Tuesday, August 01, 2017

FRAUD & HOKUM'S JOURNAL: As A Kenyan Electronic Voting Official Is Found Tortured And Murdered Days Before The Election..........The NAACP In America Says: "The Scope Of The White Republican Party's Will To SUPPRESS THE BLACK VOTE Is Boundless. Now That They Are Openly Colluding With The White Russians - It Is Time FOR BLACKS GLOBALLY To Get Behind PROGRESSIVE Voting Rights Reforms Via The United Nations"

CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY consumes more INTERNATIONAL NEWS than 'American News' at this point in time.

IF YOU FOLLOW "PATTERNS OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR" in various NATIONS / REGIONS OF THE WORLD - THEN you will soon see a COMMON THEME that stands out - REGARDLESS of the RACIAL MAKE UP of the population.   (This includes 'Lily White Nations' as well)


All 3 are motivations to MURDER and or OPPRESS a larger group of people in order to make them compliant.

The torture killing of a Kenyan Elections official should NOT be ascribed uniquely to 'Kenyans' / 'Africans' / or Black people.   Political violence is 'Par For The Course' around the globe.

These KILLINGS are sometimes INTERNAL to the nation in question, but are more common projected EXTERNALLY from one nation toward another - but labeled under some other meme.

The contrast between what "The AMERICA Black Racial Services Machine" PROTESTS as "WHITE RIGHT WING SUPPRESSION OF BLACK VOTES" versus what the REST OF WORLD BLACKS, who live mostly in Africa have to suffer through are TWO WORLDS APART.

In America - The "Black Racial Services Machine" are using BLACK FACE to advance PROGRESSIVE NATIONALISM and to ultimately ABSOLVE THEMSELVES from being held accountable BY BLACK AMERICAS WHO HAVE INVESTED THEIR VALUABLES into the "FAKE RELIGION OF BLACK POLITICS' yet remain UNDERDEVELOPED, but not linked to the larger PROGRESSIVE NATIONALIST MOVEMENT.  

They have effectively turned LOCAL GOVERNANCE (management ) with the goal of producing DEFINED OUTCOMES - into "NATIONAL POLITICAL TEAMING' by which THE BLACK VOTE is HARVESTED AND USED for the PROJECTED HOPES that 'Social Justice / Unicorn Pee' will be achieved SOME DAY IN THE FUTURE, when the amorphous WHITE RIGHT WING ENEMY is defeated and REMOVED FROM POWER, no longer able to derail PROGRESSIVE NATIONALISM.

'COMPARATIVE SOCIOLOGY' : Manipulate The 50 Million Blacks In American And Europe - And The 'Rest Of World Blacks' Can Be OWNED

The reason why the 'Black 'Oppression History' Studies academy have largely adopted the "We Are A Tribe Of American Slave Descendants' as their CONTAINER BOUNDARY is because a globally holistic view PROVES THEIR ARGUMENTS OF 'BLACK AMERICAN OPPRESSION UNIQUENESS' as FRAUDULENT and "100% American Political Opportunistic".

Their narrative shows how HISTORY has molested Black Americans into their present form and today the 'White Right Wing Antagonist' keeps the tradition of oppression going today.  (A Time-based and controlled CONTAINER scheme).

Yet, despite the abundance of comparative data that today's "Caribbean Nations", 'Venezuela' and "AFRICAN NATIONS DURING ELECTION SEASON' put forth for anyone of serious mind and disciplined scholarship should be using to BENEFIT BLACK PEOPLE as they are treated to the news of the LATEST NAACP/ACLU Black voting oppression lawsuit - we see that their REAL AGENDA has nothing to do with delivering an accurate LEVEL SET AMONG GLOBAL BLACKS - with the possibility of GLOBAL RESOURCE SHARING AND NETWORK BUILDING.....

THEIR GOAL is to ISOLATE THE 'AMERICAN CONTAINERIZED NEGRO' so that he is made to believe WHAT EVER IT TAKES to compel him to walk through the concentric fences and gates in the HARVEST FIELD, so that the Negro will yield his BLACK BALLOT out of his nest, in support of the latest PROGRESSIVE NATIONALIST harvesting scheme.

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