Thursday, May 17, 2018

Constructive Feedback University: The Void In The Analysis Of "The". The Two Veins Of Analysis Of The 'Intellectual Con-Man-Ist Ta-Nehisi Coates Hit Piece Against Kanye West' BOTH OF WHICH Yielded A Void In Analysis

Note For Clarity:

Inside of the 3% BLACK DOT within the yellow rectangle on the right there is a LITTLE WHITE DOT that represents 'THE ROOT 100' , who are like the "OVER-REPERSENTED WHITE JEWISH INFLUENCE" UPON THE AMERICAN CONTAINERIZED BLACKS and their INTIMATE BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS


Most "SOCIAL MEDIA VIRAL ISSUES" are merely TEST ROCKETS used to BURN INTO the "American Containerized Negro's CONSCIOUSNESS" a WORLD VIEW that is DISASTROUS to the PERMANENT INTERESTS that he CLAIMS to be bound to.
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