Monday, May 22, 2017

No Academic Insider Will Expose The Massive Turnabout In The "Faux Black Revolutionary". Today He Loves Former Colonizer FRANCE Because They Give Out "Social Justice Benefits", Enough For Them To Look Away From Today's Colonial Actions That Would "Bite The Hands That Feed Them 'Social Justice Hope'"

More Than 20 Years Have Passed Since I Took My Last "Black Oppression Studies" Course.
I can see no way that they could still be using the very same books that were used when I was in undergraduate studies - now that TO-DAMNED-DAY so much of the "Black Faced Progressive Fundamentalist Nationalist" meme - LOVES THE 'SOCIAL DISTRIBUTIONS' that the FORMER COLONIZERS give out to their citizens AND they DO NOT USE THEIR "BLACK HISTORY ARCHIVES" to STOP foreign actions in Africa - IF it forces them to derail their PROGRESSIVE NATIONALIST AGENDA with their "WHITE 1.0 REFERENCES OF PERFECTION" (Historically White Controlled Nations in Europe)

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