They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Friday, January 26, 2007

In Reference To The Republicans

Yesterday on my drive to work I was down to my last option with respect to my drive time radio programming. There was nothing on the two NPR stations that I listen to on my Sirius radio. CNBC and Bloomberg were not of interests. I had no interesting CDs in my vehicle. I then questioned if I needed to have my blood pressure lifted by listening to the last option - the morning show on the local Black talk radio show.

It seems that this particular host has figured out how to press my button and raise my pressure by the subject that she often brings up. I decided that I was not going to call in no matter what they were talking about, misrepresentations and all.

The suject was Vice President Dick Cheney's "hipocracy" regarding his support for his gay daughter's pregnancy. This host, the wife of a big time local preacher - who is also the president of the local NAACP, slammed Dick Cheney as such. She reminded the audience about how the Republicans won in 2004 on the backs of anti-homosexual policies. Now that there is a homosexual in the house of the VP he is acting differently.

Mary Cheney, the daughter of the VP shopped around for sperm along with her female partner and is now pregnant. Dr. Dobson who is active in the Christian Fundamentalist movement questioned if this was "in the best interests of the Child".

The subject of this radio show, however, was about "Dick Cheney's HIPPOCRACY".....not about the backdrop.

As caller after caller used the question about the VP as an entry to slam the Republican Party I noticed one thing that was missing from the show........."What is the OPINION of this Preacher's Wife on the subject of a woman "Sperm Shopping", implanting this into her womb and producing a child - the Immaculate Conception thanks to today's science"?

Why did this progressive Black talk show host FAIL to define her position on this matter? Instead it was more important that she label Dick Cheney a hippocrite. In a community that has 70% of Black children born outside of marriage - what is this Christian woman's position on the entire subject of the context in which a child should be reared?

She seemingly plotted out DICK CHENEY'S POSITION and worked to portrary the notion that she is the polar opposite of what he stands for.

In my view she should consider her own positions prior to going into battle. If she stands WITH her ideological enemy on a given subject then she should have allowed the chips to fall accordingly.

It is clear to me that the Black community has lost its soul primarily because poltical operatives who hate conservatives more than they love Black people have conditioned the masses to seek their enemy out and take the counter position even if it resides against what they stand for outside of this battle.

It is clear that these people seek to be "Morally and Ideological Superior" rather than casting judgment upon anyone for their behavior. Instead they would rather "Cast judgment on those who cast judgment". This big game of "gotcha" does nothing for the Black community. It only defines us "with reference to" someone else.

Those who have the power to make change are instead left idle and impotent by those who are more deliberate and sysematic in their efforts. Too often, unfortunately these people's agendas are to the detriment of the greater community.

At times it is necessary to do things for the defense of your people and your culture rather than rationalizing everything, seeking to protect everyone's rights and feelings. It is my opinion that many Black leaders, knowing that they are not held ultimately responsible for the conditions WITHIN the Black community will defend the behavior that is destroying our foundation. When conditions degrade sufficiently they are spared from blame because it is the 'force of historical racism' that is the cause of our problems, after all.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Baltimore's New Black Female Mayor

With the recent promotion of the White mayor of the failing city of Baltimore into the statewide office of Governor the city of Baltimore now has a Black, female, Democrat mayor who will take over the reigns of the city at a time where violence, under-performing schools, HIV infections and tepid economic growth in all but the central tourist areas of the city threaten to have this once great American city to implode. Despite the struggles within their daily lives - the majority of Black voters in Baltimore saw fit in November 2004 to vote to send their White Democrat mayor to the governor's mansion and 1/3 of their US House representation into the Senate.

It is clear to me that the city of Baltimore is suffering from electoral nullification where the realities on the streets is abstracted from the choices made in the voting booth.

Where as in 1963, Rev. Dr Martin Luther King Jr said "a Negro in New York believes he has nothing for which to vote. ", it is true that in Baltimore "nothing to vote for" has not been enough to have the Negro to question if VOTING alone if the most effective means toward change in their own community. The question must be asked - "in 2007 who is provoking the Negro to keep voting as a means of making this change that never seems to come, what is this person that is telling them to do so benefiting from such an effort and when will the Negro take a step back and realize that he is being used?"

With the stepping stone of majority Black Baltimore used by former Mayor O'Malley as a pathway into the governor's office, the opening in the mayor's seat has allowed the city to gain their first Black female mayor - Mayor Sheila Dixon.

The question for Black people of Baltimore who are suffering from a city full of challenges is - Are you able to put aside the notions that you will benefit from another "first" (first Black female mayor) and make enumeration of that which you expect from her administration and then hold them to the delivery of such benefit that will have measurable benefits upon your own life within this city full of challenges?

Isn't it time to stop living vicariously through the pride that you have for that elected official that says that he/she represents your interests and begin to make them prove that your interests are represented?

Monday, January 01, 2007

"We Are Planning To Help The Democrats Win The Presidency In 2008"

"We Are Planning To Help The Democrats Win The Presidency In 2008". These were the words said to me by a staff member of a Black Democratic politician with a state wide office. We meet during a recent social affair. He told me that he was an aide to a one of the two Black politicians to hold state-wide offices.

I asked this man what the plans for his "boss" were beyond his current office. He told me that the plan was to go beyond the state and work at the federal level and "we are planning to help the Democrats win the presidency in 2008".

In my mind I asked myself "are you saying that Democrats winning is synonymous with "Black people winning"?

After a bit of continued small talk a good friend of mine who knows me well began to tell the crowd that I am a Republican as a means of having them to understand my comments. I told them THAT I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN!

I stated that my goal is to "seek to hold those who have power and influence over Black people accountable for their actions. Right now they largely go unchecked by any force".

I laid out the case that for the past 35 years the Black community has had a strategy of getting Black officials put in place within the government as the primary means of registering benefit for Black people. For years the "First Black" phenomenon was what got us to the polls to vote for the "first Black mayor", "first Black city council president", "first Black congressman" from a particular district. I told him NOW having secured these seats in many areas around the country these same operatives now seek to convince the Black community that a Democratic take over of the House, Senate and later the presidency in 2008 is going to lead Black people to "the Promised Land". My goal, however, is to have them to back up and detail the benefit that we have received in going along with their initial strategy.

While there has been created an elite Black political class and while some cities have had Black Progressive administrations for years, there are plenty of Black people who are still outside of the loop in receiving benefit from this new political power. I expressed skepticism that this new strategy is going to yield any substantial benefit.

I pointed to the city of Philadelphia. As a recent radio show on NPR that I listen to indicated - Philly is a "one party town". The Democratic party totally dominates all aspects of the city. Currently there is a Black Democratic mayor in office. There has been Democratic mayors in the city as far back as I can remember. Despite this fact my uncle who is a resident of the city told me during a Thanksgiving conversation that if something does not change soon - the city of Philadelphia is going to collapse. There is a massive exodus of Black and White people out of the city in response to the crime and economic conditions there. This caught my interests coming from him because he had years ago teased me about my open-minded outlook on President Bush. Back then he had blamed Bush for much of the economic difficulties that were going on at the time. Today it appears that he is of the belief that the problem resides more close to home.

It is in this context that I see the importance of having Black people to ask tough questions of those who are "within", attempting to draw upon some notion of collective benefit that will be expressed if we continue to throw our support behind the same operatives.

At the end of my more recent dialogue with aide to the state official - I made the case that some of the problems that the Black community faces have solutions rooted in non-political means. He agreed with me on this point, noting that children failing in school have their problems rooted in the parenting that is taking place at home rather than a new government program that is going to fix everything.

At the end of our conversation he told me "I like the way you think".