They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Friday, August 31, 2007

LBJ White House Spied On Martin Luther King Jr.

FBI Under LBJ Spied On Coretta Scott King

No big deal. We still love LBJ because he created the "Great Society" which just meant so much to us as a people.
So what that he escalated the Vietnam War and Spied on Corretta Scott King. We must look at things in their ENTIRE CONTEXT you know.

But WAIT. What about the spying on Dr. King himself? The great Bobby Kennedy who was Attorney General in the Kennedy White House approved wire taps on King. I won't even mention the sweet spot in so many Black Revolutionaries hearts today - COINTELPRO. This is the centerpiece of their "Well back in the day we were strong and defiant........" claims. We hear that the "Federal Government" did this and that during this period. Rarely is there an attachment to the ADMINISTRATION. Only to J. Edgar Hoover. Why don't they just stop their attacks at the desk of Rumsfield today? Funny how things work.

It is interesting that in 2007 more outrage is had over Alberto Gonzales in the firings of the Assistant AGs and over Wiretapping of phone calls that have one end of the conversation made to terror suspects than you will EVER hear the "usual suspects" decry about what was done to these Civil Rights Heroes by their Political Heroes. Funny how things work.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

"So Poor, So Black" 2nd Anniversary Is Approaching

Video: Wolf Blitzer "So Poor & So Black"

The man called it as he saw it. I can't fault him for that.

Economist/Operative Paul Krugman Is On To Something

Economist Paul Krugman is only outdistanced slightly by Economist Dr. Julianne Malveaux in his ability to irk me to no end with his way of thinking and his selective use of econometric skills to render a certain opinion.

The other day I read Krugman's column in which he ridiculed the opposition to "Universal Healthcare" in this way:

Today we have a public school system which is paid for by the government. If we use the logic of the argument put forth by Universal Health Care opponents all parents who choose to send their children to PUBLIC school and thus make use of the government paid school system are doing what the opponents are claiming the Democrats are doing in their recent proposal to increase the funding on the children's healthcare program SCHIP: Attempting to put everyone on the government dole rather than going to private school.

I have to admit that this was a cleaver parallel.

As I thought about it I had to THANK Mr. Krugman. He has summarily destroyed the UTOPIA of Government Paid Health Care for all!!!

You see we need to take the current criticisms of the Single Payer Government Operated School system and project them upon Government Paid Health Care!

Using my friend Jonathan Kozol's criticisms of the Single Payer Government Operated School system - it is rife with discrimination against the poor, racial discrimination and results that FAIL when put to test on world wide standards!!!

Thank you Mr. Krugman you just bursted the bubble!!!

As you see today the Single Payer Government Operated School debate is focused on MORE MONEY, MORE MONEY, MORE MONEY. They seek to federalize the issue and all the problems of funding discrepancies will be cured - at least that is what they tell us. I hope that all now agree that "governmentizing" of the problem in and of itself does not represent a solution.

I must add another ECONOMIC fact that I heard to the debate.
Marketplace Audio Report
It seems that the spending on health care is going to explode exponentially in the next 10 years. The Congressional Budget Office predicts that total government spending on Medicare and Medicade will DOUBLE over the next decade as a total share of national income.
This is the case even if the USA pulls out of Iraq and Afghanistan today AND STOPS ALL MILITARY SPENDING ENTIRELY and this will not cover the new health care costs.
Even IF the Bush tax cuts are rescinded now it would not close the gap.

Above all of this WE HAVE NOT EVEN INCLUDED UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE into the equation. If this is the financial reality with the current government dependent souls - what happens when we ALL BECOME GOVERNMENT DEPENDENT?

Oh sure - that monthly sum that I now send to my evil Insurance company will now be neatly packaged and redirected to the GOD-VERMIT. But this does not add up. We will be adding 47 MILLION uninsured individuals to the roles and EVERYONE HAS EQUAL ACCESS TO CARE. Who is smoking WHAT to not see this nightmare situation. If I had to guess - that 47 million people without insurance balloons to about 112 million total when we through in the UNDER-INSURED PEOPLE.

But hey - this is Michael Moore's world. It is all going to magically work out. Everyone will be seen as EQUALS based on the services that they receive from the God-vermit. Screw that if you believe that everyone is seen as equal if you think that what they PAY IN will be equal. On the payment side some people are just "MORE EQUAL" than others. In a reverse "Animal Farm" kinda way.

Why Does The Left HATE Corporations So Much?

As I read another tale of whoa about Hurricane Katrina and how it is a symbol of American's cold heart I can't grasp who THE LEFT is referencing as its ideal in the example of pre-storm engineering & construction, post-storm rescue and reconstruction efforts.

Walter Mosely on Katrina

The Nation magazine tees up yet another left wing attack on America and its government. It seems that THE CORPORATIONS are the center of Mosely's blame. Now get this. The "high living" that he indexes the poor and unwashed people in New Orleans to is a function of their riches manufactured through the corporate run economy of America. Mr. Mosely must seem to forget that the printing presses of both his book and the leftist spiel that "The Nation" magazine spouts is a derivative of this very same "corporatized" system.

Why then doesn't Mr. Mosley reference the "recovery" from the Tsunami in Sri Lanka? What about the earthquakes in Pakistan both of which took place around the same time as Katrina. Both of these nations are largely free of the "corporate menace" that contaminates America therefore these people should have already been made whole.

As I live my life I see that THE LEFT has a role to play. The Left are "the bashers" in life. They must assemble rocks to throw at "the System" so that the system, in responding to broken tinted windows that filter its view of that which is happening before it can REACT in whatever way to that which is pelting it.

But hold on. It can't be that simple. Yesterday I saw an article about the City of San Francisco and its desire to have its Black population restored. SFO, certainly the beacon of progressivism and tolerance is not a "conservative corporate town" with wing toed shoes and a "Young Republicans Club". USA Today: SFO Tries To Reverse Black Flight

In a conversation yesterday I talked about what is NOT talked about within Black America. Why is it that Post Katrina New Orleans is seen as a great failure of the Government (more clearly The "George Bush Lead Government") rather than the SQUANDERING of OPPORTUNITY for young Black UNEMPLOYED men from around the nation to help in the reconstruction. When the Left has the opportunity to self-consume the notion "PEOPLE over PROFITS" it fails miserably. As I noted rush hour traffic on the way home last night I could not help but to see the high number of Hispanic males in pickup trucks or utility vans all heading home after a hard days work (or because it was raining and their jobs shut down early). I thought to myself "where do these Hispanic males get all of their training and certification for the trades?". The answer is FROM REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE.

As the African-American leadership COMPLAINS AND WAITS for the GOD-VERMIT to come and rebuild New Orleans. As sly Democrats such as Hillary Clinton talk about how "if New Orleans is still in shambles come January 2009 it will be her top priority".......BLACK YOUTH sit idle or underemployed around the country, largely Black New Orleans sits WAITING. If there was EVER a time to operate with QUASI-SOCIALISM now is it!!!! Where are the bus rides organized by the Civil Rights Industry to send underemployed Black youth to New Orleans for a solid 2 month stint? I understand that many groups have gone down already to strip the insides of houses from rotted dry wall and debris. From the radio interviews that I heard yesterday NOW it is time to start hanging sheetrock and do finishing work to bring these places back. Since the CONTRACTORS are too expensive CREATE A NEW GENERATION OF CONTRACTORS!!!!

I have NEVER heard my ancestors from either side, both of whom have agrarian roots talk about WAITING for a contractor to construct a house for them during Jim Crow or Reconstruction. It seems that as we have "Progressed" as a people we have also "Retrogressed" in several important ways.

In cases where there is a NEED from one people and OPPORTUNITY for another the current blindness and partisan ideology of some prevent us from linking up the two. It is much easier to BLAME the GOVERNMENT and CORPORATIONS for our current problem and to look for a SAVIOR with a (D) after his name. He is not too far away. He is the ELECTED OFFICIAL presiding over the MOST IMPOVERISHED political districts in America. He knows how to "relate to poverty". The problem is that he knows not a damned thing about how to RESOLVE poverty. His hatred toward "job creators" and "labor consumers" only exacerbates the problems.

What The Left Needs To Understand About Hypocrisy and Judgmentalism

I happened to flip the television channels and ran across the "Larry King Show". On a screen split in quadrants I saw 3 liberals against one conservative arguing about Idaho Senator Larry Craig and his bathroom incident. You had Randy Rhodes, Judge Greg Mathis and some other guy going after one conservative talkshow host. 3 on one pile on.

Both Rhodes and Mathis kept hitting upon the "Conservative, Right-wing, Republican Hypocrisy". Rhodes even dared to say that "Craig's POLICIES are why HE HAD TO GO INTO THE BATHROOM STALL IN THE FIRST PLACE". Hummmm. Think about it. What is Ms. Rhodes proposing? Drop the societal stigma upon gay sex and then what is currently being repressed will be done in the open? With the high quantity of "bathroom hookups" that have been in the news at the Atlanta airport recently after police have been patrolling the bathrooms, originally looking for luggage thieves who steal baggage and then go through their prizes in the toilet stalls....How many anonymous heterosexual couples sneak off in public areas to have sex?

Mathis - a known liberal, Democratic party operative and "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser".......and a former contender for the Souther Christian Leadership Committee, by the way - pounded and pounded and pounded about HYPOCRISY. Where was Mathis when Jesse Jackson had his baby? Where was Mathis when Al Sharpton had his affair on his wife? Where was Mathis when Jefferson was found to have cold cash in his fridge? I found it very odd that this man who so frequently stands in DEFENSE of others spared no expense to LINK this bad behavior with the "Right Wing, Conservative, Republican party".

Out of all of this THE LEFT DOESN'T GET IT. Enforcement happens at the ORGANIZATIONAL LEVEL. One man is full of sin. One man is going to trip up and fall. I don't measure an organization by the missteps of one man be him Bishop Weeks who beat down his wife or Rev Ted Haggard who admitted at least to taking drugs and probably had gay sex. The far more important MEASURE OF HYPOCRISY is what the ORGANIZATIONS THAT THEY REPRESENT do in response to their violations as a means of enforcing this standard. This is where the double standards reside. Mr. Craig indeed went against much of what he had promoted if these allegations are true. His Republican counterparts quickly chimed in and demanded his RESIGNATION. Mr. Craig says he is innocent and won't resign. What is telling is to peer over to the left and look at their "uncomfortable examples of hypocrisy" and note that MANY OF THEIR LEADERS WHO HAVE STEPPED IN DODO are STILL IN POWER. The list that I provided above - Jesse, Al, Jefferson.......all remain in office. Why is it that they have not resigned in the wake of shame?

We must look at this from a FUNCTIONAL perspective. The fact is that as the liberals attempt to draw blood over this action - the right is going to enforce action against Craig in order to save face. This actually works counter to the Left's agenda. With Craig purged the Right will further entrench it's "anti-Homosexual" agenda and the Left will have failed to have their goal of MORE TOLERANCE for homosexuals through policy. I think that the Left is being very shortsighted in this. They WANT the Right to say "OK we have homosexuals among us, we will be more accepting of them and thus they can COME OUT". The left will claim victory in moving the society forward.....IN THEIR DEFINITION that is. This is the reverse of what is bound to happen.

Again from a FUNCTIONAL perspective it is the LEFT who seeks to remove the foundations of he culture away brick by brick in the name of tolerance and "absence of JUDGMENTALISM". This is, in fact the GREATER NEED today. Positive change will only come when we FOCUS PEOPLE BEHAVIOR who are now all over the place. Change will come when we JUDGE certain behaviors to be in line with PROGRESS or a threat to it and respond accordingly.

I believe that the LEFT has this one wrong. Our ORGANIZATIONS and INSTITUTIONS must enforce their STANDARDS. An INDIVIDUALS' failure is not evidence of an organization's hypocrisy. Interesting how Mr. Mathis in particular would be fighting mad if someone attempted to point to his own and other Black youth's problems with the law as symptomatic of some inherent problems with Black youth and the families that they come from.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cheer Up Black Folks - THEY Have Been Misscoring Your Standardized (HIgh Stakes) Tests!!

Who's Fudging The Scores?

Of the [4,411], Coletti noted, only 16 students had scores with errors in the 200 point range. None, she said, had errors over 400 points. The largest error group, she noted, was in the 80- to 100-point range. (Although Coletti makes the errors—even in the low ranges of 10 to 40—sound insignificant, it should be noted that colleges and universities which still practice affirmative action "scoring," award minority and economically-disadvantaged students a 20-point bonus for being a minority or for being economically disadvantaged—which can be up to one-fifth of the score they need in that set of SATs—and can be a deciding factor in whether or not the test taker will be admitted to that college or university. Take 80- to 100 points from a student and you have pretty much eliminated that student's preferred major college or university hopes. Take away 200 points or more and you've eliminated any chance the student has of being admitted to a state college—except, perhaps, the Internet universities which take—and graduate—anyone with the price of tuition.

Maybe Jonathan Kozol is right - is it THE SYSTEM that stands against us.

There is clearly an educational funding-disparity between affluent middle class districts and those districts which are dominated by African American and Hispanic students. Public schools are primarily funded with local tax dollars with an financial boost from the State and the federal government. Wealthy school districts, with all of their politically-correct rhetoric, are reluctant to share their tax revenues with poor school districts and, as a result, the disparity continues to grow regardless of the depth of the social programs implemented by government to raise the poor out of poverty. The socialist educational bureaucracy believes the societal mechanism known as poverty comes not just from the historic spatial clustering of the poor in destitute neighborhoods but, even more, from the absence of public funding for colleges and universities that will allow minorities to learn their way out of poverty. Today's social engineers are convinced the answer lies in educating minorities out of poverty because the 1990 US census showed that only 12% of African Americans had a 4-year college degree while 25% of White America had them. The high school dropout rate for African Americans in 1973 was 22% compared to 13% for Caucasians. Using affirmative action as a societal tool, by 1990, the dropout rate for Blacks was 13%—down some 41% from 1973. (Data released by US Census Bureau in 1993.)

Some Of My People Live Vicariously Through Democratic Electoral Success

I have completed my review of the top cities in America sorted with regard to their percentage of African-Americans. The sad fact is that the greater the number of African-Americans in a city - the more likely that city is to be a Democratic Party strong hold. This bodes well for the Democratic Party's objective but I am not so sure that the argument can be made that the "Black interests" have been served well. As soon as I figure out how to plot the statistics that I have collected on each of these cities and plot them out graphically in MapPoint I will post the finding on the web.

There is a massive "Voter Nullification" going on WITHIN the Black community. The usual "hold them accountable" message in response to failure seemingly only makes my people become more entrenched behind their support for their Democratic party elected official. The only explanation that I can come up with is that the masses of voters with a high "misery index" believe "it's not their doing. They are WORKING ON MY BEHALF, representing & protecting me AGAINST those who ARE THE PROBLEM".

Words said such as "Hooray WE retained the seat in Los Angeles and kept it from going to the Hispanics" only fortify my believe about this "vicarious living". What exactly did "we" accomplish? Congresswoman elect Richardson acknowledges that her new district remains poor and under-resourced despite the years of representation by Juanita Mielander-Miller. Ms. Richardson saw her experience with RACISM as an asset to her understanding the condition under which her constituents live. In the article that I read I saw no note of her history of job creation, something that her people could better relate to and BENEFIT FROM.

I must credit the Democratic Party however. When you see a well oiled machine with strategically placed agents WITHIN the Black community to echo their line with much success - you have to give credit where credit is due. They have succeeded in carrying out the prophetic words of civil rights activist Bayard Ruskin who articulated the post-Civil Rights Movement strategy - achieve power and control over our communities by getting Black people elected to seats of power over our own communities as DEMOCRATS. The neo-Civil Rights activists have been very successful in carrying out this plan. Today there are now 16,000 Black elected officials according to a report that I recently saw. Unfortunately the RESULTS of the plan have not been as they had thought. Despite the fact that today we have more Blacks representing us, indeed more people who "think like us and who represent our own best interests in power" the sad fact is that the theory has not translated into economic power for those most in need, quality education from school systems that now have abundant Black representation on the school board nor safer streets as the police chief or the mayor or both are Black people carrying this same mandate.

In Atlanta during the begging of this year I noticed a strange turnabout which was hard to understand. In the wake of the police killing of 92 year old Kathryn Johnson, an elderly Black woman in the Vine City area of town which is noted for drugs and violence a strange set of affairs was shown. On the radio and on the streets by the activists those who a short time ago told us to vote for the Democratic Mayor Shirley Franklin waged an upheaval against her and her administration for this unconscionable act against this innocent woman. I couldn't help but to call into the local Black talk radio show and note the irony that they now stood against that which they told the community to support just a few short WEEKS ago. Shirley Franklin had participated in a racially charged radio ad in support of the prospective candidate for the Fulton County chairman. A Black Male Democrat was running against a White Male Republican. In the ad Ms. Franklin, the venerable John Lewis and Andy Young who always seems to show up during election time and make some off the wall remark warned Blacks that if the Republicans take over the chairmanship - "it will be like the police dogs and fire hoses set upon us again". They didn't tell the masses that the White woman who departed the seat to become Secretary of State.......was a Republican. They didn't tell the masses that with the City of Atlanta consuming the largest portion of the county that the people putting the dogs and the hoses upon Black people if it did happen would be LEAD BY A BLACK MAYOR with many Black police men and/or firemen participating. None of this was important. The goal of the ad was to play upon the emotions of Black people. It was effective. Upon the police shootings at least a few of the commentators noted that the next time they come knocking at your door for your vote - don't be so giving without asking them some tough questions. I guess this is a start.

I am an independent. I prefer some Republican economic policies over Democratic ones. In the reasoning of some people the fact that I spend the bulk of my time attacking Democrats then I am working on behalf of Republicans in their "binary world". In truth I am attacking that force which has a MONOPOLY MAJORITY control over my community. Why do I need to attack Republicans in order for me to show my "street creds" when you never ask the more numerous Black Democratic loyalists to accompany their frequent attacks on Republicans with the obligatory attack on the Democrats? You know the deal. The fact is THE REPUBLICANS HAVE NO TRACTION WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

Democrats are seen by Blacks as REPRESENTING Black interests. Unfortunately it is clear that someone who UNDERSTANDS your problems is not always the people who can FIX your problems. In fact some of their policies might make your problems even worse both in the immediate and in the long run as you lose your culture of industry and independence. So often I am asked "why should Blacks vote for Republicans"? I start off with the response "You should ask a Republican this question". Next I point out the perversion of their question. They are 92% Democrat, they are unhappy with the state of their community, yet they ask me WHY SHOULD THEY CONSIDER ANY CHANGE. Did anyone get the number to that bus? There is no other entity in this world who's leadership is rock solid in one direction yet the entity is taking on water and those who are drowning ask "well WHY should we consider another captain?" It just does not happen folks.

It appears to me that the ultimate solution is to destroy the lie of the BINARY CHOICE that is soldered into the minds of my people. I have so frequently asked people to tell me the political party of the Koreans who are setting up retail in our community and thus far I have not gotten an adequate answer. My goal is to articulate the COST of us not changing. In my view Detroit, for example represents the COST of leftwing extremism taking over the labor movement that Black people represent so. Where as a debate adversary went home to Detroit and, with tears in his eyes, saw the failed state of the city now that his adversary the auto manufacturing CORPORATIONS had departed he was shown THE COSTS of being an extremists on important issues. Please be clear - the US domestic auto production is not failing - it is stronger than ever. The failure is within the LABOR UNION CONTROLLED manufacturers. Toyota is not a union shop, for example. They bypassed the Rust Belt states to settle in Kentucky and soon Texas. This speaks to the fact that we have a labor MARKET in which both sides must benefit from the agreement. Unfortunately too many labor radicals see the corporation as the enemy and they must "take them for all they have.....because the executives are rich". 5 multi-millionaire executives at the top of one company do not justify the labor costs of a 150,000 strong. Their millions spread out would buy them a Christmas turkey each. This does not ring as truth for the extremists. Only the depressed state of Detroit and other areas where their union locals are still present but the enemy has departed will bring the COSTS to their consciousness.

My challenge to my brothers and sisters is for them to separate the concept of "What is best for the Black community" from "what is best for the Democratic party" or even "What is best for the Black elected official". They need to be DELIVERY MEN rather than AGENTS on your behalf. Absent some mechanism to trial new ideas and PURGE THEM if they have failed over time - we are left to cheer lead for those we favor, with little to show for it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bev Smith - Queen Of Conspiracy Theories

On the Tuesday August 27th version of the Bev Smith Show Ms. Smith alleges that the 14 soldiers who died in a helicopter crash last week in Iraq, a number of them were scheduled to testify against a US soldier who was on trial for abusive behavior against Iraqi people.

So get this. The US Military arranged the deaths of 14 of its own soliders so that the deeds of 2 soliders could be covered up. Why does this stuff go unchalleged on the air?

Think about it folks. Does the unsuccessful prosecution of these 2 risk a mass riot in Iraq? What then is the risk to the US Military in having these two stand trial?

I have begun to record the Bev Smith show just to understand the death grip that is upon our community.

The "Black Attack Sheep Dogs" Seek To Give Award to ENFORCE UNITY

You know folks. Some times I see certain antics by people within my race and it makes me want to find a way of splitting off.

The "CBC Monitor" plans to hand out the "lawn jockey" award to the lowest scoring member of the CBC on THEIR scale.

The key point to remember is that THEY ARE THE JUDGE. Ultimately this IS NOT a measure of the EFFECTIVENESS of a member to:

* Increase the academic performance of school in his district
* Create new jobs in his district
* Reduce violent crime in his district
* Promote "Healthy Living" in his district

This award is given to THE SHEEP THAT HAS STRAYED THE FURTHEST from what the "CBC Monitor" and the "Black Agenda report" BOTH leftist organization SAY a good Black legislator should be supporting.

I ask my friends from both camps a key question: WHAT EVIDENCE do you have WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY that your Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chasing polices are actually WORKING in the best interests of Black people? They are IDEOLOGUES more than they are EFFECTIVE.

It is sad to say but "they have learned well from their enemy". This IGNORANT statue was put out by some to offend Blacks. Now THEY are the one's calling Blacks who dare to challenge THEIR narrative on good policy a "Nigger"

If I were a member of Congress and no doubt an awardee, despite the fact that I would NOT join the "Congressional Democratic Black Caucus" I would accept this award and then IMMEDIATELY HAND IT TO A WHITE PERSON living in a lily white neighborhood for THEM to place it prominently on their lawn. I assure you that these same fools would wage a protest against the WHITE PERSON who posted the same Lawn Jockey that they handed out in their ceremony. Pure IGNORANCE.

"Read A Book" Video Called "Offensive By Jesse"

It must be something that is effective then.

You Tube Video


African Americans, open your mind. This man is not offending us. He's smaking us in the face and saying Wake Up. This is what they think of us...and the reality is...most of it is true

Details of the Conflict

Long Time Black Democratic Operative Works Against The Clinton Campaign

Ain't this something. I read this man's web site ( for years. I saw all of the Democratic slanted articles that he (and Hazel Trice Edney) have put out over the years. NOW he is OFFENDED by the Clintons. Sorry George but in my book - you sold out a long time ago.

Your oracle was such an important component in getting the "Clinton" and "Democratic" message into the Black community for years. I just can't accept your attacks against them.

I understand that you are a John Edwards supporter these days. This furhter erodes your credibility with me.

'Billary' Clinton is Condescending To Blacks

I know that this is nothing but Democratic Primary theatrics. Come next year when Ms. Rodham is the nominee for the DEMOCRATS you will come in line and she will be the best thing since sliced bread.

Sorry bro. You played your card a long time ago.

It's time to call a halt to this foolishness. Granted, Bill Clinton looked great after four years of attacks on civil rights by George Herbert Walker Bush, who appointed Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. But he wasn't and isn't The Great White Hope. We should not forget that Bill Clinton was a key player in the Democratic Leadership Conference, whose main purpose was to nudge the Democratic Party to the right (they called it the center.

Clinton got elected by taking the issues of crime and welfare away from Republicans and portraying himself as tough on both issues. At the same time, he somehow convinced African-Americans that he was their best friend, a contention that does not square with his record. I'm not saying Bill Clinton was a bad president. I am saying he was not a great one on civil rights.

If any president deserves to be called Black - and that's a big if - it was Lyndon B. Johnson. Working with Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, more progressive legislation was passed during Johnson's presidency than under any other administration. John F. Kennedy is the one who got his photograph hung in Black living rooms next to pictures of a blue-eyed Jesus, but it was Johnson, assuming the office upon the assassination of JFK, who did the most for African-Americans.

I have learned that when a BLACK LEFTIST criticizes the DEMOCRATIC PARTY they are criticizing it for NOT BEING LEFT ENOUGH. Don't be fooled.

City Of Chicago Backs Away From "Universal WiFi" - Sorry Aaron X

City disconnecting from Wi-Fi vision

In the progressive city of Chicago where everything is possible, there will be no "Universal WiFi" for the government to stick it to the evil telecomm companies. In Chicago, as in so many other places, the attempt to make Internet access a "Civil Right" has seemed to have fallen at least for now.

The truth is folks - it never made sense. For me the prospects shows the fundamental lack of understand that some people have about the architecture of the Internet along with the realities of Return on Investment.

The fact is that they are proposing using one of the 802.11 technologies to blanket the city with coverage. Aside from this spectrum being unlicensed and thus negatively impacted by interference in that the 802.11b/g technology only has 3 clear channels to broadcast over, in my view this is the wrong technology to go with in the first place. WiMax or Cellular 3G technologies are meant for wide area coverage such as what is being proposed in these cities. With the increasing popularity of VoIP over Wireless the truth that some don't want to hear - WiFi doesn't handle ROAMING BETWEEN ACCESS POINTS TOO WELL. Try using your wifi handset in your car while you are driving. You'll be sorely disappointed.

Enough of the technical justifications - lets talk politics.

The bottom line (as the recent post from Aaron X has shown - many (not all) people supporting these initiatives want the God-vermit to take down the evil telecom industry by putting services out to the public that undercut these evil telecoms. Good luck. What Aaron X and others don't understand is that constructing and operating a wide area/metro area network is a very expensive proposition. As a government they have limited resources and the limited ability to take on RISK. They are counting on a price point of $20 a month while their cellular competition is at $49 per month. The key difference is that this cellular subscription allows you to take that card outside of the city limits and maintain the same service levels. You leave Chicago and - your are out of luck. You'll need a subscription elsewhere.

Once the next generation of technology comes around - let's say 802.11N - has the government been able to generate the cash reserves to PURCHASE this upgrade to their network to keep up with the consumer's demand for more speed and quality of service? Maybe - maybe not. The fact is, however, that a for profit COMPETITOR to the God-vermit network has a vested interest in upgrading because he lives or dies on his customer base. They can easily leave and go to the competitor with the better service.

Why are we even talking about the GOVERNMENT in competition with for profit BUSINESS in the first place? I know why - because of the IDEOLOGY brought to the table by some.

Here is another hint - there is a difference between local access to "the Internet" and the connection that this network must make to a Tier 1 carrier for "real Internet" connectivity. The fact is that when you browse YouTube you are accessing your ISP's local network which is connected to some high speed trunk lines to route your data to and from YouTube's data centers. We can debate "local access" all we want to but at the end of the day this local network will need some high speed INTERCONNECTS with a Tier 1 ISP in order for the people to connect to the valuable web sites that they seek. The debate in LaFayette Louisiana focused upon a locally produced video competition with videos promoting fiber access from the GOVERNMENT to fight against evil BellSouth who was against the idea of the government getting in the telecommunications business. Clearly these videos were placed on a server that was on the local network. As people brag about their 100Mbit per second connection into their house the fact remains that they are NOT going to get 100Mb per second of throughput to web sites that are NOT on this local network. The government needs to purchase a circuit that connects their local network to the "Internet". Most times they are going to purchase an OC3 circuit because of the exorbitant costs to do otherwise.

An OC3 is is 155Mb of connectivity. While it is true that all houses are not going to demand 100Mb worth of connectivity at one time through this Internet port - the fact remains that there is a gross cost distinction between the private local network and the public Internet port that will likely connect them. I am frustrated by the various advocates who point to the speed that other nations provide to the Internet compared to the United States. This point is nearly IRRELEVANT. The maximum POTENTIAL speed does not outstrip the AVERAGE UTILIZATION. In fact no network engineer that is ACTUALLY PAYING for the infrastructure is going to over-engineer his network with the assumption TODAY that the average user consumes 100Mb per second.
When IPTV comes about - then things will be very different. As strange as it might sound coming from me - the average person does not need 100Mb of connectivity to the Internet. The likely destinations that he will connect to are not going to supply them with a 100Mb sustained connection. The basic economics do not lend itself to this. (Somewhere in someone's mind is a rebuttal to this point.....well if we make ALL Internet ports cheaper and larger then........ To this I ask you WHAT ABOUT THE ROUTING INTERFACES? They just recently released a OC-768 routing interface. Pure technologically limitations and cost realities (along with your attempts to TAKE MONEY OUT OF THE MARKET) will insure that there will not be a high rate of implementations of OC-768 interfaces and trunk lines anytime in the near future.)

So there you have it folks. All of this is an IDEOLOGICAL DEBATE fronting as a technological debate. Despite being a techno junkie I support a sustained and measured rollout of our nation's broadband infrastructure. Someone has to PAY for the construction and upkeep. We need to apply REASON and not just ADVOCACY to the plan. Despite the rhetoric - the United States of America has the largest, most open and most robust "network of networks" known as the "Internet" in the world. Don't allow them to tell you otherwise.

"Progressive Cities" Becoming Too Expensive For Blacks To Live

San Francisco hopes to reverse black flight

The high housing prices in the Bay Area are pushing Black people out of own in both San Francisco and Oakland. About 3 years ago on a tour with a friend of mine who lives out there I saw a small bungalow that was perched on the side of the Oakland Hills. My friend told me that the home was going for $1.2 million. I told him that he was lying to me. I opened the tube and got a flier and sure enough, this was the case. This was a very small house with a tremendous view of the bay.

At that time I was told about the horrible situation for Black people regarding higher education. Sure they have the elite Berkeley and a few other schools. The choices for middle class, average Black people are little to none. Where as other areas have a strong community college system the Bay Area has little to choose from, according to my friend.

Why is it that the cities who are bastions of "progressivism" are also the most expensive and unaffordable cities to live within?

It seems to me that upon the most opportune time for Quasi-Socialists to practice SOCIALISM they fail. A recent documentary of Cuba showed a house that used to be owned by one rich man now housing 27 individual couples. Where is such a call in SFO?

Not Enough Black Jurists - Blame The White Folks

Black Women Judges under court attack

Follow the logical leap folks. Wayne County MI is 42% Black though the jury pools are only 27% Black. In the minds of some this is RACISM as "Majority WHITE juries send Black defendants to jail".

In Fulton County GA the problem is the same. The problem IS, however, BLACK FOLKS WHO RECEIVE JURY SUMMONS DON'T RESPOND and thus are not in the jury pool. OH WOE IS ME. BLAME DE WHITE MAN. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution did an extensive review of this situation earlier this year.

The fact is that the BLACK CITIZENRY needs to step up and DO IT'S OWN PART to address the situation.

I notice that the article ONLY focuses on the dismissal of Blacks from the jury panel but not the failure of the 42% of the Black population to respond to summons. Interesting indeed.

In Fulton County one judge has been going after citizens that blow off jury duty. I have little doubt that if this process starts to hurt there will be a charge of RACISM - Black folks are made to pay fines or do community service because the court is targeting us.

PEOPLE when are we going to wake up?
When are we going to realize that we can't always have it both ways?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sean Hannity Uses Poor Blacks As Poster Children As Well

Sean Hannity joined in on the game of using poor or victimized Blacks as a backdrop for making a broarder point. On his show "Hannity's America" he went down to New Orleans to report on poor Black people who had their homes forclosed upon by a financial services company that John Edwards used to work for and still has $16 million in investments vested in.

Mr. Hannity got various Black people to go on camera and talk down upon Edwards and make an appeal for him to show good faith by donating money or relieving them of their debts. At the end of the day Mr. Hannity is no different than how Jonathan Kozol and others have been using Black people as noted.

Maybe it is time for BLACK PEOPLE to resist being USED by these operatives - left or right.

Horay Black People - Gonzoles Is Out!!

Here is a picture to assist with the celebration

Boy that new Democratic majority is really rolling now! They assisted in getting rid of Bush's boy Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Now that this should put a end to the Assistant AG firings scrutiny - our friend John Conyers, chair of the House Judiciary committee can focus on the "excessive use of Signing Statements" that I heard him talk promise during a radio interview back in January.

I won't even ask him about the status of the HR40 Reparations bill that he submits each year. Now that we have the Democrats working for the Best Interests of Black people we wouldn't want to bother him on this one.

Here is the report about Gonzales from Faux News. You probably won't believe it though

You see - another minority having been brought in and spat out by the Republican machine - no doubt. Just as with Colin Powell - you give a man of color some actual EXECUTIVE responsibility rather than just being an ACTIVIST who can say what he wants to and his reputation is diminished rather than increased having sat in the seat of power.

NOW if we could just focus on the NON-JUSTICE of all of the UNSOLVED HOMICIDES in America. THIS would be a worthy investment for Conyers to go after. I would even support him on this.

What Does The White Liberal Think Of You

Attached are links from my sister site "Functional Culture".
Listen to the audio interview with Jonathan Kozol - a liberal White Supremacist who I had pegged years ago and make up your own mind.

What Does The While Liberal Think Of You As A Black Man?

Poor Inner City Children - Poster Children for the White Liberal

Quesitons That the White Liberal Interviewer Would NEVER Think To Ask

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kneegrow Please - Bishop Weeks Says "The Devil Made Me Stop My Wife"


Bishop accused in beating blames Satan for his woes

Global Destiny Ministries members on Sunday circled their spiritual wagons around their pastor, Bishop Thomas Weeks III, now charged with beating his estranged wife, the nationally known evangelist Juanita Bynum.

This PUNK should never be allowed to set foot in a pulpit AGAIN.

"We all make mistakes. He deserves another opportunity," Adams said. "I'm hurt, but I do respect him for being man enough to show his face today."

A MAN ENOUGH???????????
You have got to be joking.
How much of your money have you given to him in exchange for your KOOLAIDE?

Weeks took the pulpit two days after his surrender to authorities in connection with the alleged attack on Bynum. His remarks included appreciation for the prayers and support that he said have come in for him and his wife and thanks to those in attendance in spite of the controversy.

Weeks sparked thunderous applause and cheers when he asked members to tell those seated next to them: "We've got certain things going on right now, but I refuse to stop coming to the house God built."

Never mind.....HE PREACHED TODAY.

Simply Amazing.
I would not be surprized to hear that these parisionors are moving to Guyanna for privacy.

Pay Poor Kids To Do Good In School?

If it is PRIVATE MONEY - people are free to do what they wish with their own money and I SUPPORT IT:

Dollars for Scholars
A bold experiment pays parents to do the right thing.

The Black Man As The Poster Child - When WHITE FOLKS Talk About Us

I am currently watching "C-SPAN" with the author of the book "The Politically Incorrect Guide To Capitalism" - Robert Murphy. He was invited to a forum by the "Eagle Foundation" - the right leaning group headed by Phillis Schlafly. (

During the discussion he made references to several national policy issues that are popular subjects among Black Americans. Of course, being that he is from the hard right wing - his comments would be said to be "speaking in color code" as he is indirectly referencing Black people when he states that minimum wage laws hurt unskilled workers. He also made reference to how certain ailments are perpetuated by those who have single parent headed households, don't finish high school and have a high rate of crime. CLEARLY he was referencing Black people.

Upon hearing this - the average Black person would be inclined to go on the attack and call this man A RACIST for daring to use Black people as such a reference in his talk.

OK - fine. I accept this as the result of when a WHITE RIGHT WINGER does this.

Now let us fast forward to THE WHITE LIBERAL!!!
In the newspaper today was a White Man who can make my blood curdle every time that I hear him. He even outpaces journalist Bill Moyers in that regard. His name is Jonathan Kozol.

In my view Jonathan Kozol is a WHITE SUPREMACIST. No I did not say that he "hates Black people". No I did not say that he is a member of the Klan. I do say that after years of spending time in all Black school environments - he does not believe that Black people have the capacity of producing quality educational outcomes. He believes that the only hope for Black people to receive a quality education is for us to promote SCHOOL INTEGRATION and thus have a White kid sitting in the same classroom as we do.

(See my sister blog site - What Do What Liberals Think Of You?

Now don't get me wrong - Kozol is very popular among BLACK school administrators. He speaks their language when he places the blame on our school performance on the lack of national commitment and on the lack of resources. They stand to benefit if more money is sent into these schools. I have read 2 of Mr. Kozol's books from cover to cover. He makes use of BLACK PEOPLE as POSTER CHILDREN for his leftist advocacy.

Why then is it RACIST for "Robert Murphy" to make references to Black social ills to advance HIS theories but Mr. Kozol is raised up as a hero for advancing Black social ills in HIS manifesto?

Please understand me - Kozol uses the Black poster child to get the GOVERNMENT to change their ways so that Black people can benefit.
Mr. Murphy uses the Black poster child in hopes that BLACK PEOPLE will change our ways and stop accepting FLAWED ECONOMICS, POLITICAL & SOCIAL POLICIES that have more evidence affirming them than does Mr. Kozol.

The Black popular political position, being left of center - repudiates Mr. Murphy's position but cheerleads Mr. Kozol's position.

I plan to purchase "The Politically Correct Guide To Capitalism" and read it just as I have purchased two of Mr. Kozol's books. I will then be able to determine which one (or if both) has a spirit of "supremacy" over Black people that they reference in their discussions.

Concerns About The Community From The Pulpit

Today I visited a mega-church that resides within a local city that I frequently discuss on this blog. Listening to the pastor talk about the challenges that the community faced gave me an opportunity to reference my stack ranking of problems WITHIN the Black community against someone else who enjoys far more authority than I do.

Throughout the church service there were references made to the crime that has been a dominate theme in the community recently. They also talked about the importance of education. Lastly a woman who had some unnamed medical condition requested a special prayer from the pastor. Thus all of the primary concerns that I often express were covered explicitly expect "economic development".

As I sat back in the crowd and paid attention to the community's response to the pastor's admonition on the subject of crime in particular it was clear that the community is not unaware of the major problem that this threat from within is to the community. Even the candidate for mayor who spoke briefly raise this as a concern to the crowd.

The pastor talked about how "next time crime might hit your house" and thus we won't feel so immune to what "these other people" are doing. He talked about how the church and the community must unite to speak in one voice against this threat. The biblical verse that he put forth (Matt 18:18-20) that talked about strength in numbers who are unified behind one cause.

The crowd responding to this spirited cadence stood to their feet, clapped, praised the Lord and set off a great amount of emotional release. I can only guess that their reaction proved that they agreed with his concerns about crime and other problems that I have frequently talked about within this particular community. It appeared that they were ready to accept his charge and to get out and "do something" about the crime that is plaguing this community.

Today happened to be the day in which the youth of the church were featured. They were in the choir, they were the ushers. The pastor noted that he places special emphasis on the proper upbringing of these young people. This seemed to be the case based on what this one snapshot had exposed to me. He even stated that no school should have to "raise" a child, this is not their job. Their job is to "teach" the children about academic subjects. The parents need to raise these children and have them in the proper frame of reference to go to school and learn. He stated that the community expects the government to do things that the community should be doing. Once again there was a loud response of "Amen" to this notion. (I worked hard at not making political references to what I was hearing).

My major question about the entire episode, however, is to understand how these mere words spoken in front of a captive audience gets translated into action by the people once they depart the building and have to deal with issues one by one and, more importantly how the people who don't attend this or any church might be moved to follow the path that this pastor has laid out. No doubt that a few of the young people in this very church will one day run into the wrong side of the law. That very politician running for mayor, if successful will have to be involved in the POLICIES that determine what punishment or corrective action is applied to this kid.

This church service appeared to be like a halftime huddle for the team. The various coaches laid out a game plan and the team seemed more than willing to agree and follow through. The subjects who appear on the local news are represented in this population sample. It seems to me that the problems reside in the HOUSEHOLDS from which these young people are being raised.

The major challenge for the Black community remains the task of "bringing home" all that the institutions, politicians and activists have been attempting to bestow upon the community. At the end of the day the parents have a stronger hand in shaping their children than do any other force. It is my view that my brothers and sisters seek too often to reach OUTWARD for more resources and programs to cover up for what is NOT happening at home rather than reaching inward and MANAGING the situation one by one to insure that what is a household operating as an exception does not become the standard fare for the community. The church plays a part in making this happen but the missing component in the cycle is the INDIVIDUAL WILL to change so that the full benefit of such a change can be recognized.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yeah! Another VICTORY For Black People While We're Under The New Democratic Majority

If they keep up this pace - Black folks might actually become "1.0" in the National Urban League annual report.

Fox-Backed Democrat Debate Called Off
Sept. 23 Debate Will Not Be Held; Major Candidates Had Been Planning To Skip

After receiving a flurry of attacks by various Black activist groups around the country it seems that the plug has been pulled on the "Fox News/Congressional Black Caucus" Democratic Party debate that was scheduled for September 23rd.

I guess these various Black groups could not allow 'THEIR PARTY' to have anything to do with Fox News. Damn. There I go again. Sorry - "Faux News".

But hey - they know "bias" when they see it though so they ought to be able to detect it in the media. Of course the "Bev Smith Show", all of the shows on XM's "The Power" and the balance of Black radio talk shows around the nation keep it in the middle of the road. :-/ They are working in "the best interests" of Black people after all.

HEY JOHN CONYERS - The Democrats Control the US House and the Senate - WHAT IS THE STATUS OF HR40 - the Reparations Study bill? Blacks were told that we would benefit from the Democratic Take Over. The least you could do is get your bill passed.

Don't worry - Few Blacks are going to take you to task about falling short on this. Keep up the good work.

Friday, August 24, 2007

More Degreed People Needed In The Future

Biggest needs laid out for UNC
Many more grads wanted in state

Upon seeing the information provided in the article people will have one of two responses (or possibly a combination of both):

Upon seeing the growth in demand for college level degrees in the future by employers some people will:

1) Use this as more proof that the GOVERNMENT needs to step up to the plate and make it easier for people to achieve their college degree. This will mean more tuition aid sent from the government, possible reform of admissions and testing policies that have challenged some people - this will be done in the name of OPPORTUNITY

2) A second group of people are going to do some REVERSE ENGINEERING. They are going to picture themselves sitting in the interview chair and then handing over their resume that is dotted with their qualifications and accomplishments. They are going to step backward from that point and understand the LOGISTICS of all of the steps that they must take to get this job - a job that is higher paying than the ones that are typically available to less qualified people.

These #2 people are going to do some research - understanding that our economy has changed and new skills are required. They are going to do an estimate and see that pharmacists and engineers are in short demand. The retirement by many babyboomers are going to drive the demand for skilled practitioners. They are going to TALK TO some of the people who have these jobs and seek to understand what is necessary to sit in that same seat.

You see just as many actors and singers call themselves "an overnight sensation - 10 years in the making" the very same is mostly the case with people who are gainfully employed. It was their PREPARATION for the OPPORTUNITY that was shown to them that allowed them to take advantage of the job opening.

Who Is The Greater Authority On Vick? - The NAACP or Michael Vick's FATHER?

Folks - I can't make this stuff up. It is would not be believed if someone did.

Rev. R.L. White of the Georgia NAACP got on national television to say "I don't think that Michael Vick knew all that was going on on his property.......Many times when someone takes a plea it is not because they are GUILTY but because they know that in pleading guilty they will receive less prison time than taking the chance". Sorry Rev. White MOST PEOPLE DON'T HAVE $130 MILLION CONTRACTS AND A PICK OF THE BEST LAWYERS THAT MONEY CAN BUY.

Now we read the Friday Atlanta Journal Constitution which features an interview with MICHAEL VICK'S DADDY!!!!!

I quote:

Vick deeply into dogfighting, father says

By Matt Kempner
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 08/24/07

Michael Vick's father said he pushed his son to quit dogfighting years ago or, at least, put property used for the fights in the name of friends to avoid being implicated some day.

Michael Boddie, in two sometimes tearful interviews with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution this week, said some time around 2001 his son staged dogfights in the garage of the family's home in Newport News, Va. Boddie also said Vick kept fighting dogs in the family's backyard, including injured ones —- "bit up, chewed up, exhausted" —- that the father nursed back to health.

Boddie, who is estranged from his son, dismissed the idea that Vick's longtime friends were the main instigators of the dogfighting operation.

"I wish people would stop sugarcoating it," Boddie said. "This is Mike's thing. And he knows it."

He "likes it, and he has the capital to have a set-up like that."

PS - check the tag line - this story DID NOT come from "Fox News". (Oh sorry - I am a Black guy. I meant to say "Faux News". Does that feel better to ya?)

Baltimore Homicide Blotter - They Just Hit The 200 Mark For 2007

The BLACK COMMUNITY bears the undue burden from VOTER NULLIFICATION - where our HOPES for change on our streets is so grossly mangled by OUR ACTIONS IN THE VOTING BOOTH. TRY HARDER and help the people who SAY they are "working in our best interests".....with little to show for it WITHIN the Black community to GAIN MORE POWER!!! If we keep DOING WHAT WE ARE DOING.....THEN our problems will be solved once some magical TIPPING POINT is met and our condition shifts UP HILL. (Please tell me that I have mischaracterized the Plan for Black America? Please note that the only ACTION for the Black man in this plan is for him to VOTE!!!!)
Murders this week: 4
Murders this year: 200

Baltimore City's 200th homicide victim was killed this week. Last year at this time there had been 175 murders. In the first 33 weeks of 2007 the city averaged six murders a week. If the homicide rate continues at that pace, 314 people will have been murdered by the end of the year. More than 2,000 people have been murdered in Baltimore since Jan. 1, 2000.

Wednesday, Aug. 15

8:24 p.m. Frederick Moore, a 27-year-old African-American man, was shot in the head repeatedly in the 700 block of Brune Street in Upton. He died at Maryland Shock Trauma Center at 9:18 p.m. Moore is the fourth person murdered in Upton this year.

It's a good thing that Michael Steele DIDN'T win........they would probably be blaming HIM for the failure in leadership in the city

The people with their FINGERPRINTS on the situation:

* US Rep. Elijah Cummings who in 2004 did a commercial with the lead in transcript that said "they failed, they are incompetent, they need to be held accountable" (he was talking about BUSH rather than Mayor O'Mailley and his partner Cardin).....remains unscathed by the growing body count in the city that he represents.

* Governor Martin O'Malley - having received a PROMOTION from the mayor of Baltimore up to the governor (I still would like to see his physical resume to get a glimpse of what a MAYOR FROM BALTIMORE uses to convince people to promote him to a higher office. "Maryland - vote for me and I'll 'Do for the state what I did to Baltimore'"????)

* Mayor Sheila Dixon - despite a very high level of people saying "the city is headed in the wrong direction" these same people who feel the same about the entire nation and thus "Bush must GO!!!" are on track to put Mayor Dixon back in office. VOTER NULLIFICATION at its best!!!

Dixon stresses crime issue August 22, 2007,0,6517140.story

As the music shifts to a more uplifting key, the camera switches to full-color pictures of Dixon looking mayoral - talking with police officers and walking through a neighborhood. "It's Sheila Dixon who has a real plan to fight crime, with more police and community partnerships that help fight crime before it happens."


Pssst - "has the PREVIOUS set of PLANS" worked?

DeWayne Wickham - Please Get It Right

A tough sell
GOP’s point man with blacks looks to ‘connect’

DeWayne Wickham - long time leftwing partisan from his days on BET's "Lead Story" continues the long legacy of perverting the political situation that the African American majority finds themselves in.

Shannon Reeves is the new point man in the GOP's efforts to increase its following among blacks, who have voted overwhelmingly for the Democratic candidate in every presidential election since 1964. More to the point, he's a black Republican unlike any the GOP has mustered to pitch the party of Abraham Lincoln — and Strom Thurmond — to black voters.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last month that the black unemployment rate in the USA (8%) was nearly double that of whites (4.2%). More troubling, a closer look at its data suggests that race matters more than education when it comes to finding work in this country.

For example: The unemployment rate of blacks with a high school degree (7.3%) was higher than that of white high school dropouts (5.9%). And the unemployment rate of blacks with a bachelor's degree or higher (3.8%) was the same as that of whites who attended college but did not receive a degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And when the best-educated blacks — those with a doctorate degree — found work, they earned on average $12,000 less a year than whites with a doctorate, the Census Bureau reported in its 2006 Annual Social and Economic Supplement.

Given the GOP's aversion to affirmative action programs, Reeves will have a difficult time convincing blacks that his party has a viable solution for such systemic economic problems.

Mr. Wickham, as with most Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers are QUICK to point out:

* The grim statistics surrounding many Black people's conditions
* The high "misery index" WITHIN the Black community

then they

* Make note of the DEMOCRATIC DOMINATION of these same communities
* Detail how the REPUBLICAN MESSAGE has failed to gain traction with Black folks

Does anyone note a PROBLEM?

The Democratic Party in 2007 is STRONGER INSIDE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY today than any other time in our history. With most inhibitors upon voting gone......a greater numerical quantity of Black folks are voting for the DEMOCRATS than ever before. With voluntary racial segregation going on MORE MAJORITY BLACK DISTRICTS are represented by THE DEMOCRAT OF THEIR CHOOSING than ever before. A recent report showed that there are now 16,000 BLACK ELECTED OFFICIALS in the United States today. I recall that several years ago the number had been 10,000.

Where is the "Logical Next Question"? With the GROWTH in the POWER of the Democratic Party WITHIN the Black community and the increasing number of BLACK DEMOCRATS in power.........why hasn't the MISERY INDEX declined?

Now here is the important question of CONTEXT that gets missed. Upon seeing these FACTS detailed what we typically hear is what Wickham and others feed us....."The Republicans have FAILED to capitalize upon a salient message that will FIX BLACK FOLKS".

Where is the INTERNAL WILL for Black folks to INSPECT WHERE WE STAND, make note of WHAT IS POPULAR while we are standing outside of the "Promised Land" and question if WHAT WE HAVE BEEN DOING provides adequate TRANSPORT to the gates of the "Promised Land"? You see this is all a matter of PERSPECTIVE. In my view a people who have done what they have done for decades only to see little progress WITHIN their community would INITIATE CHANGE, searching for a new solution - just like a research scientist does. Mr. Wickham and other BQPFRC see Blacks as an entity that MUST BE SOLD upon a new direction with charismatic leaders getting on stage and SNATCHING AWAY A FLOCK from the existing sheepherder.

In the Black community UNITY is advanced. Dr. Ronald Walters, frequent guest on BET's "Lead Story" along with Wickham has long advocated that the greatest THREAT to the Black interests being represented in America is the FRACTURE OF THE BLACK VOTE upon various political parties. We must work to prevent this at all costs, he says. WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!! When your goal is UNITY rather than the EFFECTIVE RECEIPT OF YOUR GOALS then you are actually SUCCESSFUL NOW!!! What are you complaining about? Blacks vote for Democrats at a 92% clip. I would dare say that of the 16,000 Black elected officials 15,990 are DEMOCRATS. What are they worried about? Falling short of 100%?

Missing in all of this is the notion of the APOLITICAL SOLUTIONS to our problems. They promote a BINARY choice between Republican and Democrat as well as making the case that our problems are GOVERNMENT POLICY in nature. If you can tell me which political party the South Koreans who have opened up a series of farmers markets, furniture stores and coin-operated laundromats in the majority Black city just north of me belong to - I will gladly accept this as a premise.

The major void WITHIN Black America is the leader that calls the construction of the INTERNAL METAL FRAME from which all other things hang upon. We have been rightfully fighting the EXTERNAL FIGHT AGAINST WHITE FOLKS since our induction into this nation. They have historically been our main antagonists so this was rightfully so. But as our freedoms are exposed, our communities resegregate and our leaders become of our own can it be missed that TIMES HAVE CHANGED? The center of gravity needs to be placed back WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY rather than being pivoted in Washington DC or the state legislature.

Interestingly enough AFFIRMATIVE ACTION!!!!!! is the cure according to Mr. Wickham. The GOP's opposition to AA is a stop sign for many Blacks - if you believe Mr. Wickham. What Mr. Wickham fails to bring to the table is the notion of PROPORTIONALITY. At no time in its history did AA represent the MAJORITY of the Black employee, bring him a job that he did not have previously. The Civil Rights industry chooses to look at the few Blacks that may or may not get into the elite, majority White schools at the Univ. of Michigan or Harvard if AA is taken away. What he appears to be clueless about is the WIDE MIDDLE to which AA means little for. At the lower end of the "wide middle" are students that are vacillating between "college" and "no-college", their academic track record failing to thrust them into the ranks of "college material". We are so inclined to fight at the fracture points with WHITE FOLKS rather than GO INSIDE and repair the super structure that would make these PROGRAMS irrelevant to the question of our success.

So once again Mr. Wickham - when will you flip the inspection around, making note of the GROWING POWER of the Democrat upon the Black community and QUESTIONING how well the PROGRESSIVE "progresses" the Black community WHEN WE ARE ALL BY OURSELVES in highly concentrated Black communities? THIS represents our FUTURE - NOT AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Increasing - AA is used to COMPENSATE for the failure to understand our coordinates today WITHIN the Black community.

New "Racism Chaser" Elected To Congressional Black Caucus From California

Early Brush With Racism Set Rep.-Elect Richardson on Political Path

Personal acquaintance with racism has prompted many members of minority groups to enter the political arena. But few say they had that path set for them as young as Laura Richardson, the Democratic state lawmaker from California who on Tuesday won a special election runoff to become the newest member — and the 40th African-American — in the current U.S. House.

Richardson related to prior to the runoff in California’s 37th District that she is a child of a mixed-race marriage, with a African-American father and a Caucasian mother who divorced. Richardson said she watched her mother struggle with racism as she raised her and her sister in California during the turbulent 1960s, and recalled as a young child asking her mother why strangers threw eggs at their car and cursed at them while they shopped at stores.

And there you have it folks. Exposure to RACISM, along the traditional demand for a resume about your "Civil Rights" experience are the primary qualifications for the elected Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser. Ms. Laura Richardson, a self proclaimed liberal will be expected to carry the torch of racial victimhood into the halls of congress and work for the "Best Interests" of Black people, and I presume, the growing ranks of Latinos in her district.

But wait a minute - as we inspect her district in Los Angeles that is a highly minority concentrated the traditional White on Black RACISM the key dynamic that mandates such a pedigree? Where are the people who have a long and effective history of producing academic success? What about JOB CREATION? What about public safety or guiding people toward healthy lifestyles? These are the core demands that all Black people, regardless of our ideology can agree with. Why is it that the BQPFRC promotes one's ability to FIGHT WHITE FOLKS as the supreme qualification especially in areas in which voluntary racial segregation is taking place?

Richardson states that public officials should advocate for issues that may not be popular and speak out for those who lack a strong voice in the political process. She will be representing a district that includes some of the state’s most underprivileged communities as well as a large portion of middle-class Long Beach. Minorities make up almost 85 percent of the population in the district: More than two-fifths of the total population is Hispanic and about one quarter of the district’s residents are African-American.


Listen folks - an advocate "works ON BEHALF OF" a certain group. They seek to force change in a controlling external interests so that benefit will RAIN DOWN UPON the group. The group itself is not inherently required to change. They will BE CHANGED by the new resources that the advocate has lined up for them. Such an exchange is typically grounded upon THEIR RIGHT to these resources due to their membership.

A EXECUTIVE does an inventory of the resources that he has at his disposal, particularly HUMAN resources and works to align them toward a certain goal so that certain results are PROJECTED OUTWARD from his efforts to coordinate and synergize their productive potential.

Why is it that the BQPFRC is so inclined to work on behalf of the VOICELESS rather than trying to get the VOICES THAT THE PEOPLE DO HAVE to sing collaboratively?

Richardson would like to improve the region’s education and transportation systems and also reduce the number of unemployed residents in her district. She said the jobless rate in the 37th hovers close to 14 percent. Richardson also hopes encourage Congress to re-examine trade agreements which she believe do not help domestic unemployment rates.

Humm 14% jobless rate. She might want to hook up with Ohio's Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. She has a 13.9% unemployment rate and seeks to make use of the "new Democratic majority in congress" to reduce the unemployment rate. I wonder if any news reporter will circle back around in 2 years, 4 years, 6 years from now and ask either of their two about how this new majority has done in reducing the unemployment? Since so many of these advocates are hostile to corporate "job producers" it is very unlikely that there will be any positive treatment in this area.

Still they will enjoy reelection success because in many "majority-minority" communities these elected BQPFRC are seen as the VOICE OF the community into the larger society rather than being A SET OF POLICY INITIATIVES themselves which may HAVE SIMPLY FAILED TO WORK and thus others are needed. Until this distinction is made......Ms Richardson will continue to be working with "VOICELESS PEOPLE".

The New "Majority Black" Clayton County GA Proposes To Inspect Renter's Backgrounds

About 5 years ago Clayton County Georgia, just south of Atlanta (Fulton County) swung to become the second "majority Black" county in Georgia. In the wake of the population shift several politicians began their quest to seal the deal - swinging the county's elected leadership to echo the texture of this new majority. It must be noted that the "Good ole boy" Whites that ran the county were all Democrats as are the new "We run things now" Blacks who took over.

The officials in Clayton County believe that they have been a dumping ground for a change in policies by the Atlanta Housing Authority a few years ago. AHA decided to tear down their high rise projects and replace them with mixed income communities. The leader of the AHA, Renee Glover surmised that never again can a community be dominated by an economic culture that breeds dysfunction. As these housing units were torn down (and with the general gentrification going on in Atlanta causing rents to rise) Clayton County has received an increase in population. Interesting that the very phenomenon that tipped the balance in favor of the Black Democrats who are now in power is also identified by them as part of the problem that the county faces.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to make note of the increasing number of coin-operated laundry centers, check cashing stores and furniture rental stores in support of the changing demographic that is present. What is interesting, however, is that while it is a major offense for the majority White, Republican dominated county of Fayette just south of Clayton to make note of the changes in Clayton it is NOT an equal offense for the officials in Clayton to echo many of the same words and express concerns.

In response the county board chairman has proposed that all landlords be required to turn in rental contracts to the government for review of a renter's residential history. I will not express my personal feelings on this proposal. Instead I argue from the stand point of the Black Progressive and his typical concern about the loss of privacy and civil liberties at the hands of the government.

Clayton may seek records on all renters

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Making A Black Multi-Millionaire Into a VICTIM


Today I heard a local Black sports commentator for a radio station claim that a BLACK MAN who makes more IN ONE DAMNED YEAR than she will ever make in her sports journalism career SAY that "Michael Vick" a BLACK MAN yes.......BUT A Black man with a $130 million dollar contract WAS FORCED INTO ACCEPTING A PLEA.

I can accept this claim about a BLACK GHETTO KID with a PUBLIC DEFENDER!!!!!! How the hell is it that this woman attempts to assign VICTIMHOOD upon a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE with a pick of the litter LEGAL DEFENSE TEAM?

It doesn't end there. I then changed the channel to the Tom Joyner Morning Show. I used to be a daily listener of the show until the year 2000 when they showed their true political colors. I now only turn in once a month when I want a LAUGH. THIS GROUP OF BLACK MILLIONAIRES, lead by Tavis Smiley told of how A BLACK MAN MUST BE 5 TIMES AS GOOD AS A WHITE MAN even today. Despite the fact that Vick jerseys were the #2 seller before he "caught a case" Vick was TARGETED BECAUSE HE IS BLACK!!!! These "1% Tax Bracket Club" of radio hosts told a "Whoa is me" case about being Black in racist America. Tom Joyner said "the punishment doesn't fit the crime". Excuse me Tom - WHAT PUNISHMENT? The man has not been sentenced yet.


He said that Vick was COERCED INTO TAKING A PLEA because the PUNISHMENT FOR FIGHTING IN COURT is worse than accepting the guilt that THEY have assigned to him. Excuse me Dr White..............................MAYBE THE MAN KNOWS THAT HE IS GUILTY!!!!

Have you all ever seen a case where the SUPPORTS KNOW MORE ABOUT A MAN'S GUILT OR INNOCENCE THAN THE MAN HIMSELF? It is clear to me that Michael Vick is nothing more than a VESSEL IN THE "PROXY RACE WAR" that ws being waged long before he signed his $130 million contract. Vick's actual personal actions are irrelevant to the debate.

This NAACP president, BEFORE VICK IN EVEN SENTENCED said that THE FALCONS SHOULD BRING VICK BACK AFTER HE SERVES HIS TIME. It is NOT FAIR to not allow someone to redeem themselves.

The day that any NAACP MEMBER accepts the repentance of a WHITE RACIST and ACTIVELY SEEKS him restored to his position RATHER THAN PROTESTING VIGERIOUSLY.......I WILL CHANGE MY WAYS AND BECOME A "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" MY SELF.

Days like this make me want to MOVE TO A PLACE WITH NO TELEVISION OR RADIO.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Democrats Control Congress - Where is John Conyers "HR40" Reparations Bill

This man has introduced the HR40 Reparations bill since 1989. Black folks were told last year that in supporting the Democrats in their attempts to take over the Congress that the Black community would benefit.

It is now August - what is the status of this Reparations bill, 7 months after the Congress has been back in session?

Is any Black Democrat going to inquire with Mr. Conyers about his bill?

Black Democrats Relocate Just Like Muslims Do To Europe

Why is it that Black Democrats, just like Muslims who depart from their homelands in the Middle East, seek to recreate the same conditions from which they vacated?

My my home county of Fayetteville Georgia which has a higher average income for Black residents than for Whites - indicating the fact that "Blacks who 'can' have departed from the "inner city" counties to the North of us and have settled into the "conservative", Republican Dominated county of Fayette. It is clear that all of us were attracted to the quality schools, the low crime, the abundance of retail outlets, the good police/community relations and the general management of the county. Now Northern Fayette is majority Black. Most people have moved from the new Black majority Clayton County or South Fulton County into Fayette to CONSUME all of the attributes listed above.

The Fayette County board has an "at large" voting system in which the members represent a specific geographic area but all of the county votes for each board member. Of course the Black and Democratic northern part of the city claims that this is RACIST and represent "Jim Crow" tactics aimed at keeping Blacks off of the county board. You know what - THEY PROBABLY ARE RIGHT!!!

But ask yourself again.......WHY DID YOU MOVE TO THIS "REPUBLICAN COUNTY" having exited from your DEMOCRATIC STRONG HOLD? Clayton County USED TO HAVE a high school that ranked near the top of the state in the 1970's. In the 1990's it was ranked near the top in truancy. Why on Earth would someone who has lived through this allow it to happen to his new area?

The Black Female head of the Fayette Democratic Party can only cry out "RACISM". She is not able to deal with the shortcomings of her OWN PARTY in their ability to MANAGE toward a certain outcome.

I fully admit - I moved to Fayette as a CONSUMER of an existing culture. I will work to uphold the high standards. I will make sure that my children are lifting the academic standards in the schools rather than being an anchor.

I am empathetic to the cries of this Democratic chair but it seems to me that SHE is the one who needs to do some introspection regarding why she is living in this Republican dominated county rather than the DEMOCRATIC PARADISE of Clayton county just a few short miles up the road.

New voting map sparks racial debate

"Universal WiFi" Hits A Lot Of Bumps In Cities

I have to admit that I love a good debate. I am not an expert on everything but I believe I can hold my own when it comes to my key areas of expertise. I have been in the data communications business for nearing 20 years now. I also figure that I have a good business sense. Hell, some things that require much skill, only that you don't try to break some foundational principles of life. One of these principles is "Nothing in life is FREE".

So it is with the debates that I have had over the past few years with some people who are self described "Progressive" about the viability of a municipal WiFi system, particularly focused upon providing "the POOR" with Internet access after the "evil incumbent" cable and telephone companies have failed to light up their particular communities.

As a person who has seen the backend infrastructure of metropolitan and carrier networks - it is clear that these are capital intensive businesses. When there is a $60,000 switch and many more dollars for installation and operations....the mix between "ROI" and perceived "Civil Rights" gets lost in the translation.

So it is with the WiFi network in Philadelphia, for example. Millions of dollars spent, a few hundred people actually using the thing. If the City of Philadelphia were a telecom carrier - they would have shut down by now. But of course they are not. They are a GOVERNMENT!!!

Why Wi-Fi Networks Are Floundering
Faced with weak user demand, AT&T and other telecoms are stepping up pressure on cities to foot more of the bill for muni Wi-Fi projects

After great fanfare several projects were rolled out in the name of "hitting the oligopoly telecom carriers where it hurts", it seems that the number of subscribers that are being drawn in is not allowing these networks to be self sufficient.

It gets worse. What happens when the new 802.11N standard comes about or when WiMAX gets up and going? Not to mention the next generation technologies of the mainline cellular wireless carriers comes about? (LTE for AT&T and T-Mobile and UMB for Verizon). The market will have these well financed corporations going against these relatively underfinanced municipal networks. While the corporate networks are pushing through 100Mbps to 200Mbps download speeds and supporting multi-media....the municipal networks will no doubt be serving as the justification for another round of "Digital Divide" claims because they are not going to be able to keep up.

The question must be asked - Why were there government networks built in the first place? By what business case? By what market surveys? Or more likely, by what Ideological assumptions?

Stephanie Tubbs Jones and the New Democratic Majority

Tubbs Jones takes a lead role in politics

The Democratic takeover of Con gress revved up Tubbs Jones' political clout, providing her with the chairmanship of the House Ethics Committee and putting her on the majority side of the influential House Ways and Means Committee, which oversees tax matters, health care and government entitlement programs. Expectations for her performance have risen accordingly.

"She has been there long enough that we are looking to her to show the leadership that we need, to really strike the blow that we need for Cleveland," says veteran Cleveland City Council member Mike Polensek, a Democrat who lists job losses, predatory lending and pollution as local problems in need of federal attention. "I am optimistic she's up to the task."

Not everyone is a Tubbs Jones fan. Republicans see her as a partisan figure for publicly contesting the vote count after the 2004 presidential election, and they say her effort maligned the integrity of Democratic and Republican elections officials throughout the state.

"Stephanie Tubbs Jones is a conspiracy theorist who panders to the far left wing of her party, the same faction that has produced historic disapproval ratings for the current Democrat-led Congress," says Ohio GOP spokesman John McClelland.

Tubbs Jones' congressional district is the state's most Democratic, and she has never faced a serious Republican opponent.

Let's see. Late last year NPR "News & Notes" did stories on all of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Ms. Jones noted "with the unemployment rate in my district hovering around 13.9% I AM GOING TO LEVERAGE THE NEW DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY TO WORK TO LOWER THIS RATE". I wonder if 2 years from now, 4 years, 6 years, 8 years if any interviewer will do a follow up to Ms. Jones' comments and hold her to the unemployment rate if it has risen to 14.9% or beyond?

The quote above can be plastered upon the Congressional career of John Lewis, Maxine Waters or John Conyers. For so long have they been in Congress, so few the material gains that they can point to beyond the fight AGAINST the "Right Wing Threat" that hovers over the Black community. They are far more prepared to push AGAINST policies that they believe would hurt to poor or other victimized minority populations in this nation. They have so few details that they can point to regarding how they have assisted to make people "un-poor".

It is beyond me to understand how in Ohio with its stagnant economy the Democrats were able to push out the Republicans while in Michigan with its stagnant economy the incumbent Democrats were able to hold off the Republicans? (Yes there were political scandals among the Ohio GOP but the results go deeper than this.)

I keep seeing the "New Democratic Majority in Congress" being sold as a great opportunity for poor people and Black people (some use this term interchangeably) to prosper. For those who can point to the government more than they do to enterprise to turn the economic corner, surely last November was a door that opened wide. I am tired of living vicariously off of the election victories of Black politicians and/or Democrats in general. Where is the voice of the "Black community" that has put down their pompoms and have begun to SCRUTINIZE those who represent our community and have promised certain tangible results in exchange for the community's continued support?

It is clear that there is a high level of "voter nullification" within the Black community. When the community views a representative such as Ms. Jones as "fighting on their behalf" rather than "part and parcel of the problem"......they will respond in kind to the stump speech rhetoric in which "the other guy" is posted as the bad guy and calls to "send me back for 2 more years so I can continue to fight on your behalf", casting a favorable vote. But wait. Why is it that most of the other politicians are made to stand accountable for the results within their districts, particularly the economic results, but in the case of Ms. Jones and others they are instead seen as being "apart of the community" and thus working on their behalf in the ivory halls of the legislature? Why aren't their policies held to account? Certainly Ms. Jones comes to the table with certain labor, regulatory and tax policies that have a certain impact on the enterprises that could choose to locate in Cleveland. Why is it that THESE policies are not put under the microscope as having contributed to the 13.9% of unemployment?

It seems to me that the Black community holds popular certain ideological beliefs that are entrenched upon us during our high point of aggrievement and discontentment. Elected officials such as Ms. Jones step in and "work on our behalf", speaking for the "voice-less". When will their policies be judged on their ability to TRANSFORM the community to a point in which the "misery index" is reduced substantially? Thus the question is - should you adopt policies right now that feel most comfortable in your time of "aggrievement" or should you adopt "Promised Land" policies that might take some time to get used to but which will be primarily in play once you reach the goals of your community?

I found the title picture posted above after I wrote the bulk of the article. With Ms. Jones as a supporter of Dennis Kucinich what does this say about her beliefs by extension?