Saturday, May 27, 2017

Rudy Edwards, 17 Years Old - Hero Of The Overbrook Section Of West Philly!! He Saved His 1 Year Old Nephew From A Fire

This was a bold move at a time of crisis.
If Rudy did not make this quick decision the story would have been about the loss of a 1 year old in a fire.

I had never heard of "Flanders Road" before (In the Overbrook Section of West Philly) because, when I was growing up - I would not dare walk on "Flanders Road', lest the 'Racist Catholic School Boys' chase any 'Black Foreigner' back to their side of the racial dividing line.

63rd Street used to be the line of demarcation.
Today the entire area is mostly Black and this is a sight that is discombobulating to my point of view that was forged in the 1970's and 80's.

Just as discombobulating, however, is the sight of seeing White people walking near 52nd and Market Street / Pine Street (near "Malcolm X Park").  

The term "Gentrification" is a unilateral term because it doesn't capture:

  1. That ALL OF THESE AREAS were once "All White" (back in the 1950's)
  2. That one area that "Turns Black To White", while another area has turned "White to Black"  - yet did not get called 'Gentrification' 

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