They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Why Should Black People Vote For Republicans"? A Timeline Of Democratic Monopolization Of Our Communities

(Please note - I will be called 'A Republican' not because you will ever find any text showing where I have ever asked Black people to go out and vote for Republicans as they are the best choice for Black people.....BUT BECAUSE I attack Democrats......the force that dominates our community. Thus since I am attacking Democrats - it stands to some people's reason that I must be 'Pro-Republican')

"Why should Black people vote for Republicans?" or "What have Republicans done for Black people to earn the Black vote?"

These are two commonly heard words by various operatives WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

The reply from the Black Republican or the White Republican operative listening to the question is often unconvincing or stretches the limits of sanity and reason. They would have been better of NOT coming to the forum in which they were put on the stop.

So after asking the question in the election of 1972 with no answer a block of Black Majority districts gets taken over by the Democrats. This means either having flipped from Republican representation, or more commonly - the White Democrat who might have been hostile has been replaced by a Black Democrat who "has Black people's best interests in mind".

The question is asked in the Congressional election of 1974 - "Why should Black people vote for the Republicans" - The non-answer leads to more majority Black districts being converted as was the case in 1972. The mayor, city council, school board, county board, State Rep, State Senate and US Rep - were all following the script articulated by the great Bayard Ruskin. He stated that the Post-Civil Rights strategy will be for Black people to gain control over the destiny of our community by GETTING ELECTED AS DEMOCRATS INTO VARIOUS SEATS OF POWER THAT HAVE GOVERNING CONTROL OVER OUR COMMUNITY.

The elections of 1976 - the same question about the Republicans was asked - the Democratic Party gained further control over the Black community.

The elections of 1978 - the same question about the Republicans was asked - the Democratic Party gained further control over the Black community.

The elections of 1980 - the same question about the Republicans was asked - the Democratic Party gained further control over the Black community.

The elections of 1982 - the same question about the Republicans was asked - the Democratic Party gained further control over the Black community.

The elections of 1984 - the same question about the Republicans was asked - the Democratic Party gained further control over the Black community.

1986 - ditto

1990 - ditto

1992 - "The year the Black president was elected"

1994 - ditto

1996 - ditto

1998 - ditto

2000 - The NAACP Voter Education Fund obtained buses to get Black people to vote. Evil Bush stole the election

2002 - ditto as 1998 - with the question placed upon the Republicans

2004 - Evil Bush stole Ohio and thus Jesse Jackson told John Kerry that he was mistaken to cede the election to Bush. Jackson has more invested in John Kerry winning than John Kerry had.

2006 - Happy days are hear again. The prophetic words of Jesse Jackson said at the "State of Black America" session the year previous to a room full of Black people - "WE can win back the Congress in 2006". In a gathering for Black people Jesse Jackson felt comfortable to use the word "WE" - "WE Blacks" never controlled the Congress so it was clear that the "WE" he was talking about was "WE DEMOCRATS". Since there was no offense noted in the room it was clear that "Blacks = Democrat" by the common understanding.

This brings us to 2007, today.
As we survey the landscape of Black America we see the plan articulated by Bayard Ruskin as having least on the front end. Black people have indeed VOTED and placed the Democrats into power. There is no majority Black district in this country that has a Republican in power BECAUSE the QUESTION AS STATED ABOVE HAS NEVER BEEN ANSWERED AFFIRMATIVELY by those receiving it.

Sadly the secondary benefit that was articulated by Bayard Ruskin has not come to be EITHER. Again on the front end of his plan - Blacks have indeed been elected as Democrats. On the backend the BENEFIT WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY of this control is difficult to detect. Our public schools are less than stellar, our local economic development is increasingly being administrated by other people - most notably Koreans, our streets which have Black men in Administrative control as Police chiefs and as Mayors are not safe, our lifestyle choices have not lead to healthy outcomes in many cases.

The DEMOCRATIC PARTY has been the prime beneficiary of this plan.

Clearly this methodology, though very reasonable during the years immediately following the assassination of Dr. King - has not turned out as planned.

The question "Why Should Black People Vote for Republicans" DOES NOT provide justification as to why Black people SHOULD VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS. It has lead to the current condition where Black people LIVE VICARIOUSLY through Democratic electoral success. Each time the Democrats retain or expand their power - the Black community gives a collective high five. "WE HAVE WON" is heard from many members of our community.

Lost in the discussion and the celebration is the question "What are the absolute gains that have been recognized by the Black community for our continuation of this plan"? Who is asking questions about the Democrats?

In the Black community the assumption that the POPULAR policies among the masses during their time of aggrievement are the BEST POLICIES for Black people as PROVEN ON THE GROUND. In using popularity there is a cyclical amplification of the hole that we find ourselves in. The phenomenon that I have often documented detailing how leftwing movements are inherently focused on fighting against an EXTERNAL adversary with the hopes that a change in this force will rain down benefit upon the people of interests is the key reason for this continuation. As long as everyone is involved in the perpetual struggle OUTWARD, unifying against this force and no one goes off message........UNITY has been achieved and this is what matters the most. There will be no measure of the absolute gains, declines or confinement to neutral that has been amassed AS THE MACHINE HAS GROWN MORE POWERFUL.

The concentrated points of power of this machine in Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Detroit, New Orleans and several others in which a strong Black political machine has elected one or more mayors, have a strong influence on City Council, have occupied the positions of the police chief over the city.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What Does The BLACK COMMUNITY Expect Out Of The Chairman Of the Judicary Committee

We were marketed to as a Black community last year that the benefits of a Democratic takeover of the Congress would yield much fruit WITHIN the Black community. We were told that the new slate of Black Democratic committee heads were going to do wonders for us.

After nearly session under their belt let us ask the question:

What specific benefits should the Black Community see from a Black man who is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee?

Should the priorities be:

1) Successfully got rid of the Republican Attorney General
2) Doggedly pursued the issue of the firings of the Assistant Attorney Generals
3) Gone after the Republican president for his Signing Statements - indicating which portions of legislation passed he planned to enforce

But hold on. We are talking about THE BLACK COMMUNITY

Where does

1) An Unacceptably High Rate of Unsolved Homicides. Calling in big city mayors, police chiefs and district attorneys to investigate the PALTRY rate of closure of Black on Black homicides in certain districts. Many inner city districts have a closure rate hovering around 30%. This means that up to 70% of the killers of Black people are still walking the street - oblivious to the day in which they might serve their time.

2) Prison Reform. We hear so much talk about prison over crowding and the flaws in the judicial system. Isn't it a fine time for John Conyers to hold no-holds-barred meetings on the subject that many of his activist buddies on the radio talk so frequently about?

Mr. Conyers I would be satisfied if you even got your HR 40 reparations study bill through this DEMOCRATIC controlled Congress. This should be easy. This other stuff......I guess the Black Community will have to accept that the promises said on voting day seem forgotten when a slate of elected officials have little to worry about in losing their seats.

I look forward to the day when you and Maxine Waters will be freed from your legislative duties and can pursue your dreams of being a street activist.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sorry RNN - Jena 6 IS NOT LIKE The Scotsboro Boys

Good thing that I rented the documentary of the Scotsboro Boys a few weeks ago or otherwise I would have fallen for the propaganda coming from RNN, the e-mail blast from my friends at "The Black Agenda Report". They state:

e are again. Right back where wee were 76 years ago......and 200 years before that. The psychotic madness of white supremacy will never,ever cease - and why should it? And it nearly always seems to surround the filthy, nasty, demonic, state of Louisiana...........

In 1931, it was the infamous Scottsboro Trials that was initiated in Paint Rock, Alabama, when nine young boys were nearly hanged upon the accusations of rape by two despicable white wimmen (correct spelling). Like today's young Michael Bell, back then it was young, Haywood Patterson at the center of the controversy surrounding the Scottsboro Boys. It was Patterson's hand that was stepped on by a white boy while he was hanging to the side of a tank car, leading to a fight, the train's interception by a posse, and the eventual arrest and prosecutions of the Scottsboro Boys. It was Patterson, viewed as the most guilty and the most defiant of the Boys, who prosecutors chose as their first target after the initial convictions from the first trials were overturned. It was Patterson who faced the most trials and convictions (four between 1931 and 1937), did the hardest time in Alabama prisons, managed the most prison escapes (two), and whose story was first told in the book, "Scottsboro Boy."

Then they go on to talk about
* Tulia, TX with the corrupt cop that put several Blacks away on trumped up drug charges
* The Sean Bell police shooting in NYC

and then finally Jena 6.

But wait a minute.
Where as The Scotboro Boys were "lynched" by a corrupt judicial system on charges that were never proven and where one of the two White woman who originally made the claim RECANTED her previous testimony, saying that it was all a lie.........the Jena 6 INDEED beat down one White boy and he had a bruised body to prove the charges.

Please tell me how the Jena 6 are parallel to the Scotsboro Boys in this regard?

I assure you that if 6 White boys - regardless of the reason STOMPED on Black boy the reverse would be argued by the Civil Rights Industrial Complex. A HATE CRIME would be demanded and thus MORE TIME in jail would be advocated for.

Instead the center of the argument is about the TRANSACTIONAL COUPLING between the hanging of the noose by certain White individuals who were suspeneded by the schools but not criminally prosecuted for their actions. The DA stated that he reviewed the existing laws and could not find one under which they could be prosecuted. In most districts a "Hate Crime" is additive to a superceding offense.

The claim from the Civil Rights Activists is that while the Whites got a slap on the wrist for the noose the Blacks got thrown in jail for the assault on the White boy. Their solution is the RELEASE of the Jena 6 rather than an increase in sentencing of the White noose hangers.

Bottom line - while "Attempted Murder Charges" are indeed excessive - it is a good thing that the Hate Crimes Laws that the Civil Rights Community typically advocates were not applied to the racially motivated beating of a White man who said that he was escaping the escalating conflict and was attacked from the back as we walked away.

Jena 6 <> Scotsboro Boys

Sunday, September 23, 2007

....But Are The EFFECTIVE?

Black legislators more active, prof. finds

Black legislators at the congressional level in the U.S. spend more time developing policies and legislation than their white counterparts, according to a new study conducted by Assistant Professor of Political Science Katrina Gamble. The study, published in Legislative Studies Quarterly, sheds light on the link between racial diversity and political deliberations.

Gamble said she was not surprised to find that black legislators advocated for bills primarily of interest to black voters.

Sounds Good!

But does "time spent" equate to EFFECTIVENESS of the legislation in POSITIVELY IMPACTING the people who they CLAIM to be working "in the best interest of"?

Some of their more anti-business, punitive taxation measures look good on paper from their ideological vantage point but as we look at the districts that SOME OF THEM represent it appears that their polices are "job destroyers" and "criminal protection policies". The newly elected Rep. Richardson in LA said that she would continue the policies of Mielander-Miller and pointed to high misery index that has continued in her district. When will anyone note that despite years of trying that they have presided over either continued depression or have increased the problems in some cases?

Who will be the first truly INDEPENDENT Black journalist to dispassionately inspect the policies that are POPULAR with the Black community and verify that they are indeed policies that translate into benefit or if they are policies that are present among the aggrieved but which would be dumped in order for "the Promised Land" to show its face?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Lawn Jockey Awards" Were the JUDGES Need To Be JUDGED

Black Agenda Report

My friends over at the "Black Agenda Report" / "Black Commentator" are at it again. In their attempts to ENFORCE their ideology upon Black people they have come up with the buffoonish evaluation called the "Lawn Jockey Awards". With this award they scrutinize the various members of the Congressional Democrat Black Caucus and evaluate them on their allegiance to the "Black Agenda".

I have learned from several years of focusing on politics that this award, as with the various "Legislative Report Cards" put forth by various special interest groups has no bearing on the absolute quality and effectiveness of an individual elected representative but instead represents the proximity of this person to the positions that the JUDGING ENTITY has and thus believes they should vote in kind.

The extreme left wingers at the "Black Agenda Report", a bastard step child of the "Black Commentator" attack site (Maybe Glen Ford had a fall out with his comrade Peter Gamble. Take a look at the board at BC. It is a who's who of extreme Black leftists in America today. They need $50,000 to stay afloat it seems. Where are the CAPITALISTS when socialists need them most?).

Both sides promote an array of hard left solutions for the Black community to digest. Thus their "Black Agenda" is really one that is FORGED by them UPON Black America. As with many operatives they seek to fuse their ideology to their "Blackness". Thus in attacking their "kookery" you will be said to be attacking "the best interests of Black people".

This brings us to the focus of this blog entry. If Mr. Ford and crew seek to promote their cause as being "The Best Interests of Black America" then certainly they should yield themselves to some INSPECTION by Black people to have their claims vetted as being so.

Instead as we make note of Mr. Ford's history in the "labor left" - his heyday being the convention in Gary, Indiana - by the way a town named after an executive at US Steel as the parcel of land was developed for their operations. From this convention many of the Black labor's platform elements that they used to fight against their "enemies" the CORPORATIONS that employed them were critical components in shaping the modern day Detroit, Cleveland and other Rust Belt Cities. Shaping these cities today, that is, where these cities are largely free of these ENEMIES.....the forces that created the jobs that allowed the cities to grow. Where as the Black Commentator ran a series on "The Flight Of Capital" From the Cities - they have not yet come to grips with the fact that THEIR POLICIES were a significant part that pushed the bird out of the nest to fly. It must be nice to only see yourself as a constructive defender rather than a destructor of jobs.

Thus we come to my main contention. Who is holding the JUDGES of this buffoonish contest accountable? How do Black people determine that THEIR "Black Agenda" is EFFECTIVE at advancing Black people's interests? Certainly Detroit and other cities are not good reference models showcasing their efficacy.

In truth tactics like these are nothing more than tried and true "group behavior" tactics that are used by the "Attack Sheep Dogs" to insure that WAYWARD SHEEP stay with the flock. There is a need to inspect 'the Shepard' to insure that they are leading the flock along the right path. Groups like Black Agenda Report don't like to be questioned much so they are not likely to accept an audit.

Who Plays The Greater Role As The "Virtual Klansman"?

From the pages of "Rolling Out Magazine".

Why is it that the editors of "Rolling Out Magazine" take yet another shot against Clarence Thomas but stay relatively silent about the "Klan Operatives" that terrorize the Black community? Who is a bigger "Klan Like Force" within the Black community between these two?

A few months ago Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas rightfully disposed of a race bases school integration plan. It is clear to all who have consciousness about themselves that a plan to benefit BLACK KIDS by sending them to sit with WHITE KIDS makes certain assumptions about the bareness of the majority Black school and the highly illuminated state of the WHITE school. Simply transferring the Blacks to the White school will lead to a better education experience for the Black. Why doesn't anyone ever articulate the advantage to the WHITE student from being sent to an overwhelmingly BLACK education environment? They will ways put the negative elements of such a school culture on the question of funding or "economic isolation" the new talking point that attempts to cover up their fear of Black folks living by ourselves. Thomas was correct in repudiating these assumptions.

Compare this with the "Klan-like" actions of the Black street thug. In Philadelphia where an average of one person per day is murdered we will not see "Rolling Out" do a special expose' on the Black murder victims and the thug who killed them. The only people that Clarence Thomas has "killed" are those who are CONVICTED KILLERS - having been "judge, jury and executioner" in the process. Clarence Thomas is but one last check in the process to insure that this KILLER receives justice, something that he had not extended to his own victim.

While no doubt the folks at Rolling Out magazine figured that another swipe at Clarence Thomas is one swipe that he deserves the greater offense is that they fail to take swipes at those who are most KLAN-LIKE in their actions against Black people.

Rape As A Weapon - And Those Who Defend It From Afar

Link to PBS P.O.V.

On a recent episode of PBS POV the country of Congo is used as a backdrop to show man's inhumanity to other man. In a seemingly perpetual civil war between men it is the woman who has borne the brunt of the impact of such instability.

As I look upon the women of these countries I cannot help but to make reference to my in-laws and extended friends from the Caribbean, noting that absent this war they would be as stable and developed as these other nations not suffering from the pillage and indignity that such a war brings about.

A greater force than the individual combatants with guns raining terror upon another individual, however, is the "African Revolutionary......Who Lives Comfortably In The United States" that provides historical cover for all of these actions. There is a healthy group of Black folks who are not in harms way that summarize the brutal actions that have been committed in the colonial past, that are being committed right now and that WILL BE COMMITTED TOMORROW upon White Supremacy. Through the magic of Hollywood editing the strings attached to the Black man that the White man controls from above cannot be seen.

This stance made by the "African Revolutionary Who Lives Comfortably In The United States" is only a rhetorical taunt. In a recent debate about the ridiculously high Black on Black homicide rate in America I was told:

I think that transforming “the psychodynamics of Black self-annihilation in service of White domination” should be our primary focus.

In my response I pointed to the fact that in the movie "The Last King Of Scotland" which depicted the brutal rule of Idi Amin in Uganda - I saw Black men pulling the triggers of the guns that killed Black Africans - NOT their White former colonial masters. It seems to me that in putting forth such analysis as my debate adversary has done - we must implicitly accept the INFERIORITY of fully grown Black men who are still bound by their masters despite them having departed decades ago.

In Christianity one only has to believe in Jesus Christ to be absolved of all of their sins. In the various theories on "Black Self-Annihilation", domestically and internationally - one only needs to believe in the entire body of knowledge that transfers responsibility from the individual Black onto the system of White supremacy to have their deeds washed away. Each murder is not an INDIVIDUAL act. It is the unfolding of a predefined script. To the African he may as well not resist for, even in his sleep this external power will make him stand up, walk toward another Black and shoot him DEAD!!! No need for any mental governance or control over his own facilities.

How great and powerful of the White man!!! He plants a gun (or in the case of POV - a penis) into the hands of the African, makes THE AFRICAN destroy his own people and THE WHITE MAN can point from afar and say "look at those savages....they are killing each other"!! So is the case if you allow the "African Revolutionary....Who Lives Comfortably In The United States" to tell it.

Missing from this is the call for the AFRICANS to develop a SYSTEM OF THEIR OWN that will render a different result! As with the debate on the mean urban streets in America the primary point of the Activists from afar is to remove the GUNS from the hands of these Africans who, given these weapons exact terror upon so many others. Once again the central theme is THE GUN but not the person, with full mental capacities and how he makes use of these weapons. Again an attempt to dehumanize the African.

With a SYSTEM as the goal - each individual must be encultured to understand the fact that there is mutual benefit in yielding to a greater good. In a recent episode of the PBS special "Liberty" which focused on the run up to the American Revolutionary War - there were bands of murderous WHITE FOLKS who used their bayonets to "carve open the breasts of a White woman" who was found dead in her house. There was mass carnage on the shores of America as much of the bloody battle that spilled over from Britain into America. (The Torres and the >>>>) It was the creation of a system that set forth a flow toward the greater good. (Now don't get me wrong - the enslaved African STILL caught supreme hell once the White folks got together).

Why don't the "African Revolutionaries.....Living Comfortably In America" advocate for the African to build a SYSTEM for their greater good? We are told that had the White man not molested the African via slavery and colonization at the African continent, being the richest with regards to resources than any other, would be among the prime economic and military powers. No man on this Earth could ever say that this would be or not be the case. What I do know is that subtracting this incursion - A SYSTEM would have had to be in place for the African to rise to this level of supremacy. If it is THE SYSTEM that would express this power.......why not TODAY focus on THE SYSTEM than on this concept of the "Mystical Magical Africa" that was in the past and that COULD HAVE BEEN had the White man not trampled?

It is time for people to apply rational and reasonable solutions to address these SYSTEMATIC problems that need A NEW SYSTEM enculturated into the people. I am of the belief that this world sees a near total refresh of human beings ever 90 years. The old slave dies along with his old slave master. The challenge is to harness the potential that each new born child possesses and direct him toward a goal that is higher than what the hands that rock the cradle were able to obtain. That first generation might not be able to escape the cross generational scythe that the Grim Reaper is able to swing from 2 generations back and kill off the hopes and dreams of the new born child time provides the locomotion from the past......these influences should be diminished if the current generation does its part to lift the new one up.

The choice must be made - are we going to be bound by the past or pulled toward a greater future?

There is so much squandered human POTENTIAL that is on display due to the inability of certain people who are positioned to make a difference to do so.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The "Marxist Ivy League Professor" Sees White Supremacy At Harvard

Help me understand this folks. Here we have a self described Marxist who has a taste for teaching at elite, lily White institutions that are the apex of academic achievement in the Euro-centric high education establishment. Yet Dr. Cornel West talks about the White Supremacy that is evident at the institution. Go figure. Do you think that YOU might have a case of "Non-White White Supremacy" Dr. West?

Could it be, Dr. West that YOU are thoroughly marinaded in this same sense of "White Supremacy" as you have swung between Harvard and Princeton rather than Morehouse and Hampton?

Isn't your paycheck composed of funds generated from the wealthy capitalists throughout America who send their children to these elite, majority White schools that you seem to have a taste for? Would it not be ridiculous to fail to notice how "Black pride" is a fundamental element of Lincoln University, Prairie View or Wilberforce?

As you travel to Venezuela and other parts of the world SPEAKING OUT about all that is on your mind....why didn't we hear about your observations about Harvard UNTIL President Larry Summers confronted you about your work? I thought that a Black Revolutionary was supposed to not have any particular ECONOMIC ties that bind his MOUTH?

When Your City Has A "Homicide Blog" It's Time To Ask Quesitions

Los Angeles has One:
The Homicide Report

Philadelphia has one:
Philly Confidential - Don't Cross The Police Line

At what point does your political loyalties stop and you begin to ask serious questions regarding where all of your advocacy has lead you?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Black Democratic South Carolinians Are Social Conservatives


Democrat, but socially conservative

Despite that conservatism, more than half say government “definitely” should ensure every American has a “decent standard of living,” a liberal belief at odds with free-market capitalism.

In South Carolina - particularly with their relatively high - high school drop out rates - when they adopt a policy of "lay in the bed that you have made" then I will believe that there are some Black Conservatives in the state.

My Parallel That Represents My Views On The Jena 6 Protests

Just imagine if I touted the fact that I was a mentor to 2 Black males in their early teens. I spend time with them to exchange the knowledge that I have about this world and how to be successful upon them. I fill the void that the absentee father left in their lives. For this they are eternally appreciative. I am able to give examples of how I have positively impacted their lives for the better.

I can detail my sacrifices as I make sure that I "reach back" and pull others up. I spend every weekend, departing my house and driving to the other side of town to play my adopted part in these two boy's lives.

For my efforts I receive notoriety and acclaim. "If more brothers were responsible like this man - many of our problems would be solved as a people" the person presenting me with my award is heard saying.

Truly my efforts are quite grand.

A newspaper reporter who sees my good works decides to do a story on me. She finds out that I actually have 1 son and two daughters at home. Upon interviewing them for a character reference about my greatness she discovers that my flesh and blood are hesitant to provide me with glowing reviews. This sparks the reporters curiosity. She asks MY children how they are doing in school. They reply that they are average students. My son is struggling in math, having gotten a "D" last semester. My two daughters don't seem to be in tune with school or any extra-curricular activities. They tell the reporter that their mother is very busy running the house and thus she is not able to support their desire to participate in after school tennis, Girl Scouts and the "Step Team". They mention that their father, me, is never around because of my external duties and thus everything falls upon their mother.

With the reporter's interest in my household situation piqued - she pulls the police public records on any calls made to my house. She finds out that I had 2 domestic disturbance calls made to my house but there was no arrest made. Turns out that I had shaken my wife and had a physical run in with my son over the past 3 years that required a police response.

As this reporter evaluates my PUBLIC PERSONA based on my work OUTSIDE OF MY "community" (my house) versus the work that I have done AT HOME, INSIDE of my community - should she continue to have a GLOWING story to tell about me and my character? My COMMITMENT to the full and balanced development of children?


My call IS NOT that the boys in Jena are not worthy of justice and attention.

My call is NOT to have a ban on the protest marches that have gone on today in Jena

My call is NOT that as free Americans, able to travel where ever they damned well please that the are NOT allowed to rally in Jena.

My question is HOW DOES A PERSON DEPART ATLANTA, CHICAGO, BALTIMORE AND DC for an 8 hour + bus ride OUT OF THEIR CITY....when there is so much left unchecked BACK AT THEIR HOME BASE that they are largely silent upon?

My point IS NOT about the Black on Black murders.
I am focusing on the HIGH RATE OF UNSOLVED BLACK ON BLACK MURDERS that have no outrage surrounding them. How DARE YOU call "INJUSTICE" 8 hours away but say nothing about the NON-JUSTICE that is going on WITHIN YOUR OWN HOME BASE?

How many Black mothers cry themselves to sleep every night knowing that THE KILLER OF THE CHILD WHO SHE HAS BIRTHED is still walking free - able to do it again to some other mother's son or daughter IF HE SO CHOOSES?

Let us be REAL HONEST folks.
"Racism Chasing" is an important force for UNITY among some Black folks. In the interviews running up to this event people were going to "BE THERE" for an event that was going to go into the history books. "The Scottsboro Boys" - 2007 if you allow some to tell it. With "racism chasing" as such an element part of their movement's persona how could they pass up on the opportunity?

Also with the presidential election a short 14 months away - what better way to build a coalition to get the Democrats into the White House and maintain their control of the House and Senate?

As I wrote before on the "Cherry Picking" that the Black Civil Rights Movement 2007 edition does - this is yet another example. Their goal is to SET THE AGENDA for Black people to focus upon. If you think that this is based on IMPORTANT issues rather than "unifying" issues - you sir are sadly mistaken.

My cure for this is to apply the filter of PROPORTIONALITY.
The next time a so called Civil Rights Leader impresses upon you that a certain issue is a fundamental threat to all Black people and must be fought against - step back and apply this to the tote board of MAJOR problems WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY to see where it stands. I believe that this method would enable our community to more effectively rationalize our responses and come up with more EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES.

The grand prize for the OPERATIVE working unchallenged WITHIN our community is a community who is fully RESPONSIVE to them rather than one which attempts to DICTATE THE PRIORITIES TO THEM.

ONCE AGAIN, ONCE AGAIN, ONCE AGAIN - I am NOT opposed to the Jena 6 Protests. I only question the need for people to travel long distances for a rally when so many other issues closer to home are left unattended. YES - send people from New Orleans, Baton Rouge even Houston. As for those traveling over 4 hours - SEND THE MONEY PAID IN BUS FAIR to the defense fund for those you are advocating for.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Illinois Democrats Swarm To Cancel Oil Refinery Expansion

"I'll take clean water over cheap gas any time" said a man interviewed by PBS
"The News Hour With Jim Lehrer".

Despite all of the furor over gasoline prices and the claims that it is the greedy oil companies who are manipulating supplies at the refineries and thus ratchet up the price of gasoline. Despite all of the claims that despite the occasional fall in petroleum prices are not followed with a decline at the pump and thus price gouging is taking place by the oil companies - the Environmentalists and their Democratic allies have teamed up to get several recent plans to expand existing refineries around the nation shut down.

In Detroit Marathon Petroleum wants to expand their unit by 15% to allow them to accept in more resources in from nearby Canada - a supply that is not threated by the politics of the Middle East.

In the Chicago area BP proposes to expand their existing plant. It takes in water from Lake Michigan for their process and discharges it, having cleaned it up to a state near the state it was received. A slight amount of chromium, and 4 other pollutants are added as a result.

This proposal has brought out a fury of environmentalist who consume gasoline but have a "NIMBY" philosophy. It is far easier to "Blame Bush", an Oil Man, for the high oil prices centrally caused by the lack of refinery capacity in America.

Great Lakes waste issues may kill BP refinery plan

Massive Flooding Hits Africa - The Have No Convention Center To Huddle Upon

This has been a very wet and devastating summer for Equatorial African nations. More than 400,000 people have been displaced due to drastic flooding from Mauritania to Ethiopia. People already suffering from malnutrition and war have this as an extra burden to bear.

I can only think about the Arab oil baron who offered millions to the people of New Orleans. Where is he and others who will take care of people who are in more need and closer to his home country?

Klan Agents Break Into Black Family's House, Murder Child To Silence Them Before Trial

As many local Civil Rights leaders jump on a bus and ride for 8 hours to go to Jena Louisiana - a Black family in metro Atlanta is grieving as their son is shot dead and their daughter recovers from her multiple gunshot wounds.

It seems that they were scheduled to testify in court against several defendants in a previous home invasion. The Klan Agents tracked them down to their new residence, broke into the house and effectively silenced the threat that they faced in court next week.

DeKalb County police are investigating whether a shooting that left a 7-year-old boy dead and his 15-year-old sister wounded inside their home early Monday is tied to a 2006 home-invasion robbery in which their mother was the victim.

DeKalb police spokeswoman Keisha Williams would not release any more details about the robbery for fear of compromising the investigation, but said it was still unclear whether the children were the intended targets in the attack on Toney Drive in south DeKalb. The children were shot as they slept in their beds.

Police made an arrest in the 2006 home invasion and the mother was a witness in the upcoming trial.

"The people in that house had a court date that was scheduled for today," Williams said. "This is an unusual case. We're trying to see if we can put the pieces together.

"I don't know if the children were the targets or they [the gunmen] hit the wrong room."

Family members said they awoke to the sounds of gunfire early Monday morning, police said. Both the children were shot multiple times and the boy later died at the hospital. Police said initially that the girl was in critical condition. Late Monday night Williams said the girl was reported as stable.

Big Problems In Philly & Baltimore But HEY - At Least The Democrats Have 80% Of The City's Electorate :-/


Philadelphia Asks Men to Patrol Streets

Safeguarding Hometown Security

Before I go into my analysis - let me say that I strongly support the efforts of Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson who has a thankless job on his hand. It is true that the Philadelphia Police cannot solve problems that are not "law enforcement" in nature. He is 100% correct in saying that they are not going to be able to "arrest their way" out of this problem.

It is time for the community step up and MANAGE their way out of this problem.

My criticism is about the POLITICIAN and the ACTOR-VISTS. The next time they come into the community asking for your vote....ASK THEM what are then DOING about the massive problems and GET THEM TO SHOW YOU PROOF OF ITS EFFECTIVENESS. They can give you a list of ACTIVITIES that they have done. Few of them can answer the question of "IS IT WORKING EFFECTIVELY?".

Therein resides the challenge to Black America. From a political standpoint we have the scales tipped and our collective force backing a certain METHODOLOGY. For so long certain operative have been allowed to argue about what THE OTHER GUY IS DOING! Is it time,past time for the Black community to make note of that force of assumptions that dominate our consciousness and to the question in a dispassionate manner: IS WHAT WE ARE DOING WORKING and HOW MUST WE CHANGE?


In Baltimore, despite a majority rating of dissatisfaction with the city's direction - incumbent Mayor Sheila Dixon was reelected for a 4 year term. She replaced Martin OMalley who was promoted to governor of the state of Maryland despite the condition that he left Baltimore in.

In the following interview Mayor Dixon was reluctant to accept the fact that New York City's crime rate was reduced by Gulianni-era "Police Zero Tolerance Policies".

Baltimore's Leading Lady Set to Make History

Do These African Rapists Know That Some THEORISTS Have Their Backs?

NPR's News & Notes: Film Depicts Rape as Weapon of War

I heard this story during my lunchtime drive yesterday. It was disturbing to hear how brutal some people can treat another human being.

Yet my feelings about this incident echoed my feelings that resulted from seeing "The Last King of Scotland" - the depiction of the massive violence in Uganda during the rule of Idi Amin - These are Black people killing and raping other Blacks.

As the characters in the audio report above do their thing I wonder if they are aware of the great number of American Based "Racial Theorists"? When these theorists see the VICTIMS of "Colonialism in Africa and White Supremacy" being VICTIMIZED by other VICTIMS of "Colonialism in Africa and White Supremacy" that the original VICTIMS become VICTIMS^2?

How great it must be to be able to operate with total impunity. Despite the fact that you are a FULL GROWN MAN, able to think, operate, worship and extend human sympathies any way you choose - OUTSIDERS who have never met you before see you in your physical form - a Black African. They also see something that the African fails to see: the bad special effects job done upon the scene where the PUPPET STRINGS that dangle from the backs of these "VICTIMS of Colonialism in Africa and White Supremacy" which control them today.

In the past I have told of the concept of "NON-WHITE White Supremacy". This is the notion of BLACK PEOPLE being infected with White Racism and thus projecting more power, capabilities and residual effects upon even the scrawniest of WHITE FOLKS as a means of staying intellectually consistent with their theories. The corollary to this notion, unfortunately is that the BLACK MAN is INFERIOR. They will not admit this for they are Black Revolutionaries, you see. "Too Black, Too Strong". They spend more time, however, detailing the attributes and actions of WHITE FOLKS more than they talk about the same with BLACK FOLKS.

Another noted central thesis to their antics is the notion of the "Mystical Africa" of the past. Prior to the molestation at the hands of the White Man, Africa was "Garden of Eden South". All of us were kings. We loved each other and there was peace. Any weapons that were present were used to slaughter wildlife for consumption purposes and for other animal based products. The threat of this theory is that this MAGIC will never be attainable again in this "real world". It is better to recognize the human frailties and tendencies and to build a SYSTEM OF HUMAN INTERACTION which maximizes the productive attributes and minimizes the others.

My main criticism of the Black Psuedo-Intellectual "Non-White White Supremacists"is that they keep Black folks looking OUTWARD - seeking to chase Windmills rather than fundamentally focusing on BUILDING SYSTEMS INWARD which will eventually take hold in our own culture and lead to more stability, more productivity and eventually - a countervailing economic power that can provide for our people and raise their standard of living.

The VICTIMS^2 in African and the United States have no idea of the backing that THEIR ATTACKERS have as people rationalize away the individual event that lead to their injury or death. Each year the homicide count, rape count, assault count gets reset to ZERO. It seems to me that the more pragmatic approach to changing this is to work hand in hand TODAY to keep down the points of conflict from which these assaults stem from with a good GROUND STRATEGY. Looking back 75 to 200 years to "EXPAND THE POLICE TAP" around the crime scene of the latest murder of a Black man on the streets is simply not admissible in COURT or logic.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Again I Rest My Case - When A Black Leftist Criticizes The Democrats......


Talkshow Host Joe Madison to become an independent

He is TO THE LEFT OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY and is frusrated that they have to deal with POLITICAL REALITIES rather than the revolutionary theories that he spouts..

Why do Black Democrats focus so much on NATIONAL policy rather than the fact that Black America is one big "BLUE STATE" without a hit of purple? What happened to the promises and the hopes of the "First Black (Democrat) mayor, city council head, school board head"? Where we supposed to see a revolution once "people like us" ran the show? Now instead of talking about these local issues the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser is more comfortable talking about the NATIONAL ISSUES because, in his mind - they are robbing him of the tax dollars to be REDISTRIBUTED into the districts that he controls poltiically.

Top-rated talk show host Joe Madison this week says he will change his political status to independent.

"Democratic candidates, with some exceptions and members of Congress, lack courage on the war, immigration, unemployment and under employment, increase prison population, Washington, D.C. voting rights, troop build up in Africa, Jena 6, etc," Madison told Redding News Review.

Madison, who is heard on District's WOL-AM, and nationally on XM 169 The Power, has been consistently ranked among the "100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America" by Talkers, a broadcast trade magazine. He has built a solid record as a grassroots activist toiling for more than 30 years in the area of civil rights.

Is The "Civil Rights Industrial Complex" FOR Or Against NCLB

The time is now for Wade Henderson and other Civil Rights operatives to come off of the fence. They have been attacking NCLB - which is just a reauthorization of the "Elementary and Secondary Education Act" which is itself a part of Title 1. Mr. Henderson - a liberal and no doubt a Democrat is bursting at the seams to wage an attack on evil Bush.

But rhetoric and facts alone can't change the status quo.

His prescription:

So our organizations have joined with several other groups (the League of United Latin American Citizens, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund, National Council of La Raza, National Indian Education Association, National Urban League, and the Southeast Asia Resource Action Center) to launch the Campaign for High School Equity.

What in the past PREVENTED these groups from "joining together" to "lanch a campaign for high school equity"?

What does "equity" mean? Is it funding? What about "outcomes"?

What specific plans does Mr. Henderson and crew have that invovles community invovlement to suplement the educational reinforcement that is not being received at home? What if it is found that classroom disruptions by students pose a bigger threat to "HIGH SCHOOL EQUITY" than does the fact that the "White suburban school" in a different school district receiving more money than the urban school? What will be in their plans to address this problem that is not one of the SYSTEM?

our communities and nation also depend on a fully educated workforce to
remain competitive in an increasingly global economy.

And how might you MEASURE this "fully educated" state Mr. Henderson? What will insure that an "A" in one school is in fact an "A" in another?

Unfortunately, we're still a long way from this goal. Since enactment in 2002 of No Child Left Behind, we've seen higher test scores among the nation's elementary school students, but secondary school students continue to flounder. In part, this lack of progress is because the law was primarily written with earlier grades in mind. In fact, President Bush's original proposal only used the phrase "high school" twice.

So if we were to expand NCLB to the High Schools and keep everything else the same - Bush would have your support in the reauthorization - right?

Mr. Henderson - you have been at the helm of The Leadership Conference On Civil Rights for quite some time. Do you have any archieved notes on the past comments that you have made about education PRIOR TO the adoption of "NCLB"? I am intested in analyzing the pronouncements that you made in these previous articles under previous presidents. Thanks in advance.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Jonathan Kozol's Prescription For The Education Of Black Children

Jonathan Kozol’s PRESCRIPTION For Educational Excellence WITHIN The Black Community

Jonathan Kozol is an education activist. I have read at least 2 of his books cover to cover after being attracted by the compelling title of the books. I have seen Mr. Kozol in several interviews and read a few of his articles on the subject of education. Mr. Kozol is particularly interested in “urban education”. This means the mostly Black and Hispanic children who live in the cities of America. Special focus is placed upon poor children from these two racial groups.

The purpose of this submission is to inspect the PRESCRIPTION that Mr. Kozol has for the improvement in the quality of educational services available to Black and Hispanic children from impoverished backgrounds. I will attempt to not bias the forward part of my analysis by providing my opinions of the man and my perceptions of the consequences of his policies upon Black children and the assumptions made about Black people as a result.

I choose to utilize a recent article submitted by Mr. Kozol to the political web site “The Huffington Post”. Here is the article that I will base my analysis of Mr. Kozol’s positions:
Posted September 10, 2007
Why I am Fasting: An Explanation to My Friends

I will now cherry pick from the article to obtain the main conclusions presented by Mr. Kozol regarding how Black people might achieve access to higher quality educational services and then ask you to decide if my impressions of this man based on his own words – while I will make known after the fact – are justified or not.

Mr. Kozol is a strident opponent of the federal government program known as “No Child Left Behind”. NCLB is a reauthorization of the “Elementary and Secondary Education Act” which is a part of Title 1 spending by the US Department of Education. Mr. Kozol is centrally disturbed by the level of test taking and the rigid structure placed upon the curriculum for teachers to follow. He states:

“I am entering the 67th day of a partial fast that I began early in the summer as my personal act of protest at the vicious damage being done to inner-city children by the federal education law No Child Left Behind, a racially punitive piece of legislation that Congress will either renew, abolish, or, as thousands of teachers pray, radically revise in the weeks immediately ahead.

The poisonous essence of this law lies in the mania of obsessive testing it has forced upon our nation's schools and, in the case of underfunded, overcrowded inner-city schools, the miserable drill-and-kill curriculum of robotic "teaching to the test" it has imposed on teachers, the best of whom are fleeing from these schools because they know that this debased curriculum would never have been tolerated in the good suburban schools that they, themselves, attended.”

From his article Mr. Kozol notes about majority Black schools:

At a moment when black and Hispanic students are more segregated than at any time since 1968 (in the typical inner-city school I visit, out of an enrollment that may range from 800 to 4,000 students, there are seldom more than five or six white children), NCLB adds yet another factor of division between children of minorities and those in the mainstream of society. In good suburban classrooms, children master the essential skills not from terror but from exhilaration, inspired in them by their teachers, in the act of learning in itself. They're also given critical capacities that they will need if they're to succeed in college and to function as discerning citizens who have the power to interrogate reality. They learn to ask the questions that will shape the nation's future, while inner-city kids are being trained to give prescripted answers and to acquiesce in their subordinate position in society.

Further he states about his escape plan from failed inner city, Black dominated school districts:

There is a provision in No Child Left Behind that permits a child in a chronically low-performing school to transfer to a more successful school. Up to now, it hasn't worked because there aren't enough successful schools in inner-city districts to which kids can transfer.

Assuming that you have read Mr. Kozol's piece in its entirety from the above link lets see what we have:

Majority Black schools and school systems are inept and not capable of delivering quality educational services to the students. Objectively speaking I would have to concur that in their present form many urban school districts that have an economically poor body of students are seriously failing to provide their students with quality educational services. So yes - in their present form these districts are failing. I do not believe that there is any inherent attribute that prevents these same districts from achieving success in the context of comprehensive management by all players involved - parents, students, teachers, administrators, public officials. I am not so sure that Mr. Kozol believes that this is possible, however.

Let us investigate Mr. Kozol's claims a bit more. According to Mr. Kozol the brightly spirited young teachers who are departing these public schools are doing so because of the TESTING more than any other factor that stands in the way. This claim runs awry of much of what has been documented over the past 20 years or more regarding the discipline problems which interrupt classroom instruction and the flight, particularly by White instructors as the school changes in racial composition as the neighborhood has changed. The fact that Mr. Kozol has failed to mention either of these two points in the last few media submissions that he has presented - his motivations are suspect. He is not a fan of NCLB. I have little doubt that the teachers are frustrated with some portions of the new policies. My critical question to Mr. Kozol and others is - "Tell me how things were in the 'good ole days', before NCLB?" Since it was NCLB that has injured these students and provoked these teachers to depart our focus should be on the time interval just before NCLB which then transitioned into a negative spike as these policies were implemented. Strip away Mr. Kozol's opposition to NCLB and this his target - his positions don't make rational sense.

The primary focus of this analysis is to focus on Mr. Kozol's primary PRESCRIPTION to the problem of Majority Black schools and school systems. I use the word "prescription" because it makes me think of an aspirin.

An aspirin does not need to be told what to do when it enters the human body. A patient takes the pill and this concoction goes to work. Since aspirin is an anti-inflammatory it has a prescribed effect upon the human body. Thus someone prescribing it to address a particular ailment - a head ache, a reduced risk of a heart attack knows the relationship between the aspirin and the human body of which the patient is an instantiation of. I get the feeling that Mr. Kozol believes that the Black child's "aspirin" which will provide him with healing is to simply place him in the presence of White children and thus the prescribed effect will be had upon the Black student.

According to Mr. Kozol in this piece, his recent radio interview and, most infamously, his appearance on "American's Black Forum" several years ago - the simple prescription for the successful education of Black kids is to give them a pill called "sitting in the same classroom with a White kid". I should be more exact with my point. Mr. Kozol wants Black kids and White kids to sit in the same a school in which the WHITE CULTURE and ways of education predominate and cancel out all vestiges of the flawed and inferior system from which these poor Black children have come from. It is just that simple folks. See a Black kid - put him in a White dominated culture if he ever hopes to achieve academically.

On the show "America's Black Forum" - Reverend Floyd Flake, pastor of the Greater Allen African Methodist Episcopal Cathedral in Jamaica, Queens NYC provided examples of academic excellence that was taking place in the school that he runs as part of his church's community development enterprises. Mr. Kozol summarily dismissed the accomplishments of Rev. Flakes school, indicating that his results were a rare exception and in no way approached a rule.

As a reference upon the efforts of Greater Allen AME Cathedral:
“The church and its subsidiary corporations operate with an annual budget of over $34 million. The church also owns expansive commercial and residential developments; a 750-student private school founded by Flake and his wife Elaine, and various commercial and social service enterprises, which has placed it among the nation’s most productive religious and urban development institutions

It seemed to me, and the panelists on the show that Mr. Flake (and hundreds of other initiatives around the nation) were just waisting their time going against Kozol's prescription with their own "witchcraft" called "Doing for one's self in one's own community". For Mr. Kozol who is bound by the structure of the current public school distribution system - being presented with a different methodology for academic success and allowing this to grow was out of the question. For Mr. Kozol it is not just about "Black academic achievement" is about "Black academic achievement in the context of public schools and public schools alone". He, as with so many other Black educational activists seek to defend the system of government operated schools above the consideration of the bottom line education of the student.

In the article that this submission is based on Mr Kozol proposes to use NCLB in ways that the "White House" had not thought of previously - to use the voucher component of NCLB to transport poor Black kids into lily White suburban districts so they can get a quality education.

The Democrats, I've argued, have the opportunity to make this option workable if they are sufficiently audacious to require states to authorize a child's right to transfer across district lines, and provide financial means to make this possible, so that children trapped in truly hopeless schools could, if their parents so desired, go to school in one of the high-spending suburbs that are often a mere 20-minute ride from their front door.

Mr Kozol's prescription is an affront to all of the efforts of parents and educations in cities such as Philadelphia who, in response to the realization that their local "universal education, government operated schools" were failing to provide their own children with quality education services they DID NOT look toward the lily White suburbs and lobby them to take in their children and have them sit in the same classrooms as the White children who's parents moved outside of the city limits to move into a "school of their own". They began opening up charter schools in their own communities where they run the show and are ultimately responsible for the outcomes - for the schools, for THEIR CHILDREN.

Compare the prescriptions between Mr. Kozol and the Black Parents and educators. Mr. Kozol's remedy is to simply move the Blacks into the White dominated environment. This implicitly points to the cultural superiority of the White school and thus the inferiority of the Black academic culture and environment. We know from past school integration plans that there is not a symmetrical flow of students in both direction. Whites will choose to move their children out of the public school rather than send them to a Black dominated school culture. The central question must be asked to Mr. Kozol - Since the hard value provided to Black students attending White schools is their induction into a quality educational and cultural environment......what hard VALUES are presented to the White kids as they accept Blacks in or better yet are transported to a majority Black academic YOUR view Mr. Kozol? Are you able to articulate this? I am not talking about - poetry, expression, or feeling one with their fellow man across racial boundaries. I am talking about exacting academic benefit. No doubt you are able to articulate this about the gifts bestowed upon the Blacks.

Black parents, however, not seeking to outsource the responsibility of their own children's education have stepped up to the plate and are working to keep the train on the track and make sure it stays there.

* Which one of these two prescriptions recognize the inherent abilities and intelligence of Black people to work toward a directed outcome?
* Which one presumes the inferiority of the Black culture in its ability to provide quality educational services when left on its own?

The "prescription" analogy is sound as it makes clear the assumptions of and the directions received from both of these two parties.

No doubt the claim will be made that there will never be enough "school choice" outlets to house all of the Black students wishing to depart their failed public school. RARELY, however, do we ever hear the Jonathan Kozol types tell us that "there are not enough White schools near by to send Black students who seek a quality education off to in order to support his plans. Ironically many of these same White students were moved away by their parents from the "darkening" inner city schools into the suburbs that Mr. Kozol so frequently references. It seems that White folks have some "center of gravity" that Black people must chase after in order for us to achieve our balance.

I will leave it up to the Black community to be wary of the "foxes" that are among them. That is not a smile on their faces.

It is time for the Black community to go deep "inside" and realize the power that we have as well as the COSTS of continuing to allow what has been going on within our schools and in our communities to continue. In my personal view Mr. Kozol and others don't believe that this will ever be possible for us to accomplish. The solution is to better manage the infrastructure that we already have within to achieve more directed outcomes. This is mainly a cultural problem where certain behaviors and thoughts have been allowed to flourish without regard to the long term costs and consequences.

I don't believe that Mr. Kozol is a racist. I believe that he is a cultural supremacist and thus more exactly a "White Cultural Supremacist". If indeed this is about CULTURE than it is RACE the prescription that I have is an drug agent that works upon the BLACK CULTURE rather than pairing us up with another RACE with the hope that change will come upon Black folks via the osmosis that comes from sitting in the same class with a White kid. I am not opposed to integrated schools. I am opposed to Black kids integrating into White dominated culture with the presumption that the BLACK KIDS will be the net consumers as some life nutrient is sucked off of the White kids and their environment. Since these White kids will begin to depart once the racial balance reaches the tipping point - IT IS TIME FOR BLACK FOLKS TO DISTILL THE ESSENCE OF THE WHITE CULTURE THAT LEADS TO ACADEMIC SUCCESS AND IMPLEMENT IT AMONG OUR OWN. We don't need to abandon our local schools again. Been there, done that - hated it. NOT GOING BACK THERE AGAIN!!!

(In using Google Images to find the picture above I came across an interesting article about Mr. Kozol - - article
The article correctly tells of the following that Mr. Kozol has within the educational establishment. In particular many Black educators bring him in to assist them with their policy development. I call on them especially to take a step back and consider the entire set of claims that Mr. Kozol is making and what they too must assume about Black children in order to go along with him. Racial dignity is worth more than the money you aspire to receive. Please stop exchanging it for pieces of copper.)

Uptown Steve's Intellectual Beat Down

I will not censor any posts from Uptown Steve on this particular message thread.

The primary framework of the debate is (subject to his agreement):

1) From the INSIDE of the Black community, projecting OUTWARD - what has been the primary benefit to the Black community for the decades of domination by the Democrats and the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" that hold a monopoly control over our community?

2) In the years of receiving the undilluted "Progressive treatment" from their politicians in what ways have poor Blacks who are represented by them STRENGTHENED over the past few decades - culturally, industrially, economically, socially?

3) As you advocate INCREASED DEMOCRATIC control over our community and the nation what MAGICAL TIPPING POINT do you predict we will see in the future to for Black people as a result of these efforts?

You have the floor bro.

BET Special "Hip Hop versus America"

BET Special Sept 25 - Hip Hop Vs America

Honest, Candid Town Hall Meeting Features Voices Across the Full Spectrum of Opinion Including Nelly, T.I., Chuck D, MC Lyte, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Stanley Crouch, Cornel West, Mike Jones, Master P, Kim Osorio, Dr. Ben Chavis, Judge Mablean Ephraim and Karrine Steffans

This does not seem like a balanced cast of characters.

Aside from the rappers I know that Michael Eric Dyson, Dr. Ben Chavis and Cornel West will side with the rappers. I figure that Stanley Crouch, and Judge Mablean Ephraim will be more critical of their antics.

The wild card is the newly reoriented Rev. Al Sharpton. This will be the first test of his "new religion" having been backed into the corner by the Don Imus situation and forced for the sake of consistency to go on the attack against hip hop. Now keep in mind that Sharpton has had ample other occasions to pick up this same fold. He opted to punt since there was no counter force holding him accountable at the time. Thus it is my view that this is just a temporary "catching of the spirit" by Sharpton to go against the verbal excesses in Hip Hop. We'll see based on his performance.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Black Death / Black Death Penalty

The Gas Chamber

Justice Talking Audio - The Death Penalty

This weekend's "Justice Talking" program on NPR was very interesting. The subject this week was the politics and race of the "Death Penalty". As usual for the program - the reporting was slanted left.

In the spirit of my 2007 Filter called "Proportionality" I would like the various advocates against the Death Penalty to justify their focus and priorities as compared to the UNSOLVED HOMICIDES within the Black community today. People tell me that everything does not break down into "right and left" in this world. Unfortunately many of the greatest problems WITHIN the Black community are a function of the agenda that is propelled by the left and the related issues that they choose to ignore.

In 2006 more than 7,000 Black people were murdered in this country according to the US Department of Justice. In many Black communities the closure rate for these same homicides is as low as 32%. With 68% of killers of Black people walking the streets and the FAMILIES OF THE VICTIMS left high and dry seeking justice......where do the Anti-Death Penalty Advocates stand regarding this NON-justice? The national average for unsolved murders is 49%. As a working estimate 3,450 Black people in the year 2006 were killed and their killers continue walk free of prosecution.

The death row population for all states and the Federal Government/Military is 3,350. (Death Row Stats) This is an AGGREGATE number. The 3,450 figure represents an ACCUMULATIVE number, as each year goes by more "cold case" figures are added to the pile......more Black families having buried their loved ones are told by the people who should be advocating for their case to "Get Over It. He's DEAD. If the killer were a different color or if he was a cop - we would take up your case". (If only my dramatics in this quote were NOT TRUE - then you would have something to criticize me about.)

I must credit the activist community. When it comes to holding the Government accountable you had better not get in their way. They will burn the midnight oil looking for loopholes to allow a convicted killer out of jail. Clearly they have reversed the convictions of INNOCENT MEN and gotten them released from jail and they should be commended for this. They have made sure that 'justice has been served'.


In my view the NON-JUSTICE that is growing within the Black community is not only the "photographic negative" of the fight for release of the is a LARGER problem from a PROPORTIONAL standpoint as the statistics clearly show. Once again the cherry picking must stop! It is literally KILLING US!

This point must be thoroughly examined. For a group that fights so passionately for the JUSTICE of those who have been FALSELY accused of crimes (and thus they are VICTIMS of the system).....where is their passion to fight on behalf of the families of the VICTIMS who otherwise are left hanging? Is the only fight that the so called Advocates for Justice have a FIGHT FOR JUSTICE only reserved to fighting AGAINST THE SYSTEM?

It seems to me that there are 4 players involved in the successful expression of justice: The Government (police, DA, court system, prison system) which enforce the will of the state; the criminal defense which work on behalf of the accused; the advocacy community which works to ensure fairness; and frequently overlooked force called THE COMMUNITY AT LARGE. The last component is a vital link to tying up these loose ends. Their unwillingness to work with the investigators benefits the killers. Either through loyalty or intimidation the longer they are silent the longer justice is denied the victim. The activist community is expert at attacking the first group - the system. It has yet to form the proper disposition with the community to effectuate a higher closure rate. They are used to pandering on behalf of this same community to pound the system - the police or the court system.......when it is time to get the community to stand up and EXPRESS THE VALUE OF THE BLACK VICTIM - they are woefully short. As long as the devaluation is a function of the System they are viewed as strong - rather than SELECTIVE as is the real case.

In my recent expose' on US Congressman John Lewis' fight to reopen the "Cold Case Civil Rights" murders all the while blood ran on the streets of the Vine City section of his district - a second angle of this peculiar conflict was brought to light. Where as Lewis, a liberal, this time expresses the will to go after INDIVIDUALS rather than just a "government system" - it is clear that this assailant must be WHITE for there to be any particular gusto motiving the inexhaustible pursuit of the killer of a Black man. In my response to a radio interview on the proposal the radio host responded to me that "there are 'crimes' and then there are 'CRIMES'". (What he Translation: The individual WHITE MAN killing of a Black man during the 40's, 50's and 60's are far more valuable than the day to dao killings of Black people BY A BLACK PERSON. This is an example of "Non-White White Supremacy" as the ASSAILANT determines the value of the act which caused the death of the Black victim.

Interestingly enough earlier this year Rep. Lewis was seen on television testifying on behalf of a convicted killer of a police officer from Savannah. Again we see a switch and a cherry picking episode. Mr. Lewis has taken up the case to FREE a Black man who is in the last phases of the Death Penalty process. NEVER did Mr. Lewis announce a plan to find the REAL KILLER of the off-duty Savannah police officer who was working a second job, providing security to make ends meet for his family. Where as in the Mumia Abu Jamal case the CLAIM is made that the dead officer was a part of a system that has long oppressed Blacks and thus it was self defense, no such claims were made about the killing of the Savannah police officer as a defense for the accused killer. These type of cases are the heart of the lack of consistency that strip off the credibility of those who to CLAIM to be in the pursuit of JUSTICE.

From a PROPORTIONALITY stand point applied to history - a little over 5,000 Blacks were lynched by Whites from Reconstruction to the end of the Civil Rights Movement. As a comparison last year 7,000 Black people were murdered in the United States. This is the primary reason why the filter of PROPORTIONALITY must be applied to the various attempt to draw upon our emotions by certain operatives. They would have you to adopt THEIR agenda while the Black community remains in fear from the thugs today who are invading our homes and keeping us terrorized.

During the radio segment from Justice Talking I found the comments made by Bryan Stevenson, executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative of Alabama to be quite interesting.

During the interview he states:

The key problem in Alabama is that elected judges have the power to update a jury verdict of "Life In Prison" to Death Penalty.
I notice that he does not bother to talk about the fundamental question of guilt or innocence of the person who was convicted of the crime but sentenced to life. He only talks about the sentence of death that was rendered by the judge - insinuating politically motivated interference with the wishes of the jury. He is DEFINITELY not considering the NOW DEAD VICTIM of the crime. As with Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall he seems to be opposed to the death penalty anytime, any circumstance. A position I thoroughly reject. I don't understand how their fervent opposition to state rendered death has them so unable to address the ultimate death penalty - the one that is rendered on the streets - where one man is the judge, jury and executioner. They seem to work on his behalf rather than the now dead victim - who's killer is of the wrong group.

Alabama does not have a Public Defender System - I agree that this must change. I support the state funding of a system that provides adequate legal representation for the defendant. If the government is poised to take the life of an individual he should have legal representation to allow a full consideration of all of the facts to be brought to light. I would love to see a tax placed on large punitive rewards from around the state to be used to fund the Public Defender system. Unfortunately this will be a non-starter for the Trial Lawyers, John Edwards included.

I would be remiss, however,if I failed to make note of the current situation with the "Court House Shooter", Brian Nichols in Georgia. Where as his guilt is certain - the public defender has thus far spent over A MILLION DOLLARS to defend him. Cross reference this with the fact that because of this one big case consuming so much budget for this department - the Public Defender's office was forced to lay off workers and thus IMPACT THE REPRESENTATION OF OTHER PEOPLE who's guilt is at play. This is a perversion of justice as a man who is clearly guilty of killing 4 people (and who should have been shot dead that day of his escapades) is able to suck the funding for justice out of so man other individuals. If there is one man who NEEDS TO BE represented by a shoddy defense lawyer - it is Bryan Nichols.

White Murder Victims - Greatest Predictor Of Who Gets Death
80% of people on death row and executed are for victims who are White despite the fact that African Americans are more than 2/3 of all murder victims

This is an interesting spin that Mr. Stevenson puts upon the situation. He drops the statistics about the number of Black murder victims (2/3rd) but does not talk about the NON-JUSTICE issue that I bring up above. You would THINK that Mr. Stevenson is a pro law and order type of guy based on this pronouncement. You would be mistaken.
Instead he is only selectively promoting the fact that the "WHITE HOMICIDE VICTIM" is the crown jewel of the Capital Punishment game. This must be matched against the fact that among the BLACK OPERATIVES......the WHITE killer of Black people hold special status than the BLACK killer as well. (There goes that "photographic negative" again that always gets me in trouble. Some Black operatives like to play the "White Supremacy" card. They don't like being shown that THEY ARE "Non-White White Supremacists" as they promote the very same thing in their reactions only from the other direction. The White victim is king for the White folks and the White assailant is king for the Black folks. (Stepping on too many toes now - I had better move on)

Jury selection in a majority Black county - a mostly white jury is chosen. This is called "bigotry" by Mr. Stevenson

Some comments are dependent upon the IGNORANCE of the listener to the FACTS. The fact of the matter is that Black communities around the nation have a problem with BLACK PEOPLE responding to JURY SUMMONS. In Fulton County Georgia just last month a judge went after several people who had blown off their summons. According to the images that I saw - in this county with a sizable Black population - the majority of the people hauled in before the judge for this offense - WERE BLACK. I understand the tendency to PLAY THE VICTIM but in the case of those who argue about INJUSTICE due to "the non-sympathetic White jurors"......when THEY don't show up to court to do their civic duty - THERE IS NO EXCUSE. They squandered their opportunity to have a different set of eyes and brains to analyze the facts and render judgment.

Ditto this with a judge in DC who, this past summer in seeing that an all-White jury was seated in a capital murder case and disposed of the impaneled jury and sought out another - THIS TOO was NOT because of racist prosecutors dismissing Black jury candidates using their peremptory challenges. It was because there were not enough of us RESPONDING TO THE SUMMONS! Why are people quick to claim racism but loathed to talk about the consequences of the choices of Black people?

I final interesting use of the stereotypes which has the prosecutor avoiding Black jurors while defense attorneys favoring them can be found in the recent plea by US Representative William Jefferson. It seems that Mr. Jefferson would rather have his trial moved to Washington DC so that he can receive the benefit of a jury impaneled from a pool of DC residents, more of whom are Black. Why is it that Mr. Jefferson is allowed to play on the stereotype of the liberal Black jury member to favor his acquittal but a DA in Texas who noticed the same thing and avoided seating Blacks is said to be racist and served as the grounds of a Supreme Court review of a capital case? Worst of all - where are the USUAL SUSPECTS in attacking Mr. Jefferson's contribution to this stereotype?

Unfortunately we as Black people have been conditioned to be CONSUMERS. We can articulate what others must do to provide JUSTICE to us and we surly know how to attack the system when it fails us. What is the response to the Black citizen who fails to do his part in sitting on the jury? I assure you we are more likely to hear criticism of the Fulton County judge who issued fines for those who failed to show up than to hear criticism about the failure of the people to do their civic duties.

Living in the shadow of Apartheid

I am not going to lie - this portion of Mr. Stevenson's rhetoric pissed me off. In considering the fact that the average Black person is KILLED by another Black person and that the unsolved killings of Black people statistically have a Black man as the killer - for this man to evoke comparisons to Apartheid was unseemly at best. His narrative is dependent upon an OPPRESSIVE WHITE MAN bearing down upon Black people, throwing us in jail as a means of making their quota in the "Prison Industrial Complex". No where does this man make note of the BLACK PEOPLE who contribute to the 2/3's rate of KILLING of Black people in the state of Alabama. If these were klansmen killing Black people with reckless abandon I would be right there with him. I refuse to believe that a young Black kid born in 1985 and who later kills someone in 2007 is a victim of the vestiges of "American Apartheid".

The Black Racism Chaser must find a way to mix his advocacy for JUSTICE for Black people with the PAINFUL REALITIES that are on the streets today - Black people are KILLING BLACK PEOPLE in the greatest numbers. It is nothing short of perversion to advocate for the release of an innocent man in the spirit of the pursuit of JUSTICE while you look past the larger stack of cases in which a VICTIM of a real killers actions is left to remain hanging - the SPIRIT and the PERSON of his killer left free to "Walk the Earth" as a Free Man!!!

Can we at least start out from the square one fact - SOMEBODY KILLED the now dead person. Pursuing technicalities in the system as a means of springing a person does not also mean that you are looking to find the REAL KILLER. As it stands right now - having sprung a 'wrongfully convicted killer' - their job is DONE. They have been successful at what they set out to do. Nothing is said about "the real killer" if he exists outside of the person of interest to the advocates.

A certain ideology is expert at fighting against an outside force. They are equally inept at bringing forth a desired set of outcomes when this outside force is not the main antagonist and they are forced to deal with the INTERNAL TERMITES that are eating the hell out of the Black community today.

Ultimately it is the BLACK COMMUNITY'S fault for allowing these operatives to play us so. The pursuit of justice must sometimes force us to look "within" and not just "without".

Volkswagen Pulls Out Of Detroit For Virginia As GM's Union Prepares To Strike

Volkswagen Departs Detroit for Virgina, Seeking Younger, More Educated Workers

The German company, which has its U.S. headquarters in the Detroit suburb of Auburn Hills, will bring 400 jobs and invest about $100 million as it shifts operations to Herndon, Va., the newspaper reported. It said the move will eliminate 400 positions, leaving 600 jobs in suburban Detroit.

Volkswagen of America's new president and chief executive said northern Virginia's good schools, skilled workers and proximity to Dulles International Airport made it an attractive site.

"For a young talent, 35 years old, to come here with his family ... is a very important factor," Stefan Jacoby told the Post. "By reducing this organization by 30 percent, you need even more talents, more creative people, more motivated people."

VW decided in early 2006 that it wanted to move to the East Coast, which he said was home for most of its customers, Jacoby said.

"You want to work in an environment where you see your customers, where you see your cars on the road," he said. "You don't want to work where you basically see only American cars of the Big Three."


Labor talks resume between GM, UAW

Many local union halls across the nation had mobilized for GM’s 73,000 U.S. auto workers to go on strike, but those preparations were put on hold as it appeared that progress was being made in Detroit. Local 276 at a GM sport utility vehicle plant in Arlington, Texas, told workers on its Web site to report to work as scheduled.

“The instructions for all employees at the General Motors Assembly Plant in Arlington, Texas, remain the same: You are instructed to report to work at your normal time on Monday,” a notice on the Web site said.

Workers again gathered at the union hall near the Spring Hill, Tenn., assembly plant awaiting word from Detroit. Local 1853 President Mike O’Rourke said he also was told by bargainers in Detroit that progress was being made.

Not A "Black Hater" But a "Photographic Negative"

In a running debate with yet another "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" who when all else fails to shut me up - he works to "de-Black men" I was said to be "Anti-Black" in my comments. I, and all other "Black Conservatives" (his label - not mine) hate Black people and love to point out the negatives within the Black community - just as our White Racist Conservative masters like to do. Interesting.

I have learned over time that in an UNSTRUCTURED debate - "karazy" will win every time - especially in front of a live crowd on stage. With this in mind we need to categorize his claims against me and compare them to the criticisms that are frequently heard by the popular political dogma oft heard by the mainstream Black machine. Thus - If I "hate Black people" we must conclude that they hate White people and America for these are the targets of their screed.

I am on an active mission to confound the selective agenda of the "BQPFRC" by putting a filter of PROPORTIONALITY upon their choices to focus upon and make note of their rallying points in the context of the total slate of major problems within Black America. For example in recent months the national civil rights machine picked up the cause of "Genarlo Wilson" in Georgia and the "Jena 6" in Louisiana. Based on the amount of protests in these cities, ink in articles and content on the Black blogs - these two points of "Injustice" were promoted to the top of the pile during the summer of 2007.

In applying my newly adopted filter of PROPORTIONALITY - I put forth a note that as the Atlanta based civil rights machine jumped in their car and headed northward on I285 and then westward on I20 to get to their protest march in Douglasville Georgia....they drove past many communities that have problems that are, in aggregate, of a greater threat to Black people than this one Black man who is locked up on a 10 year bid. As they traveled to their protest march they drove past the Vine City section of Atlanta - in the heart of Congressman John Lewis' district. Vine City has a 32% closure rate on homicides. Since this area is nearly all Black this means that 68% of the killers of Black men are WALKING FREE ON THE STREETS. Now compare this with the initiative proposed by John Lewis and Senator Christopher Dodd. They want to fund a program to go after "Cold Case Civil Rights" murders. In the words of Dodd - a Democratic Presidential candidate - "No killer of Black people should rest comfortably at night figuring that they got away with their crime".

With my actions I strike a nerve with the BQPFRC. They have been used to having an UNCHALLENGED megaphone trained upon the Black community and outward to the White community as they CHERRY PICK the grievances that Black America has the they will promote on their list. Fundamentally they work on the notion of UNITY and OUTWARD STRUGGLE AGAINST some foreign threat. In focusing on the outside Black people can be seen as VICTIMS and garner a greater amount of sympathy from their target - the corporate entity called "White America". My attempts to REPRIORITIZE their agenda and focus is met with harsh attack and "de-Blackification" - as expected.

Let us analyze the essence of my claims:

1) I refuse to promote the actions of WHITE PEOPLE who strike out against the Black community above that which BLACK PEOPLE who have similarly killed, raped, robbed or stole from a Black man.

2) I am focusing my efforts upon getting JUSTICE FOR BLACK VICTIMS. The word "injustice" is commonly heard against the police or prosecutors that lock us up. Why not the word "NON-justice" to describe the low rate of closure for Black on Black homicides WITHIN the Black community? Don't the FAMILY of the VICTIMS deserve this? (More on this later in the context of a radio report that I heard concerning the death penalty)

3) Probably the biggest strike against me is that I am focusing much of my demand for change WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Left wing movements typically fight for the external forces that are bearing down upon us to change so that benefit can rain down upon the Black community. This was a logical strategy when White suppression made up the bulk of our anxiety. As the Black political machine takes over the areas where we live it seems ridiculous to have an agenda based on fighting OUTSIDERS. We must switch to MANAGEMENT of the resources that are under our control.

4) As an extension of #3 - I focus my efforts on the GROWING FORCE that has our community within its grasp - the Democratic Party. Why do I need to be "balanced" in my attacks, proving my independence by attacking the Republicans when THE REPUBLICANS HAVE NO TRACTION IN MY COMMUNITY? Is there ever a call for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, both Democrats, to give the obligatory attack against the Democrats after having conducted yet another attack on the GOP in order to show their balance? WELL WHY ASK THIS OF ME? I am questioning the powers that be WITHIN our community and they ALL HAPPEN TO BE DEMOCRATS. We were told of the BENEFITS that our community would receive by getting the Democrats elected. I am DEMANDING AN AUDIT of these benefits. A person who was truly interested in BLACK PROGRESS rather than DEMOCRATIC PROGRESS would be agreeable to stepping back from time to time and considering the BLACK COMMUNITY'S benefit in this alliance. Of course a loyal DEMOCRAT would see this as a THREAT. Which one are YOU?


Me being labeled a "hater" by certain Black operatives is akin to the White people who labeled the civil rights leaders accordingly as they attempted to maintain their lock on power. POWER does not like to be questioned. They would rather execute their agenda unencumbered by this pesky little thing known as ACCOUNTABILITY for the OUTCOMES that they have produced.

I remain puzzled as to how a Black criminal can be taken in under the wings of the BQPFRC - having been seen as a VICTIM of society's prescription for Black people - his book was written before he even set foot on this earth. The fact that he has attacked or killed a Black person is of no consequence to them for it was the GUN that was sold to him by the gun manufacturers that empowered him to do it. It was the condition of unemployment as set forth by this capitalistic system that gave him the MOTIVATION to kill his brother.

I have never killed, raped or assaulted a Black man yet I as an ideological adversary to the BQPFRC Machine receives the condemnation that SHOULD BE reserved for this criminal. I have concluded that I need to become a VICTIM in the eyes of this machine so that all of my "crazy talk" and "self-hatred" can be attributed to my long years as a Slave and a victim of Jim Crow. Upon receiving this victim status I will be attacked no more......that is IF I stop attacking those who have the "label making machine" to tag me as a "self hater" that is.

Instead I choose to ignore their taunts. Their abuse of the integrity of the labeling process make them to be incredible sources of judgment. I it is foolish for met to assume a favorable judgment from them as it would be a Black man on trial in Mississippi in 1942 believing that he will receive justice from the all White jury if he simply articulates his side of the story. Unfortunately the BIAS that the jury entered the courtroom with proves to be too strong for them to be swayed by the evidence.

I am a "Photographic Negative" of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist in that I see the same picture that THEY SEE OF THE ENTIRE PICTURE OF BLACK AMERICA 2007 but I choose to focus on the elements of the entire scene that gets WASHED OUT during their development process. They primarily focus on that which OUTSIDERS have done to cause injury to Black people and seek change in these outsiders. I am working to balance out the picture and focus on the various things that they don't want to talk about but which prove to be GREATER PROPORTIONAL harm to Black folks and our attempts to become whole. It seems to me that BOTH VIEWS are necessary for a complete picture. This thing called GROUP POWER, however, allows them to roll over me. Absent this web blog they have control over the message sent to Black America......the same way the WHITE FOLKS that they complain about who run the national media control the general images of Black people. They have learned well from their long time oppressors.