Tuesday, August 01, 2017

FRAUD & HOKUM'S JOURNAL: As News That An American Student Visiting Liberia Was Denied Medical Treatment And Died Because She Did Not Have Cash Money Prior To Treatment - The 'Black American Reparationomcis Activists" Say: The GOP Wishes To Adopt This Policy In The USA And This Is Further Proof That AFRICANS Who Did Not Experience 'American Slavery' Are Not Our 'Tribe Members'

This is a tragic loss for the family of Princess Yates.   She was a Spelman College student pursuing a degree in Engineering.   A car accident as she visited her 90 year old grandmother in Liberia lead to her death.

While American news outlets are reporting the horror of being refused for medical service because of the lack of money to pay for medical care - THE LARGER STORY - as you listen to reports from A LARGER COLLECTION OF AFRICAN NATIONS is:

  1. Medical Professional in various African nations are UNDERPAID and/or are owed money by THE GOVERNMENT, the employer of most of these health care professionals
  2. These governments DO NOT HAVE ADEQUATE FUNDS to properly fund the health care sector
The Necessary Deliberation That IS NOT GOING TO BE INITIATED By The 'Black Racial Services Machine Oligarchy In America' Who Have Defined Their TRIBAL MEMBERSHIP With A 'Your Great-Great-Grandfather Had To Be A SLAVE IN AMERICA' Clause

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