They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Martin Luther King III

You ever heard the old saying "the more someone talks the more sure they make it that they are......". This is the case for me with Martin Luther King III. Though he rides high on his father's coattails and since his father's name and graven image is unassailable (lest you get thrashed. I know, I know, I am not worthy of carrying Martin Luther King Jr. jock strap) I will focus on the fact that "III" is living today and is making characterizations of life for Black folks circa 2007 and not 1957.

A few years ago I heard "III" on the morning talk show proclaiming a "minimum salary" and guaranteed employment for all. He largely echoed the views of his mother, Coretta Scott King. He went on and on seemingly giving a dissertation out of some socialist magazine that he had picked up along the way. I dismissed his comments at that time as idealist. Being positioned as he is he is able to draw upon people's sentiments, lurking further to the left than normal with the hopes of drawing some folks more to the center. Whatever.

This morning I listened to "III" talk about his justification for the planned "March on Washington" scheduled to take place on November 16, 2007. He clarified that this is a "March on the Bush Justice Department" for their inaction. Now keep in mind this march is centrally about HATE CRIMES due to the recent display of nooses around the nation. Nooses are seen by many Blacks as a sign of threatening intimidation. (If only we could get the same response to pants hanging off of a Black man's behind then we would be on to something that is a real threat to our character today. But that's another story.)

If you listen to the audio of "III", however, you'll notice that he focuses on only ONE case of "racial intimidation" - the Jena Louisiana nooses hung from the tree at the school. Interestingly - in this case "III" supports the prosecution of young people as adults over this noose event. A reporter that was a bit more skeptical of "III's" words would have noted to him that the case with the Florida Boot Camp and the Genarlo Wilson Teen Sex cases were NOT "hate crime related" but were seemingly on "III's" mind at the time of the interview so he wanted to get them out.

"Tell Me More" Audio Interview with Martin Luther King III

Interestingly enough Genarlo Wilson's case is evidence of the LEGAL SYSTEM working!!! After several appeals and actions from the legislature....the kid is FREE...he is out of jail. This is the case of BAD LAW not legal malfeasance.

In the case of the Florida boot camp the local trial found the staff "not guilty" of murder. It seems that "III" is only displeased with the outcome and seeks to have the Feds step in and try them again until a verdict that is satisfactory to HIM is expressed. Now let's be clear - if there were any procedural errors or down right bias as was the case in the 1960's South - I too would be calling for prosecution under Federal Civil Rights violations. It seems to me that to do so in this case would violate the "Double Jeopardy" principles - where you keep trying until you are successful.

I like Michelle Martin of 'Tell Me More". Just when I think she is going to avoid the tough question such as the interview she did with the Mayor of Baltimore who won reelection to serve out a full term, Martin did indeed ask her about the city's crime problem in the second segment. I understand that you don't want to blast an interviewee without first establishing a flow with the interview. However, with the case of "III" I was waiting for the application of the "PROPORTIONALITY FILTER" to give "III" some guidance on the relative importance of his current focus with respect to the big scheme of problems WITHIN the Black community. Simply put it is my view that the high rate of UNSOLVED Black on Black homicides in many communities represent a large boulder of NON-JUSTICE than does the threat of a noose being displayed which is a grain of sand by comparison.

It is clear to me that PROPORTIONALITY considerations prevents my people from being lead astray by operatives such as "III". They seek to stack the "Black Agenda" with issues of victimization that are sure to unite Black people behind issues that are strong on SYMBOLISM but light on substance. Any White man with a piece of twine purchased from Home Depot and some skills learned during his days as a boy scout is able to co-opt the "Black focus" in America to a greater extent than a thug with a gun that is causing mayhem on our streets. Though no lives were lost with the noose, many of these operatives will step over the cold, dead bodies in their own neighborhoods and track blood from that crime scene as they walk to protest the actions of the noose hanger. Something is tragically wrong with this picture.

I surmise that IT IS NOT GOING TO STOP until the Black Journalists covering ALL OF THE STORIES being to challenge the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist RACISM CHASERS" more consistently on their agenda and focus. No longer can they be allowed to make their talking points. We need to have them to JUSTIFY their actions of tending to the "rope burn" on our hands from the noose in light of the gaping wound that is gushing blood out of our community's collective neck as administered from the termites WITHIN.

If Hillary Wins The Presidency, A Black Person Living In......

If Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat wins the presidential election in 2008 and all else is kept the same in the other political offices a Black person living in West Philadelphia will have:

A Democrat representing his district in the Philadelphia City Council
A Democratic majority city council running the city
A Democratic mayor over the city
A Democratically controlled School Board educating their children
A City has 80% Democratic voters
A Democratic state representative
A Democratic state senator
A Democratic US Representative
A Democrat in one of the two US Senate seats
A Democratic Majority US House
A Democratic Majority US Senate
A Democrat as President

QUESTION. Have we now achieved what former civil rights leader Bayard Ruskin has long aspired for back in the late 1960's? At least on the front end of his dream we now have Black people, in power as Democrats in elective offices representing our communities.

It is the back end results that were promised from this effort that is suspect. You see Ruskin said that as a result of this array of power THE BLACK COMMUNITY WOULD BENEFIT. I struggle to find where this benefit is in the key areas that most agree are our priorities as a people;

* Academic Achievement
* Local Economic Development
* Safe Streets
* Healthy Lifestyles

It is clear that despite many of the efforts there is a great lag that remains and in some measures it is getting worse. While no doubt there are many, many glaring examples of success that has been achieve. No doubt that where systematic racism has been held in check the flowers that were once trampled upon are now in full blossom.......there remains, however, far too many people who have their growth and development toward their full potential stunted due to a dysfunctional environment that is being perpetuated.

In the confluence between cultural transformation and political/ideological power building it is my opinion that the Black community has been used by certain well placed operatives. Where as many in the community have fallen short of the promises that our political support would bring.....the Democratic party is more powerful and more entrenched WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY than at any other time in history.

I could run the same listing for the South Side of Chicago or the 16th district in New York City and show the very same Democratic sweep of representation. At what point do people stop living vicariously through the electoral success of the party that they favor that has ideals that are attractive WHILE YOU ARE IN YOUR STATE OF AGGRIEVEMENT and instead look toward policies that have a track record at actually reducing the grievances that the collective has?

Monday, October 29, 2007

“Democratic strategists know that the Latino vote is their future,”

Candidates balance courting of interest group with immigration debate

This provides vital answers as to why the "Congressional Democrat Black Caucus" has been silent on the issue of Illegal Immigration and its impact on the Black worker at the lower end of the economic scale. They should read Professor Carol Swain's work that details the impact that this failed strategy is having. The Congressional Democrat Black Caucus believes that if more Hispanics come into this country they are going to be Democrats and thus this new voting bloc is going to secure Democratic dominance over the nation for decades so come. Such dominance has worked well for Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Newark, Camden, and Detroit, hasn't it? They are ALL 80% DEMOCRAT cities. Black people are STILL catching hell.

Article On Dr. Carol Swain regarding the negative impact of Illegal Immigration on Black Workers

Who is going to CHALLENGE the orthodoxy that has measurably injured the Black condition over the past 30 years with their failed strategies and theories?


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Charlie Rangel Proposes The Largest Tax Increase In History

Repealing the AMT would reduce federal tax revenue by more than $800 billion over the next 10 years — and that’s assuming the Bush tax cuts expire in 2010. With the tax cuts in place, the costs would near $1 trillion.

Robin Hoods expect Rangel to swap the AMT for a new tax targeted exclusively at the highest-income payers. One often-mentioned idea, proposed by Leonard Burman, director of the Urban Institute’s Tax Policy Center, would impose a 4 percent surcharge on unmarried taxpayers making more than $100,000 a year and couples making more than $200,000.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Conditioned Mentality Of The Ghetto And Those Who Foster It

In the city of Atlanta a housing project call "Bowen Homes" is slated to close soon. Recently Jesse Jackson and his "Rainbow PUSH" organization camped out at the place in order to protest the treatment by the City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Housing Authority. Both of these organizations are ran by Black liberal Democrats, this point was never brought up during these protests as would have if they were White or Republicans.

This post is not about politics per se. This post is about how a "Hurricane Katrina"-like victim is made long, long before any winds start to blow or water starts to rise. The Bowen Homes development is a city or a nation unto itself, as you will hear from the people's own voices. Some of the people who live there have been encultured a certain way and are now far less able to compete in the real world than if they didn't have these altruistic individuals "helping" them.

I will play a series of recordings of the voice of the residents as well as the operatives who claim to be "helping" these individuals.

I ask that you take a step back from your normal analysis and think about what you hear with the following filter:

1) Are these people in a strong position after years of living in this place? Are they are on a track to become stronger or remain weak?

2) Who is actually being empowered by the weak position of these people? (Listen for the cheers)

3) Did the current conflict that is coming to a head (the mass evictions due to the closure of the property) start a few weeks ago or even 2 years ago when it was announced? Or are the people's inability to pay $125 per month to sustain their homes an insurmountable mountain that was created from a lifetime of piling up issues under the rug that should have been addressed long before?

Audio Segment #1: A Resident Talks About How The People Are Being Unfairly Treated

Summary of the Audio segment above:
* The people have not been taught how to raise their kids
* The people have never been taught how to operate at their jobs
* The job fairs that have been provided these residents to assist them in their transition out of the projects were not enough
* "Most people are not that productive as THEY are wanting them to be"
* "Its down to crunch time now and their backs are against the wall with no where to go"
* "They don't know how to live. They don't know how to survive"
* "If you are not in that frame of mind to move forward or to better yourself and you are content with what you have then it (the Catalyst Program) is an adversity".
* "Most families want to stay (in these projects)"
* "If you have a family that has a hardship in paying the minimum rent of $125 per month what on God's green Earth will they do if you put them out on the streets to fend for themselves? Not just if you put them on the streets but if you put them into a MIXED INCOME COMMUNITY WHEN THIS IS ALL THAT THEY KNOW."
* "It's just like CHILDREN you have to STRUCTURE THEM, BRING THEM UP AND REAR THEM. I know that they are grown, the community itself"
* People who live in Bowen Homes pay rent (a minimum rent of $125 per month) is highlighted as a defense against the claims that they pay no rent
* The former vice-president of the community association is complaining that even some people have difficulty coming up with the $125
* A NEW PROGRAM to teach Parenting Skills, Job Skills is the magic solution to the people's problems. WEREN'T THERE A SERIES OF "PROGRAMS" OVER THE YEARS THAT DID THIS VERY THING? What makes us think that the future will be any different?
* "We have parents and people who were reared as WORLDLY so they don't really know what it is to get out and get an education."
* "A lot of folks lose our children in the school system. The children don't know (anything) but the school system steadily pushes them through without giving them the HELP THAT THEY NEED. They just go ahead and push them trough it's like 'Do or die' "

* "So it sounds like you are asking for a more gradual transition?"
* "You have to think - there are a lot of people who have been here for their entire lives. You have some people who have been here for 30 plus years. OK WITH THOSE FAMILIES IT HAS COME TO THE POINT OF CONTENTMENT WITH THEM. They are OK. They are CONTENT WITH BEING WHERE THEY ARE. So in order to uproot them and put them some place else, that they are supposed to go to a Mixed Income Community AND BE ABLE TO ADAPT TO THAT COMMUNITY that's just SETTING THEM UP FOR FAILURE."

* "So what's the difference between living in Bowen Homes and a Mixed Income Community.......?" "....I'm thinking the quality of living. In those Mixed Income Communities you have EXPECTATIONS.....but like I said you have residents that have been here for 30 you have residents that are used to the rules WHERE THEY ARE (now). It would be like UPROOTING THEM AND PUTTING THEM INTO ANOTHER COUNTRY......We would have to re-adapt but some people wouldn't be able to adapt, to get into that mindset. There are a lot of them that would be lost by the wayside."


There you have it folks. A perspective of the people who now live in Bowen Homes. This is not a tale of me attacking the residents. Clearly they are in a weakened state. This is my criticism of those who FOSTER this weak and dependent state among our people.

The fact remains - the Black QUASI-SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST Racism Chasers are responsible for this. They have "defended the status quo" in these communities for decades. Since the 1960's Chicago Projects they have been fighting to remove "discriminatory and oppressive" rules that were meant to maintain a high standard within these communities. These people are products of the communities that have resulted - NO RULES, No closure of all of the options for failure so that success might be the doorway they take. Sadly the very same people who fostered in these "non-judgmental" environments are standing by and ASKING FOR MORE OF THE SAME THING.

I thought that we were "Progressive PEOPLE!"? Are these people now in a condition to "progress" after 30 years of the "BQPFRC Treatment"?

The conflict is that the Black community might see Jesse Jackson's efforts as "helping the poor eat for yet another day". It can't be more clear that in actually that these policies are helping the poor to DO EVERYTHING NECESSARY TO REMAIN POOR.

The audio segment introduced a few key concepts. The concept of the 30 years CONDITIONING is what I have focused on. The people got used to RULES that were in place in their own communities and to change them would be like throwing them into a new country. Why is it not the case that the establishment of a NEW SET OF RULES, rules that produce a HIGHER OUTCOME can't ALSO be encultured into the people?

I believe that the operatives have a sense of INFERIORITY among these people. If they did indeed see them as equals and that the only difference was the CULTURE that they have been immersed in then it would be the CULTURE that is the primary force that is being transformed. Instead they focus on government programs that might have them endure another day. Where is the LOCUS OF CONTROL FROM THE PEOPLE emanating from INSIDE OUT? These people are wards of the state (and the operatives) rather than expressing any ability to steer their own course.

In a following segment I will explore how Jesse Jackson is universally loved by these people where as he has a high rate of scorn among more middle class Blacks. It is a standard assumption that people gravitate toward where they are loved rather than scorned. I wonder if there is a vested interest in maintain a base of loyal subjects?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

DC Unemployment For Blacks: I Thought "We Won"?

Washington Post: Poor, blacks struggling in DC economy: report

One day I will understand the political machinations of the majority of my people. Time and time again when a person who is their political opponent "fails" the community the operatives who roam free in our community are quick to get Black folks to "register to vote" and to "vote for change"! One can't help but notice that the call for "local change" that was the case over the past 40 years as Black folks where concentrated in the inner city but marginalized from operating in the broader economy the call back then was to "vote for change!". The plan as espoused by civil rights leader Bayrard Ruskin was to have Blacks take control of our communities by assuming elective Democrats. These past 38 years were the execution of this plan that was crafted in the wake of the close of the Civil Rights Movement which was symbolically slammed shut via an assassin's bullet in Memphis. There was a tremendous upside as there were plenty political seats to be taken over at the local level as well as legislative representation of these same districts at the state and the federal level.

It seems to me that having assumed the overwhelming majority of these local seats on the front end of the plan yet having failed to bring forth the promised results that were to sprout from the back end of this plan that those who were serious about achieving EFFECTIVE RESULTS would switch from external activism toward INTERNAL management of the turf that they now have political control over. If you thought that this would would be wrong.

Since many of these leaders have an ideology that wins them no friends with the business class who are necessary to create and sustain the employment that produces the paychecks that produce the solid middle class.....they instead are forced to rally the troops for yet another climb higher up the mountain. They must sell the group on how good things will be "at the next plateau" having failed so miserably to secure the promised prosperity within the plateau upon which they now stand.

It is clear to me that some folks only know "The Struggle". If they are not struggling against some outside entity that threatens to "turn back the clock" they are outside of their element and will die like a fish removed from his mayonnaise jar.

I keep wondering as to where the boundaries of my people are? When will those things that are inserted on to the "Black agenda" but should not be there because they can't be justified from the standpoint of PROPORTIONALITY of their threat to our well being get forced off of the agenda via a mass uprising against this same LEADERSHIP who has lead us astray?

The one wildcard that is tried and true is the cry of 'RACISM'. Indeed the only solid block of White folks that might be left in these various 80% Democratic cities around the nation that our people predominate in are the members of the Police force. Despite this it seems that the this is the last major point by which a rally can be called to gather the masses.

Where is the demand for ECONOMIC UNDERSTANDING about how markets actually work? Where is the counterbalance to the strong union/labor rights threat that flows through our community which says yes in theory we want the maximum wages and benefits but trumping this.....we want are JOBS to stay put so we must allow the realities of the balance sheet of our employers to be considered?

Where is the "progressive" propulsion that sound continuing educational pursuits seem to bring without fail? If you don't like your job.....transform yourself into a new practitioner. Come to the table with an enhanced set of skills and thus a successful career change and a "money makeover" is at hand.

I am convinced that it is not a "leader" per se in human form that is misdirecting the masses. There is, no doubt, a set of ideas and assumptions that are tired and played out that are the root cause of the conditions that are being perpetuated.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Will Danny, Harry, Cornel and Tavis Ask Their Boy In Venezuela To Stop Violating Citizen's Rights

Protesters, police clash over Venezuela reforms Thousands of students say constitutional changes will weaken civil liberties

CARACAS, Venezuela - Thousands of university students scuffled with police and government supporters during a protest Tuesday against constitutional reforms that would let President Hugo Chavez run for re-election indefinitely.

Police tossed tear gas canisters into the crowd of opposition students after bottle-throwing clashes broke out with a smaller group of pro-Chavez demonstrators near the National Assembly. Journalists estimated there were about 20,000 protesters, but pro-Chavez lawmakers said there were far fewer.

The students said they fear civil liberties would be severely weakened under the constitutional changes, which would allow authorities to detain citizens without charges during a state of emergency.

I can just imagine if evil Bush attempted to change the US Constitution in such a manner. I assure you that these 3 men would be front and center, leading an angry protest against any one man who believed that the COUNTRY needed him so disparately that he could command power in a perpetual manner.

Again - We should judge the "All White Jury" not based on who they attack (Bush). We should judge them on who violates their principles but they fail to convict.

Public ombudsman German Mundarain — a close ally of Chavez — urged lawmakers on Monday to reconsider an amendment that would let the government waive some civil liberties during a state of emergency, allowing authorities to detain citizens without charge.

Chavez, who was re-elected last year on promises of revolutionary change, says the reforms are fully democratic and necessary to accelerate Venezuela’s transition to socialism.

Monday, October 22, 2007

A New Melaninated Governor In The USA

I will stick to my record for never having asked Black people to vote for a Republican. If there is one exception it would be this man: Bobby Jindal. I have been watching is career in Louisiana for several years. He is an aggressive, impressive young guy with ideas on how to change a state that has been saddled in corruption and disconnection from the needs of the people.

Republican Jindal Wins Louisiana Governor's Race

Jindal is of Indian ancestry.
Wikipedia Page on Jindal

4 years ago the people of the state chose Kathleen Blanco over Jindal. The run up to and aftereffects of Hurricane Katrina made them regret this mistake.

I wish this man luck but will HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE for positive change in the state.

Friday, October 19, 2007

"The Wire" Comes Alive In San Francisco

S.F. considers ‘shooting gallery’ for drug addicts
Facility would be nation’s first for supervised heroin injections

After having just watched "American Gangster" featuring Melvin Williams from Baltimore who now acts as a character on "The Wire" I can't believe that SFO would do such a stupid thing. The episode of AG detailed the destruction that a drug crazed city like Baltimore faced during the 70s and 80s. This is where all THEORIES about drug legalization should focus. These powerful drugs will take people out of their right mind be they legal or illegal. We need people figuring out their problems with their full mental capacity.

Once again some people in power have their bearings screwed up.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Egalitarianism. Egalitarianism! Egalitarianism? What is "egalitarianism"?


Main Entry:
egal·i·tar·i·an·ism Listen to the pronunciation of egalitarianism

1 : a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic rights and privileges
2 : a social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people

I was recently challenged regarding my commitment to the "egalitarianistic" principles of America.

I believe that I must evaluate the concept and the consequences of promoting such a political and/or theocratic notion within our society before I agree or disagree with the concept.

It is my view that everyone should be EQUAL in the eyes of the law.

I believe that from a social stand point there should be no structural caste system that systematically expends people into a permanent strata through his own life and that of his offspring.

I believe in the principle of "one man, one vote". The will of the masses, confined by the rule of law should govern this country.

I believe that systematic and structural forces that work against the individual's efforts to pursue his attainment of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and property" should not be confounded by a system that tramples upon all of these attempts in a conspiratorial manner.

I get it folks.

HOWEVER. As I listen to the prescriptions of some people who live via the principles of "egalitarianism" I can't help but note that their version has the GOVERNMENT as the arbiter of of such a system. The decision about the priorities of certain needs, the choice of who to take money from and who to distribute it to. The assignment of labor toward a given workstation within the over all society. ALL OF THIS is decided upon by a government entity. This entity decides for all.

I can't help but to note the attacks upon PRIVATE PROPERTY and INDIVIDUAL freedom that inerrantly takes place within these system. The will of the masses always trumps the will of the individual.

Thus in the common for of this theory as implemented in the REAL WORLD is in direct conflict with those who have MONEY/PRIVATE PROPERTY. All of the elements above - legal, social, political, economic are accentuated via the personal possession of MONEY. Yes a person can purchase a better legal defense. Yes a person who has more funds can market to politicians and thus have greater political influence. The debate is that the wealthy thus have undue influence over this nation because of their access to money resources.

The key concept that is rarely looked at is how things would work out if an entity came upon us all to suppress this money influence out of the system. For some strage reason those who most desire economic freedom are some of the main ones suppressing economic freedom via the use of strong handed government tactics. In their reasoning poverty and wealth are functions of imbalanced government allowances and regulations.

The fact is that for human beings 'egalitarianism' does not exist. The best you can hope for is to gather together a subgroup that has common interests and operate with the people within. You work more exclusively for the interests of this group rather than that of the entire nation or city as the broader group contains individuals that have no interest in your wellbeing or care. To try to force them to do so has limited and temporary impact upon your own condition. While you are seeking to gain your foothold upon them, they will be equally attempting to break free.

My common tendency is to do that extra work, that extra point of learning and to sit back and think about ultimately that which can give me that extra edge for my own benefit. A system that ENFORCED "egalitarianism" can only work AGAINST my interests. At some point the fact that EQUALITY OF OUTCOME will be the ultimate result will begin to dampen the will to INPUT that extra effort because you get the same by giving 10% or 110%.

Egalitarianism can ONLY EVER be at the basic level. The right to a fair trial, the right to vote, the right to public assembly, the right to collectively bargain for your own interests. Any society that attempts to promote cradle to grave "egalitarianism" can only ever be more oppressive downward than uplifting toward a higher level.

Thus my answer to the challenge is that EGALITARIANISM is not my ultimate goal for this society. It can't be. My goal for my people is that we create a SYSTEM that allows the maximum amount of individuals participating within to develop themselves for the ultimate benefit of our people present and future.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

HUD Secretary Jackson Attacked For Assisting A Black Man To Get A Contract In The Big Easy

First the claims:

Official’s Ties to Contractor Are Scrutinized

The Justice Department is investigating ties between Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso R. Jackson and a friend of Mr. Jackson’s who was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by him for rebuilding work in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, federal officials said Thursday.

The new inquiry was first reported by The National Journal magazine, which identified Mr. Jackson’s friend as William Hairston and said he had been paid more than $485,000 for his work in New Orleans on behalf of the housing department. The magazine said Mr. Jackson and Mr. Hairston were golfing partners in Hilton Head Island, S.C., where Mr. Hairston lives.

Who is William Hairston?

From my research (and I could be wrong)
He is a BLACK MAN who is a Stucco Contractor in Hilton Head South Carolina.

Here is the collection of other Small, Black owned businesses that his business is advertised with:

Hairston Construction Services, Inc.
William Hairston, President
95 Mathews Drive, E7-317
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

African-American Owned Businesses
Economic development and empowerment of small minority-owned businesses is the key objective in the Native Island Business and Community Affairs Association, Inc. sponsoring and production of the Hilton Head Island Gullah Celebration. While visiting with us, we encourage you to support our African American owned businesses on Hilton Head Island and the surrounding areas. Experience the culture with those who are of the culture.

How many Kneegrows complained about the lack of Black Contractors participating in the reconstruction of New Orleans?
Now we have a BLACK MAN who seemingly takes care of another BLACK MAN and who do we have cheering on the attack by the Feds?? BLACK FOLKS who HATE Alphonzo Jackson.

Few Black people alive today realize that many Black Socialists (A. Philip Randolf, etc) conspired with J. Edgar Hoover to DEPORT the great MARCUS GARVEY out of America. I am not saying that Alphonzo Jackson is any sort of "Marcus Garvey". Not in the least. What I am saying is that it is interesting how Black folks act as the BLACK SLAVE CATCHERS who rode the slave ships from America back to Africa and ASSISTED in ensnaring our ancestors for the benefit of the slave captors. They saw the native Africans as "uncivilized savages" because they were DIFFERENT than themselves.

What does the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamenalist Racism Chaser have to say for itself in regards to shooting at a Black man with position who is doing what you all have long said WHITE FOLKS do - breaking bread with their own kind to insure that a contract goes their way?

Who are the Gullah?

The Gullah are African Americans who live in the Low Country region of South Carolina and Georgia, which includes both the coastal plain and the Sea Islands. Historically, the Gullah region once extended north to the Cape Fear area on the coast of North Carolina and south to the vicinity of Jacksonville on the coast of Florida; but today the Gullah area is confined to the South Carolina and Georgia Low Country. The Gullah people are also called Geechee, especially in Georgia.

The Gullah are known for preserving more of their African linguistic and cultural heritage than any other African American community in the United States. They speak an English-based creole language containing many African loanwords and significant influences from African languages in grammar and sentence structure. The Gullah language is related to Jamaican Creole, Bahamian Dialect, and the Krio language of Sierra Leone in West Africa. Gullah storytelling, foodways, music, folk beliefs, crafts, farming and fishing traditions, etc. all exhibit strong influences from African cultures.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

TI - The New Black Cultural Commentator Lands Back In Jail

Atlanta rapper T.I. arrested on weapons charges
Feds say he had three unregistered machine guns, two silencers

The timing of this is ironic.

Just last night as I was doing my treadmill work I watched the rebroadcast of BET's "Hip Hop vs America". An all-star cast of entertainers and commentators assembled on stage for two sessions to discuss Hip Hop and how it acts as a vehicle that broadcasts the imagery of Black America to the rest of the world.

Clifford "TI" Harris Jr was featured as an industry expert on "the game". If I didn't know any better and just listened to his words on that one show - I would swear that he was a "Bill Cosby" type children and family advocate. As Toure' introduced the panelists TI received the loudest response.

As he spoke he made the case that PARENTS should be the strongest force in a child's life and thus whatever is seen on television would not stick. He pointed to "back in the day" when soul music and Motown came out it was not accused of taking over one's life as is the case with Hip Hop.

Nelly, who has the same PhD in "early childhood education" noted that his young daughter can do the "pop lock and drop" like the best of them but that doesn't stop her from being on the honor roll every year. Pretty easy for a multi-millionaire to have his own daughter abstracted from the influences of the street that he talks about in his own music.

I was happy to hear the former editor for Essence magazine counter act much of their claims. She basically said that the CONTENT that they are delivering for other people's children to hear is the problem.

The reformed "Master P" talked about his new style of music having matured. I am happy that he has changed but we cannot walk away from the content that made you famous and rich and what it has done to coarsen the dialogue.

Then we had the two "reverends" first "reverend" Dr. Cornell West. He made the case that we cannot evaluate "our music" with respect to WHITE SENSIBILITIES AND STANDARDS. (OK West I can buy this. But please tell me WHAT STANDARDS do you have that are afixed rather than in reference to White folks? Your main goal, as you stated is 'fighting White Supremacy'. I find it hard to believe that WHITE FOLKS won't be the central characters in anything that you do. Why should your standards be any different? Why not have a standard that accentuates Black cultural imagery and rejects the negative, exploitative images that are under debate?)

Al Sharpton got on and his mission was to pass the hot potato. He told of all of the WHITE gangsters and drug dealers and murders that Hollywood puts out for general consumption. Why are White folks surprised when Black folks do what they glamorize in their own movies? At this point I could not help but ask myself if Al Shartpon would EVER suggest to Black people that we SELL OUR TELEVISION SETS and not go TO THE MOVIES as a means of avoiding the indoctrination that WHITE FOLKS send our way? I think you know the answer.

What a surprise as I fetched the morning paper in my suburban Atlanta home. Though the "BET Hip Hop Awards 2007" had taken place in downtown - me having "sold out" and moved away from the central city was not impacted at all by the crowd and the red carpet that was rolled out right on Peachtree Street. The first thing that entered my mind regarding the timing of the arrest was the backlash that will no doubt be heard that the Feds were attempting to embarrass Clifford by insuring that he is in handcuffs when he should be on stage receiving an award.

What are the charges? First lets begin with the background - Clifford is a CONVICTED FELON. As such he is not allowed to possess a fire arm. I am pro-gun owners rights. I am wary of the police entering into a man's house in pursuit of a gun but he is a convicted felon and he knew the rules of his probation. Clifford was found to have 3 unregistered machine guns in his house and two silencers. Interesting.

When I hear about such gun charges against a famous Black person I am amazed that the "Black Jury of Public Opinion" which is more "pro-gun control" than not seem to abandon all of their proclivities toward enforcement of such laws as they show their support for their hero who has violated the very laws they promote.

I wonder which gun dealer sold TI his machine guns? This is where Jesse Jackson will focus his protests if history is any guide.

Timeline leading to arrest of T.I.

Staff report

Published on: 10/14/2007
Documents released by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on Saturday detail the 11-day investigation that resulted in the arrest of Atlanta rapper Clifford "T.I." Harris:

—Oct. 2: Harris' bodyguard asks a licensed gun dealer about buying a machine gun without registering it, as required by law. The dealer reports the incident to ATF agents, who give the dealer the cell phone number of an undercover ATF agent, posing as a machine gun dealer, to pass along to the bodyguard. The bodyguard calls the number within hours.

—Oct. 10: Harris arranges for the bodyguard to pick up $12,000 in cash from his bank on Northside Parkway to buy the weapons. Later, the bodyguard meets with the undercover agent at a K-Mart store, 5997 Buford Highway, Doraville. The bodyguard gives the agent $2,200 and a .223-caliber pistol in exchange for three 9mm machine guns and two 9mm silencers. The bodyguard is then arrested. He tells agents he was buying the guns for Harris. He also says he has purchased about 25 firearms over the past 18 months for Harris and others. ATF agents confirm the purchases.

—Oct. 11: After agreeing to cooperate with the ATF, the bodyguard makes a monitored phone call to Harris. He tells Harris that he has "everything for you."

—Oct. 12: Harris calls his bodyguard and arranges for him to deliver the firearms the next day.

—Oct. 13, between 12:30 and 1 p.m.: Harris calls the bodyguard and asks him to bring the items to a recording studio. At the direction of ATF agents, the bodyguard suggests that they instead meet at a shopping center parking lot at the corner of Piedmont and North avenues in Atlanta.

—2:22 p.m.: Harris arrives at the parking lot. The bodyguard gets into Harris' vehicle and shows him the machine guns and silencers. When the bodyguard explains the function of one silencer, Harris says, "No flash, no bang." Harris also asks about ammunition, the capacity of the magazine and about "change left over" from the $12,000. Authorities then move in and arrest Harris without incident. A search of his vehicle uncovers three firearms, including one tucked between the driver's seat and the center console.

—2:40 p.m.: ATF agents begin searching Harris's home at 429 Creekview Lane, College Park. They find three rifles, two pistols and a revolver in a walk-in closet in his bedroom. Five of the firearms are loaded.

—Monday: Harris, held in federal custody over the weekend, is scheduled to make his first appearance in federal court on two felony charges: possession of unregistered machine guns and possession of firearms by a convicted felon.

Source: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hillary Clinton Snags The Black Vote?

According to today's AJC:

Clinton scores coup in fight for black vote

The Democratic battle for the African-American vote in Georgia and the nation took a sharp turn Friday, as civil rights icon and congressman John Lewis of Atlanta backed Hillary Clinton for president over Barack Obama.

Lewis' seal of approval, in a city that has supplied throngs of volunteers and bundles of cash for Obama, was a public declaration of Clinton's willingness to challenge her African-American rival for the black vote —- even in the Deep South.

Also endorsing Clinton on Friday was U.S. Rep. David Scott of Atlanta.

While Lewis pronounced Obama "talented," the 20-year congressman said he endorsed Clinton "without reservation or any hesitation."

"I believe Hillary Clinton will be a strong leader. She will fight for what is fair, for what is right, for what is just," Lewis said.

He then accompanied his choice for president to a campaign event in South Carolina, now scheduled to hold the first Democratic primary in the South. Lewis will join Clinton in his native Alabama today.

National polls have indicated that black voters, who form a crucial wing of the Democratic Party, are torn between Obama and Clinton —- prompting ferocious competition for the support of African-American leaders, political or otherwise.

Obama has won endorsements from both the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Oprah Winfrey.

Clearly this is a battle for the Black vote in the "Black General election".......the Democratic Party primary. I have said for a long time that Blacks who today wage daily attacks on Hillary Clinton on their blog sites will cast a vote for the Democratic come November 2008. Clinton's choice of Obama as her running mate is not the determining factor of this.

I only wish that my people who say "this country is headed in the wrong direction and the leadership must change" would also make note that this should apply to their locally elected politicians as well. Where as right now the assumption is that the policies that they come to the table with, being POPULAR, are only working in the best interests of the community. The evidence of a long list of cities that prove the contrary is seemingly not enough to have them SEEK effective solutions first and then have their voting patterns follow. Instead we have been convinced that the "vote for change" is the way, despite the fact that this positive change never seems to come. Instead the election cycle comes around and our people are asked to keep their faith in change, accepting that "the other guy's" defense is the reason for the failure.

Interestingly enough I watched a Michael Moore movie "The Big One" that did not get as much press as his other movies. This movie which was released in 1997 during the peak of the Clinton Presidency showcased the vast problem with corporate layoffs and plant closings around America. Now I don't expect an ideologue like Michael Moore to call it right down the middle but it was clear that he did not attack the president as the subject of his attack in this movie. Few people would believe it but the year 1998 had the greatest number of layoffs than any years 10 years prior to this. This simply does not fit the narrative of today. The late 90's are said to be boom times. You could find few Black Americans who would tell you otherwise - looking back and also noting who the leadership was back then.

The bottom lines is that when you have a people sold on a narrative, meaning a certain ideology is "for the little guy" there is no evidence that one can bring forth to prove otherwise. This is not a racial thing as it is an economic class phenomenon.

I only question why the short term is evaluated to make this decision. Sure your union is advocating for higher pay, more health care benefits for you and thus they have your support as a worker. Why is it not also fair to consider the fate of the City of Detroit/Baltimore/Philadelphia/Cleveland, all union strong holds and all that have lost much of their manufacturing base? Of course the common cry will be "off shoring" but this simply does not explain the entire circumstance. The fact is that the Southern "Right To Work States" have largely benefited from the corporate aversion to the increase in cost of doing business driven by union demands.

I recently read that the legacy domestic auto manufacturers are paying up to $30 per hour MORE in total benefits than their foreign owned domestic manufacturing competitors. Who in their right mind - corporation or individual - would remain in such a bind? The same motivations that the individual Mexican has to relocate are the same basic forces that these firms who are moving out of the union dominated Rust Belt - seeking a more favorable exchange in the market place.

The Wall Street Journal recently detailed the plight of the new Honda Motors plant in southern Indiana. They purposely located into a rural area in order to take advantage of lower wages and, in many people's opinion, to avoid a unionized population in the northern Indiana, Illinois area. Sadly it seems - they chose a state that is too "northward" to escape controversy. They required their employees live within a 1 hour community radius. The UNEMPLOYED union workers in the north of the state are protesting because such a move is discriminatory in their view. Without a shadow of a doubt these corporations are creating jobs. They are seeking to maintain control of their corporate governance decisions and not engage in the power sharing regarding plant operations that the UAW and other unions mandate. Why is it that THIS is offensive to the pro-labor forces but the FACT of UNEMPLOYMENT among the union ranks after doing things their way IS NOT as OFFENSIVE?

Undoubtedly the Black vote is the pro-union vote. I still hear the stories of the Black trade unionists who gathered in Gary, Indiana back in 1972 for their mass meeting on labor issues. I heard a Black man the other day on the radio promote unionism as the key means of increasing wages for all Americans who have seen their paychecks erode. (He said nothing about Black people starting our own companies).

Hillary Clinton and the quest for the Black vote is nothing more than the same ole same. There is a strong force that resents and rejects being challenged. Who among us is putting their track record on economic development matters on the table and getting them to explain themselves? Despite the current atrophy within our communities those who are Black Democratic politicians only have memories of the "Clinton Economic Boom" know the one that was going on during the time of Michael Moore's movie.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Noose - RESPONSE To The Symbol vs The After Effects

Help me understand this folks.

Students Protest At Columbia University Over The Hanging Of A Noose

The sight of a noose hanging on the door knob of a Black professor at Columbia University (Columbia is a hot bed for Neo-Nazi types you know :-/) triggers a massive protest by students who vow to defend their campus from such intimidation and bigotry.

As with "Jena" I say "good for them". This was an act that has no place in civilized society and these students have a right to "take back their campus" and show those who are ignorant that their actions are not going to be tolerated.

I would be remiss, however if I failed to make note of the distinction between THE NOOSE as a symbol of murder, intimidation and a long legacy of hatred versus the fact that there is ABUNDANT ACTUAL MURDERS happening in many of the boroughs that neighbor the campus that trigger far less of a response from the students or the community.

How is it that the response to a SYMBOL OF MURDER triggers greater outrage than ACTUAL MURDER ITSELF?

These were not just Black students marching at Columbia so this is surely not a "Black thing".

What I have noticed, however, is that this latest episode of the noose hanging has charged up the "Racism Chasers" that I monitor on Black Progressive talk radio. The actions at Columbia has been paired with the actions of the young White guy with the noose dangling from his pickup truck after the recent Jena marches and then an old story about Skinhead recruiting White people to join the US Military in preparation from an impending race war. This makes me wonder if both sides of the issue - the provocateur and the "Race Chaser" are not at their best when such a climate exists?

But as with Jena my central question is - Who is defining the agenda for responses? Who is setting the priorities? Why is there such selective, reactionary responses?
Bottom line - why is there such limited response to the ACTUAL MURDERS that are taking place in these same communities?

I can't help but to think that there is manipulation going on with regard to the focus.

(Now if someone wants to tell me that the hanging of a NOOSE trumps the actual MURDER of a Black man, regardless of who the assailant is - please let me have it.)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What If George W. Bush Were Robert Mugabe?

(Placeholder for the NPR report on Zimbabwe when it is released on audio later today)

"What If George W. Bush Were Robert Mugabe?"

This post is an attempt to hit two birds with one stone. First is my attempt to hold up a transcript to the faces of the large population of "Mugabe defenders" here in the United States. According to them this is nothing more than propaganda put forth by "Western media". As with the "All White Jury" not even the pleas of ACTUAL DARK SKINNED AFRICANS will have them to believe otherwise. The second goal of this book is to request that the "good brother" Dr. Boyce Watkins consider this as a title for his next book. Where, as expected, an attack on evil George W. Bush and his qualifications can draw out the "masturbatory" response among Black folks that I have documented despite the fact that GWB having been born with a silver spoon in his mouth has no direct impact on Black people itself.......I will show that Robert Mugabe HAS HAD a measurable deleterious impact on Black people but does not elicit the same type of gratuitous attack upon his person.

(Thus in some people's minds I am "defending GWB" instead of than pointing to the MISDIRECTED attention and scorn expressed by Black operatives)

IF GEORGE W. BUSH Practiced "Robert Mugabe-Style Leadership" In America.

(I will fill in the blanks when I get to hear the audio again but here is my outline)

1) How would Black political opponents be treated?

2) How would the unemployment rate have been impacted by his policies?

3) How would the economy been impacted by his policies?

4) How would the defenders of Bush (who are said to be racists) respond to the antics of Bush?

Common Themes Seen In The "All White Jury"; Both Classical and Neo Versions

Don't be fooled into believing that the "All White Jury" is a thing of the past OR that it denotes the racial make up of those who sit in judgment. Truth is the "All White Jury" is a metaphor for those who convene together to pass judgment upon another with the BIASES that they enter the jury deliberation room trumping any of the evidence that they may have heard to the contrary of their predetermine convictions of the person who stands before them as the defendant. There are certain characteristics of the defendant that take the "All White Jury" down the path in the decision tree.

The "All White Jury", regardless of the racial composition of the panel share several key characteristics and we can conclude several things in common as well.

1) The "All White Jury's" Integrity should NOT be appraised by those who they convict, this is a given. We need to consider those who have violated THEIR LAWS and still they voted not to convict.

Classic All White Jury: A White man who has clearly murdered a Black man without cause. Murder is illegal according to the law. The classic All White Jury nullifies the law and finds the White man not guilty of murder despite all of the evidence.

Neo-All White Jury: Just yesterday on the radio I heard an interview with a supposedly Black Conscious individual who explained away the drug dealing and homicides WITHIN the Black community by pointing to France Cress Welsing's work in which DA MAN has orchestrated a system in which people of color would be put together to hate themselves and to KILL EACH OTHER. He in his enlightened state was able to reach above the 7,000 individual stories behind the Black homicides that occurred last year in this country and place a "summary judgment" upon the cause by which each of these Black people now rest in peace. The Black criminal should thank this brother because their sins have been washed free before they even committed the crime - just like Jesus.

2) There is no amount of evidence to the contrary of their predetermined outcome that will have the "All White Jury" to change their minds.

Classic All White Jury: Many a Black man has been hauled before the classic all white jury accused of raping a White woman. These trails were reserved for the Black men who missed out on the "Trial by Hanging" episodes that were common back in the day. Having missed their opportunity the formal court proceedings were just a formality. Even if the Black man used the evidence that the baby that was eventually born from the supposed rape came out as a PURE WHITE BABY this would not be enough evidence to convince the classic all White jury of the Black man's innocence. Their goal prior to setting foot into the court room was to convict a Black man and this evidence is no boundary to that goal.

Neo-All White Jury: As with his mentor of the past, today's Neo-All White Jury is also nullified with the facts of the case. They have a much higher bar placed for the evidence to gain traction in their minds. This of course being a factor of the defendant who sits in judgment. For it is the case that a defendant who they don't like the inverse is the case. The least bit of evidence or the most incredible conspiracy theory is enough to satisfy their minds that the defendant who "looks guilty" just based on what they know about others like him - be it their race or more importantly their ideology are GUILTY AS CHARGED. It just can't be any other way in their minds.

3) The "All White Jury" is not making a judgement off of this one case in which they are called to serve in. This is but one battle. They have their eyes set up "The War".

Classical All White Jury: The classical all White jury believed that his ultimate goal was to use the court system to maintain the racial bifurcation in society using this as another instrument of suppression. Also working in his favor were the laws, the law enforcement authorities, the judge & court system, the jailers and, of course the people who had exclusive province to sit upon the jury because of their status as registered voters. This meaning White and Male.

Neo-All White Jury: The modern day All White jury ALSO sees the individual case in the light of a grand conspiracy against his people. When the police arrest a person from their community this one individual did no wrong. It is the police who did wrong. They have a history of locking individuals in the community up and thus is the case now. Forget about the crime stats, dead bodies found in the street - it is all the news media's fabrication. When the perp finally does come to court those who are advocating on his behalf will look to the prosecution and his actions of purging individuals who might be able to "relate to" the defendant and cut him a break. Purging of these people with peremptory challenges is unconscionable. But their INCLUSION on the jury panel is "insuring the diversity of voices" heard from "the peers of the defendant". Little do they realize that while they are focusing on the War rather than the Battles......the street thus has learned their tactics. They know that the dirty deeds that they do will be defended and protected. The real harm comes when the aggregate view is taken of the community. Instead of looking at the CRIMINAL'S best interests they need to take note of how THE INNOCENT PEOPLE in the community are impacted. Their antics insure that one more young male has a recruiter on the street who should have been in jail now pressuring him to join the gang. That young mother who fears having her children play outside due to criminal activity is a victim of the Neo-All White Jury's decision to have a ridiculously high threshold for conviction.

All of this is because the Neo-All White Jury was FIGHTING AGAINST the outside system rather than FOR THE INTERNAL SYSTEM of his own community. Ultimately THE COMMUNITY LOSES in this track.

Is The "BET 2007 Hip Hop Music Awards" The Criminal Tour?

I can't help but to notice the constantly repeated ads for the 2007 Hip Hop Awards also have some notable people who have had a string of run'ins with the law:

Lil' Wayne - LOCKED UP NOW in Atlanta
Lil’ Wayne Arrested at Concert for being Lil’ Fugitive

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 10/10/07—Hip-hop performer Lil’ Wayne was arrested following a concert in Boise, Idaho after police caught wind of his outstanding arrest warrant.

The warrant was issued in Atlanta after the rapper failed to show up for two court hearings over a 2005 charge for possession of marijuana.

Idaho police arrested Lil’ Wayne at approximately 10 p.m., after his performance at Qwest Arena.

Born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., Lil’ Wayne was charged with “being a fugitive” and spent a night in Ada County Jail.

T.I. - Music Video Shot From His Own Jail Cell In The Fulton County Jail

Rapper T.I. Shoots Video From The Slammer

Music videos are shot everywhere: on the beach in the Bahamas, a Miami Nightclub, a Los Angeles soundstage� even in the middle of Times Square. The stars are whisked away to exotic locations for a couple of days where they tirelessly dance, sing, roll around in the sand and gyrate to their little hearts' content.

Rapper T.I. , the man behind 2001's I'm Serious and 2003's Trap Muzik decided to take video creation one step further and film his video in a Georgia jail. T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, filmed a video last Thursday at a Fulton County Jail. Harris, who was actually serving jail time at neighbouring Cobb County jail, said that he received permission to leave the jail on work release in order to film this video. Now Fulton County officials are saying that the shoot had not been authorized and that the deputies who allowed four or five men and a camcorder into the maximum security area of their jail will be reprimanded.

According to the Associated Press, T.I., who was serving time for a probation violation, was shooting the video as an introduction to an Atlanta concert on Saturday night. In the video, 23-year-old T.I. appears in a jail cell, apologizing to fans for not appearing at the event.

During the shoot, an inmate managed to escape from another area of the facility for several hours. The man was located and arrested at a gas station. According to A.P. the authorities don't believe that this escape had nothing to do with the video shoot.

BUT HEY - neither one of them are guilty. It is the SYSTEM attempting to keep a brother down.

Black 401K Participation Rate - Economic Choices

Link: Retirement's racial divide: Blacks less prepared
Survey shows fewer African Americans participate in 401(k) plans

The results of this study are hard to understand. With 401K contributions the company provides matching funds up to a certain level. I have always understood that I should maximize my 401k contributions to get this "free money" from the corporation.

Investor surveys and research by two large employers strongly suggest that blacks participate in retirement plans at far lower rates and are much less likely than whites to invest in the stock market. An industrywide study of 401(k) plan activity by race has never been conducted.

Labor activists have long pushed for Pension funds (defined benefit plans) over 401K (defined contribution plans) because the pensions place the onus on the corporations to pay out a certain level of benefits. This requires no particular amount of planning on the employees part. The 401k, to the consternation of the activists require the employee to do a large measure of personal planning for their own retirement. The cash balance that they accrue over the lifetime of their employment defines the amount of money they will have at retirement. The choice to contribute 3% and thus keep more money in hand at the time rather than 8% (the typical cap of employee match) will be obvious as the laws of compound interest comes to light. There is even an option to contribute more than 8%, going up to 13% using post tax money for an even greater compounding effect for your future benefit.

Sadly, the way politics go, those who are actively making the decision to direct their current money elsewhere today and later find out that they are in a shortfall for retirement will be "saved" by some government program that will save them from themselves. Maybe Hillary Clinton's $5,000 of government money per child that acts as the "matching funds" that the employers now provide will be the magical fix? We all work for the government after all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Will Never Call Into The BIASED Lorriane White Show On WAOK Again

Propagandists "Dr White" with Nationally Syndicated Propagandist Bev Smith and the "Fair & Balanced" News Director Jean "Clinton's Eyes Were So Piercing Blue" Ross

Some people don't realize the FRAUD that goes on with regard to the operation of the "switchook" by the radio host and her call screener. When I accidentally get caught up into listening to the highly biased Lorraine Jacques-White show because she is talking FOOLISHNESS about some subject and I am motivated out of frustration to call in..... the same thing happens every time: I make my opening statement challenging her claims and then CLICK the lines goes dead as she hangs up and then keeps talking, mangling my statements on the air because.....she controls the button. As ALWAYS she responds to my statement with some foolish rhetorical statement. I am not there to redirect her follow up statement. Of course it is her show and she is not going to let anyone get the best of her - though it is so easy to do so.

What pisses me off is that I always seem to follow at least 2 callers that go on and on and on with ATTACKS against some common enemy that fits Ms. White's biases. They get carried over to different segments, they are asked to hold through the news. If you have a conspiracy theory - you will be held over. If you are a VICTIM OF RACISM - "Hold on honey I need to hold you over. We need to hear this."

As soon as I come on and CHALLENGE HER CLAIMS - she gives me a brief comment and then CLICK.

She basically does not want to get into a CONVERSATION with me. She wants to continue to spout her claims to her "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist RACISM CHASER" audience with little challenge.

Today the subject was "Who is the Black community? And Who Loves Black people?"
She kept on hitting upon "Black Conservatives". She asked "Do they love us?". Does "Clarence Thomas Love us?" "Do the people who opposed the Jena march love us?"
I also noticed that they kept transposing "Wealthy Blacks" with "Conservative Blacks". The fact is that Blacks and Jews are the only people where stats show little correlation between their ideology and their wealth with this trend being more acute for Blacks.

Dr. White keeps perpetuating a FRAUD on her audience. Caller after caller are of like mind. They are an echo chamber of each other by and large.

I called in and told her that first and foremost we need to apply the notion of "PROPORTIONALITY" to all subjects and thus our agenda cannot be hijacked by chasing after issues that are not proportionally important to the big picture. I asked her how can she be hitting so much on these "Black Republicans" and Clarence Thomas when 99% of all elected seats in the Black community are Democrats and people who are in line with your polices? We have 10,000 Black elected officials. Why does this ONE MAN who is not elected and has 8 other people to check him is a problem but little is said about the 10,000 that no doubt have policies that she will favor? Where are their results? I asked her how is it that despite this monopoly majority YOU ARE STILL COMPLAINING? We must now start to evaluate the BASIC ASSUMPTIONS as to what these POLICIES are producing for our community.

Then I heard CLICK.

Instead of DIALOGUE she went on to SPIN and REDIRECT.

She said that she was not just attacking Black Conservatives. In truth what she was doing was to make negative statements against "killers and drug dealers" for cover. Her target clearly was "Black Conservatives" as she kept hitting upon them so frequently. Nearly all of her callers keyed in on "Black Conservatives" as being against Black interests. I told her "I know what you are doing. But I won't go there". I didn't want to make the conversation into a defense of Clarance Thomas call. I instead wanted to shift to her JUSTIFYING the results of the people that she supports but rarely criticizes.

Without the filter of PROPORTIONALITY a person like "Dr. White", given a microphone will have the Black community "RACISM CHASING" all over the place. While she attacked those of us who disagreed with jumping on the bus and traveling 8 hours from Atlanta for "racial justice" she has little to say about all of the NON-JUSTICE that is all over the place around most large metro areas regarding the UNSOLVED Black on Black homicides. Why do I need to travel so far to have my voice be heard when SHE and others are so silent at home?

The BLACK AGENDA must be protected from manipulation by "Kneegrows On Stage With Mics In Their Hands"

My Response to "Liberal Arts Dude"

[quote]What type of philosophy and what type of solutions do you favor? You spend much of your blog comments attacking liberal and progressive ideas and solutions and taking a critical stance towards my ideas and those whom you disagree with. Yet I still for the life of me haven't figured out what you are for. Do you see the answers you are seeking in the Republican Party, for example? What type of political behavior would you like to see from not only African Americans but also other racial minorities?[/quote]

Thank you for the question Liberal Arts Dude.

My overriding belief for my people - Black People - is that we can't get caught up in a certain dogma and fail to note the efficacy of it while praising the POPULARITY of such thoughts among our community. In the label that I have crafted "Black Quasi-Socialist PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST Racism Chaser" the "Progressive Fundamentalist" is what accurately describes those who are beholden to a "dogma" over RESULTS. The call for "unity" among Black people is simply the call for those in power right now to retain their control and to subjugate accountability and the acceptance of new methods to achieve effective results.

I must also note that my criticism against Liberals/Progressives/Democrats should not be taken as a desire for Black people to vote Republican. It is simply an attempt to hold those who have a monopoly majority hold upon my community accountable rather than having the masses gear up for another election cycle in which the Democrats gain further control over more Black districts but the districts and the people living within receive little benefit (except the knowledge that yet another Democrat has been victorious).

So L.A.G. I operate off of a few principles that I believe will have a long term positive effect upon my community but possibly some short term pain as we adjust:

1) ECONOMICS: The Quality Of Life for the Black community should be expressed to a greater extent by the productive actions of the people within the community as a testament to our value of this standard at which we live than this standard having been achieved via the NATION expressing the value of Black people and then redirecting the benefit into our community.

2) THE BLACK AGENDA: The primary focus of the Black community in 2007 and beyond needs to be INTERNAL MANAGEMENT to achieve a certain end rather than the EXTERNAL ADVOCACY against those who have slighted us. There is far more harm being done from the inside by those who drain us of our potential and power than by those on the outside who garner more of our attention.

3) EDUCATION: Education and Discipline are the forces that will allow the individuals in our community to be indoctrinated into the form that we need them to be. Thus it is insane to outsource nearly all of your requirements for education upon another group that has proven to not have your best interests. YES fight for more parity in funding but also have some powerful local institutions that will supplement any shortcomings that the public system provides.

4) LAW AND JUSTICE: The Black community needs to have a set of standards of behavior that WE enforce locally. The primary benefit of such standards will be US since we are living among this same environment. With these standards sufficiently high the vast majority of incursions with the greater law enforcement authorities would be eliminated. So much of the quality of our lives is squandered due to fear of crime in our community, lives lost to crime in our community and the need to turn to crime as a means of paying for those mistakes made previously in a individual's life. A better framework and boundaries for the people to live within will lead to better directed outcomes.

5) HEALTH: The quality of a person's health is clearly a factor of their LIFESTYLE CHOICES made throughout their long lives. This result should be communicated on the front end with people being told of the consequences and the benefits of tough choices now for future benefits.


I can go on LAD but the bottom line is that, in my view, the propulsion system of my philosophy is INSIDE PROJECTING OUTWARD where as the POPULAR ideology among my people is OUTSIDE RAINING DOWNWARD upon us.

The greatest fear of those who have an ideology counter to mine is that they will be left all alone to fend for themselves absent the system (and/or the antagonist) for them to fight against. We can see previews of all that I say in the large cities in which we are 'all alone' left to develop an economy, a police force, a health care system and a school system. Where as we were told of the glorious fortunes we as a people would receive once we got "people who look like us and HAD OUR INTERESTS IN MIND" in power the sad fact is now that these people are in power they haven't produced because their ECONOMIC philosophy is counter to that which they envied when they were looking through the window while someone else was in power. Instead of MANAGING the plateau that has been captured and producing a more desired result those who are externally yolked only know how to fight the EXTERNAL FIGHT. Thus they will seek to climb to the next plateau and obtain a federal take over and thus the goods will be delivered to the masses. This is the centerpiece of the FAKE Democratic Hope that my people live under.

It is nothing short of perverted for someone to ask "Why should Black people vote Republican after all that they have done to us?" They need to look around and make note that BLACKS HATE REPUBLICANS and that there are no Republicans running majority Black districts where Blacks have the final say in who represents them. More importantly they need to note that despite the take over and dominance of the Democrats THEY ARE STILL NOT HAPPY within their districts. The better question is "What have I received WITHIN MY COMMUNITY in exchange for my loyalty? Am I in better shape? Am I less dependent? Am I better educated? Am I more conscious of my own power?"

I am calling for Black people to STOP living VICARIOUSLY THROUGH DEMOCRATIC VICTORY. We need to take back our own yolk and place it back inside of our communities. Most of our problems are APOLITICAL in nature and only require a clearer goal and then management to achieve a more directed end.

There are too many Black people who are "Non-White White Supremacists" and thus doubt our own power. Instead they assume the injured/feeble Black man who must be advocated "on behalf of" rather than asked to be a central player in our own salvation. Many of their policies assume that we are less than.

My job is to have the "AUDACITY" to ask the questions to those who have monopoly power over my people but who don't like being questioned.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Dependency Of The Black Community Worse Than Crack

Despite all of the recent attacks on BET the network has two excellent shows. To be more clear BET has at their mainline channel but they also have "BET J" which is a jazz oriented channel. BET J has an excellent show called "Black Stories". This is a montage of independently produced stories about various subjects within the Black community.

This week's episode features a review of the 1980's by cultural critic Nelson George. He was in the New York City cultural scene during the 1980's when hip hop and crack came on the scene. He assembled a group of his friends into a community forum to recollect about this time period. There was Russell Simmons, Kool Moe D and several independent writers and writers for the "Village Voice". They talked about the music and the economic struggles at that time.

As usual - when a group of Black people are assembled together the Republicans and Ronald Reagan in particular are bound to come up. The author of the movie "New Jack City" detailed how Ronald Reagan was responsible for the "crack economy" in New York and elsewhere. He states that "when Carter was in office EVERYONE HAD A JOB. We had money in our pockets, we had fly clothes and new shoes. Then Reagan came along and took all of this away". As I listen to "my people" I have to really, really, really wonder if they know what they are saying? They are all but ADMITTING the GOVERNMENT DEPENDENCY that they are in denial about during debates.

This man is saying that since Reagan cut the EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMS Black people had nothing to do so ghetto entrepreneurs like the real life infamous drug king pin Nicky Barnes of "American Gangster Fame" (the second show on BET that I was talking about above). Ronald Reagan created the "Urban Enterprise Zones" they say. So get this - BLACK PEOPLE, LEFT ON TO OURSELVES WILL DESTROY EACH OTHER. This sounds like the foolishness that I read in Francis Cress Welsing's book. How is it that our forefathers in segregation built Auburn Avenue, Tulsa and Greenwood rather than "A Crack House" if this is so?

"When Reagan came in it was like Marie Antoinette 'Let them have their crack and eat it too' ". (Simply amazing folks)

He then goes on to tell about how the drug crack came in and took over the Black community. He was working as a writer for "The Village Voice". He got permission to do a story about the crack crazy in the "Escobar Projects". From this experience he wrote the movie "New Jack City". The title of the article was "New Jack City Eats Its' Young" about the impact of crack in Detroit.

He goes on to detail the "youth jobs programs" of the Carter Administration. If these jobs were sound and PRODUCTIVE why did it take the stroke of a government official's pen to eliminate them? If these jobs were so vital to the health and wellbeing of the Black community WHY WOULD YOU OUTSOURCE THEM to the point where you are not in control of your own community's destiny?

"I recall years later when I was having a discussion with a lady who was a staunch REPUBLICAN who believed that all of the GOVERNMENT funding for the arts should be taken away. I asked her 'well what are all of the kids who take music lessons based on this funding of arts education?' She said to me 'the ones with talent will make it anyway. They will end up making music no matter what.'. And you know what she was right. Back in 79, 80 all of the brothers who didn't get a chance to take music lessons that never stopped them. (then he talks about how they started to make music with their turn tables).

On the subject of how greed and materialism came to dominate the hip hop scene:

"I call them 'Reagan's children'. They grew up in the age where 'greed is good'. There was a shift away from the notion of POLITICS as a solution to solve our social problems. That generation grew up with a great amount of cynicism where its civil rights or more radical Black Panther approaches they said 'you know none of that works our problems are still here'. So we have our Black equivalent of 'Family Matters' but people said 'We want to make money'
So 'NOW' Ronald Reagan has influence on Black people???? Yeah Right!

OH MY GOODNESS. (File this one under Kneegrows will say the silliest things)

"To them the Cosby Show gave comfort to the enemy. Cosby made REPUBLICANS and NEO-CONSERVATIVES feel good about what they did because here you had all of these Black people doing so well. And White people loved Cosby. They loved that show. But when does he talk about RACISM? Cosby said that it is his show and he feels no need to display 'Black pathology' on his show.
(Translation - if it does not show BLACK POVERTY then it is not authentically Black)

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Bull SCHIP Rhetoric Around The SCHIP Program

In the art of the debate it is all about how you structure your statements. A measure of lack of information by the public also helps out. So is the case with the SCHIP program. (State Children's Health Insurance Program).

Nancy Pelosi (the Black Leader by Proxy per her role as Democratic leader) made the rounds that the proposed increases in the SCHIP program that were vetoed by evil Bush is only 40 days of US spending in Iraq. To be honest with you - This is an EFFECTIVE linkage in the minds of the American public despite being dishonest and irrelevant.

Why don't my Progressive friends link the SCHIP program which is an ENTITLEMENT program to the $1,000,000,000,000 per year base of entitlement spending EVERY YEAR by the federal government? The big 3 entitlement programs Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid represent 40% of the federal budget today. Why isn't THIS a more worthy reference as compared to Iraq spending? Where as the Iraq War will end someday, SCHIP is a permanent line item on the federal budget.

From the USA Today today:
The state-federal health care program for the poor experienced a 10.7% jump in costs during the first six months of the year, according to a USA TODAY analysis of Bureau of Economic Analysis data. That's the biggest increase since 2001 and puts Medicaid on pace to spend a record $330 billion in 2007.

Possible Causes:
Efforts to cover the uninsured. States have won federal approval to expand coverage to groups that don't normally qualify for Medicaid, Campbell says. These high-profile efforts to reduce the uninsured population rely heavily on the federal government paying costs through the Medicaid and children's health programs. The Bush administration had encouraged these efforts until recently but now is expressing concerns about costs. President Bush last week vetoed expanding the child health program, saying it has gone too far beyond its mission of insuring low-income children.

•Enrollment growth. Medicaid temporarily bumped tens of thousands of qualified people from the program last year because Congress imposed tougher proof-of-citizenship requirements. Now, the application backlog is being cleared and retroactive payments made for medical costs incurred in 2006.

•Paying doctors and hospitals more. Boosted by strong tax collections, many states have increased what they pay for Medicaid services. In most states, Medicaid pays less than private insurance or Medicare.

(If ONLY people had the FACTS rather than RHETORIC.)

Why are the pro-expanded SCHIP people not willing to make note that the INCREASES in the big 3 spending program will nearly DOUBLE over the next 10 years? This means that the INCREASE in spending alone will be more than the Defense budge, Iraq War spending AND the evil George Bush Tax cuts combined. Further more in future projections we could shut down the Pentagon and STILL we would not have enough federal resources to adequately pay the projected increases in the Big 3 entitlement programs.

AND THIS DOESN'T EVEN INCLUDE "GOVERNMENT PAID HEALTH CARE and the 47 million uninsured and the more than 100 million people who are UNDERINSURED that will be all rolling into the system.

Let us step back a minute. The SCHIP program was originally crafted in 1997 By Senator Ted Kennedy and (surprise surprise) then first lady Hillary Clinton to provide health care coverage for children who's parents were making too much money for Medicaid but not enough to afford private insurance.

It also would have increased the eligibility from couples earning up to 200% of the federal poverty level to couples earning 300% of the federal poverty level, approximately $62,000 for a family of four.[9] [10]. The expansion of the SCHIP program was to have been funded by an over one hundred percent increases in cigarette and cigar taxes, coming to an increase of 61 cents per pack of cigarettes nationwide.

The key point is that the program has not been "Shut down by evil Bush" as I have constantly heard on certain local talk radio shows. The funding bill that included the expansion was vetoed. They are currently working on a compromise bill to move forward.

If the program was originally crafted to be a bridge program between Medicaid and NO insurance at is expanding the program to create MORE government dependency a WORTHY gesture? I pay nearly $500 per month for my family's medical expenses. I would LOVE for someone to pay this for me. I realize, however that this is not FREE. It would merely shift the line item on my paystub from "Medical Expense" over into the other one that says "Federal Taxes Withheld".

Why is it up to the GOVERNMENT to express the importance of Health Care and thus the WORTH of a child? If these parents have cable television, a cellphone, and all other types of expenditures but no health care coverage.....aren't they expressing their particular priorities?

None of these points stick in some people's minds. I realize this. The sad fact is that it is not DEFENSE SPENDING that has the US Comptroller of the Currency on a "Fiscal Wake Up Call" sounding the alarm about the financial peril we face. He and his panel of experts with mixed ideologies pointed to ENTITLEMENT SPENDING as the force that is slated to take out the American economy if something is not done.

If none if this convinces you - think about Detroit and Baltimore as their labor unions held out for more benefits. In the short run their got what they wanted. In the long run they got MODERN DAY Detroit and Baltimore. :-/

In Memphis - Democrat Mayor Won W/ Help From Blacks But Did The Black Community "Win"?

Link: Herenton: A Winner Again -- But Still in Need of Unity

Willie Herenton, Memphis' African-American mayor, easily won reelection to an unprecedented fifth term Thursday in a city election whose outcome was strangely anti-climactic given advance hoopla from recent polls that seemed to promise a tight three-way race.

Sorely tested for the first time for the first time since his first mayoral race in 1991, the ex-Golden Glover, who was undefeated in the ring as a youth, maintained his unblemished record as a political campaigner, as well.

With all precincts in, Herenton had 70,177 votes, or 42 percent of the total. He was followed by city councilwoman Carol Chumney, with 57,180 votes, or 35 percent, and former Memphis Light Gas & Water head Herman Morris, who garnered 35, 158 votes, or 21 percent.

In the end, Herenton - whose vote came almost exclusively from the city's black voters - seemed to have made the case that the race was between himself and Chumney, a white who had played scourge and gadfly to his administration for the last four years.

I was in Memphis a few months ago. At that time crime, unemployment among Black youth, failing schools and the threat of a curfew were the talk of the day. The city had just gotten through a Federal investigation in which several city council people were found to be corrupt.

Despite all of this the Black Community has expressed the level of "Voter Nullification" that is present within. I know nothing about Ms. Chumney except that she is White, a female and a Democrat. I am not promoting her candidacy. I don't know anything about the third place guy either.

My central question is - why is it that in urban centers with a heavy Black and thus heavy Democratic voting population is there seemingly a high level of abstraction between what is going on in the streets and what people ultimately do in the voting booth. A few weeks ago the mayor of Baltimore which has a similar profile and problem set also was able to secure her reelection - also defeating a fellow Democrat.

Why is it that in the Black community when the common sentiment is that the country is headed in the wrong direction under its current leadership the common refrain is "Bush and the Republicans must go! We need to put the Democrats in power because they are in tune with what the Black community needs". As with Baltimore, however, despite the fact that the majority of the citizens believed that the city was headed in the wrong direction - the incumbent Democrat retained their seat. Is there a pattern here? I am NOT arguing that the Republicans would do any better in these places but I am wondering about the "Promises not kept" as I do my research on the words and strategy as set forth by Civil Rights leader Bayard Ruskin.

When Martin Luther King Jr. was killed the Civil Rights Movement fell into a leadership vacuum. At the close of the decade various civil rights leaders gathered together and decided that the best strategy for the Black community was to have Black people elected as Democrats so that we can take control of the policies within our community and thus benefit in the long run. It is clear that the PLAN has been executed successfully. What is not clear however is the resulting BENEFITS that were to be received from this loyalty ever having been recognized.