Tuesday, August 01, 2017

TRANSACTIONS vs INSTITUTIONS; Jason Black Fails To See That The "Black Politics Of Fighting WHITE SUPREMACY" Fails To Provide The INTERNAL STRUCTURE & PURPOSE For Addressing INTERNAL Hedonism That HE SAYS Is Distracting Blacks From The 'Fight Against White's Goal To Kill All Blacks"

THERE IS SO MUCH 'CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK' that is being presented from the DAILY INTERACTIONS that is provided each day in this world.

Unfortunately MOST OF IT flies over most people's heads.

TAKE A DIFFERENT VIEWPOINT on the arguments of "Jason 'We Are In A Race War Against White Supremacist's Genocide' Black" as you listen to the video above.

IGNORE THE 'CULTURE WAR ISSUE' dejure (treatment of Transsexuals) or the "LGBT Protests" against 'The Breakfast Club"

INSTEAD please focus specifically on "Jason Black - The Black Authority" and WHAT ME MUST DRAW UPON as he looks upon the 'Black Masses' who are being SET UP TO BE KILLED BY 'WHITE GENOCIDAL FORCES' - as SHEEP IN THE SLAUGHTER.

He is forced to tell you that "Hollywood" is ultimately seeking to infuse BLACK PEOPLE with their AMORAL/IMMORAL/DEVIANT behavior.    But for there to be a rational and justified DEFENSE against this 'Attack'  - WHAT IS THE 'BODY OF REFERENCE' against which Jason Black will turn to in order to TURN BACK this attack?

His answer "IS" the larger WHITE ATTACK in the "Race War".

Clearly, while this FAKE FRONT is good to draw the "Negro's Valuables" in the game called "The American Consumer Capitalistic Political Opportunism Scheme" - RILING UP BLACK PEOPLE TO 'VOTE HARDER'.......................but with "The Breakfast Club" as THE SOURCE of "Political Indoctrination" for young Black Americans - Jason Black has not yet reconciled the problem that he has at hand.  (The very same problem that I enumerate with "Y.I.T.T." [Yvette Carnell, Irami, and ToneTalks])


"Constructive Feedback University" has been CONSISTENT.
While "The Black Authority" has you focused upon "The Distractions From THE FIGHT AGAINST WHITE SUPREMACY" that the Entertainment Industry is serving up..........................WE NOTE that RIGHT NOW YOU ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT:

  • The Safety Problems In Your Own Black Communities
  • The Inability Of YOUR SCHOOLS To Shape The Next Generation Of 'Black Professional Services Providers'
  • The CONSUMERISM That Damages Your Ability To Erect And Maintain "LOCAL ECONOMIC MARKETPLACES" 
  • Healthy Lifestyles And Relationships That Provide The Strong Fabric Between The People

The bottom line remains:  You are NEVER EVER NEVER going to "Get To The Promised Land" while being induced to enter into a series of "POLITICAL FIGHTS".

ALL OF THIS is just a scheme to STEAL YOUR SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT, as you elect POLITICAL CONFIDENCE MEN who want you to LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH THEIR SEAT OF POWER - and ultimately IGNORE the fact that when THE ENEMY were in these very same LOCAL SEATS OF POWER and was engaging in a WHITE SUPREMACIST effort to KEEP YOU IN YOUR PLACE-  TODAY when you are STILL STUCK IN PLACE, yet have A PROTECTION RACKET to defend YOUR FRIENDS who sit in these seats of POWER THAT ARE FAILING TO DEVELOP YOU...............you remain GOOD FOR THE TAKING as the CONFIDENCE MEN set you out on an EXTERNAL FIGHT that is today beyond your original "TIME AND SPACE" (within your Black Community) and is today a NATIONALIST EFFORT - that you have been DISARMED but FUSED TO.

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