They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Friday, November 30, 2007

When Will My People Apply "If You Forget Your Past...." To The Political Machine That Dominates Us TODAY?

"Those Who Forget Their History Are Doomed To Repeat It".

This is an oft said idiom among Black people. On the one hand this is a flawed statement because it makes it appear that "Black History" started with the advent of Western Slavery of Africans. It ignores the tens of thousands of years of self sufficiency and independent rule by our ancestors. It seems to me that any people who can do this without destroying themselves and the Earth are indeed worthy of referencing their spiritual and philosophical foundations. (Of course I am not saying that their technological state is something that I am willing to revert back to. I would not have my own blog if so - though this does not stop the 'African Revolutionaries......Living Comfortably In America' from telling of their hatred of capitalism as they give out the URL of their MySpace page)

As I analyze the condition of Black America and as I view the heating rhetoric surrounding the presidential election in the United States it is more clear to me than ever that the statement "If you don't know your history you are doomed to repeat it" needs to be applied to the Popular Black Political Machine that dominates Black America from coast to coast where we are concentrated.

Black America has 10,000 Black elected officials today.
Black America has more people of our own choosing that govern our own communities.
Black America has more control of our school boards than we have ever had.
Black America has more channels of legal recourse in response to racism than ever.

Despite all of this the "Black Popular Political Machine" has failed to deliver upon the promises that were vocalized by Bayard Ruskin. A few years after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. Ruskin vocalized the strategy that was adopted by the leading Black operatives at the time. He stated that the agreed upon strategy was to:

1) Get Blacks elected into office
2) At the Local, State and Federal Offices
3) As Democrats

1) So that Blacks Can Control Our Own Communities
2) And Receive Resources and Benefits Delivered To Our People Living Within

It is clear to me that the Black Voter has done MORE than his fair share of the deal. The Black vote stands at 85% to 92% in support of the Democratic Candidates. Certain Black Democrats such as John Lewis and John Conyers have maintained their office with no General Election challenge in their true blue districts. This despite the fact that in too many cases - the Black people contained within have a high 'misery index' with regard to finances, school services, public safety and health care concerns.

As a result of this Pyrrhic victory for the Black community in having lived vicariously through the election night victory of the Democrats - there are some vital statics within our community that have stayed the same and many that have atrophied. Despite this the acceptance of this program as vocalized by Mr. Ruskin has implemented a condition of "Black Voter Nullification" as the response to the harsh conditions in our community has lead us to "try harder" to get POPULAR candidates in more offices while largely giving those who are presiding over these districts a pass for the conditions.

It is very easy folks. When you are a leader over one of these impoverished districts (and certainly not all districts represented by Black Democrats are impoverished. Alcee Hastings' district is not poor for one) all you have to do is to blame the eroded conditions upon STRUCTURAL PROBLEMS with America herself. You then convince the masses that you are "fighting those conservatives as vehemently as ever. " You then ask for 2 more years in office to allow you to continue the good fight. The basic scenario is to get the Black voter linked into the common enemy for the both of you - the Republican. This is actually a "Proxy Racial Fight". The Republican Party is the "party of White people". The Whites in the Democratic Party - in order to make this theory work are seen as "duly reformed" or at least enough that Blacks can work with them. We must ignore the fact that the PATERNALISTIC WHITE LIBERAL is not going to ever "teach us how to fish". He is the church congregation that comes into the hood every 3 months to "clean up after the Blacks". He is doing this deed in order to gain favor with his God. The fact that he does not leave his brooms, rakes and trashbags behind for Black people to take over the task indicates that he has no interest in having Black folks to go fishing for ourselves - having eliminated the resource constraint.

In this "Racial Proxy Fight" the Black voter is made to focus on the "Counter Conservative" position RATHER THAN the INTERNALLY DEFINED POSITION that has been PROVEN PREVIOUSLY to work in our own BEST INTERESTS. Instead there is a major reinforcement effort to maintain the Black base within a set of PROGRESSIVE POLICIES. If an idea is not "progressive" don't even bother to bring it up - even if the current "Brilliant Progressive" initiative has failed us miserably. We must understand - it has failed because of "Conservative starvation of resources" that were needed to make it work. Rep. Elenore Holmes Norton believes that this is the case in the city of Washington DC with regards to "needle exchange" as paid for by the Government. In her view - Washington DC today stands as a "country" that is the 23rd most HIV infected nation as a result of the REPUBLICANS not allowing the city government to give needles to drug addicts.

When will be the Black community begin to challenge the Popular Political Machine that dominates our communities? The "history that is poised to be REPEATED" is the history of the past 40 years upon which they have dominated our communities. Without the Black Community beginning to ask more questions and then enforcing our DELIVERABLES - there is little doubt in my mind that WE ARE ABOUT TO HIT THE "REPLAY BUTTON".

Where as the past was a bipolar struggle between Black and White - the next round will be split into quadrants. If the Black community does not step up and challenge the machine - the results will be more ugly than before for many Blacks.

West Philly Homicides & Technology

NBC 10 Philadelphia Interactive Map

This map brings the homicide problem in Philadelphia closer to home for me. The geospatial representation between the streets an the location of the homicide allows me to form a mental picture of that exact block and the experiences that I had in the area while growing up.

These are the streets that I grew up on.

A homicide on 6100 Oxford Street - I used to deliver the Daily News on that block

A homicide on 6300 Columbia Ave - Right around the corner from where I grew up. Back in the day 63rd Street was the dividing line between Black and White. Cross 63rd street and some White boys are going to chase you back. When I go home now I am thrown off by the fact that in 30 years the entire section of Overbrook Park is now majority Black!

A homicide on 1600 Robinson Street - We used to race our homemade skateboards down Robinson Street. We wore the finger prints off the tips of our fingers as we sat down and pushed off

This past summer as I went back to my old neighborhood and I saw that my old duplex in the 6100 block of Jefferson Street was for sale. I played the role of an interested buyer to the young boys who were sitting on the porch next door. I had hoped that I could get a tour of the house in order to get back inside. The owner was not home.

I could not help but notice that as they sat on the stairs talking - many of the residences up and down the street were strewn with trash and unkept yards. My mother made us all sweep our property and then the ones on both sides of us. (The trash was going to blow back onto our property anyway - so this was both a community bonding exercise and one of preemptive practicality as well). Today too many of the current residents are in the mindset of RENTERS. If the landlord doesn't come and sweep up the trash and the leaves.....they will remain there until he (or the church organization that comes through each quarter as an act of charity) comes by and picks up their trash.

It is sad to see Philadelphia having these type of problems. I can only imagine the terror placed in the minds of the mothers who fear allowing her young sons to venture too far off into the streets - riding their bikes or going to Tustin Playground to play basketball might prove deadly.

Jesse and Al - It's Not Your Fault

A recent debate concerning Sirs Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton centered around the major issue of "Black on Black Crime" and how these two have spoken/protested/convened about it in the past rather than allowing it to go unchallenged as their critics have claimed. To be clear - put me in the column as a strong critic of these two men and the rest of the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" front that so dominates my people in America. The entire lot needs to be fundamentally challenged regarding their ability to translate their methodologies into actual progress for Blacks in the "post-Civil Rights" era in which we currently stand.

At the same time - Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton - in my view - are not to be blamed for the carnage that is going on in the streets of Black America. As a side note I am not making the case that an unacceptable homicide rate is the exclusive province of Black America. I am only focusing on this problem because for me it is closer to home and my specific interests.

The real blame for the unacceptable Black on Black homicide rate that is currently spiking must be placed on the Black Community as a whole as we bought into the antics that Jackson, Sharpton and the Rest of the BQPFRC sold to us on the matter. As a side note - right now I am visiting New Orleans. Last night I heard on the radio that Mannie Fresh's - a rapper and lyrical genius behind "Cash Money Millionaires" lost his sister recently due to homicide.

Newslink: Angela Bryant, sister of Mannie Fresh, murdered

This crime is par for the course as to what is going on every day of the week in our community. (I do not know the M.O. for the crime and am not claiming to know at this point). I do know, however, that the response to this crime will be vastly different had there been a RACIAL angle or a LAW ENFORCEMENT angle that could be exploited. Stay tuned - we might find out that the police SHOULD HAVE been there sooner in response to a call and thus she might still be alive today - thus a protest in front of the police station rather than the home of the actual killers might be organized.

The essential problem that must be borne by the Black Community is that we have ALLOWED so much obfuscation from the CORE ISSUE to be placed upon our ability to call it like it is. I call this "Expanding The Police Tape far beyond the murder scene".

Instead of centrally dealing with the FACTS at the scene of the murder we are far too inclined to accept claims of extenuating circumstances (that is UNLESS the person who pulled the trigger was White or a Cop) to explain why the deed was done. If the killer grew up in the Projects and was deprived by the Conservative Administration of all of the elements that allow a normal human being to develop into a compassionate person and thus he grew angry at the world. Upon seeing other Black people he realized that he had to express his own self hatred that was INDOCTRINATED into him by the Conservative Administration (Yes I watched BET's "American Gangster the other night - so I am following the script) that when he saw another Black person and killed him .....he was actually "Killing Himself. And NO we do not think that he should receive the death penalty - he should be locked up for life....even though we believe that the 'Prison Industrial Complex' will profit from the crime that THEY set him up to commit".

The above tale might be dripping with sarcasm and shame but - functionally - it does not vary much from the standard line that is promoted to and, sadly, accepted by too many Black folks in our community. Don't believe me? Tune into many of the Black leftwing talk radio programs and there will be a healthy set of callers that will express viewpoints that are a derivative of what has been stated above.

To bottom line it for you - The Black Community has been conditioned to FIGHT THE EXTERNAL FIGHT when NOW we need INTERNAL MANAGEMENT that can express a certain desired END GOAL. For too long we have been asked to rely on our "AUDACITY" in which our passions of being "Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired" would allow us to smooth over the TOUGH QUESTIONS that SHOULD HAVE BEEN asked about the PLAN forward. Folks - we have reached the point at which FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS must be asked because THE LACK THERE IN threatens to sink us further.

The CLAIM is that we want "EQUAL JUSTICE". This is far from the case. For too many of my people "Equal Justice" is evidenced by WHITE FOLKS getting locked up as WE DO with the associated societal hysteria and then the concluding stereotypical pile on that takes place. The ugly sister of this group dynamic is the loathsome topic of the Black people who WALK AWAY WITH IMPUNITY and thus are never made to stand and account for their actions. This is further insured via the imposition of the "Criminal Protection Act of 2006" better known as its street name of "STOP SNITCHING".

For me it is ESSENTIAL that we as a people - PROMOTE THE BLACK MAN INTO EQUAL POSITION AS THAT OF A WHITE MAN/ A POLICE MAN/ A CORPORATION that has killed us. "Equal Justice" is more evidenced when the Black Community REPUDIATES the Black killer of a Black man in the same way that any of the EXTERNAL forces on the list above kills us. Too many of us allow MOTIVATION to trump the act of KILLING. This stems from the perversion of the concept as introduced in the notion of "Hate Crimes". Once again - where as the "Hate Crime" triggers a national response from the Black community the "photographic negative" of this is the "run of the mill Black on Black shooting" that appears on the evening news just as the weather man does - in many cities.

Think about the difference - where as the "Hate Crime" can get the New Black Panther Party to drive from New York City to West Virginia to join in on a march against 4 toothless, backwoods White folks charged with detaining, raping and assaulting a Black woman to PROTEST, news of "there was an Overnight Shooting in West Philadelphia where one man was killed and another injured bringing us to a total of 350 killings in our city this year" brings a collective yawn upon our community.

Philadelphia's Interactive Homicide Map 2007

This problem does not lend itself to one day protests in anger, demanding of the police that they "DO SOMETHING". This is an ENCULTURATED problem that is evidence that the ideas that were entered INTO the minds of these children for a long duration have been faulty and have produced these results. I know what you are saying - "You just called this 'Expanding the police tape' a few paragraphs ago'". Yes but NO! I tell of the source NOT TO take away a single ounce of accountability for the perp. Lock them up and or EXECUTE THEM if they have done what is necessary to EARN this right. At the same time my second distinction from the popular notions is that these conditions should serve as an INDICTMENT not of the GOVERNMENT that "allowed" this sensory deprivation to take place but of the COLLECTIVE PEOPLE who were conditioned to THINK that they would go to the GOVERNMENT to CHANGE THEIR CONDITION. I have the "audacity to hope" that has me believing that BLACK PEOPLE ARE EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS. I believe that we have the power to CHANGE OUR ENVIRONMENT into one that is conducive toward our self preservation. This does NOT come through Washington DC but through our own self directed behaviors that are known to PRODUCE these outcomes. It is the very OUTSOURCING of this emphasis to the external government that has allowed these conditions to perpetuate within our community.

If that White man (or let's get to the more popular cadence -) that CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN WHITE MAN has no interests in you and yours - what makes you believe that you will one day FIGHT to have more of the money that is derived from the system that HE controls to be applied to YOUR best interests? I heard Steve Harvey, the radio host, say the other day "The JOURNEY is more important than the DESTINATION". This is true and I have lived my life this way. During the JOURNEY you burn your hand and realize that you will never touch that source of heat or anything that looks like it again - at least not without making some preliminary observations before committing your hand to it (is it smoking, is it red, etc). The Black community finds itself in a similar situation in which AN INTERNALLY YOLKED SYSTEM OF DEVELOPMENT is required during this juncture.

The long heard claim that "THEY stole our culture" during slavery needs to be rounded off with the challenge of "What CULTURE are YOU recreating for us today"? It is my firm belief that those who are conscious enough to realize that we have been a victim of theft are not automatically qualified to RECREATE A CULTURE. Too often they seek to create a culture where the "FRIENDS AND FAMILY PLAN" is misconstrued as being one where all COUNTRY-MATES are included and thus government coercion is required to get their 'donation to the cause'. (Please note that I DID NOT use the term "Culture of Dependency" for this is not accurate. I have no problem with SOCIALISM - I practice it at home and among my family. The problem is a MIS-DIMENSIONED ring of friends). Fundamentally your circle of friends need to include THOSE WHO STAND TO BENEFIT FROM THE DIRECTED ACTIONS that the group will deliver.

The culture of violence within the Black community is best addressed by CLOSING RANKS. Have all of our communities to be OURS - not as represented by a deed that is stored in city hall but by the same drivers that STREET GANGS use as they claim corners. We have missed the mark in our communities because we have failed to create an ENTITY that does in our communities what CORPORATIONS do in the Business world. These corporate entities - have an abstract mission, they allow people to join and part company at free will, they bind their members to certain standards of behavior lest the CORPORATION be held liable for their individual actions "while wearing the uniform", they provide TRAINING to their employees so that they are knowledgeable of the "policies and procedures", they provide for the salary and health care of the members.

The above concept is no doubt crude and needs significant refinement to be placed in the real word within our community but I doubt that I am far off. In essence what I am saying is that the RACIAL MODEL for progression might be obsolete. It might be TRUE that RACE can be a impersonal DISCRIMINATOR against you by others AND not a good PRIMARY UNIFYING ELEMENT that insures COLLECTIVE progress BOTH at the same time. The Black community needs a more intricate set of virtualized incorporation that will allow our young people who are unemployed MENTALLY to a greater detriment than they are job-wise to use their collective energies for a more locally directed benefit. (Oh great - now I will be called a "States Righter - watch him - me must be a Republican. Remember
Ronald Reagan and his visit to Philadelphia Mississippi")

Clearly we need people who have ORGANIZATIONAL/OPERATIONAL experience and NOT just someone who has "marched with King" as the visionaries to lead this effort that will express the fact that we are in a new phase. Historians have a clearer vision in casting the boundaries between major cycles than do the people actually living between the synapses.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

BET's American Ganster - Shining The Light Of Truth

By far the best show on BET for my tastes is the "American Gangster" series. This one show has provided a distinct narrative about what has gone on in the Black community for the past 30 year or more.

There are two reoccurring characters in nearly all of the episodes - Black Thug who is the central agent in destroying his own people and the Black politician that either tacitly excuses his actions or uses the actions as a springboard to criticize the national government for "leaving us Black folks all alone" to deal with our own. (Of course when he is arrested - he's just another Black man locked up in the Prison Industrial Complex who DIDN'T OWN AN AIRPLANE to bring the drugs into the country and thus there was a greater conspiracy. WHERE'S RONALD REAGAN?)

Last night's episode was about Rayful Edmond III and his antics in Washington DC. This post, however, is not intended to recap the antics of Mr. Edmond. This is well documented. Instead I want to inspect all of the tag along messages that were aired during the broadcast regarding DC, Republicans, Conservatives and Leftist Progressive policies.

You see DC, better known as "Chocolate City" was made vulnerable to the ravages of Mr. Edmond largely because the "Southern Conservatives" in Congress at the time controlled the purse strings of "Chocolate City" and thus it was starved of funds to do anything about the crack epidemic or the spread of HIV infections. So goes the story if you allow Nelson George and US Representative Elenore Holmes Norton. In the view of Ms. Norton - the fact that the Feds did not ALLOW the city of DC to spend government money on needle exchanges allowed HIV infections to take off. Wait a minute - I thought that Mr. Edmond was a CRACK DEALER? How did needle exchanges enter into the script? Why didn't Ms. Holmes impress upon Mr. Edmond to distribute clean needles along with his crack rocks as a means of "protecting his customer base". Surely a "live" customer base is necessary to grow any business.

What gets me, however, is that in nearly every Black community across America these is a brand new, multi-million dollar church but for some reason if the CONSERVATIVES in government tell us Blacks that the government can't purchase clean needles for crack heads......our plans are thwarted. I thought that this was "Chocolate City"? And you all aspire to be an independent STATE? Please!

"Conservatives", Republicans", "Ronald Reagan". All of these points were added into the script as a means of counterbalancing the weight of the actions done by the gang of affiliates working for Rayful Edmond (keep in mind that he was just ONE of many Black drug dealers at the time). The script writers felt it necessary to counter act the "crack smoking Mayor" of DC who today serves on City Council. At the end of the day it was indeed those dastardly Conservatives who ALLOWED "Chocolate City" to melt in their hands.

Then the subject of "DC Statehood" came up. You see - Washington DC - a city that was CREATED to be the home of the national government from land donated by Maryland and Virginia is actually STARVING the residents of DC of needed tax revenues. You see all of those federal buildings and monuments that are in this city that was CREATED to house these federal buildings and monuments don't pay PROPERTY TAXES. The Federal Government is getting a free ride indeed. Also another complaint is that the DC Metro Police are forced to do a lot of protection work for Federal agencies. Again drawing up their resources. But wait! Doesn't the city receive transfer payments from the Federal Government to pay for these services? Surely the solution is "DC Statehood". Then they can purchase all of the needles for crackheads that they want to.

Another point that came screaming out of the episode was the hyper impact of CRACK upon the Black community. Where as today it is politically correct to spit upon the imbalance in sentencing between Crack and Powered Cocaine - we all know that "Crack is a Black drug" - it seems to me that the violence and mayhem of that particular time around the country DROVE the need for stiffer penalties. The same people who believe that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT abandoned the Black Community during its time of need are now the same people who say that it is RACIST to have such stiffer penalties for Crack cocaine. I am STILL trying to figure out what in the melanin in my skin makes ME more prone to use CRACK instead of POWDERED Cocaine and if so why I have never tried either in my life? Again I call for the crack dealers to be more conscious and start distributing the "Crack Kit" as detailed here: (Link: The Crack Kit)

I see the need to do a thorough study on the negative impact to the Black community done by both sides of the issue. On the one side of the balance scale is the "Conservative" antagonists. They have prevented DC and other cities from spending Federal money on needle exchange, they have thrown Black people into jail for being in the Crack game - this includes the mayor of Washington DC. Standing trial on the other side of the scale is the Progressive. Though he presides over these same cities that have been destroyed by drugs, gangs and violence he can no longer walk with impunity with regards to the actual results of his policies. You see he has gotten away with the tale of what "WOULD HAVE BLOSSOMED WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY" had the conservative adversary not stood in his way. I believe that we have enough details recorded as we look at the cities of Philadelphia, Detroit, Newark, Camden, Chicago, Atlanta to see what DID happen within the Black community when his progressive policies lead the way - little to nothing. As long as the Black community as a whole continues with our "audacity to hope" they will continue to get away with the big game of obfuscation. They retain their power by having us focusing WITHOUT rather than WITHIN.

The series "American Gangster" is a must see for anyone interested in learning about the dynamics of the Black community and how a Black man is often the "last mile" in the supply chain that has been set up to keep Black people who choose to partake in a permanent stupor - or even dead if an underling seeks a promotion in the organization. It is interesting how "death" plays such a part within the Black community. The drug dealer and too many Black leaders are both "leaders for life". For real change to take place we need SUPERIOR IDEAS, not death to clear out those who are harmful to our community or ineffective at bringing forth REAL "Progression".

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Let's Suppose I Am Indeed A Republican Operative

OK - folks you win. If I, a Black man, focus my scrutiny on the political force that dominates the Black Political machine throughout America and eviscerates all other THEN I must be a Black Republican.

Let us play along with this line of thinking so that I might more permanently dispose upon this as a point of obfuscation.

You see folks - I want all Black people to vote for the Republican Party, instead of the Democrats. I want all Blacks to LOVE George W. Bush as so many love Bill Clinton. I wish to have 92% of Black folks voting straight ticket GOP as so many do for the donkey today. You got me. I have been exposed.

But wait - WHAT does the Black Community gain - IF INDEED I AM A REPUBLICAN?

When I demand that my people begin to focus upon OUR OWN INTERESTS rather that always making the inference that with a Democratic victory......our interests will be achieved - a train that never seems to come - is my admonition a bad thing for Black people?

It might be a bad thing for Blacks who themselves are "Democrats who are Black" but I am not so sure that a Black person who is fundamentally seeking benefit for our community is as inclined to focus on the "truck we ride in" as compared to the destination that we arrive at.

Even still - What of my MOTIVATIONS. It seems to me that the most popular means that certain operatives bent on retaining POWER use to have the person who dare goes against the grain and yells "FIRE" be discredited is to attack his MOTIVATIONS. This is the case regardless of the fact that the masses of Black begin to think "Now that you mention it I do smell some smoke and have I have noticed that it is getting rather hot in here". They rarely take on the words head on and actually DEFEND their his own position. Instead they mostly go on the attack to discredit the lost sheep. There are so many examples of fraudulent debate where one relies of a "sympathetic chorus" who "knows the deal" before the debate even begins. The operative draws upon the bias that has been ingrained into Black people on the subject more than he ever attempts to field an honest rebuttal to the charges. Once that lost sheep is labeled a "Black Conservative", a "Republican" and "Uncle Tom" or a "White Sympathizer" the debate is over. (This last label is the case EVEN IF the person doing the name calling puts his kid on the bus each morning to send them to the lily White high school way across town as they partake in the 'Jonathan Kozol' Educational Osmosis Plan For Black Kids - have them sit next to a White kid).

The sad fact is folks - that there are far more Black people who can commitment to HONESTY be called "Democratic SELLOUTS". Though they make the case that the other guy is an agent for the GOP in truth a stronger case can be made that they are tied at the hip with the OTHER majority White Party in America. When did you start worrying about MOTIVATIONS? Your interests is "POPULARITY = CORRECTNESS" and the RETENTION OF POWER of your ideological machine over Black America.

But still - What if I am a Black Republican? Having been attacked, embarrassed, lampooned off of the stage and forced never to dare speak again.....WHAT HAS BLACK AMERICA GAINED? Yet another national election has come and went - another Black majority district has turned "blue"; a president who is more favorable to you is now in place. Now the Black person in West Philly has what I have articulated here: Link: The Representation Of A Black Person In West Philly. What benefit is measurably gained by this person who lives in fear within his own community? Video: Terrorized WITHIN The Black Community.

It is interesting that the so called 'Black Conservative' is charged with pulling out the worst elements among the Black community and keying upon them. The sad truth is that the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser holds this crown and dares to call out someone else. AT LEAST if in protecting his power base he could point to a string of successes that he can claim for Black folks he would be able to defend his position much better. Instead he can articulate his battles against "White folks" and how in doing so he has gained relief for me and others who are Black. I therefore should be eternally grateful for his efforts. (The White man might just come back with his noose in front of my house - you know. Don't get too much beside yourself).

I am a firm believer that if an when the Black massed decide to promote a disengagement with the American political process as we work on the inside that the biggest obstacle to this plan will be the "Democrats Who Are Black". They will ask the leaders of this "self sufficiency movement" "what is wrong with you all? OUR party has been good to you. You are just making it easier for the OTHER GUY to take over and give you more hell". More time will be spent on creating in Blacks the fear of departure than it will ever be in detailing our INNATE STRENGTH. Never will it be noted out of this Democratic operatives mouth that OUR ANCESTORS spent tens of thousands of years outside of a particular political party and that our CULTURE OF INDEPENDENCE that these same people keep referring to as STOLEN was forged out of NECESSITY for SURVIVAL. We currently have our national defense, our utilities and our food supply protected while in the container called "America" what better time to focus on reconstructing the core elements of our culture and take on these tasks later? And these are the same people who say that their Black Adversaries promote Black people as dumb and dependent.

What happens when that same ideology is all alone absent daily conflict with the long time adversary who has moved to the suburbs? THIS is the time when the Black community needs it to PRODUCE the BENEFITS that they have long claimed. Sadly THIS is when the "King who stands upon the mountain", fails most badly. He achieved the mountain top NOT necessarily because his ideas were SUPERIOR to the rest. He got it through plain ole - matriculation - because THE OTHER GUY LEFT. Oh don't think that "the other guy" is JUST the White Guy. You would be mistaken. Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit and other cities clearly show that BLACK PEOPLE who can ALSO depart from the Utopian lands where this power base is now all alone to produce that which has long been promised - absent the long time adversary.

Where as it was said that the adversary has thwarted all that has been attempted.....NOW the message becomes "they have LEFT US with no RESOURCES for us to make use of as they have consumed them all". (Remember the old saying "the land is the source of all wealth"? Forget about it! This is only said when they are COVETING the land while the other guy is managing it. Upon obtaining the land they are as bountiful as a corn field ran by a flunky of Robert Mugabe who has never seen where a cob really comes from.

It is essential that the Black community SEPARATE the concept of the END GOAL from the VEHICLE THAT TAKES US THERE. Failing to do so we live vicariously through the success of ANOTHER MAN, having mortgaged our own upon HIS agenda. If you vow to never vote for a Republican till you die - FINE - I am not mad at you. Have some SELF DECENCY to make sure that you are not exclusively operating on your HATRED of them and their policies but instead that you are clear that YOUR VEHICLE is moving you forward.

I will continue to wage my attacks on the force that has dominate control over my community. If I get more of my people asking questions and DEMANDING RESULTS then I win because I want the results to be shown.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Some Needed Perspectives For The Anti-Death Penalty/ Innocence Project People

As I listen to various outlets I can't help but notice a renewed emphasis on "The Imprisonment Of the Innocent", "Lethal Injection Is Torture", "Innocent People Are Being Executed". It seems that there is a full frontal attack upon both the death penalty and the criminal justice system of America.

In doing so these people practice what I call "Intellectual Superiority" as they focus on cherry picked portion of the justice system but in the end fail to provide practical solutions that in fact don't cause a greater set of problems. Many of them practice the THEORY - one innocent man being imprisoned is worth thousands of guilty men going free. YEAH RIGHT. Let us put these GUILTY MEN in YOUR COMMUNITY and see how long you reside on your high horse.

With this post I hope to clarify the three populations of people who are impacted by this entire debate. If any group who claims to be for JUSTICE but fails to consider the interplay of these three groups I cannot call them "men of justice" but instead "cherry pickers". Any system created by man is going to be imperfect by definition. Some people operating in their "Intellectual Superiority" feel no obligation to acknowledge the reality of this man made system but instead seek to remain in their "fundamentalist" corner in which the error rate of the system as grounds of trashing the entire system. Opposition is not a policy position in delivering a safe environment for the public while expressing justice for both the victim and the accused. The goal of the justice system must be to maximize BOTH the need for a safe community and to defend the rights of the innocent while punishing the guilty.

With this as a foundation - the following three groups must be considered in the discussion:

1) The Victim
2) The Accused
3) The Family / Community Of The Victim

The Victim
- Here lies a dead body on the streets. Despite all of the obfuscation upon the quality of our legal system or the past economic realities that may have influenced the assailant to perform the act of murder - SOMEBODY KILLED THIS PERSON WHO IS NOW A CARCASS, dead on the streets. The ULTIMATE civil rights violation and lack of due process was enacted upon this person.

I wish that those who are anti-Death Penalty would begin to focus at this starting point instead of focusing on the Justice system. At times we one is lead to believe via the rhetoric which flies about that "the system" has killed the person rather than the convict.

The Accused
- The defendant in a capital murder case is often the primary focus of the justice advocates. (Unless of course there has been a "hate crime" committed. Then the demands for the highest standards of evidence are thrown out of the door by SOME of the advocates) Their adversarial disposition that they have with the Justice System has them scrutinizing all charges and procedures performed upon this person.

In prosecuting this person the SYSTEM is asked to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is indeed the person who has committed the crime. The prosecutor is charged with gathering evidence, constructing a reasonable scenario regarding what happened to lead up to the crime and working with eye witnesses that are too often not cooperative (Stop Snitching) in order to obtain a successful conviction of the person.

Let me be clear - there are some innocent men that now sit in jail. Some of them were put there by prosecutors and police who were corrupt. Some of them were put there by prosecutors and police who have the highest level of integrity but despite what the evidence showed - they were indeed not guilty. Also - yes there are juries that are gathered which are all too anxious to send a man to prison. Over the years a fabric of safeguards have been put in place to have the "innocent man" continue to plead his case and get out of his undue incarceration. Our system gives the prosecutor ONE CHANGE, by comparison to make his case lest this otherwise guilty man will go free, escaping punishment for his crime.

I am amazed, however, at the anti-death penalty advocates that point to the excessive costs of the death penalty prosecution. In truth they are pointing at the costs for implementing the very safeguards that THEY demanded. As with the local "Court House Shooter" trial of Brian Nichols many are asking that this man who clearly has killed 4 human beings to be given life in prison because the trial is costing too much - NOT because his guilt is questioned. It is clear to me that the long heard argument that the death penalty sometimes punishes an innocent man is NOT their primary objection. This case bears that out.

The Family/Community Of The Victim
- At then end of it all it is this group who is the recipient of justice for the dead of their loved one or member of the community.

The community and the families of the victims that are contained within suffer most from the "Intellectual Superiority" of those who are "Anti-Death Penalty" AND "Anti-Justice System" AND "Anti-Justice" (this is a conjunction thus I am speaking of all 3 combined). That man who is allowed to go free and not be punished for his crime is a man who has the scar tissue received from getting away with the first killing covering his humanity. Surely it will be easier for him to claim his second victim and then some.

As a Black community who is too often disproportionately represented in the homicide counts of the major cities in America we can no longer sit back and remain "INTELLECTUALLY ABSTRACT" on the issue. It is my view that those who advocate for the release of the innocent (ie: via DNA tests) alone are not men of JUSTICE. They, like OJ are not concerned in finding the REAL KILLERS. They were only concerned with springing the one man. I ask them to place their focus on the VICTIMS FAMILY. It stands to reason that the VICTIM'S FAMILY would want the ACTUAL KILLER to stand accountable for the person who killed their loved one. If indeed an innocent man is incarcerated then they would be amenable to clear evidence that proves the man's innocence. (I acknowledge that this is not always the case. At times families are settled and they don't want to open up old wounds despite what the evidence says).

If indeed the man that the 'Innocence Project' people have sprung is innocent then if indeed they are for JUSTICE - they would seek to take the secondary action of advocating that the REAL KILLER be locked up. Otherwise it is the Family of the Victim and thus the community which has a VOID IN JUSTICE reopened.

To the prosecutor - this same charge must be applied. Failure to lock up the correct man means that a KILLER is on the lose to do it again.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wefare Reform - Did The Feared Results Come To Pass?

The following article crafted in 1994 foretold of a bleak future for those poor souls who would be thrown to the wolves if then President Clinton and Congress were to have changed "Welfare as we have known it".

NY Times 2004: Clinton Planners Facing A Quiet Fight on Welfare

I cannot help but to make note of the "assumed inferiority" placed upon the people on the government dole by those who claim to be their biggest advocates.

First is the quiet campaign to persuade President Clinton to alter this bill. Compare this to how "No Child Left Behind" was torpedoed and pilloried the day it was first mentioned by a "opposition president". The most dramatic line of the story is:

"If Ronald Reagan was doing this, they'd be dragging poor kids up to the White House in wheelchairs to oppose this," the official said.

This person indeed knows how the game is played.

I use the benefit of 20/20 to cross reference the following points:

The lobbying in recent weeks has primarily focused on two issues. One is the question of what happens to a welfare recipient who joins a yearlong work program but is still unable to find private employment. Should that person be allowed to return to the welfare rolls, or should the family's benefits be reduced or even eliminated?

And this point from the recent overnight visit to Bowen Homes in Atlanta to save these projects from being turned into Mixed Income communities. These represent the people who WENT THROUGH 2 years of job training. Even with the extra year - they STILL say they are not ready.

Welfare and Public Housing Reform (Please Listen to the Audio links)

Black Democratic Congressmen In Non-Competitve Districts Fail To Bring Home The Bacon

Minorities lagging in pork-barrel spending
Leaders say the reason some districts get less cash is that their elections aren't as tight.

You ever had the feeling of having a fish just jump into your lap while fishing? This is my view of this story.

It seems that 2 less senior Democrat US Congressmen have lapped 15 year veteran congressman Alcee Hastings of Florida in the "bring home the bacon" game in Washington DC.

The average black and Hispanic Democrat won about $6.1 million and $5.7 million respectively -- compared with $12 million for the average white Democrat. (Democrats won a majority in the House last year for the first time since 1994.) The review also found Republicans of all backgrounds averaged $8.7 million per lawmaker.

This is not the central focus of my report though. According to the story the underlying reason for the shortfall by Hastings and other Blacks is that they sit in non-competitive districts and thus the money is shifted to other seats where there is a stronger Republican threat.

Because black voters overwhelmingly favor Democrats, these districts aren't normally competitive in a general election. And that may hurt earmark chances. A senior staffer in one black member's office joked that he wished his boss would have a close race -- just to get more earmarks.

One suggestion is to add more black lawmakers to the Appropriations Committee, which now has only five black members. And none are subcommittee chairs, known as "cardinals," who can steer money to their own districts.

Now let me ask you - if BLACK PEOPLE are more interested in MONEY BACK HOME than they are in EMPOWERING DEMOCRATS.....what would be the logical decision to accomplish this?

Yet we have Conyers, Lewis, Waters and Rangel who have not had a real knock down, drag out election battle to have them ACCOUNT for their policies but more importantly for their EFFECTIVENESS or lack there of.

This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff regarding RACIAL INTERESTS as far as I am concerned. We as Black people were again PROMISED that certain benefits would be obtained if the collective voted to make the Democrats the majority once again. The Black voter held up his end of the bargain. Unfortunately just as with the plan that was articulated almost 40 years ago by civil rights great Bayard Ruskin it is the promised results that have been short upon delivery.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ronald Reagan And The Two Philadelphias On The Presidential Campaign Trail

See I told you!

I have been on this "Urban Legend" for several years. Certain people with a certain ideology just can't get away from promoting this link between Ronald Reagan and the town of Philadelphia. (No I am not talking about Philadelphia PA where hundreds of Black people are killed each year and the Democrats recently held their debate there without being linked to killings of Black people that they had nothing to do with, I am talking about Philadelphia Mississippi where there ideologues act as if Ronald Reagan was carrying the gun that killed the three Civil Rights Workers).

If you make note of all of the hacks with a typewriter in hand they always start their story about Ronald Reagan's visit to the Neshoba County Fair with the fact that in Philadelphia MS in 1964 three Civil Rights workers - Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner - were killed. Reagan is said to have visited 16 years later for the purposes of going to where this crime took place but having failed to mention the crime in his speech. Now think about this as the new standard for a politician. I mentioned above about how the Democrats recently held their debate in Philadelphia PA a few weeks ago. Philadelphia's homicide rate now stands at over 200 for the year.

This article from April 2007 provides us with a backdrop of what is going on in Philly PA
Profiling the city's gun violence - 4/10/2007
For three hours yesterday, police, hospital aides and others painted a grim portrait for a panel of state legislators.
More than 100 murders so far this year, more than 80 percent of them involving handguns. More than 400 shootings, an average of five a day. A 40 percent increase in homicides since 2002. Almost 85 percent of shooters and victims have criminal records. More than $100 million in hospital charges for assault-related medical care. Not enough jobs or social services, and way too many guns.

Here is the transcript of the Democratic Presidential debate held at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 30, 2007. Please note that despite the high number of Black people being killed in the city......there was no tribute paid to these dead people during this political forum. This IS the new standard - correct?

Oct. 30 Democratic debate transcript

I have decided that I will give up debating the fine points of Ronald Reagan's speech in which he mentioned "States Rights" - a concept that is directly aligned with what is spelled out in the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution. The fact that a band of Southern bigots hijacked the word as a means of saying "Leave us alone and allow us to have our way with our Nigras" doesn't mean that the word itself is unsavory.

The 10th Amendment
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

I notice, however, that most of these critics don't dare talk about the other things that Reagan said in his speech and, more importantly if indeed the big government programs that they favor have actually helped the inner cities who's newspapers they write for? I have learned not to take the bait and follow the narrative that they would have me to follow. Let's ask the tough questions - as we compare what was said in Philadelphia Mississippi 17 years ago to what is going on in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 2007.

The trouble is, again, that bureaucracy has them so economically trapped that there’s no way they can get away. And they’re trapped because that bureaucracy needs them as a clientele to preserve the jobs of the bureaucrats themselves.

I believe there are programs like that, programs like education and others that should be turned back to the states and the local communities with the tax sources to fund them, and let the people [inaudible].

I believe in states’ rights. I believe in people doing as much as they can for themselves at the community level and at the private level. And I believe that we’ve distorted the balance of our government today by giving powers that were never intended in the Constitution to that federal establishment. And if I do get the job I’m looking for, [applause] I will devote myself to trying to reorder those priorities and to restore to the states and local communities those functions that properly belong there.

Please note that they skip over all of the other details of the speech and focus on 5: "I believe in state's rights". Many people have dutifully purged all of the other words and went along with the picture that was painted - Reagan, Southern town, Civil Rights Murders, Southern Strategy - cast bait and hook a big catch.

Philadelphia PA - a city that I frequently write about and that I know intimately stands as a reference model to all that Reagan was talking about. Its public school system over the past several years has been closely monitored by the state because it was near collapse; citizens of West Philadelphia marched to Harrisburg in frustration over the out of control homicides that are killing so many of their loved ones; while the downtown business districts have been reconstructed - residential areas in North and West Philly stand as testaments that it will take more than voting to have the people's condition to change - all of this in this city which is 80% Democrat and thus has accepted the antithesis of Reagan's message - hook, line and sinker.

Popular dialogue has it where the "progressive" is on the attack. He can articulate all that Ronald Reagan, the corporation or the latest trade policy has done to hurt him. It is clear to me that there is a need to put the progressive on the defensive. He has laid down enough of a track record where his policies are in place as the dominant theory in a given list of cities. He must be made to stand accountable for the results that have come about in these same cities. Philadelphia is just one of these cities. With Rizzo (a long time Democrat) and many of the other antagonists gone the city of Philadelphia should be thriving. Instead it joins its sister cities of Baltimore and Detroit as having massive economic stagnation and growing social ills.

Ronald Reagan mentioned that it was big government that "has them so economically trapped". He mentioned that he wanted to "reorder those priorities and to restore to the states and local communities those functions that properly belong there". These words to the progressive are a threat. They are seen as the attempt by the Federal Government to walk away from their commitment to the local people. In truth they know that such a plan cuts them off from their beloved INCOME REDISTRIBUTION plans. They fear having one's ECONOMIC and IDEOLOGICAL THEORIES be the main source of their standard of living. Instead having people live as they will but be underwritten by the Feds is their ideal. With this national framework of control also comes centralized control.

Please note that the term "States Rights" is a epithet in that a band of Southern Racists had hijacked it years ago as a means of being decoupled from their obligations to the US Constitution and how these protections extended to African-Americans. Anyone who dare mentions this 10th Amendment concept has similar nefarious motivations - if you allow them to tell it that is. Why isn't Reagan's record used to prove his motivations? While Bob Herbert of the NY Times listed Reagan's "nightmare scenario for Blacks" in truth so many of his points were half-truths. He states that Reagan opposed the MLK National holiday - doesn't mention that it was Reagan who signed the bill into law. Reagan is dinged for opposing expanded Civil Rights authority by various federal agencies. In listening to various officials who operate in this space over time - I notice that in their interpretation we can never have enough "civil rights regulations". These are the same people who oppose government intrusion in many other areas of our lives - media content, law enforcement, religion. As with tax policy - any increase is said to have "moved the nation closer to the point of decency and civility" - even if the bill passes by one vote. Upon a change in power in Washington DC any attempt to reorder the priorities as expressed in these policies are said to be "turning back the clock". Thus it is the Progressive who has the "moral and intellectually superior" position - in their own minds that is.

It is time to put their entire platform under the microscope and have them to justify just how Philadelphia PA 2007 is indeed a safer place for a Black man to be than Philadelphia Mississippi circa 1964. A dispassionate view of the STATISTICS don't seem to bear this out.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

4 People Killed In Bowen Homes In A Month - Jesse Jackson Is Not Likely To Come Back For This One

Video News Report on 4 Murders @ Bowen Homes

The great J. W. E. BOWEN of the Gammon Theological Seminary must be weeping in his grave right now.

Since the time that Jesse Jackson stayed the night in the Bowen Homes Projects in Atlanta to demand that they STAY OPEN and not be torn down and replaced by affordable housing - 4 people have been killed in the community.

A 15-year-old girl was found fatally shot inside a northwest Atlanta apartment Monday night, and police are looking for a boy seen running away from the location.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. is scheduled to stay overnight tonight at a northwest Atlanta public housing community to help call attention to what critics say is the removal of African-Americans and the poor from the nation's central cities.

Jesse Jackson will sleep here to raise awareness

Supreme Court Will Consider 2nd Amendment Right To Bear Arms

Supreme Court to consider D.C. handgun ban

I hope and pray that the Supreme Court will restore the 2nd Amendment right for ordinary citizens who did NOTHING to lose their right to possess a gun to do so.

This will force the key concept that "people, not guns kill people".

One crafty argument against the 2nd Amendment is that people only have an unchallenged right to bear arms IF there is a "militia" which needs armed men. The argument goes that since we now have the National Guard and Reserves.....the 2nd amendment no longer applies. They give us an English lesson regarding how the sentence is conditional one (ie: the militia drives the need for guns).

I challenge anyone to make note of the exact date in which the National Guard was formed and as a condition we lost our right to bear arms. Show any reference to this being so. This is simply something that someone came up with after the fact.

Some People Will Worry More About the N.O. New Majority White City Council Than......

Some People Will Worry More About the N.O. New Majority White City Council Than How The Old One Failed To Put In A System Of Protection For The Masses Of Residents

Nov 18, 2:11 AM EST

NOLA Council Wins White Majority

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- A former councilwoman won an at-large seat on the New
Orleans City Council on Saturday, creating the first white majority in more
than two decades.

Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson defeated Cynthia Willard-Lewis, who is black, with
53 percent of the vote. With all votes counted, Clarkson won with 27,740 votes
to Willard-Lewis' 24,874.

Clarkson, 71, will take a seat vacated when councilman Oliver Thomas, who is
black, resigned in August after pleading guilty to a bribery charge.

Analysts had said the race could set a baseline for the changing political
landscape in a post-Hurricane Katrina city in which the gap between white and
black voters is narrowing.

Blacks remain the majority but are now about 58 percent of the population, down
from 67 percent before Hurricane Katrina struck in August 2005.

Clarkson, a real estate agent who campaigned on a corruption-fighting platform,
served terms on the council in the early 1990s and from 2002-06.

Her election creates the first white majority on the seven-member body since the
mid-1980s, when blacks consolidated political gains that began in 1978 with the
election of the city's first black mayor, Ernest "Dutch" Morial.

New Orleans' last white mayor was Moon Landrieu.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Most Violent American City List Released - "The Noose" Is Not Their Favorite Tool Depsite Its Recent Attention

Detroit pushed past St. Louis to become the nation's most dangerous city

Ranked Most Dangerous
1. Detroit, Michigan
2. St. Louis, Missouri
3. Flint, Michigan
4. Oakland, California
5. Camden, New Jersey
6. Birmingham, Alabama
7. North Charleston, South Carolina
8. Memphis, Tennessee
9. Richmond, California
10. Cleveland, Ohio

The mayor of 30th-ranked Rochester, New York -- an ex-police chief himself -- said the study's authors should consider the harm that the report causes.

"What I take exception to is the use of these statistics and the damage they inflict on a number of these cities," said Mayor Robert Duffy, chairman of the Criminal and Social Justice Committee for the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

If he things that THE REPORT does harm to his city.......I can just image what he believes the damage that the thugs who are actually doing the crime are inflicting on the city.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Black Left: The Authority To Speak For Black People, The Unwillingness To Be Held Accountable

The Black Left: The Authority To Speak For Black People, The Unwillingness To Be Held Accountable For The Perpetuation Of Their Collective Grief

Today I made a visit to my old friends at the Black Leftwing blog site I was a heavy poster their adding a healthy disruption to their largely homogeneous viewpoint. I went back to this web site after more than 7 months of being away after having my account closed due to a popular uprising. As expected the board has settled into a rather homogeneous, left slanted "choir".

One particular article jumped out at me: "Kucinich: A Blacker Candidate Than Obama

The original article came from "The Black Agenda Report". The BAR was spawned from "The Black Commentator".

All of these 3 web sources are populated by those who I call "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers". This is a label that is more functionally accurate to the label of "Black Progressive" or "Black Liberal".

As I read the article and then the various posts on the blog I was amazed at the viewpoints and perspectives that these BQPFRC's have with regard to their authenticity and their ability to award "Blackness" on some and strip it from others based on their alignment with THEIR thoughts.

If 2008 presidential candidate, Ohio's Dennis Kucinich were a member of the Congressional Black Caucus he would have scored 100% on the CBC Monitor's report card, while Barack Obama only scored 70%. If Kucinich stands where black voters do, and others don't, just who IS the 'black candidate' in 2008?

They have the nerve to PROMOTE this as a badge of honor upon Dennis Kucinich. If indeed Kucinich is able to garner a perfect score on the CBC Monitor scale then it is the CBC MONITOR SCALE that should be seriously inspected for its own credibility.

There in lines my great frustration with the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser enforcement squad. They position themselves to be the judges and evaluators of what is "the Best Interests Of Black People". They have this right to do so from THEIR OWN perspective. I ask, however: What certification do THEY HAVE to develop such a test and an enforcement methodology?

The fact is that they represent POPULAR NOTIONS of what is "in the Best interests of Black America". It is my firm contention that these "Best Interests" are not expressed by what is POPULAR among Blacks but instead what has proven to be EFFECTIVE at accomplishing the commonly understood goals of Black people.

Let us pursue the entire argument. As I listened to Roland Martin during an interview with Bev Smith - both of whom are liberal Democrats I was amazed that he articulated goals that were 100% in line with mine:

1) Local Economic Development within the Black Community
2) Quality educational exposure for our children
3) Safe Streets that will allow us to socialize in peace
4) Healthy Lifestyles so that our time on this Earth will be enduring and as free from health concerns as possible.

Without any prompting from me - we reached an accord on these points. (Note: he actually had a 5th bullet point but it was used as a wild card for local communities to promote their own priority) Clearly it is not the end point that we disagree on, it is the METHODOLOGY and FOCUS that we fall into discord over.

With all of this said it is my contention that the "Black Agenda" and "Black Best Interests" are expressed as a docket of items that will allow us to ACHIEVE these 4
goals. We are at point "A" and there are several paths to get to point "Z". These are the METHODOLOGIES that we can choose from to reach the endpoint.

Clearly our ideological differences would have us to choose different METHODOLOGIES. As a poll that was on the site showed they are more inclined to see the continuing antagonist called "RACISM" as the main hurdle from achieving this end. From my perspective it is the lack of an effective INTERNAL plan as we operate in the society defined by the norms and legal recourse of 2007/2008 to address racism that is the more important consideration.

Since we are not likely to ever agree on one single methodology it is therefore my contention that we need a means of EVALUATING the course that is being taken to insure that it is the more DIRECT COURSE to our goal. Such a system of measure would express the EFFECTIVENESS of a given METHODOLOGY over another. Effectiveness is an index that uses TIME and DISTANCE TRAVELED. Surely a horse and buggy is a means of traveling from New York to Los Angeles but few would argue that in 2007 an airplane is a more EFFECTIVE means of attaining such a goal. In addition the airplane requires more complex coordination, management and resource requirements else the results are certainly more deadly. In summary the more EFFECTIVE means also requires the more "PRE-paration" for it to be a success venture rather than a catastrophic venture.

I realize that as one Black man who has views that are counter to the prevailing winds of many of the most vocal operatives within my community that I don't stand a chance by debating on what is POPULAR. I will be trounced every time. This is especially the case during an open mic, UNSTRUCTURED debate on stage with an audience who is not pre-inclined to step back and make note that the POPULAR sentiment is also the INCUMBENT SENTIMENT that has failed them so.

(I am spelling out my agenda to you , folks)

Thus the only hope that I have for improvement of my people's condition with the realities of the powerful FILTERING operatives that stand present to spin and reinterpret all messages flowing to the "unwashed masses" is to get THE MASSES to place these OPERATIVES under inspection. I don't ask that they come to the table with a negative bias against these operatives. This is not going to happen. My goal is to get my people to focus on THESE 4 GOALS that we all can agree upon. From there the challenge is to make it clear to the masses that their commitment needs to be to THE GOALS rather than THE MAN who is claiming to relate to their PRESENT SET OF GRIEVANCES and thus leading them upon their way to the goal ABSENT ANY SCRUTINY FOR THEIR "EFFECTIVENESS". It is their ability to CONNECT WITH these grievances of the common Black man and to strike out against the EXTERNAL antagonist who caused them rather than any demonstrable ability to LEAD the masses closer to these GOALS in ABSOLUTE terms.

More accurately these operatives have a longer history of telling the masses that in FIGHTING AGAINST these adversaries they are indeed "moving closer" to the end game. Now let's be clear - the Pre-Civil Rights Movement where a boot was placed on the collective neck of the Black man - was indeed a time where the force of oppression was strong enough to keep us pinned on the ground thus this was the most effective methodology to take at the time that moved us one step closer to the goal.

What about in 2007? The simplistic argument that is often put forth at this point by the operative is that "some people think that THERE IS NO MORE RACISM TODAY! What fools they are.". This is empty rhetoric. Asking if there is any racism today or fighting to totally cancel it is as frivolous as looking for the day where there is no more MURDER among ain't gonna happen. Let me add the proper perspective to the question. The challenge is NOT to "fight racism" and extinguish it. In a society with law and order the PROPER disposition is to setup LEGAL RECOURSE that punishes ANYONE who ACTS OUT ON THEIR RACISM in which they violate the rights of others and thus they have broken the law. This is NOT an act of "eliminated racism" it is in fact a BEHAVIORAL SUPPRESSION tactic of law and order which has a perspective offender realizing that he does not want to be imprisoned or fined for his actions so thus he is going to keep his hatred to himself. In the past LAWS were not ENFORCED when a Black man was killed by a White man. Thus the proper measure of societal advancement IS NOT if there is still RACISM among different races. The proper measure needs to be "DO THESE ACTS GO UNPUNISHED today?". To operate otherwise is nothing more than "racism chasing".

With all of the rationale above as my basis I return to the central theme of this blog post: If there are no frameworks for the MEASUREMENT of the items that some people will to enter as line items upon the "Black Agenda" then the Black masses will CONTINUE to be drawn to and fro based on the ignorant acts of ONE WHITE MAN who decides, for example, that he wishes to go to Home Depot, purchase some rope and hang a noose from a tree. This act alone is enough to have the entire "civil rights" industry trained upon the deeds of this ONE WHITE MAN who's actual threat to Black people has not been established.

This measurement framework must come from the Black Community and be placed upon any organization, activist, or elected official who CLAIMS to be working on behalf of the Black community. For too long we were in such a desperate state that any man who stood on stage and showed his commitment of his time was deemed qualified to lead us along the way. We are in a different stage in our development as a people today. There needs to be a time line developed that shows us the macro position at which we stand right now. Gone is slavery, the Civil Rights Era has closed. For the past 35 years have been in the "Post-Civil Rights Era" and transitioning toward a new era that has yet to be defined. We cannot be driven by the "first Black" phenomenon as the primary justification for our votes of support for a particular person. There is a long string of cities that can be used as evidence that this alone is not enough to transform the conditions for large masses of Black people who are excited on election night eve.

Coming back to the title of this particular message - the Black Left currently enjoys total domination of all Black ideological, political and cultural foundations. These same people are nearly unscathed with any sort of challenge and inspection of their EFFECTIVENESS. The recent survey about Black attitudes for the future was very telling. Many Black people believe that their state is worse now than 5 years ago. A large sample also believes that the future will bring forth rough waters. For me as an individual it was the REASONS given in the article that were more disturbing. Where as Hurricane Katrina and the recent nooses were identified as the main causes for this discontent - NO ONE mentioned the CURRENT BLACK LEADERSHIP and any failings that they may have contributed over this same time period. As I have identified in several previous posts on this very blog - the Black community is bipolar when it comes to handling issues of "we are headed in the wrong direction". When this sentiment is applied at the national level the response is to purge the enemy ideological incumbent and replace them with the one that is compatible with their own. When this same "need for change" is identified at the LOCAL LEVEL - the level where their own views are far less diluted with other competing racial interests that must all be contended with......the trend with the Black community is to allow the leadership to run up against a term limit or in the case of "leaders for life", wait for him to die before the choice is made to find a replacement which has the VERY SAME IDEOLOGICAL grounding as the guy WHO FAILED US IN THE PAST. There are simply too many officials who run unopposed for office in the context of eroding neighborhoods. There is simply no excuse for this other than VOTER NULLIFICATION. When the masses have been condition to believe that THEIR leader is the PROBLEM but instead chooses to "expand the police tape" far, far, far beyond his ability to address the problem the situation is created in which escapes any blame for the conditions.

I know of no other entity in which their power grows but their ability to eschew accountability for the perpetuated condition of the people has ALSO increased. In fact as our conditions atrophy they tell their supporters that their votes are needed MORE THAN EVER BEFORE because the "poor are getting poorer". Thus the cyclical, incestuous dysfunction continues. The primary loser in the affair is the Black community.

These leaders can articulate a long list of BENEFITS that they have brought via their ideology. At this point we need to begin to investigate the DAMAGE that has also come along as their policies and ideology has been imposed. As their labor left perspectives increased, the CONSUMERS of jobs have departed from these same regions that they are in power over. From their perspective it was "racism" that caused the departure of these entities. As we note that many of them have simply picked up and moved to "right to work" states that has less regulation and less powerful union presence. Why is it that both elements of their advancement over our communities not investigated - the good and the bad? Certainly the "media consolidation" around IDEOLOGY is the reason why the Black media does not expose their ideological soul mates. (Interestingly enough I have Cathy Hughes of RadioOne on in the background. She is by far one of the most biased, left leaning operatives in Black media).

To be clear - just as the left who stand against "the fox guarding the hen house" when it comes to government interaction with the financial markets, media powerhouses, food/drug inspections and election redistricting - for some reason - we have a stronger case of just that within the Black community among the Black left and silence is the result. The Black politician who has a certain popular ideology receives cover or even promotion from the various Black journalists and reporters. The Black entertainers and artists share this same ideology. Black ministers reinforce many of these same ideas - especially near voting day and finally the Black Activists take the stage and close the cycle of the chorus. Bottom line there are no dissenting voices that challenge the people in this closed group as to THEIR results. It is assumed that all shortfalls expressed by Blacks are due to PERPETUATED RACISM.

Either you can express the BENEFIT of your heightened power OR you are INEFFECTIVE at addressing the challenges that Black people have WITHIN during the time period upon which you can articulate all of the LAWS and POLICIES that you have worked so hard to implement for the benefit of Black people. WHICH ONE IS IT?

One Day For The NAACP "Its No Big Deal" Will Have Them ENFORCE The Standard Rather Than Remove It

The NAACP has once again teamed up with the ACLU and fallen on its sword for something that is ultimately irrelevant and removes authority from the school administrators.

News story from Petoria IL

A 12 year old Black girl who wore maroon hair extensions in her hair was said to be in violation of the school dress code by wearing colors that were a distraction to the academic process. Of course the NAACP and the ACLU, with their history of undercutting the authority in our schools and in government housing projects sprung into action. They were able to creatively make this into a racial issue as "many Black women wear similar colors but fewer White women do". You know that "African-American women and girls cannot effectively HIGHLIGHT their hair with black or brown colors, and FOR REASONS OF CULTURAL AND RACIAL PRIDE ARE OPPOSED TO HIGHLIGHTING THEIR HAIR WITH THE HAIR COLORS NATURAL TO WHITE WOMEN".

I didn't see that last line until NOW. NAACP - YOU ARE A JOKE. I take it they missed all of the blond bleaching or the blond highlights throughout the year? Yesterday I saw no less than 3 Black women with blond highlights.

I don't want to harp on the debate over highlights in a girls hair. This is not the most relevant point. My main concern is that once again a meaningless point is escalated into a major legal focus for the NAACP and other leftist activist organizations. We always hear "What is the problem IT IS NO BIG DEAL"......"why is THE SCHOOL making such an issue out of this?". I am puzzled why this point is not applied to the PARENTS and the STUDENT and their activist backers? When will they make the case that EDUCATION is the primary deliverable for the school and that discipline and authority are two primary elements that the school must present over their environment in order to allow knowledge to be transfered from the instructor to the student.

If we take a look at the conflicts that took place over time in housing projects we get a parallel as to what has happened in our schools and what is bound to happen in an increasing amount with these two leftwing activists groups leading the way. Government housing projects to the disbelief of many people exposed to the system of today was originally quality housing and communities. As we track the great migration of Black people from Mississippi to Chicago the original housing projects were full of WORKING CLASS people and were clean and orderly communities. There was actually a waiting list clamoring to get IN. Postal Employees, policemen, teachers were in abundance in the projects back then. The original purpose was to provide a transition for transplants and/or newly divorced women who needed some time to get on their feet while they stabilized and could move into more permanent housing.

As years went buy the various housing authorities around the country, with some policy changes from the federal government began to place more poor people into these same housing projects. The biased switched from transition housing to permanent housing. In due time there were conflicts over the aggressive enforcement of policies that were said to have a negative and discriminatory impact on the poor. Where as these policies were originally an acknowledgment that with so many people living in close quarters all must live toward their highest level of decency for the aggregate community to be a quality community. Even the smallest infractions were not tolerated.

The various community actor-vist organizations came about to counter-balance the authority of the housing authority. No doubt there were many grievances that were justified as the properties aged and the funding did not grow as the needs grew. At the same time, however, these actor-vist groups WENT TOO FAR. They began to tear down nearly ALL impositions by "management" upon the tenants. One popular point of contention was the policy where if one member of a housing unit was caught selling drugs out of the unit then EVERYBODY IN THE UNIT GOT EVICTED. The NAACP and other actor-vists found this to be an offensive policy. "What if the mother didn't know that the son was selling drugs? Why should everyone suffer?". Notice, however, that they would never dare to go the other way. This other way would be placing the RESPONSIBILITY upon the head of household to TELL OF THE CONSEQUENCES for any dweller selling drugs out of her apartment and communicating it to them. What we have here is the unwillingness for the NAACP and other leftist organizations to DISTRIBUTE ACCOUNTABILITY to the periphery. They are far more inclined to take the load off of the edge and put it into the central authority and THEN SEEK TO HOLD THIS CENTRAL AUTHORITY ACCOUNTABLE. (The people are POOR after all.) The masses become WEAKENED, not stronger as a result. This and other excuses were litigated and finally, like dominoes nearly ALL of the key policies that were producing a quality community were summarily dismissed.

This same mentality is being applied in the case of the Maroon haired girl. (I saw a Black woman that has royal blue highlights yesterday by the way). The NAACP and ACLU are largely anti-authoritarian. They don't want the authority to impose what THEY view as UNNECESSARY controls upon the individual and see the hair issue as irrelevant to the educational process. Fair concern. However to fail to see the aggregate impact of these and other organizations as they continuously undercut the authority of the school administration will allow the cycle of decline to continue.

I was happy to hear that the new president of Paul Quinn College in Dallas TX has reversed a trend and is now strictly enforcing its dress code:

Paul Quinn Dress Code - Audio Report

Thursday, November 15, 2007

$180k Per Game. I Assure You That We Won't Hear From The Usual Suspects On This One

USA Today Story
Marbury rejoins Knicks after fine of more than $180,000

NEW YORK (AP) — Stephon Marbury grinned as he made his way down the hall to the New York Knicks' locker room, back in the fold but out some $182,000 because of a fine.

After skipping the game in Phoenix the previous night, Marbury flew from New York to Los Angeles to join the Knicks for their Wednesday night game against the Clippers.


According to the NBA's collective bargaining agreement, players are docked 1/110th of their salaries for a missed game without a reasonable excuse. With Marbury scheduled to earn $20.1 million this season, that would be about $182,800.

Let me start out by saying I AIN'T MAD AT THE BROTHER ONE BIT. If someone paid me $180,000 for about 2 hours worth of work you know I would be on it. However - if you allow some people to tell it we are not in the days of "Marbury Making $180k Game"......we are STILL in the days of "Marbury vs Madison" as Black people.

For me personally - I rarely pay for full priced entertainment tickets. Transferring my wealth out of my pocket over to a high priced group of prima donnas just is not my thing. This goes for $75 for a "Beyonce" ticket or $1,500 for a "Hanna Montana" ticket or $65 to see one of the sorry sports teams that we have play. I am good for getting free tickets and hanging out though.

Despite all of this we will not hear the "usual suspects" attack the capitalism that is at work with Stephon Marbury though. This man rose from the projects of Coney Island only to make it big. I give him his props in that he recently released a discount shoe line that is aimed at undercutting the ripoff prices that Nike and Adidas charges those who are into hype.

Though the clock of an NBA game has 60 minutes on it, a game typically lasts about 2 hours. So to break it down for you Mr. Marbury makes:

$90,000 per hour
$1,500 per minute
$25 per second

Surely THIS is a "misallocation of resources"......right Black PROGRESSIVES?

If the Iraq War is a government misallocation then think of the fact that it is not a CONGRESS and a PRESIDENT who is making the spending decision that you have no direct control over........YOU choose to take the money out of your wallet and hand it over to see the Knicks play or Beyonce strut her stuff. Many of these same people are also complaining about the age of the text books in their schools.

It is refreshing to know that only the Corporate CEO's millions are under scrutiny. Despite the fact that he often has 50,000 people employed for him while these folks only have their posse it is the "good feelings" that they deliver that makes their salaries justified while the evil CEO is no doubt EXPLOITING all of his workers by selling their work effort at a price that is higher than what he paid them.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

State Of Black People Studies - The Links

Study: Black pessimism worst since 1980s
Blacks increasingly less certain about racial progress in America

Black White Gap

Black Infant Mortality In Memphis

The State Of Black America Studies Come Raining In - Part 1

First let me get this question out of the way:
"Are you as a Black person better off than you were 5 years ago?"

For me the answer is not just is "hell yes!!".

* Family - stronger than ever and now completed with a wife and kids
* Financially - while my goal is to pay off my credit cards I am making more money
* Employment - I have a great job that is leading me on my scheduled personal development goals
* Spiritually - I am at peace with my God but I also see the need to express this in my total behavior more consistently

For me the findings from the various studies that I will talk about in a minute are those of a BLACK CONSUMER. It is my opinion that my current position and my outlook that is more POSITIVE than PESSIMISTIC is similar to the force that has been found in war criminals that have survived their detention while others have died in the process. This is because I believe that I am living in accordance with a plan and I do certain things as part of the progression upon this plan.

Comparatively as I listen to people who are more inclined to be critical or negative about their fate......they base their personal standing primarily upon the actions of others. It is this passive sampling of what OUTSIDERS DO rather than having the ability to fully articulate what THEY ARE DOING that is the key difference between my perspective and these others.

Let us cut to the chase - the RACISM CHASING spirit of so many of my brothers and sisters is the central problem with their perceptions. Now let's be clear - I DID NOT say that there was no racism. I did not say that there are no non-Black people who don't like Blacks and who order certain outcomes that show up negatively upon us. It is my view that one's ACCEPTANCE of and RESPONSE TO the challenges that are put up, via racial in form or otherwise is the key distinction in my view.

As a response to this challenge there are two poles by which to respond. The "Racism Chasing" response is to go directly after this threat. At the other end of the spectrum is the self directed actions that would tend to cause your personal power to expand and TEND TO make you less susceptible to what others might choose to maliciously to you as a person or, more importantly, as a group that has specific identifiable traits.

There is a span between these two poles that in fact is the best course of action. The realities of the situation that is present before us as a society dictate toward which we should gravitate toward. To be clear - I fully support the fact that during the time of the Civil Rights Movement the threat coming from the fact that Black people had no rights that the White man need respect was cause enough to directly attack this threat that made our personal power and accomplishments irrelevant when a lynch mob formed to cast judgment upon him for the flakiest of charges.

All of these facts beg the question of "Where do we stand today?". It is my opinion that as Black people we are standing in a clearing in a field with respect to our time line. Have been detangled from the vines and thorns that once kept us down as a people it is the body of laws that are present that have given us RECOURSE to address any trampling of our rights. Let's be clear - the Civil Rights Movement and resulting law DID NOT prevent White Racists from attacking a Black person. These laws provide PUNISHMENT for these acts because the movement forced the government to ENFORCE its laws. Once it became clear to the racist that his physical assaults upon Black people would be punished by law rather than swept under the rug by a dependable "All White Jury".

My personal goal is to get BLACK PEOPLE to recognize the bounds that are now OFF OF OUR BODIES today. What binds us today are not physical clasps upon our arms and legs. Instead it is the POPULAR set of mental conditioning that has been accepted as fact by too many of our people. When Carter G. Woodson referenced how (and I paraphrase) those who are trained to "go to the back of the bus" there is little that can stop them from assuming their preordained place there. The mission for Black people in the present day must be to transfer the focus EXCLUSIVELY from what the government, via its body of laws and also programs that are implemented to "repair us", is to develop a SYSTEM that allows us to take full advantage of our PRESENT FREEDOMS.

This is where I strongly divide from my contemporaries. It is my view that the "Affirmative Actions" must come from WITHIN the Black community outward, having this SYSTEM that I speak of to buttress our efforts and direction. My ideological adversaries see the outer society and government as this SYSTEM that will do this per our membership in America. I make note that we must identify a "Friends and Family Plan" that only encased those who have our ultimate best interests in mind. Thus this is not a NATION-al system. It must be an "At Will", community based system.

Please notice that I did NOT say "Racial" system. Through my life experiences I have come to the conclusion that while race and the properties that it presents to the rest of the world might indeed be a means to discriminate against a group of people as individuals, however, the use of racial commonality alone does not form the basis for group ASCENSION.

(More to come)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Culture: Ignorance On Wax

I can't litter my other blog on culture with this ignorant foolishness.

After scanning through several songs on the Rhapsody music service it is amazing how some people are surprised with the amount of violence, disrespect for women and ignorance that we host within our community where this type of mentality is rampant and the messenger is rewarded with millions.


"Bitches Ain't Shit"
(feat. Snoop Dogg, Dat Nigga Daz, Kurupt, Jewel)

[Snoop] Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks...

[Chorus: Snoop (2X)]

Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks
Lick on deez nutz and suck the dick
Get's the fuck out after you're done
And I hops in my ride to make a quick run...

[Dr. Dre]
I used to know a bitch named Eric Wright
We used to roll around and fuck the hoes at night
Tight than a mutharfucka with the gangsta beats
And we was ballin' on the muthafuckin' Compton streets
Peep, the shit got deep and it was on
Number 1 song after number 1 song
Long as my muthafuckin' pockets was fat
I didn't give a fuck where the bitch was at
But she was hangin' with a white bitch doin' the shit she do
Suckin' on his dick just to get a buck or 2
And the few ends she got didn't mean nothin'
Now she's suing cuz the shit she be doin' ain't shit
Bitch can't hang with the streets, she found herself short
So now she's takin' me to court
It's real conversation for your ass
So recognize and pass to Daz

[Dat Nigga Daz]
Now as i'm rollin' with my nigga Dre and Eastwood
Fuckin' hoes, clockin' dough up to no good
We flip flop and serve hoes like flap jacks
(Snoop: But we don't love them hoes) Bitch, and it's like that
This is what you look for in a ho who got cash flow
Ya run up in them hoes and grab the cash
And get your dash on
While you're chillin', with your homies and shit
And how my niggaz kick the anthem like this



...To the store, to get me a 4-0
Snoop Doggy Dogg paged, that must mean more hoes
So I head down the street to long beach
Just so i could meet, a freak
To lick me from my head to my feet
And I'm here, now I'm ready to be done up
Nothin' but homies around so I puts my gun up
Bitches on my nuts like clothes
But i'm from the pound and we don't love them hoes
How could you trust a hoe? [Snoop:] Why? [echoed 3X]
Cuz a hoe's a trick
We don't love them tricks [Snoop:] Why? [echoed 3X]
Cuz a trick's a bitch
And my dick's constantly in her mouth
And turnin' them trick ass hoes the fuck out

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]
I once had a bitch named Mandy May
Used to be up in them guts like everyday
The pussy was the bomb, had a nigga on sprung
I was in love like a muthafucka lickin' the protung
The homies used to tell me that she wasn't no good
But I'm the maniac in black, Mr. Snoop Eastwood
So I figure niggaz wouldn't trip with mine
Guess what? Got gaffled by one time
I'm back to the muthafuckin' county jail
6 months on my chest, now it's time to bail
I get's released on a hot sunny day
My nigga D.O.C. and my homey Dr Dre
Scooped in a coupe, Snoop we got news
Your girl was trickin' while you was draped in your county blues
I ain't been out a second
And already gotta do some muthafuckin chin checkin
Move up the block as we groove down the block
See my girl's house, Dre, pass the glock
Kick in the do', I look on the flo'
It's my little cousin Daz and he's fuckin' my hoe, yo
(Bitches ain't shit)
I uncocked my shit...I'm heart-broke but I'm still loc'ed
Man, fuck a bitch!


(Dr. Dre in background "Bitches ain't shit")
I don't give a fuck about a bitch
But i and her know that they can't fade this
Cause i'm doin my own thingdown with the swang
I'm hangin' with Death Row like it ain't no thing
I say you know can't deal
Cuz I'm a btich that's real
Motherfucker need to step back, hell yeah
They need to chill
Because I don't give a fuck
And I don't give a fuck [x3]

And now I gotta do some...
And now I gotta do some shit that's clean
But when I'm on a dick, hell yeah, I get real mean
Like a washing machine
I can wash the clothes
All the hoes knows
That i'm on the flo' ho
But they can't hang with my type on swang
I ain't tryin' to say I suck every ding-a-lang
But just the juicy ones
Witht he tip of the tongue
And then their sprung
With the nuts hung
[Dr. Dre:] Bitches ain't shit