They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Democratic Debate At Howard And The "Next Logical Question"

There they were on stage - lights shining upon them. The cameras panned the audience and the elites of the Civil Rights industry listened in to the pandering session. Theoretically this was to be a great day for "people of color". Few times in the past was a presidential level debate to focus so much on issues that are unique to our communities. Sadly the bulk of the content that I heard was like talking around the 1000 pound green rhino in the back of the room that was vying for everyone's attention but being ignored.

Of course George Bush and Iraq took up a good portion of the debate. The concept of "What we COULD HAVE DONE with the squandered billions" was front and center. To date I believe that Progressives have about 3 times the spending on what we "could have done" with the money than what the war actually costs. As I listened in I begged the question "Mother - what was the world like for Black people BEFORE GEORGE W. BUSH AND THE IRAQ WAR"?

If one had no concept of history one would believe that George W. Bush had sent a wrecking crew to rip up the cobblestone bricks that used to pay the streets of the ghetto prior to Bush being in office. That Black folks received so much funding in education that we had to actually beg the government to turn the money away and use it for poor people on the international scene. That AIDS was finally contained, the caring government that was in place had come for a house call to each and every AIDS victim to provide them the necessary drugs and comfort that they needed. That prior to the racist and unfortunate recent Supreme Court ruling on voluntary desegregation that the average inner city, majority Black school was on its way to recovery and this action by the "Conservative Court" will be the point in history in which the door that was opened with "Brown v Board" was shut closed.

As a Black man the line at which I should feel "less than" and unable to do much without a government that needs to expand to cover for my deficiencies. For some reason, however the last 7 years should be the limit on my long term memory. All that I need to know is that when the "wrong people" were leading us it was a bad time for Black folks. When the people who are represented on stage was leading us it was "all good" and there was excess.

I am still attempting to find a word that describes a frequent rhetorical tactic that is used during electoral debates. This is when individuals talk about "the good ole days" by picking and choosing what they want you to remember while ignoring large swaths of painful reality that was present. For example the billions spent on the Iraq War COULD HAVE been used to provide a substantial increase in funding for our schools. Does the fact that Bush has spent more than $14 billion per year than a president that is favorable to you show you that these "Good ole days" were not so? If the IRAQ WAR was not present and you STILL did not get your money despite the SURPLUS....what are the chances that in the future your cup will overflow?

John Edwards said that he would fund Universal Health Care by repealing the Tax Cuts On The Rich. Now keep in mind that John Edwards who is worth more than $70 million himself has used many income tax avoidance schemes in his past so he should know about "Tax Cuts For The Rich". But still I must refer to HISTORY. During the time BEFORE THE BUSH TAX CUTS why was there not enough money to introduce Universal Health Care?

Hillary Clinton by definition an extension of the Clinton Administration attacked "THE PAST". How is it that she is able to contain her criticism to the past 7 years but not be intellectually honest and stray back further to make her case for abundance or to include her husband in her criticism.

At the end of the day I am not mad at the Democrats. They need to do what they need to do to retain power. The burden is upon the Black people listening in to ask the "Next Logical Question" and thus realize that they are being pandered to, the past not quite fitting the rosy situation that they were told. This is where "Democrats who are Black" are separated from Black People who are using a particular vehicle for the benefit of our race. Thus far the first instance was on display.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Propaganda Surrounding The Supreme Court Desegretation Ruling

Last weekend I watched a documentary about a small town in Mississippi which struggled with years of racism and segregation in their public school system. Long after the 1954 Supreme Court Brown V Board decision the schools in Mississippi had not budged one bit on the issue of providing equal educational opportunities for African American students. The details of Black students receiving used text books from White schools all received with customized torn covers, ink graffiti on the covers and the frequent offensive racist remarks. The budget allocation for Black schools was a pittance compared to the White schools.

This historical tale provided a sound backdrop to the various biased media reports that I heard on the Supreme Court ruling which simply stated that public school systems are not allowed to use a student's race in voluntary school desegregation programs. For many of these reporters it was as if we were on May 16th, 1954 - the day prior to the ruling all over again.

I can only suspect that some reporters, including Black reporters believe that a majority Black school is inherently inferior to that of a White school. Few have proved the racist underpinnings of such a conclusion. Even if we were to accept their contention that such a program is required to allow greater racial understanding to take place the fact remains that a school that is currently 95% Black is not going to go back to 50/50. Over the life of the era of school desegregation schemes the overwhelming flow has been that of Black students migrating into majority White schools. White students when assigned to majority Black schools have a high rate of departure from the public school system. The end result of all of this is to send a few Black students out of their own communities into majority White schools while the neighborhood school continues to stumble along with respect to educational reform.

An important hour is upon us as a people. For the duration of our existence in this country we have fought a liberation movement - first attempting to obtain our freedom from enslavement and then our rights to live as equal Americans. It is clear and obvious to me that we are currently in a new phase. Where as the first two phases involved changing the behavior of White people who tramped upon our human and then civil rights this current phase is an internal struggle. The Black community must field a set of societal constructs in which our community institutions can produce the end product that we claimed to desire. Rather than changing the behavior of those outside of our community so that benefit will rain down upon us it is time to setup an infrastructure by which aggregate behavior of Black people is put in line with "progressive" goals to a greater extent.

Today we have racial leaders who promote their history of providing enhanced LIBERTIES and thus disposal of certain "conservative" societal constructs that serve to suppress, exclude or cajole toward producing a certain outcome. In the greater society many of these constructs were against the interests of Black people and thus in some cases these "Progressive Blacks" were right to oppose them.

Fast forward to 2007. I would argue that in many cities and towns "Da Man" is Black. The mayor, city council, police chief and dog catcher is a Black man. Where as previously there was a struggle against "Da Man" who did not have your best interests in mind as he protected the province of "White Supremacy" today it is the case that YOU voted for that person who now governs you. Thus is the protest model the appropriate use to use? I think not.

More directly with respect to the school systems - the operatives within the Black community have been complicit in protecting the educational distribution system as we have it today. Various reform programs that went beyond the cat calls for "more money" have been opposed by certain educational activists. Attempts to raise graduation standards or to deploy testing as a means of confirming the degree that is about to be bestowed upon an individual have been opposed. "Lack of money and resources " to deliver improved results has been the most frequent claim. Bloomberg spending more than $2 billion more in 3 years nor Bush spending more than $12 billion more per year nationally was not enough to satisfy the claim that more money is needed.

Today we are staring the need for fundamental change right in the face. Today on the local Black talk radio show the principal of a Black charter school that teacher poor children was a guest. While his under-resourced school was able to make the entire school proficient in both math and science on the state CRCT tests the Atlanta Public School System has failed to do the same in the past several years. Their administrators continue to get pay bonuses despite their incomplete work while the charter school's long term existence is threatened.

To be honest with you the problem goes deeper into the Black community than the average person is willing to admit. The average Black person is more committed to a particular dogma and the associations that are advanced within our community by certain operatives than they are committed to the notion of "By The Necessary Means". This is different than what Malcolm stated. "By Any Means Necessary" states that "we can take this where ever you want to take this, blow for blow. We can be as peaceful or as violent as we need to be in proportion to our adversary puts out". "By The Necessary Means" states that there are prescribed ways to achieve academic success. We need to toss our current loyalties and commit to the time honored notions of academic success. Repetition & Practice, Discipline & Character building, Reward for accomplishment, Healthy Competition, Shunning of behavior that works against our collective interests......all of these principles are the core of what is necessary to be reinstilled before our schools will begin to serve our racial development purposes.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I Thought That Once We Got "Someone Who Looks Like Us" In Office Things Would Be Different

In my frequent debates with Black Progressives it is too easy to see the pattern of focus that they choose to take. They are far more comfortable talking about problems at the Federal government and about EXTERNAL forces that bear down upon the Black community than they are willing to talk about their local governments. Most people receive far more individualized services that impact their daily lives from their municipal government than they do from the state or federal government.

Again I have the tape of civil rights activist Bayard Ruskin detailing the new strategy to achieve Black Power in this country. He stated that in the post civil rights movement (after King's death) we need to gain power by taking control of political offices by having Black people elected at Democrats and thus have the benefit roll down upon our communities. Since my awareness of politics during the 1970's to the present I have heard Black activist, politician and media personality follow through on this message. As a matter of fact last week at the height of the Genarlo Wilson case in Georgia when they were up in arms with the Black Democratic state attorney general's decision when a radio caller stated that the Black community's anger at this Black Democrat is going to cause them to not vote at all. Translation - The choice was Democrat or not voting at all - Republicans need not apply. The response from the host (who is also a activist for the local Rainbow PUSH) was "you should seek out another liberal progressive politician to take his place rather than not vote at all".

There you have it folks. The foundations of the "voter nullification" that takes place within the Black community as perpetuated by the operatives listed above. The community has decoupled their continuing angst about their community from the people who they vote for that are closest to it. The 2006 elections in which I took a riding tour through two of the majority Black counties showed me that the general election for these places take place during the Democratic Primary. All of the candidates with a "D" after their names talked about all that they were going to do for the community. Fast forward 2 years in the election cycle and the statistics about education, unemployment, crime seem to be abstracted from the promises that were made two years hence. On the one hand the cries of "they need to DO SOMETHING about these problems" that were heard upon each television broadcast on the local news or the townhall meeting that was held shortly there after seems to vanish away come time for voting.

It is clear that the successful strategy for the Black Democratic operatives is to get this same Black voter to focus their angst at the Federal government rather than at the fact that their party no doubt controls more than 97% of the Black elected posts all around this country.

The favorite whipping boy is the "Iraq War". If there was not so much money spent in Iraq

...we could have more community centers built

...we could have more computers in the school

...we could provide more job training

...we could have free health care for the poor.

But wait a minute - prior to "evil Bush" you had a favorable president AND A BUDGET SURPLUS.....and there was no IRAQ WAR. Million dollar question - Did you get the funding that you sought? You know the answer.

It does not dawn on some people to put 2 + 2 together. You are not getting what you want from an enemy president. You didn't get what you wanted from a "Black president" maybe it is time to stop using your "fake outrage" as your vehicle and fundamentally change the link between the economics in your community and the need to fund things that you value at the level at which you value rather than depending on someone else's favorable vote?

My people have more endurance than I had previously thought. With the tactics of the Democratic operatives so clear and with the numbers WITHIN our community being what they are I thought that a revolution against the system as we are practicing it would have taken place. Maybe it is not "Democrat or Republican" after all. Maybe it is this is what we need since we are not getting it from you we are circling the wagons and controlling our own fate?

The following articles prompted me to write this piece:

Detroit Seeks More Time To Act Against Police Brutality by David Ashenfelter

Detroit Public Schools' administration is proposing a $1.25 billion general fund budget for the 2007-08 school year that projects a 5,000-student loss, about half the annual student loss the district has been experiencing, according to a draft budget obtained by The Detroit News

Washington DC: In City Brimming With Black Talent, Fenty's Cabinet Lacks Color

(Translation: The lack of news coverage is a bigger problem than the death)
"When something happens to children in other communities, you know, there's always this national presence and this national outrage," said Taharka Robinson, a Brooklyn activist.,0,458594.story?track=rss

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Black Leftist Fundamentalists In The Media

"The Black Commentator" is one of my favorite portals for my research in understanding how the ideology of the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" works. This and the web site that spawned from it "The Black Agenda Report" which was created by Glen Ford, one of the founders of BC prove both entertaining and disturbing to me.

They are unapologetically leftist in their rantings. An assortment of corporations, Racist Republicans, confused conservative Blacks and an economic system that was created to produce the racial outcomes of today are responsible for all that ails Black people today.....if you allow them to tell it.

It amazes me how on the one hand you condemn an economic system that is so racist and corrupt and yet you reference your own standing in the world against other people who have gained their standing by their active participation in this same system. If they have "stolen their way" into prosperity then, assuming that you reject "theft" should identify your own standards and seek to lift your people up to this standard while ignoring the "gap envy" between you and the "thieves". Instead their past actions show that they are more interested in "getting in on the game". A "theft" is not a "theft" if they get their cut. If, for example, you can plot out the supply chain of thievery and corruption regarding how America gets her oil from exploited lands around the world....does the fact that we can inspect your credit card statements and see charges made to "BP, Mobil and Citgo" indicate that your "consciousness" about where this fuel has come from does not trump your need to live up to the American standard of living? No doubt there are billions of people on this Earth who have no access to petroleum based products.

With all of that being said I just had an epiphany as to the interconnectedness of certain Black Leftwing propagandists in the media and the various organizations that promote certain agendas. A few years ago after listening to the NPR show "News & Notes" and wondering "where in the world did Dr. Mary Francis Berry come from" with respect to her belligerent condemnation of anything to the right of Dennis Kucinich - I then recalled that she was an operative in the leftist media outlet "Pacifica Network". Of course we won't talk about the raucous that she created over there. Seems that there is a report that she had demonstrators outside of the offices arrested. So much for free speech when you are the target. Her past allowed me to make sense of her current orientation. Despite all of this she was placed on the "US Civil Rights Commission". Now get this where as right now there is a big fight about a Republican operative being placed upon the Federal Election Commission for his past actions - Dr. Berry's past actions as a leftist activist were seen as qualifications for her role. Go figure.

This brings us to the Black Commentator. In reading an article about the future of Black Labor in America in which they talked about the FIGHT that is necessary but mentioned nothing about the "consumers of labor" and how it might be in our interests to produce some job creating entities that might want to employ us...I was motivated to understand who was behind BC now that Glen Ford has packed up and is doing his own thing. Turns out that the 18 member board of BC is highly concentrated on left-wing ideological thought. It stands to reason that much of the content of the web site is focused on "rights" - labor, civil, judicial, economic where Blacks are IN RECEIPT OF these items from a larger power. Yet so few pieces are focused the creation of entities that create such items for distribution. For example - where as Bill Gates might talk about his goal to increase the computer literacy of a greater portion of the world's 6.5 billion population and might later state that this will be a $30 billion market by the year 2015 (this is a hypothetical situation and numbers) then we assume that he will alter the focus of the resources that he controls to make this POTENTIAL market happen. You will not hear any such talk from the likes of BC nor Black Agenda Report. They are busy seeking to regulate and control the market as it is today. By having the government place these evil corporations in check prosperity will soon come forth. If only they could tell the city of Gary or Detroit this fact.

The board of BC are in lock step in their left of center ideology. One member is said to have "devoting her life to the education and leadership of people at the losing end of society". Wow. What about those of us who have done all that is possible to NOT be on the "losing end of society"? Do you have a message for us? Can you even relate to us?

What happens in cities or regions in which people who think like this take over and thus they now assume the seats of power that were once held by people who they waged their main fights against? Are they able to retain the standard of living that they have long struggled to obtain? A long list of cities today indicate that the answer is NO.

BC Editorial Board

Carl Bloice - A writer in San Francisco, a member of the National Coordinating Committee of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism and formerly worked for a healthcare union.

Julian Bond - Board Chairman, NAACP, Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, renowned for its organizing work in the fight against racism

Rose Brewer, PhD - Professor of African American/African Studies, University of Minnesota and a leader of the Black Radical Congress

Imani Countess - National Coordinator, Africa Program, American Friends Service Committee.

Bill Fletcher, Jr. - A long-time labor and international activist and writer.

James Jennings, PhD - Professor of urban and environmental policy and planning at Tufts University.

Badili Jones - A writer and organizer who works among African-American LGBTQ persons on the grassroots level and is also a rank and file member of SEIU, Jobs with Justice, and Pride at Work.

Hany K. Khalil - Organizing Coordinator for United for Peace and Justice, the national antiwar coalition,.anti-war paper War Times. Hany has organized in the racial justice, labor, and peace movements for the last 15 years.

Julianne Malveaux, PhD - Economist, President of The FuturePAC, and Secretary-Treasurer of the Board of the Economic Policy Institute.

Manning Marable, PhD - Dr. Marable has been Professor of Public Affairs, Political Science, History and African-American Studies at Columbia University in New York City. For ten years, Dr. Marable was founding director of the Institute for Research in African-American Studies at Columbia University, from 1993 to 2003. Dr. Marable is an author or editor of over 20 books, including Living Black History (2006); The Autobiography of Medgar Evers (2005); Freedom (2002); Black Leadership (1998); Beyond Black and White (1995); and How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America (1983). His current project is a major biography of Malcolm X, entitled Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention, to be published by Viking Press in 2009. Click here to contact Dr. Marable.

Leith Mullings, PhD - Presidential professor of anthropology and Director of the program in medical anthropology at the Graduate Center, City University of New York.

Steven Pitts, PhD - Labor Policy Specialist at the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education.

Barbara Ransby, PhD - Historian, writer, and longtime political activist. Dr. Ransby is currently an associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Departments of African American Studies and History.

Maya Rockeymoore, PhD - President and CEO of Global Policy Solutions, a public affairs consulting firm based in Washington, DC. She is the author of The Political Action Handbook: A How to Guide for the Hip Hop Generation and co-editor of Strengthening Communities: Social Insurance in a Diverse America. Her Website is Click here to contact Dr. Rockeymoore.

Jamala Rogers - Leader of the Organization for Black Struggle in St. Louis and the Black Radical Congress National Organizer.

Ethel Long-Scott - Executive Director of the Women's Economic Agenda Project, (WEAP). She is known nationally and internationally for devoting her life to the education and leadership of people at the losing end of society, especially women of color. She is dedicated to economic security and justice and believes that the US is engaged in a relentless war against workers and the poor.

William L. (Bill) Strickland - A founding member of the independent black think tank in Atlanta,the Institute of the Black World (IBW), currently teaches political science in the W.E.B.DuBois Dept of AfroAmerican Studies at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Chuck Turner - Boston City Council member and founder of the Fund the Dream campaign. He is the Chair of the Council’s Human Rights Committee, and Vice Chair of the Hunger and Homelessness Committee.

Emira Woods - Co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies (Woods is from Liberia and brings an international viewpoint).

Jeanne Woods, JD - Visiting professor at the University of Maryland School of Law from the College of Law at Loyola University, New Orleans.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

BQPFRC vs BQPFRC Debates Message Board

It is very interesting chiming in from time to time on a Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser message board that I have been muffled from participating in.

You see I was one of the few "Black Conservatives" (a term that I don't accept) on the board. As a result there was a me against them orientation and thus they united to battle their common enemy. I was told that I was banded because they were seeking "quality over quantity". The fact is that so many of the fundamentalist on the board where prompting for the board administrator to "pull the plug" on my account because I was a major disruption in their desire to unify behind the way they see the world.

Fast forward about 4 months and the tone of the board has shifted sharply left. I have to admit that while I don't visit the board frequently - when I do see an outrageous claim that deserves rebuttal I am not able to do so (Fox News is racist - as told by a leftist news monitoring group. The fact that Jesse Lee Peterson has made certain statements on Fox means that they are racist. The Black Left wants to have Blackness to be a province of leftist political thought )

But now we have a problem. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. A Black man gains power over a nation and executes oppression upon Black Africans - you would be mistaken if you thought that the high minded humanitarians among us would renounce such treatment of Black Africans. No - it is all a LIE cooked up by the Western Press. And oh - by the way - if the RACIST EUROPEAN financiers who used to fund the racist Whites would have continued pumping money to Mugabe then everything would be alright today in Zimbabwe. Does anyone notice that in their minds it is not MUGABE'S actions but instead the WHITE MAN'S ACTIONS that is the cause of the problems? If only they could speak directly to the opposition party who is being beat down by Mugabe. (See picture).

These blind defenders make up the worst type of Black people walking the Earth. They have been bathed in the notion that systematic oppression is only a province of the White Man. In one comment the poster stated that during the transformation to independence things get bad before they get better, thus she justifies the actions of Mugabe. If only she could apply such open-mindedness to the formation of America in which SLAVERY was cast upon Black people because labor was needed. Of course this should be rejected with America. Why is it that this poster can't do the same with her blind support of Mugabe?

Once again my notion of "Non-White White Supremacy" holds true. Some people (who seemingly always make judgment from afar, never placing their own bodies into bondage) always seek to dismiss the reports of events on the ground by people who are fighting for their lives.

The only solution to the problem is to have these theorists to live within the very same system that they defend.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Non-White White Supremacists Focus on "Unsolved Civil Rights Era Murders", Look Past High Unsolved Rates Of Today

For the life of me I just don't understand the way some things work. Today during my bike ride I listened to Democratic Senator and Presidential candidate Christopher Dodd tell of his plan to advance $11 million to the US Justice Department to resolve unsolved murders of various Black people during the Civil Rights Era in this country - as far back as 1946. To the detractors of this legislation he stated that he does not want the killers of these people, regardless of how old they get, to think that they can relax because they got away with this crime. (

Sounds good.

That is UNTIL we fast forward to the year of our Lord 2007. In certain Black communities of today there is a less than 35% rate of prosecution for murders of Black people today........and there is a very, very high likelihood that these killers are actually still alive and likely to kill other Blacks if they are not taken down and held accountable. In the Vine City Section of Atlanta there is a 32% rate of conviction for homicides. In New Orleans last year - out of 160 homicides in focus only 3 PEOPLE were convicted of them. In Memphis, TN the 75th homicide of the year was committed yesterday.

It is clear that pandering to the sentiments of Black people over the Civil Rights Era is at play. Rep. John Lewis has worked to get this bill advanced. The sad part about it all is that Vine City is a portion of his district.

I can only conclude that the actions of a White man some 50 years ago is more important than the actions of killers, many of them likely Black, today. The argument is sound. How can one claim that we should not "get over it" with respect to a past that has tormented us so yet look past the active torment of today that is snuffing out our lives on a continuing, out of control basis?

No doubt the claim will be "we can do both!! The problems of the past and the current are not mutually exclusive". In the day of "Stop Snitching" and with the numbers as I have posted I no longer believe that one can serve the master of the past as well as the current/future.

Still I await justice for this young Black mother of a 5 month old who had her throat slit while her child was sleeping in front of her.

Memphis Blues

My job affords me the ability to travel to various cities around the nation. Recently I visited the city of Memphis. While I will no doubt meet with a corporate citizen within a given city I aways try to go out into the community and get a view of how the average citizen lives. I purchase the local newspaper, watch the local news broadcast and read the free community events paper to get a picture of what is going on at the street level.

I visited Memphis last summer on a family vacation. This week I saw the same lady who has been protesting outside of the Loraine Motel for 19 years still camped out there in the baking sun. No one can tell me that she is a skater. She is committed to her cause. (

The local television news and newspaper told of the factional fighting among the local politicians in the city. The mayor is charging a racist conspiracy for those who attempted to have a female to have an affair with him. A Black member of city council had just resigned due to federal corruption charges. A long list of interim replacement candidates interviewed for the position to replace him on this august panel. Charges of racial instigation by the local newspaper in which race is inserted into all aspects of the political scene.

Unfortunately - just as the sight of the local "Best Buy", "Walgreens" or "Sprint/Nextel" store makes it hard for you to know exactly where you are in the country......the same was the case with respect to the crime problem in the city. The murder of a young Black male on Tuesday evening as he exited a car load of people brought the murder rate for the city to 75 for the year 2007. There is local talk about how to address the violence and gang problems with outreach efforts to the youth.

The gulf between the many challenges that are on the street and the application of human intellect of the young people who's "science projects" that I saw were striking. This particular company had demonstrations of various technology projects that were being developed to assist the corporation in keeping track of its assets. I was impressed that these young people were able to create these "mashups". I couldn't help to think that if I had a few million dollars I could cherry pick several talented young people off of the streets, put them in this environment and later produce products that leverage the fruits of their new found discipline. This particular company had reclaimed a once abandoned portion of the warehouse district near the river which had been redeveloped for loft apartments and the artsy district.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

In LA - "Killer King" Proves The Name So

Pressure to shut LA's King hospital after woman dies on ER floor

The Martin Luther King-Harbor Hospital in Los Angeles has faced increased scrutiny over the past year for its inability to pass Federal medical safety standards. The hospital has been labeled "Killer King" because of its long history of inferior medical care provided to the mostly poor section of east Los Angeles.

Steady in her defense of the institution has been US Representative Maxine Waters. She and other local activists have steadfastly defended the hospital and brushed aside the criticism. This proves to be a rare exception in her usual disposition. Typically she is "for the little guy" and against the institutions that are harming them. In the case of King Hospital, however, she has a soft spot.

I am under no disillusion that by simply closing the hospital a fix will be had. Clearly the residents in this area need access to medical care and clinical services.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Logistics Of "Hurricane Katrina"

Today I attended a conference for first responders and medical personal in association with my line of work. In presenting the state of the art in technology which had the goal of providing a higher level of service to victims of exceptional emergency situations there were some important themes in all of the various discussions that rang through each. It was clear that "Hurricane Katrina" and the flooding in New Orleans that took place afterward was a a high calamity of near biblical proportions.

As I listened to the various speakers, each from different disciplines I could not help but to understand yet another very important truth - many of the political opportunists who wasted no time in attacking the government's response (and this is both on the right and the left) have no clue as how complex the systems that deliver our STANDARD OF LIVING on a daily basis are and the challenges of returning them to proper order during and after such a disaster. Thus when you have no idea as to what goes into running these various systems them criticism in the delay of having them return to proper working order is that much easier to distribute upon others.

The presenters that I saw introduced various technology solutions that would assist in expediting medical treatment, tracking lost individuals and allowing medical personal to communicate to the the field and thus project their knowledge more effectively. I couldn't help but notice that the biggest critics don't have any technical skills that are going to prevent the same situation from happening again. They instead play the role of the "angry consumer" who's job is to raise hell for not being SERVICED.

It seems to me that the magic of creating an environment where there is abundant and good paying jobs resides in the presence of a society with a rich fabric of expert people who are part of a SYSTEM or PROCESS who's goal is to continuously reform and improve the way they do things so that yesterday's problems are resolved and new ones are tackled with the time that has been freed up.

As it stands now so much of New Orleans is unable to "help itself" because many of the prime people with the embedded interests to help themselves lack the skills and perspective to contribute at the level of management and engineering which is necessary. Typically institutions of higher learning direct their education efforts toward resolving a particular challenge that is present. Much of New Orleans, however, seems to be decoupled from this entire process of problem solving and definition of new systems to insure that it will not happen again - or at least not in the same deleterious manner.

This I conclude that the activist track where frustrated citizens are urged to walk their own streets in protests for the so called "Right To Return" to their own neighborhoods. The right to return is indeed present. The problem is the context to which they are returning with respect to employment, availability of public safety services, utilities and of course housing. The very predicament in which so much of your being is placed in the hands of outside bureaucrats is a problem into itself.

Where as what I saw today represented applied science to insure that the bottom would not fall out of a response in the future, I see little that can be said to be the act of positioning for a more self-sufficient and more secured state for New Orleans in the future.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Unspoken Miscarriage Of Justice Within The Black Community

If the talking heads that are often seen in the news media are assumed to represent the real pulse from within the Black community on the key issues of JUSTICE that are of greatest concern to the Black community then there is a very serious problem. The most popular theme from within the Black community has to do with the great number of innocent Black men who are incarcerated for crimes they did not do but a criminal justice system who says "any Black man will do" as a guilty party is sought out. The work of the "Innocence Project" is trumpeted as over 200 individuals thus far have been found to be innocent by the use of DNA. Dovetailing on this point is the commentary about the sheer numbers of individuals who are locked up in jail and the disruptive impact that these polices have on these policies.

I would like to introduce a major issue that is overlooked which far outdistances the 200 individuals freed using DNA. Today the Black community is impacted significantly by a high rate of homicides in which no assailant is brought to justice. On "Anderson Cooper 360" yesterday a special prosecutor brought in to assist in reforming and reestablishing the criminal justice system of the city noted that out of 160 HOMICIDES in New Orleans in a given period of time only 3 INDIVIDUALS WERE SUCCESSFULLY CONVICTED for their actions.........3 PEOPLE. This is a 1.8% rate for justice.

(Here is the transcript for the show.

Last year, in a borrow from the report you're about to see, New Orleans racked up 162 murders. And the criminal justice system managed to win just three convictions. The question is, why?

Well, one answer clearly lies in a system that many say didn't work all that well even before the storm. But another has to do with a problem nationwide, all the people who see something and say nothing.

Leslie Crocker Snyder is a former New York prosecutor and judge. She's also an author. For the last six months or so, she has been here in New Orleans on a Justice Department fellowship working in the New Orleans district attorney's office.

Do I need to ask "Where is the outrage" from the usual suspects?

I must seriously ask the question - Should the SYSTEM that is said to be harming us be held to more damning scrutiny than the SYSTEMATIC killing of Black people that is taking place all over this nation while the assailant worries little about having to account for his crime?

I am struggling to find a means of understanding why we are so inclined to focus on the outside adversary but say little about the insider who is killing us at a more rapid rate?

Oh, I forgot. There are some of you that will claim that Post-Katrina New Orleans is a special case. It is understandable that the lack of law enforcement and a traumatized people can explain this crime level. I hold in my hands the June 12th edition of the Philadelphia Daily News. It has the "City of Brotherly Love's" death toll at 181 because 4 more souls were added to the body count on Sunday.

Think of it this way folks - when other races of people (including other Black people for that matter) begin to assign a characteristic to a Black community - what mental image does one conjure up? (Come on - let us be honest with ourselves.) The Civil Rights industry focuses on the backend results of bias and stereotypes. These issues that I am confronting are "front end" issues that contribute to the negatives. Is it not a worthy investment to work on the front end rather than always working in response to someone else's stereotype? Does one have the power to change a stereotype by making that negative such a rare occasion that the objective observer would not believe it to be true?

Excuse Me Mr. Clinton - What Was Your Educational Legacy

Certain factions of my people amaze me sometime. Put the word "Bush" in front of them and they will attack like the trick I used to play on my German Shepard pet that I had when I was growing up. I used to take the pole of my mother's mop and stick it into her bowl of food. I knew by doing this I could provoke a growl and then add to the tooth marks on the mop handle. It was a funny act to see.

In scanning the Black leftist blogs that is part of my routine I came across this article about the reauthorization of the "No Child Left Behind" education program:

No Child Left Behind lowers the bar on school reform

The comments on the blog are as follows:

So we have former president Bill Clinton commenting that annual testing is not really necessary to insure quality education. The author of the article finds individuals that substantiates this claim. The responders to the post see the word "Bush" and they go on the attack.

But wait a minute.........Just as Al Gore and Madeline Albright have some nerve to write books about the conflict in Iraq and the Environment (in Al Gore's case) while making no substantial progress on either front while they had power to do so while in office, now we have "The Education President" - you know - the one that closed the performance gap between Black and White students (sarcasm).

But my focus is not on Bill Clinton. His comments weren't seemingly an attack. My comments are about the Black leftists. It seems they hate their enemies more than they love themselves. If their focus was truly about the best interests of Black students they would, for once, put aside their hatred and ask for Clinton's credentials on the subject. If I recall correctly - as president he did not request any sort of testing - annually or bi-annually. The educational performance through the 1990's was flat. Despite this he enjoys a high level of support WITHIN the Black community. The NEA teacher's union invited him several times to speak to their national convention - with a roaring applause at the end.

I take it that some groups prefer popularity over performance?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Woodrow Wilson, J. Edgar Hoover & The Palmer Raids

This is my latest entry in my series of posts that take a look at historical events in the United States that have had an underreported impact upon Black America. President Woodrow Wilson, labeled as a Progressive by many was one of the more onerous presidents upon the rights of Black people.

The infamous J. Edgar Hoover got his start in the federal government within the Woodrow Wilson administration. The "Palmer Raids" were named after Wilson's Attorney General Mitchell Palmer. Palmer was a 3 term congress man and a progressive liberal - having supported woman's suffrage and pacifist causes. In 1919 he was called to put down radical movements within the United States.

In response to mass bombings in the United States, one of which struck Palmer's house, he set out to put down the radicals in America. They ripped the Constitution to shreds in the process of achieving this "justice".

The actions of this administration makes the Bush Administration War On Terror look like an ACLU sponsored initiative.

Philadelphia Confronts The Balance Between Reducing Gun Violence & Civil Liberties

NPR's Radio Times:

A rebroadcast of our show on the controversial practice of "Stop and Frisk." It's a crime prevention technique championed by Michael Nutter, the democratic nominee for Philadelphia Mayor. Here's description of our earlier broadcast. Do law enforcement officials have the right to stop and frisk someone based solely on the suspicion that they are carrying a gun? Is “stop-and-frisk” effective in getting illegal guns off the street? We discussed this with DAVID RUDOVSKY, a civil rights attorney and senior Fellow at University of Pennsylvania Law School, and LAWRENCE SHERMAN, Director of the University of Pennsylvania's Jerry Lee Center of Criminology. This was originally aired 12/14/06.

With the out of control street crimes in urban areas of Philadelphia, New York City and Baltimore the city administrations have adopted aggressive policing tactics called "Stop and Frisk". There is no surprise that young, Black & Latino males are the most frequent targets of these tactics.

Once gain our community is faced with the choice of accepting a tactic that is unsavory because the homicide rates are a greater threat to the community than is the contextual yielding of "civil liberties" versus cleaving to the concept of RIGHTS that must be protected at all costs.

I can't help but to notice that the ranting that is heard about the Federal government's erosion of civil liberties in the name of the "War On Terror" is largely absent in the case of searching for guns on the street in the inner city. In my opinion the "War On Terror" does not have the same personal impact within these communities that the "War On Thugs" has. Also the administrations carrying out these aggressive police tactics where also directly elected by these same, largely minority communities.

Stepping back to see the big picture, however, all of the focus upon the guns is a losing battle. If a person living within this lifestyle feels that his life is under threat he is going to acquire a gun so that he can defend himself. This is not going to change until a changing in these individuals and the racketeering that they are involved in are changed.

Benton Harbor's Water Front - The Black Left Needs To Practice What It Preaches

Benton Harbor On The Brink: Michigan Town Still Boiling

Since the town of Benton Harbon, MI is on my list of failed progressive onclaves I was estatic to see an article that captured the key challenge facing the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundemantalist Racism Chasers that are angry there. You see this town which is 92% African American and represented in its elected and civil leadership accordingly is having a major conflict. It seems that this town, who's average income is $17,000 per year is fighting to keep the "White Interlopers" from buying up the valuable river front property within the city. While the other areas of the city are in disrepair, the injection of capital will insure that the river front shines.

My challenge to the Black Progressives in Benton Harbor is the same that I make to those around America who fear "gentrification" if the time for you to abandon CAPITALISM and follow your own ideological rhetoric. You see - there is no law that one must sell to the highest bidder or that a government must tax a property on "market value". In the abandonment of capitalism this land could be sold based on the "value of people". "People over profits" is the favorite call of the Progressive. Now we have an opportunity for them to express this view.

The truth is that the progressive conquer of our inner cities has failed to spawn the economic growth and thus benefit to the Black community that had been promised since the early 70's when we were admonished to "vote for someone who looks like you and who represents your interests". These purveyors have been outstandingly successful in getting select progressive candidates into positions of power. They have grossly failed to have benefit flow to the Black community at large. In my view the reason is that their flawed economic policies come into view within these cities.

The fact is that many of these cities were originally developed on the back of American industry. The population grew as the need for workers grew. I support the Labor Movement in America as it worked to increase the size of the slice of pie that the American worker took home in greater balance than what the ownership had been receiving. Let us make no mistake about though - Labor does not "create the pie", the owner who orders all of the resources at the table, including labor is the pie maker. All of the components that are at work make the total size of the pie grow. Labor's job is to negotiate as to how much of the pie they take home.

The Benton Harbor and other cities that have seen extensive plant closures in the past few decades are in need of "pie makers" in order to employ the labor that remains abundant in its potential form. Through arrogance, indoctrination and radicalism the ruling powers reject what is obviously needed to revitalize their cores. These movements were founded from the labor movement who saw ownership as their enemy. Now that the ownership has largely departed - it is time for someone form their midst to become the "bad guys".

Thus there is an economic choice for this relatively poor community. The choice is what to do with this prime set of real estate parcels which, if managed properly, could be the growth engine for the revitalization of the city and produce needed jobs. In my view the only choice is to do selective sale of land parcels to big money interests. All the natural demand for this river front property to be purchased and for capital investments to incubate economic value for the area. At the same time develop protected areas which will be offered to residents of Benton Harbor for use in less high revenue purposes - parks, theaters, etc. In a few decades the demand for these properties that were off of the high priced market could be sold for the direct benefit of he property owners within the city. To be honest with you the challenge in this plan will be the selection of who would gain title to this land when the highest bidder is not the method.

The activists in Benton Harbor need to accept that real estate, by definition is cyclical. The very neighborhoods that they now live within were not always majority Black. In my view so called "gentrification" is necessary for capital investments to be injected into properties that decay and degrade over time, the current residents not having the capital to maintain these properties.

Sadly progressives are inclined to use "Community Block Grants" from the government to provide the capital necessary to fix up PRIVATE PROPERTY rather than allowing natural market forces to be the determining factor.

Friday, June 08, 2007

The Black Community Falls For The Paris Hilton Justice Okey Doke

There you have it folks. Once again we see what can get Black folks in a tizzy. Beyond Don Imus we only need to have a wealthy, White ditz get released from jail after 3 days into a mental meltdown out of a 45 day sentence and the Black community and its leaders will be heard with their sound condemnation of the US Justice system having 20/20 vision with respect to race and money.

These spokesmen for the Black race point to the number of Black people who have had the book thrown at them in this same racist criminal justice system. Their presence of pigment and lack of funds being the deciding factor. No mention of the wealthy and white Martha Stewart.

But wait a minute my people. Let us talk about the entire spectrum of issues that surround the Black community and issues of crime, violence and imprisonment. A few weeks ago I posted information about the low level of police solving homicides WITHIN the Black community and the low level of assailants that ever serve prison time for their offense against the Black victim. My ultimate question upon hearing the outrage of Al Sharpton and others over Paris Hilton is - "From a proportional standpoint Where is your outrage on behalf of the Black victims who's assailant is also out of jail....because they had never been to jail for the crime?"

It seems to me that at times the path of the collective resolve and consciousness for Black people is altered like a wisp of air from a person's mouth upon the flight path of a moth that flutters. It is clear that these type of relatively UNIMPORTANT EXCEPTIONS in the system have the magnitude to the power to affirm certain people's negative assumptions of the justice system. In my view some people go over the top against this "exceptional threat" in order to have the collective consciousness of the country to REMEMBER this the next time some poor Black person who is being piled upon by the media claims that the system is unfair. No doubt Sharpton and others will get extensive mileage out of the actions of the Los Angeles County sheriff, the bastion of conservatism that runs through that area. (insert sarcasm)

We as a community have been drawn off course too frequently by these type of tactics. This incident is not going to change the hard facts of crime, crime victims and punishment WITHIN the Black community. It will only serve to temporarily appease those who don't have an answer about out problems as a people and thus give them more cover for their lack of effectiveness.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"Fox News" And The Black Community

Over the past few months I have learned that in fact Black people DON'T like "biased news sources". You could have fooled me. I have spent my entire adult life listening to news and talk outlets targeted at Black people including "The Tom Joyner Morning Show", "The Les Brown Show", "The Bev Smith Show", "The Power" station on XM Radio including Joe Madison and the various personalities that have graced Atlanta's news and talk radio station "WAOK". I won't even mention the opinions expressed by the music D.J.s over time. It is no mystery that this compilation of media listed above is left of center as is the politics of most Black Americans. What is amazing, however, is the amount of bellyaching that is going on among these same people as to "Fox News". You see when these media outlets are biased they are "echoing the interests of the Black community". When Fox News slants to the right they are "RACISTS". They seek to "maintain the RACIST White power structure that is present in America"......if you allow some people to tell it that is.

I am a reasonable Black, American, male. I have an education and I have 15 years of working experience. From this indoctrination in my own life I tend to be averse to the radical, conspiracy theory based machination of the Black left Progressives who portray themselves as being shut out on the outside (please ignore their million dollar broadcasting contracts for many of the people on the list above). With my ideological footings being further to the right of many of them I get less disturbed by what I hear on Fox than what I am prone to hear on Pacifica Network, The Power, or the local community radio station "WRFG" which bills itself as the "Progressive Radio station" for the city.

When "racism chasing" Black and their like minded people within Black American listen to Fox they are tuned in to the smallest of slight against A Black person. In doing so this must be projected into racism for ALL Black people. On the flip side when there are attacks hear on media that they favor against A White person it is contained to that White person. When I hear the frequent generalizations against White people, however, we must conclude that THEY ARE TRUE because the White people today are descendants of and thus beneficiaries of the past racism. (We'll ignore the house and the car that the aggrieved Black person making this comment has - just as many White folks do).

There is an on going spat about the Congressional Black Caucus teaming up with Fox News to host a Democratic Presidential debate. Thus far Barak Obama, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton have announced plans to boycott the forum because Fox News is biased. There have been several Black operatives who have also lobbied to have the other candidates follow suit. Fox IS racist after all. But wait! Why didn't any of the other news outlets knock on the door of the CBC to partner with them? With the CBC as a partner there is sure to be discussions about the problems plaguing Black America. There have been several articles critical of the lack of Black content in the previous debates.

This all comes down to "Blackness" and who controls and speaks for Blacks. There is a faction of vocal Blacks who work to fuse their leftist ideology with "real Blackness". They selectively attack any entity that offends their ideological interests. Please keep in mind that no thug rapper who has all of his lyrics posted on the Internet for all to read in the event that you can't understand what he is saying would ever garner their attention despite the fact that he reaching the ears of more Blacks than does Fox News.

Once again I make the case that the credibility of these "Defenders of Blackness" should be a function of their EFFECTIVENESS WITH THE BLACK COMMUNITY for progress rather than their ability to find racism among White folks and draw upon common sentiments that Black people have in concern. Otherwise it is White people who define us in taking this track.

To the selectively offended Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser I say "get over yourself".

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Pain That No One Seems To Have An Answer For Within The Black Community

The Pain That No One Seems To Have An Answer For Within The Black Community

The words of one of the people in the audio interviews said all that needs to be said about the high homicide rate amoung young Black people:

In Chicago recently 27 high school aged kids were killed in a short time period. This is more people than were killed in Columbine and nearly the amount dead in the Virginia Tech shootings. Where as these first two incidents got front page attention for several days and are still being talked about.........the slower dripping blood that is coming from the Black community goes unnotice.

To be clear I am not challenging the "Mainstream Media" to bring more attention to this problem with my plea. I am demanding that the BLACK COMMUNITY get our priority straight. Our attention on this problem has been distracted by the national politics that appear to be more important to our racial bottom line. Unfortunately this is not the case on the ground. We are losing the battle in our own streets as many political operatives within our race would have us to place our hopes and dreams into the electoral success of a particular political party that they favor.

These series of audio reports from National Public Radio keep the focus on the problems WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

Youth Violence An Issue of Public Health?

Chicago Schools Suffered 27 Deaths in 2006

Philadelphia Homicides Rise Dramatically

Philadelphia Confidential - The Crime Blog from the Philly Inquirer newspaper

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Misplaced Politics Of Help For "Africans"

A few months ago a report was released detailing how the US Government (AKA - The B.U.S.H. Administration) had turned away millions of dollars in foreign assistance offers made by nations around the world in response to Hurricane Katrina. The claim was that the various policies and regulations that the government has provided too much red tape for this aid to flow into this country, who is more used to giving aid. For example the acceptance of food aid or medicine into this nation would face scrutiny in the same way that these products would face for market import. Where as the commercial channel would be established after a period of negotiation, the need for emergency relief would require a more immediate turn around. Secretary of State Condi Rice told these nations to instead contribute these funds to established charitable organizations which have the processes in place to channel these resources into the country.

Needless to say - after hearing about this road block the usual suspects went on a tear. They effectively made the claim that this is yet another example of how "Bush don't like Black people". After delaying the hurricane response during the week of the disaster, after creating the framework for a slow redevelopment response, now comes news that aid from foreign nations was rejected. Oh there was a field day.

Recently the activist group "African Monitor" released a report about the BILLIONS of dollars that were promised to the African continent in the past few years have never shown up.

News Report #1

News Report #2

Where as we heard a large outcry about the lack of resources provided to "Africans in America" after they suffered from Hurricane Katrina......there has been little notice of the shortfalls in funding for Africans. On a relative basis the various people of Africa are by far in more need of resources than any American can claim. Not only do they suffer from personal lack and want, the entire system that they live within provides no hope for them to gain access to an alternative lifestyle.

Fittingly it is France, Italy and Germany who are in gross violation of their commitments. They make up the bulk of the $8 billion funding gap. Interestingly enough the same television broadcast that brought this news to my attention also noted that the United States, via a decision by the Bush Administration has pledged to double its commitment to fighting the AIDS epidemic world wide by adding an additional $30 billion in funding over the next 5 years. This AIDS program focuses on 15 countries that have the highest impact from AIDS. The majority of these nations are in Africa.

Why is it that there is such a careful crafted agenda of news that is released to Black Americans for the sake of producing an engineered result, facts be damned?