Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Filled Negro & Rev William Barber Agree: IF BLACK STUDENTS Are Sent From Their "Black Community Schools" Over To "White Republican Schools" They Will Be More Motivated To Show Up To School In Order To FIGHT WHITE REPUBLICAN RACISM, Which Did Not Want Them In Their 'White Schools' In The First Place

Source: Philadelphia Enquirer

After 7 Decades Of "Harvesting Black Community Valuables" Into The Notion That The BLACK STRUGGLE Is Focused Upon "THE FAKE RELIGION OF BLACK POLITICS" Fighting Against The "WHITE RIGHT WING ENEMY" That Is DENYING BLACK DEVELOPMENT ------ After The Con-Man-Ists Took Over The LOCAL SEATS OF POWER That "Past White Racists" Used To Use To OPPRESS BLACK PEOPLE -----  They Were Exposed As INCOMPETENT AT DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE THROUGH THE "HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS" That They Now Controlled Politically With MONOPOLY BLACK "CONTAINERIZED" Support.

Today We See That When They Are ALL ALONE, BY THEMSELVES, Without An ENGINEERED ANTAGONIST To Keep Them RILED UP..........The FRAUD That They Bought Into Will Be Exposed.

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