They know that you feel purposeful when they control the narrative to manipulate you.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Poster Children For Liberals: The "Elephant That Is In The Room" That Is Not A Republican

I have on my Tivo the latest edition of PBS "Now". The story is about minimum wage battles around the country. "Now" is a left leaning documentary program.

They are doing a spotlight on "Melany", a Black female, single mother with three children. [b]Melany is homeless.[/b] She makes $7 per hour as a child care attendant. This translates to $700 per month in income. She has to move from church shelter to a friend's house for the past 3 years just to keep a roof over her head. She has given up her 13 year old son over to a children's home since she is not able to care for him adequately. She receives food stamps and government assistance. She said that she said that she is 30 years old and has worked constantly since the age of 15. It is not her fault that the cost of living has increased while her salaries have remained stagnant. The only recourse she says is for her to vote for different policies that will allow her to own more money.

I was empathetic with her story up to this point. My personal view has always been that individual states and companies should be free to vote on a minimum wage rate to their liking.

At the tail end of the report we learn that MELANY - THE HOMELESS MOTHER OF 2 IS EXPECTING HER THIRD CHILD. Even more offensive than this point is that the liberal "Now" program with David Broncaccio did not once bother to say a word about the Black "sperm donor" and how he contributes to the upkeep of his children. He does ask why she keeps having children and another mouth to feed. NOT ONCE DID HE ASK ABOUT THE SPERM DONOR. We see this man's "handiwork" as shown in the belly protruding from Melany. Why did they not bother to mention this man AND HIS RESPONSIBILITY a single time?

This idiot David Broncaccio in drilling Melany on her monthly balance sheet said "Something just doesn't seem right does it"? They he goes on into the CEO pay having skyrocketed over the past few years.

My wife and I are not poor. We have two children. The thought of a third child has impact on our time, our other children and yes OUR INCOME. Why is it that society holds me and my wife accountable, placing expectations upon our childrearing skills but does not ask the same of Melany?

Take away any MORAL JUDGMENT upon Melany - this is not what I am offering. Evaluate this issue from the stand point of - "What else did you expect as you add another mouth that you can't feed?"

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Jesse Jackson Has Gone Too Damned Far In His Sheephearding For The Democrats

Each Sunday as I drive to church I get a chance to catch the tail end of the "Keep Hope Alive With Jesse Jackson" radio show. At the end of the show I find myself having to repent in church for all of the cussing that he makes me do inside of my mind. Today was no different.

With the elections being 2 weeks away Jesse Jackson's show pulled out all stops to convince the Black community that OUR ADVANCEMENT IS THREATENED IF A CHANGE IS NOT MADE ON NOVEMBER 7TH.

Jesse Jackson no longer pretends any more about being anything other than a DEMOCRATIC OPERATIVE WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. His primary job is to get Black people to believe that as the Democrats go - so goes the fate of the Black community.

I have learned over time that the art of politics is to look over a vast field of evidentiary FACTS and only pick and choose the points that support your case while totally ignoring the points that work against the point that you are attempting to make. At this point in Jesse's life he has abandoned those points that represent the profile of what a person interested in forwarding Black people's interests might choose and as instead chosen those which are best for the Democrats.

To be clear the POPULAR BLACK POLITICAL IDEOLOGY has a major overlap with that which the Democrats promote. I only ask that you not make the mistake of believing that what is "popularly" thought to be in the "best interests" can trump that which is ON THE GROUND as providing EVIDENCE that these views are translating into "the best interests" of Black people. No doubt Black people see quality education, safe streets and economic growth in the community as their "best interests". It is a very different thing to make the case that just because someone SAYS they are working in these best interests that their actual policies result in this being the case.

Jesse Jackson boldly sold the notion today that the Black forward progress in this nation is a function of a DEMOCRATIC VICTORY in Washington DC in a few weeks. I had to do penance in church after listening to him make this case.

I see that the key to Jackson is the "case" that he assembles. He requires Black Americans to focus on Iraq, the Federal Deficit and these supposed vaporizing civil liberties under Bush. The key point that HE CAN'T FOCUS ON - however are the day to day problems and fears that the average Black person who serves as is loyal base experiences - Black on Black crime, failing schools that are being defended by an entrenched political lobby from the teachers unions that Jackson is in bed with and the lack of job creation in the Black community. You will not hear from Jesse Jackson that the average Congressional Black Caucus member receives failing grades from THOSE WHO ACTUALLY CREATE JOBS as they put forth their legislative report cards. While these people rate highly on the NAACP "civil rights index" they don't fare so well on other important measures. Does the Black community in 2006 need more "civil rights" or more jobs to be created?

Just what does Jackson predict will change WITHIN the Black community with a Democrat victory? He pretends as if this has never been achieved before. In fact nearly all majority Black voting districts in America are already represented by a Democrat and this has not translated to an economic revolution.

I saw Jesse Jackson's true calling this week though. He was in Atlanta for a Rainbow Push conference and then stopped by unexpectedly at a rally for gubernatorial candidate Mark Taylor - a Democrat as if you didn't know. Taylor has been dinged by the civil rights community for "sounding like a Republican" when it comes to taxes and crime and punishment. As a matter of fact Taylor jabbed at his Democratic opponent in the primary - calling her a LIBERAL. Like a good soldier for the Democrats, however, this man's beliefs were not important to Jesse Jackson. The fact that he has a "D" after his name was plenty enough for Jesse Jackson to lend his support as he closed his ears to the "Republican Speak" that he might hear from Taylor.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Boys of Baraka

Documentary: The Boys of Baraka

In an interesting turn of fate a school program that "rescued" a group of Black American male high school students from the mean streets of Baltimore Maryland, USA to a boarding school in Kenya east Africa ends up showing Africa though lacking the material wealth of America as being the saving grace of these young boys.

After the first year of the program, when the boys have returned to the USA the director of the Baraka program announces that due to heightened war in the eastern region of Africa and the closing of the USA embassy there - the Baraka program has been canceled for their second year.

The American parents of these students saw their son's who were once failing in Baltimore, ending up on the dean's list with As & Bs after experiencing a transformation. The parents saw the maturity and the focus after one year. They now feared that the next stop for their son's having returned to Baltimore is the prison system.

While so many Black American's vision does not go past what the Federal government owes them as Americans real hope and clear vision for these boys were found in the African wilderness.

The boys noted that despite the Keyans being dirt poor they had joy in their hearts.

Celebrating The Failure Of The Black Republican Candidates

Let me first state that I am a Political Independent. While I personally reject the label of "conservative", I would say that my views are "right of center". This is a result of my life experience with family, with education and in business. With that said I must be honest with you and tell you that I am as frustrated in hearing a Black Republican argue about how much his party has done or can do for Black people as much as I am in hearing a Democrat argue the same. I personally believe that Black people need an independent, CLOSE TO HOME initiative for transformation and reformation within our community. I would like to see Black people follow our own consciousness and participate in the American political party system as we see fit as individuals. Today's "enforced unity" into the Democratic Party is a key point that is stifling competition of ideas that will lead to change WITHIN our community. When those who are in power are confident and comfortable that they will stand another day, unaccountable fr the results then we can be sure that there will be little pressure to innovate so that change can be made. The heavy use of external boogie men and the notion that these forces always stand in the way and stop the brilliant ideas of those who are in power over the Black community will cease the day they are held accountable for the results.

This year four notable Black Republicans ran for statewide offices around the country. Michael Steel in MD, Kenneth Blackwell in OH, Lynn Swann in PA and Rev Keith Butler in MI. Thus far it has been a rocky road for nearly all of them. In my monitoring efforts they have the forces of two headwinds working against their aspiration. At first glance you might think I am saying "Black and Republican" are the two points that make them a "dual minority" as is so often applied to Black females. The headwinds that I am speaking about are from Democrats who are Black.

In several articles and on Black blogs I have read Black authors at the point of celebration make note of the failures of these Black candidates. I heard Black Democratic operative make the case that the outreach by the GOP toward Blacks has failed, "While he Democratic party looks like it will give us a Black governor of Massachusetts pretty soon these Black Republican candidates will be off of the map".

I was surprised when the controversial former head of Pacifica Network - a far left leaning oracle made the statement "Black people no longer vote on the basis of skin color but on the basis of compatibility with our beliefs". When did this start Ms. Berry? The undercurrent of race dominates nearly everything. From that ideology is the filter. The "IF THEN STATEMENT" is "AND" rather than "OR"....Black And Liberal in this case.

If you thought that Black people wanted Blacks in elected would be grossly wrong. The popular Black ideology want Black people WHO THINK LIKE THEM in office. There is a dual set of qualifications that are sought.

So frequently one is inclined to hear "Those Black Republicans sound just like the White Republicans who are doing harm to Black people and thus I can't support the enemies of Black people". This would be a fair statement except when we consider who is the force casting judgment? None other than a Black Democrat. This person can oft be heard criticizing the condition of his community - the low performing schools, the crime, the lack of economic development. Despite the fact that if he lives in a majority Black voting district there is a 100% chance today that he has a Black Democrat as his elected representative from Dog Catcher to Mayor - this does not register at home with him as a source of his problems.

The disposition of attack against those who threaten the Black Democratic base is a consequence of the outsourcing of the yolk of responsibility within the Black community. The predominate political ideology that has power within the Black community is the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist". If you and Black and your policies don't echo these points then you are an enemy of the Black Best Interests.

The point that is missed by the members of the Black community who should be driving toward effective change rather than party loyalty is that these Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalists "sound just like the White liberals" who have successfully gutted large expanses of the Black community relationships over the past 40 years via their social programs. They appear to be asking for more.

In stepping back and assessing the big picture of the situation - it is clear that absent ACCOUNTABILITY for the conditions within major swaths of Black America the political ideology that currently presides over this failure will continue to shift the blame they are externally yolked. The story of New Orleans has been shifted to that of a Federal failure despite strong evidence of shared blame. Clearly within the Black press - the feds allowed this to happen. It is symbolic that the most significant amount of pain and suffering that took place in the city at its greatest time of need occurred at a convention center that was named after a local Black politician. The election that followed had a tag line of "are we going to keep the Black political machine in place after the demographic changes that have taken place within New Orleans?". Few words were said about the city being below sea level, surrounded on 3 sides by water and protected by a levee that was designed for a category 2 storm and the lack of a locally crafted plan to protect the masses in the event of a disaster. This job was outsourced to the Federal government and likewise the federal government assumed the least in the minds of the BQPF. Sadly if the same events happen 20 years from now, regardless of who is president the same results will unfold.

The Black Community is in need of a separation. We need to separate our politicians and leaders from our "organization". Just as a corporation can step back and make a deep inspection of its own operations while being lead by a management team with a certain set of plans, removing the leadership once the objectives have not been met...the same is needed for the Black community.

Instead we have "leaders for life". They are empowered by the notion that they are "working for the best interests of Black people", "Providing voice to the voice-less", "Speaking truth to power". All of these speak to a DEFENSIVE orientation. At what point will it be noted that America 2006 has a body of laws that sufficiently protect people to a point that the actions of an adequately yolked group of people who set out with a purpose cannot be derailed by a conspiring adversary?

In summary the difficulties of these candidates who think differently, beyond the admitted lack of personal qualifications of some of them is that they come to us at a time when their people are "discontent with where they stand in large measure but they are not so discontent where they are willing to abandon the set of assumptions as expressed in their ideology that has lead them to where they stand".

If one makes the case that "they have changed and thus achieved riches" the gallery will shout back "you have sold out and started to do as our enemies do". They will attempt to plaster him with the "exceptional negro" label - one who distances himself from his people so that he can think of himself as becoming successful by proving to others that "he is not one of them". Oh yes there are thousands of antidotes to be plastered upon those who depart from the common thread. If only there were some words said to those who promote unity with the agenda that they espouse by run from responsibility and accountability for what they have hoisted upon Black America in their confidence game.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Holding Those Who Stand On Stage In Front Of Black People Accountable

After years of observations and debate I have come to the conclusion that Black people can only progress from the point at which we now stand when we accept the role of managers of the human resources that are identified as "Black".

This is a full acknowledgment of the centuries of racism and oppression that our people who have come before us have suffered. There is no doubt that our self determination was hijacked for several centuries. At the same time it is clear that had Africa not been molested from the outside as has been the case the people in those lands would have had to go through the same political revolutions, age of scientific enlightenment, and economic triumphs that were experienced in Europe and elsewhere. The fact that this has been delayed a few centuries by forces other than our own does not dismiss the fact that such an en devour is necessary for change to take place and to stick.

With this as my foundation I can no longer accept the constant expectoration of blame from our community upon some external entity. The greatest amount of "outsourcing" in this county has been from within the Black community out to government and other entities with respect to fundamental elements that Black people should be primary caretakers of - education, community protection and economic development.

Our wholesale condition will change when we reclaim this yolk back inside of our collected border within our virtual community.