Thursday, September 14, 2017

A FAILED 'SMELL TEST': A White European Female Warns That In Europe The PROGRESSIVE Attributes Of "Woman's Rights", "Gay Rights" And "Freedom Of Living/Speech/Assembly" Are At Risk Due To Islamic Immigration Into Europe And Thus She Would Be Labeled As A BIGOT In America

SUMMARY QUESTION:   What Happens When A 'Societal Progressive' Makes Note Of The VICTIMIZATION And LOSS OF FREEDOMS That PROGRESSIVES Typically Fight Their Enemies To Obtain BUT The ENEMY That She Calls Out Is, In Fact, A PROGRESSIVE PROTECTED CLASS????

Yes - of course, one course of action is to focus on THIS WHITE EUROPEAN WOMAN and attempt to discredit her.   This would involve going to various European cities and work to diminish her claims by minimizing these concerns as an overrepresentation of the real world facts at hand.

For "Constructive Feedback University", however, this video is valuable in support of our "CROSS-CONTAINER ANALYSIS", proving the point that most ARGUMENTS, OFFENDEDNESS and ADVOCACY that is used inside of ONE CONTAINER in the name of POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM is FRAUDULENT.   When we bring forth the issues in a SECOND CONTAINER and/or make a GLOBAL ANALYSIS (of all containers in aggregate) only then is the GRAND FRAUD exposed.

The issue at hand then is "Oppressive Social Islam" (or even better:  "The Oppression Of An ESTABLISHMENT RELIGION"  (Please keep in mind that "Secular Progressive Fundamentalism" IS a "Religion" as well).

When these platforms are "The Establishment" inside of a 'container'  they prove themselves to be totalitarian and oppressive of many of the freedoms that activists stand against.

The problem is that this 'Religion', when placed inside of a container where they are NOT 'The Establishment Religion' its worshipers are seen as OPPRESSED VICTIMS.

Oh yes - I include the "Christians In Muslim Nations" whose 'oppression' at the hand of 'Establishment Islam' in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Iran is highlighted by 'American Christian Political Operatives" demanding that the US government and the UN 'Do Something' to stop this oppression.

It is also true that the "Rohingya Muslims" who are being violently assaulted by the military and police in Myanmar should be included as the "Oppressed Religious Minority"  (in a Buddhist majority nation)

In political terms the demand is that the leader of the country, "Aung San Suu Kyi" be stripped of her Nobel Peace Prize because she has not sufficiently advocated on behalf of the 'oppressed Muslims', denying that a 'genocide' is being committed as she looks the other way.


Inside of the American container the macro-level battle is the 'Fake Religion Of Politics" battle between:  "The Founding White Right Wing Male Establishment" versus the "Confederation Of Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalist Factions".

Just as I pointed out a few weeks ago that the "Con-Man-Ist" that leads the fraudulent group "Color Of Change" is advocating against "Islamophbia" in America, yet as a gay Black male himself this fraudulent CONTAINERIZATION where his actual life in America as a Progressive Nationalist is abstracted from what he would suffer as an individual if Islam in America was the "ESTABLISHMENT RELIGION".

Since his "Con-Man-Ist Fight" is against the "White Right Wing Male Christian" power, he evades this gross contradiction because in the scheme of CONTAINERISM his primary goal is to ADVANCE PROGRESSIVE NATIONALISM into the spot of the UNCONTESTED STATE RELIGION.

Still - THIS BLOG does not need to show you proof that "Muslims In America" are committing the same "Violent Islamic Acts" in America that should bring us the same concern as the "Bigoted European Lady" in the first video above.     "Constructive Feedback University" practices another tried and true analysis technique called:  "Dark Matter Analysis".   

With "Dark Matter Analysis" the VIOLENCE IN AMERICA that is suffered by the protectorate of "Color Of Change" (and other fraudulent Progressive Nationalist BLACK FACED GROUPS) is suffered from their MOLESTATION OF "BLACK COMMUNITY RITES OF PASSAGE PROGRAMS" as they steal the Black community valuables away for misallocation into POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM SCHEMES.

The Black American container is being attacked by the "fruit" that it produces as its 'would be pillars of the Black community" are used as pawns in a larger game - INCLUSIVE OF the "Black Con-Man-Ists" who USE them and then have the audacity to BLAME the present fate of a young Black male who was born in the year 2000 upon "Slavery Forces", still lurking in America.

In truth it is their MALICIOUS INCOMPETENCE at standing up 'Black Community Human Resources Development Institutions" that are OFF LIMITS to their "POLITICAL RELIGIOUS" molestations.

Nothing short of the day in which the "UNDER DEVELOPED BUT FULLY INVESTED" Black underclass is seen CALLING OUT THE CON-MAN-ISTS for their theft of Black community resources, and then setting up DEFENSIVE MECHANISMS that prevent them from harvesting these valuables into AMERICAN POLITICS, will we see them as the voices, warning 'Their Own Selves' about the threat from this forces that has misappropriated their so called "Blackness" for justified use in this STOLEN UPLIFT.
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