Tuesday, June 20, 2017

From Alabama 1960 To The Entire USA: Your "Free Political Speech" Is Punishable By Job Loss: Professor Lisa Durden

What Is The #1 Reason Why I Choose To Remain Anonymous On This Blog:

When I Worked For A "Mega Corp" I Knew That If I Blogged Under My Real Name That One Day I Would Get A Call From H.R. Telling Me: "Your Content Is Not In Line With Our Company's Diversity Policies".  THIS Done After A Person Who Wanted To 'Injure Me Personally' For My Critical Views That Go Against The Grain Of The 'Black Racial Services Machine Oligarchy' And Their POLITICAL HARVESTING SCHEME.

 Adjunct Professor Lisa Durden recently appeared on the "Tucker Carlson Show" on "The Fox News Channel" to defend a "Blacks Only - Memorial Day" event.

Only the most blind psychological adherents would proclaim that Ms Durden's performance on the show hit the high bar of academic and intellectual discourse - the LARGER POINT that the school administration should have considered is: "DID PROFESSOR DARDEN EVER GET ACCUSED OF DISCRIMINATORY TREATMENT OF STUDENTS OR FACULTY WHILE PERFORMING HER WORK DUTIES?

While Bill O'Reilly is still rolling in the cash despite the activist targeting of his advertising revenue - the after working stiff does not have such resources to fall back upon.  The threat of stifling free speech at the lower rungs of the economic totem pole has more far reaching impact.

There is no doubt that this dismissal from Essex College will be seen as "They Got One Of Ours.  Now We Have Got To Pick Off Another One Of Theirs", furthering the gang war.

I would much rather have a person TELL ME EXACTLY HOW THEY THINK, informing me about MY STRATEGY to work around them.
Holding the threat of dismissal for any set of disagreeable words that might cause a TARGETED PROTEST AGAINST THE INSTITUTION is cowardice.

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