Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stefan Molyneux On South Africa: Molyneux Does Not Pretend That "EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS" Is A Necessary Pretext For 'Nation Creation'


I am no more 'offended' by Molyneux's use of 'RACIAL IQ ASSIGNMENT AND STACK RANKING' any more than I am when I hear a Black person say: "White people were not created on this Earth".

In both cases the speaker is leveraging some particular perceived advantage that he has and is marketing it to his fellow travelers.  He has no interest in 'falsifying' his marquee claim because it would be akin to 'unilateral disarmament'.

While Molyneux (and that 'Storm' girl) attributes 'Black violence' to lower average IQs which product TRIBALISM - CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY focuses upon how nefarious forces (inside and out) that deceive the Black masses to yield the integrity of their key HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS - is the linchpin of MASS DESTRUCTION for Black society and development there in.

ANYONE WHO BELIEVES THAT THE PEOPLE WITH THE HIGHEST I.Q. IN SYRIA, LIBYA AND SOMALIA TODAY WILL, in 25 years, rise to the highest ranks of Industry, Academia or Government - despite the fact that they are 'starting over again from dust' - is merely unwilling to come down off of their own perch which failed to expose them to what is going on right under their noses as we live and breath today.

Thus it was no surprise to hear Molyneux team with a White South African - Steve Hofmeyr - to talk about the impending collapse of the nation called 'The Republic Of South Africa'.

TO BE CLEAR - I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH ANYONE TALKING ABOUT 'ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL FACTS'.   Of course South Africa is a nation in massive crisis.   The leaders join with the citizens in voicing this observation.

What you hear in the interview between Molyneux and Hofmeyr, however, is a pretense that today's ECONOMIC MISFORTUNE under 'Black Rule' is a worse set of affairs than when R.S.A. had MASSIVE PROSPERITY and the 'White Oppression Of Black People Was No So Bad' OR ELSE Blacks from OUTSIDE OF SOUTH AFRICA would not have migrated into Apartheid conditions.

THIS IS THE INTELLECTUAL FRAUDULENCE that Molyneux often engages in - especially when it comes to RACIAL ISSUES.

OF COURSE it is unlikely to build a prosperous nation that tries to over commit shared resources to the masses in the name of equality.   I agree that this is what the government of today is doing and failing (partially) because of this promise that they cannot keep.

However, the other extreme, the one that they actually lived through is just as reprehensible.  Hofmeyr made some reference to "being a minority in his own country" during the interview.  He seemingly had no concept about 'being a majority in his country', yet being systematically oppressed when attempting to exert your basic 'humanity'.
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