They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Mechanics Of "The Struggle" Directives Within The Black Community

Right now I am watching C-SPAN. There is a broadcast from the "Congressional Black Caucus Foundation" meeting from a few months ago titled "Urban Crime".

There is a chorus of Progressive elected officials at the speakers table - Charlie Rangel, Mayor Anthony Williams, Mayor Elect of Oakland Ron Dellums, Kwami Killpatrick, Mayor Street of Philadelphia and New York Mayor Bloomberg - though a Republican is also a long time Democrat and a liberal.

A Democratic US Rep who existed the stage to go to a vote came to fame a few years ago after her son was killed via gun violence. She made the case that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is at fault for all of the gun violence within the urban areas. She set the largely Black audiences sights upon a FIGHT against the National Rifle Association as the key to reducing gun violence. She talked about how while it is good news that more people are surviving gun shots, the bad news is that the resulting medical bills generated in sparing this life causes a financial catastrophe upon the family.

I am floored by the fact that despite the obvious fact that these people at the head table are elected officials that preside over these very communities that are in trouble, they are able to redirect the angst of the victims living within these cities and have them, once again, fight the external fight.

The message between the line is that "White folks in the suburbs are not willing to give up their guns for the benefit of safer streets in the ghetto". In my view this misses the point. The point is that this proves that the presence of a gun in and of itself is not the cause of gun violence. The failure, in truth, is that of a lack of management bestowed upon the young people who are conducting this violence.

Now we have the 70 year old Mayor elect of Oakland, Ron Dellums pontificating as to how THE SYSTEM has failed urban youth - taking them out of school when they commit a crime and locking them up.....offering them no job opportunities when they come out. Mr. Dellums in January will have the reigns of THE SYSTEM in Oakland. Though he is now getting his partner mayors to leave their cities and go to THE US CONGRESS for a solution - the fact of the matter is that THEIR POLICIES are in place within these cities that have created these very conditions.

As a tie in with my "Mayor of Baltimore Got A Promotion" post......I again ask "How are these men who are elected by majority to govern their city and its resources ABLE TO SKIRT THE ACCOUNTABILITY AND ARE SUCCESSFULLY ABLE TO BLAME SOMEONE ELSE FOR THE PROBLEMS"?

There is about 1 hour left for this dialogue. I will count the number of times the phrase "Resident fathers instilling discipline and value for life into their sons". I have not heard them focus on anything that ASKS THE MASSES TO MAKE A CHANGE.

I now hear a solution based on "Pills and Devices" being mentioned. They are asking for TECHNOLOGY to be adopted to solve crimes - predominately using video surveillance on the corners. Now keep in mind that "Progressives" will be the primary forces claiming the loss of CIVIL LIBERTIES as "Big Brother" casts an electronic eye upon the masses. Mayor Street of Philadelphia is now talking about how all of these government cameras are going to be tied together using the City of Philadelphia Government WiFi network.

Mayor Kwami Killpatrick: "I live in an 80% Black community. I DON'T HAVE A MAJORITY WHITE COMMUNITY IN MY CITY". He is asking for a national database for tracking criminals as they move from city to city.

I will put money on it that 5 or 10 years from now that when we look back at these "GREAT IDEAS" that have successfully pacified the masses who are asking that they "DO SOMETHING!" will not be measured as to there EFFECTIVENESS.

The Black community is losing ground based on the people who are seated at this speakers table. They are not going to be held accountable for the degraded state of their inner city communities. All of these men have been or could be reelected regardless of the retrogression of many important statistics within their fair cities.

My uncle who I saw over the Thanksgiving Holiday who is a longterm resident of Philadelphia told me "The city of Philadelphia is DYING. People who 'can' are existing while they can. They are being replaced by people who don't have the same values.". All the while Mayor Street was able to serve 2 terms and there is a long list of Progressives who are jockeying to take his place. There is no COMPETITION of ideas being battled upon in these communities.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Must I Be A "Republican Operative" If I Remain Critical Of Those Who Have Most Influence In My Community?

Surprise, surprise - If one is deemed to be too exclusively critical of the forces of power embedded WITHIN the Black community then they will be accused of being "Against The Interests of Black people". It seems that "The Best Interests Of Black People" is born out by the comments made by those who make this verbal claim rather than any particular measurable proof on the ground that the results of their initiatives are in fact working "in the best interests of Black people" according to what we value the most. (Education, Economic Development, Safe Streets and Healthy Lives) An objective measure at times proves the very opposite is the case for the policies that they espouse.

Next I find that these same biased people who analyze my words will routinely ask "If indeed you are NOT a Republican - Why don't you ever criticize them?". My response to this is many fold. First my focus is the Black Community, from an INTERNAL PERSPECTIVE. I know of not a single Republican of any color that has an elected post within a majority Black community or political boundary in America. If I am working to hold those people who govern us at the local level most accountable - why then would I be attacking those who are not in this position? The real question is - WHY ARE YOU SO SILENT UPON THEM DESPITE YOUR GREAT AMOUNT OF DISCONTENTMENT WITH YOUR COMMUNITY? They are the ones who you have elected to manage the affairs of the community.

In addition when I read the highly biased Black Popular Media there is a constant barrage of attacks against conservatives, Republicans and anyone who doesn't tow the common line. Why do you need my voice to join in on the attack when there is such abundant material for you to choose from already?

Do you ever ask THEM to show their objectivity by attacking the Democrats in the same manner that they attack conservatives? Why do you ask this of me then?

I have noticed, however, that their "Attacks on the Democrats" are not attacks on their specific policies and results. When you hear a Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist attack the Democratic Party it is an attack on them for MOVING TOO FAR TO THE CENTER or the RIGHT and beaconing them to return to the left. This is not a real attack. It is a relative attack.

The fact of the matter is that certain operatives within our community are pushing a particular DOGMA rather than pushing for certain results to be brought forth. Any proposal that is out of line with their agenda (ie: School choice) will be shot down as some insidious initiative to undercut the Black community. The people making this case would have a stronger position to make this claim IF they had solid public schools to point to that they were PROTECTING. Instead it is clear that they are protecting the status quo, regardless of the harm that is being done to Black children. Ideology and dogma wins out over the "painful truth on the ground". As long as some external entity can be blamed as the root cause ("Extending The Police Tape From The Crime Scene") they are mentally contented that THEIR ACTIONS are not the cause of this painful truth. Thus the cycle continues.

Worse yet the bulk of their time is focused on tearing down people WHO DON'T HAVE POWER within their community. The postmortem of the electoral success and failures had by Black politicians spent far more time attacking the Black Republicans, none of which were elected than was spent on the various Black elected official who were elected, reelected or promoted to committee chairmanships as a result of the pummeling the Democrats gave the Republicans. There was near joy at the news that these Black Republicans came crashing down to defeat. Just as the show "News and Notes" proclaimed - it is not just "Black faces" that we should promote for offices - it is Black Progressives who see how government can be used to benefit people.

Once again there are over 10,000 Black elected officials around the country today. I would venture that 99.5% of them are Democrats and a sizable portion of them are PROGRESSIVES. If this two part qualifier is now the standard - why don't you turn you inspection upon those who you have appointed to power to insure that you are PROGRESSING? Some of you are more satisfied with deconstructing your enemies. (the old "you hate your enemies more than you love yourselves" axiom).

Friday, November 17, 2006

Progressives, Progressives Everywhere But Not A Drop Of Evidence Of INTERNAL Progression

I have learned over time to value the ebb and flow of American politics as the shift in power provides me with the ability to check people's biases depending on who is in power.

Today on the NPR show "News and Notes", a Black themed talk show that closely mirrors the bias in the Black media they were discussing the recent election of the Democratic House leadership and the prospect of having Black committee chairmen in power within the house.

Where as the Blacks who were appointed by Bush to fill cabinet positions were caustically attacked and critically scrutinized - Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Rod Paige; the array of Congressional Black Caucus members were lauded as being 'THE RIGHT TYPE OF BLACK FOLKS' because they were PROGRESSIVES.

I learned today that a "progressive" is one who leverages the power of the GOVERNMENT to impact change among the common people. Thus it was said that there is a key distinction between "BUSH BLACKS" and the Black people in the US House who are poised to ascend to power as a result of the Democratic Majority in the House.

It was amazing to me how these leaders enjoyed a blank check because they "thought the right way".

One thing that I could not get beyond is the fact that these 'PROGRESSIVE POLICIES' did not translate into benefit for Black people within these districts at the LOCAL LEVEL. How is it that we are to accept "progress" at the Federal level while "losing our soul" locally within the districts that sent these PROGRESSIVES into Congress?

One would think that these "experts" in economics, labor and health care would be able to demonstrate their brilliance within their local districts before America as a whole entrusted them with the purse strings of the national economy and budgetary prioritization.

All of these points escaped the array of Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist who populated the panel on today's show.

Again I learned that the Black community does not want BLACK PEOPLE put in positions of power......they want BLACK PROGRESSIVES put in power so that the GOVERNMENT can be used to work on behalf of THE PEOPLE rather than POWERFUL INTERESTS.

If only these PROGRESSIVES could show evidence of their PROGRESSION WITHIN the Black community among BLACK FOLKS I would be inclined to believe them.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Who Are The "Fear Mongerers"?

In Fulton County Georgia a recent campaign for the county chairmanship pitted a Black Democrat against a White Republican.

I hear the voice of John Lewis and Andy Young making racially charged claims based on stirring up fears among Black people - oh it must be election time or time for the US Census.

You can set your clock to the appearance of these two individuals making directives toward the Black community.

Here is the text of the radio ad:

Transcript of a recent radio ad run by John Eaves in his campaign for Fulton County Commission chairman:

"This is Congressman John Lewis."

"And I'm Mayor Shirley Franklin"

"And I'm Andy Young"

Lewis: "On November 7th we face the most dangerous situation we ever have. If you think fighting off dogs and water hoses in the '60s was bad, imagine if we sit idly by and let the right-wing Republicans take control of the Fulton County Commision."

Franklin: "The efforts of Martin and Coretta King, Hosea Williams, Maynard Jackson and many others will be lost. That's why we must stand up and we must turn out the vote for the Democrats on Election Day."

Young: "And especially for John Eaves for Fulton County Commission chairman. Unless you want them to turn back the clock on equal rights and human rights and economic opportunity for all of us, vote for John Eaves as Fulton County chairman."

Lewis: "Your very life may depend on it."

Eaves: "This message paid for by the committee to elect John Eaves."

Why is it that after several decades as insiders these folks, embarrassingly enough - including Shirley Franklin still roll out these type of ads? Each of them have been at the seat of power in the metro Atlanta area. Each of them enjoy good relationships with the very evil forces that they speak of.

But wait!!! Go one county over to the east and what do you see in Dekalb County? A record number of police involved shootings in a county that is majority Black and ran by Black Democrats.

It is interesting that while these Black Democratic official talk about WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN in the way of "police dogs and fire hoses sprayed upon Black folks" they seemingly are out of tune with the real threat that resides with many Black people who live in their districts - that the person holding the weapon of choice is on average another Black man.

Rather than living in the past why doesn't the Black community demand that their elected leaders actually do something about the threat that is right in front of the masses of Black folks?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Baltimore -Preside Over A Failed, Majority Black Community – Get A Promotion Because They Don’t Blame You Nor Hold You Accountable

Preside Over A Failed Black Community – Get A Promotion Because They Don’t Blame You Nor Hold You Accountable

The City of Baltimore Maryland – in the top 5 of problems – HIV Infections, Crime, Failed Schools.

Maryland is one of the bluest of blue states in the nation. They picked two state leaders with direct connection to the “failed state of Baltimore Maryland” – Mark O’Malley who was the mayor of Baltimore and Ben Cardin who presided over one of the 3 US house districts for the city.

O'Malley lead the city as mayor. During his time in office all of the major pathologies in the city increased. The city of Baltimore is now the Black HIV capital in the United States where the infection rate has reached near pandemic proportions in some communities. The schools were heading down when O'Malley came into office. The down hill rate has continued and may have increased under his stewardship.

If there were a cruel trick that he would think that he could run for Governor of the state and actually win I would begin to understand as he put forth his resume to the voters state-wide and ask for their support in "doing the same to the state that he has done for the city of Baltimore".

Another son of Baltimore is Ben Cardin. Mr Cardin was just elected as US Senator for the state of Maryland. He too had a stake in the city of Baltimore - representing one of the 3 US house districts that encompass the city. In the case of Mr Cardin Black Democratic operatives, including Barack Obama stood on stage with Cardin and told the Black masses that they were brought in to add "color commentary" for that "THEY SHOULD NOT VOTE FOR THE RACE OF THE GUY - VOTE FOR THE POLICIES". Why was this warning ignored? Where are the legs that Mr. O'Malley or Mr. Cardin can stand on with respect to a reference to the city that they were charged with providing leadership to?

Another of Baltimore's US congressmen - Elijah Cummings - Democrat of the Congressional Black Caucus fired off a pre-election speech with the words "failure", "incompetence", "hold them accountable". He was talking about the Bush Administration and the Republicans in Congress that are only a few miles down the street. IF ONLY the people that he was talking to in his home city would act upon this and apply this to their city's leadership that governs the vast failure called Baltimore.

In the HBO series "The Wire" the city's pathologies are used as a backdrop to the popular show. Sadly much of the antics of the show are based on the painful realities of the city and its people.

Most people believe that the show is too hard to believe. The people who actually LIVE in the city and under the governance of the docket of leaders who have been promoted or at least gone unscathed - know otherwise.

Baltimore is a stepping stone for some and a tombstone for others.

(But at least the city is not ran by Black Conservatives - then the community would be mad).

Here are some key facts about the city of Baltimore:

Congressional Representation
Baltimore is split between three congressional districts — the 2nd, represented by Dutch Ruppersberger; the 3rd, represented by Ben Cardin; and the 7th, represented by Elijah Cummings. All three are Democrats; a Republican has not represented a significant portion of Baltimore since Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr.

City Crime Rankings (12th Edition) ranks Baltimore second only to Detroit among the most dangerous American cities over 500,000 in population.[1] According to crime statistics there were 269 murders in Baltimore in 2005,[2] giving it the highest murder rate per 100,000 of all U.S. cities of 250,000 or more population. [4] Though this is significantly lower than the record-high 353 murders in 1993, the murder rate in Baltimore is nearly seven times the national rate, six times the rate of New York City, and three times the rate of Los Angeles. In addition, other categories of crime in Baltimore have also been declining, although overall crime rates are still high compared to the national average. The rate of forcible rapes has fallen below the national average in recent years; however, Baltimore still has much higher-than-average rates of aggravated assault, burglary, robbery, and theft[3] and a local news survey, though unscientific, recorded that over 75% of respondents felt that Baltimore City is no safer.[4]

Though the crime situation in Baltimore is considered one of the worst in the nation, city officials have pointed out that most violent crimes, particularly murders, are committed by people who know their victims and who are often associated with the illegal drug trade.[5]

City officials have, however, come under scrutiny from Maryland legislators regarding the veracity of crime statistics reported by the Baltimore City Police Department.[6] For 2003 the FBI identified irregularities in the number of rapes reported, which was confirmed by the Mayor. 2005's murder numbers appear to exhibit discrepancies as well[7] The former Commissioner of Police states upon interview that the administration suppressed corrections of its reported crime

Criminal intimidation has also been reported as a problem in the city.[13] In an infamous case, community activist Angela Dawson and her family were murdered by firebomb in their Baltimore home on October 16, 2002, in retaliation for Dawson's reporting of criminal activity. In a separate incident, another public safety activist, Edna McAbier, was also targeted.[14] Though she survived, she has fled her neighborhood, where she cannot be protected by city police.[15] In 2005, 3 men were sentenced to life in prison for their involvement in the latter case.[16] One of these men had appeared in the infamous video Stop Snitchin', a homemade DVD produced by local drug dealers threatening fellow dealers who failed to adhere to a street based code of ethics and became informants.

City Demographics
As of 2005, the population was 641,943, down slightly from 643,304 in 2004, but higher than the century-long low of 636,251 in 2000. The Baltimore–Towson metropolitan area, as of 2004, was estimated to have a population of 2.6 million.[29] The population density was 3,111.5/km² (8,058.4/mi²). There were 300,477 housing units at an average density of 1,435.8/km² (3,718.6/mi²). The racial makeup of the city was 64.34% Black or African American, 31.63% White, 0.32% Native American, 1.53% Asian, 0.03% Pacific Islander, 0.67% from other races, and 1.47% from two or more races. 1.70% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race.

Household Income Survey
There were 257,996 households out of which 25.5% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 26.7% were married couples living together, 25.0% had a female householder with no husband present, and 43.0% were non-families. 34.9% of all households are made up of individuals, and 11.3% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.42, and the average family size was 3.16.

In the city the population was spread out with 24.8% under the age of 18, 10.9% from 18 to 24, 29.9% from 25 to 44, 21.2% from 45 to 64, and 13.2% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 35 years. For every 100 females there were 87.4 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 82.9 males.
The median income for a household in the city was $30,078, and the median income for a family was $35,438. Males had a median income of $31,767 versus $26,832 for females. The per capita income for the city was $16,978. About 18.8% of families and 22.9% of the population were below the poverty line, including 30.6% of those under age 18 and 18.0% of those age 65 or over.

Public School System
Criticism of Baltimore Public Schools
The BCPSS is currently in a severe fiscal crisis, with over $64 million in deficit, with extensive layoffs of teachers and staff. It is often cited as by far the most under-funded school system in the state, currently being 21st in overall spending, after falling from 4th approximately one generation ago.
From March 1, 2006 to March 4, 2006, BCPSS students from high schools across Baltimore City held a three day student strike to oppose an imminent plan to "consolidate" many area high schools into fewer buildings. The school system claims these buildings are underutilized, but the students and other advocates counter that the only reason there is extra space in these buildings is because class sizes often are about 40 students per class. Martin J. O'Malley, mayor of Baltimore, apparently gave an ear to the students' demands in this latest round of strike actions, fearing it could impact his status with the general public in a gubernatorial election year. However, the end of March saw a change in the balance of power, with the State of Maryland threatening to take over 11 City schools. It is as yet unknown what effect this change will have in regard to the "facilities management solutions" (school consolidations) plan the BCPSS City School Board has passed.

Proposal for a State Takeover of Public Schools
State Takeover of Baltimore's Public Schools Could Help Maryland Manage Sprawl
''I have 90,000 children in Baltimore City schools,'' said Republican Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, having first pledged a $42 million loan for school bills and later indicating willingness to let the state take over the system, writes Baltimore Sun columnist Dan Rodricks, crediting the governor, ''who garnered little support in the 2002 gubernatorial election from the city,'' with ''stepping into an area of public leadership that has been empty in Maryland for decades.''

The governor, the columnist writes, is ''embracing true regionalism, telling his suburban and rural constituency, otherwise averse to more city assistance, that a stable and effective Baltimore public school system eventually will lift the quality of life in the entire state.''

University of Maryland urban studies professor Howell Baum agrees, saying the governor ''appreciates the immense cost of not paying'' for city schools. Professor Baum, the columnist notes, scrutinizes the problem in the Journal of the American Planning Association's winter issue, pointing out that urban school failure and racial segregation further suburban sprawl, which worsens suburban school overcrowding, road congestion, air pollution and open space loss.

Noting the professor's view that the flight of ''middle-class, largely white families'' to the suburbs and related urban ills ''are intrinsic to sprawl, but they are not on the Smart Growth agenda,'' the columnist stresses they ''should be on all agendas.'' Providing several quotations from the professor's article as the best rationale, the columnist concludes with this one: ''Improving city schools is central to managing sprawl and the collaboration required for doing so will build regional capacity for dealing with other metropolitan problems.'' -- Baltimore Sun 2/26/2004

Public Schools and the Ghosts of Former Mayors
Best Reason to Be Ashamed of Mayor Schmoke
Failure to fix public schools

We know that being mayor of a big city beset with problems is not an easy job—Lord knows we wouldn’t want it—and correcting a troubled school system is certainly a daunting task. But c’mon, the man’s been in office for more than eight years, and kids are still going to schools that teach them little and are dangerous to boot. What’s the mayor doing about it? Failing to curb bureaucratic bloat at school headquarters on North Avenue, playing “he-said/she-said” with the state, and hopping on quick-fix bandwagons—the better to claim later that if he’d only gotten a voucher program or slot-machine money everything would have been all right. (There’s a fine lesson: equating the primacy of educating our children with mindlessly feeding their college funds into the maw of a machine.) No wonder parents with the means to flee the city are loading the wagons. Not only has Schmoke’s administration failed miserably on this score, but the mayor seems to have concluded that at this point the key isn’t solving the problem, but turning up the rhetorical heat enough to convince people it’s not his fault.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Devices & Pills" Are The Solution For Black America

I get amazed constantly at some of the line of thinking that some of our people express in front of an open microphone.

I have been brought to the conclusion that some Black folks prefer 'Devices and Pills' as a means of shielding Black people from the consequences of that which they do in pursuit of "all of these rights" that they are afforded in America today.

While it is a "waste of money" for the government to suggest that people not have sex with another person because of the risks involved - this crew would rather kill this effort and put money into "devices and pills" that would address the HIV infection rate - so they say.

To this I have another response: WRAP IT UP HAS FAILED THE BLACK COMMUNITY:

Here is a recent exchange from the black themed radio show on NPR called "News and Notes"

NPR’s “News and Notes” radio program
November 2, 2006

The roundtable segment is a discussion on 3 topics of the day via the host of the show – Farya and 3 commentators.
Today’s commentators are: Economist and author Julianne Malveaux; Walter Fields, CEO and publisher of the North Star Network; and Pedro Noguera, professor in the Steinhart School of Education at New York University.
While I give the show credit for often choosing various voices with a diversity of thoughts, today’s panel is no doubt a collection of left-wingers that bring the same bias as does the host of the show to the table.
The topics for the November 2nd show were:

*Government efforts to launch an abstinence campaign for Americans in their 20s
*A new law restricts the rights of illegal immigrants in a Pennsylvania town

Abstinence Program for adults
The opening comments from Farai Chideya pretty much set the tone for the discussion: “If you are single and under 30 the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT wants you to abstain from sex”. The Federal government plans to spend $50 million to put the word out for people to consider their sexual choices and where they might lead them in consequences. In this case they are working to reduce the number of Out of Wedlock Births. The voice of a critic of the program was played as he rejected the initiative as a waste of money. He stated that this was nothing more than an ideological move by the Republicans. Then the panel members chimed in:
Juliane Malveaux – She rejected the program as a “waste of Federal dollars”. She fired off a shot upon Bush. He should “obtain from talking”. There you have it folks – with so many of the major problems within the Black community that stem from sex – pregnancy, HIV infections, violence and hurt feelings. Ms. Malveaux could not contain her self but to hit upon Bush rather than keeping her perspective upon the problem s within.
“These are adults. These are grown people” and “What else could be done with those dollars?” she said. She instead asked that AIDS prevention programs be implemented with these dollars. Of course it would be too much to ask Ms. Malveaux to take the next logical step and tell us what the source of the AIDS epidemic is coming from?

I am convinced that the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive fundamentalists prefers “devices and magic pills” that will protect people from their own actions but anything that might tell them to make better decisions and thus put the onus on their own minds is subject to ridicule.

Next up to bat…..PEDRO. He too dismisses the plan for abstinence messages to young adults. He makes the case that GENITAL WARTS are a big problem among the young. He said that these STDs are linked to cervical cancer. His next words deserve quotation “the idea that we would spend $50 million dollars telling people about abstinence rather than educating them about the danger of STDs and STD… such a misdirection of priorities and funds in allowing the ideology of the RELIGIOUS RIGHT to really determine policy….”. OK folks. Let us suppose that these funds were spent on a major contract with Trojan Condom Company to do a mass distribution of “devices” at each and every night club that these young people hang out. Do you think that this same initiative would be called “a waste of money”? Don’t bet on it.
Ms. Chadya chimed in with her comment that in Japan the government is spending money on a “match making service” in their attempts to address the low birthrates in the nation. He jokingly suggested that the US government take up the same initiative as a means of getting the young people married.
And finally the segment is closed out by Mr. Walter Fields…….he is seemingly always able to carry the water for the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist. If I understand Mr. Fields we need to move the problem away from ideological bantering over to the issue of public health. OK I feel ya brother. Then comes the tie in. He fires as the “conservative Republican leadership”and there hypocracy. I wonder if Mr. Fields believes that in Baltimore where there is a near AIDS pandemic and the latest news that 68% of the new HIV infections are coming from the African American community has its roots in the “Conservative Republican” leadership’s HYPOCRACY or is there something else that is going on here?
Noooooooooow he throws up the “limited government” principle for the conservatives and how this plan violates it to the core.
So let me get this straight – when it comes to the secular progressive left – they have long told us to STAY THE HELL OUT OF OUR BED ROOMS when it comes to the civil liberties of the homosexual or hetorsexuals who are more promiscuous …….let them catch a disease from their escapades and – wait a minute it is the GOVERNMENT who failed to offer “devices and pills” or that is expected to pick up the bill in the way of free or affordable health care to treat the consequences of the exchange of body fluids during their “free love” rendition.

Mr. Fields then attempts to compare the unwillingness of “the Bush Administration” to hand over gun purchase records to authorities so that they might set up a central database to track gun purchases with this plan that sends out a message to “wait until you get into a committed relationship” before you exchange body fluid with someone else. He says “this is not a public health issue the way they frame it. It is all about ‘politics and rhetoric’ “.

Illegal Immigration Policies in the town of Hazelton, PA
The hosts rejected the application of local policies that required people renting housing to show poof of residency.

Pedro Noguera indicated that these are punitive policies that will end up harming the economies of these cities that dare to lash out.
Julianne Malveaux argues the case that to crack down on illegal immigrants – even in verification of citizenship as a part of the hiring process is bad for businesses. She called the policies in Hazelton PA “harassment”. She indicates that local officials should wait for the federal government to act rather than taking any of the matters into their own hands – even if their local economies are being impacted by the large influx of workers.
Walter Fields’ comments, however are the most impertinent. He argues that these towns have no right in “overstepping their bounds” and that the federal government is the only entity allowed to enforce border related issues.
Mr. Fields then goes on to EXTEND THE POLICE TAPE far beyond the city of Hazelton and categorize the situation in Hazelton as yet another battle on the war of “Exploitation of Labor”. He says that the large influx of immigrants into this country is due to this exploitation. They are clearly lining up for these low wage jobs – begging to be exploited it seems.
Summary of all of the commentators – the community ‘s concerns should be outsourced up to the government for proper handling. It is no business of these local entities to ask about anyone’s immigration status. They must suffer from that which has occurred several hundred miles away on the Mexican border.

Al Sharpton’s Ciriticims of the “Christian Right for failing to follow their Chiristan calling.

Now get this. Al Sharpton a man who calls himself a “Christian Preacher” who was recently found to have taken up residence with a woman who is not his wife having later attempted to get her promoted to the board of the DNC after no doubt sharing “pillow talk” about their strategy – now is accusing someone of falling short of their Christian values? Is this not the pot calling the kettle suntanned?
Once again Mr. Fields focuses upon the CONSERVATIVE Christian Right. He says that they can’t turn their backs on “what is happening to the environment and what is happening to the poor”.
Let us back up a bit. I saw a documentary about population management initiatives around the world. The countries of Kenya and India in particular have noted the key correlation between having more mouths to feed than you can afford and poverty. Throw in the angle of “women’s reproductive rights” (or the lack there of) and the message is – near starvation poverty is better handled by first managing the reproductive decisions and outcomes. No doubt that the poor in urban America are impacted by this situation as expense of child care and transportation increase substantially – impacting the employment of mothers – especially if they are single.

I am disappointed that not a single of the individuals on this panel were able to break out of their partisan/ ideological jousting and relate the distinct subjects discussed into a cohesive summary.
Ms. Malveuax again missed an opportunity when she noted that the 25% poverty rate among Black folks is a function of a “minium wage” that is too low rather than the fact that there are more mouths to feed with this limited money and not enough job skills that would allow someone to have their work valued at a greater amount.

Whoa – Pedro says that the Christian Right are “hacks for the Republican Administration” because of the agenda items that they put forth. What are the members of the Secular Progressive Left who don the collars of a man of God pushing for? Closeness to God?
The God that I worship does say “take care of the least among you”. This same God of my faith does not support the notion that a man who is otherwise in sound mind and body but is beholden to certain worldly chains that causes him and his offspring to suffer a certain fate that is more in the realm of material need rather than basic human wants from a global perspective – he would want the church to work for their salvation by working for their change – rather than “handing them fish” so that they might eat another day yet still be beholden to that which confines them.