Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The " Philando Castile Killing" Video. Tough To Watch. The Officer Acted Upon 'The Worst Case Scenario' And Committed Manslaughter BUT FOR His Role As A Police Officer

DAMN.  This never should have happened.

  • I have a 'Concealed Carry Permit' and I Carry My Gun In My Car
  • I NEVER Volunteer To A Police Officer That I Have A Gun Onboard Unless Directly Asked
The police officer displayed bad judgement, assuming the worst case scenario about a man who VOLUNTARILY TOLD HIM that he has a gun.

After informing the officer of the weapon, Mr Castile should have waited for the next round of instruction.   HE WAS NOT 'WRONG' for informing the officer about his fire arm but the news of a weapon put the officer in a heightened defensive posture.

Juries are not going to convict an officer who acts within the bounds of his official duties and will give them the benefit of the doubt.

MOST OF THESE CASES ARE RESOLVED IN "CIVIL COURT" in which the CITY /STATE is held liable for a multi-million dollar WRONGFUL DEATH PAYOUT.

Officer Jeronimo Yanez was found 'not guilty' of manslaughter but was FIRED BY THE 'ST ANTHONY POLICE DEPARTMENT'.  
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