Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Paul Kersey HAS NO CLUE About Doing Analysis Of The "Black Civil Rights Homicide Victim Marty Hall Of Fame"

Earlier this year "The City Of Baltimore " had a massive budget hole in its school funding.  It had to negotiate with the state to fix this problem.

JUST AS it is the case when "Government Workers Unions" collude with "Favorable Progressive Elected Officials" who got into power thanks to Union advocacy - often create generous union pension deals that fiscally imperil the city in the long run SO TOO is the case with the $6.4 million Freddie Gray payout.

IF SBPDL WERE NOT SO BLIND they would frame it NOT as a "Racial Taunting" exercise but an OPPORTUNITY COST:

  • How Many Black School Children In Baltimore Could Have Gotten IMPROVED EDUCATION INSTRUCTIONAL SERVICES for the EXCESS SETTLEMENT, beyond the normal sums for "Wrongful Death Awards"?

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