there is a revote in Michigan and Florida - there is a strong chance that Hillary Clinton will be victorious and thus this would shatter any notion of their hero, Barack Obama entering the Democratic Party National convention with a lead in elected delegates and thus being able to draw upon the Super Delegates to VOTE AS THE VOTERS HAVE DONE!

I must also remind you that in 2000 the call was for the purge of the Electoral College and to go off of a simple POPULAR VOTE! After all Al Gore had won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College. Since they are making it up as they go along - their call was that the EC was UN-DEMOCRATIC and should be retired. Fast forward to 2004. Once again Evil George Bush stood before DEMOCRACY ITSELF and again sabotaged the vote - if you allow them to tell it that is. This time evil Bush had the popular votes over the "Black man's popular candidate" from the "Black man's party" BUT if they could TIP OHIO they could win the presidency. Note that THIS TIME the Electoral College WAS THEIR FRIEND. Screw the popular vote! They were going to get their victory using the E.C. Oh how great and thoughtful old Thomas Jefferson and the boys were for implementing this system called the Electoral College.

When John Kerry decided to concede the race too soon for Jesse Jackson - Jackson who wanted John Kerry to win MORE THAN JOHN KERRY WANTED TO WIN called upon Kerry to retract his decision to yield because OHIO WAS STOLEN. It was interesting to hear even left wing sources in Ohio note that their ideological soulmates were blowing smoke. Unfortunately as I was driving to Montgomery AL listening to the morning Black talkshows on the issue - what I had thought was a rebuke of the faulty assumptions held by the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser establishment was diluted for indeed OHIO WAS STOLEN.

I learned the power of the CONSPIRACY to settle the mind of those who are inclined to believe CT's, allowing them to span the gaps in their understanding, piecing together their understanding of things that were formerly not understood. You see when you LOSE - you are forced to do INTROSPECTION. The masses did not believe as you believed. YOU were the one out of touch.

However - when you were walking down the street, minding you own business, doing the RIGHT THING and then someone comes up behind you and CLUBS YOU UP SIDE YOUR HEAD AND STEALS YOUR SHIT!.....there is no need for YOU TO CHANGE. You did everything CORRECT. It was the other slime ball who was in the WRONG. You must using your advocacy to GO AFTER HIM AND FORCE HIM TO CHANGE HIS WAYS. You are alright.

And of course 2 years later when the Democrats won in 2006 - all was well in the BQPFRC. All of a sudden their scrutiny of the elections process made for no CHEATING. All was well.

And so it goes but "only in America" among some people.

Rapper "The Game" Gets Out of Jail In 8 Days On A 60 Day Sentence - And Those Who Feigned Outrage At "Paris Hilton" Said What???

Rapper The Game Is Released From Jail
LOS ANGELES — The Game is back in play. Los Angeles County sheriff's records show that the rapper was released from jail just before midnight on Sunday after serving just eight days of a 60 day sentence.

The 28-year-old entertainer — whose real name is Jayceon Taylor — turned himself in March 2nd at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility.

He was convicted last month of possession of a firearm in a school zone after being accused of pulling a gun on a player from an opposing team during a pickup game at a South Los Angeles school nearly a year ago.

The Game's lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley didn't immediately return a phone message left seeking details about her client's early release.

Black vs Latino Hate Crimes In Los Angeles

LA Times: Boy, 6, shot in head in Harbor Gateway area

"This place has no laws," he said. The police "never come to protect. They come to collect the dead."
The East Side Torrance and 204th Street gangs are longtime rivals. But they also are known for preying on black residents.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Two Notable Comments By "Democrats Who Are Black"

I have been busier than ever and thus have not been able to keep up with my "Black Media Monitoring" as I had been. Yes I still make several recordings daily but I have not gone through them according to my usual schedule.

This week, however, I heard two comments from "Democrats That Are Black" (as opposed to Black Democrats) that proved to be very interesting and disturbing.

On Thursday as I listened live to a Black themed talkshow on Atlanta's WAOK AM I heard a female caller make the statement that "Anyone who votes for a Republican after George Bush is brain dead". I have no problem with her expressing her point. I will also agree that Bush has done many things that would lead anyone with a measure of honesty to fundamentally question some of his moves. BUT since I am inspecting all of these comments from the perspective of the "Black Community" I was left puzzled by this woman's comments.

I pray for the day when more of my brothers and sisters in the Black community who are quick to scrutinize any Republican will find it in their framework of intellectual honesty to do the same about the politicians that are of their own choosing and in closer proximity to them.

For me it is clear that many Black folks see the flaws in a Republican and will say "ALL Republicans need to be purged - look at what they have done". When it comes to their beloved Democrats, however, you can have an entire machine of them stinking up the place and yet the biased Democrat who is Black will say "THAT ONE DEMOCRAT" needs to go, for he has failed. That is IF we can get them to admit this failure. Typically as long as a politician faithfully follows the operatives ideology and agenda - any FAILURE will be blamed upon the system, racism or some external force.

Where is the critical analysis upon the machine that dominates Black America? In cities such as Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore and St Louis there is barely a whimper of Republican opposition in town to even think about blaming them. Despite the degraded states of many of these cities - all is silent on the front when it comes to critical inspection of the EFFECTIVENESS of these regimes that dominate.

The second outburst of ignorance happened on the day after the first one. A "Democrat Who Is Black" made the case that REGARDLESS of if Hillary Clinton "steals" the nomination from Barack Obama - having a Democrat in the White House is far better for Black people than what any Republican will do for Black people.

He went on to tell the radio audience that under Republicans - the price of gasoline is high, the cost of bread is high because of wheat prices that have been manipulated by Republicans, he said that the dollar is weak and that unemployment is high.

As he and the host dissected the price of bread - I did not hear the concepts of "wheat is a commodity" that is traded on the GLOBAL market. I did not hear about "the commodity futures market". They only made the case that the high fuel prices are the reason why wheat is high.

The truth is that wheat is high because GLOBAL DEMAND for wheat exceeds the supply of wheat. With it being a commodity the market bids up the price that is willing to be paid for this commodity sometime in the future.

For this particular caller it was simple. "Democrats = Good Tidings for Black people".

If only he had seen reality. With the record commodity prices - why didn't he mention anything about Black farmers who should be seeking profits by planting more of these crops. Upon adding to the supply this will reduce the prices as the gap between supply and demand is narrowed. All the while the higher profits could make their way into the pockets of the employees that work the land. These prices better insure that there is more money to go around.

INSTEAD the "Democrat who is Black" is nearly a pure consumer. They focus on their perspective of prices at the grocery store but never how they could address some of the pressing problems in their community - employment, productivity, wealth creation - by becoming active in other areas of the market besides consumption.

It is my view that some people profit from the continued ignorance that is rampant throughout our community and our country in general. As long as their ideological perspective is advanced - they care little else about the truth and accuracy of their claims.