Wednesday, May 30, 2018

SUPERFLY - Revered, Reviled And Now REMADE - FORGET 'WAKANDA' - Cultural Anthropologists Need To Inspect How "American Containerized Blacks" Deal With 'Black Negative Stereotypes' That Enjoy POPULAR ENSEMBLE Performances On Stage

If you thought that the study that appeased Black Americans by pointing to how WHITE FOLKS have a CRIME PROBLEM "too" - that enjoyed mass propagation through Black social media is evidence of "pharmaceuticals in effluent water" that spreads virulently, infecting the masses - YOU HAVE ONLY HIT THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG with regard to the STEADY RIPTIDE of curated thoughts that molest the SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT AMONG THE "AMERICAN CONTAINERIZED BLACKS".

BUT prefer to FIGHT "WHITE RE-USE" of these images for the purposes of RACIAL INDICTMENT- without noting that 'WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY" there is no means of stopping ARTISTIC PERFORMANCES from Black people that exploits this meme.

( I won't even go into the truth about HOW the word "Nigga" is the mainstay in BLACK Commercial Speech in the name of 'KEEPING IT REAL")

The Uses Of Black Negative Stereotypes In Commercial Entertainment Involves:

  1. "Black Americans" SEEING IMAGES OF THEMSELVES On The Commercial Screen And OWNING Them As THEMSELVES 
  2. Depending On WHO Brings These Negative Stereotypes To The American/World-Wide "Capitalistic Entertainment Culture" (Black Privilege)
    • A Mass DEFENSIVE Wall Of Activism IF The Agent Is Not 'CERTIFIED BLACK' 
    • SILENCE - Molested 'Institutional Integrity' IF The CAPITALIST Has "Unapologetic Blackness" 
  3. Blacks Who Look At THE MONEY MADE For A "Black Product" And Live Vicariously Through It As IF It Were THEIR OWN MONEY
    • When In Truth It Is An APPROPRIATION Of "Black Dysfunction" with NO BENEFIT for the marginalized Black masses
  4. The "NEW JIM CROW" / "MASS INCARCERATION" Counter-Factual Narrative Which Is Based Upon The Presumption Of A MALICIOUS "Criminal Justice System" While REDIRECTING Culpability Of "FAILED BLACK POLITICAL MOBILIZATION" Which Seeks INSTITUTIONAL POWER Over Effective And Competent Community Human Resources Development
    • White Racist affirming images in the media are attacked
    • Black Criminal / Organized Crime / Mass Murder / Street Corner To Prison Pipeline images enjoy UNCHALLENGED distribution, especially on the Independent "Straight To NetFlix" market
The simple truth:  THERE IS NO "BLACK INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY" offering a consistent, reconcilable message FOR or AGAINST 'Negative Black Stereotypes' in commercial media. 
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