They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Brilliant Move Blogo - Brilliant!!!

Blagojevich Names Burris to Fill Obama's Vacant Senate Seat

Brilliant move Blago!
You are not as dumb as you look. (You know with the hair style and all....)

Let me frame it for those who are a bit slow.

What can an embattled Democrat do to insure that the national Democrats don't actually stick to their ground that they will NOT certify the choice of the corrupt Democratic governor of Illinois who was caught red handed trying to SELL THE SEAT TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER?? 

Easy: Promote a member of a PROTECTED CLASS and thus draw out the support of people who care more about their SPECIAL INTEREST than they do about INTEGRITY.

Had Balgo found a way to dig up former Senator Paul Simon, resuscitate him and nominate him as a WHITE MALE DEMOCRAT for the seat - our good ole Black Panther buddy would not be SUPPORTING the governor who is on the verge of indictment but would instead be QUESTIONING his CREDIBILITY in doing so.

Similarly if Clarence Thomas' brother who would be a Black guy - meeting the qualifications for Bobby Rush but NOT A DEMOCRAT....Rush would again have held a press conference attacking both the governor and his choice.

But oh Blogo - you dirty dog. You are more skilled that I had once figured you to be.

With a Black guy Democrat as your choice you have gracefully jammed up the machine that was lined up against you and the instantly tainted nominee that you were to put forth.

Let's be clear - If Blago had nominated ANYONE who was
NOT from a "Protected Class" this person's nomination would have been D.O.A.

Now you have the situation where the Illinois Democratic Party (and a Black secretary of state at that) will have to follow through on their promise to REJECT anyone who Blago puts forth for the Senate.

Having gotten out of Illinois - this person was to be refused by the US Senate.

Now that a member of the protected class has been nominated by the corrupt Democrat - all bets are off.

Furthermore if Barack Obama does speak up and say "I like this nominee" his party mates will also back off of the nominee despite their original promises.

Aren't politics and ethics policies wonderful?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Income Distribution By Race: "If White Folks Did Not Oppress Us"


Why post this information?

My motivation is simple. If you talk with certain Black people they will base their current ideological disposition on the history of racial oppression by White folks upon Blacks. If White folks did not historically oppress Black people in America then the income of Black people would not be so low. Likewise, in my view, they justify their behavior for "voting against their own permanent interests" because they are working to counter the White establishment who have control of their interests due to this long history of oppression.

The purpose of the presentation of this data is to shift this conversation from the perceived wealth and power by White America over toward a more empirical analysis of where they stand. Yes indeed there are powerful & rich White people with power to manipulate the lives and economic interests of Black people. It is also equally true that there are a lot of poor White folks who are subject to the same whims of the controlling interests.

It is my opinion that their viewpoint is lost within their own problems. If allowed to talk exclusively one would swear that all Whites were upper middle class while Blacks were trailing far behind. This is simply not the case.

The bottom line of it all is that this unrealistic and pessimistic view of the income state of Black America feeds their grievance based political activism. The redistributive policies that they are inclined to support feed from their perceptions that "a brother can't get ahead today because things are stacked against us". Thus the government intervention policies are needed lest we all become farm workers once again as Black folks.


Keeping in mind that Black people are only 13% of the population of the United States at this point in time - it is important to translate the above table into actual numbers.

The bottom line perspective is that there are more White people in America than Black and thus this translates into more people in the given income bands. Yes the "over 100K' band shows a higher percentage of White people. If there is a point of validity to the argument that I am commenting upon it found in this particular band. The entrenchment of the"White control" in the system of power affords them a bit of gravitational pull in regards to directing their children toward academic experiences and career channels that prove to be more lucrative for these future generations. There will always be some benefit from being the majority.



Total Families



Income Bands (2006)

(families in thousands)
(families in thousands)

25K – 34K

10,701 families

1,937 families

50K – 75K

11,175 families

2,181 families

Over 100K

19,130 families

1,306 families

In summary certain people's time and activism is better spent on fortifying their own community's competitive position via ORGANIC mechanism rather than focused purely on grievance based strategies which demand that the government intervene to offer "opportunity" to the protected class.

In the year 2008 the outcomes that are shown above are defined by the time and peer pressure forces that bear upon our young people in channeling them in a given way than by systematic oppression of the past. As a minority group we have a unique opportunity to "circle the wagons", focus on developing a more organic strategy, and then leverage this strategy for gains by the group which is more focused and disciplined toward a specific outcome.

The pie graphs up above show that the "wealthy slice" from the Whites are compensated for by the size of the "poor class" in the Black chart. Anyone who following this blog will know my opinion on this matter: the defacto economic standard of man is poverty. Wealth is created via some active form of processing by man. Wealth is created by the existence of a system that creates wealth and one's relative position within this system.

Those who seek to change the position of their collective interest group are far better if they focus on more organic, enduring and comprehensive solutions than through government regulation that create unnatural outcomes but for that given policy. The outcomes will likewise be tentative and contextual.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tough Economic Times Bring Forth A Child Care Crisis

Washington Post: Squeezed on All Sides, Parents Forgo Day Care

"Minorities Crashed The Mortgage Market" - As Long As Bush Is Blamed This Is Accepted

AJC: Park Place South, once touted by President Bush, has left some first-time buyers struggling

NY Times: White House Philosophy Stoked Mortgage Bonfire

Another week goes by. Another story about the involvement of "minorities" in the mortgage meltdown.

Anyone engaged in politics and the ideological/partisan proxy fight on race and class will know that there have been volleys fired back and forth regarding the precipitating factors of this meltdown.

One popular charge is that "subprime mortgages" are the central cause of the collapse. People who should not have been allowed to purchase houses in the first place were given a "subprime" loan. When the market conditions changed they were not able to afford to pay their mortgage and thus we have the glut of foreclosures. They further say that the "Community Reinvestment Act" was a government arm twist upon banks to force them to make bad loans. These charges have been tied to conservatives/Republicans. Many in the left leaning press make the case that racism against Black folks are behind these charges.

The fact is that a "subprime" loan is not necessarily a loan for a low priced house in the ghetto. A subprime loan could be written on a $600,000 house. A subprime loan is defined by the terms associated with it - namely the interest rate - rather than the principle amount. Thus the attempt to like it to the poor don't stand.

Secondly the C.R.A. is but a distinct portion of the "subprime" mortgage market. Thus both sides of the debate get it wrong here. Having defined the relatively small imprint of the C.R.A. those on the defense against the charges from the conservatives believe they have dismissed of the cricisms. This is not the case. Beyond the C.R.A. driven loans is the general drive to be responsive to the criticisms about the "lack of access to capital". The charge of RACISM frequently stated as the motivating cause of this condition. Groups such as ACORN have feed the flames on this issue.

All of this brings me to the main point of this post.

If you consider the two articles above - both focus on the impact of the current housing situation on minorities. They both basically accept the charge that many people have taken offense to when "the conservatives" have lobbed it. They redirect the charge, focusing on the hand that the Bush Administration had upon the drive toward expanded home ownership. Having successfully "Blamed Bush" - they successfully place the focus upon the minority housing market but they cast the minorities as VICTIMS......pawns in the game of a greater systematic scheme.

The New York Times and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution rely on this conjunction as a pretext for their willingness to run the story.  (What a surprise - I also see that the vernable Huffington Post" is also carrying the NY Times story about Bush).    If this real world narriative was about the Black "house flippers" who eroded the integrity of the housing market in certain marque Black communities in Atlanta - you would not see such a tale detailed for pure referential purposes.  To be clear - Yes the AJC ran stories related to the criminal prosecution of several individuals who instigated these schemes.  I am awaiting their follow up story where they attempt to tie at all together.

From the New York Times we see:

Eight years after arriving in Washington vowing to spread the dream of homeownership, Mr. Bush is leaving office, as he himself said recently, “faced with the prospect of a global meltdown” with roots in the housing sector he so ardently championed.

There are plenty of culprits, like lenders who peddled easy credit, consumers who took on mortgages they could not afford and Wall Street chieftains who loaded up on mortgage-backed securities without regard to the risk.

From his earliest days in office, Mr. Bush paired his belief that Americans do best when they own their own home with his conviction that markets do best when let alone.

He pushed hard to expand homeownership, especially among minorities, an initiative that dovetailed with his ambition to expand the Republican tent — and with the business interests of some of his biggest donors. But his housing policies and hands-off approach to regulation encouraged lax lending standards.

Excuse me NYTimes - you forgot to mention anything about the Mortgage brokers who wouldn't vote for a Republican to save their own lives who received commission checks after the closin.  In addition the subset of homeowners who were COMPLICIT in doctoring the paperwork so that their financial position looked better than it actually was, in support of their approval for the loan.  As long as minorities were VICTIMIZED - the NYTimes is content with its narriative.

As early as 2006, top advisers to Mr. Bush dismissed warnings from people inside and outside the White House that housing prices were inflated and that a foreclosure crisis was looming. And when the economy deteriorated, Mr. Bush and his team misdiagnosed the reasons and scope of the downturn; as recently as February, for example, Mr. Bush was still calling it a “rough patch.”

The result was a series of piecemeal policy prescriptions that lagged behind the escalating crisis.

“There is no question we did not recognize the severity of the problems,” said Al Hubbard, Mr. Bush’s former chief economics adviser, who left the White House in December 2007. “Had we, we would have attacked them.”

So let us review.  The policy was targeted at expanding the home ownership for minorities.   Bush used his bully pulpit to steer the minds of the market a certain way.  They liberalized the loan terms.  More junk paper was allowed to enter the market.  The secondary market purchased this bad paper.  The infection spread globally.  The entire financial market crashed.

Does he New York times or AJC mention that this plan to "expand the reach of credit" is a position that various "social justice" advocates have been clamouring for for years?   Bush was the one president who was foolish enough to allow it to happen absent the massive injection of government funds.  In this case expecting "the market" to scale beyond the point which made business sense effectively compromised the market.

It was June 17, 2002, a day Mr. West recalls as “the highlight of my life.” Mr. Bush, in Atlanta to unveil a plan to increase the number of minority homeowners by 5.5 million, was touring Park Place South, a development of starter homes in a neighborhood once marked by blight and crime.

Mr. West had patrolled there as a police officer, and now he was the proud owner of a $130,000 town house, bought with an adjustable-rate mortgage and a $20,000 government loan as his down payment — just the sort of creative public-private financing Mr. Bush was promoting.

“Part of economic security,” Mr. Bush declared that day, “is owning your own home.”
A lot has changed since then. Mr. West, beset by personal problems, left Atlanta. Unable to sell his home for what he owed, he said, he gave it back to the bank last year. Like other communities across America, Park Place South has been hit with a foreclosure crisis affecting at least 10 percent of its 232 homes, according to Masharn Wilson, a developer who led Mr. Bush’s tour.

“I just don’t think what he envisioned was actually carried out,” she said.

Is it just me or is there an unspoken statement about "irresponsible Black people" who were used as pawns in Bush's big scheme within this tale as spoken by the NY Times?  "Bush should have been more responsible....he should have known how these people were with their money and life's drama".

But here come the "racist Republicans" who scrutinized the plan:

Concerned that down payments were a barrier, Mr. Bush persuaded Congress to spend up to $200 million a year to help first-time buyers with down payments and closing costs.

And he pushed to allow first-time buyers to qualify for federally insured mortgages with no money down. Republican Congressional leaders and some housing advocates balked, arguing that homeowners with no stake in their investments would be more prone to walk away, as Mr. West did. Many economic experts, including some in the White House, now share that view.

Did anyone note that these same "Racist Republicans" are pushing back on Bush and the Democrats when it came to the Financial Bailout bill and the Big 3 Auto bailout? They are vilified on the front end of the debate per their MOTIVATIONS.   The same is the case right here.

Once again we have the issue of "Subprime Loans" in the NY Times piece.  Were they responsible for the meltdown or weren't they?

Brian Montgomery, the Federal Housing Administration commissioner, understood the significance. His agency insures home loans, traditionally for the same low-income minority borrowers Mr. Bush wanted to help. When he arrived in June 2005, he was shocked to find those customers had been lured away by the “fool’s gold” of subprime loans. The Ameriquest settlement, he said, reinforced his concern that the industry was exploiting borrowers.

In December 2005, Mr. Montgomery drafted a memo and brought it to the White House. “I don’t think this is what the president had in mind here,” he recalled telling Ryan Streeter, then the president’s chief housing policy analyst.

It was an opportunity to address the risky subprime lending practices head on. But that was never seriously discussed. More senior aides, like Karl Rove, Mr. Bush’s chief political strategist, were wary of overly regulating an industry that, Mr. Rove said in an interview, provided “a valuable service to people who could not otherwise get credit.” While he had some concerns about the industry’s practices, he said, “it did provide an opportunity for people, a lot of whom are still in their houses today.”

The White House pursued a narrower plan offered by Mr. Montgomery that would have allowed the F.H.A. to loosen standards so it could lure back subprime borrowers by insuring similar, but safer, loans. It passed the House but died in the Senate, where Republican senators feared that the agency would merely be mimicking the private sector’s risky practices — a view Mr. Rove said he shared.


A soft-spoken Texan, Mr. Falcon ran the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, a tiny government agency that oversaw Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two pillars of the American housing industry. In February 2003, he was finishing a block.

Mr. Falcon’s report outlined a worst-case situation in which Fannie and Freddie could default on debt, setting off “contagious illiquidity in the market” — in other words, a financial meltdown. He also raised red flags about the companies’ soaring use of derivatives, the complex financial instruments that economic experts now blame for spreading the housing collapse.buster report that warned the pillars could crumble.
At the time, Fannie and Freddie were allies in the president’s quest to drive up homeownership rates; Franklin D. Raines, then Fannie’s chief executive, has fond memories of visiting Mr. Bush in the Oval Office and flying aboard Air Force One to a housing event. “They loved us,” he said.

So when Mr. Falcon refused to deep-six his report, Mr. Raines took his complaints to top Treasury officials and the White House. “I’m going to do what I need to do to defend my company and my position,” Mr. Raines told Mr. Falcon.

Days later, as Mr. Falcon was in New York preparing to deliver a speech about his findings, his cellphone rang. It was the White House personnel office, he said, telling him he was about to be unemployed.

His warnings were buried in the next day’s news coverage, trumped by the White House announcement that Mr. Bush would replace Mr. Falcon, a Democrat appointed by Bill Clinton, with Mark C. Brickell, a leader in the derivatives industry that Mr. Falcon’s report had flagged.

No mention by the New York Times about the attempts by the Democrats in Congress to defend Mr. Raines from Congressional oversight attempts by Chris Shays, Republican and others. In fact members of the Congressional Black Caucus injected questions of racist intent behind the inquisition of Mr. Raines.


In a speech to the Economic Club of New York in March 2008, he cautioned against Washington’s temptation “to say that anything short of a massive government intervention in the housing market amounts to inaction,” adding that government action could make it harder for the markets to recover.

Ironically you were right here. You have since vacated this position and taken the totally opposite course.  Japan's economic crisis was prolonged because the government intervention that their policy makers orchestrated.  They sought to avoid a short term crash and instead extended it into a long term malase. 

Hurricane Katrina Recovery - Louisiana, When Mississippi Makes You Look Bad It Is Time To Reevaluate What You Are Doing

O'Dell: Katrina recovery gaining traction

The Government Accountability Office, in a report released Thursday, said while Louisiana and Mississippi stand to receive the vast majority of the more than $11 billion in infrastructure funds through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, only about half their share had made it to the local level.
Reasons cited include reimbursement processes; difficulties sharing information, developing projects and making final decisions on those; and the sheer scope of work to be done.

The report found contrasts in states: while an online accounting system allowed for information sharing in Mississippi, there were stories in Louisiana of repeated needs to resubmit estimates, receipts and invoices.

One of O'Dell's jobs has been trying to find ways to move money more quickly. After Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal took office in January, officials there pledged their own system revamp to do just that.

The city of New Orleans claims hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure work is completed, under way or planned, with hundreds of millions more lined up for efforts aimed at shoring-up the city's economy and neighborhood-level rebuilding. Its recovery office says the first signs of the bureaucratic logjam clearing was earlier this year.

Judge casts ruling on the Gretna Bridge blockade

60 Minutes' Review Over The Bridge Controversy

My personal opinion on the bridge issue:

It was a callous decision to not allow storm evacuees to cross over the bridge into safety. I don't think that a lawsuit after the fact is justified. This and other pieces of evidence point to an area of known flood risks that did not have it's act together to the detriment of the lives of hundreds and the livelihood of hundreds of thousands.

Certain operatives are stoking RACIAL and IDEOLOGICAL animous with their selective focus (ie: The Nation Magazine, Spike Lee). What they need to be focused on in one key fact:

The plight of the people of New Orleans - Post Katrina and Post Gustav is an issue of FLOOD ZONE ZONING POLICIES THAT PROVE FATAL AND DESTRUCTIVE. The great harm that poor, dependent people are placed within when such policies place them in harms way of 3 powerful bodies of water while living below sea level protected by man made barriers.

Most other debates are founded upon this fact.  Most arguments are nothing more than "proxy fights" in support of the RACIAL, CLASS BASED, and REGIONAL fights that are going on within this country.  Hurricane Katrina simply gave certain operatives a venue to express their bigotry on the matter - pro and con.

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Focus Concepts For 2009

Once again, my people.  It is time for that annual event in which I promote a few key concepts upon which I will focus upon for the new year.

A detailed overview of my prior Focus Concepts for 2008, 2007 can be found right here.

In list form they were:
  • Proportionality 
  • Effectiveness
  • Popularity
  • Non-White White Supremacy
  • Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser
  • I Don't Feel Enriched As A Black Man By RELATING To YOUR DEPRESSION As A Condition Of My Blackness
  • Organicism
  • Comprehensiveness

As the year 2009 dawns many people from witin the Black community are giddy about the dawn of a new day that will occur in Washington DC and who's light will spread throughout the nation - if they are allowed to give the narrative that is.  Retiring from power will be the central antagonist to their agenda.   Replacing this negative element in their force field will be the brightest ray of light that has come their way since they begain dreaming.

I would be remiss if I did not key upon this changed fortune as perceived by the Black community.  

Thus my first "focus word" for 2009 is:

PRIME - or those of you who took calculus in college know that "prime" is "the rate of change in some variable over time".  

I am drawn to this word "prime" because of the perceived avoidance by some people who I have debated on the issue to actually define what this "change" is, the form that it will take and most to actually MEASURE it to determine if it was delivered to us accordingling in substantivie portions for it to be meaningful and worth the effort that has been expressed by some to obtain it.

The use of arbitrary judgments within the Black community must end if we are to ever promote a platform of effective policies that move us closer to our end-goal.  That which is popular is not always that which is most effective at moving us closer to this end.

I struggle to understand the unwillingness of some people to commit to a framework of measure.  

In the best case their assumptions will be affirmed and a greater measure of credibility will be afforded to their efforts.  Those who are critical of this vetted strategy will lose credibility in their empty attack.

In the worst case those items that don't past scrutiny after having found to be in-effective will logically be dropped from the platform lets they continue to weigh us down.  We can't afford any more "sacared cows" which are hold overs from a prior set of circumstances.

The concept of "Prime" is but one more tool in the tool kit which seeks to bring focus upon the actions of our community.  This is fully in line with my previous words:
  • Effectiveness
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Organicism
The primary people who will have problem with these tools are those who rely upon undisciplined, unfocused and heavily emotionally driven antics to draw upon people's sentiments.  Instead these are management tools that allow the masses to focus and discriminate between effective policy and that which is not.

If we are going to measure the rate of "change" it stands to reason that we need to measure the starting point which will be used as a reference.  Thus in the next several days that I have for my own time I will set out to document the key measures related to the prime interests of the Black community.

The main categories are:
  • Education
  • Public Safety
  • Economics
  • Health
Some may be dismissive of my framework because they see me as a partisan or ideologue.  If I lay out all of my cards onto the table and commit to an open source process - what about my ideological biases trumps those who are not even willing to document their own methods for settling upon the thoughts and priorities that they are bound to?

The "Progressive" Choices Of The Black Community. When Will The "Collateralized Debt Obligation" Become Due

Instead of getting into the practice of "video blogging" as a means of expressing my view beyond the written form -  I have chosen to spend this down time during the holiday season to commit some of the compontentized concept that I have in the back of my mind onto paper.

The above construct is the first of several to come.
As I have my inevitable holiday discussion with friends and loved ones regarding politics and the perceived PROGRESSION of Black Interests per the incoming "First Black Guy and First Lady" I realize the importance of plotting the course heading and current GPS position of Black folks as a vital reality check.  Absent this coordinate information those who have had free reign to sculpt the message.....despite what our eyes tell us otherwise....will continue to do so.

I return to my anchor before I proceed with my argument:

  1. Safe Communities - where we can build up human bonds with each other
  2. Effective Education - to instruct our young people on how to assume the roles of leadership within our communities
  3. Thriving Local Economies - where our people's trade with each other produces jobs, markets for exchange of goods & services and a medium for the expression of our talents
  4. Healthy Lifestyles - where our people can live long, healthy, pain/disease free lives
  5. A Preference For Comprehensive & Enduring Solutions - to operate as a filter upon ideas that might be POPULAR but which ultimately fail to bring our community closer to its end goals
  6. A Preference For Organic Solutions - the acknowledgement that the best solutions tap our own innate qualifications rather than relying upon our "membership" in nation that we happen to reside in as a birth rite to certain resources and entitlements
Some people in our community would rather not have this conversation which attempts to apply some measure of accountability for the popular course of action that we have taken.  

Instead they would prefer to detail why their ideological adversaries have failed to win their support and what this ADVERSARY must do to change before they'd even consider going their way.

The 3,000 lb pink gorilla that is left in the room as they maintain control over the conversation is the all important conversation and question about how:

The Black community, more than any other community that you could point to in America, is dominated by a single political and ideological machine based on the people's own POPULAR choosing.

Those who seek to defend the machine above their commitment to the expressed "permanent interests" of our group will tend to obfuscate this fact.  They will point to our unique experiences as "Slaves In America".  In their minds the power of the "White man's whip" from 140 years ago are more powerful than the forces of order and direction in our community today that are present today which fail to sculpt our course toward any particular outcome that might be different from this past.  Since they in turn achieve so much of their power from and unity of the Black community by referencing this past - it is unlikely that fundamental change is going to be presented BY this machine which is in power.

 So many of the cliches about power and government appear to be reserved for White controlled governments and corporations in the minds of many Black folks:

  • Power only yields to equal and opposite power
  • Absolute power is corrupt absolutely

Add to this list the following long sought after notions that came from Black activists and we see that there is a big problem that is present within:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Diversity of Though

I am here to promote the Black man to FULL EQUALITY.  
Certain operatives within our community make the same use of machines to roll over those who they disagree within as they pursue their course for the aggregation of POWER.

The Black community of today is a vertically integrated machine that is molded toward advancing the Progressive and the Democratic agenda.

At some point in time the very activists who made the claims that they were in pursuit of our community's PERMANENT INTERESTS will have to take some measure of an ideological gut check within themselves.  Despite the aggregated power that is present within our community - our people's and our community's futures have never been more uncertain.

You don't need me to tell you this.  I have sat in enough all Black "What we gonna do now" sessions to know that my concerns are that of yours.   I only have the audacity to ask basic questions regarding " WHOM WE ARE FIGHTING?" and thus "WHAT ARE WE FIGHTING FOR?"

Some from within will likely say "We are fighting the forces who seek to do harm to Black people because of RACISM".   With the qualifier appended at the end they operate with the full protection of most Black people........"are you saying that RACISM IS DEAD?"  This is the question which is the "gift that keeps on giving".  

As this question is framed - one ignorant White person has the force of his race to speak to the state of race relations for the hundred million of other White folks who never got to vote in the issue with their own actions with respect to Black folks.   The question cannot be "Is there racism in America".  The answer will aways be "Yes".  The question MUST BE "Is there racism in America which goes unpunished and thus is allowed to violate the rights of Black people?"  If someone said that he plans to refuse the full acceptance of responsibility for his own actions until "There is no more MURDER in America to harm him" doubt he would be viewed as an irrational person.  Why is there a difference in outlook regarding those who proclaim "racism under every rock"?

More importantly - I seek to give a promotion to the humanity of the Black assailant who appears to be far more deadly in his reign of terror upon our communities today.

With the vertically integrated power structure within the Black community between Politicians, Policy makers, the Press, Preachers and Performers - we are not likely to hear the same spirited condemnation about the "threats to Black people" which stems from this "Drug Thug" crowd to the extent that we will hear about the threat from the Klan......or the participants in a Sarah Palin political rally.

The vertically integrated machine shapes the messages and imagery that the Black people consumes en masse.   There is a mandate to keep the people focused OUTWARD on the EXTERNAL BATTLE rather than keying in upon the basic threats that exist - regardless of the color or the proximity to our community they derive from.  (The threat from Black Conservatives being the noted exception).

My basic challenge to Black people from this post is to explain HOW your perpetual attempts to CHANGE the Government by purging those who are failing to deliver upon your BEST INTERESTS seems to skip past the "local Progressives" that you are responsible for putting into office as you focus on the external Conservatives that were put into office by another group of people to represent their own interests?

Is there a particular plan for deliver when "WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT OVER OUR OWN COMMUNITY RESOURCES"?

Clearly the answer is - "No".
Since progressivism is not organic - there must be a constant outward demand for resources.
The basic question then becomes: 

"Is Progressivism the most EFFECTIVE prevailing political ideology to have in place.....when YOU are the POWER that TRUTH must be spoken to"?

I yield to the abundant evidence that is within the Black community today for all who are interested to derive their answer.

This is only an attempt to have BLACK FOLKS RECEIVE WHAT WE HAVE BEEN PROMISED.....Within The Black Community.    Carrying someone elses water is still "carrying someone else's water" even if it is done so with a popular mandate by the people who would normally call you out for "carrying someone else's water" while never watering your own crops)

No Honor Among Thieves.......Or Trashmen

My usual trash day of Thursday was interrupted by the Christmas holiday.  Typically when a holiday screws up our normal day they come around on Saturday to pick up the trash and the recycling bin.  It is best to put out both on Friday just in case they do come on Friday.  Today - they came.

I had to scramble to put out the trash bin when I heard the truck up the street.  By the time I went back to get the recycling bin - the truck was already at my neighbor's house across the street.  I carried the bin across the street to have it dumped.  

As I walked in front of my neighbor's house I notice that he had left 2 envelopes taped to the front of his trash bin.  I joked to the recycling guy "Sorry man I didn't leave you a Christmas present like my neighbor did. "   He joked back "Nah man, I can't take this then".

I noticed that the recycling truck had taken one of the two envelopes.

I went into my house and then got into my truck to go to the store.  By the time I got back out to my truck I saw that the recycling truck had backed up the street and was again in front of my neighbor's house.  I thought it strange that they would do the culdesac on the side street a few doors down and then back up instead of going further up the street to complete their route.

When the truck pulled off - I saw the reason why they had backed up.  
Obviously they looked inside and saw something of value and then decided "Screw the trash men!  They'll never know what they never saw was left for them.")

I wondered in advance how that would work out.  Both the trash truck and the recycling truck each have two man crews.   Either they would have to split what was in the one envelope or since the two envelopes were attached to the trash bin - the trash men would take both envelopes for themselves.  My neighbor did have something written on the front of both envelopes but I did not see if it said "Trash" & "Recycling" or just "Merry Christmas".

Needless to say - the Recycling men get the "Grinch Award" for taking the gift from the Trash men.

Community Activists In Cleveland Go To "Da Man" To Present Their List Of Complaints

Cleveland activists will meet to share grievances about police, courts and jails

CLEVELAND — The city's neighborhood leaders will gather Wednesday to compile and discuss complaints about police, the courts and the city and county jails. Renillo Court Reporting has donated a court reporter to document testimonies.

Members of Black on Black Crime, Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, the NAACP, the ACLU and the People Fightback Center invite citizens to a meeting (pdf) at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Black on Black Crime headquarters inside McCall's Motel, 14660 Euclid Ave. at Lee Road. For more information, e-mail

"You have complained too long about mistreatment by the police, mistreatment in jail, mistreatment by prosecutors and judges and mistreatment by bad lawyers. It's time for your voices to be heard," activist Art McKoy said in a news release.

The meeting is in preparation for a protest at the Justice Center on Jan. 19, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. From noon to 2 p.m., protesters plan to form a block-long ring around the Justice Center that houses the Cuyahoga County Jail.

The protest is partly in response to a story in The Plain Dealer about R&B singer Sean Levert's death at the jail in March, when the jail's medical staff did not give him his prescription medication.

CLEVELAND — The city's neighborhood leaders will gather Wednesday to compile and discuss complaints about police, the courts and the city and county jails. Renillo Court Reporting has donated a court reporter to document testimonies.

Members of Black on Black Crime, Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, the NAACP, the ACLU and the People Fightback Center invite citizens to a meeting (pdf) at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Black on Black Crime headquarters inside McCall's Motel, 14660 Euclid Ave. at Lee Road. For more information, e-mail

"You have complained too long about mistreatment by the police, mistreatment in jail, mistreatment by prosecutors and judges and mistreatment by bad lawyers. It's time for your voices to be heard," activist Art McKoy said in a news release.

The meeting is in preparation for a protest at the Justice Center on Jan. 19, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. From noon to 2 p.m., protesters plan to form a block-long ring around the Justice Center that houses the Cuyahoga County Jail.

The protest is partly in response to a story in The Plain Dealer about R&B singer Sean Levert's death at the jail in March, when the jail's medical staff did not give him his prescription medication.

Does anyone believe that with the current array of FAVORABLE elected officials in Cleveland and Ohio and the Federal government that this alone is going to one day address the grievances of these "Perpetually Aggrieved Individuals"?  (P.A.I.s  or should I call them P.A.I.-on's)

Yeah - what he said:
why don't they have a meeting to listen to all the people who are sick of all the people that live in the city that don't care how they live, how they raise/don't raise their kids, the lack of families, stealing, robbing, killing eachother instead of working a real job, to earn their own money!!!!

Shouldn't they be more concerned and worried about all these kids that are practically raising themselves in the hood, who have no mother or father around that care what they're doing, how late they're out running around getting into trouble!!???

I'm so sick and tired of all these people that just want to keep crying and blaming everyone else for mess that they're making for themselves! Raise your kids right, and live a decent life and the police won't keep harassing your ignorant A*SES!!!!

Dekalb County Georgia & Crime - The View Of The Police Chief vs The View From The Streets By The Residents

Talk about "egg on one's face".
I like Chief Bolton.  He has brought a much needed change in the energy and activism by the law enforcement in Dekalb County Georgia.  Certain parts of the county have been plagued with crime as "the urban element" has migrated into the county borders.

At the same time, dude, one month in which there was a drop in reported crimes does not make a trend.   You set yourself up for this one Chief Bolton.

I stick to my claim that the reason for the one month drop in crime in November 2008 is because of the election of Barack Obama at the national level.  This temporarlily lifted the spirit of Black America.  In as much as the bulk of the crime problem in Dekalb County happens in South Dekalb - a temporarly happy South Dekalb also means "happy Thugs" - a subset of the total population of South Dekalb.   Happy Thugs are less likely to kill/assault/robber other people.

While I have no hard statistics on this matter - when I made this point to a group of Jamaicans they noted that the crime rate in Jamaica went down during the recent summer Olympics when Bolt set the world record and stoked the national pride in Jamaica.

The Black community has two choices to permanantly address the issue:

  1. Have a presidential election each month where "the Black guy" wins and stokes the pride of our populace
  2. Implement a more comprehensive and enduring system of correctitve actions that rid us of the oppressive system of crime and violence that too many of our people are smitten with

Democraticity Research - Cleveland Ohio

This comment from Wikipedia deserves to be promoted up to the introduction of this blog entry:

From Wikipedia - Cleveland Ohio

The distribution of crime in Cleveland is highly heterogeneous. Relatively few crimes take place in downtown Cleveland's business district, but the perception of crime in the downtown has been pointed to by the Greater Cleveland Growth Association (now the Greater Cleveland Partnership) as damaging to the city's economy. Neighborhoods of higher socioeconomic status in Cleveland and its suburbs have lower rates of violent crime than areas of lower status, and even controlling for this factor, areas with higher populations of African Americans have higher violent crime rates. A study of the relationship between employment access and crime in Cleveland found a strong inverse relationship, with the highest crime rates in areas of the city that had the lowest access to jobs. Furthermore, this relationship was found to be strongest with respect to economic crimes. A study of public housing in Cleveland found that criminals tend to live in areas of higher affluence and move into areas of lower affluence to commit crimes.

Democratic Dominated City

Cleveland's position as a center of manufacturing established it as a hotbed of union activity early in its history. This contributed to a political progressivism that has influenced Cleveland politics to the present. While other parts of Ohio, particularly Cincinnati and the southern portion of the state, have historically supported the Republican Party, Cleveland commonly breeds the strongest support in the state for the Democrats;[

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cleveland's Art McCoy Arrested In Drug Sting

Police: Art McKoy Arrested During Barbershop Drug Raid

People - I am not sure if my blog persona has you believing that I am happy when these type of crimes leads to the downfall of certain individuals whom I might be critical of. 

This is not the case. I actually liked Art McCoy. I have set my computer to record his "Black on Black" radio show for over a year now. When I last looked at my archive a few weeks ago I saw a boat load of shows that I need to catch up on.  I find his show entertaining and informative.

Well it appears that his arrest is going to mean the end of his radio career in the near term. Good thing I didn't erase the old shows.

This actually sickens me. Art McCoy has just undermined his own credibility on the various subjects that he focuses upon.

He gives a platform for White suburbanites of Cleveland to call in and rant about race. Now this fool gets caught up in a drug sting and POOF - all of that goes out of the window.

With all of the problems in the city of Cleveland why would he do something that adds to them?

Instead of giving the criminals "the benefit of the doubt" he was likely doing "C.Y.A." on his own interests.

I am not sure who the "Anonymous" is who hipped me to the story. THANKS.

Douglass County Georgia - The Muslim Hijab , The NAACP & Crime In Douglasville

Quick Recap: a Black female Muslim woman living in Douglasville GA seeks to enter the courtroom in support of one of her relatives.  The guard at the metal detector tells her that she will not be permitted to enter the courtroom with her Muslim head scarf on.  A confrontation ensues and the woman is given a 10 day sentence because of her disrespect for authority.

Let me be clear before I expand the scope of my post.  (This story is not the key focus - it is just another straw in the pile of what is going on in Douglasville GA).   I believe that the court system should have allowed Ms. Valentine into the court room.  If she had successfully passed through the metal detector AND IF she notated that the head wrap was on her head as part of her religious tradition then the matter should have been settled right there.  While I am a stickler for courtroom security - I don't see how a scarf is a threat to the security standards.    

Throw in the heated exchange between Ms. Valentine and the security officers of the court and this entire thing exploded far beyond what it should have ever been allowed to grow into.

If only it were this simple though folks.

I heard about this incident as I monitored the local Black "Fight The Power" talk radio station.  The afternoon host Derrick Boazman used this incident as yet another example of how RACISM is alive and well in our nation and thus Black folks should be vigelent.  His rant was a text book case of "racism chasing".    He went on to talk about how "White police officers in Douglas County believe that they are still living in the 1940's".    On the show a female from Douglass County was interviewed - It may have been Ms. Valentine but I am not sure.  She reported that the Douglass County police stopped her because she was accused of "swerving" as she failed to maintain her lane.   Boazman stated that this claim is a popular entrey for the police to target Black people for a road side inspection.

Here is the newspaper report of what happened in regards to the Muslim woman:

Associated Press
Valentine said she was accompanying her nephew to a traffic citation hearing when officials stopped her at the metal detector and told her she couldn't enter the courtroom with the headscarf, known as a hijab.
Valentine said she objected and turned to leave, but officers stopped her.
She later was brought before Rollins, who ordered her held for contempt of court.
Rollins did not return a call from The Associated Press Wednesday.
But a department news release says Valentine argued with authorities, called the judge racist and repeated expletives until an officer grabbed her wrist.
Authorities say Rollins found her in contempt for fighting with one of the officers, not for wearing a scarf. However, police released Valentine after Whisenant determined there had not been a fight.

Then I read another news paper account of how the NAACP and the Council On American Islamic Relations (CAIR) stepped into the matter:

Woman jailed over scarf gets support

AJC Article

Several advocacy groups on Friday morning protested the jailing of a Muslim woman after she refused to remove her Islamic head scarf at a municipal court security checkpoint.

Douglasville resident Lisa Valentine, 41, also known by her Islamic name Miedah, said she was moved by the support she has received.

The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations and the NAACP rallied outside the Douglasville court where Valentine was arrested Tuesday. A judge ordered she serve 10 days in jail after security personnel asked her to remove her hijab. Valentine refused and then uttered an expletive as she left.

Valentine was released from custody a few hours later. Douglasville police would not comment. Several civil liberties groups have called on the Douglasville court to alter its policies regarding religious head gear.

And thus you have my two cents that are needed in the matter.
Again let me be clear.   The NAACP has the right to step into any situation that it choose to.  I will defend their right to do so.

I also retain my right to provide analysis to their actions and put them into a particular framework that allows others to see what is going on.

Douglasville, Georgia - a small city to the west of Atlanta. Once a sleepy Southern town has over the past several years seen an influx of residents and development.  A new mall was opened up a few years ago which serves as the key mall for those living in the western suburbs of Atlanta.

It seems that every time Douglasville makes the metro news it is due to some crime, car crash, a large population of students failing the standardize tests or some racial incident of noteriety.  A few years ago I reported on how several members of the Atlanta civil rights community drove past key crime hot spots in Atlanta on their jourey up to Douglasville to protest on behalf of Genarlow Wilson - a Black teen who was convicted for having oral sex with a 15 year old while he was 17.  In the view of the civil rights operatives they were fighting for justice and fair treatment by the system and thus for the benefit of the residents.  Again - I do not have a problem with this.  It is their right to do so.

My problem arises when I consider the cherry picking that is going on.  If we were to change the mandate over to "We are fighting ALL THREATS to justice for citizens" then the actions of the NAACP and other operatives would be seen for what they really are - SELECTIVE.

There is clearly a higher than normal amount of racial annimous going on in Douglas County Georgia.  I do not live there but I am attuned enough to the news and "man on the street talk" to notice the problem.  If you listen to either side of the racial boundary you are likely to hear each side give their specific biased perspective as to what the source of the problem is.

Black Ideological Bigogry - The 1984 Presidential Elections

(Note - the above map is from Real Clear Politics)

Above are the results of the 1984 Presidential election between Reagan/Bush and Mondale/Ferraro.

Let me frame this properly so that my words are not just an wanton attack.
I fully accept that the Black populous are allowed to have its own perspective on politics and thus a prevailing political and ideological sentiment. Thus when the question of Ronald Reagan was at hand - the Black community voted overwhelmingly for the Democratic challenger because Reagan's policies in his first term were not in line with the prevailing sentiment.

This map is a valuable resource because it allows for a certain context to be established because of the sound message that was put forth. Ronald Reagan the conservative Republican won 49 states. All but Minnesota and the city of Washington DC voted in majority for the Democrat Walter Mondale. Minnesota is Mondale's home state and thus this result is understandable. Washington DC, a city, is a both a Democratic strong hold and was a majority Black city at the time. These two forces in combination translated into a victory for Mondale.

If we were to rest upon that final point of analysis we would have failed the deeper inspection that is necessary to gain understanding. The fact is that while Washington DC is in fact a Black and a Democratically dominated city California, New York, Michigan, Maryland, Wisconsin, Oregon, Massachusetts , Vermont and New Jersey are solid DEMOCRATIC states as well. How did they happen to flip in the column for Ronald Reagan?

The key distinction between Washington DC and the rest of these other Democratic states is that of DIVERSITY. The fact is that there is a great amount of ideological bigotry within the Black community and it showed its fact on this election day.

As the story goes "The Black community knows who has our best interests in mind and we vote for those who put forth policies that advance our interests".  These are the general sentiments of Professor Manning Marable - who also happens to be Black and a Democrat.  I get the funny feeling, however, that if the Black community were to split over votes among the parties that Marable would make note of the "diminishing IQ" of those who voted a different way.

The truth of the matter is that this is not about "best interests" in absolute terms.  If there is more evidence of "best interests" NOT being delivered upon look no further than the failed urban centers where our people are most concentrated.  As well there are few other places where the Democratic party is more powerful.   The more accurate depiction of what is going on is that there is a strong bond between what  "people ASSUME TO BE their best interests for moving them forward as a people and their willingness to vote in kind".   Thus our people are voting for the policies that most closely match the assumptions that they have while they are in their aggrieved state when we need to vote for policies that have a demonstrable track record for moving us closer.  (Please note - I am not at this time indicating that conservative or progressive policies do this).

What better time to distill a "bigot" from his perch by inspecting what his fellow travelers do?  What sentiment and vision allowed a critical amount of Democrats in the states that I have pointed above to shift over and vote for the Republican ticket where as the prevailing forces in Washington DC refused to do so?   Let me be clear as well - in all of these states there was a loyal Democratic voting bloc that indeed voted for Mondale.  We have a "winner take all" system and thus Regan won the states when he won the popular vote.

Clearly the answer has to do with the high correlation between "the Black vote" and the propensity to vote for the Democrat.  The more Blacks that are in a given voting district the better the chances that the Democrats have at victory.  In my previous research I have indicated that when there is about 35% Black voters in any political district a Republican can't win.  The math is simple.  (let's keep it Black and White for simplicity even though there are Hispanics who are increasing in their importance).   With 50%+ needed to win the Democrats only need the 35% Black vote and about 15%+ of the White vote to be victorious.   Add a third party candidate who's ideology would tend to syphon White voters - and there you have the makings of a solid series of Democratic victories.  

Why do I use the word "bigotry"?  Isn't this too strong of a word to describe what is going on in the realm of Black voting?  My answer is NO.

My assertions are justified based on the following line of thinking:

The ultimate purpose of politics and political activism is to have a certain "standard of living" afforded to your particular interest group.  In doing so you line up behind a candidate with certain policy positions that you agree with in support of these promises for a better day.  I am fully aware of the trajectory that my people have taken on the winding road called "American History".  I am aware that we have been outsiders far longer than inside players.  All of this gets factored into my views.

At the same time I am aware that at some point the individual "binary decisions" that take place during an election must at some point be looked at in total if the people are to be honest with themselves and place corrective action against the trends so that they ultimately achieve what they have set out to accomplish.   Thus the biannual campaign between the Democrat vs Republican or the Progressive vs Conservative is orchestrated.   Each time our community votes for the Progressive as he is most aligned with the general sentiment.  At what point in time do we take a step back and realize that our individual choices have turned into a MACHINE?  This machine is in power over our vital institutions where our choices have promoted those who are now at the controls.  Despite this control our primary objectives for entry into the political realm are as distant as they have ever been.

The reason why this situation is allowed to occur without any backlash is because of the adoption of "Politics as a Team Sport".  The Black community has fused its own interests into that of seeing the Democratic party VICTORIOUS.  When the Democrats win.....the Black community wins - at least by sentiment.   If you want to see election parties in the Black community bubbling with high spirits - make note of the party membership cards of the attendees.  This is all well and good.  I am by no means demanding that Black folks switch parties.   

As a Black man who is NOT A DEMOCRAT I do demand that we recommit to the original purpose of our political advocacy.   The key points that I have framed after listening to people from different stripes proves as an enduring reference.

  1. Safe Streets
  2. Quality Education
  3. Thriving Local Economy
  4. Healthy Lifestyles
What is the threat in dispassionately evaluating a political machine against such a reference?  In fact as the protection racket is carried forth in which this machine is not scrutinized as such - it is the Black Best Interests that suffer the most.  

Thus the term "bigot" as I use is it applied to a people who so hate their ideological enemies that they are willing to take the ideologically opposite view points BECAUSE their adversary has residence in a given position.  If you want to generate a particular position among some Black folks - tell them that "the Conservatives support the position that you seek to have them vote against"  (ie school choice).  

My use of the term "bigot" is effectively those who allow the person or ideology that is within view of their scope to define their own sentiments.  It has its roots in bias and hate.

Just as a White juror has his or her notions of open minded justice continent upon the RACE of the person in the defendant stand and the victim's table - the same type of arbitrary judgment is alive and well within the Black community.

It is the Black community itself which suffers from the presence of Ideological Bigotry.
In my opinion the Democratic Party and the "Democrats Who Are Black" are the primary benefits to this array.   

Thus as we look at Washington DC - the city that longs to become a state - there is a city council that is 90% Democrat, a string of Democratic mayors for several decades.  Despite these facts the city has one of the worst school systems of any large city and an incarceration rate for Black folks that rivals that of a Jim Crow era Southern town.  Despite this reality the majority Black population continues to say "Good jobProgressives!  We want more of the same".   It comes as no surprise that their US House delegate - Elanore Holmes Norton appeared on "American Gangster" and blamed the problems with the city in regards to the drug  epidemic and HIV on the "Conservatives" in the Federal legislature who control the city's budget.

Democrat's Key 2008 Urban Campaign Operative Reflects On Scheduled Jail Time For 2009

AJC Blog: T.I. Talks Prison Time In 2009

T.I. - known to the court system per his criminal record as Clifford Joseph Harris Jr is about to get a new imnate number and orange jump suit of his own in the year 2009.

In its Winter 08/09 issue — on sale Dec. 30 — Rap-Up magazine’s cover story finds Atlanta rapper-actor T.I. wrapping up what has to have been one of the biggest years of his seven as a recording artist; and looking towards March 2009, when - if he satisfies his 1,000-plus hours of community service — he will be sentenced to a year and a day of prison for pleading guilty to weapons charges.

Here’s what he says about:

How his children are going to deal with his time in prison: “My oldest is 12 — she understands. She’s strong and smart. The three weeks I was in, before I got to come home, she said to me “Don’t worry. I’ll hold things down ’til you get back.’ I”m more worried about how my boys are going to deal.”

How the recession has affected him: “I think I’d be selling more houses had the economy been in better shape. I think I’d be selling more records had the economy been in better shape. I’d be selling more clothes, too.”

Winning awards: “No disrespect to Kanye, but that kinda stuff just doesn’t mean nothing to me,” said the two-time Grammy winner, who is up for four more Feb. 8. “Whether or not I win an award, I mean that’s nice, but at the end of the day I understand that I’m a man. What being a man means to me is not defined by an award or an amount of records sold.”

Clifford - this is Constructive Feedback speaking. I am a MAN as well.
For me "being a man" is taking responsible actions. I won't do anything that will compromise my responsibilities to my wife and children. If my "job" puts me in danger where my life is threatened I would choose to leave my job and find another. Purchasing an automatic machine gun that looks like something that Al Capone used to use is not in line with the responsibility that comes with "manhood".

Fear not though Clifford.  Your violations against societal rules are appreciated by some.  You see the Democrats are willing to look past your criminal offenses and instead appreciate your VALUE in allowing them to win.  You see Clifford a lot of Black folks look up to you.  To them you have "Street Credibility".  The Democrats sought to "purchase your mailing list", using your own "street cred" and have you to relay your persona into getting more Black people to the polls to vote for the Democratic candidate.

You see T.I. the Democrats and the "Democrats who are Black" who lurk unchecked inside of my community are free to do what they choose to do.  I also have a right to call them on it.  

What this action says is that the Democratic Party cares more about winning an election than they care about the associations with criminals they must make to obtain it.  Sadly this is a case of "Non-White White Supremacy" and of the degraded standards WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.  The reason why is that NO WHITE CRIMINAL who is preparing to go to jail would be allowed to mount the stage in support of a candidate.  The canidate, the preacher and the sheriff who took the stage with this criminal would face scrutiny and attack from the public.  This is a necessary force of repudiation which serves to keep our public officials honest and the common citizens fearing the CONSEQUENCES of criminal actions.

This is the case EXCEPT in the Black community when it comes to Democratic politics.  

There is already a strong sentiment within the Black community which says "{fill in the blank Black criminal} violated THEIR LAWS, not OUR LAWS and thus is unjustly incarcerated".  This works to undercut the rule of law and it also allows certain criminals to remain as folk heroes within this same community.  The real cost of this line of thinking is so frequently borne on the community itself.  The members of the community must live with criminals who are "not guilty" in their own eyes.  These are also the same people who enforce "stop snitching".

As an observer and critic of the prevailing sentiment within the Black community I am frustrated by such insectuious behavior between crime and politics.  In the perverted use of "non-judgmentalism" and tolerance - the Democratic party establishment in our community is effectively accepting the notion that the criminal, drug dealer and the ignorant rapping lyracist are legitimate because they are simply echoing the reality that is on the streets.  As long as everyone agrees that it is SOCIETY (White folks) have causes all of these forces to bear about our community - the charade is allowed to continue.

Where is the enumeration of how these operatives work as cancers upon our community?  The more they "respond" in their own dysfunctional ways - the more the crime rates, academic problems and eroded economic climate becomes.  People like Clifford Harris Jr. thrive off of the notion that SOCIETY IS RACIST and has closed off all opportunity for BLACK PEOPLE therefor I am going to HUSTLE, doing what I need to do to survive..........this RACIST SOCIETY MADE ME DO IT.  This justifies his own actions which effectively harm those who have the misfortune to be in his domain - those who live within his community.

I realize that the knee jerk reaction to hearing all of this is for Black folks to find some WHITE CRIMINAL who has stood on stage with some White Republican as a means of showing "they are in the mud along with us".  This does NOTHING to set or advance a standard for BLACK PEOPLE.  It only provides protection for the termites who are having their way with our infrastructure.  When a criminal who is operating against our community interest - in this case public safety - is accepted in as if he did nothing wrong this simply emboldens him and others to "rinse and repeat". 


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Extension Of Unemployment Payments Increase Unemployment

By John R. Lott: ncreasing Unemployment Benefits Yields Higher Unemployment

Does a 50 percent increase in unemployment insurance benefits increase the unemployment? You would think everyone would say “yes.” Yet, after the unemployment insurance benefits were increased in the beginning of July, I was unable to find a single news story that attributed any of the increased unemployment or the loss of jobs to the increased benefits. If you believe the news media, all of the bad employment news is just additional evidence of the weakening economy.

But why is this so hard for the media to understand or even mention? If you increase how much people get paid for being unemployed, you get more unemployment.

This hasn’t always been the case. On Fox News Sunday on Dec. 16, 2001, Tony Snow understood the point:

Senator Daschle wants to extend unemployment benefits even though the economic research indicates that when you extend those benefits, you extend unemployment. In fact, that was one of the insights behind welfare reform. If you set a date certain for getting rid of benefits, people find jobs.

Kevin Hassett, director of economic policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, isn’t very surprised by the media ignoring the impact of unemployment insurance. “The liberal parts of the media tend . . . to ignore the negative impact of welfare,” he said.

Those more into media bias might point out how the coverage helps the Democrats. Not only would discussing this reason for why unemployment has gone up put significant blame on the Democrats who pushed for the increased benefits, but it would also have made unemployment less of political issue -- it is harder to get concerned about more unemployment if people are doing it because of increased benefits.

Robert Mugabe - "Zimbabwe Is Mine And I Will Never Surrender"

Robert Mugabe: Zimbabwe Is Mine

Did The Obama Effect Reduce Crime In Majority Black Dekalb County GA?

Please explain these statistics if it was not happiness over Obama's November election victory? The county was trending higher in crime as compared to 2007. All of a sudden the month of November saw a dramatic increase?

The Thug Negroes in Dekalb county can HAVE HOPE as well anyone else can. They are now showing more respect for their fellow Black man by not robbing him. Maybe Obama is not such a bad guy after all.

AJC: DeKalb crimes fall in November


Crime Nov08 Nov07 Chg Jan-Nov08 Jan-Nov07 Chg
Res. burglary 817 828 -1% 8,507 6,851 +24%
Ped. robbery 144 152 -5% 1,821 1,624 +12%
Total violent 344 357 -4% 3,933 3,760 +5%
Total property 1,933 2,259 -14% 23,516 21,527 +9%

Monday, December 22, 2008

Go Get Her Black Democrats!!: Saudi, Jordanian Kings' Gifts To Condi Rice Worth $316,000

You all joined with your White liberal brothers a few years ago in an attempt to take down Justice Clarence Thomas who was accused of accepting gifts.  Why not continue the tradition of intolerance against Black Conservatives by seeking to have Condi Rice thrown in jail?   There are too many "REAL Black people in jail".

MSNBC: Arabs lavish jewelry on Secretary of State Rice

WASHINGTON - President George W. Bush's foreign policies may be unpopular in the Middle East, but Arab leaders showered his top diplomat with jewelry worth far more than a quarter of a million dollars last year.

While Bush himself didn't fare nearly as well, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice raked in at least $316,000 in gem-encrusted baubles from the kings of Jordan and Saudi Arabia alone, making her one of top recipients among U.S. officials of gifts from foreign heads of state and government and their aides in 2007.

Unfortunately for the Bushes, Rice and other recipients, they won't be able to enjoy the gifts as they have been turned over to the General Services Administration and government archives in accordance with federal law, which bars officials from accepting personal presents in almost all circumstances.

Urban Criminals - The New "Lynch Mob" Which Threatens The Existience Of Commerce Within The Black Community

View Larger Map

AJC: Suspect in Atlanta robbery shot dead by police 

A robbery suspect was shot and killed Sunday night by a police officer in southwest Atlanta, authorities said.

The officer interrupted a robbery in progress at about 9:30 p.m. at the Dollar General Store on Campbellton Road, said Atlanta police spokesman James Polite.

Two suspects were running from the store — which had been robbed the night before — when the officer ordered them to freeze, police said.

Shots were exchanged, and one of the suspects escaped and remained at large late Sunday night.

The other sustained a gunshot wound to the head and was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he died, Polite said. The dead man’s identity was not released.

The officer will be placed on administrative leave pending a review by the GBI, which is standard in such cases, authorities said.

You own a company in which you are seeking to eek out at least a small profit in exchange for providing goods and services for the members of a given community.  As a "dollar store" your company has low cost items that are targeted at the income of this specific demographic.  At least some small portion of your motivation for setting up in this particular location is the frequent criticism that these type of areas are "underserved" and that there is racial and/or class discrimination with respect to the willingness of retail firms like your own to invest in "underserved communities".

In rallying behind this concept of "discrimination" that is ladened against the residents of the community the various civil rights and "social justice" advocates release very reports and press briefings that state the fact that "this nation has a long way to go before every American is given access to opportunity and resources without regard to race and class considerations therefore AMERICA has failed at its promise".  They will take to the streets, to the courts, to the legislative bodies in their hopes to force CHANGE IN THE SYSTEM so that the SYSTEM is made more JUST.

I have frequently made the distinction between the traction that protests and lawsuits have against an "entity" as compared to an "individual".  An entity that has four walls and a bank account is subject to certain threats from these groups that an individual will not suffer from.  The actions of such an entity can provoke them into active response while the action of individuals from within their "protected group" fails to raise their ire.  Even when these individual actions, in aggregate, prove to be more damning, deadly and destructive, the groups that are fighting for "social justice" will only focus upon the actions of the entity which do the people harm.

In fact the "social justice" groups will protect these "individuals" who are doing the community harm.  In a circular reference - they will point out that the people who are executing this chaos and carnage within the "underserved community" are simply carrying out "DERIVATIVE BEHAVIOR", putting back out to society that which society has dealt to them.   In completion of the circular reference - the primary means of correcting the behavior of these people who are acting out is for the corporate entities who are discriminating against them to CHANGE.  No longer should the discriminate against communities that meet a certain profile.   They should make investments in these places just as the do in more "choice" communities.  EQUALITY will be accepted as the norm by the people in this community and their defenders within these civil rights organizations based on what society PROVES TO THEM regarding their value as people.

The one key point that will never be mentioned from these activist groups, however, is the question of what the citizenry owes to society to prove their own worth.  

Let a worker who is employed in one of these stores or bank branches get killed or injured while on the job as a result of one of these actors who are seeking to rob these places out of desperation.....the desperation that discrimination by society has put upon them.  Who will the social justice community stand behind in defense of the person who was killed or maimed in the robbery attempt?  

  • Why didn't the company invest in more security protection for the employees?  Aren't these employees who are doing the company's bidding worth more than this?
  • The company knew that by having money and items of value among a people who have been denied such material benefit in life is tempting target.  Why didn't the company do better research of the area and put forth the appropriate security infrastructure?

Please keep in mind that some of the same people asking the above questions had previously noted that:

  • Why are there burglar bars and bullet proof glass in locations that are present in "underserved communities".   When I visited the very same store chain in {fill in the blank of the proverbial 'White suburb"} there was no bullet proof glass and the sales associates were friendly and did not assume that you were in the store to steal something - unlike the location close to my home.
  • Why are we discriminated against by having the policy of "one student at a time in the store"?  Clearly the store is doing profiling as they believe that we are thieves.

Do you see what is going on here people?  Dealing with certain people proves costly.  Their ideological proclivities has it where most of the risk is shifted to those who dare take them up on their challenge to show "class and color blindness".  Many of the people making these claims fail to see that the demographics of these areas already limits the type of stores that are likely to invest within.  Add to it the increased overhead from security expenses based on the real world threats and the business case for opening such a location gets tossed out as it never gets past the paper planning stage.

What is missing here?

The missing element in this story is the message from these Social Justice/Civil Rights groups upon the PEOPLE to whom they claim to be directing the benefits of their advocacy toward.  So much time is spent CHANGING the system/corporation/entity that the message of YOUR PART OF THE BARGAIN that must be upheld is left missing.  

The concept of "profiling" is an important one in this situation.  The very people who fight against the concept of this being a "color blind society" when someone dares claim that the police are not motivated by RACE AND CLASS are some of the main ones ASKING the corporations to operate as if  there are no racial or class based elements that need to be considered in what they do.  The truth of the matter is that profiling always happens on both sides of the issue and that profiling is a necessary tool to protect ones interests lest you be held liable for failing to consider all of the incumbent risks.

Since profiling connotes that a group has a particular set of attributes that outsiders will judge them upon.......why is it so unconsciousable that these activist groups take the upper hand in communicating a sense of dignity and respect among the people they most advocate for?  I am a frequent reporter on how the "external chase" modality is an essential part of the progressive movement.  It stands as antithetical as to how these same groups aren't more aggressive in detailing the responsibility that the group has in managing anyone and all who "wear their uniform" which uniquely defines their group membership.

I realize that a group as defined by their "FedEx" or "Pizza Hut" uniforms and/or decals are more centrally commanded and controlled by an authority than what the average Joe on the streets can claim.  At the same time the "corporate structure" for the employee must have the same cultural and community controlling agent put upon the individual lest the situation that is present spirals out of control.

Today these communities have a cancerous agent in their midst.  Just as they grow stronger after having gotten past a system of outside threats, this embedded agent undercuts their forward progress to the same extent.   There needs to be new language and new methods developed to deal with this internal cancer lest the patient as a whole dies.