Sunday, August 06, 2017

"Detroit" The Movie: How The White Right Wing Have No Clue In Making 'Racial Assessments'

CROWDER - like "Stuff Black People Don't Like" is too INTELLECTUALLY CORRUPT to allow certain 'racial truths of the past' to go uncontested as they focus their efforts on TO-DAMNED-DAY in order to make substantive arguments.

Back in 1967 the amorphous "White Detroit Police Officer" had the mindset of the WHITE COMMUNITY that would ultimately perform "White Flight":   "These Black animals are threatening to take over our city.  It is my job to STOP THEM.  I am the last bastion in the 'Ecar Raw" (Race War).
It is not a large leap of logic to then conclude that within the confines of their individual interactions with Black civilians - the larger racial demographic precepts would cloud their judgement.

The "Algiers Hotel Incident" seems akin to the 'Danzinger Bridge" shootings during Hurricane Katrina:   In the context of a broader civil chaos action certain elements of THE POLICE acted more like vigilante forces projecting 'Mass Criminal Prosecution" than they did LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, seeking to protect INNOCENT CIVILIANS from violence.

It is not enough to fight the battle between:

  • "Things have changed.  The past can't happen again"
  • OR "So tell me exactly when WHITE SUPREMACISTS got 'Religion' and stopped doing what they have been doing to us Black people since they stole us from Africa as chattel slaves!!!???"
We can only look at the layers of human observers - in the citizenry, in the media and in the government - who today resist and repudiate such scenes of systematic injustice - thus "JUSTICE IS A DELIBERATIVE PROCESS" and will NEVER be a "Final Destination"  - despite the carrot that some dangle upon their string and stick.

Had "Crowder" and other "White Right Wing" media operatives who will systematically dismiss the movie "Detroit" as yet another piece of 'Social Justice propaganda' USED THE GRID THAT I HAVE PRODUCED ABOVE their arguments would be stronger:

It is no crime to YIELD to the fact that this nation's racial past is filled with shame.
However TODAY'S CHECKS AND BALANCES on the matter of "DELIBERATIVE JUSTICE" has never been stronger.

Guity today are the "Political Operative - Civil Rights Pharisees" who do "JUSTICE SHOPPING" until a corrupt judge agrees with their cause (despite walking past piles of DEAD BLACK BODIES in their own communities) as are the FRAUDULENT WHITE Fox and Wolf who fight their own White Intra-Racial Proxy Fight USING the various instruments of Government, The Entertainment Industry, Mass Media and Religion to mete out their unresolved issues that they have within their own ranks.

The more effective challenge to their left wing enemies that 'Crowder' should have used would have been to yield the first column as historical truth and then to force their adversaries to prove that Column #2 (Unchecked Police Abuse IN FACT, not incident by incident) AND Column #3 (The prosecution, judicial oversight and JURY OF OUR PEERS is rigged against justice for Black people from head to toe)

In their blindness and 'College Frat Boy meme' they had a perfect opportunity to AFFIRM THE PAST but REBUT USING PRESENT DAY FACTS.   They were too blinded and thus missed their opportunity.

(Yes I saw the movie)
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