Friday, May 25, 2018

Clayton County Jury Awards A Black Female Rape Victim $1 Billion In A Civil Ruling Against A Small Black Owned Security Company Employed To Guard Her Clayton County Apartment Complex

The PERSON who did the CRIMINAL ACT is now BEHIND BARS - where he belongs.

You had better THINK THROUGH many of these POSITIONS that you hold with regard to GOING AFTER "THE DEEPEST POCKETS".    As you know "The Law" tends to come back to BITE 'YOU'.

They are suggesting that A BLACK MAN'S "SEXUAL PROWESS" - which he sexually exploited a young VICTIM while he was EMPLOYED - doing acts FAR BEYOND anything that his EMPLOYER would reasonably ASK or EXPECT him to do - creates a $1,000,000,000 LIABILITY upon the EMPLOYER.

Don't be surprised if some new RISK ANALYSIS EMPLOYMENT SCREENING SYSTEM is created to 'Discriminate' against MEN LIKE THIS ONE because they are TOO GREAT OF A RISK - inside of a PROGRESSIVE JUDICIAL DISTRICT which loves to "TEACH CORPORATIONS A LESSON" (for not regulating their [Black male] employee's behavior)

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