Thursday, August 10, 2017

More Black People VOTED In Kenya This Week Than The Total 'Black Ballots' Invested Into The "American Consumer Capitalistic Political Opportunism System', Yet Your Corrupt 'Mentholated Black Media' Has You Focused On 'Justice For Kaepernick'

The Fraud And Damage Of The 'We Are Descendants Of American Slavery' Scheme

45 Million Blacks Inside Of "The American Container"

Credit to the Chinese CGTN 'Africa Live' program for doing an extended review of the election counting process in Kenya.

I am waiting for former 'US Senator / US Secretary Of State' John Kerry to return from his election observing duties and Kenya and tell the AMERICAN NAACP to their faces:  "You American Negroes who brand yourselves 'AFRICAN-AMERICANS' should be THANKFUL that you have the luxury to claim 'Black Voter Suppression By The White Republicans' as your access to the US Court System, US Justice Department and to appeal to fellow Blacks to VOTE in a defensive manner to support Progressive Nationalism.   I saw 3 Africans get killed in violence and this was AFTER THE ELECTION!!  The opposition White American Republicans are left talking about that Negro in a black tam standing in front of a predominately Black polling place back in 2008 as 2 White people approached the location and felt threatened.  "  

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