Monday, May 28, 2018

The South Has Changed! This Change WILL NOT BE Promoted By Progressives UNTIL The Area Is Run By Progressives. A Black District Attorney In South Carolina Is Criticized As The BOTTLENECK In The Delivery Of JUSTICE To Victims Of Criminal Assault

Charlotte Observer: South Carolina 5th Circuit Solicitor Johnson's Backlog Of Cases Includes Politicians

Though the left is running on "Criminal Justice Reform" - the old "Justice Thurgood Marshall Social Justice Scheme" in which the CRIMINAL is made into the VICTIM as THE SYSTEM IS PUT ON TRIAL -  they know as well as you know:  VICTIMS OF SUCH CRIMES are a second tier interest UNLESS they are victimized by a WHITE RACIAL ADVERSARY.

I have family in this part of South Carolina.  They have a tremendous problem with young Black males (and increasingly young White males) with too much time on their hands thanks to reduced opportunity in education and employment - engaging in violence or robberies - and being sent into the criminal justice system.

While the story goes on to contextualize the backlog

While the author of the story ultimately focuses on cases with "Political Overtones", the key point that is missed deserves to be mentioned:

  • PHASE 1 OF VOTING FOR YOUR SALVATION: Place A Favorable District Attorney Into Power
  • PHASE 2:  After failing to produce the promised change, promote PROGRESSIVE DISTRICT ATTORNEYS who will ATTACK THE SYSTEM AND THE POLICE 
    • This is what George Soros' funding around the nation has in mind.

I just noted that these smaller cities are no longer strong, economically viable areas, because so many of the textile and furniture manufacturing plants that were once the mainstay of their existence are now gone.

We always hear the blanket indictments about "The Legacy Of Slavery", "New Jim Crow Public Policy" (seeking to destroy Black people) but few of these operatives are honest about the real scenario today:

THE VOTING FOR YOUR SALVATION SCHEME has failed.   Having a Black person operating the system, which takes in individuals after their criminal act will prove to be a folly.   The Black residents who are tired of being attacked in their own communities are going to rise up and stand against this Progressive public policy.

The School System Activism- and the focus on "Black Suspension Rates" and claims of "Underfunding" (compared with White suburbs) has failed.  It is not the 'lack of Advanced Placement" classes that is the problem.   The simple truth is that "these people" need a strong high school education and outlets into vocational trade schools, allowing them to survive in the service economy that most will work in.

Local Economic Development in these small towns/regions must focus on (beyond the 'Best Buy'/'Wal-mart Jobs' ) getting more value-added processing jobs (recycling, etc) jobs to assist the region slowly move into a more sustainable direction.

While it is true that it is "Not The Black Guy's Fault" for his backlog - the twin brother that must be accepted is that "HARVESTING THE BLACK VOTE" in the name of PRIDE in fighting the White Right Wing enemy IS NOT a DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY.  It only suspends "Black Spirit Of Discernment" in INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE  as it is activated in FIGHTING WHITEY. 
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