Friday, June 23, 2017

The Southern Poverty Law Center Says: "We Don't GIVE A DAMN How Many 'Ninjas Get Themselves Kilt' By BLACK STREET PIRATE GANGS!! Their Negative Impact Upon The Black Community STILL Is INFERIOR To The RECEIPT OF THE UNCONTESTED BLACK VOTE INTO PROGRESSIVE NATIONALISM. We Are Not Going To RISK Interrupting Our Harvest Of Black Community Valuables By Upsetting Blacks By Treating Them EQUALLY

Source: AJC Newspaper

The bosses said to find “violators” — people who didn’t follow rules of the Gangster Disciples, or were pretending to be members.
Joseph Broxton, 22, Daniel Pena, 24, and others went around DeKalb County in the summer of 2015 and tried to obey orders. They shot six people, wounding three and leaving the rest dead, according to a news release detailing the case from the district attorney’s office.
Broxton and Pena, members of a Gangster Disciples subset called Hate Committee, were sentenced this week to life without parole — and more — for multiple counts of murder
The assignment, which also directed Broxton and Pena to commit other crimes, began on July 3, 2015. The pair went to Stone Mountain Inn and tried to rob Edward Chadmon, 24. 
Chadmon died while trying to defend himself.
The rest of the shootings happened in a spree on July 30.
2 a.m.: Broxton and Pena — who went by “Lil’Joe” and “Island” — cruised the Central Drive area around Stone Mountain “searching for people to kill,” the DA’s office said. They stopped at Hairston Square apartments and summoned a man to their car. Broxton shot him five times. He survived.
6:22 a.m.: The crew found Oliver Campbell, 20, sleeping in his truck at a Candler Road gas station and woke him up.  They tried to rob him, he was shot in the neck and died.
8:50 p.m.: They thought they saw a rival gang member near Wynview apartments off Central Drive. Broxton and Pena started shooting at the man, who returned fire. An “innocent bystander” was shot near her front door. She survived. 
9:30 p.m.: Broxton, Pena and others opened fire on two “innocent victims” sitting on the patio at the Landmark apartment complex off Bent Tree Loop. They shot Rocquell Nelson six times and a woman he was with 11 times. The woman survived, Nelson didn’t.
Before Broxton and Pena’s convictions, two other Hate Committee members pleaded guilty to roles in the same crimes, the DA’s office said. Several other members face federal prosecution.
DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Daniel Coursey sentenced Broxton to three consecutive prison terms of life without parole, plus 60 years. Coursey gave Pena two consecutive terms of life without parole, plus 40 years.

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