Monday, September 24, 2007

Sorry RNN - Jena 6 IS NOT LIKE The Scotsboro Boys

Good thing that I rented the documentary of the Scotsboro Boys a few weeks ago or otherwise I would have fallen for the propaganda coming from RNN, the e-mail blast from my friends at "The Black Agenda Report". They state:

e are again. Right back where wee were 76 years ago......and 200 years before that. The psychotic madness of white supremacy will never,ever cease - and why should it? And it nearly always seems to surround the filthy, nasty, demonic, state of Louisiana...........

In 1931, it was the infamous Scottsboro Trials that was initiated in Paint Rock, Alabama, when nine young boys were nearly hanged upon the accusations of rape by two despicable white wimmen (correct spelling). Like today's young Michael Bell, back then it was young, Haywood Patterson at the center of the controversy surrounding the Scottsboro Boys. It was Patterson's hand that was stepped on by a white boy while he was hanging to the side of a tank car, leading to a fight, the train's interception by a posse, and the eventual arrest and prosecutions of the Scottsboro Boys. It was Patterson, viewed as the most guilty and the most defiant of the Boys, who prosecutors chose as their first target after the initial convictions from the first trials were overturned. It was Patterson who faced the most trials and convictions (four between 1931 and 1937), did the hardest time in Alabama prisons, managed the most prison escapes (two), and whose story was first told in the book, "Scottsboro Boy."

Then they go on to talk about
* Tulia, TX with the corrupt cop that put several Blacks away on trumped up drug charges
* The Sean Bell police shooting in NYC

and then finally Jena 6.

But wait a minute.
Where as The Scotboro Boys were "lynched" by a corrupt judicial system on charges that were never proven and where one of the two White woman who originally made the claim RECANTED her previous testimony, saying that it was all a lie.........the Jena 6 INDEED beat down one White boy and he had a bruised body to prove the charges.

Please tell me how the Jena 6 are parallel to the Scotsboro Boys in this regard?

I assure you that if 6 White boys - regardless of the reason STOMPED on Black boy the reverse would be argued by the Civil Rights Industrial Complex. A HATE CRIME would be demanded and thus MORE TIME in jail would be advocated for.

Instead the center of the argument is about the TRANSACTIONAL COUPLING between the hanging of the noose by certain White individuals who were suspeneded by the schools but not criminally prosecuted for their actions. The DA stated that he reviewed the existing laws and could not find one under which they could be prosecuted. In most districts a "Hate Crime" is additive to a superceding offense.

The claim from the Civil Rights Activists is that while the Whites got a slap on the wrist for the noose the Blacks got thrown in jail for the assault on the White boy. Their solution is the RELEASE of the Jena 6 rather than an increase in sentencing of the White noose hangers.

Bottom line - while "Attempted Murder Charges" are indeed excessive - it is a good thing that the Hate Crimes Laws that the Civil Rights Community typically advocates were not applied to the racially motivated beating of a White man who said that he was escaping the escalating conflict and was attacked from the back as we walked away.

Jena 6 <> Scotsboro Boys

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