They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rhetoric And The Power of "They" Within Our Community

At the recent "Tavis And Friends" conference that was the latest episode of the annual "What We Need To Do" gathering the above words were said by a panelist. On the one hand I am happy to hear that Dr. Julia Hare is speaking against certain key elements of the "Black Progressive" agenda for the past 50 years - Integration, The Removal of Corporal Punishment from our schools and other issues. What is less clear, however, is the source of the audience's applause upon hearing the words. Surely the "Stewards Of Blackness" who dominate the Black Ideological Agenda don't agree with her words. After all integration has been the centerpiece of their efforts. Their positions on Affirmative Action in education, school busing, and labor law make it appear to me that the 'THEY' that Dr. Hare is talking about is sitting right on stage with her.

But hold on a can this be? Surely the annual "Tavis And Friends Give Their Perspective On Black America" conference has a bevy of "Who's Who" in Black America political and social activism. How is it that in one audience they could hear a Al Sharpton talk about how Blacks are being denied opportunity within the broader society and a few minutes later they jump on their feet to give Dr. Hare a standing applause as she talks about how "THEY" have pulled a fast one on the Black community?


One only needs to peer over to the Black Quasi-Socialist Progress-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers and the White liberals who have backed them as the authors of much of what Dr. Hare is speaking of. Instead of seeking to build up local community schools they chose to believe that the best way for a Black child to be educated in America is to have him sitting next to a White child. Decades of this policy objective has stripped many of our urban schools from the status of being "learning environments".

Still I marvel at the audacity that one group can play both sides of the fence. Throughout the last 40 years they have steadily built up their power base WITHIN the Black community. We have shifted from the "First Black Mayor" hopes and dreams that were present in the 1970's over to the present day in which many of these same cities are on their third or fourth Black Progressive or Progressive mayor in general. Depsite the fact that today our major cities are, in many cases, centers of concentrated hopelessness, the architects of this current condition seem to get away unscathed by the consequences of their own policies.

The key thing that frustrates me the most is the fact that the same people who tell me all the time that THEIR ideology is dominate WITHIN the Black community and thus mine is an irrelevant minority voice which has been throughly rejected by the Black masses are also the same people who when we consider the current state of affairs WITHIN too many Black communities around the nation they feign powerlessness and also sabotage by some external enemy who has derailed their efforts. At no point will there be any consideration of the efficacy of the agenda that they lead with in perpetuating or creating the ailments that they are most unhappy about.

I fear that the applause that I see on the video is not from any deep seeded agreement with the principles that Dr. Hare has espoused but from the crowd's draw toward "Church-like" rhetoric which equates to her "stepping on some toes" or "speaking the truth and shame the devil". Maybe it is my flaw that I don't buy into impassioned speeches or the messages of hope but instead look for processes and detailed steps as to how the speaker plans to lead the masses from point "A" at which they stand up to point "Z" where the promised land will be exposed to them.

I am starting to believe, however, that rhetoric and marketing to my people works better than producing hard, cold facts as to how those who stood on stage with a mic in their hands over the last 40 years don't have much by which a dispassionate person who is objectively considering their track record can speak to positively concerning their skills at navigation. Maybe motivation and the drawing upon people's frustrations is in fact the key to achieving change in the circumstances of the people short of changing the mindset of the entire group of people? I will have to put this theory to test to find out.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Black Person Shot Dead By The Police In "Progressive" Fulton County

This is a sad update to the sad aftermath of my report on how the sentiments of the Black Community were used for electoral purposes back in November.

First let me state that based on the news thus far about the shooting of the two Black men outside of a night club in South Fulton County by the Fulton County Police is an outrage! There is more evidence to come in the next few days. But as it stands right now the police shot two unarmed men - one in the head and his brother in the back. I am typically willing to give the police the benefit of the doubt in that they have a challenging, thankless job most times. Short of having the now dead man having attempted to grab the gun of the officer - I can't see how this shooting can be justified. (Again more evidence to come).

All of this comes in the context of the highly charged campaign of the new Fulton County Chairman John Eaves. Last November Eaves' campaign sought to draw upon the past misery of the Black community by instilling present fear that if the Republicans get back into office Police Dogs and Fire Hoses will be brought back out upon Black people. (

In the past 6 month the key fear from government action upon Black people have come from police forces who are directed by government entities that have Progressive Black Democrats in office as leaders.

The interesting twist is best noted on the local Black radio station, WAOK AM. The talk show hosts on this station are the main cheerleaders that promoted the election of these current leaders. The key point of amazement that comes up when these type of community tragedies is that these same people maintain their same claim to be "working for the defense of the Black community" as they wage an assault upon the administration who's police forces have done the killing.

The point is of interest in that when it comes to Rudy Guliani, for example, they call for the mayor's head. They use the experience of the police killing as yet another example of how the community at large would regret their vote. This is not the stance taken in Fulton County or Atlanta when similar incidents come about. This is primarily because of two major truths:

1) The commentator is the same person who months ago was telling the audience to VOTE for these people who are now in office

2) The alternative force for them to now tell their people to vote for in opposition of the current administration that has failed them is unpalatable to their ideological interests

At the end of the day it is the Black community that has been used for the spot benefit of the political operative to get what he wants at the time.

In a later news cast I saw John Eaves, his police chief and the Fulton County board member who represents the district giving a news conference detailing the events that took place during the shooting.

I will now expound upon my purpose since I am so prone to be misrepresented.
I am NOT showing that a Black administration cannot lead. I am simply making the point that the next time these FOOLS attempt to USE YOU for their own electoral benefit you remember that they have not proven themselves to be any different than those who they seek to replace when it comes down to certain key points that impact the Black community.

To The Community of the "" Message Board

I wuz banned. My account wuz suspended.

I am now off to bigger and better things. When I departed the message board PREEMPTIVELY because I figured that my constant criticism of the Administrator of that particular board with respect to his silence about what is going on WITHIN the Black community would lead to banishment I publicly decreed back then that I would begin working on my own message platform. I registered the domain name of "" with the intention of putting forth my concept for making change WITHIN the Black community from WITHIN.

I took a 3 month diversion into posting on the web site. It is clear that interaction and debate with those who tend to be my adversaries as such issues are discussed frequently proved to be valuable. Interestingly enough one of my main debate adversaries from both the Redding and the AA board has long questioned me about the status of my project.

I am now freed to work toward this effort.

It is interesting, however, how those who have control of the "history books" as well as those who still have active accounts to talk about you share in the same tendency. This tendency is to tell "their version" of events while the other version is shut out. I am said to be an insurgent type figure. My posts were "subversive". I was an "operative" from a political agenda that hopes no good for the Black community.

All of this sounds good until you remember one thing........the ideology of the people who are saying these things enjoys a near monopoly position WITHIN the Black community. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that it was not the "way I talked to people" or the frequency of my posts that was the problem. The problem had mainly to do with WHAT I was saying and how I prevented those who are inclined to spread their own talking points accountable and in check.

The "" message board will no doubt flow as most conversations flow when one is in a group of like-minded folks. The bandwagon will gain speed as it flows unimpeded down hill.

Where as civil rights activists who dared to ask questions and or agitate for change where they saw the need for change were often called "unAmerican", in truth their countervailing force lead to a better America. Funny how today those who claim to be most aggrieved also adopt the tactics of those who sought to shut their ancestors up for the sake of "unity".

Might fight is FOR Black America and against the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" who holds the dominate ideology over my people. They stand UNACCOUNTABLE over anything that they have rendered upon the community during their tenure in power. Since 1970, at the end of the Civil Rights Movement, the black community was told to unify behind a political powerbase of Black, progressives. The documentary of Bayard Ruskin spelled out the plan for Blacks to achieve political power through the election of Democratic officials with the hopes that this would translate into benefit for the Black community WITH. To this I say - our community have largely "played ball" with this notion for 37 years. Many Blacks share your ideological hopes and thus they are not going to attack or question those who are in power WITHIN the Black community too much. They are largely sold on the importance of "unity".

I am not one of these "unity types". I realize that just as the old statements of "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" and "Power only yields to power" are true - it must also be true that the Black political operatives that are in POWER WITHIN the Black community will only response in kind just as the good ole boy White boys.

The key disarming phrase for many is "I am working in the BEST INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY". This statement has been used by saint and scoundrel alike to provide cover for their actions. Thus if you attack this person who is "Operating in the best interests of Black folks" then you in your criticism must be "operating against the best interests of Black people". I summarily REJECT this notion. It promotes the concept of unquestioned unity above the notion of show thyself approved and justify your continued leadership. All of the corporations that are present today were founded by one person or a group of people with a particular goal in mind.These people were there during the great time of need that made or broke the entity. The employee base and the investment community benefited greatly from their previous work. They are to be forever acknowledged as being "at the right place at the right, critical time" lest none of the other people would be present today in their current form. As times have changed and the corporate entity has TRANSFORMED both inside and out there have been plenty of instances in which this blessed founder has shown himself to be no longer up to the task of running the company and MOVING THE INTERESTS FORWARD. The employees that are dependent upon a paycheck and the investment community that is interested about ROI if not protecting their investment from loss and frivolity must have the boldness to look dispassionately at the situation surrounding the GREATER ENTITY rather than leveraging their attachment to the one INDIVIDUAL because of his previous work. This fatal mistake might have the entire entity to collapse and all of those with vested interests to be hurt.

It is my opinion that the Black American community faces this tough decision point today. From the INTERNAL perspective, looking outward, there are few clear and unambiguous claims of progression that these leaders can point to as evidence that the Black community has received benefit from their long years of representation. Their lock on the ideology that represents the METHODOLOGY that we should follow to achieve our common goals that are held by most - liberal and conservative alike have FAILED TO PRODUCE within the Black community. Our schools are not showcases for excellence now that they have control of our school boards. Our streets are not safe now that they are the police chiefs and have judgeships. The retail outlets within our communities do not produce the net jobs that are needed to keep the community intact and many of those outlets are not owned by those who live within. The closure of many health care facilities adds to these woes.

Above all of this is the monopolized political force that hovers over the Black community. In their ARROGANCE they ask me - a person who challenges them "Why should the Black community vote REPUBLICAN?" To this I say as my first response "I don't know - go ask a Republican to market his own party". I redirect the question into a more relevant consideration: "If you are among the greatly aggrieved even in your current state of supporting progressive at the tune of 90% of your vote and the majority of the areas where you enjoy significant influence over have people of your party.........please tell me why you continue to operate as you do? Do you think that MORE DEMOCRATIC domination - beyond 90% is going to do the trick some day?

When I point to the city of Philadelphia that has a 80% Democratic party voting base and then follow up with Baltimore, New Orleans, Atlanta, Washington DC, Newark, Camden, East St. Louis and Gary IN as shining examples that the THEORY that has been in control regarding Democratic domination as the key to Black prosperity......this is when I have my "agenda questioned". If I am critical of Democrats than to those who are binarily confined conclude that I am a Republican. Why can't I be a CRITIC of those who DOMINATE OUR COMMUNITY and have the goal of getting them to PRODUCE?

The new word for 2007 is "Proportionality" as I fend off the counterattack that comes from the usual suspects. For some reason the Black Conservative is the whipping boy for those who's ideology dominates and eviscerates all others WITH the Black community. Logic would hold that those who are most interested in "progressing" would focus on managing those who have the most proportional power WITHIN the Black community. If you made such an assumption - you would be wrong. This creature called the "Black Conservative" who's numbers are logically confined to the 10% of Blacks who don't loyally vote for the Progressives seems to be the key reason as to why the Black Progressive has yet to bring home the great benefits that he has promised over the past 37 years. The theory must be that if we can get that last 10% to UNIFY behind our flag rather than fight us then we will achieve victory.

Interestingly enough - while this creature called the "Black Conservative" is a parrot for the White Right Wing or Right Wing Christian Evangelist community.......we should ignore the frequent synchronization between the interests and talking points of the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" and the biggest White Liberals on Capital Hill. Tell me one of Ted Kennedy's major platform initiatives that they or (or their hero Barak Obama) splits with Kennedy upon? What about Nancy Pelosi? What about Dennis Kucinich? If the Black Conservative's embodiment can be found in his sponsors show me the divergence from the most leftist forces in America?

It seems that the BQSPFRC has perfectly honed the skills and tactics that those in power who he has constantly struggled against as they resisted changed with the BQSPFRC adopting them to resist change WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

I refuse to be silent.
I know that personal attack is part of the game.
I will not have my voice and the ability to project it be a function of an ideology who is in conspiracy WITH maintaining the status quo WITHIN the Black community and protecting the current powerbase because of their desire for POWER more than for TRANSFORMATION of the Black community.

My "Blackness" and loyalties there in is not a function of those who judge me. It is a function of my bearing within and my God given intelligence to NOT BE SILENT when you see a cliff approaching while the driver is looking backward in time from where his powerbase is connected to.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Holding The "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" Accountable

Going from my life as a youth to an adult one key view that has been shattered beyond repair is that the so-called "Liberal" who is pointed as good hearted, having the "best interests" of man and who, above all believes in free expression of ideas is anything but all of these.

In truth the left wing supports these causes as long as they are in line with his own perspective. The Iraq War has brought forth many voices of dissent. Many of these voices have gone far beyond their sentiments against the war effort - which is their right to do so - down to the level of spitting on America herself and having viewpoints that you would likely find in one of the enemies of America, hoping for our defeat. Throughout all of these public displays of anarchy - the American Left and their media outlets (Pacifica Network, Common Dreams,, ACLU) have stood by demanding that their right for free expression be allowed. The messages said and the frequency of these messages were not to be abridged.

It seems, from personal experience, that when it is the Left that holds the seat of judgment and must place the rights of free expression in the context of their ability to get their own message out - they too express the very behavior that they condemn in corporate media and/or right wing intolerant sources that they so frequently attack.

In Black America there is an unmistakable orientation to Progressive Economic dogma and for Liberal Democratic Political solutions to that which ails the Black man. The face of both of these initiatives are what I call the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser". This label was coined by me as an attempt to get away from the label of "liberal" which I believe is arbitrary and does not carry forth any specific meaning. Every single word in this particular label applies directly toward some tendency that they display on a regular basis.

My "attacks" upon them are not in support of the "Republican Party", of which I am not a member of nor express any particular glory in seeing their rise in power. No doubt that my 20+ year involvement in business has me inclined to agree with some of the policies that they bring forth. I would be lying to myself if I denied what I know to be a rational course of action if I were to suppress this understanding for the sake of being in harmony with the views of the majority of my people.

I escape the "Forced Unity" trap by refusing to index myself to the masses. In doing so I am judged by what "the Average Black man thinks". This in and of itself does not prove correctness. No doubt that at one point in time the majority of the world thought that the world was flat and those who were of the exception were repressed as heretics. Instead I choose to place myself from the inside of the Black community and project outward. My measurements shift from UNITY to that of EFFECTIVENESS. The key question that I ask is "Are the policies and assumptions that are prevalent WITHIN the Black community successfully propelling us as a people toward the end that we seek?" For many who are familiar with the sentiments of the state of Black American the answer is clear. Not just "No" but "Hell No". To the "Black Attack Sheep Dogs" who enforce order and unity I ask "what particular event in the future do you see happening in which all of your dreams and aspirations will come to be?".

I am not willing to forget the "First Black" syndrome that we as a community have lived under since 1970 at the close of the real Civil Rights Movement. During this time Blacks were asked to "vote for someone who looks like you and who represent your interests (progressive interests) to have these benefits rain down upon the Black community. After nearly 40 years of having Black progressive mayors, city councilmen, school board presidents, state representative, state senators, US representatives and dog catchers the key metropolitan areas in which these operatives dominate have experienced many points of RETROGRESSION not progress.

It is clear that political power does not automatically translate into economic power nor academic attainment. The aggrieved Black must be prepared to ask himself some tough questions.......Are you in it to promote your DOGMA or is your objective to attain real and measurable benefit upon the Black people that you CLAIM to be promoting? Please show the evidence of your wholesome agenda?

My goal is to do what so few are willing to do. If they are Black they are subject to being called an "Uncle Tom". If they are White they are subject to being called a "racist". This one offense is to ASK SOMETHING OF THE BLACK MASSES who otherwise have a handicap placed upon them by well meaning White liberals and Black progressives who hate White people more than they love themselves and the thought of independent success of their own people. I am asking for ACCOUNTABILITY and results from those who dare to stand on stage in front of Black America with the goal of influencing my people toward a certain promised end with the use of certain methods to reach this end.

If you want the lead - you must show thyself approved or get off of the stage.