Monday, February 11, 2019

I Love Me Some 'Chocolate' Foreign Actresses: Caroline Chikezie

Caroline Chikez

Caroline Chikezie is a British Nigerian actress, best known for playing Sasha Williams in As If, Elaine Hardy in Footballers' Wives [1]and the Cyberwoman in

  • YUP She Was Born In London And Not "America"
  • NOPE She Is Not A "Descendant Of Slavery", With Nigerian Ancestry
  • YUP She Took The Slot Of A "Black American Woman" In The Series "The Passage"
    • She Plays The Head Research Doctor
  • YUP She Is "Swirling" With A White Male Lead 

But In My Book She Is Strikingly 'Chocolate' - Just The Way I Like It.

Your "Descendant Of Slavery" B.S. Is Going To Collapse On Itself Because Of Its Intrinsic Flaws (And Fraud)

IGBO Girls Rock

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